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Rain on me, tsunami.

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Tutor's well aware of being the center of everyone's attention in the small, intimate club but he hopes that if he really has to get someone's attention, then it might as well be someone well-endowed cause, after the latest rounds of hookups, he decided that, since he's given up on the acting career earlier in his younger age for a reason, why should he pull off his blissfully fucked performance in order to feed some nameless dudes' egos? 

He scratches the side of his neck, his gaze casually meeting some man's hungry gaze following the trait of his fingers trying to shrug the glitter off his neck. Some people may think he's doing it on the sole purpose of being a tease, but Tor's genuinely trying to get rid of the glitter all splattered all over his neck because his skin’s delicate and it’s starting to itch, plus he’s optimist enough to think that he’s going to get fucked at some point during the night and the thought of his most sensitive part to get neglected because of some stupid glitter is enough to drive him completely nuts. See, Tor loves being held down while his neck’s being mauled with bites and kisses and with each passing seconds of feeling them literally glued all over his tender skin, he grows more frustrated at whoever insisted that putting glitter bombs to good use whilst in the middle of a bachelor party were a fucking brilliant idea in the first place. He doesn’t even know how he managed to stay put and wait until Saifah and Zon thanked all their friends for coming to celebrate their last night as boyfriends before excusing himself, dragging his ass to the bar. He needed something strong enough to make him forget and hopefully lower down his big dicks only ban in order to enjoy the rest of the night. Some of his friends roll eyes at his antics and call him picky because, they say, sometimes a small dick with a good background technique can give you the exact same pleasure as a big dick so he's just being irrational. He's not being picky or irrational, in his opinion, he just knows what he wants and okay, maybe him becoming extremely selective might or might not have something to do with his well-endowed ex cheating on him with his best friend and, maybe or maybe not, right now Tutor's stuck in the you weren't that special after all, phase. He's doing research, that's all, to test a theory and check if someone better than Park actually exists.  

He sits down on the bar stool, his gaze scanning through the crowd of people filling the small club but no one quite catches his attention except... There's this guy tracking down each of his movements. Tutor caught him staring at him from over the rim of his beer ever since he was stuck in the booth between Dew and Day earlier and something about him, maybe his black sleek glasses sliding down the bridge of his nose, or the stupidly soft-looking pink sweater or the hair perfectly gelled back in a preppy hairstyle.. there was something about him that caused Tutor to stare back with the same intensity throughout the whole night.

Usually, preppy cute boys aren't his undoing but more than one time during the night Tutor wondered how would have felt to run his fingers through that ridiculously styled hair or clutch his fingers against that stupid pink sweater.

His eyes flicker to the booth were his friends are still sitting and something unpleasant rises in his stomach the moment he spots Saifah laughing at something Zon said, his arm coming to wrap around his shoulders in a very protective way before pulling him into a kiss. 

He abruptly lowers his glass down on the counter, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand before making his way towards the dance floor. 

- - 

He’s startled a little bit when there are hands grabbing him by his hips and pulling him against a solid chest. He tenses up, turning his face to see and the moment he recognizes the man he can't help but smile, leaning back just slightly against the unmistakable itchy material of his pink sweater pressing against his back, Tutor’s eyes flickering to his long fingers clutched around the sides of his satin black- quite unbuttoned- shirt.

”Took you long enough.” Tutor’s well aware of the cockiness filling his voice, his hips swaying along with the man’s through the rhythm of some Rihanna’s song currently playing, adding in the same casual tone, “I thought I scared you off.” 

Tutor finds himself blushing for some odd reasons when the man’s angelic laughter rings in his ear, his lips suddenly getting dry at the soft, soothing voice whispering in his ear, “I think you’ll be the one that’s gonna be scared off.”

“Oh, is that so?” Tutor decides he likes how confident he sounds despite his clumsy nerd look. He tries to test the waters by moving his ass just right and oh, wow okay, interesting.

Tutor lets out a small sigh, his fingers coming to wrap around the back of the man’s neck, enjoying the fluttering feeling in his stomach caused by his soft lips brushing but not quite touching either, against his glittered neck. 

