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Let Us Love You

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If it weren’t for it being the third time he tried to ignore the blaring sound of his phone ringing then he was sure by the time it became the fourth time it tried to ring he was gonna snap the damn thing in half. Well at least try, there was a reason he got an otterbox for his phone.

Not bothering to open his eyes Katsuki swiped open the call, “What?” he yelled. Was a few more hours of beauty sleep so hard to ask for?

“Good afternoon my BEAUTIFUL Bak--” his eyes immediately snapped open as he hung up the phone. The blonde sat up and looked down at his phone to read the caller’s id, “Loud Ass” ’. His face sneered down at the screen as if it was the true offender. Katsuki rubbed his hand over his face, groaning in frustration before looking at his phone to see the time.

“12:58 pm”

It was a little early in the day for him to be up, but since he was already pissed and frustrated he figured he could spend a little extra time to blow off steam on a work-out.

Katsuki threw his phone on his bed, moved off his bed, and across the loft to his dresser. He changed into his workout attire, grabbed his phone, and ducked into the bathroom to aggressively brush at his teeth. Once he was done he walked downstairs to the living room, grabbed his keys, and left for the gym down the hall. He looked down at his phone as it pinged a message.

“Loud Ass”

“See you tonight!”

Another frustrated groan escaped the omega.


Katsuki stayed in the gym till about 2 pm, thinking of all the ways he tried to wring Loud Ass Money Bags dry and yet the bastard was still around. Anything he asked for he got. This was normally great, but eventually, his clients would become so indebted that they would stop showing up because they couldn’t afford what he wanted anymore.

Not this guy though, oh no. Katsuki could ask for a luxurious apartment, a new car in bright orange, or just about anything and it would be done. Was he complaining? Mm maybe. He just wasn’t used to dealing with people like this for over 6 months.

Finishing his last set of reps, the blond cleaned off the equipment he used and headed back to his apartment with a scowl across his face. The alarm on his phone went off in his pocket reminding him how he was annoyingly woken up prematurely. He turned the alarm off and stomped the rest of the way back to his apartment.

“This is utter bullshit…” Katsuki grumbled, opening the door to his unit and slamming it shut. He stomped up the steps to the loft, went to his bathroom and stripped off all of his clothes. The blonde turned on the music on his phone, placed it on the giant sink counter, and stepped into the equally huge standing shower that was sure to fit two more bodies. He immediately turned on the water to the hottest possible setting. He refocused his attention on the way the water fell across his body and the sound of it hitting the tiled wall and down the drain.

Going into work with a bad attitude wasn’t the best idea for raking in more potential clientele. He evened out his breathing, relaxed his muscles, and centered his mind. It only took a minute to feel the embers of anger cool down. Feeling more prepared to handle the day, Katsuki began the long process of getting ready as the number one host in Kabukicho.

That included more than just showering, brushing his teeth or combing his hair. He shaved almost every hair on his body regardless of how unnoticeable it was. The next step was to exfoliate, tone, and moisturize.

“Skin so soft, it makes you nut from just the touch” . He thought as he walked out of the shower. 

He grabbed the black towel hanging off to the side, drying off a bit before wrapping it around his waist. Katsuki moved over to his sink with a mirror that stretched from wall to wall. He used a small grey face towel to further pat dry his face. The blonde examined his face closely, turning it side to side, and staring hard at each edge and corner. A quick pluck and trim of eyebrows and nose hairs left him a little more satisfied with his natural appearance.

Most of his friends and coworkers thought the long part for him would have been the preparation of becoming baby soft, but he mastered doing that in under an hour. This part however could go on for an hour or two.

Katsuki opened the giant silver box full of top of the line makeup, thanks to Mr. Loud Ass Money Bags, then began his makeup. If any host told you they didn’t use any makeup, then they were a fat fuckin’ liar.

The blonde started priming his face, laying concealer, a bit of eyeshadow to the corners of his eye, foundation, contour, eyeliner, mascara, and a thin amount of lip gloss. Nothing too dramatic, just something to make them do a double-take. By the time he was done he looked at the time to see it was 4 pm.

“Just enough time.” He said to himself as he put away his makeup and brush and grabbed his phone. Katsuki moved from his bathroom to the doorway next to his bed that led into his walk-in closet. He unlocked his phone in one hand and scrolled through his messages and social media timelines as his other hand grabbed two hangers, a shirt, and a pair of pants. He moved out of the other opening of his closet on the other side of his bed.

He placed the clothes on his bed, turned to his dresser, and grabbed the flat black stud earrings and gold chain necklace. The blond placed those on top of the clothes before another ping came from his phone. A low growl escaped him as he already knew what annoying dumb ass was messaging him. Katsuki ignored it, throwing the phone on his bed, and left downstairs to cook his “breakfast” before work.


The alpha in front of him was nothing impressive. An old balding bastard, red in the face from either too much to drink or just from being in the omega’s vicinity.

Katsuki crossed his latex clad legs and leaned back against the soft velvet cushion that held him and his client. The shift in his position made the tight dark-red button-up press into his chest, drawing the alpha’s attention to his naturally plump cleavage accented by the gold chain around his neck.

“Tch, eyes up here, loser.” The blond barked as he kicked the table in front of him. His patron’s face turned an even more impossible shade of red as his eyes met Katsuki’s. He tilted his head off to the side with a cruel devilish smile.

“I’m flattered that I’m so hot I left you dumbfounded, but,” Katsuki wrapped the other man’s tie tight around his fist, pulling him nearly across the table while he only moved a fraction closer. “That’s making the conversation here extremely dull, don’t you think?” He could hear the audible gulp the alpha made and smell the faint arousal wafting from him.

“Almost got him.’ He thought, happy that he went with a scent enhancing perfume for the night.

He released the older man’s tie and watched him slide back into his seat almost looking like human jelly. The balding man took a long, unsteady drink from his glass before placing it back down.

The blond picked up the bottle in the middle of the table that was shared between the two of them and refilled the other’s glass before his own. He played the part of an attractive asshole well, but that didn’t make him an unmannered animal.

He waited for the man to gain back some composure as he shakily held his glass. Most alphas weren’t as shameful or bashful as the one in front of Katsuki. He may not be Kogoro Akechi with a Boy’s Detective Club, but he could tell that this alpha probably had a secret. He was probably married or had a mate waiting for him at home.

