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It’s a beautiful wedding. Of course it is - the heir to the Jin Sect would receive no less. Besides, between Jin Guangyao’s meticulous planning, Jiang Cheng’s meticulous nitpicking, and Wei Wuxian’s meticulous meddling, it’s a wonder it hadn’t bankrupted the entire damn sect. It’s also a very big wedding, which is why it’s so easy for Mianmian to slip away from the jubilant crowd and into Jiang Yanli’s chambers, about half an hour into the feast.

Jin Zixuan is still busy with the usual wedding festivities, and would be for some time yet, but there was no need for Jiang Yanli to be kept alone and waiting.

She’s seated patiently on the bed when Mianmian slips in, her veil properly fastened. She looks like the picture-perfect vision of a bride.

“A-Xuan?” Jiang Yanli whispers, the moment she realizes she’s not alone. Her voice trembles - nervousness, or excitement, or both.

“No. It’s just me,” Mianmian laughs. “How are you doing?”

That breaks the image. Jiang Yanli’s shoulders slump with relief, her voice going bright and warm as she relaxes. “I’m - I’m doing excellent. Amazing. Great,” she laughs, a gentle embarrassment in her voice. “I’m just - nervous, I guess. I can’t believe we’re finally - we’re - um Do you think he’ll be here soon?” 

“He’s still caught up in his fifty million duties, but I’m sure someone will bully him into spending time with his wife. Don’t worry,” Miamian says, sitting down beside her. “Anything you want to do while we wait? You want to keep the veil on, right?”

“Um. Yes, please. If you don’t mind,” Jiang Yanli says, quietly. “I don’t know. It seems kind of silly to be so - so fixated on making sure this goes right, when our relationship has never quite been - y’know. Traditional. But, well…”

Mianmian laughs. “I get it. Have you eaten, at least?” she asks, glancing at the table filled with fruits and nuts and other lucky things.

As if on cue, Jiang Yanli’s stomach growls, sending them both into hysterics. “Gods, I can’t believe them! Didn’t even sneak you anything to eat. And I bet you’d been waiting for Zixuan all this time, huh?” Mianmian asks, getting up to retrieve a sprig of longans from the table. 

Jiang Yanli laughs and shrugs. “It was all laid out so nicely… I didn’t want to mess it up.”

Mianmian snorts, digging her thumbnail into the longan skin and splitting it open for Jiang Yanli. “Well, just because it’s there to be lucky doesn't mean you can’t enjoy them. Come on, eat up.”

Jiang Yanli swallows audibly, before delicately taking the fruit and bringing it to her lips, behind the veil. Carefully, when she’s done, she spits the pit into the little cup of fruitskin that’d been left over.

They continue like this in general quiet, Mianmian peeling longans and Jiang Yanli slowly eating, before finally, Jin Zixuan bursts into the room in a rush, looking harried and nervous - but mostly excited.

“Mianmian, you’re here too!” he gasps, a little breathless but nonetheless enthused. “How did you get away?”

“Well, it’s easier if you’re not the man of the hour,” Mianmian laughs. “Longan?”

“Please,” Jin Zixuan smiles, walking up to take the fruit from Mianmian’s hands. As soon as he’s within touching distance of his wife, however, he freezes, staring down at her with something like awe on his face. With a giddy sort of awkwardness, he can’t help but say, “Um. Hello.”

“Hello, A-Xuan,” Jiang Yanli says, sweet laughter in her voice. “I’d tell you you look handsome, but I can’t really see you.”

Jin Zixuan laughs, bright and nervous and happy. “Yeah, um. Hold on, let me - “ he says, more or less foregoing the stick to just lift the edge of the veil up with his hands.

The moment the veil comes up over Jiang Yanli’s chin, Jin Zixuan’s hands slow a bit, taken over by a slight tremor that hadn’t been there before. Her pretty, red mouth is revealed - and then the sweet shape of her nose - her flushed cheeks - her big, bright eyes, and - 

Jin Zixuan swallows hard, taken by the sight of his wife.

Mianmian doesn’t blame him - Jiang Yanli is lovely as ever, and even lovelier still for the way she smiles, the way she blinks expectantly up at them. The matte paint of her lips has gone a bit wet from the longan juice, but it only serves to make her all the more sweet.

“Um - “ Jin Zixuan breathes, all in one go, “Can I kiss you?”

Jiang Yanli’s eyes widen for a moment, before curling up with delight, as she pulls her husband in by the wrists.

“A-Xuan,” she breathes, between kisses. “My husband. My love.”

Jin Zixuan, for the matter, only makes a soft sigh, melting easily into her like beeswax on a hot day.

 They keep the kisses soft, sweet, chaste, but it’s clear there’s an expectant hunger - from both of them. When Jin Zixuan finally pulls away, his eyes are dark with wanting.

“Um - maybe you’re - is your crown… heavy?” Jin Zixuan asks, an entirely unsubtle bid to, ah, move things along.

Jiang Yanli laughs brightly and says, “Yes. Won’t you both help me take it down?”

Jin Zixuan glances at Mianmian, before slowly approaching - so slowly, in fact, that Mianmian nearly expect him to spook like a wild animal at the barest glance.

“Watch out - there’ll be pins everywhere,” Mianmian says, as she shuffles forward on her knees.

With the sort of grim seriousness a man might reserve for, perhaps, some sort of important mission, Jin Zixuan proceeds carefully. It’s terribly cute.

Between the both of them, taking Jiang Yanli’s hair down still takes quite a while, and when they’ve finished piling together a king’s fortune onto the bed, Jiang Yanli sighs in relief, tilting her head this way and that to get rid of the ache that’d built up in her neck.

And then, she turns to Miamian. “Your turn, my dear,” she smiles, leaning in to pull Mianmian into a proper kiss. In her periphery, Mianmian is vaguely aware of Jin Zixuan carefully collecting the gold and jewels to dump somewhere safer, but it isn’t long at all, before she’s hardly got the space to dedicate to anything but Jiang Yanli.

Mianmian can hardly think twice, as Jiang Yanli lays her down against the bed, tangling their legs together as they lie on their sides, kissing and kissing and kissing. The vaguely waxy taste of Jiang Yanli’s lip paint had quickly worn off, alongside whatever higher reasoning Mianmian had, as Jiang Yanli licked into Mianmian’s mouth, as Mianmian sucked and nipped Jiang Yanli’s bottom lip.

Mianmian hears rustle of clothes and sheets, before finally, a hand settles heavy against Jiang Yanli’s hip, not far from where Mianmian had settled one hand against the softness of Jiang Yanli’s side. It’s not an urgent touch, the way Jin Zixuan holds his wife - just a simple assurance that he’s there, that he’s watching, that he’s happy to wait his turn.

