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When Worlds Koolaid

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“Hey, Midoriya..”
Said male turned looked up from his book to see Kaminari in-front of him leaning on his desk. Setting his book down on his desk he took a deep breath. ‘I swear if he asks if I can cry Koolaid one more time.’ he hissed in his mind but on the outside, he just said, “What is it Kaminari?”

Said blond stood up and inhaled, he pointed his finger at Midoriya’s hair and yelled, “IS YOUR HAIR MADE OUT OF KOOLAID?!” Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned towards the two of them. Heck...even Aizawa-Sensei turned his head.

Blinking a couple of times, Midoryia nodded his head slowly in concern. Kaminari gasped in shock and literally bolted over the desk and tackled him to the floor. ‘ this ra-‘ Midoriya’s thoughts got interrupted when Kaminari licked his hair.

Midoriya could not speak as he stared horrified as the blond choked on hair. Thankfully Tsu pulled him off with her tongue. The whole room just stared horrified at what they just saw. Kirishima on the other hand looked on in concern, “Kaminari what the fuc-“

“I was right it does taste like Lemon-Lime!”
The blond swooned. Soon the horrified faces turned into looks of disgust.

Shigaraki scratched his neck as he squinted his eyes at the Number one hero. “You cheater..” he mumbled and turned his red eyes towards where that carbon copy All Might kid was. The thing was, he wasn’t there.

“The fuck..?”
He mumbled as everyone turned into the direction he was staring at. “Kurogiri did you take the kid?”

Said warp-gate user shook his head no and looked around in a panic like state. He swore he felt the ground shaking and looked at Shigaraki who obviously felt it.

“An Earthquake..?”
Kirishima muttered in confusion as he stared at the ground. All of a sudden the ground in-front of Shigaraki exploded and debris flew everywhere. There on top of Shigaraki’s body stood Midoriya with a koolaid pitcher in his hand. “Oh Yeah!”

Shigaraki knowing at that moment that he fucked up. Runs towards Kurogiri and then leaves through a warp gate.

Deadpanning, Midoriya turns towards a random unconscious villain and pours the liquid on their face. He then turned around and stared at where Shigaraki once stood. He clenched his fists and fist bumped the air.

“Finally! a opponent that doesn’t fall unconscious after I use my ultimate move!”

Fighting against Shinsou was quite easy.
All he had to do was blind him with Koolaid and push him out of bounds. However, Todoroki was much harder. He had gotten him to use his fire. He managed to win by using his ultimate move and rendering him unconscious. He proceeded to pour Koolaid on his back.

Fighting Iida was the same as Shinsou. Except instead of pushing he just tripped him. Midoriya gave him a cup of Koolaid after the round as an apology. (He did this to everyone he fought.)

His fight against Bakugo was hard since the ash blond knew his quirk. As the last minutes came down he activated both of his quirks and created a bomb. He threw it at Bakugo who caught it on instinct and it exploded moments later.

...He ended up winning the sports festival.


Watching in fear as the hero killer was about to stab Iida, Todoroki wondered where Midoriya was. One second the Koolaid quirk user was there and the next he wasn’t.

“Any last words?”
The pro hero killer questioned as he raised the knife above the blue haired teens back. Waiting for a response and never getting one the anti-hero shrugged and raised the sword. Only to get interrupted by the wall next to him exploding.

“Oh yeah!”
There in-front of the giant hole in the wall holding a pitcher full of Koolaid, was Midoriya. Everyone’s eyes widened except for Stain’s who was passed out with a wooden plank next to his head.

Iida mumbled in both amazement and shock. When had he had time to make Koolaid? Shaking his head the best he could. He watched as Midoriya walked over to Stain and poured the whole pitcher on his face.

“That’s what you get for making my friends suffer..”

Midoriya watched in fear as Bakugo got beaten to a pulp by his mentor. He would be honest and say it was amusing, but he had an exam to past.

Activating his quirk, he spawned a gun out of his hand that was literal koolaid. Aiming the gun at All Mights head he pulled the trigger and dropped the gun. Activating One For All he ran and hit him in the cheek yelling, “SEEEESMASH!!”

Coughing out blood into his fist All Might watched as his mentee run out of the arena screaming incoherent words. He swore he heard Koolaid be mentioned.

About to get up and fly away he felt something wet hit the back of his head. Deadpanning he sighed.

“Young Midoriya and his koolaid...”