The omega laced his fingers under his chin, ready to seal the deal and lock in his next sucker.

“Ka-ah-ch-aaahn,” a light sing-song voice called out before peeping over the side of the booth that seated Katsuki and the new client, effectively ruining the moment. Katsuki held back the frustrated growl in his throat.

“Times up hot stuff,” the blonde snapped his head to look over his shoulder to see fluffy green ringlets.

“Tch,” he rolled his eyes, turning back to look at the client. His eyebrow twitched in annoyance.

“Oh! Boss also wanted me to tell you that your regular is here.” His coworker said before sliding into the booth without welcome on the other side of the old alpha.

“Fuckin’ useless Deku,” He openly sneered as he watched his rival, Izuku “Deku” Midoriya, wrap his freckled arms around the geezer’s.

He cheerfully greeted the man with the standard, “Nice meeting you. Please take care of me.” Izuku easily ignored the other omega trying to burn holes into his being with just his angry red eyes. Izuku used to mentor under Katsuki for a while before getting his first customer. He steadily rose to popularity and was the number 2 host this year at the club.

With a frustrated growl, he snatched up the drink from the client’s hand while his other hand shoved into the other host's face, shoving him out of the way. He downed the beverage before slamming it back on the table.

He leaned in as close as possible once more to speak into the alpha’s ear, “I hope you make the right choice, Ojisan* .”

He pushed away from the old man, seeing that his face was the reddest it had been all night. Feeling well cemented in the geezer’s thoughts for the night, Katsuki left the booth and began heading towards the VIP rooms. 

He made a brief stop to grab two thin fluted champagne glasses and a bottle of the club’s finest of Dom Perignon they had to offer. Which to be honest ran close to over three hundred thousand yen, but Katsuki was determined to squeeze the so-called-wanna-be-baller for every little cent.

The blonde did his best to tame his temper and focus. He had already been reprimanded by his boss for being almost too aggressive to “such a Special Guest”. That honestly irked him even more. He couldn’t understand what was so special.

Inasa Yoarashi, the man in question, looked like the most average, boring, salary worker that had ever crossed Katsuki’s path. He was an unusually tall and big man, typical short-cropped hair, white collared shirts with the sleeves always rolled up to show impressive forearms, and some type of dark-colored slacks. The alpha always looked like he just got off of work, but was always smiling and never really complained about his day.

It drove Katsuki up a wall. He tried multiple times to figure out how the giant man could afford everything. The VIP section, the food, the alcohol, and of course the luxuries he provided for Katsuki. It just didn’t make sense to the omega.

It had been almost three years ago, when he landed his first customer that he learned the hard truth in some of the bastards that visit. His first customer was someone that in the present day he would consider the typical rich piece of shit. The blond was stuck with that customer for over a year.

One day it went from simple presents to nearly beating down the blonde’s door in a fit of rage because he found out that he had slept with the bartender at the club’s lounge and a few other customers. After that, the alpha became blacklisted. It wasn’t uncommon for some clients to forget that this was just work for them and not a brothel. So many got caught up in the illusions of the dates and “deliveries” that they barely realized the amount of money they were spending.

In the end, Katsuki didn’t make mistakes twice.

After that incident, he had become meticulous on which client’s he would end up as their shimei* . He learned to tell certain things like the difference between a suit worth ten thousand yen versus one worth a hundred thousand. He could tell whether or not he saw the same Rolex flaunted every time or a new model every month or two and shoes that said their owner barely walked 10 paces in them.

In the blonde omega’s opinion, It was best to stay away from the dangerously rich. They always stayed around too long for Katsuki’s taste. A year was as long as he would willingly entertain any client before he needed them to get bored and make room for someone else. As long as they were visiting the club, they were still money in his pocket. If push came to shove though, he would make them go broke over him.

Eventually, not only did he learn to read a person, but he also learned something very important about himself. Katsuki learned that what he loved most was the pure utter despair and humiliation his former clients would go through when they couldn’t afford him. He was like their personal drug.

With so much experience and observation the blonde thought he knew how to spot clients that would hang on too long. The client who broke the mold on that, however, was Inasa Yoarashi.

The omega was fisting the two champagne glasses in one hand and the Dom Perignon in his other hand as he kicked the door into the VIP room open where said alpha sat back relaxed against a curved black velvet couch with his phone to his ear.

“Oh, got to go. See you later!” The overly booming voice of the alpha filled the private room.

As Inasa ended his phone call, Katsuki  set down the fluted glasses and began filling them up. The man with the almost too big smile had pocketed his phone and began to watch the blonde’s carefully trained movements with what felt like overbearing excitement.

It took more effort than he wished to not openly snarl. He simply huffed then plopped down next to Inasa, before holding out one of the filled glasses. Katsuki made sure to leave a nice amount of space making sure to not be too far or too close.

“Bakugou-san, I’m pleased to see you are doing well!” the bigger man took the champagne glass from his hand.

“Well, that’s cause you take such good care of me, Daddy.” He mocked a purr for the alpha before taking a small sip from his glass. The omega could already see the red sting tingeing the other’s cheeks.

“Never fails”

“So who was that on the phone? You don’t normally take calls while you are here.”

“Huh? Oh! That was just a business partner. They just had a few questions about something.” The large man scratched the back of his neck maintaining his big goofy smile.

“I’m sure that’s all boring stuff you don’t want to hear. Besides, do you like the new apartment? Is it better than the last place?” As if trying to change the subject.

Katsuki eyed the alpha carefully. He shrugged his shoulders not thinking much of his behavior. He didn’t think that man could keep a secret even if he tried, plus there was little evidence for suspicion.

“Thank you so much, Daddy. You picked such a perfect place for me.” Truthfully, Katsuki had been spending the last few months trying to dry Inasa out of money as he had done to many other alphas and betas. Unfortunately, no matter what he asked for, it was never too much.

A new apartment, jewelry, new wardrobe, expensive vacations, and even expensive dinners were never too much. Anything he asked for, Inasa would provide him.

For now, he had to put on a pretense till he could figure out a sure way to be rid of the alpha, “Let’s celebrate with the usual, yeah?”

