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Tempting encounters

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Two months was a long time to do absolutely nothing. 

Gon was allowed to practice his Ten, but that got boring pretty quick. He spent a lot of time wandering the Arena with Killua and Zushi, gorging themselves on snacks or talking about fights that Gon had missed out on. But even that got old. He felt like he was missing out on something important. Killua tried to be encouraging with his solidarity, but that only seemed to remind Gon that he was basically on probation. 

The whole reason he came to Heaven’s Arena was to get stronger so that he could face Hisoka one day and win. Without being able to train, he felt that goal getting further and further out of grasp. He couldn’t remember the last time his was so inactive.

Well, he wasn’t entirely inactive...

“Oh~,” Hisoka purred against his cheek, breaking him out of his slightly depressing train of thoughts. “You’ve got that look again, Gon. Having a pity party for one, are we?” Gon could feel Hisoka’s lips spreading into a gleeful grin, his tongue coming out to taste his misery. 

They were in Hisoka’s large bed this time, wrapped up in each other after their most recent lesson as Hisoka graciously called it. Sweat cooled on Gon’s skin, making the boy shiver, and he pushed further into Hisoka’s inviting body. “Moooove,” he shoved at Hisoka’s muscular thigh, which was resting over his narrow hips, deciding he wanted to lay on top of the man and sap up his warmth that way. Hisoka took his manhandling with an easy smile, rolling onto his back and dragging Gon on top of his chest. 

Once Gon was settled with both of his legs on either side of the man and his arms folded under his head, propped up on Hisoka’s chest, he sighed. “I’m tired of waiting. My arm is healed.” He emphasized that by smacking Hisoka’s chest, relishing in the loud crack. It didn’t hurt at all to do that, in fact it felt good to hit Hisoka playfully. 

The man growled, one of his hands shooting up to take Gon by the neck and the other slapping Gon’s cheek. It didn’t hurt much and Gon giggled as best he could with Hisoka’s hand clamped around his throat, his cheek now red. He liked when Hisoka did that, his whole hand could fit easily around his slender neck and he felt so small. There were times when Gon could feel how easy it would be for Hisoka to break his bones, and then he could feel his decision not to. 

“I can tell you’re getting better, little bunny. How many times have you gotten aggressive with me tonight?” Hisoka’s voice was full of praise and it made the boy warm all over. Especially because now…Hisoka was bare of any makeup and his hair was down and Gon really liked that. He was so pretty, even though he was a sociopathic demon magician.  “Hmm… there was the time you bit me, a little revenge, I think? And all the recent smacking. And let’s not forget these-” his free hand pointed to the long scratches on his shoulder that led down his arm, even his forearms. “I’ve killed others for less, you know.”

Gon pouted, his cheeks flushing. Hisoka released him, but kept his hands on him, his long thumb stroking up and down Gon’s neck while his other hand went to Gon’s bottom, squeezing a cheek. Gon’s eyelids fluttered at the light touches. “Yeah, but you like aggressive.” His brown eyes met gold knowingly, the corners of his lips quirked up. “You like being hurt.”

Hisoka smiled and his eyes sparkled brightly with a hint of madness. “What ever made you think that, Gon?”

The boy rolled his eyes before biting his bottom lip, trying to cover a smile. “Do you like to hurt me?” He watched Hisoka’s adam's apple bob through his eyelashes, knowing the answer before he even asked. 

Of course the man liked hurting Gon. He was a sadist. He loved watching Gon cry as he fucked him, whether it was from pain or pleasure, but the pain always hit differently for Hisoka. Maybe it was due to how he lived his life, but he was a tough love kind of man. 

Gon didn’t mind that. He was resilient and he could take a hit, even one from Hisoka. It didn’t give him the same ecstatic reaction that it did Hisoka but he found himself enjoying it when Hisoka slapped his face or spanked him while they had sex, or even outside of that. 

