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Tempting encounters

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In the pale grey light of dawn, Hisoka rolled over in his over sized bed, one arm outstretched and reaching. After searching for a specific warmth and coming up empty the man grunted softly, one yellow eye opening. 

No...Gon wasn't laying next to him. He hadn't come up to Hisoka’s floor last night. But for some odd reason Hisoka distinctly remembered feeling Gon’s warmth curled up next to him, his weight and scent a familiarity to him after all this time.  

But that was all in his head. He went to bed alone last night, his subconscious supplying him with sweet dreams of his little bunny sleeping peacefully in his arms. 

It was strange. Hisoka rarely slept deep enough to dream and when he finally did it was of something so...soft and delicate. Spun from sugar. It was unlike him. But he was aware that it was all due to his growing attraction to Gon. 

That boy was changing aspects of himself, not deep into the foundation of who he was, but parts of his character nonetheless. There were moments where Gon was all he could focus on, not something entirely new to him, but his thoughts weren't isolated to how strong the boy was, or how he couldn't wait for him to mature into his full strength. 

He had noticed the slight shift at every glance the boy sent his way. He found himself wanting more than just a fight from the boy, he chose not to dwell on what it was he wanted but a feeling Hisoka wasn’t too familiar with had taken root deep within, growing like a cancer.

They had become intimate, an odd word to use in relation to Gon, but there was no denying it. He had started to care about the boy and about what he thought of the man in return. 

He couldn’t decide if he liked that or not. This unpredictability within himself. It was almost as if he was losing control but unaware of what exactly needed reigning in. 

There was no other way to see it, not when he was laying there in bed disappointed that his own mind had tricked him. Upset with the reality that he was alone in this spacious apartment and that his object of desire was somewhere else, with someone else. 

He didn't let his thoughts upset him much longer, cracking his neck and stretching as he got out of bed, hungry for many things. 

Then he remembered what day it was and a slow smile crept across his lips. 

Gon was fighting tonight, finally after two months of pointless waiting he was getting back into the Arena. He was going to prove himself, not only to regain his pride from his previous loss but also to Hisoka. And after that, he would be ready to face Hisoka in the Arena. 

A pleasurable shudder passed through him at the thought. He could hardly wait to see his pet back in action. Could hardly wait to break him down with an audience to watch. 

With that in mind, Hisoka got ready with renewed energy, the grey light outside burning into gold.


"Gon is the winner!"

A small shudder of satisfaction made Gon flush, the thrill of winning a heady high. This feeling of power was why so many people were drawn to the Arena; standing in the glow of the many stadium lights as a crowd of people cheered your name, your heartbeat rushing in your ears because you survived and beat your opponent. Because you lived. 

Gon had easily defeated Riehlvelt and was announced victor of his fight, just as he had when he fought Gido the day before. The fight hadn't even lasted five minutes; he was no match for Gon now that he was learning nen. With a billboard wide grin, Gon hopped off the stage, bouncing with adrenaline. 

He hadn't paid any attention to the audience earlier, but as he walked off the stage he saw Killua, Zushi and Mr. Wing smiling at him and he knew they were proud of him. He waved back, laughing to himself. 

He couldn't believe he had been worried to fight again. With everything he learned and his friends watching from the stands, he knew he could accomplish almost anything. 

And Hisoka...he knew the man had been watching from somewhere. It made him so nervous. He's known Hisoka’s approval mattered to him ever since their first real encounter with each other. He knew how much power and skill excited Hisoka, the thought of not being enough for the man made him crave being even stronger, even better than he was now. 

He knew he had to be strong for himself, to be able to fight and defend himself, to be a great Hunter like Ging. But he would be lying if he denied the part that wanted to be strong to impress Hisoka, to keep his attention right where he had it. And now that he knew he wasn’t the only one with Hisoka’s attention, his desire was even stronger.