The next hour was spent with the usual private entertainment for a VIP guest. A few extra helping hands from new hosts would come in to assist with social games and karaoke mixed with light drinking for the first thirty minutes. Inasa never really drank though, most of the drinking was done by Katsuki at this point and he always made sure to order the most expensive drinks.

The last thirty minutes were dedicated to scenting which is what made being a VIP different from regular customers. He didn’t have many VIP customers, but usually, he hated this part for it being so intimate. Inasa, however, didn’t make it unbearable which Katsuki appreciated. If the blonde became overwhelmed by their combined scents, then he would usually give him some space. It was actually even very rare for him to even be able to smell the alpha’s scent. 

Their time was finally up and Katsuki couldn’t be happier. The large alpha had called what he always presumed was an uber and he, as a courtesy, walked him outside to meet his ride.

As they waited outside for the rideshare to show up, Inasa faced the blonde before speaking, “Have you thought about my previous request?”

The omega wished he could have played dumb or act like he forgot but for the past two months with every visit the alpha asked him either about his request or restate “Would you allow me to official court you?”

He didn’t want nor had an answer. Katsuki wanted to yell and tell the stupid alpha off. To tell him that this was just a job and he wasn’t interested in the whole mate and settling down shtick, but he had promised his boss he would try to be on his best behavior.

“I’m still considering it, Daddy. There are many considerations I have to make towards your request.” He rattled off his usual excuse that usually placated Inasa.

Finally, by miracle or blessing,and before the alpha could possibly object, the rideshare pulled up next to them putting a hold on the awkward conversation.

Inasa’s eyes were soft as he looked at Katsuki with his usual giant smile, “I want you to consider my offer, Bakugou-san.”

“I’m thinking about it.” he lied. The only thing he was thinking about was how to get the alpha off his ass.

Inasa quickly lifted the omega into a hug before a single screech could be heard and then waved his goodbye as he entered the car.

The blonde huffed out a sigh of relief as he watched the vehicle drive away. His mind drifted to more ways to get the alpha to leave him alone. He was so deep in thought he hadn’t noticed a black car with tinted windows pull up to stop in front of him. Katsuki still didn’t snap out of his own head even when the back seat passenger window rolled down until a deep mellow voice called him out of his head.

“Are you Bakugou Katsuki?”

“Hah?” He barely paid attention to the mysterious man’s words, too focused on his striking mismatched eyes. One cold grey, the other an icy blue.

The other sighed a bit before repeating, “Are you Bakugou Katsuki?”

The omega took a step back from the car. Just enough space to run because you never could be too careful, “Who’s askin’?” Katsuki tried to peer into the vehicle to get a better notion of who could possibly be offering their “assistance”.

The man rolled down his window all the way to better address the omega, “I’ve heard a very bold alpha has been bothering you for some months. I thought I’d offer some help.”. The stranger's eyes seemed void of an ill intention, but he still didn’t trust the other man in the car.

With the window rolled down more, Katsuki noticed white and red hair mixed into a low tied ponytail, “Why do I feel like I should know his face?” 

“Yeah? So what if there is? What are you going to do about it?” The blonde crossed his arms over his chest, hip cocked to the side. No one in the history of ever did anything for free that he knew of and he wanted to be sure he wasn’t getting into anything he couldn’t get out of.

If it was possible, the other man looked more bored than before. “If you don’t mind, I’d rather continue this conversation in here.” Without waiting for a response the man with mismatched eyes scooted over to the other seat.

Katsuki could feel his pride kicking his ass and trying to tell him he could solve his own problems, but he was up beyond his neck with being tired of dealing with his almost obsessive customer. 

His foot tapped impatiently on the sidewalk as his brain fought itself. The omega looked around to see if any of his co-workers made their way outside to canvas a few customers before finally opening the door to the black car and sliding in.

God he hoped this was worth his time.


It would be about an hour before Katsuki emerged from the car with kiss swollen lips, a few love bites, a business card in his hand, wet panties, and a bit of a renewed hope for his situation.

He looked at the business card with a heated flush on his skin. “Shouto….Todoroki?!”  

The man, a beta, told him his name, but he didn’t think to ask for a surname. He was just too busy attempting an “in and out” situation, yet he got caught up in a bit of a random back seat 

“A Todoroki? Like from Todoroki Entertainment?” Did that mean Shouto was that Shouto? The blonde omega remembered vividly in grade school all the girls fanning over the j-pop idol when he made his debut. He heard a few songs from the man over the years, but fell out of tune with such things. He did remember hearing some years ago that the man had a secret lover and had inherited his father’s company.

Dealing with someone that much of Big Wig was 100% something he didn’t want to do, didn’t seem like he wanted anything from Katsuki.

Unfortunately, those thoughts stopped in their tracks as his brain rerouted and reminded him about what the beta and he just did in the backseat of the car. The blonde omega bit his lip, turned from the curb he was standing on and stomped back to work. He spent the rest of the night trying to forget Inasa and Shouto with faceless nobodies and a couple rounds of hard liquor.


Katsuki looked down at the business card in his hand, his phone in his hand and then back up to the high rise in front of him.

“Rich bastard…” Was all he could think before heading inside the building.

He absolutely hated this, but Shouto did say he would help him.

After their little fling in the car, Katsuki was pretty sure he was just going to deal with the hand he was given and keep trying on his own to get rid of Inasa.

In fact, the only reason he was even here was because of his coworkers, Deku and Kirishima, spending two whole days convincing him to take Shouto’s help. They may or may not have spent most of the time getting him close to plastered so he would spill the deets about his hot little tryst in the backseat of a stranger's car.

Once in the lobby, he approached the receptionist standing at the desk and handed her the card given to him by the beta. She looked from him to the card he presented her before simply sliding a solid black key card to him.

“Please use the key card to access the elevators to the left.” She bowed to him halfway.

He looked in the direction she told him, seeing the sign and arrow pointing down a marble sleek hallway. He did his best to steel his nerves. No rich bozo was going to make him run with his tail between his legs. He slipped the black card off the desk and made his way towards the elevators.

He swiped the card on the keypad and waited for the elevator. His foot tapped impatiently before the elevator dinged open. As soon as it arrived he stepped inside, noticed there was a door on the other side, a keypad and three buttons. Considering he didn’t receive any further instructions for the elevators, he swiped the keycard against the pad. The elevator dinged and began its ascension.

