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To the Moon and Back

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“Guess how much I love you.”

Draco laughed, slipping under their blanket. “You’re too big to be the Little Nutbrown Hare.”

“And Teddy is too old for storybooks now.” Harry shifted closer. “Humor me?”

Tilting his head in feigned thought, Draco said, “to the moon and back?”

“Wrong." Harry grinned. “Right up to your constellation and back.”

“That’s very far,” Draco smiled, indulgent and fond. “But I’m afraid you have to be more specific. There are many stars in the Draco constellation, each has a vastly different distance from Earth. So, did you mean—”

“Shut up,” Harry groaned. “I was trying to be romantic. Nobody asked for your astronomy lecture.”

Quietly, Draco laughed again. “And I love you to Icarus and back. Not that you know how far it is anyway.”