He crossed the arena to the exit, walking down the long dark tunnel. He saw a shadowy figure up ahead, a tinge of worry settling in his gut only to vanish when he saw plum stiletto heels and shocking white pants. 

A relieved grin broke out on the boys face, his arms outstretched as he ran towards the man. "Hisokaaaa!" 

Hisoka turned towards him at the perfect time, his arms unfolding from his chest to wrap around Gon as the boy launched himself at the man in his excitement. He grunted softly, keeping the boy close to his chest. He nuzzled his nose into Gon’s neck affectionately, the little bunny squirming in delight at the attention. "Gon, I'm so proud of you."

The boy drew back enough to see Hisoka’s face, half of it shadowed from the darkness of the tunnel, the only light coming from the busy arena a few meters back. His eyebrows quirked up and he felt his heart momentarily stop. "P-proud of me?"

A warmth expanded throughout his chest at Hisoka’s smile, the man's cat-like eyes closed happily. "Mm, you demonstrated the skills you've learned and executed them well. You're getting stronger." 

Gon could almost cry hearing those words coming from him. It made his chest tighten and burn almost as if he was being stabbed. Hisoka was proud of him. They hadn't even fought yet and the man was proud of him. 

Thoughts rapidly flashed in his mind. This man he barely knew, who had forced himself onto him and made Gon his, who could crush him like a bug if he wanted to, was proud of him. Showed more interest and care for him than his own dad. Had more of an impact in his life than almost anyone. For a second he felt his eyes burn but then Hisoka was moving and those thoughts were replaced with others.

Hisoka had Gon trapped against the cold metallic wall, his large hands cupping Gon’s ass as his long fingers brushed against the warmth of his lower back. Hisoka leaned into the boy’s neck, his breath hot against his skin. "You didn't even break a sweat dealing with him." 

Gon was trembling softly in Hisoka's arms, the magician’s touch mingling with the leftover adrenaline making his stomach flood with warmth. He knew Hisoka was aroused, could feel the man hardening against him. He whined softly in the back of his throat, his arms tightening around Hisoka’s neck. 

"Mmm," Hisoka moaned low in his throat, nosing against Gon’s neck and taking in his scent. "You're ready to face me now, aren't you, bunny?"

Gon nodded, his warm cheek brushing against Hisoka’s. "Mhm…" he moaned softly when Hisoka started slowly kissing his neck, his hot tongue tasting his skin at his own pace, an occasional nibble making his heart race. His hips rolled into Hisoka's hard abs, aching to be closer. 

Distant voices coming from the arena grew louder, causing Hisoka to pull away, annoyance clear in his narrow eyebrows. 

"Hm, let's continue this later." He set the boy back on his feet and together they disappeared into the darkness. 


"Would you like to get dinner?" Hisoka asked him as they ascended up to the lobby where Killua and the rest were waiting for him. "My treat."

Gon smiled at the man, his hazelnut eyes sparkling. His stomach growled at the thought. "Mhm. I just have to say goodbye to Killua first."

"Oh? You don't want him to come along? He's more than welcomed to."

Gon frowned a bit. Of course he wanted to spend time with Killua, but the thought of the three of them together was still so foreign to him and the magician’s sole attention sounded much better. "No. I want to spend time with you. Alone." He glanced up at Hisoka to see his reaction. 

The magician was smiling softly, unbothered by the boy's answer and pleased with the hint of possession in his tone. "Then it's settled. Just us."

It sounded like a promise. 

Gon pulled away from Hisoka once they were in the light, seeing Killua standing with Mr. Wing and Zushi. That made him nervous, especially when his rumpled teacher was noticeably scowling at the tall man at his side. Almost like Hisoka read his mind the man was walking away, as if he hadn't been with Gon at all. 

Gon trotted over to his friends, grinning happily and waving. Killua was giving him a knowing look, one pale eyebrow raised. 

"Killua! Zushi! Mr. Wing! You saw everything, right?" He bounced around happily, accepting their praise with blushing cheeks. 