Hisoka’s hand stroked Gon’s back as he hummed low in his chest, his eyes focusing elsewhere. His voice was thoughtful, quiet and honest. “Sometimes I want to drown you in pleasure, sometimes I want to crush you with pain. Most times...I struggle with wanting both at once.” Hisoka looked at Gon’s face for his reaction, his eyes widening when he saw Gon’s smile. “What, bunny? Why does my inner turmoil amuse you?”

Gon’s smile was warm and soft, his eyelids lowering. “Hmm...I think I like that.”

“Oh, you think so?” Hisoka chuckled condescendingly, “you have no idea--”

He was cut off by a firm smack to his face and his honey eyes were molten when they met Gon’s. The air was still as Hisoka stared the boy down. Rather than being intimidated by the man's aura, as he should be, Gon was defiant, sitting back on Hisoka’s hips with his hand still raised. He dared to do it again, smacking Hisoka’s other cheek while the man was still in shock. 

The next part happened quickly. One moment Gon was on Hisoka’s lap, the next he was hanging from the ceiling, Bungee Gum circling around his limbs and suspending him in the air above the bed. Ropes of Hisoka’s aura had snaked around Gon’s wrists, neck, waist, thighs, and ankles. With a flick of his finger, Hisoka made it so Gon was sitting in the air with his legs spread and back arched. 

He slid off the bed and stalked around his prey, his eyes never leaving Gon’s. There was a pink flush to Gon’s skin, left over from his earlier orgasm, and he watched it deepen as he drew near. He could tell from the slight fear in his eyes that Gon was waiting with baited breath for his next move. 

But Hisoka wasn’t angry. He was turned on. Not many people shocked Hisoka these days and this boy was someone who did it on a daily basis. And here he worried he might get bored...

Gon’s eyes widened a fraction when he saw Hisoka’s cock, not hard completely but still a monster at half mast. Then the look in his eyes warmed, trailing up Hisoka’s body and settling on his golden eyes. “H-Hisoka--”

The man interrupted him with a firm slap to the face before grabbing a handful of his wild, messy hair. “I didn’t say you could speak.” The tone of his voice was heavy with bloody undertones and Gon bit his lip, visibly trembling as his stomach did warm backflips. Hisoka’s earlier words about desiring to crush Gon with pain came to mind and he gulped. He could only stare at Hisoka’s sharp face and wonder what the hell he got himself into. 

But even as the terrifying expression on Hisoka’s face made Gon want to curl in on himself, he couldn’t deny the way his entire body pulsed with anticipation. Whatever this feeling was filled his veins with liquid fire, only getting worse the longer the magician’s eyes cut him apart. He wanted to tell Hisoka to stop looking at him like that but there was no way he was saying a damn thing when he was completely at the man’s mercy. 

Hisoka adjusted his aura as he dragged Gon around, mostly using Gon’s weight to shift him around and making sure the boy felt the pull and strain against his skin. Gon was hovering over the bed while Hisoka stood at the end, his hip’s by Gon’s face. Gon whimpered and Hisoka yanked his head back, exposing his throat but most importantly, his mouth. He angled Gon’s head towards him before pressing his cock against his lips and pressing in deep. 

Gon’s tongue flattened instinctively otherwise his teeth would have clipped Hisoka and he didn’t want to be hit over that again. That time it hurt. He heard the man moan as he rocked his cock into Gon’s hot mouth, using Gon’s head to guide him. The tip of Hisoka’s dick repeatedly hit the back of Gon’s throat and he felt his small hands clenched into fists, desperately wanting to hold Hisoka’s hips, or wrap around his cock, anything, because it was so much at once. His whines were muffled, tears building up in the corner of his closed eyes. 

The Bungee Gum that was coiled around Gon's neck tightened, and Hisoka could feel Gon’s panic and his struggle as he was choked by his cock and his aura. It only added to his pleasure, his cock swelling in Gon’s mouth. He smiled, looking down at the boy suffocating on his cock. 

“You look prettiest like this, bunny,” he purred, his thumb stroking Gon’s bulging cheek. Hisoka’s eyelids fluttered as Gon gagged around him. “My cute little cockslut.”