“I’m all covered in glitter.” Tutor chuckles, his ass unconsciously grinding against the hard rock dick. Jesus, he might-

“I like you covered in glitter.” The man says, voice husky and deep, “Makes me want to ruin you more.”

Wow, Tor thinks. Nerdy man with stupid sweater has game.

“I’m Tutor.”

”I’m Fighter.” The man replies, turning Tutor around in his arms. Their eyes meet and the second Tutor kinda loses himself in the depth of those dark, hooded eyes staring back at him he thinks that maybe, maybe he’s just found his holy grail.

- - 



Tor’s hips bucks up against Fighter’s on its own violation, without even intending to, as the older man’s mouth keeps laving his neck with suck and bites. His fingers come to tangle in the older’s hair, tugging as the older man keeps trailing his mouth down to his collarbone. “More, Fighter. P-please.”

Tutor doesn’t care he’s a desperate babbling mess, he just needs- fuck- he’s so embarrassingly turned on that he can’t even pinpoint exactly what he wants. He just needs this. He just needs Fighter’s delicious mouths to keep ravishing his neck despite the amount of glitter still splattered all over the skin -luckily, from the desperate noises he’s making, he doesn’t seem to care- and he wants Fighter’s fingers to pull his pants down and fuck, his cock. He needs his cock in him. He needs his big cock to fill him up and make him moan until dawn and he wants.. he wants to ride him until he’s cried his name so loud that he’s going to wake up voiceless, tomorrow morning.

The cockiness is completely gone from his voice, now replaced by raw desperation and Fighter must have noticed the shift in the dynamic, if the way he keeps denying Tutor friction whenever he bucks up his hips and pulls away from him just for the please to watch his expression turn in a desperate wince is anything to go by.

”What do you want, huh?” Fighter’s looking at him with sweet eyes, his index finger holding Tutor’s chin up. The younger swallows as he flickers his eyes down to his mouth for a brief moment before looking back at him.

”Want you in me.” Tutor tells him, voice thick with arousal as he helplessly lets his gaze fall down to Fighter’s crotch, gulping as he adds, “I just want you to fill me up.” 

Fighter’s thumb is stroking his cheek, a smirk starting to take over his whole face as he tells Tor, “Look at you.. you were so cocky and untouchable when I met you at the club and now, fuck, you are so desperate for my dick.”

His gaze flickers down to how’s shamelessly grinding against his thigh, a mischievous smirk starting to take over his features as he tells Tor, “I’m going to work my fingers in you for quite a long time.”

Tutor looks at him, hot and wanton, his lip being dragged between his bottom lip as he gives a small nod of his head. Fuck. He’d let Fighter prep him for fucking 24 hours, he doesn’t care. There’s no need to rush in this. 

Fighter gives a small nod of his head, his finger lifting to fix his glasses up the bridge of his nose. The simple, innocent gesture makes Tutor moan low in his throat cause fuck, that’s hot. “Show me where your bedroom is.”

- -

His mom has always taught him a very important lesson since he was a little kid, to never judge a book by its cover and, as Fighter’s wanton gaze meets his own, as he strips off his over the top plushie sweater, Tutor thinks fuck, I’ll never doubt my mother’s wisdom ever again. Tutor’s mouth falls open, letting out a breathless moan the moment he’s met by Fighter’s abs. The guy might look the typical nerd that sits down in the darkest corner of a gym all alone during prom night but fuck, there’s a whole fucking magic land beneath that extra sweater. Where did he even hide this? His blazing gaze miserably falls down on his crotch, wondering how well he managed to hide his monster cock in those baggy jeans. He’s felt it, back in the club, the moment it was grinding against his ass. He felt how gifted he was through the layers of his pants.

“What?” Of course, Fighter would notice him staring like he’s never seen a naked man before. Now he’s staring down at Tutor’s frame laying down on his own bed from between the younger’s legs, his eyelashes fanning softly against his cheeks as he lets out some tiny little breaths. Objectively, Tutor has to admit that he’s cute. He’s.. he’s more than cute. He’s quite handsome

“Nothing.” Tutor lets out a small laugh, his cheeks tinging pink as he admits with a low voice like he’s spilling a secret, “You are cute.”