"You were incredible!" Zushi exclaimed. "You truly are a strong nen user." 

"So are you, Zushi. One day we'll fight together, okay?"

"Gon," from Mr. Wing's stern voice the boy knew he was going to ask why Hisoka had come out of the elevator with him, why the man had been anywhere near him. He felt panicked, knowing he was a terrible liar, when Killua saved him. 

"Hey, Gon. I bet you're starving, huh? Let's go find something to eat and celebrate." Without warning, the boy took Gon’s hand and led him away, calling over his shoulder. "See you tomorrow, Zushi, Mr.Wing." 

"Bye, guys!" Gon waved happily, sighing in relief when they were out of sight. 

Killua huffed, crossing his arms. He gave his friend an unimpressed look. " owe me big time for that."

Gon rubbed his neck nervously, laughing shakily. "T-thank you, Killu. You really are the best." 

Killua flushed slightly, meeting Gon’s look of gratitude. "Yeah, I know. Now go, before they walk over here."

Gon smiled, nodding. "I'll see you tomorrow, Killu. Bye~" then he was off, running towards the direction Hisoka sauntered off to. 

He found the man easily, heard the shuffling of cards before he saw him casually leaning against the wall, eyes closed with a smile. 

Seeing him like that reminded Gon of how powerful he was. Even relaxed like that he could take someone out. How am I ever going to beat him? Gon gulped, eyeing Hisoka’s defined arms and knowing how bad a punch that man could land. 

Golden eyes slid open, instantly landing on him, Hisoka’s smile curving deviously. That look sent Gon into a whirlwind of lust, still reeling from the adrenaline from his win and desperate for an outlet. " little bunny is ready?" 

Gon flushed, aware other people were around and could potentially hear them. They got enough stares standing together as it was. Even so, Gon warmed from the inside out from a mixture of embarrassment and affection at the pet name, wondering what people would think about them. Probably nothing good. "Can we go somewhere outside of the Arena?" 

Hisoka blinked slowly. "Of course. There are many places we can go to."

"Hm...I want to go to your favorite one!" 

The man leaned down to lessen the height gap, his smile lecherous while his eyes raked over his body. "Mmm...Gon, in that case, my favorite meal is standing right in front of me."

Gon flushed, smiling nervously as arousal spiked in his gut. "Hisoka…" 

Hisoka eyed him like he wanted to take a bite and Gon was left wishing he had. 

The man led him out of the Arena nevertheless, plunging into the cool evening air. Instantly, an array of delicious scents bombarded Gon’s sensitive nose, causing him to halt his steps in front of the entrance. Hisoka paused, glancing down at him curiously. 

Gon rubbed his nose before inhaling deep. He smelled so many different spices, barbecued meats and soft sweet pastries wafting in the air. His stomach growled and he almost found himself heading off towards the scents without thinking, acting on his empty stomach alone.

Hisoka smiled softly, smelling the air as well. "Come, there's been a change of plan."

Together they followed their noses and the trails of people until they found where the commotion was coming from, turning the corner into the large town square and seeing a mass of people. 

They came across stands upon stands of food and games. Food carts and trucks lined the perimeter of the square, glorious smelling smoke billowing up into the air. Other stands were raised for games like ring toss and apple bobbing, other kids flitting about with prizes stuffed under their arms.

Gon smiled happily, out of habit from spending his time with Killua, took Hisoka’s hand and pointed with the other. Hisoka must not have minded, squeezing the boy's hand in response. "Look, Hisoka! There's food everywhere." 

The boy looked like he had stepped right into heaven, already leading the man to a stand selling kabobs of juicy steak and vegetables. Being a 200th floor champion, money was no issue and everything was relatively cheap. 

With a game plan in mind, Gon stopped at nearly every stand, stocking up before smiling up at his companion. With the amount of food he was carrying, Gon couldn’t hold Hisoka’s hand, but he stayed close. Having Hisoka next to him made him happy. 