Katsuki pulled out his phone and shot a quick message containing his location in the group chat between Kirishima, Izuku and himself. He would rather be cautious in moments like these. Omegas still tend to turn up dead from “mysterious circumstances”.

The elevator dinged again. He quickly pocketed his phone before looking up and stepping out. Upon his immediate exit, he noticed that he was already in the entryway of a luxury condo.

“Pardon the intrusion…” He said more out of an ingrained habit than with any real consideration.

Immediately, he noticed the smell of food somewhere and under that something not as strong, but not food. It was a bit familiar, but Katsuki couldn’t place it.

Not hearing a response, he shrugged and removed his shoes at the door before moving down the hallway to the living room where he noticed a bar separating it from the kitchen. He momentarily stared off into his surroundings with silent admiration for the minimalistic chic monochromatic styling of the room.

“Shouto you’re home early,” the deep, familiar voice sent the omega’s world spinning. He couldn’t move his body fast enough to try and escape. “Bakugou-san?”

Katsuki was left facing Inasa with nowhere to run and no explanation. The giant alpha stood in front of him with a black apron and wooden spoon in hand, scratching his chin, and looking just as puzzled as the omega felt.

They both heard a ding and looked down the hallway. An immediate scowl crossed the fiery omega’s face as he saw the long, haired pretty boy. He didn’t do well in situations where he felt trapped or fooled, but who did?

Shouto wasn’t even looking up, too busy tapping on his phone. He too removed his shoes and made his way down the hall. He finally looked up from his phone and noticed the other two men.

“Ah, our special guest is here. Dinner ready?” Shouto looked at Inasa before standing on his tiptoes to give Inasa a kiss on the cheek. Katsuki hadn’t noticed that the beta was just a few inches taller than him last time when they were in the car together.

Both men looked bamboozled, but Inasa nodded his head.

Shouto moved around the taller man into the kitchen grabbing wine glasses, silverware, plates, and a wine bottle, “Great, I’ll set the table.”

The blonde watched the man with mismatched eyes move to the moderate sized dining table and began setting it for three people. Inasa must have accepted the situation because he was no longer standing in front of Katsuki.

His fist balled at his side, and his blood felt hot, “What the fuck is going on?!” 

He wanted answers, to scream at the fucking assholes in the room pretending like the situation is normal. The omega didn’t get the chance before he felt someone touch him.

“Are you okay, Bakugou-san?” It was Shouto touching his arm lightly with a slightly confused look.

“No. I thought you were going to help get rid of him. Care to share your plan?” He whispered through gritted teeth.

The beta nodded his head, “Patience is a virtue. Dinner first though.” That was one-hundred percent NOT what he wanted to hear.

Shouto looked over his shoulder to look at Inasa, who was still busy in the kitchen before yanking Katsuki to his body. Shouto trapped the fiery omega’s chin between long, thin fingers before catching sweet pink lips with his own.

Memories of the same mouth pressed between Katsuki’s legs and the heady scent of eucalyptus and spearmint hit him all over again made him melt against the beta. 

Shouto pulled away, leaving the omega breathless while he had a dirty smirk on his face. He moved away, waving a hand over his shoulder, and signaled Katsuki to follow. The blonde shook his head and quickly regained enough of his sense to look over his shoulder at Inasa who was preparing to set the food on the table.

He made his way over to the table where Shouto busied pouring three glasses of wine. He held out one of the glasses to the omega while holding his own.

Katsuki examined and sniffed the wine before shrugging and taking a sip. It didn’t taste weird or salty, allowing him only some peace of mind to try and trust the beta.

“Foods ready! Comin’ in hot!” Inasa announced as he set their meal out on the table for self service. The beta took his seat before signalling for the blonde to do the same. Still too confused and pissed to say anything rationally, Katsuki followed along. 

Once the other man was seated, they began passing dishes around and taking what they wanted to eat. Inasa started recounting his day to them with Shouto putting his input here and there. The beta also talked about his day, but the only one not following the conversation and staying silent was the blonde haired man.

This was almost worse than going to visit his parents. His sire would fuss over him endlessly. She’d nag him about his hair, clothes, his suppressants, when he was gonna settle down, on, and on and on. It always felt endless. Just like this. 

Katsuki looked down at his phone absently and noticed that forty-five minutes had passed. Something snapped in him, he slammed his hand on the table, and stood out of his seat.

“What the fuck is going on ?” He yelled.

The other two stopped their conversation to look at the pissed off guest. 

“Are you okay, Bakugou-san?” Inasa asked this time, eyebrows furrowed with worry. Shouto on the other hand, didn’t look bothered, already on his second glass of wine.

“No... I’m not okay.” He growled. 

This was it. This was the last straw. He jabbed his finger at the giant man, “Are you fucking, kidding me? I have been denying you, snubbing you, and trying to get you to waste every single cent just to get you out of my hair.”

The alpha looked a little shocked before Katsuki turned his ire towards the other party in the room, “You...You’re a real piece of work. What is sitting your ass there doing  to help me get rid of your huge as fuck so called ‘friend’?” He almost felt out of breath from his short angry rant.

Inasa looked ready to say something, but was cut off, “Bakugou-san, I don’t think my wording was anything along the lines of helping you get rid of him. I said I would help you with him.” Shouto explained.

Katsuki felt beyond irritated. He’d been tricked because he was careless in his desperation. The omega began to move from the table, ready to stomp his way out, but was caught by a large hand.

He looked at the hand on his arm and up at the alpha, who gave him a soft earnest look. The blonde’s heart thudded oddly in his chest

“Bakugou-san, On behalf of Shouto, I apologize for him misleading you like that. I was under the pretense that he had explained the situation to you. I believe my husband was just looking out for our best interest.” He looked to the beta who went from a knowing smile to a pout.

Katsuki’s anger fell through his body, “What?...Husband?”

At his words, the alpha snapped his head to look at Shouto who suddenly became interested in his new glass of wine.

“Shouto, baby, don’t be a brat in front of our guest. Apologize and explain.” The red and white haired man looked from Inasa to Katsuki.

He let out a sigh, “Please, sit, Bakugou-san.” Shouto took a sip of his wine before continuing.

“I am my father’s son, so I accidentally tend to be underhanded, occasionally and I am truly sorry for that” The beautiful man bowed his head.