He witnesses the moment heat rises in Fighter’s cheeks, a soft chuckle escaping him as he looks at some undefined point on Tutor’s wall, his voice thick with bashfulness as he tells him that he is very cute as well. 

There’s something rising in Tutor’s stomach the moment he looks down and meets his eyes, it’s something he hasn’t experienced in quite some time and the second he feels that fluttering sensation in his stomach, he pulls Fighter down by the back of his neck, trying to push it aside quite immediately. Fighter’s hands immediately come to cup his cheeks, moving his mouth against Tutor’s as if it were his last seconds on Earth, moving his hips against the younger, chasing that friction he was desperately craving earlier when Fighter pressed him against the door.

Tutor doesn’t even know how long Fighter grinds against his thigh, sucking and biting on his bottom lip before swiping his tongue over the sting, he just knows that they need their pants off and his cock inside of him. 

“Fighter..” Tutor’s fingers lift to tangle in his hair, tugging his mouth off his own. His dick jerks a little in his boxer briefs as Fighter’s noise of distress reaches his ears. Fuck, he’s going to be the end of him. “Fighter-“ he trails off on a small sigh, his fingers now stroking the hair at the nape of his neck, “Baby, please.”

Fighter’s cheeks turn an interesting shade of pink at the pet name, his eyes slowly flickering down to their legs, still clothed and yeah, maybe Tutor’s right. They need way fewer clothes in order to do what they are both aching to do. 

Fighter works his fingers fast over Tutor’s pants, he’s quickly undoing his belt, and Tutor’s heart is literally rocking in his chest in anticipation of what comes next.

“Hurry up.”

Fighter smiles, biting down on his bottom lip as he slides off Tutor’s body, quickly working his fingers over his own pants and belt and wow, Tutor’s dick gives a little twitch as he watches Fighter stand at the feet of his bed, his gaze never leaving Tor’s as he slowly slides down his underwear and finally, finally, it’s there.


Fighter gives a small laugh, looking down to his own dick before looking back up into Tor’s wide-eyed gaze. He crawls back into bed slow, in a way to make it sexy for Tutor to watch, but Tor’s mouth’s watering at the sight and there’s no time for chit chats, right now. He pulls Fighter by his wrist, tugging him back on top of him and the moment he falls on top of Tutor, the younger lets an embarrassing noise out of his throat. 

“Fuck.” He feels it grinding against his thigh as Fighter’s mouth falls back against his neck, not wasting any time in sucking bites in the tender skin. “Jesus Christ, please marry me.”

Fighter gives a wet laugh against his neck where he’s lapping at the sting he just left and asks him, “Shouldn’t you at least buy me dinner first?”

”You are right.” Honestly, Tutor hasn’t felt this comfortable with someone in a very long time so yeah, he’s definitely buying Fighter dinner one of these days. “I’ll take you out for dinner.” but right now, he has other priorities, like for example getting Fighter’s dick inside of him.

“The lube is in the nightstand.”

Fighter lifts his face to look at him with a naughty glint in his eyes.

Tutor smiles, his fingers mind absently tugging softly at Fighter’s lobe. “I haven’t been properly fucked in a very long time.” He explains, his voice suddenly thick with bashfulness, “I think I found my holy grail.”

”Let me please you, then.”

Fighter really lives up the promise he made, Tutor thinks as he arches up against the lubed fingers working him open. Fighter’s been right. He does need an excruciating amount of time in order to get ready. Not that he’s been keeping counts but he thinks it’s maybe forty-five minutes?

“I need you.”

Fighter makes shushing sounds against his thigh where he’s sucking bites, pushing his three fingers with long, deep thrusts against his prostrate. Tutor can’t really wait another minute without feeling Fighter’s dick against his walls, he can’t.. he’s been waiting so long for this and now that he’s finally- god, he needs him.

