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All of Me

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Nozomi sighed, dropping her backpack on her desk chair. She tied her long black hair back into a loose tail before throwing herself onto her bed. She glanced at the clock on her desk and groaned. She never had free time anymore, it was always go, go, go. She was grateful that she had finally been able to get into a dorm on campus, driving the twenty minutes home all the time had been a huge hassle. Pulling out her phone she double checked her schedule for the new study group time. She had finally decided to take her science requirement of anatomy even though she was close to graduating. She’d been putting it off as long as she could but couldn’t any longer. Deciding she had to join a study group, knowing that she’d likely fail if not. 


Sighing again, she pushed herself up off the bed. She pulled her textbook from her bag and grabbed her iPad from the desk. She’d be damned if she was going to lug around her whole backpack any more than she had to. With a grumble she left her dorm room, locking the door behind her and set off for the library. 


When she reached the library she took the stairs to the second level where the study rooms were. As she was rounding a corner, she collided with someone as they came around the other side. Nozomi’s book went skidding across the floor and her and the girl she had crashed into both stumbled back. The other girl found her balance but Nozomi did not and found herself on the floor. 


“Oof.” She said when she landed.


“I’m so sorry, are you ok?” 


Nozomi looked up at the girl to see her hand was stretched out to help her up. “Yeah, I’m ok.” She took the offered hand. “Thanks.” Standing up she brushed off her backside before turning back to the girl. Her jaw dropped. In front of her stood her mother. A girl in her early twenties, with long black hair and chocolate eyes, her facial structure was dead on to her late mother. The only differences Nozomi saw were the one streak of silver this girl had in her hair growing from the spot just near her bangs where the hair grew longer, and the golden flecks that seem to be floating in the iris of her left eye. Nozomi stood there gaping at her. She was wearing black yoga pants and a navy blue V-neck shirt, she had a black leather jacket on and was wearing simple black flats, and there was music blaring from the gold Beats that hung around her neck. 


The girl turned to pick up Nozomi’s dropped book. “You’re taking anatomy, that’s cool. My major’s in medicine.” She handed the book out to Nozomi. 


Nozomi froze for a moment, trying to comprehend what the girl had said before taking the book and tucking it in the crook of her arm. “Oh that’s totally awesome. I’m an English major, I’m about to graduate but I’ve just been putting this class off till the last minute.”


The girl chuckled. “Not a fan huh? If you want, I could help you study a bit?”


Nozomi glanced towards the study rooms before looking back at the girl. The girl who looked like her mother. She felt the need to figure this out. “Yeah sure that would be great.” Nozomi held out her hand. “I’m Nozomi.”


The raven haired girl clasped her hand. “Kagome.”


“Holy shit.” Nozomi whispered.


Kagome dropped her hand. “What?”


“Oh sorry. I just meant holy shit, this is so awesome of you. I was going to join a study group, but those can be so hit or miss you can never count on them.”


Kagome chuckled. “I know right. Come on, let’s get out of here, we can grab something at the coffee cart and sit out by the trees.” She walked past Nozomi, heading down the stairs. 


Nozomi followed, pulling out her phone and shooting a text. 


From: Nozomi

10:13 AM


Hey, dad. I’m gonna have to cancel lunch today, got a lot of studying to do. 


From: Dad

10:15 AM


Ok. No problem. Reschedule for tomorrow?


From: Nozomi

10:16 AM


Can’t tomorrow, paper due.


From: Dad

10:17 AM


Oooook. Next week then?


From: Nozomi

10:19 AM


I will probably have a lot of papers to help grade next week, there’s a big test for the class I’m helping with coming up. 


From: Dad

10:19 AM


:( Just let me know when.


From: Nozomi

10:20 AM


I will. Love you!


“Everything ok?” Kagome asked, nodding to Nozomi’s phone and her repeated texting.


“Oh. Yeah, totally. I was just cancelling lunch with my dad so I could get some studying done.” She tucked her phone into her back pocket, looking to see if the guy making their lattes was almost done. 