Katsuki was still thoroughly confused, but his interest was piqued. He plopped back down in his chair ready to hear everything.

“Inasa and I have known each other for about ten years. We’ve been married for five of those years. To put it simply, we wanted to open our relationship to one other person.”

 It wasn’t uncommon for married dynamics to seek out their individual. There were companies and people dedicated and paid to helping couples looking for a third.

“We went through many methods, but we found more people after my family’s name and money.” 

“That would explain Inasa using a different last name and the endless money.”

“We came to agree that an omega or another beta would be fine, but the real problem was if they weren’t interested in my family name or money, then potential matches would be exclusively into Inasa. We got tired of all the services and traditional modern methods.” The long hair man looked mournful as he recounted their situation.

“I got the idea from a friend I met last year at a bar.” Shouto paused to glare at a snickering Inasa before a fond smile replaced it.

“The friend told me to look around club scenes and a few other places. He suggested host clubs. I obviously couldn’t go, but I trust my husband. He had been to a few other establishments, but nothing was clicking. We were close to giving up and the club you’re currently working in was the last one.”

“You were so magnificent, graceful, and powerful. I hadn’t seen a single omega like you out of all the things we tried or in previous establishments.” Katsuki blushed at the generous words for the first time, realizing that Inasa’s words must have always been genuine. 

“Shouto really wanted to meet you too, so I thought that he might have gotten down to finally doing so.”

Now that he practically heard the whole story, he felt put on the spot. There were still some things that confused him.

“Fine, fine. I get that, but how come I’ve never seen Mr. Gentle Giant here wear a ring? And if you have been married for five years, then how old are you rich bastards anyways?”

“Thirty-two,” They answered at the same time. 

Katsuki looked a bit surprised to hear them say that, “A whole 9 years older? They don’t even look close to it.”  

“You didn’t answer my other question.” He watched the couple’s cheeks become flushed as they looked away from him and each other.

Shouto was the one to break the silence, “I… He takes off the ring before he goes to the club. I have a deep fantasy of…” the beta stared at his hands as he tried to sum up the words, “of Inasa having sex with other people. It makes me feel… humiliated? Degraded as a person to know my husband might fuck other people without me knowing… smelling them on him and him telling me how much better they are then me.”

“Fuck if that wasn’t hot,” The blond thought while keeping his contained..

“Did that have something to do with what happened in the car last time?” Katsuki asked. Inasa looked a bit puzzled before some form of realization dawned on him.

“I know betas don’t have a strong sense of smell, but smelling him on you so often when we have sex made me kind of lose it when I was in the car with Bakugou-san.” The beta’s cheeks escalated from pink to red and so did Inasa’s.

“So that’s why loudass over here asked me to court him so many times?” The blonde chuckled to himself. “You guys are really some perverts, ya know that? I don’t see why I even should be bothered staying to listen to this anymore. Sounds like I’m currently being used as some form of middleman sex toy. Fuck that!” 

“That’s not true,” the normally soft spoken beta yelled, “Give us a chance to show you. I’m more than sure we’re a compatible match for you.”

Katsuki’s face soured, “Why the fuck should I do that?”

“Inasa isn’t the only one who spends money on you. Inasa may buy you gifts here and there of jewelry, clothes or whatever, but your loft and new car were gifts from me. I’m not usually the one to pull tradition, but those sound like courtship gifts. At the very least, give us a chance. Just one night for a compatibility test.”

The omega glared hard at them both. He didn’t want to say yes, but Shouto made a compelling case. He rolled the idea around in his head and an idea hit him. There was one way he could get out of this without being tied down.

With a bit of reluctance Katsuki gave them his answer,  “Okay, fine! On one condition. If I believe we’re not, then you two have to leave me alone and never return to the club.”

The couple looked at each other before turning to the blonde, “Deal.” They said in unison. 


It would be a week before he came back to their home.

It wasn’t bad nor ideal. All he had to do was have sex with them. If he felt they were compatible, then they could negotiate further. However, if he felt that they weren’t suitable, then they would leave him be and never hear from them again.

Katsuki already felt like the winner.

The night before, he messaged Inasa. He told him that he would agree to their terms and  would meet them at their place the next day. 

He received a slew of happy emojis and hearts before another text.

"Loud Ass"

"This may seem odd, but are you on birth control?"

He snorted a bit at the text.


"I worked at host club for 3 years. Of course I’m on birth control."

He received another round of happy emojis and hearts.

Katsuki made sure he wore his best fit for the occasion. A maroon collarless button up, black slacks that were just tight enough and his most recent and hottest set of lingerie.

Shouto had a driver sent over to pick him up. The same driver who saw Katsuki make out and cum on his boss's face.

“Bet he did it on purpose.” He thought begrudgingly to himself while keeping his eyes focused on the outside.

Once they made it to the building, the driver handed him another black key card. He shot out of the car to the lobby and up the elevator with a mission to be done with the situation.

The elevator dinged once it was on his floor. He moved into the open space of the living room, kitchen, and dining room. The blonde, oddly, expected to see them sitting and waiting on the charcoal grey couch, but the room was empty.

“Boo,” the soft whisper against his ear nearly made him jump out of his skin.

He whipped his head around to see a devious smile playing on the red and white haired man’s lips, “Are you nervous?”

“Eat, shit, and die. I ain’t nervous for shit.” Katsuki crossed his arms over his chest as he turned around.

“Just a joke, Bakugou-san.”

Katsuki rolled his eyes before noticing that he hadn’t heard anything from Inasa. He knew that the alpha would be the most excited of all. “Where’s the big bald guy?”

Shouto looked confused before it clicked. “Oh, about that.”

He pursed his lips trying to find the words to explain, “First, do you mind us calling you ‘Katsuki’ for the night?”

The blonde nodded.

“Katsuki, my husband normally wears very heavy medically prescribed scent blockers. You might have noticed that you rarely, if faintly, could smell his scent.”

He did remember a few times wondering why he couldn’t pick anything up on him when Inasa first started visiting the club. He guessed he must have gotten used to him being scentless after a while of the alpha being his VIP.

The mismatch eyed man continued, “His scent can be very potent when not putting on his blockers. It can sometimes kick omega into a sudden pseudo-heat. Something, like the body mistaking the scent as rut pheromones from how potent it can be. We wanted to warn you before we continued.”