Even still, Mianmian can’t help but slide her hand over his, squeezing him in assurance - just in case. She knows how unsure he gets, sometimes.

“So… how should we do this?” Jiang Yanli asks when they finally part, her lips glossy and pink from their kiss.

It takes a second for Mianmian to catch her breath, to remember how to make words, and while she waits, Jiang Yanli easily presses their foreheads together, content to let her eyes flutter shut and feel Mianmian against her.

“Well, I assumed I’d be allowed to watch, but if you want me to go - “ Mianmian evetually reasons, before Jin Zixuan jolts up, panic in his eyes.

“Don’t go!” he blurts out - and then all at once, his cheeks flood with embarrassment as he glances down at where their legs tangle. “I mean - um - “

“You should stay. We want you to stay,” Jiang Yanli says, twining her fingers with Mianmian. “You’re a part of this, too.”

“Oh,” Mianmian says, a flush of warmth blooming up her chest, up her neck, suffusing through her cheeks. “Alright. Okay. I can - I can stay.”

“Good,” Jiang Yanli smiles, bringing their twined hands up to kiss Mianmian’s knuckles.

“You’ve, uh. You’ve never done this before, huh?” Mianmian asks, gesturing at the two of them. “I mean, I can’t say I’ve done it all that much either, and I don’t really know my way around your, uh - “ Mianmian gestures vaguely at Jin Zixuan’s hips - “but, I mean, we’re all healthy adults. We can figure this out, right?”

Jin Zixuan nods jerkily. And then, after a moment of hesitation, he says, “Maybe you two could - um. Maybe you could… show me how you like it? I’m, um. I’m pretty easy to please, so - ”

That has Jiang Yanli laughing, turning over so that she can pull her husband down for a kiss. “We know,” she says, pressing her lips chastely against his. “We love it.” Another kiss, against his cheek, now. “It’s cute.” 

“A-ah. Oh. That’s - that’s good,” Jin Zixuan mumbles awkwardly into the kiss, just a half-second too late to properly return the affectionate little pecks. Not that it matters much, when Jiang Yanli starts kissing steadily down the line of his jaw.

Easily, he tilts his chin up for her, eyes fluttering shut as he goes limp against the bed, letting her turn them both over so that she’s laying half-astride his chest, sucking kisses against his adam’s apple. From where Mianmian’s sitting, she can easily see the way his cock is already starting to strain against the many layers of his wedding garments.

With a fond little huff, Mianmian sits up on her knees, awkwardly maneuvering so that she can get to Jiang Yanli’s belt while they’re distracted.

Against Jin Zixuan’s neck, Jiang Yanli makes a curious little hmm? before realizing what Mianmian is doing, and when Mianmian gets the belt untied, she lifts up a little so that Mianmian can pull the belt away. “Here, why don’t you - “ Mianmian starts, rolling Jiang Yanli onto her knees a bit, so that she can kiss Jin Zixuan properly while Mianmian curls over her back, blindly feeling for the ties.

They make soft, intimate sounds as they kiss - quiet sighs and pleased little hums, a soft little whine as Jiang Yanli no doubt nibbles on his bottom lip. Soon, Mianmian feels a pair of warm, clumsy hands feeling for Jiang Yanli’s ties, too, doing their best to help but mostly just getting in the way.

With a huff of laughter, Mianmian takes one of them and slips it into the V of Jiang Yanli’s robes, high up, that he might enjoy some of the perks of a woman’s body.

This time, it’s Jiang Yanli that makes a soft little sound, chest arching into the touch, even through layers of silk. Mianmian manages to wrestle off the two outermost layers by the time Jiang Yanli’s hand finds its way into Jin Zixuan’s robes, and before long, Jiang Yanli is sitting up in a fluster, saying, “Can you - I’ll get the rest, but do you want to - “

“Yeah. Yeah, sure,” Mianmian mumbles as they trade places with a brief, affectionate kiss. Jin Zixuan’s hands settle easily at Mianmian’s waist as she straddles his hips, settling down over the hard line of his cock.

Jin Zixuan makes a funny little uh! sound, like instead of rocking leisurely against his cock, she had just punched him in the gut.

“This alright?” Mianmian asks, as she works at the ties keeping Jin Zixuan’s clothes together. Like this, they can’t really do much besides push his five gazillion layers out of the way, but honestly, it’s worth it, feeling the way his hands squeeze against the softness of her thighs, feeling the way he helplessly ruts up into her like he’d be fucking her if it weren’t for their clothes in the way.

His eyes are fluttered shut, his throat working desperately as he swallows back his helpless moans, and when Jiang Yanli returns to the bed to press sweet little kisses against his bitten lips, he can’t help but reach out for her…

...only to startle, when his fingertips brush up against nothing but skin. His eyes blink open as he glances over at his wife for the barest of moments, before immediately bringing his hands up to his face with a yelp.

Jiang Yanli laughs, soft and sweet, as she trails her fingertips up his forearm to gently wrap her hand around his wrist. “What sort of reaction is that, A-Xuan? Do I not please you?”

“You please me!” Jin Zixuan blurts out in what’s almost a falsetto, stubbornly keeping his hands over his eyes. “You please me very much!”

Mianmian can’t help her own huff of laughter as Jin Zixuan squirms underneath her, as if to try and make his escape. “You can look, you know. You’re married,” she reminds him.

“This is all a little overwhelming, okay!” Jin Zixuan snaps at her, his voice cracking at the end. There’s no heat in it, though - just the gentle sort of distress that comes with not wanting to make an embarrassment of yourself - so Mianmian lets it slide.

“It’s okay. Take all the time you need,” Jiang Yanli laughs, bringing his hand closer, so that she might kiss each of his knuckles. “What are you worried about, baobei?”

Jin Zixuan swallows hard at the endearment, his bottom lip trembling as he says, “I just - want it to be good. For you. Um. Both of you. But I don’t really know what I’m doing.”

“Well, it’s kind of hard to know what you’re doing if you can’t see anything,” Mianmian huffs, even if she, too, can hardly stand to look at Jiang Yanli. For all that she’s certainly seen Jiang Yanli in the nude before, well -

She’s just… really pretty. So pretty, it’s embarrassing to see her like this, all sweet curves and delicate limbs, offered up for the both of them.

“Shut up, ” Jin Zixuan groans, but he does, slowly, relax a little.

“It’s okay if you’re nervous,” Jiang Yanli says gently, taking his hand in both of hers and guiding it down to her chest. “I’m nervous too. But you’re doing a pretty good job of it so far. Look - can you feel how hard my heart’s beating?”