”Fuck-“ Fighter moans softly when Tutor’s fingers unconsciously pull at his hair with a nice, firm tug. “Okay, okay. Fuck.”

Tutor’s eyes are closed, his chest rising heavily with every intake of breath he’s taking, in the anticipation of Fighter’s cock to finally, to finally get-

”Inside.” Tutor’s moaning softly, droplets of sweat running down his forehead as he feels the stretch of the tip of Fighter’s cock starting to finally slide inside. “Oh.”

It’s a lot to take in, in the literal meaning of it but Jesus, Tor has never in his life experienced this amount of pleasure before and it’s just the tip that’s slowly sliding in. Tor can’t possibly imagine what it would be like.. to have the whole length inside, running deliciously against his walls, bottoming out before slowly pushing back in. The moment he actually finds out how is it like, his mouth falls open in a gasp, the air suddenly being kicked out of his lungs. Fighter’s fingers reach to cup his cheeks, making soothing sounds against his mouth. He slows down on his pace, giving Tor some time to adjust to the stretch. It takes him an embarrassing amount of time to get used to the stretch in him but Fighter helps him through it by peppering his cheeks and eyelids with soft kisses and as he slowly opens his eyes, meeting Fighter’s, he realizes that Fighter’s not also well-endowed but he’s also very sweet

“I’m okay.” Tutor’s really not but he guesses that staying still like this won’t do good to any of them, “You can move on.”

Fighter looks at him quite skeptically, eyebrow raised as he asks Tor, “Are you sure, Tor?”

Tutor smiles, Fighter’s really very sweet and thoughtful. 

“I am.”

Tutor can't help the way his mouth miserably falls open in a gasp, his back arching slightly off the bed as soon as Fighter starts pushing in, his fingers digging in the flair flesh of his thighs. It's a lot to take but Tutor's breathing through gritted teeth, his fingers digging hard in Fighter's ass cheeks as he starts picking up the pace. There's cold sweat running down his forehead that Fighter promptly licks off, it's kinda disgusting but also kinda cute at the same time, before running his mouth all over Tutor's cheek and nose and mouth, "You are doing so well." 

“You feel so good.” Tutor retorts, letting out a gasp when Fighter grabs his leg by the back of his knee and settles it on his shoulder, his thrusts hitting so much deeper that makes Tor see stars behind his eyelids. “Please. Harder. Fuck me harder, Fighter.”

It’s hands down the best thing he has experienced in his own life and he doesn’t.. he doesn’t want it to stop.

Fighter moans long and wanton before complying. He fucks Tor with deep, calculated thrusts until he’s literally arching off the bed in a weak attempt to meet every single one of them, precisely aiming for his prostrate.

”Jesus.” Fighter moans, his fingers coming to brush over Tutor’s nipple, twisting between his index finger and his thumb. “You are so fucking hot. I can’t believe that someone like you exists.”

Those words in addiction to the addicting sensation of Fighter's dick making him see stars is enough to make him come undone, Fighter's hand wraps around his cock, eliciting a loud groan to slip out of him as he starts stroking him in time with his thrusts. It’s too soon and too much and- Fuck. Tutor comes with a cry of Fighter’s name echoing through his walls, his body falling back against the mattress as life just levitate from his body. His head’s spinning, heart rocking in his chest so hard that it’s probably going to combust and the moment he hears Fighter telling him that he’s coming, his body feels dizzy with it cause he made him come. He made Fighter’s big dick come.


Fighter’s breathing harshly on top of him, a huge smile printed all over his face as he tells Tor, “Fuck, indeed.”

Tutor presses a soft kiss on his lips, murmuring with breathless voice, “Maybe, I’ll buy you dinner after all.”

Fighter just smiles but the twinkle in his eyes gives it all away.

He has to admit that it’s nice, for once, not having to make up with some lame excuses like getting up early for work or some fake emergency calls from his friends in order to get an out from his awful hookups. He let his eyes to flutter close, listening to Fighter’s soft breathing as, stinky with come, they both doze off asleep.