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Between Twilight

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Callum watched as Rayla put the horse back in the stable.  Her boots were making firm stamping sounds in step with the hooves.  Ever since he had arrived at Runaan and Ethari’s Ranch, she had been right there.  Calling him ‘city boy’ and a ‘menace to the horses.’  If it weren’t for her teasing smiles, he would think she hated him.  Every time he turned around, he could see her move her eyes away from him.  For a long time, he had thought she was keeping an eye on him for her dads, but now, he knew better.

“City Boy, don’t stare.  You’ve still got work to do.”  Callum was jolted out of his thoughts as Rayla sent him a raised brow. 

“Yes, ma’am.”

A slow smirk turned her lips upwards.  “I like that.”  Before Callum could even contemplate what she meant, she had disappeared into the barn.  “We’ve got to make sure everything’s shut down properly.  Storm’s coming tonight.”

“Is it?”

Rayla sniffed.  “Can’t sense it in the air?  How it’s charged with electricity?  Can’t you smell the rain coming?”

Callum followed her into the barn.  “Everything’s charged with electricity around you.”

She turned to look at him over her shoulder.  “Is it?”  Rayla took her hat off and let it drop on the ground.  “Oops.”  Slowly, she bent forward to pick her hat back up, giving him a good view of her ass in those tight jeans she liked to wear.  When she came back up, her back was arched a bit, drawing his attention to her breasts.  “Runaan and Ethari are going to be out tonight.  Business with clients.”

“So, we’re alone for dinner?”

“And dessert.”

“You planning on dessert?”

“I’ve got a riding crop with your name on it in my room.”

Callum’s eyes blinked rapidly.  No way he understood what she meant.  “Like a present?”

Rayla laughed.  “You’re so cute.  Am I too kinky for you?”

Callum gulped.  He hadn’t misunderstood.  “Don’t think so.”

“You gonna spank me or will I be breaking you in?”

“You’ve already broken me in, I thought.”  Callum walked towards her, causing her to back up to until she was against the wall.  Her lavender gaze was locked on his.  How was it, that even when he had her cornered, she made him feel like he was her prey and she was playing with him like a cat chasing an already trapped mouse?  “Are they here now?”

“No.  They would have left about two hours ago.  We do need to shut everything down, though.”

“In a minute.”  Callum got to work on unbuttoning her shirt.  “We might have all night, but I want to get as many chances as I have to make you feel good without worry of your dads hearing.”

“Well, far be it from me to stop you.”  She slipped her shirt off when he undid the last button.  Her perky breasts encased in the dark green bra.  Quickly, he unbuttoned her pants only to see a thong in the same color. 

“This is new.”

“Just for you, City Boy.  It was a bitch to find.  Too much lace and not enough support in this color.”

“I appreciate your efforts.”  And he did.  Knowing she was picking underwear out in an attempt to please him…  “Take your pants off, but keep your boots on.”

“Kinky.  I want your chest bare.  Now.”  Callum got to work unbuttoning his shirt and taking off his undershirt while Rayla did the gymnastics of taking her boots off and putting them back on to release her legs without her feet touching the barn floor.  “Belt off.”  She didn’t even give him a chance to do it himself, quickly undoing his belt and forcibly pulling it through the loops.  She unbuttoned the top and pulled the zipper down, biting her plump bottom lip.  Callum pulled her against him to give them much needed skin-to-skin contact. 

Rayla sighed against him.  He pushed her against the wall again, hands under her butt so she knew to hop up and wrap her booted legs around his waist.  Rayla wasted no time grinding against him.  “Easy there.”

“Take me, Callum.”  Callum pulled his pants and boxers down before moving aside her underwear.  Rayla threw her head back against the wall when he entered her.  Slick as she was, he glided right in.

“So wet.  Were you planning this all day?”

Giving a gasping laugh, she bucked her hips a bit.  “Yes.  C’mon.  I need you.”  Callum planted his feet firmly against the ground and bucked his hips into her.  Soon, the barn walls were rattling as Rayla’s gasps and moans for him to fuck her reach his ears.  “Yes.  Oh.  Faster.  More…”

Her boots and nails her digging against his back.  “Careful or your dads will figure out what I do to their daughter when they aren’t looking.”

“I’m an adult.  I do what I want.  And I want to do you.”  Callum rested his head against her shoulder, pumping his hips in time with her bucking.  Rayla wrapped her strong arms around his shoulders, keeping him close.  “My clit.  Rub it.”  Moving his fingers between them, Callum found the button, giving it a few good circles and a flick.  “YES!”  All too soon, Rayla’s soft walls clamped on his cock, signaling she was almost ready.  Callum couldn’t contain himself, releasing deep inside her.  Rayla came with a rough gasp a few moments later.  They held each other as Rayla shook in his arms.

Callum carefully stepped back so Rayla could stand on her feet.  Shaky legs caused her to continue holding him.  “Was that good?”

“Oh, yeah.  But that riding crop still has your name on it.”

“I look forward to it.”