Jin Zixuan sucks in a sharp breath as his hand spreads out over her chest. And then slowly, hesitantly, he glances up at her. “You’re beautiful,” he says, all at once, and then he damn near brings his hand back up to hide again.

It’s only by the grace of Mianmian having excellent reflexes that she’s able to snag Jin Zixuan’s other wrist before he can do so. He stares at her with utter betrayal on his face, but before she can prod at him any further, Jiang Yanli laughs. “Thank you. If you hadn’t noticed, you’re quite handsome yourself,” she says, smooth as anything Mianmian’s ever seen.

Immediately, Jin Zixuan’s anxious embarrassment is derailed, and he can hardly tear his eyes away from her as he shyly asks, “Y-you think so?”

“Very,” Jiang Yanli grins, at the same time Mianmian says, “Vain!”

When Jin Zixuan scowls at her in his mortification, Mianmian laughs, pinching Jin Zixuan’s side. It causes him to jerk underneath her, shoving the ridge of his cock up against her clit in a way that almost hurts, but it’s - it’s not bad.

“Hey!” he whines - only to stammer out another, “Wh - hey!” as she gets off of him, urging him up.

“Come on. Let’s get you undressed, too,” Mianmian says with a grin.

There’s something rather satisfying about just how easy he is to unwrap, after all of Mianmian’s efforts undoing his ties. Each layer easily sloughs off, until all he’s left in is his trousers.

Jiang Yanli can’t stop looking.

With a grin, Mianmian comes up from behind Jin Zixuan and turns him around to face his wife, cupping his rather ample chest in her hands. “Like what you see?” she asks, hooking her chin over Jin Zixuan’s shoulder, despite his embarrassed sounds of protest.

Jiang Yanli swallows, glancing him up and down, and says, “Yes. I do.”

That gets Jin Zixuan to shut up, his head tilting down in a way that suggests he might be looking away. That won’t do - before Mianmian can reign in her own impulse, she hooks a hand under his chin and gently tilts it upward.

In her arms, Jin Zixuan goes rigid for a second, and where the butt of Mianmian’s hand is against his throat, she can feel him swallowing. Slowly, as if feeling out her thoughts even as they come out, Mianmian asks, “How much do you like it?”

A shiver rolls down his body, so fast it almost felt like he’d jolted in her arms.

Jiang Yanli stares up at her, at them both, before slowly spreading her legs, putting her pretty pussy on display. Her cheeks are flushed pink, but her eyes are bright and determined as she says, “Do you want to feel how much?”

Jin Zixuan’s breath punches right out of him, his body carefully held so still it trembles.

“Go on, Zixuan. What do you think?” Mianmian murmurs, trying to keep her voice level despite the hard thump of her chest, the way her throat has suddenly gone dry and clicking at the sight of her.

Wordlessly, Jin Zixuan nods - so Mianmian lets him go, gently nudging him towards his wife. He stumbles toward her like he can hardly believe this, like he thinks if he so much as breathes the wrong way it might all just come to pieces like a dream. But Jiang Yanli steadfastly stays, taking his hand in hers and guiding it between her legs.

“Oh,” Jin Zixuan breathes, as Jiang Yanli tilts her head back, breathing a long sigh. “You’re - is it always like this?”

Jiang Yanli giggles, soft and breathy, as she shifts her hips a little and says, “No. It’s because of you - both of you. Ah, um. You can - a little harder. It’s, um - it’s ticklish, if you touch me so gently.”

Fuck, ” Jin Zixuan whispers under his breath, as Jiang Yanli makes another soft, breathy sound and arches up into his touch. “It’s really - you’re so slippery.”

Mianmian’s pussy throbs, watching the two of them together like this. She wants to - she ought to -

“Mianmian - come on, you too,” Jiang Yanli murmurs, shifting restlessly as she lets Jin Zixuan slide his fingers up and down her pussy - not quite pushing in, but firm. Hungry.

“Yeah,” Mianmian chokes out, as she tugs sharply at her robes. “Yeah, yeah. Hold on.”

It feels like an eternity, untangling herself from her clothes, and she quite nearly says fuck it and marches on over there with her skirt still half-on. But eventually, everything comes loose, and when she’s able to kick herself out of her clothes, she all but leaps back into bed with them.

Already, an eager flush has taken Jiang Yanli down to the shoulders, her hips squirming as one hand desperately clutches Jin Zixuan’s wrist, holding him in place over her clit. His fingers are still clumsy, but he’s starting to work up a rhythm, rubbing curious circles against it - only to strain to slip back down to her hole, where the delicate skin’s gone all slick and shiny from her wetness, and start the cycle again.

It’s not until Mianmian gets closer that she can really see the hungry, intent look in his eyes, the way he watches Jiang Yanli with a single-minded focus, trying to parse out her hiccupping little gasps, her restless squirming.

“Hey,” Mianmian murmurs, gently touching his shoulder. It startles him out of his intense focus, drawing a pitiful whine from Jiang Yanli’s throat. “Do you want me to - get you, too?” Mianmian asks, letting her touch drift down, towards - 

Jin Zixuan sucks in a shaky breath, staring up at Mianmian for what feels like a long time. The hunger in his eyes doesn’t abate - if anything it seems to grow in intensity as he stares at her, as he takes in her every freckle and scar. She’d feel self conscious about it, if it weren’t for the way his want shows so clearly in his eyes.

“Please,” he whispers, his voice rough.

“Keep touching her,” Mianmian murmurs, leaning in to press a kiss to his cheek. “I’ve got you.”

Jin Zixuan swallows hard and nods, turning his face enough that he might press one sweet, earnest kiss to her mouth.

Mianmian huffs a laugh against his lips, cupping his cheek to kiss him again, as she tugs at the knot keeping his trousers up.

It comes undone easily, and in moments her hand wraps delicately around his cock. The gasp he makes is sharp, animal, his lips going slack against Mianmian’s mouth as he whispers, ”Please. Please, a little tighter, please.”

It’s hot in her hand - thicker than she had been expecting - and when she pulls it out from under the confines of his pants, it’s satisfyingly heavy. She’s never touched anyone’s cock before; she’s never expected it to be this hard, for the skin to feel this delicate.

Absently, she’s aware of just how empty she is, just how nice it would be if she had something to clench down on.

Jin Zixuan’s hips nudge eagerly into her touch, a not-so-subtle reminder that she ought to move her hand. It’s already a little wet at the tip, easing the slide of her hand as she slowly, curiously pumps him. Against her mouth, Jin Zixuan groans, his hips twitching forward with every little squeeze of her fingers. “Is this okay?” she murmurs against his lips, pressing sweet, easy kisses against his lips, his jaw, his throat.