He remembered hearing stories of a few rare alphas out there who had wildly strong scents, “I’m a big boy. No need to baby.”

Shouto looked pleased with his answer. He pulled Katsuki against his body and into a kiss. This one shared the same feeling as the one in the back seat of the car. Hot, heavy, and making his cunt wet.

He clung to the black turtle neck the beta was wearing while their tongues chased each other's taste. Familiar hands traced over his chest, side, and back down to his ass as if reacquainting with his body. Shouto’s hands weren’t the only ones busy.

Katsuki moved from gripping the soft material to the long, beautiful strands that he had been excited to grab again. He pressed further against him, feeling the beta’s length, he had yet to see, against his upper thigh.

The two eventually pulled away from each other, panting.

 “I think I’ve been more than a little selfish lately. Come, this way.” Shouto brought Katsuki’s hand to his mouth, pressing a faint kiss to the ring he wore before leading the omega down a hallway.

Upon entering the room, he noticed that it shared the same colors and style as the main room, just with bedroom furniture. The second and probably more important thing he noticed was the scent. His lungs filled with the scent of being caught in a storm in the middle of a forest. His knees wobbled and gave, but luckily he was caught by Shouto.

“Fuck,” He was pressed into the beta’s chest, taking deep breath of the calming euclatypse and spearmint scent, “You weren’t kidding, huh, half and half?” If his panties weren’t wet before, then they were soaked at this point.

The omega pushed off from Shouto with weak knees, stumbling to the giant mattress in the middle of the room. He closed his eyes and focused his sense beyond his nose. He focused on the silky, soft, luxury sheets under his body.

He felt heavy and drunk right off the bat. 

The bed shifted next to his head. He looked up at Shouto, who looked oddly angelic, yet predatory with the city light casting a halo around his head.

“Give it a minute. Deep breaths and you’ll adjust a bit more.”

Katsuki’s face was flushed, but he nodded as he focused once more and took slow deep breaths. It only took a few minutes before some of the fogginess crowding his body cleared up.

“God, is that big fucker even in here?” The blonde wiped some of the sweat from his temple not even realizing he had broken out in a sweat.

“No, not yet, he’s in the shower.” Shouto answered as he trailed lightly over the omega’s face, down to his shirt, and flicked a few buttons loose to reveal Katsuki’s red lace clad tits. His hands dove down into the shirt, running his finger over the bralette. The beta easily found one of the hardened buds poking against the material and gave a little tug, sending Katsuki gasping.

A door opened on the other side of the bedroom, both of their heads snapping over. Inasa had stepped out from the bathroom with a towel around his neck and simple almost black sweatpants.

Katsuki hadn’t realized how shredded Inasa really was under his suits.

Shouto licked his lips like a man dying of thirst while the omega laid on the bed overcome by a fresh wave of the alpha’s scent that had hit him.

Katsuki’s core felt like it was throbbing to match his heartbeat. A weak mewl slipped from his throat and his scent involuntarily pushed out to entice.

Inasa moved carefully to the bed as if testing to see if he would be rejected. He stepped closer to the pair on the bed, his nostrils flared, catching the sweet honeysuckle scent of the omega. Shouto moved his hand to beckon his husband closer. The giant man’s knees finally hit the bed and crawled his way towards them.

The smaller man spread his legs and scooted onto his elbow with a pained grimace. While pseudo-heats weren’t the worst, it still sucked to feel the painful contractions that told his instinct to find something or someone to fill the void.

Shouto was at Katsuki’s back, pushing him closer to the alpha. Inasa leaned in closer to trail his nose over the blonde’s shoulder and neck, just over his scent gland that thrummed excitedly. The blonde turned his head, getting a better taste of the alpha’s heavy, stormy scent to fill before connecting their lips.

Katsuki truly felt in that moment that he had been missing out. Inasa was one of the best kissers he’d ever been lucky enough to lock lips with. He had kissed plenty of people, but Inasa was passionate, and gentle like no other. He imagined that’s why the red and white haired man was good at kissing or vice versa.

The omega rocked his hips up wanting more contact than what he was getting. The tall alpha pulled away with a large toothy grin. Katsuki groaned with gritted teeth, The beta behind him ran a hand under the omega’s shirt.

Inasa looked from Katsuki to Shouto, who leaned forward to kiss him. The tall man’s thick fingers caressed up the outside of his calf, pushing up the black pants leg. 

He was dying for more contact. His skin felt hot and his body ached for them to touch him more. Specifically other parts that definitely needed more attention. The blonde moved his other leg up the giant man's arm to his shoulder forcing him to break his kiss with his husband.

The beta chuckled. He grasped the blonde’s hand kissing the same ring that he kissed from before. 

Katsuki didn’t bother asking Shouto about the strange gesture, instead he reached his free hand down between his own legs and unbuttoned his pants, drawing the attention of the alpha.

“Are you going to tease me all night, daddy?” He said in an attempt to provoke the bigger man. Inasa’s cheeks became a hot red while Shouto choked off a groan. Seeing their reactions made a smug smile break across his face.

“Hm, Kitten wants to play dirty?” Katsuki’s smugness didn’t last long, “I’ll show you a real tease, kitten.” Inasa responded before nodding to the beta.

The blonde’s smile dropped and his insides clinched at his words as they quickly removed his clothes.

“Underwear?” Shouto asked, fingering the lace of the panties on the omega’s hips.

“Mm, let’s leave them for now.”

They moved to the head of the bed with Katsuki sitting in Shouto’s lap with thighs spread wide and Inasa between the omega’s legs.

Shouto kissed along his neck, leaving hickies here and there. His hands rubbed over the blonde man’s ribs up to his chest. Long fingers that previously explored him, plucked and strummed his nipples through the red fabric and sent those jolts of pleasure throughout his body.

Katsuki arched into skillful hands with a pleasured gasp. 

With Shouto focused on teasing the blonde’s top half, Inasa worked on kissing up from the smaller man's knees, thighs, to his slick soaked panties. Thick fingers rubbed over the wet dark spot that formed on his underwear.

The alpha hooked a finger through the fabric and pulled them aside to reveal wet, pretty, pink blood engorged lips. Inasa traced over his pussy lips to the thick beautiful clit making Katsuki squirm with moans spilling from his lips, “Oh, kitten, so wet. Is this all for us?”

