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The Way he looks at me

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Rain pours outside, the sound is loud yet calming
fez and kelso are in a mattress on the floor in an empty room other than the boxes scattered around
there snuggling bother kinda sweating and of course both bare naked

kelso: what a way to break in a new mattress

kelso chuckles and looks down at fez who is attached to kelsos chest

Fez: I would have suggested a mattress trampoline but your idea was way better

kelso: that's a good idea too we should do that tomorrow night

a couple of seconds go by before fez opens his mouth

fez: I'm so happy we got this new apartment you had to get away from your crazy brother

kelso: yeaaah let's talk about something else

fez: hmm maybe not talk

then both smile then start sucking face, meanwhile at the Formans

Eric is sitting wide awake in his bed, he's been trying to get to sleep for hours but nothing is working all he can think about is fez and kelso he was so afraid, he knew in his heart that kelso wouldn't fall for him but fez? fez is as horny as they get, he starts thinking about fez kissing him then the only gay experience he has had, buddy he starts thinking about that kiss maybe he was gay but he's never gotten turned on by a guy before... he needed to talk about this with somebody but the only other person Eric could find was mary jane downstairs with hyde, eric gets up making sure he doesn't wake up red and kitty and creeps down the stairs to the basement where he finds hide rolling a joint and watching some porno on the tv, hyde looks up at forman

hyde: huh seems that bastard insomnia has gotten you too, well welcome forman.

Eric: sorry hyde it's not insomnia so you're going crazy by yourself tonight

Eric plops down on the couch next to hyde

Eric: hyde do I seem gay??

Hyde: no...well.. eh maybe, you definitely look the part, you kinda act the part to

Eric glares at hyde then continues talking

eric: its just be and donna haven't been doing it for a while and I keep thinking about buddy and fez and kelso its all ju-

Hyde: shut up forman

hyde passes eric the lit joint

hyde: look at the porno man, that cheerleaders tube top is too small and it's white and there about to have a water balloon fight, does that not turn you on?

eric: I'm too worried to be turned on right now hyde!

hyde sighs and takes off his glasses and turns to eric

hyde: I think I can help.. be warned I'm a good kisser

eric: wait kis-

suddenly hyde smushes his face against erics, they sit there together for 10 seconds before eventually letting go of each other

eric: huh..tongue

hyde grabs the joint out of erics hand

hyde: yup we gotta make sure your not gay so I'm pulling out all the steps

eric: hmm, well I felt nothing how about you?

hyde: do you even have to ask me that... of course not you crazy bastard

then both fix there posture to watch the bunch of cheerleaders through water balloons at each other

eric: oh hey you know you are good at kissing, hyde will you be my valentine...

eric makes a girly look at hyde

hyde: ....eric your so dumb man