“Yeah. Yeah, it’s - “ his adam’s apple bobs against her lips as he swallows, “ Ah, Mianmian, could you - the tip, please?”

“Eager,” Mianmian chides, even as she slides her hand back to gently squeeze the head of his cock. “Are you properly tending to your wife, Jin Zixuan?”

His reaction is incredible - a broken moan, a half-whimpered, “I am. I am, please. Keep going, please, ” a hungry jerk of his hips.

And when Mianmian pulls away to check in with Jiang Yanli, she finds her, knees snapped up around Jin Zixuan’s arm, hands clutching at whatever she can get to, toes curling as Jin Zixuan tries to keep up his pace. “Good, A-Li?” Mianmian grins, watching the way her hips keep arching up to meet him.

“Yes,” Jiang Yanli breathes, her eyes fluttering open to reveal dazed, glossy eyes. “A-Xuan, baobei, darling, could you - another?” she says, her voice soft and breathy and sweet, distracted with whatever he’s got inside her. “Slow, please. Just like that - just like - yeah - yeah.”

Miannmian’s pussy clenches around nothing as she watches Jiang Yanli go boneless and lax as Jin Zixuan carefully fucks her with his fingers. Ah, she’s beautiful like this.

Mianmian wants to know what she looks like when she comes.

“Zixuan, you should - you should use your mouth on her,” Mianmian says, watching the way her gorgeous hips go hollow as she rolls them up into Jin Zixuan’s hand, practically fucking herself on his fingers.

Jin Zixuan stills, staring at Mianmian. “I can do that?” he asks, eyes wide and hungry.

“No, it’s okay - you really don’t have to, it’s - that’s - “ Jiang Yanli protests, but Jin Zixuan is already pulling away from Mianmian, bowing his head between Jiang Yanli’s legs, until - “Oh - oh, A-Xuan, oh my - oh fuck.

He makes wet, messy sounds against her pussy, but it looks - it looks good. It looks so good, Mianmian can’t help but watch. The hand that hadn’t been touching Jin Zixuan’s cock slips between her legs, picking out a furious pace as she watches Jiang Yanli’s mouth drop open, as she watches Jiang Yanli’s hands tighten in Jin Zixuan’s hair, tugging him close against her pussy.

She can’t stop making these sweet little oh, oh, oh sounds, her brows knitting upwards as her hips roll eagerly against Jin Zixuan’s face. Goosebumps break out across her shoulders and down her trembling chest, nipples peaking as she shakes apart underneath his eager mouth, his steady hands. She looks -

She looks close.

Fuck, fuck, Mianmian’s fingers aren’t enough, too short to touch herself the way she wants to, but watching them like this is almost good enough to make up for it. She shoves a third finger in her pussy, swallowing hard around the dryness in her throat as she watches Jiang Yanli’s hips jerk up against Jin Zixuan’s face.

Her noises pitch up higher, going tight and breathless and then - 

And then she comes, her entire body going sharp and tense for a single long moment, her hips and legs and toes trembling with the effort of keeping still.

Mianmian’s pussy tightens in sympathetic resonance as Jiang Yanli slowly comes down from it, her chest heaving with every sobbing breath. Eventually, the hands on Jin Zixuan’s hair start weakly pushing at him to stop, and it’s only reluctantly that he goes.

His face is a mess, mouth wet and pink from licking and sucking on Jiang Yanli’s clit. Mianmian would kiss the mess right off of him if she had the chance, but before she can ask, he’s already wiping at his face, his eyes still dark and hungry. “Are you - “ he starts, his voice gone thick and rough with arousal. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” Jiang Yanli says with a tired laugh, her chest still rising and falling with each panting breath. “It was just - wow. That was. A lot.”

Jin Zixuan swallows hard and nods, his dark eyes still staring at the slick pinkness of her pussy. “Yeah - yeah.”

Slowly, Jiang Yanli’s eyes slide over to Mianmian, and then she jolts into action, realizing that they’d forgotten her for a brief moment. “Mianmian are you - “

“Yeah, yeah, don’t worry about me,” Mianmian laughs, pulling her own fingers out of herself with a wince. “I’m having a grand old time.” With a grin, she lifts her hand and spreads her fingers, so that Jiang Yanli can see the way the wetness clings.

“Mianmian!” Jiang Yanli squeals, both delighted and scandalized at Mianmian’s boldness. In her periphery, she notices Jin Zixuan watching her, wide-eyed and open-mouthed, his cock twitching at the sight of her wet fingers.

“Did you - “ Jin Zixuan starts, before his brain catches up to his mouth. He cuts himself off with a click of his teeth, his cheeks going ruddy in embarrassment.

“Did I what?” Mianmian asks, trying not to look down at Jin Zixuan’s cock, trying not to trace the little drip of precum sliding down the side.

Jin Zixuan swallows and glances down at the bedspread. “I was going to ask,” he says, in a small voice, “Did you come yet?”

Mianmian laughs and scoots a little closer. “No. I haven’t. Did you have something in mind…?”

Jin Zixuan doesn’t look at her, as he bites his lip, embarrassment written in all his features. His hands tangle together in his lap, almost as if to hide the burgeoning presence of his cock, as he thinks on what to say.

Rather than let him hem and haw for too long, Mianmian gently asks, “Do you want to fuck me?” He jolts, looking sheepish. Guilty. He still can’t meet her eyes.

With a laugh, Mianmian scoots even closer, until their knees are nearly touching. “I’d like you to. If you’d want.”

That gets Jin Zixuan to jerk to attention, his eyes gone wide, his mouth dropping open in his eagerness. And then slowly, reluctantly, he reigns himself in. “But - what if you - I don’t want to get you pregnant. If you don’t want that.”

Mianmian snorts. “Yeah that’d suck pretty bad. But there are ways around it. If you want to.”

Jin Zixuan bites his bottom lip, looking unsure. To Mianmian’s other side, Jiang Yanli shakily gets to her knees, scooting close enough to slip a hand into hers, to press an affectionate kiss to Mianmian’s temple. Mianmian gently squeezes her hand back, pressing a chaste little kiss to Jiang Yanli’s soft cheek. And then, she glances over at Jin Zixuan, a vague idea already forming in her head. “I wouldn’t mind it if you fucked, y’know - the other hole. No pregnancy there, but if you’re not into it - ”

“I’m into it!” Jin Zixuan blurts out. Immediately after it’s out and in the open, he looks so embarrassed he could die.