"Let's find a place to sit and eat this!"

Hisoka nodded his consent, not seeing how he had much of a say in the matter. Gon’s arms were loaded and they were both grateful that a woman working one of the stands offered them a bag. Even so it was a lot. Gon had acquired squid dumplings, curry buns, pork buns, fried bananas dipped in chocolate, shaved ice, more chicken sandwiches he could ever need, and several chocolates he planned to bring back to Killua. 

"And what exactly do you plan on doing with all that?" Hisoka drawled, glowering at a family of four who eyed the pair wearily, or more likely, just him. He garnered looks everywhere he went, but now more than ever with Gon at his side. Which was warranted, given what he had done and what he planned to do to the boy. 

Unaware or uncaring, Gon didn’t give the odd looks they received any attention. He beamed up at Hisoka. "Eat it, of course!" 

Hisoka hummed in amusement, because of course it was always that simple with him. "Of course."

They found a park not far from the Arena, claiming a bench further away from the main road where it wasn't as busy. Gon sat cross legged, facing Hisoka with the bag between them. He opened the loot with a beatific grin, glorious smells filling the air. His stomach growled loudly, eager for what awaited him. He pulled out a container of shrimp pot stickers and passed them to Hisoka before digging in for a chicken sandwich. 

Gon ate happily, messily, watching as Hisoka’s long fingers delicately picked up a pot sticker and placed it into his mouth. He smiled, his cheeks stuffed full. He watched Hisoka chew, drawn to the way even that was handled gracefully. He never seemed to see Hisoka out of his element, he wondered how their fight would go. 

The likelihood that it would end in his favor didn’t seem high, but that wouldn't stop Gon from giving it his all. And he was prone to beating the odds after all. He knew he could land a punch, he just had to try. Now his biggest issue was to see Hisoka as an enemy rather than...whatever it was Hisoka was to him. 

Hisoka of course noticed Gon watching him, the magician’s lips pulling into a smile. “Something on your mind, Gon?”

“Hisoka...what are we?”

A thin red eyebrow rose along with his smile. Such an amusing line of questioning. Hisoka almost laughed. “Hm...I suppose I am your lover.”

Gon pondered that, not quite understanding. “My lover?” The word was strange on his tongue. He doesn’t think he’s ever said it before. He suddenly remembered Hisoka’s conversation with Illumi, the word husband stabbing him in the chest. 

“Yes, but we should keep that information to ourselves, don’t you think? If anyone asks, we’re friends.” Hisoka chuckled softly. “How interesting, really.”

“Friends…” Gon repeated, mulling it over. “Is that what you say about Illumi, too?”

Hisoka eyed him, for once not quite knowing where Gon was going with this. His little bunny was guarded from him and he didn’t like it. “Yes. It’s not a secret, but it isn’t necessary information to share, either.”

Gon met his look, his eyes hard and shimmering like a polished diamond. “Do you have a lot of friends, Hisoka?”

Hisoka’s smile grew and he wanted to fuck that look right off Gon’s face. “Me? I thought I told you, bunny…I’m shy.”

Gon rolled his eyes, his cheeks puffed out. “You aren’t fooling me, you know.”

The man laughed, finding Gon adorable when he pouted but decided a subject change was in order. "Are you nervous for our fight, Gon?" Hisoka already knew the answer to that, being a thrill seeker himself.

The boy shook his head, grinning. "Nope!" Which wasn’t a complete lie. "I'm excited to face you one on one." 

Hisoka closed his eyes with a low hum. "You've proven yourself a lot, Gon. Regardless of the outcome," his eyes opened and met Gon’s. "It will be a fight to remember."

Gon smiled, floored by Hisoka’s excitement for their fight. “I can’t wait! I’m gonna hit you so hard!

Amused and turned on by that, Hisoka smiled. “You’ll need all your strength for that, love. Here, I'm sure you would like this," Hisoka offered, his hand raised near Gon’s lips and a pot sticker between his fingers. "Don't be shy, open up."

