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The Way he looks at me

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Fez is interrupted by the sound of his phone ringing, when he picks up he instantly becomes relaxed to hear the soft voice of his dear friend Kelso

Kelso: hey fez you wanna come over, my mom bought me a bunch of new clothes and you know I suck at putting together outfits

Fez: ooh! I love doing that, ill be right over

Kelso: okay then see you soon

The phone hangs up
Fez needs to get ready, he puts on a light blue turtleneck and a fluffy white jacket on top and his beige coloured tight pants, he was ready.
Fez starts to walk to Kelsos its cold out but his clothing makes it seem warm Fez loved being warm which is why he would always stare at Kelso, just the thought of him would make Fez sweat, he doesn't think he likes him though he just thinks he's hot.
Fez makes it kelsos door and knocks
Kelso answer with a smile

Kelso: c,mon in man

fez: okay thanks

Fez walks in kelsos house, his house smells so good Fez doesn't know exactly what it smells like but it kinda reminds him of vanilla

Kelso: let's head upstairs to my room

fez nods and starts to walk up the stairs, as he's walking up the stairs he looks at all the family photos on the wall, 7 kids wow kelsos parents really don't use protection fez thought to himself, fez notices a picture of Kelso when he was around 13

Fez: you wore a headgear?!

Kelso immediately stops in his tracks

Kelso: uh yeah we don't talk about those dark times

Fez: no no you look adorable, even when you were a kid your good looking

Kelso takes down the photo and shows fez a closer look

Kelso: c,mon man I look so gross my face is all zitty and well..I'm wearing a freakin headgear, nothings worse than that!

Fez: well back in my country when we had a zit we thought it was the beginning of a disease so we would cut off the chuck of skin where it began.

Kelso: I stand corrected, well let's stop staring at me and go upstairs


Fez: Uhm Kelso where are your clothes?

Kelso: DAMN! I left them in the laundry I'll go get them

Kelso rushes out of the room, Fez is left alone in kelsos room