The red and white haired man shifted to hold open the firm muscled thighs that shook from deft fingers using barely there touches to tease him. Shouto watched his husband tease the other man from over the shoulder he used to partially hide his face.

“What do you think, Sho? Should I tease the kitten here too?” The black haired man had been tracing more lazy circles around his clit and down to rub between inner lips. The beta simply nodded his head not wanting his voice to show how hot under the collar he was from the display.

Inasa clicked his tongue, “You got to say it outloud, Sho-baby. I’m sure Kitten here would love to hear you say it.” the alpha loved watching this part of his husband.

Shouto looked immensely red as he replied, “Yes, D-daddy...please tease Kitten’s pussy.”

“Oh…” A thought hit Katsuki like a freight train. This kind of play wasn’t new to them. They had used these terms before and probably while fantasizing about him as they fucked. “That explains all the red, nervous looks Inasa had at the club.”

His thoughts weren’t focused there for long before a hot, fat tongue swiped up from his leaking hole to his clit making him jerk in Shouto’s arms.

“I heard that Sho-baby was lucky enough to get a taste of your pretty, little pussy. He was just babbling away how yummy you were for him in the car just last week.” Inasa used one hand to spread the blonde’s lips as he rolled his tongue from slit to clit again. His eyes didn’t leave the omega’s face as it twisted in pleasure and kept his mouth focused on the hard little bud. His other hand eased one thick finger through slick, clenching walls.

Katsuki keened as he rocked his hips down wanting more. The giant alpha grinned, pulled his fingers almost all the way out, and refilled the alpha with three digits. Inasa was merciless in pursuit of the blonde’s pleasure. He worked the omega open with the pads of his finger scraping along the front of his silky, soft pussy.

It didn’t help that Shouto had let his thighs go to remove his bralette and returned to toying with his tits and nipples. He couldn’t hold back a single moan even if he wanted to at this point as he was so close to cumming.

His walls fluttered around the fat fingers fucking him open, “Fuck, fuck!” The blonde’s thighs almost quivered shut, but were caught by the beta. His body rocked and thrashed against the hands keeping him splayed open.

All too soon it was gone. Mouth, hands, fingers, and all. Katsuki had to blink to try and figure out what was wrong. He slumped half way out of Shouto’s lap.

“You didn’t ask to cum, Kitten.” Inasa explained as he licked the slick from around his lips like he just enjoyed the world’s tastiest treat. He reached out his fingers that were just inside of Katsuki to Shouto who moaned loudly as he wrapped his mouth around them. His tongue traced and trailed over each digit like his life depended on that taste.

The blonde bared his teeth at the alpha, pissed at being denied, but was interrupted from saying anything as he was yanked up to press his back against the alpha.

“Don’t worry, Daddy’s got something to make it up to you.” Katsuki half expected the alpha was referring to his cock, “Look at Sho-baby, Kitten. He’s waiting on you.” the tall man whispered against his ear.

The omega looked at the other man to see him completely red, panting, tenting his pants with a wet stain and still fully clothed.

“W-why are clothes s-still on?” He panted out.

“I’m not allowed to undress without permission.” The beta said as he looked down in shame. Kastsuki looked back at Inasa who only winked.

Just like in the car, he could tell something was a little strange about the beta, ‘Inasa having sex with other people. It makes me feel… humiliated?’ He recalled the red and white hair man saying.

He gulped down a fresh breath of air and wet his lips before speaking, “Take out your dick. Keep your clothes on.”

Without hesitation Shouto complied. He unzipped his grey slacks and pulled out his flushed pink dick.

“No underwear? Slut.” He watched the other man’s dick bobbed, the tip released a fat drop of precum.  A filthy, shit eating grin spread across his face.

“That’s what you like right? Being humiliated? Degraded?” Katsuki purred. The beta shivered and nodded his head.

Seeing his husband in near pleasure filled with bliss from the simple act of being degraded and knowing the feisty little omega was doing it sent hard throbs to Inasa’s meaty cock. He easily peeled down his grey sweats to pull out and slowly stroke his hardening length.

Katsuki wrapped his hand around the base to squeeze the beta’s average sized dick.

“You’re this hard and haven’t even been touched? Such a pervert.” He moved his hand achingly slow. Shouto whimpered as he held himself back from thrusting his dick into the blonde man’s hand. His fist gripped his pants in an attempt to restrain.

“I bet you want to fuck me so bad, huh? Or maybe you want Daddy to fuck you while I play with your cute little cock?” He pinched the tip of the beta’s dick, making him gasp and shudder.

The blonde removed his hand to slide off his red panties and repositioned himself on his hands and knees till he could feel Inasa’s stroking along his cock above his ass.

“Too bad cause you’re going to kneel there with your pathetic dick out and watch me get fucked by your husband’s fat fucking cock.” Katsuki rolled his hips back as he spoke,”While I’m getting my cunt pounded you aren’t allowed to touch yourself. You understand?”

Inasa groaned listening to the omega instructing his husband like he already owned him. He moved his hands to the omega’s hip opting to rub his thick cock between the omega’s ass and pussy as an idea came to him, “Can Sho-baby cum though Kitten?”

Katsuki looked over his shoulder confused, “Like...what? Like can he cum untouched?” The black haired man nodded. The blonde turned back with a smile like a minx and a pussy aching to be filled.

“You hear that Shouto. Daddy says you can cum without even being touched.” The omega pressed back against Inasa. “So get into fucking position with your hands , slut”

The beta instantly moved to kneel with his hands at his side and dick on display for the omega.

“Mm, perfect Sho-baby.” Inasa praised before refocusing on the omega, “Ready kitten?”

“Ruin me, Daddy.”

Inasa petted a hand down to between Katsuki’s shoulder before pushing down between them. With the omega’s ass high enough, the tall man  rubbed the tip of his cock between the wet folds. He pushed in slowly taking his time to savor the soft heat wrapping around him.

The stretch was more than the blonde had taken before but it was bearable. He was more than sure that this was the biggest dick he had taken that wasn’t knotting him yet. He panted and moaned as inch by inch filled. His moans turned to garbled mewls as Inasa fully filled him. His body trembled and shook from being speared so open.

