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Agent Jyu Viole Grace of the 25th Precinct had done a great many things during his time in the police force. He'd caught bank robbers while in civilian form, armed with nothing but his fists; driven across the city in an epic car chase to stop an organized heist; been pushed off a bridge and into the frigid river below by a woman he had once considered a friend.

Pretending to be the date of a mafia spy definitely took the cake.

If there was one person to blame, it was Superintendent Ha Jinsung. Viole couldn't tell what was worse - his new responsibility for the night, or staying late at the precinct wrapped in the superintendent's cigarette smoke and piles of paperwork.

The precinct's secretary, a redhead called Hwaryun, had brought Viole to the superintendent's office earlier in the day, mumbling something about mafias and Viole's apparent 'harem'. She had left him there, where Superintendent Ha had proceeded to introduce him to a man with the bluest eyes Viole had ever seen.

The man was undeniably handsome - tall and lean, with a suave smile and charming aura. He had slicked back blond hair, although Viole doubted it was real by the strangely smooth hairline. Superintendent Ha said something to him, and the blue eyed man grumbled something back, confirming Viole's suspicions by pulling that hair right off his head, revealing straight locks of icy blue.

His hair was like the sky, his skin pale as clouds, his eyes sharp like electricity. The sheer blueness of his features was striking.

Viole frowned. Something was off about him, but what? He went through the archives of his memories. Hwaryun had mentioned something about mafias, hadn't she? Blue was the signature color of the Khun mafia, whether it be their appearance or their clothing. Ah. Hwaryun was definitely a psychic of some sort.

But what was a Khun doing in the precinct? There was Khun Hachuling, but he was an exception, a Khun mafia throwaway and now a consultant profiler for the 77th precinct.  Viole's friend Urek Mazino worked in the 77th precinct - it was hard for them to meet up, considering the fact that he was half a city away. The only reason any other of the Khuns would be at the station was because they were under arrest, but Viole knew by experience that they were as slippery as snakes, and just as cunning.

"He's a spy," said Superintendent Ha when he saw the younger cop, "he works for us."

Viole gaped. A Khun, a spy for the cops?

"Special Agent Khun Aguero Agnis," the stranger with the silvery blue hair told him in a velvety purr. Instead of shaking his hand, Khun Aguero Agnis kissed the back of his hand. He has nice lps,, Viole thought distantly, very soft. "What a pleasure to make your acquaintance, I've heard a lot about you, Agent Grace."

Viole had continued to gawk, barely managing to stammer out a "pleasure's all mine, sir!"

Superintendent Ha glowered at the blue haired man. "Stop flirting with my agents, Khun."

Khun had only laughed smile widening. "Oh please, you volunteered him for this. My brains, his brawn. What could go wrong?"

And now, here they were, standing on a street, their shadows cast under the streetlights. In front of them was Khun Eduan's mansion, and Khun Aguero Agnis' childhood home.  Tonight was the night of the annual Khun family party, and Khun and Bam's job were to infiltrate it and make sure that there would be no sudden plans to overthrow the government.  Apparently, the Khun patriarch had once gotten so drunk he'd had a one night stand with King Jahad, boss of the drug cartels.  The spy had given Viole a crash course on the mafia family - it was led by the don Khun Eduan, had security managed by his favorite niece and nephew Maschenny and Ran, crime plans plotted by Khun himself.  

"Relax," Khun murmured. He looked quite dashing in a navy suit that fitted perfectly against his slim figure, hair tied back with a blue bandanna. Viole himself was in a dapper blue suit that clung to him like a second skin. "Remember the plan?"

Viole nodded. They had spent majority of the day together, after all. Viole had tried his best to memorize everything Khun told him, while being brought on a last-minute suit fitting session, impromptu shopping trip and being constantly flirted with.  And to think Khun had enticed him with the mention of free food.  "My name is Bam, and I'm the long lost son of psychologist Arlene Grace and V, the FUG mafia don." That part wasn't entirely a lie - he was really the son of Arlene and V, but they had been assassinated in a car crash that left left him orphaned. "We met a few months at Tangsooyook Cafe, where I have a secret identity as a barista." It wasn't too far off -  his neighbor Jah Wangnan was indeed the owner of Tangsooyook Cafe, and he constantly gave Viole coupons, so often that the policeman spent quite a lot of his time there.  "My colleagues saw our banter and urged us to get together, so now we're here as boyfriends. You want to introduce me to your family, despite the V and Khun mafia dispute years ago."