Gon obeyed without second thought, his body reacting to Hisoka’s words alone, letting Hisoka feed him. He liked it, wiggling happily from the taste and the satisfaction of being taken cared of. As much as he liked to play it off, he missed the days where he could count on Aunt Mito to be there for him when he needed her, but he knew he had to grow up. And now...he had Hisoka.

When he met Hisoka’s half-lidded eyes a rush of warmth flooded his stomach, the obvious lust in Hisoka's golden hues turning Gon on. That must mean...Hisoka liked feeding him, as well. The man was deranged in his own special way, but some part of him enjoyed taking care of him just as much as he wanted to break him. The balance between those ever shifting with the wind. 

"Hm?" Gon hummed when Hisoka’s thumb wiped at the corner of his mouth. 

"You made a mess." 

On instinct, Gon’s tongue came and licked the sauce from Hisoka’s finger, the taste salty and tangy. His eyelids fluttered when he felt the warmth of Hisoka’s skin on his tongue. He melted like the shaved ice he bought when Hisoka grunted under his breath. 

"Gon," the man purred, his voice dripping syrup against Gon’s skin. "You know better than to provoke me in public." 

Gon’s cheeks were flushed cutely even as he glanced around them. Even though they had gotten plenty of stares while the boy was spending his earnings; a young boy all alone with a strange tall man, not a single resemblance between them, no one seemed to even glance their way now. Gon found Hisoka’s burning eyes, his heart pounding wildly in his chest as he leaned closer to the man, taking a pot sticker and lifting it to Hisoka’s mouth. 

"C-can I feed you, too?"

Hisoka looked exactly like a proud lion, languidly opening his mouth for Gon. His tongue snaked out, curling around one of Gon’s small fingers as the boy fed him, purring softly. 

Gon blushed harder when Hisoka’s tongue teased him. He gasped in shock when Hisoka’s strong fingers wrapped around his wrist, holding him in place as he licked the dripping soy sauce off Gon’s fingers, his tongue working even after everything was cleaned up. 

Spiking arousal heated Gon’s belly and he squirmed, very aware of how public this spot was. "Hisoka…"

"Hm, you started it, bunny. I intend to finish it." Hisoka smirked, his eyes assessing Gon’s willingness. "Just stay quiet, baby. I'll make it quick."

Gon’s eyes were wide when Hisoka palmed his erection through his shorts, biting his fist to cover his abrupt moan. Through narrowed eyes, Gon glanced around them. A family and a couple were passing them at the sidewalk and he prayed they didn't look to their right otherwise they would have seen a young boy being pleasured in the park by a strange man. 

Hisoka unbuttoned and unzipped Gon’s shorts with practiced ease, slipping his hand inside to fondle the boy's hardness. He watched paranoia and pleasure battle for dominance, Gon lifting his hips into his hand while nervously glancing around them. 

"Shh, just stay natural, Gon. Let daddy take care of you."

At those words, Gon nodded willingly, huffing warmly as Hisoka stroked him. His hands clutched the edge of the bench, straining to keep his whines and whimpers down to a minimum. He didn’t want to close his eyes, fixated on the way Hisoka’s hand wrapped around him tightly. 

“How filthy of you Gon, letting me play with you where anyone could see. What if your precious teacher walked by, hm? Imagine what he would say if he saw us right now.” Hisoka teased him, his wrist twisting as he stroked the boy. “I bet he would be so disappointed.” 

Gon was biting his lip, his entire body clenched tight. Hisoka’s words rang in his head, almost terrifying enough for him to look around their surroundings but also tempting enough to make him buck his hips up, imaging Mr.Wing glaring down at him as Hisoka fucked him rough in the park for anyone to see. He grunted softly, his head lolling back as he felt how close he was, dripping messily in Hisoka’s deft hand. “Mmph...H-Hisoka, please don’t stop.”