“Are you guys close?” Kagome asked, turning to watch her. 


“Yeah, definitely. He comes to campus and we have lunch together every week. He was all I had growing up, I never knew my mom. Well I mean I had my grandparents but… Yeah dad and I are close.” Nozomi shifted her eyes away. “Sorry, I ramble when I’m nervous.”


Kagome laughed, reaching up to grab her hazelnut latte that the coffee guy had set on the cart for her. “Why are you nervous?”


“Just, uhh. You know, meeting new people. Can be difficult sometimes.”


Kagome nodded in agreement. “So true.” Both girls turned as Nozomi grabbed her cup and they made their way to the lawn. “I don’t really know anyone on campus. Honestly I don’t really know many people around here, I transferred here last semester as a trial to see how I liked the school. I’ve been thinking of going back to the one I was at before.”


“No!” Nozomi practically shouted at her. When Kagome turned wide eyes to her she spoke again. “I mean, you should give this school a longer chance. It’s really great here, I’m actually a student teacher. I mean if your only reason for leaving is the lack of getting to know anyone, I’ll show you around and we can hang out. I haven’t really had much time for friends myself, it would be nice to have some girl time.” 


Kagome glanced at her with an amused look. “Sure, that could be nice. I guess some girl time never hurt anyone.”


They found a nice shady spot under a tree, and planted themselves down into the grass. They sat chatting and enjoying their coffees for a little while before Nozomi pulled out her book, handing it to Kagome to look over what material they were covering and opened up Goodnotes on her iPad. They had been going through the chapter for about an hour when Nozomi sighed. 


“Geez this stuff is tedious, I don’t know how you do it.” She set her iPad down, needing a break. When she looked up she spotted a man with silver hair, walking across the pavilion towards them.


“Oh shit, that’s my dad.”


Kagome turned her head to look in the direction Nozomi was. “Th-that’s your dad?” Her voice was a whisper.


Nozomi paled, before jumping to her feet. “Yeah, he must’ve been suspicious that I blew him off. Oh God.” She whispered the last words before jogging off to meet him partway. 


As she approached her dad she began to feel sick. He’s totally going to freak. Oh my God. He had long silver hair that flowed down his back, and was wearing a black t-shirt and jeans, his head was adorned with two doggie ears that marked him as a half-demon. He did not look pleased.


“Dad!” Nozomi called as she got closer. “What are you doing here? I said I was stuck studying.” She stopped in front of him, trying to block Kagome from view even though she knew it was pointless, he could easily see over her, with his towering 6’. 


“You were being all weird and evasive and you’ve only ever cancelled lunch once before and we rescheduled for the next day. Unlike this time. What's going on?”


“Nothing’s going on, my schedule just became really busy.” She tried to keep her voice calm, but noticed her dad was sniffing at the air. 


“Riiiight.” He mumbled. “What is that smell?” He walked around her, heading for the tree Nozomi had been sitting under. Kagome was gone.


Oh, thank God. But where did she go? Nozomi looked around, seeing if she could spot her anywhere. Nothing. Man, I didn’t even get her number.


She jogged over to the tree where her book and iPad lay. Her father was sniffing a pair of Beat headphones. Nozomi reached for them. “Oh! Those are Kago-” She went wide eyed. “I mean those are my friends. She must have left them.”


Her dad glared at her, pulling the headphones out of reach from her. “What was her name?”


Nozomi shifted her brown eyes away from his golden ones. “Kag.” She mumbled. 


“Kag? Her name is Kag?” Nozomi nodded. “Nozomi dear. You are a horrible liar. Why were you trying to hide this, what is going on?”


She sighed. “Oh dad.” She spoke with sadness in her voice before stepping forward to hug him. “Why don’t you catch up with her and give those back.” She stepped away from him and pointed at the headphones. “But dad, you should know. It’s mom. The girl said her name was Kagome, and she looks exactly like her. Like exactly like mom.”


Her dad paled. “What?” He whispered. “That’s crazy.” 