The big alpha pulled out a small amount only to be sucked back in immediately by the wet hungry hole. Feeling that Katsuki was fully ready, he pulled out till it was just the tip before refilling the younger man’s insides. He growled as he set a punishing pace that made the blonde’s body go limp.  

One big hand gripped his hip to keep him steady while the other one dipped between their bodies to rub circles into Katsuki’s needy clit.  He tried to bite back every moan punched from his lungs, but was helpless as they almost turned to screams, “Daddy! Fuck, more hnngh…”

He looked up to Shouto's face that was bright burning red then down to his dick that twitched and strained for stimulation and was just as red as its owner's face.

“Fuck you’re so tight, Kitten.” Inasa’s hips seemed to piston faster. “Look how wet Sho-baby’s cock is just for you.” Not missing a beat, the alpha grabbed Katsuki by his biceps with one arm and pulled him up to look straight into mismatched eyes. He only tightened up more on the juicy fat cock pounding him open. 


Drool trickled down his chin as he watched the beta hungrily suffer. The giant alpha buried his face into Katsuki’s neck, already hooked on the overly sweet scent. Inasa rubbed his clit in faster circles, trying to bring him over the edge quickly.

“Talk Sho-baby. Tell Kitten what you’re thinking about.” Inasa grunted out.

Shouto gulped down the saliva pooling in his mouth before answering, “Beautiful…” he moaned, “You look beautiful with Daddy’s cock in you. So open and you take everything he’s giving you.” the beta’s hip rolled involuntarily at a particular lewd moan fell from Katsuki’s mouth.

“I w-want to taste you both so bad.” He admitted huskily to them.

Inasa’s hips stuttered from his husband's confession and Katsuki’s clenched and fluttered wildly around the thick length stuffing him. His cunt spilled more slick over the alpha’s cock.

“Shit... did you cum already Kitten?” The alpha growled wildly, but not stopping his thrusting. “Did Sho-baby’s word make you cum? Hehe...I’ll forgive it this time since it’s Sho’s fault.” 

The blonde haired man nodded his head not able to speak past the constant moans leaving his lips.

“Give me one more, okay?” Katsuki wasn’t sure if he could manage cumming a second time, but he nodded his head regardless. The wet slaps of skin continued.

Inasa's efforts doubled to the point that Katsuki was nearly flat on his stomach with Inasa’s hand still between his legs rubbing at his clit. His knot was already half way and becoming bigger than most knots that the omega had ever taken.

“Remember, Kitten, you have to give Sho permission to cum.”

The blonde looked up again from where his face was pressed into the mattress to see faint tears in Shouto’s eyes.

“S-shirt in….in mmm-mouth. Aaah-after me” He could barely speak past every wet slap, but the beta understood. Shouto took the black end of his shirt and held it in his mouth, revealing his pale sweat covered chest and abs.

Katsuki felt his pussy clamping down hard on Inasa’s huge pistoning cock. He scrambled against the bed sheet, “Daddy, daddy! Ah...I…” His tongue felt so thick in his mouth trying to force the words out.

“It’s okay, Kitten. Cum for us.” 

The omega cried out clinging desperately to the black bed sheet, nearly ripping them as wave after wave of pleasure rocked through him. His pussy spasmed and clung to the fat cock in him as slick dribbled down their already fluid covered thighs.

Inasa’s thrust became more and more erratic as he pushed more and more of the fully formed knot into the omega’s little body each time. With a final heave, he pushed his knot into the tight hot warmth and locked them together. Pulse after delirious pulse of cum filled Katsuki pussy. The omega’s body shook from the intense orgasm that left him numb in the mouth.

Blurrily, the blonde looked up at the beta who’s chest down to his lap was covered in his own cum. Even Shouto looked a little dazed. The debauched sight of the other man made Katsuki clenched down which caused Inasa to hiss.

With aching muscles the alpha shifted them to lay on their sides, still locked together. Shouto was able to collect himself with wobbly legs, while the other two men tried to regain their breaths. 

He returned only a moment later with black boxer briefs instead of his previous clothes on and a wet washcloth in hand. The long haired man gently wiped them both down from their necks to their chest to where they were still connected. 

Katsuki whimpered and moaned and felt incredibly fucked, full and used. Shouto threw the wet towel in his hand on the side of the bed closest to the door before snuggling on the other side of the omega.

Thirty minutes passed quickly as he was petted and rubbed and kissed by the couple bringing him down from the overwhelming orgasm. Inasa's dick gently slipped out from his gaping cunt once his knot went down.

The giant alpha held Katsuki’s thighs open, cum oozing from his fucked wide pussy. The blonde looked at him a little confused, but a hot mouth licking up the mess dripping out of him and covering the big guy’s cock answered his question. He couldn’t stop the involuntary purr emitting from his body and more slick dripping.

“ be young.” Inasa sighed a bit too wistfully.


They went about three and half more rounds, the half being Shouto recieving a blow job. Plus, he couldn’t deny it. They were more than just compatible and a deal was a deal. 

Honestly it wasn’t that bad. The transition was almost seamless and it didn’t hurt that the sex was incredible regardless of who was fucking or if he was watching Shouto take Inasa’s dick like a champ.


Inasa had proposed a month after the start of their relationship that he should quit being a host due to the alpha’s instinct that would go a little haywire occasionally. He explained to the blonde that between him and Shouto they had enough money to support the three of them.

Katsuki had still been resilient to accepting the giant alpha’s proposal. He felt like he was giving up his life to be some sort of house pet.

It took a round of getting absolutely wrecked and absolutely wrecking the pair before finally, FINALLY , he agreed with some conditions.

The first condition was that he got to stay at the club, but he would train and work as a bartender part time so he could still see some of the people he called friends and to get out every once in a while without the two of them. The couple begrudgingly agreed, but more so Inasa.

The second condition was after a year and only after a year would Katsuki consider mating with them officially and that he was free to break off their current arrangement whenever he wanted for any reason.

It had already been two years since then and he wore the biggest, prettiest, and most expensive collar any omega could receive that marked him as officially taken off the market.

Though at home when it was just his alpha, his beta, and him then he would take that same pretty collar, wrap it around Shouto’s neck till he could barely breathe or swallow and make him into the slutty whore that he craved being treated like.