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Scoot over

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Laurel and Dinah sat opposite each other in a booth one night in Dinahs bar she had just finished performing for the night and it was getting closer to closing time. They sat there talking with their usual push pull dynamic but without any bite to it, Laurel would never admit just how much she had missed Dinah, missed their banter.

Dinah felt the same way she was the first to admit their bond was unusual but she had grown very fond of Laurel and loved having her around she kept her on her toes. She had missed having someone to train with although things seemed more intense between them now, quite a few times when they were sparring Dinah thought Laurel was going to kiss her...she wished she would.

Laurel was mid sentence when Mia, William and Bianca showed up in front of their booth, "well well what do we have here?" Laurel snipped "star citys own Charlie's Angel's? No wait! James bond and his two glamorous assistants!" She said sarcastically.

William smiled sticking out his chest with pride "you think i could pass for bond?" He beamed.

"No!" Laurel pointed at Mia "her!" Dinah tried not to choke on her drink as she suppressed a chuckle dribbling slightly as she grinned.

Laurel smiled at her dorky roommate, she found it hard to believe at sometime they had been enemies at each others throats, that she was scared Dinah would kill her..looking at her now wiping her chin with her sleeve looking sheepishly at Laurel she couldnt help but think how utterly adorable she was.

Mia coughed breaking their moment, "uh mind scootching over so we can all sit down?" She asked the usual bit of bite in her voice.

Laurel rolled her eyes scooting over Dinah did the same, Mia and Bianca next to Dinah, Wiliam by Laurel. Laurel and Dinahs shoulders brushed up against each other squished in between all the kids.

"You know you guys could have just sat somewhere else", Laurel grumbled taking a swig of her beer.

"But then we wouldnt have the pleasure of your company ", Mia snipped back earning one of Laurels evil glares.

"Hey guys", JJ came in giving Mia a wink "hey baby", he smiled taking his jacket off, "I'll go get us all some drinks", he said heading for the bar.

"Make room for my fiance people", Mia commanded glad her and JJ were on better terms again.

"Seriously?" Laurel snapped, using her arms emphasising there was no room, "tell him to pull up a chair or something" she leant back as if to say she wasnt moving.

"There arent any" William said looking around, "place is packed this place is doing really well Dinah ", he smiled at her, Dinah raised her glass "thank you William".

JJ came back over passing the kids their drinks, standing there feeling slightly awkward.

"Seriously guys budge up", Mia looked directly at Laurel.

"Where do you suppose I go?" Laurel snapped, "we're all squished up as it is!" She was starting to get wound up Dinah could see it.

"Sit on my lap", Dinah said, everyone at the table went quiet including Laurel who genuinely looked shocked at this proposal.

"What?" She kept her eyes locked on Dinahs trying to work out if she was serious or winding her up.

"Sit on my lap", Dinah repeated patting her lap as she did so, a big grin on her face as she watched Laurels face turning slightly pink.

The kids sat there big grins on their faces waiting for Laurels next move, which apparently was to sit there gaping like a fish. Dinah patted her legs again raising her eyebrows at Laurel expectantly.

Laurel turned to look at the kids who were staring at her smiling, "fine", Laurel muttered as she scootched onto Dinahs lap, immediately feeling Dinahs arms wrap around her waist. After a few minutes she relaxed, slowly leaning into Dinah. Dinah rested her chin on Laurels shoulder letting out a blissful little sigh. Laurel smiled feeling her breath on her kneck, this was way more intimate than either of them had been expecting..both wanted to stay like this all night.

William moved over allowing JJ to sit down, straight away they all started chatting away forgetting about the 2 Canaries which suited them both just fine, they sat there watching the kids nattering away just enjoying each others embrace.