“You can go find her and see for yourself. Just… Be careful. I never knew mom so I can’t say for sure that it is her. If it is her then she hasn’t aged at all or something else weird is going on.”


Her dad sniffed the headphones one more time, before taking off in a direction towards the buildings. 



Kagome jogged along the side of the library and as she approached the end of the building, she slowed down slightly. She turned, going behind the building before stopping to lean her back to the wall, trying to catch her breath. Her heart was racing and not from the jog. She covered her face with her hands. 


Holy shit. Oh my god! Oh my god!


She pressed fingers to her eyes, trying to fight the tears. 


She pushed away from the wall and began walking, heading for the other side of the building so she could cut across campus. She felt like she was in a daze. 


I can’t believe this is happening.


She was so lost in thought that when she came around the corner, she didn’t notice the man coming around the other way until it was too late. She felt like she’d run into a wall.


“Oof.” She stumbled back, starting to fall, she waved her arms trying to catch herself when a hand grabbed her wrist, pulling her back up. She was pulled back into the brick wall and was suddenly staring into the most gorgeous face and golden-honey eyes. 


He had one arm wrapped around her waist, holding her to his chest. A look of shock and disbelief on his face. “Kagome?” He whispered. 


She was lost in his eyes. Her brain felt foggy and all her previous thoughts were gone. 


Kagome, say something. He’s talking to you. Say something, anything. 


"You're gorgeous." She could've slapped herself. 


When he busted out into a huge grin, she bit her lip feeling ridiculous. She closed her eyes and shook her head slightly. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that… Outloud.” She opened her eyes to look at him again. 


She could tell he was trying to fight his grin for her sake. “Do you.” He started to say. “Do you recognize me?” When Kagome shook her head, he closed his eyes tightly for a moment. “Are you sure?” 


“Should I?” She asked.


He opened his eyes to look at her again. He studied her for a moment. Seeming to take his time taking in all of her features. “Do you think you’d like to go out with me sometime?”


“What?” She whispered, astonished. 


“Like a date. Would you be willing to go on a date with me sometime?”


Realizing she was still wrapped in his arm against his chest, she cleared her throat and stepped away from him. “You don’t even know me.” She glanced away, trying to avoid his eyes. 


“I think the point of a date is to get to know each other.” 


She studied him for a moment. “I think I’d like that. But, I need to check my schedule. How about you give me your number and I’ll let you know when I’m free.” She pulled her phone from her pocket, turning it over to him to put his number in. It was then that she noticed her headphones in his hand. “Are those mine?” She asked pointing. 


“Oh! Yeah, here.” He handed them to her with one hand as he took her phone with the other. “Sorry, I came to find you to give them back and totally forgot when we collided.” 


When he handed the phone back, she tucked it into her pocket. Then against her better judgment she stuck out her hand. “I’m Kagome.” As she spoke she stared into his pools of amber. She saw a flicker in his eyes at her name. 


He took her hand in a gentle grip. Her heart fluttering at his touch. “Inuyasha.”


“Nozomi’s dad. That’s not going to be weird at all.” 


Inuyasha closed his eyes briefly. “I hope that won’t be a problem.”


“You’re not secretly like a five hundred year old man too are you?” 


He chuckled. “No. I was born in this century.” 


“Reassuring.” She rolled her eyes, before turning them to their clasped hands. She slowly pulled it away, running her fingers along his. “I should go. It was...nice meeting you.” She put her headphones on over her ears, eyes never leaving his. She hit play on her watch and Eminem’s Mockingbird came blaring through. Inuyasha frowned at the volume before Kagome took off at a jog. 


Kagome jogged the whole fifteen minutes home. She barely slowed for lights, letting the music consume her until she could reach her apartment. When she reached her small brick complex, she almost sobbed. She took the stairs up to her apartment two at a time, stopping briefly to unlock the door before slamming it behind her and sliding her back down it to the floor. She yanked her headphones off and tossed them to the floor, tears beginning to fall.