“Hey,” Mianmian says, leaning into his space and gently headbutting him, “It’s okay. I’m into it, too. Wouldn’t have asked if I wasn’t.”

Jin Zixuan still looks unsure, but Mianmian knows this look - it's that sort of look that’s asking for her to confirm, to reassert what she wants so he can be sure she wants it. With a huff, Mianmian rolls her eyes and says, “Come on. I’ll show you how.”

Jin Zixuan bites his lip, but his eyes hardly leave her as she turns over onto her stomach, wiggling her behind a little just to watch Jin Zixuan watch her. “It’s a little different from fucking me the other way. You’re gonna need some kind of lubricant. Do you have anything for that? If you’ve still got that hair oil you use - the jasmine one? That would work.”

Jin Zixuan swallows hard and nods, slipping off the bed to go rummage around in one of his drawers. By the time he’s come back, Jiang Yanli’s already pulled Mianmian half on top of her, leaning in for another kiss.

It’s only because Jiang Yanli pulls away to smile at her husband that Mianmian realizes he’s back.

He stands awkwardly at the edge of the bed, waiting to be invited, the little bottle of oil cradled carefully in both hands. Somewhere along the way he’d finally done away with his trousers, leaving him self-conscious and bare. It’s cute.

“Come on,” Mianmian says with a grin. “You’re not having second thoughts, are you?”

Jin Zixuan swallows hard and shakes his head. “No. I still - um. I still want to. I just - uh.”

Minamian rolls over and gestures for him to get back on the bed. “Don’t be shy, then. It’s just us,” she says, her voice coaxing and sweet. “Come kiss me.”

Obediently, he climbs onto the bed, careful not to drop the oil as he crawls over her. Once he’s close enough, she tugs him down by the back of the neck until they’re an awkward jumble, bracketed between Jiang Yanli’s legs. It takes a little bit of effort, because he tries valiantly to keep too much of his weight off of her.

It’s sweet that he’s trying to be careful, but she isn’t having any of it, pulling him close to her until they’re flush together from legs to chest. His cock leaves a smear of wetness against her thigh, and somehow, out of anything, that’s the thing that makes her heart ache with fondness.

“I love you,” Mianmian murmurs, kissing him gently on the forehead, the cheek, the lips. Jin Zixuan quietly gasps, eyes fluttering shut as he submits himself to Mianmian’s affection. “I love you, I love you, I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Jin Zixuan mouths back at her, clumsy and sweet against Mianmian’s lips. “I love you so much I could die - both of you.”

With a huff of a laugh, Mianmian brushes back Jin Zixuan’s bangs until he finally blinks his eyes open. “Well, don’t do that. You still owe me something, don’t you?” she laughs, pointedly nudging her thigh against his cock.

He bites his lip, going a little shaky as he nods in her hold. “I’ve never done this before,” he says quietly, almost ashamed. “It probably won’t be good.”

“You’ll be fine,” Miamian says, pressing a lingering kiss to his forehead. “If I don’t like it, then you’ll know. When have I ever refrained from bitching about something?”

Jin Zixuan blinks, before huffing a quiet laugh. “Alright, alright. I’ll hold you to it. I just don’t want to hurt you.”

Mianmian snorts. “Don’t overestimate yourself,” she says, gently knocking her head against his. “Let me turn over, alright? It’s easier for the both of us that way.”

“Okay,” he says, pressing a chaste little kiss to her lips before easing up a bit and letting her turn over.

There’s a long moment of quiet, in which Jin Zixuan doesn’t quite move, and when Mianmian finally loses her nerve and glances back, she finds Jin Zixuan staring down at her, hands hovering awkwardly over her lower back.

“You can touch, you know,” Mianmian says with a quiet laugh, wiggling her butt from side to side simply because she knows Jin Zixuan likes it. Indeed, he can’t help but stare, wetting his lips when he finally tears his eyes away to glance up at her.

“Are you sure?” he asks, voice a little bit thick. Even as he asks, he can’t help but let his hands hover over her butt - eager to take her up on the offer, but enough of a gentleman to confirm.

“Babe, if you’re going to fuck me, you might as well test out the goods,” Mianmian snorts, arching her back a little as if to make a point.

“O-oh,” Jin Zixuan breathes, his hands settling delicately on the swell of her butt. “Okay.”

His hands are gentle as he feels her up a little bit, his thumbs careful as they trace the crease between her butt and her thigh. Mianmian can’t help that she squirms a little, pushing into his hands as she says, “Just squeeze it already, Zixuan. You don’t have to treat me so gently.”

Obediently, Jin Zixuan palms her ass with a little more confidence, his fingers digging into the muscle of it as he curiously gropes her. Mianmian laughs, even as she can feel her slick slipping down the crease of her pussy when he carefully pulls her cheeks apart, his thumb so close to her hole she can’t help but shiver.

“Eager, aren’t you?” Mianmian breathes out, slumping against Jiang Yanli. Jiang Yanli quietly laughs, pressing a kiss to her hairline, to her forehead, to the tip of her nose.

“Of course he is,” she murmurs, through Jin Zixuan’s half-offended squawk. “Look at you. Who wouldn’t be eager to touch you? You’re gorgeous.”

Jiejie...!! ” Mianmian groans, burying her face into Jiang Yanli’s collarbones. “That’s so - “

“Am I wrong, A-Xuan?” Jiang Yanli laughs, gently petting Mianmian’s hair as she grinds her nose into Jiang Yanli’s collarbones.

“N-no,” Jin Zixuan mumbles, embarrassment obvious in his tone even though Mianmian can’t see him like this. “She’s very - um. Yeah.”

Jiang Yanli laughs, bright and sweet and amused. “Yeah?”

“Yeah,” Jin Zixuan breathes, as his hands ease up a little, as one of his thumbs gently brushes up and down her crease, glancing against her hole. “Y’know, um. I thought about this once. A few times.”

Mianmian shivers under his hands, instinctively melting in Jiang Yanli’s arms.

“Yeah?” Jiang Yanli murmurs, amusement and curiosity clear in her voice. 

“Yeah,” Jin Zixuan says, his voice going all shivery and sweet. “It’s, um. I never expected I’d get to - “ He cuts himself off with a quiet, embarrassed laugh, as Miamian squirms a little underneath him. “You’re just - you’re really hot, Mianmian. I didn’t think that you’d be like this.”

Mianmian bites back her whine, arching into Jin Zixuan’s hands. “Just - just hurry up, dummy!” she bites out, too embarrassed, too aroused to pull away from where she’s hiding against Jiang Yanli’s chest.