Hisoka moaned, his head falling back as he used Gon’s mouth. Every time the boy gagged around him he felt himself twitch, precum dripping down Gon’s open throat. He was getting a lot better at sucking cock, his mouth getting sloppy wet as he tried to stroke his tongue against Hisoka’s shaft how the man had taught him. Hisoka pulled back with a low groan, just keeping the tip in as Gon’s tongue worked around the head, swirling around him as he sucked. Just like a lollipop. 

Gon’s breathing was heavy, the warmth making the magician twitch when he breathed on him. 

“Fuck, Gon,” Hisoka was melting in the boy’s mouth, his eyes rolling back. He could cum then but he wanted to fill Gon’s ass more than anything. He pulled back completely, chuckling softly when his cock slapped against his stomach. Gon could make him hard as a rock with a single look and it’s only gotten worse now that the boy was starting to catch onto that.

He took a second to appreciate his view, his little fruit hanging over the bed from his aura, his chest heaving as he caught his breath. His wide mouth was hanging open, a little trail of precum and spit dripping down his cheek as his head hung back. His eyes were dazed and unfocused, a look Hisoka thought suited his little cockslut. Hisoka smirked, leaning over Gon with his cock next to his cheek. 

“Since you want to be so rough with me, sweetheart.” He slapped Gon’s cheek with his dick, laughing darkly. “I think my little bunny deserves to be fucked hard tonight, hmm?”

Gon whimpered, the look in his brown eyes making Hisoka ache deep inside. He spun Gon around so that his asshole was available to him. His Bungee Gum spread Gon’s legs wide and kept his hips back. Hisoka reached out and spread Gon’s cheeks, eyes instantly drawn to his puckered hole. He bit down on his lip when cum dribbled out of Gon’s hole from earlier. He could feel his control beginning to slip, effortlessly like taking off a glove. 

He pressed his hips in close, his cock meeting Gon’s entrance and he only pushed the head in. He looked at Gon’s face, waiting, until Gon opened his and looked back. When their eyes met Hisoka gave the boy his winning demonic smile before shoving his cock in all the way to the base. 

Gon let out a scream and Hisoka didn’t stop, pulling back until the tip of his cock was still buried inside before plunging in deep. Hisoka set an unforgiving pace, and Gon felt every inch tear into him ruthlessly. The cum still inside the boy helped, otherwise Hisoka imagined it would be a lot worse.

He smiled ruefully, he could only dream. 

“Hi-Hiso-mmn,” Gon whined as he got speared by Hisoka’s length, his eyes rolling back into his head. Hisoka’s cock was roughly pounding into him and now he knew the difference between easy and hard with Hisoka. Pain was outweighing the pleasure, but there were moments where Hisoka brushed against something so sweet he could cry, and as it continued he could focus on that feeling more and more. 

Hisoka’s nails dug into Gon’s flesh where he gripped the boy tight. He knew he drew blood when his middle finger gave in and Gon yelped. But he didn’t stop, only going harder, faster. Gon became a toy, nothing more, just a hot, tight hole he could punish until he was satisfied. 

He knew his bloodlust was filling the room, it was so strong and heady that it made the room smell like cotton candy and blood. He exhaled sharply, slamming his hips into Gon and keeping them connected, all of his length pushed inside. He could barely even see through his lust, but he could feel Gon clenching and trembling around him, his cries and whimpers of pain and pleasure making him shake uncontrollably. 

He slid one hand to Gon’s stomach, pressing down on the bulge of his cock. They both moaned at that, and Hisoka had never heard Gon sound so broken before. It was even better from when he took him the first time, more devastated and wrecked than on that cruel night and Hisoka almost cummed then, could almost taste it. Sweet, like fruit. “Gon~ my little apple.”

Gon whined and his hands reached out for him uselessly, his eyes pleading at him. He couldn’t move much at all from the Bungee Gum and he wanted to touch Hisoka, or at least feel him more. He tried to say that but he couldn’t speak, not when Hisoka was smoothly rolling his hips into him, his fat cock hitting deeper than he’s ever been. His mouth fell open and all he could do was sob something that resembled Hisoka’s name.