Khun grinned. Viole flinched as five icy cold fingers wrapped around his own warm fingers. "Very good, Bam. We're supposed to be boyfriends, so you're supposed to call me Aguero, remember? Don't mind me leeching your warmth.  I'm always cold."

Viole couldn't stop the blush from rising on his cheeks at the bluenette's teasing tone. "Right. Aguero. My boyfriend."

He'd never even had a boyfriend before, or a girlfriend, for that matter. Sure, there were his friends Endorsi and Ha Yuri, but they were strange exceptions - both women had taken an instant liking to him despite the fact that he was a 'do no harm but take no shït' officer of the law, while Endorsi was an excellent pickpocket (she'd stolen his wallet, and he'd chased her all the way across the city on foot, only for her to give him his wallet back when he promised her a date), and Yuri was part of the Ha mafia family, who had also given him special protection and allowed him to borrow her special Black March pistol because she thought he was 'cute'. Oh, he can't forget Yeon Yihwa, who was his neighbor, a close friend, and a distant relative of Yeon Hana, leader of the Yeon Hwayeomsa gang. Apparently, Yihwa also had a little crush on him.

What was it and him attracting attention from people related to crime? He had no right to judge - his late mother had attracted the attention of his father, who was deeply embedded in the criminal history of their city too.

Aguero squeezed his hand with a smirk. "Come on, honey. It's time to meet the parents."

Viole flushed.  "You can't just say things like that, Kh- Aguero!"

The bluenette pouted.  "What, don't you like me enough to pretend to be my boyfriend? If that doesn't work for you, I can just tell them you're my long-term sugar baby.  Baristas aren't paid very much, after all." The brunette turned away, trying to hide his red cheeks behind his hair at the suggestive look in his eyes.  Being a lower level policeman didn't pay much either, but sugar baby? Where had Aguero thought of that?

"Alright, alright, I'll stop.  You're awfully shy for a cop.  But I'll turn the heat back on if any of the relatives pay too much attention to you." He said the word 'relatives' like one would say 'slug slime', and Bam wondered how exactly the Khun family got along.  

Khun Ran greeted them at the door of the Khun Mansion.  His hair was short, but Ran himself was even shorter, and Viole could see the top of his blue curls.  The officer made a note of the Jeonsulsa pistol at his hip.  He patted them both down for hidden weapons - Viole didn't bring any, preferring to use his fists instead, and Aguero had a knife on the inside of his boot, although Ran either missed it or purposely didn't mention it.  "Didn't know you got a boyfriend, A.A."

Aguero shrugged with a lopsided smile.  "Well now you do."

"Chenny's gonna blow if she finds out about this." The policeman assumed 'Chenny' was no other than Khun Maschenny - the nickname made her sound less threatening than she really was, less ruthless.  He couldn't be sure, but he had a feeling he'd met Maschenny before, when he and Yuri were meeting up for lunch.  Maschenny had been in disguise, and Yuri had tried to call the Khun girl over, but Maschenny, taking the appearance of a blonde, had taken one look at Yuri and ran the other way.  

The older bluenette looped his arm around Bam's waist.  "She's just jealous I have a better love life." Aguero propped his head on the brunette's shoulder.  "Isn't that right, Bam? How did I get so lucky to have you?"

All Viole had to do was summon his inner Aguero, right? Yuri and Endorsi were pretty smooth too, all he had to do was copy them.  He laughed, mouth quirking up in a fake grin.  "Don't you mean that the other way round?"

Ran wrinkled his nose.  "Ugh, go away, A.A, and take your boyfriend with you.  You've always been so bothersome but being taken makes it worse.  Go torture Kiseia with your sappiness or something."