“Well, when you ask me so nicely,” Hisoka tightened his hand, knowing how close Gon was from his almost pained expression of pleasure. “If only you could see yourself, bunny. I’ve made you into such a shameless slut, haven’t I?”

Gon couldn’t stop the whimper, Hisoka’s words becoming undeniable when he spread his legs further, his nails digging into the wooden bench to the point the wood was splintering. “Hisoka,” Gon felt lightheaded when he came, sinking back into the arm of the bench with a shaky sigh. 

Hisoka’s hand was covered in cum, dripping sloppily along his knuckles. He brought it to his mouth, lapping up the warm liquid until it was gone. The boy was delicious. Hisoka was aching, restraining himself from sinking into a fantasy and fucking the boy right on the park bench. He cleaned his boy up with a stray napkin, smirking at his flushed cheeks. 

“Since we’ve both had our...meal. Let’s head back for dessert, hm?”

Gon nodded with a dazed smile. Dessert sounded nice.


Gon was spread out in the middle of Hisoka’s large bed, the man’s weight on him as he made a thorough descent down his slender body. 

The way Hisoka licked and sucked Gon’s skin made it very apparent this was the dessert he was after. Red marks decorated his tan skin, but Gon wasn’t complaining. Each and every red stain was kissed afterwards before Hisoka moved on to adorn another patch of skin. 

Gon slowly licked the chocolate covered banana he brought into the bed, unlike Hisoka he actually wanted dessert. Hisoka’s eyes caught the motion, lifting his head up from Gon’s hip and smiling softly. “Can I have a taste?”

“Hm? Oh!” Gon giggled and brought the half eaten, slightly melting banana to Hisoka’s lips, his eyebrows pulling together in confusion when Hisoka shook his head. 

The man took his hand, messy and covered in chocolate, before licking one of his fingers. Gon instantly melted, transferring the banana to his other hand so that Hisoka had free reign of his chocolate coated fingers. He moaned quietly while pushing his hips into the man, his body reacting to Hisoka’s hot and wet tongue. He stared openly as Hisoka sucked on his fingers one by one, the man meeting his gaze to watch him fall apart the whole time. 

“You’re addicting, Gon,” Hisoka told him after he was done, letting the boy’s hand drop weakly to the bed. "I could taste you for hours." He pulled himself up to Gon’s mouth, leaning down to kiss his lips. They both tasted like chocolate and bananas, sweet and delicate. 

Gon licked his way into Hisoka's mouth, moaning in between deep kisses. He always loved how sweet Hisoka tasted, like bubblegum or cotton candy, but now his tongue was chocolate coated. His sticky hand held Hisoka’s sharp jaw, his thumb stroking along his skin as they kissed. 

They both lost track of time, pulling back breathlessly. Gon smiled at Hisoka as he quickly finished the leftover banana, giggling because he thought it was so funny to bring a dessert to bed, not understanding that it was a kink for others. Gon’s innocence had a strong effect on Hisoka, especially when he could corrupt it. 

Hisoka held Gon’s chin with one hand, looking into his eyes for a moment. "You’re mine,” Hisoka licked Gon’s lips, smirking at the boy’s delighted sigh. 

The man went back to kissing down the boy’s body, sucking and nibbling new marks into his flesh while his hands caressed the boy’s sides, making him nice and relaxed. He kissed the soft skin of Gon’s thighs, smiling to himself as they trembled. His fingers teased his outer thighs as his lips closed in, kissing his soft cheeks before spreading him open to mouth at his fluttering hole. Instantly, Gon was pushing himself closer, Hisoka chuckling warmly as he dug his tongue in. 

"Hisoka…" the boy sighed in pleasure. His hands were drawn to the man's hair, finding any weak spots to dig his fingers into. He mewled as Hisoka’s strong tongue licked him open, turning him into a needy mass writhing on the bed. “Please, daddy, I need you…”

Hisoka was throbbing, every inch of him pulsing to be inside his boy. “Tell bad do you need it, baby?”