It’s been a while since Mianmian’s done this, and even then, it’s not like she’s actually done it with anyone else, before. So, yeah, maybe she is a little nervous, but - well, she knows Jin Zixuan would be careful with her. He’s always careful, with the things he cares about. So when she feels the gentle press of a slick fingertip at her hole, somehow, ironically, her body just… relaxes. She knows this touch. Whatever might happen next - well, it’ll be fine.

Slowly, curiously, he feels around, gentle enough that it nearly tickles. It feels nice in a way that she has no real patience for right now, her hips lifting a half-inch, insistent. With her face buried in Jiang Yanli’s chest, she can’t see Jin Zixuan’s reaction but she can feel the way he hesitates, before slowly, finally, pushing one finger in.

She can’t help the startled little ah that slips out. It’s not that it hurts, or that she had been caught off guard or anything - it just… feels a little different when she’s not the one doing it. But it’s not a bad thing, even if she feels Jin Zixuan flinch a little.

“You alright?” Jiang Yanli murmurs, brushing the hair out of Mianmian’s face.

Mianmian swallows hard and nods, helplessly squeezing around the finger inside of her. “I-it’s fine,” Mianmian says, leaning in for a kiss. Jiang Yanli easily returns it, pressing an indulgent little kiss against her lips. It’s... distracting; Mianmian can’t decide what to focus on, can’t help but be distracted by Jin Zixuan gently stretching her open. Eventually, Mianmian has to pull away to glance back at Jin Zixuan.

“It feels weird when you go that slow - you can go a little faster, you know,” Mianmian says, trying for casual, despite the way her voice creaks at the end. He startles at being addressed, glancing up at her with those dark, pupil-black eyes.

“Okay,” he says, a little breathless, the hand at Mianmian’s hip gently squeezing.

Slowly, he picks up the pace, his finger moving in a steady in-out that has Mianmian dropping her head against Jiang Yanli’s collarbone, her breath coming out in quiet, panting whines. She’s usually quiet when she’s - when she’s trying it herself, but there’s just something about having someone else touch her there that just draws out these soft, helpless sounds from her throat.

Gently, affectionately Jiang Yanli presses a kiss to Mianmian’s temple, to the crown of her head, letting her fingers run through Mianmian’s mussed hair. Inevitably, her fingers snag, and when they do - 

Fuck! ” Mianmian sobs, her hips jolting back against Jin Zixuan’s finger.

“Wow,” Jin Zixuan whispers, a note of awe in his voice. “You, uh. You were squeezing down hard.”

“She likes getting her hair pulled,” Jiang Yanli says with a quiet laugh, as she gently massages Mianmian’s scalp - only to tighten her fingers into a fist.

Mianmian can’t help the way she buries her face into Jiang Yanli’s chest to muffle her curses, her pussy fluttering around nothing. She wants, she wants to get fucked. She wants to get stretched out, wants to come clenched down on something. “More,” Mianmian gasps, too into it to be mortified about just how desperate she suddenly feels. “Another, Zixuan, please. I wanna, I wanna get fucked, please.”

“Oh. Oh, wow,” Jin Zixuan chokes out, and after a moment’s hesitation, Mianmian feels another finger pushing its way in, feels her body stretching to accommodate. It’s still that strange, hot tightness Mianmian always associates with fucking her ass on a toy, but it’s different with someone else. She’s hyperaware of every inch that pushes in, every slight bulge of Jin Zixuan’s knuckles, and it’s hard not to squirm when he’s carefully spreading his fingers inside her, marvelling at the way her body moves.

“You’re, you’re really loud,” Jin Zixuan absently says, and between the fingers fucking into her and the hands in her hair, Mianmian can hardly think enough to feel ashamed. All she knows is that wild-animal thrashing in her gut and the insistent craving for more. “That’s - I didn’t realize you were so - wow. ” 

Mianmian whines, low and ragged in her throat, as Jiang Yanli’s nails gently scratch their way up the back of her skull, fingers flexing in a way that just teases at a tug. She wants. She wants - so much that it’s hard to breathe, hard to think. She’s moving on instinct now, hands slipping down to touch herself from the front while Jin Zixuan carefully fingers her from behind. “More,” Mianmian groans, her voice muffled in the valley between Jiang Yanli’s breasts. “Please, another.”

“I - are you sure?” Jin Zixuan asks, only to cut himself off as Mianmian helplessly rolls her hips back, fucking herself on Jin Zixuan’s thick fingers.

“Come on. Come on, ” Mianmian groans, pussy squeezing down like if she tried hard enough, she could just force herself to come. Carefully, Jin Zixuan pulls his two fingers out - and then pushes in again, three this time, the stretch incredible and just this shade of satisfying. It’s not enough, though, even if it feels good, even if it draws goosebumps up to her skin, even if it drags helpless, cut-off moans from her throat.

Finally, Mianmian caves, her fingers slipping through the slick pink of her pussy, frantically circling her clit in time with the insistent pace of Jin Zixuan’s fingers. It sends hot, white prickles of pleasure down her limbs, jolting deep in her core.

But it’s not enough. It’s not enough, and Mianmian finds herself biting out, “Just put it in. Just put it in.”

“Are you - “ Jin Zixuan chokes out, cut off by the sharp, high whine Mianmian makes when Jiang Yanli wraps Mianmian’s loose hair around her fist and gently pulls.

“Go on, baobei,” Jiang Yanli says, in the tone one would use to offer someone a second helping of dessert. “Put it in.”

Mianmian thinks, maybe, she hears the click of Jin Zixuan’s throat as he swallows, or maybe, it’s just the roaring of her blood in her ears, the sound of her heartbeat thump-thumping in her chest, but it it doesn’t really matter - not when Jin Zixuan is pulling his fingers out and replacing it with a thick, blunt pressure at her hole.

Slowly, achingly slowly, he pushes in.

Mianmian’s mouth drops open in a silent groan - only for the silence to be filled by Jin Zixuan’s echoing sigh. It’s - it feels big. She hadn’t expected it to feel like this, but between the pleasing weight of his body holding her down and the insistent press of his cock inside her - it’s, it’s good. Satisfying.

Mianmian’s ready for him to keep going, to pull back and shove it back in, to take what he wants, because she wants it too - but once he bottoms out, he stays there, breath coming out ragged and panting. Almost thoughtlessly, he holds her down with his weight so she can’t fuck back into him; she can only squirm helplessly under him, squeezing down on the cock in her ass and clumsily rubbing her fingers against her clit, trying to get any semblance of friction when her hand is trapped between the bed and her pussy.