Viole was a better actor than he'd thought, and Aguero could go win an Oscar with his acting.  His 'boyfriend' led him away, making a beeline for a girl with hair so pale at the top it was almost white and tips as dark as blueberries.  She had a kind smile and eyes hidden behind long bangs - apparently, the kindness was unusual in the Khun family.  "That's Maria," Aguero whispered.  During Aguero's introduction of his family tree, he'd mentioned Maria a lot.  She was probably his favorite relative.  They had a symbiotic relationship of sorts: Maria knew that Aguero was a cop but made sure nobody else in the family did, while Aguero made sure to keep Maria out of the police line of fire during heists and trades with other Mafia families.  "You can trust her, because I do.  Things are different for Kiseia, though." Kiseia turned out to be Aguero's younger sister, and Viole took a double take at how similar the two siblings looked.  "Stay away from her.  She's my full blood sister, but I wouldn't trust her within an inch of my life.  She has knives everywhere.  Be careful."

Viole nodded.  Aguero was suspicious by nature, but if the spy told him not to go anywhere near Kiseia he would listen.  "If anything happens, I'll let you do the talking."

"Good boy." Aguero kissed him on the cheek, grinning as the brunette's blush spread to his ears and his neck.  "Maria! It's good to see you."

The young woman bobbed her head in greeting.  She had a flute of champagne in her hand, Aguero with a stolen flute of wine in his.  Don't worry, he'd told Viole just before he got it, I don't get drunk that easily.  All Khuns have a high alcohol tolerance.  If I got drunk, you would take care of me, wouldn't you? This is where I live.  "Hello, Aguero." She turned to Viole with a faint smile.  "I presume this is your boyfriend?"

Viole held his hand out for her to shake.  "It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Miss Maria! I'm Bam.  Aguero talked a lot about you." Gosh, cold hands must be a Khun family trait.  If Aguero's hands were cold, Maria's hands were ice.

"Bam isn't your real name, is it?" There was a strange intensity to her gaze, despite the fact that he couldn't see it.  Maybe he was a worse actor than he'd thought.  Bam whipped around to Aguero.  He'd been busted so quickly! Maria looked smug at his response.  "I thought so.  What's your real name? And identity? I can't give you my blessing to date my brother if I know nothing about you."

"I'm Jyu Viole Grace," the brunette whispered, "I'm a cop.  Your brother and I met this morning."

Maria's mouth popped open.  "Oh! So you're the infamous Jyu Viole Grace! I've heard a lot about you too." She turned to Aguero.  "I like him.  He's cute enough, and he seems like a good one.  Keep him."

Aguero spluttered, his cheeks turning pink.  "Like he said, we're not actually dating! I know he's cute and Hwa keeps sending me pictures, but we met this morning!"

The woman quirked a smile, small but genuine.  "Affection comes in the strangest of places, brother dearest.  Maybe he will be the one to melt that cold heart of yours."

"Our relationship is strictly professional and platonic-"

"If you don't want him, I'll take him," Maria said teasingly.  "I can't say the same about Chenny, though.  She'd tase him on sight."

Viole's eyes had widened to the size of sauce pans.  "How do you even know about me?" He'd only heard about Maria through Aguero, and he'd only met the bluenette a few hours ago.  How could Maria possibly know his name, let alone know him as the 'infamous Jyu Viole Grace'? How was he infamous? Better yet, why had Hwaryun sent Aguero pictures of him?

Maria grinned.  "Yuri is a blabbermouth, and Maschenny gets jealous pretty easily."

Aguero scowled, leaning onto Viole.  "Great, now I have to protect you from my entire family.  One of my sisters thinks I'm stupid and the other one has betrayed me.  One of my cousins hates your guts, and the other one thinks we're both 'bothersome'." He blinked up at him owlishly.  "Are you willing to place bets on how my father will react to us?"