Gon whined, wanting to hide from that, not knowing what words to say, how to express what he was feeling inside, but Hisoka wouldn’t let him, leaning up and off of his body and hovering over him. His large hand wrapped around Gon’s neck, squeezing. “Come on, sweetheart, use your words. Otherwise I’ll have to beat them out of you,” his hand tightened, his bloodlust seeping out. 

Gon reacted to those words with an all over shudder, his brown eyes glazing over. His voice was quiet when he asked, “beat me how?”

Hisoka smirked, his free hand showing him exactly what he meant by smacking the boy across his face, the crack of flesh against flesh loud and sharp. Gon’s cheek was turning pink, blood rushing to the surface, his face warm. Hisoka felt the boy’s hips rocking, trying to find friction against him but Hisoka refused to satisfy him. “Exactly as it sounds, slut.”

Gon arched up, his small hands gripping Hisoka’s forearm. “Harder, it harder.” 

Hisoka happily obliged, smacking the boy’s other cheek with more force and causing him to yelp in pain. The boy’s sound of distress sent Hisoka’s cock twitching, precum dripping from his slit as he continued smacking the boy. He flipped Gon over and shoved a pillow under his hips, his plump ass his new punching bag, spanking the boy hard enough to leave large handprints. 

Gon fisted the sheets, his hips rocking with Hisoka’s sharp smacks, shamelessly rubbing his small cock against the pillow. Hisoka’s hits landed right over his hole, sending pleasurable waves throughout his body, shaking him to the core. He buried his face into the bed, moaning brokenly from the way his entire body seemed to sing whenever Hisoka treated him roughly. He liked that Hisoka didn’t hold back, that he expected Gon to be able to handle it and if not that he would take it anyway. 

But the boy couldn’t take it anymore, feeling so wound up that anything more would make him burst. He could feel how sensitive and close to cumming he was, his ass lifting into the air as he panted heavily. “Nng...Soka...fuck me, please, please, fuck me hard. I need it so hurts” he wanted to cry the tension he felt was driving him crazy, growing so tight he could snap in half. 

He heard Hisoka’s moan of approval before the man spread his ass cheeks apart and pressed the wet tip of his cock against him, pushing the bulbous head in with a loud grunt. He didn’t use lube, knowing it wouldn’t matter soon. Gon made his cock drip like a broken faucet, leaking precum like a touch starved virgin. The boy cried out in pain but he continued, thrusting his way deep into his pet until his balls were pressed against him. 

He pulled back out, his head buried in his tight entrance, watching as precum already wet the boys cheeks when he pushed back in. 

Hisoka rocked into him, pressing in deep as he could and holding the boy down with his large hand flat on his back. The pillow kept his hips up, the angle perfect for dragging his cock against the boys prostate over and over again. 

The sounds that were ripped out of Gon’s throat made Hisoka delirious, his eyes rolling back as he rammed his cock hard into Gon. The boy’s hole was stretching around his length but still tighter than a vice. “How many times have I fucked you loose and you’re still so tight around me…” Hisoka growled, groaning when the muscles pulsing around his cock clenched even tighter. 

Gon couldn't find any words to respond, all thoughts pushed out of his head at the burning stretch of Hisoka stuffing him full. He could barely move with Hisoka’s weight keeping him down, his body forced to take every one of Hisoka’s thrusts into his body. The pleasure was so overwhelming and intense he could only whine and moan incoherently, Hisoka’s name coming from his lips like a mantra. 

He could feel how close he was, the pillow beneath him rewarding him with delicious friction as Hisoka picked up the pace, his large hands gripping Gon’s shoulders and keeping him in position as he fucked the boy thoroughly. He forgot everything as Hisoka pleasured him, forgot about his win earlier, forgot about the time in the park, forgot everything that wasn’t the long, thick cock making a mess of him. 