When she glances up, she realizes why Jin Zixuan had paused - Jiang Yanli has a hand against his cheek, pulling him into a long, lingering kiss. From this angle, Mianmian can’t see much - but all the lines of Jin Zixuan’s body are tight and stiff, like he’s trying very, very carefully to hold himself back.

When Jiang Yanli finally pulls away, she licks her lips and smiles sweetly at him, whispering, “Good?”

Jin Zixuan swallows and bites his lip, silently nodding his head.

And then Jiang Yanli brings her hand down to Mianmian’s cheek, slipping almost posessively down her neck. “Good, Mianmian?” she asks, with a little squeeze.

Mianmian swallows around the lump in her throat and nods, relishing, a little, in the way it gently tugs at her hair. “Could you - you can - move, please?”

Above her Jin Zixuan jolts in a full-body shiver, and then slowly, carefully, he pulls back. The drag of his cock inside her feels amazing - sharper, more distinct than when her pussy’s getting fucked - and when he pushes back in, she can’t help the way her breath punches out of her in a single, shuddering ha-ah!

And then - and then, Jiang Yanli tugs against her hair, tilting her head back so that her pleasure-bleary eyes settle on Jiang Yanli’s pretty face. “Come here, Mianmian,” Jiang Yanli murmurs, even as she leans in, meeting Mianmian halfway.

Between the sting of her hair being tugged, the glorious stretch of Jin Zixuan’s cock in her ass, the wet slide of Jiang Yanli’s tongue slipping between her lips, Mianmian feels her attention pulled thin. It’s impossible to focus on one single pleasure, when it’s all of it, pooling together into one vicious wave threatening to pull her under.

It’s only been so long, but already, she can barely remember to rub her clit along with the steadily quickening pace of Jin Zixuan’s thrusts, let alone focus enough to kiss Jiang Yanli back. She knows she’s close, can feel the way the heat starts building at the edges of her periphery, can feel the way her pussy’s already started squeezing down around the emptiness inside her. She’s always liked coming with something inside, something to clutch around, and the sudden urge to finger herself feels overwhelming and immediate enough that she doesn’t even think - she just pushes the fingers on her clit a little further back, shoving three fingers into herself with hardly a thought.

“What’s - Mianmian, are you - “ Jin Zixuan gasps, his pace stuttering as he tries to wrap his mind around what Mianmian could possibly doing. “Oh, gods, Mianmian. Fuck. I can feel you.”

Mianmian opens her mouth to respond, but between the blooming heat of Jiang Yanli sucking on her bottom lip and the satisfying stretch of getting completely filled, Mianmian has been rendered largely incapable of speech. All that comes out is a vague little aa-aah, a muddled, animal sound of pleasure that pitches helplessly up at the end.

All it takes is one little jerk of Mianmian’s hair - whether a playful warning from Jiang Yanli to pay attention or a reflexive jerk of Jiang Yanli’s hand, Mianmian isn’t sure - before Mianmian’s coming, the heat in her periphery suddenly swallowing her whole, surging through her veins in a vicious, endless flood.

It feels - gods, she can’t even tell how it feels, her orgasm rendering her mindless, senseless, animal. All she knows for several long moments is the aching, helpless throb of her pussy, the tense, almost painful seizing of her limbs, the sharp wrenching of breath from her lungs.

It takes a while before she’s anything close to coherent, and as she comes back to herself in bits and pieces, she becomes aware of Jin Zixuan’s trembling stillness, of his cock fucked so deep inside of her, of his hips pinning her tight against the bed. And then, she realizes, as his quiet whimper finally registers in her ears - he’s coming.

“Sorry - I’m - ah! - I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, I’m - I can’t help it,” Jin Zixuan babbles, his voice tight and gasping as he drops his forehead against the back of her neck. “You just - you felt so good, I’m sorry Mianmian.”

It takes a long, long moment, before Mianmian has enough control over herself that she can turn underneath him, that she can grab him by the back of the neck and pull him into a clumsy kiss.

The movement jostles Jin Zixuan’s slowly softening cock out of her, and in its absence, Mianmian can’t help but feel that strange, aching emptiness. It pulls a delirious, giddy giggle from her throat, one that has nowhere to go, really, but right into Jin Zixuan’s mouth.

Jin Zixuan can’t help but laugh, too, slumping bodily against her until she turns them both around. There isn’t much space in the bracket of Jiang Yanli’s legs, and before long, they all are laughing, clumsily untangling and rearranging themselves on the bed until Mianmian’s sandwiched between the two of them.

With a quiet huff, Mianmian gently bops Jin Zixuan on the head and says, “You’re damn lucky that wasn’t my pussy, you doofus.”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Jin Zixuan says, hands coming up to rub where Mianmian had hit him. “I’ve never done this before, okay! It happened so fast, I couldn’t - “ His mouth snaps shut with a clack, his cheeks going ruddy in embarrassment.

Mianmian can’t quite bring herself to keep scolding him after that - so with a roll of her eyes, she pulls him in and presses a kiss to his forehead. “Well, it’s fine. You better work on it, though, or I’m not letting you near my pussy. And I’d like to get fucked there, too, sometime.”

“That can be arranged,” Jiang Yanli laughs, one of her hands sliding up and down Mianmian’s leg. “Even if A-Xuan can’t hold it.”

Something in Mianmian’s chest does a little flip as she turns to Jiang Yanli with a half-scandalized smile. “Oh? Miss Jiang Yanli, are you telling me you’ve been holding out?” Mianmian laughs.

“Well,” Jiang Yanli giggles, “there are a few… personal effects I couldn’t bear to part with…”

A-Li! ” Mianmian laughs, playfully nudging Jiang Yanli’s shoulder.

“We just thought it would be fun,” Jiang Yanli says, her hand settling on Mianmian’s knee. “Right, A-Xuan?”

Jin Zixuan’s cheeks flare red, ducking his head in embarrassment.

Jin Zixuan! ” Miamian cries out, trying to sound scandalized. “I didn’t think you had it in you!”

Jin Zixuan’s blush deepens as he quietly laughs. “Well - it’s… not hard to find certain sorts of books in the Carp Tower.”

Mianmian’s snort turns into a laugh, and once it’s out, she’s completely unable to hold it in. “ That’s what you’ve been sending to each other while I’ve been busy?”

“Among other things,” Jiang Yanli says, idly tugging Mianmian’s leg open to take a look.

Mianmian can’t help the heat that blooms on her cheeks, as she lets herself be ogled. Jiang Yanli swallows hard, her fingers slipping down to touch the wetness slowly seeping out of her. Mianmian nearly snaps her legs shut at the touch, but Jiang Yanli is so - she’s staring so intently Mianmian can’t bring herself to stop her.