Viole pursed his lips thoughtfully.  He'd never really been interested in dating, but the way Aguero said 'us' sounded intriguing.  After spending a day with Aguero, it felt like he finally understood how Endorsi, Yuri and Yihwa felt when they were with him - he had never blushed so much in his life.  But was Aguero interested in him? He'd flirted a lot, but the bluenette was an excellent actor.  Time to test that theory.  "Depends on what we're doing when he finds out.  Making out would send them all into a riot, wouldn't it?"

Aguero's blush had faded, but the tips of his ears were still pink.  It was kind of cute, all things considered.  He leaned closer.  "Wanna bet on that?" His voice was a baritone purr, smooth like velvet.  Viole licked his lips, and Aguero's eyes zeroed in on the motion.  Yep, he was definitely interested.

Ah, right.  There was one problem with his suggestion.  "I've never kissed anyone before."

Maria cleared her throat, smile turned into a grimace.  "Not in front of my champagne, boys."

Whatever moment they had disappeared. 

"Sorry, sis," Aguero said with a forced laugh.  "We'll just do it in front of Maschenny."

The blue-haired woman snorted, the smile back on her face.  "Yes, please.  Show her she doesn't need to be jealous of Bam.  I love playing matchmaker, I'm sick of watching Chenny moon over Yuri." She turned to Viole, who was still shell-shocked over the fact that Maschenny was jealous of him because Yuri found him cute.  "I wish you the best of luck, Bam.  Even if you don't end up dating after this, please take care of my brother.  I've never seen him so happy and relaxed before, and I think you'd be good for him." He's a power bottom, she mouthed, in case you ever need to know.

"Maria!" Looking scandalized, Aguero grabbed Viole's hand and pulled him away towards the buffet table, leading him towards the desserts.  Viole's mouth watered at the sight of all the delicacies.  Who knew the Khun would have such a sweet tooth? "Which one's your favorite?"

"Our chef makes excellent chocolate cakes, but there's a certain chestnut cake I want to try instead." The bluenette squeezed his ass.

Two could play at this game, even if one had never played it before.  He'd always been good at imitating things and doing it better than whoever had shown it to him - Yuri had taught him the proper stance of shooting, and he'd hit a bullseye on the first try.  "I like blueberry cheesecakes more."

Aguero hummed.  "Nah, chestnuts are better."

"Prove it." Viole popped a blueberry from the fruit bowl into his mouth, chewing deliberately slowly.  It was like there was nobody else but them, Aguero's eyes focused on his lips, Viole's Adam's apple bobbing when he swallowed.

Aguero's gaze grew predatory, cobalt eyes darkening.  He yanked Viole down by his tie, lips meeting aggressively.  He kissed like a thunderstorm, exciting and electric.  He bit the brunette's lower lip, and he snuck his tongue into Viole's mouth when he gasped and let down his defenses.  His arms snaked up around Viole, one gripping on to his shoulders and the other one buried in his brown hair.  Aguero licked around his teeth, palate, the feeling of his tongue strange but not entirely unwelcome.  He tasted like wine, and Viole like blueberries. Viole tilted his head, mouth slanted over mouth. Time to use his newly acquired skills. He bit Aguero's tongue, gentle enough not to draw blood. Aguero growled low in his throat and tugged on Viole's hair, fingertips scratching his scalp.

Aguero pulled away far too early, lips bruised red.  "Alright, you win this time." His eyes were still dark, pupils swallowing cobalt irises.  "I still want my chestnut cake, if you're up for it."

Viole's heart was still hammering in his chest - that was his first kiss! It was a hell of a nice kiss.  He wouldn't mind being kissed again.  "We're only at the first date." He winked.  "How do you feel about a second?"

"Hell yes," Aguero breathed.  There was something hard pressing against his thigh, and it sure as hell wasn't a phone.

Both of them jumped when Aguero's phone did ring, buzzing between their chests. The bluenette frowned after looking at the caller ID. "It's Kiseia," he announced. He picked up the call, telling Viole his younger sister wanted to meet him. "Why would she call me? She could've just come up to us."

Viole shrugged. "Did she have any specific requests?"

Aguero snapped his fingers. "She wants to talk to you alone in the corridor. Do you want me to tell her no? I would if I were you."