“Fuck,” Hisoka breathed, draping his body over the boy and rolling his hips, the strokes long and deep. Sweat dripped from his body to Gon’s, where their skin met becoming slick. One hand carded through Gon’s hair, taking in a handful and bringing Gon’s face to his. He kissed the boy messily, licking his sweet tasting lips and sucking on his warm tongue. He could feel Gon’s whimpers vibrating into his mouth, could hear how desperate his boy sounded. 

With his lips next to Gon’s ear, he brought the boy closer to his release with his sultry voice, “I know how bad you want to cum, baby, I can feel how tight you are. You want me to cum too, baby boy? Do you want me to fuck your little pussy until you’re crying, hm, bunny? Want me to put all my cum in you… Answer me.”

Gon was digging his nails into the bed, his ass clenched around Hisoka so tight the man thought he might break. It took him a moment to put words together, his voice coming out strained, trying not to scream from how good Hisoka was fucking him. “P-please, d-daddy, I need it,” he whined, pushing his hips back into the man. “Fuck…please...” 

He felt so needy, this heady feeling clouding everything else but his desire for release. He wanted to feel Hisoka losing it inside of him, that rush of warmth and completion filling him when they came together as one. He loved that feeling, his ass felt hungry for it, like he couldn’t get enough of Hisoka pounding into him until he was filling his ass with cum. 

Hisoka groaned at his little sluts begging, his hips snapping into the boy harder, his small body jerking from the force of his thrusts. “Such a good, obedient boy... you make me so proud.” His other hand reached out and covered one of Gon’s, his fingers slipping between Gon’s and squeezing. He could feel his orgasm building up, the ache inside him clawing to the surface as he fucked the boy roughly. “I can hardly wait for our fight, Gon, can’t wait to get you on your knees, baby.” 

Gon moaned, pushing his head back into Hisoka’s shoulder, desiring to be even closer to the man. His praise went to his heart and cock, making him throb all over. “H-Hisoka!” He held the man's hand in a death grip, his moan breaking off into sobs when he finally burst, cumming hard against the pillow he was grinding against, trapped between that friction and Hisoka’s fat cock beating his fluttering walls up. 

Hisoka grunted, feeling the boy tightening and releasing him as he came, his needy hole bringing him to his orgasm at the same time. 

His low moan made Gon shudder, his core throbbing from how arousing Hisoka’s voice was. Hot liquid was pumped into him, coating his walls in warmth and he felt tears wet his cheeks, his breathing coming out in harsh pants. 

Hisoka stayed buried inside of him until they both caught their breath, slipping out of the boy with a wet sound. He reached out and rubbed the boy's cheeks, moving up to massage his lower back, knowing he would be sore. 

The man saw how exhausted Gon was, eyes glazed and barely moving. It made him smirk, loving the effect he had on the boy. He aligned himself against the boy's side, staring at his flushed face. 

Gon met his look, weakly smiling at him. "I-I don't think I can walk…"

That made Hisoka chuckle warmly, shaking his head. "No, I don't believe that's in the cards, sweetheart." 

Gon closed his eyes, smiling. "Am I...I'm a good lover, right, Hisoka?" 

Hisoka cupped the boy's face, stroking his warm face with his thumb until Gon met his look again. "Hm…I have no complaints." He leaned forward and lightly kissed the boy on his lips, Gon kissing him back only much more subdued. 

He scooped Gon up and laid him on his chest, the warmth and weight of Gon on top of him instantly familiar. 

Gon clung to him, even though he just got pounded into he wanted affection from the man. "Hisoka...I can't wait to punch you...right in the face…"

Hisoka stroked the boy's back, feeling his breathing evening out. He laughed softly to himself. "Hm, I have no doubt in my mind about that…" 

But the boy was already asleep, curled up in his arms with a smile on his face. Hisoka gently brushed his messy dark green hair away from Gon’s face, lightly kissing his forehead. 

"Sweet dreams, little one."