“So, um… is this one of the things you talked about?” Mianmian asks, her voice gone a little breathy at the ticklish feeling of Jiang Yanli smearing the cum against Mianmian’s skin.

Finally Jiang Yanli pulls her eyes away, laughing faintly. “No - no, not really. I just… think you look nice like that.”

On Mianmian’s other side, she feels Jin Zixuan suck in a sharp breath, his entire body breaking out into a shiver.

“Yeah?” Mianmian asks, biting her lip as she spreads her legs a bit more.

“Mm-hmm,” Jiang Yanli hums, her eyes dark and heady. Mianmian thinks - maybe, perhaps - 

“Did you… want to…” Mianmian trails off, glancing up at Jiang Yanli.

Jiang Yanli swallows hard and nods, eagerly following Mianmian’s lead when she grabs Jiang Yanli by the hips and urges her up on top of her.

“Come on - come on, against my leg,” Mianmian murmurs, propping her knee up between Jiang Yanli’s thighs. She’s so wet, her pussy leaves a line of slick as she rocks forward, grinding her clit against Mianmian’s thigh.

She’s gorgeous like this, lips bitten and brows furrowed in concentration, her hips working fast and shameless towards another orgasm. Mianmian can’t help but touch, can’t help but squeeze at Jiang Yanli’s gorgeous swimmer thighs and knead at the soft swell of her hips. Can’t help but grab at Jiang Yanli’s perfect breasts as they move with her.

Jin Zixuan, too, is staring, transfixed up at his wife, looking at her the way a hungry animal might look at its prey. “Hey,” Mianmian murmurs, tearing her eyes away from Jiang Yanli to grab at Jin Zixuan. “You ought to grab her tits. She seemed to like that, before, when you were making out.”

“Yeah. Yeah, okay,” Jin Zixuan breathes, scrambling to kneel behind his wife. 

As soon as her back touches his chest, Jiang Yanli laughs, quiet and sweet - letting him know that she’s glad he’s there, that she’s glad to have him touching her, fondling her, pinching her breasts and -

Ahh, that’s good,” Jiang Yanli quietly moans, tilting her head back to rest against Jin Zixuan’s shoulder as he cups her breasts, as he tugs at her nipples.

Mianmian licks her lips, swallowing hard as she lets her hand drift up to the crease of Jiang Yanli’s leg, down to the front of her abdomen, until -

“Mianmian - f-uck! ” Jiang Yanli gasps, her hips stuttering into Mianmian’s touch, rubbing up as best she can into Mianmian’s thumb.

It doesn’t take long after that - between her husband kneading her chest and her lover touching her so intimately, Jiang Yanli’s breath starts to go all hiccuping and sweet, her shoulders shaking as they curl forward. Like a man possessed, Jin Zixuan nuzzles into the crook of Jiang Yanli’s shoulder, sucking kisses up her pretty throat until -

Ah! ” Jiang Yanli gasps, going taut to the point of trembling. “ Nnh!

“That’s it, A-Li, that’s it,” Mianmian breathes, watching the way goosebumps bloom like flowers across her skin. She’s still for a log time, her head tilted to the side, so that Jin Zixuan can nip and suck at the hinge of her jaw until finally, she slumps back against Jin Zixuan, all the energy in her body bleeding right out of her.

It takes a long moment for her to catch her breath, before a quiet, giddy laugh bubbles right out of her. With a sated sigh, she turns her head to press a sweet little kiss to Jin Zixuan’s cheek and slides forward, into Mianmian’s arms. Mianmian gives Jiang Yanli a tight nice, tight squeeze, before finally releasing her.

Jiang Yanli doesn’t quite so much roll off of her as she just sort of... rolls them both over onto their sides, tucking her arm under Mianmian’s neck like a pillow. Mianmian squeezes her eyes shut with a long sigh, feeling what’s left of Jin Zixuan’s cum slowly trickle out of her. “I ought to get cleaned up and leave,” she says with a groan, even as she tucks her face into Jiang Yanli’s shoulder and quite pointedly lingers. “We can’t let people find us like this.”

“We just finished,” Jiang Yanli laughs, throwing her other arm around Mianmian’s side. “I’m not letting you go that easily.”

“If you’re uncomfortable, I can, um. I can get something to clean you up with. Just give me a - “ Jin Zixuan says, hovering awkwardly at their feet. But before he can get up, Mianmian’s hand reaches blindly forward, patting around until she makes contact with what might possibly be Jin Zixuan’s ankle.

“No. If I’m staying, you’re staying,” Mianmian says, squeezing him as best she can like this.

Jin Zixuan hesitates for a moment, before finally giving in, crawling over to curl behind Mianmian so that they’re pressed together from chest to knee. “Okay,” he says, a warm sort of pleasure clear in his voice as he tucks his nose into her hair. As an afterthought, he throws an arm around Mianmian’s middle, too, tugging her just that much closer to his chest.

“Guys, if you keep this up, we’re all gonna end up falling asleep,” Mianmian says, though there’s no real urgency in her protest. Not when her eyes are already starting to flutter shut, not when a contented yawn is trying to make its way out of her throat.

“It’s fine. Close your eyes a bit - I’ll wake you up before it gets too late,” Jiang Yanli laughs, slowly petting Mianmian’s side.

“Five minutes,” Mianmian says, tugging Jiang Yanli closer, too, so that her legs might join the complicated tangle they’ve already got going on between Mianmian and Jin Zixuan. “Wake me up in five minutes.”

“Ten,” Jin Zixuan huffs, his voice muffled in Mianmian’s hair. Now that he’s lying down, he also sounds on the cusp of sleep, any semblance of his readiness to clean up from the last two minutes already gone.

“Fifteen,” Jiang Yanli says, her voice as firm as she can get it, given that she can’t help the way the corners of her mouth quirk up in a grin.

“You’re impossible,” Mianmian groans. “Okay. Okay. Ten minutes, alright? That’s it. Wake me up in ten minutes.”

“You should stay until morning next time,” Jin Zixuan mumbles, already well on his way to sleep. “No one’ll, hmm, no one’ll bother us next time. So you should stay.”

Mianmian would pinch his ears if she could reach. It’s dangerous, for him to be so indulgent, but, well - 

Even she can’t deny the appeal of staying the entire night. Of waking up to see them, hair-mussed and sleep-crusted. Of blinking her eyes open to the sight of Jin Zixuan’s smiling face, of sitting up for a bowl of steaming hot congee, fresh from Jiang Yanli’s kitchen. She can’t deny the appeal of just waking up with them. Being with them. That lingering promise of forever.

“Alright,” she says, letting her eyes flutter shut. “Next time I’ll stay.”