The brunette shook his head. "If we're really going to make this relationship work, I should get Kiseia's blessing too."

"If you say so."

Aguero led Viole to an empty corridor outside the ballroom where the party was held. "Kiseia? I brought Bam- ah!"

Something small and silver went flying at them. A knife. Viole grunted as he reflexively pushed Aguero out of the way, and the blade sank into the back of his arm. Crimson seeped through his white dress shirt and onto his black suit jacket, but he couldn't feel the pain.  He'd been stabbed in worse places before.  This was nothing.

"Bam! What the fück, Kiseia? Why are you trying to kill my boyfriend?" Aguero's face was twisted in a snarl, caught between worry for Viole and anger at Kiseia.

A girl with short blue hair and a black dress appeared out of thin air.  She had several more throwing knives in her hand, and Aguero instantly reached for the dagger in his boot.  "I was aiming for you," she sneered.  "Stop looking at me like I don't know what you've done, brother dearest."

Kiseia spat the words like it was poison in her veins, like it tasted like expired wine.  "He's your brother, why are you trying kill him?"

"Bam, you should go," Aguero muttered.  "Just... Get Maria or somebody.  I'll deal with this." He danced out of the way when Kiseia lunged at him, parrying with his own blade.  Viole stumbled back.  Right.  He was Bam.  

Kiseia grinned when she nicked her elder brother's leg, a thin line of red spurting out.  "That red collar pig pretending to be your fake ass boyfriend really doesn't know what you did, huh?" Aguero was silent, guarded.  "You actually like him!" Kiseia's smile widened even further.  "Why didn't you tell him? Is it because you don't want him to find out what a despicable person you are?"

Aguero swiped a long gash along her arm, gasping when Kiseia retaliated with a diagonal slash from shoulder to hip.  He swore through gritted teeth.  "Back off, Kiseia." The older Khun's voice was steady, anger and panic bubbling under the surface.

"Not a chance, big brother." Kiseia stepped forward, but Viole couldn't see what she did.  "Did you know? He's not just a traitor to the family by being one of you.  Our sister died because of him.  Our sister died because she was in his way out of here." The brunette whipped around to the spy, who did not meet any of their eyes.  He wasn't confirming it, nor was he denying it.  "He's a murderer.  All Khuns are liars," murmured the girl, "which one of us is lying to you?"

Viole didn't know what to say.  Was he supposed to trust the spy who had been nothing but kind to him? Or was he supposed to trust the girl who had thrown a knife at him, the girl whose accusations remained unconfirmed?

Aguero's knife hand was shaking.  "You didn't see her face, Kiseia.  She would've killed me."

"You should've let her," Kiseia spat lowly.  "This is for our sister." She stepped forward, the blade sinking into flesh.  She pulled it out with a savage smirk, swinging her knife. 

Aguero gasped, falling to his knees.  Blood sprayed in a wide arc.  Viole rushed forwards.  "Aguero!"

Crap! What was the procedure for being stabbed again? Panic clouded his mind, stopped all his thoughts.  The bluenette was trembling in his arms, coughing crimson.  "Don't worry about me, Bam, I'll be fine-"

"It's time for you to die, Aguero." Kiseia advanced with a bloodthirsty gleam in her cobalt eyes.  "I'm not gonna let you go that easily- ugh!"

Viole heard a buzz, and Kiseia began to scream and shake unnaturally before slumping to the ground, unconscious.

Behind her stood Khun Maschenny in all her glory, a Yellow May taser in her hand. "A date for a date," she said simply. She cracked a smile, full of gleaming white teeth. "I'd usually like to see a bit more blood in fight scenes, but Yuri would hate me if I let her favorite cop or his new boyfriend die."

Aguero raised an invisible glass with a weak laugh. "Here's to finally getting laid!"

"What's a power bottom?" Bam asked innocently.

Maschenny groaned as she turned away, hoisting Kiseia over her shoulder like she weighed nothing. "God, I'm already regretting this. I'll send Maria to deal with you two. We will never speak of this again."