Hisoka was dripping with so much precum that it was pushed out of Gon’s tight hole with each thrust, pearly white liquid sliding down Gon’s cheeks and making a mess on his bed below. He pressed down harder on Gon’s stomach, his cock twitching as Gon convulsed and sobbed. 

Gon felt impossibly full from that and his back arched as he cried out. He came hard while screaming Hisoka’s name, his cum splattering over Hisoka’s hand and onto his stomach. His entire body was shaking around Hisoka’s cock and he could feel just how hard the man still was. He was crying, Hisoka’s cock forcing waves of pleasure through his already wrecked body. 

He didn’t notice Hisoka lowering him until he felt the cock in him shift as Hisoka crawled over him and felt the soft mattress underneath him. Gon whined low in this throat, looking up at Hisoka with big watery eyes. He could feel that Hisoka had released the Bungee Gum, but his limbs felt so weak that he could barely move anyway. 

Hisoka leaned down and kissed his mouth, smirking at how utterly ruined Gon was, not even able to kiss him back. He pulled back, holding Gon close by his thighs, and began thrusting again. 

He knew it was too much for the boy. But the little slut was begging to be fucked hard and Hisoka was determined to deliver. He could tell that it hurt, but he was going to cum any second and Gon would recover. 

He always did. 

His thrusts were hard and deep, growing faster as he felt his orgasm rushing out of him. Gon's eyes were still unfocused and Hisoka knew he wasn't anywhere near this bedroom anymore, his cock had fucked any coherent thought right out of him. The sight of Gon so ruined pushed him right over the edge. He groaned low in his throat, his hips stilling against Gon's warm thighs as he filled the boy's wrecked hole with more cum, knowing he had already been stuffed full earlier. 

"Gon~." It felt so incredible, filling his little toy up. His eyes rolled back and he savored the feeling of Gon shuddering around him so sweetly. 

The room was loud with the sound of their heavy breathing, an occasional whimper from Gon when he felt how sore he was. Moments passed, Hisoka growing soft and pulling out even though all he wanted was to be inside of him the whole night. His honey eyes feasted on Gon, from his sweat soaked skin down to his twitching hole as Hisoka’s claim dripped out of him. He really was something to behold. 

The man laid down next to Gon and draped his body over him, one hand pulling Gon to his chest, his small body tucked under him. He stroked the boy’s sweaty back and sides slowly, until he felt Gon’s nose nuzzle against his chest and his thin arms to cling to him. He let out a low, contented sound, completely relaxed after that, before asking, “how do you feel, little one?”

Gon just made a quiet sound and pushed his face into Hisoka’s chest harder. That made the magician drag Gon up so that he could peer at his face. The boy’s eyes were closed and his face flushed, but he wasn’t crying. Hisoka took that as a good sign. He wiped some sweat off of Gon’s forehead, his thumb sweeping down the side of his face to rest over his pulse, which was still beating rapidly. “How bad does it hurt?”

“Mm, jus’ a little…” came Gon’s quiet response. The boy stretched out against Hisoka and yawned, his body shaking. He rubbed at his sleepy eyes with the back of his fist. “I’ll be okay, ‘Soka.”

“ good boy.” Hisoka leaned closer to lightly kiss Gon’s lips, smiling when Gon clumsily kissed back, his left arm coming to wrap around Hisoka’s neck. When they pulled back, Gon was looking at Hisoka through half lidded eyes. “‘m sleepy, ‘Soka.”

Hisoka chuckled warmly, partly from Gon’s precious face and from his little name that appeared to be his nickname now. He brushed his sharp nose against Gon’s. “Then let’s sleep, sweetheart.”

Gon hummed and pressed closer into Hisoka, already asleep by the time the man could pull the duvet over them. He watched Gon sink further into sleep before giving his flushed cheek one more kiss before drifting off with him.