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Put Your Marks on My Skin

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As far as days go, today has to be one of those days that you just want to curl up in your bed and not get out, Buck decides. They had just returned from a massive collision on a busy freeway and it being the office hours there was a huge pile-up that had resulted in too many casualties and serious injuries. Mentally Buck is exhausted and only the thought of a nice warm shower with his boyfriend is keeping him going. Looking over at Eddie, Evan notices that he too is emotionally overwhelmed, his shoulders hunching over and his eyebrows furrowed.

Grabbing Eddie’s hand, Evan pulls him towards the truck. “Let’s go home baby. I have something planned for us, something that I’ve been wanting to try for some time…would you like that?” asked Buck, smiling lightly.

“Will you tell me what it is or is it a surprise?” Eddie asked him teasingly with raised eyebrows.

“Mmmmm let’s keep it a surprise shall we? Do you trust me baby?” Evan asked, pretending to think for a while.

“You know I do Papi,” replied Eddie, trailing his hand over Evan’s thighs, making buck grip the steering wheel tighter.

“Careful baby or I might have to punish you.”

“Hmm…maybe I want you to…”

“Careful what you wish for baby boy, now hold my hand like the good little boy you are and keep still,” ordered Buck.

And that, that sent shivers down Eddie’s spine. He couldn’t wait to see what Buck had in mind.


As soon as they reach home Buck pushes Eddie into the shower asking him to clean up… thoroughly . While Eddie is in there, Buck rifles through their stuff and picks out a pair of handcuffs, a blindfold, and a soft sponge ball.

When Eddie steps into the bedroom, Buck wraps him in a hug, roving his hands all over his body and trailing kisses from his neck to his soft plump lips. Licking into Eddie’s mouth, Buck guides him down onto the bed, pushing his arms up to the headboard and gets between his knees, effectively making him lie spread-eagled.

“Hey baby,” Evan says, kissing him on the nose.

“Hey,” Eddie replies, bashfully.

“How do you feel about trying something new? I want to try teasing you, tying up your hands, blindfolding you and making shake before letting you come… Do you want it?”

Eddie pants faster, just thinking about it sends delicious shivers of pleasure down his body. Biting his lips, Eddie pulls Evan's head down for a scorching kiss, whispering into his mouth a soft, shy “Yes Papi" making Evan beam.

Buck starts kissing and biting down Eddie’s neck and up his strong arms leaving little red marks all over his biceps and finally reaching his wrists Buck lays two fleeting kisses before securing them to the headboard with the beautiful leather cuffs and blindfolding him. He also puts the little ball in Eddie’s hand, telling him to let it go if he wanted to stop.

Buck feels Eddie’s breath stutter as he fully registers how vulnerable he is in this position and slowly he starts kissing and licking down his chest. He teases Eddie’s nipples, biting and sucking on one and pinching the other with his fingers till they’re red. Eddie arches up, pushing into Evan’s mouth, letting out little grunts of pleasure.

Buck licks a trail down Eddie’s front, teasingly kissing the head of his dick before moving to kiss the sharp v of his hips. Eddie’s hips thrust wantonly into the air, searching for Buck’s mouth, his hands pulling on the cuffs.

“Please…Buck…” Eddie breathes out.

Buck licks a slow stripe up Eddie’s dick, lapping at the precum gathered on the tip. He licks frustrating little kitten licks all over his dick, rolling his balls with one hand. His eyes flick up to look at Eddie’s body, lying there with tiny red marks all over, his teeth biting his lips raw, and his arms straining with desperation. Pushing Eddie’s legs up further, Buck licks his way down his dick, past his balls to his hole. Blowing a breath over the right ring of muscle, Buck flattens his tongue and licks a broad stripe over Eddie’s hole, making Eddie moan out a wrecked “Oh fuck!.” Buck laps over his hole like a man starving, and slowly starts to point his tongue, pushing it in a little at a time. That, combined with the sounds Eddie is making have him gripping his own dick in a tight fist to keep from blowing his load.

Buck eats Eddie out until his hole is nice and relaxed, then he pushes Eddie’s legs further apart and sits up a little. Grabbing the bottle of lube from the side table, Buck pours a generous amount on his fingers, and smirking smugly pushes two inside Eddie while swallowing his dick down at the same time, making him shout and arch up his back sharply. Eddie chants Evan's name like a prayer, twisting and thrusting, not knowing which feeling to chase. With his eyes blindfolded like this and not being able to touch Buck, Eddie feels as if all the sensations in his body have been dialed up. He can feel every breath, every little caress, and every fleeting press of Evan’s lips on his body.

Bobbing his head, Buck thrusts his fingers in and out of Eddie’s hole, first two and then three while keeping a steady suction going on his dick. Feeling Eddie’s body start to shake, Buck pulls his fingers out and lets go of Eddie’s dick with truly filthy pop.

Eddie let’s out a pathetic whine at suddenly feeling Buck move off of him, but it’s only for a second as he comes back almost immediately, pulling Eddie’s legs up on his shoulders, placing a kiss on his ankle. Buck pours lube on his dick, unable to resist stroking himself a few times and then he leans down, almost folding Eddie in half to kiss Eddie and ask him, “Are you ready for me baby?”

Taking a deep breath, Eddie lets it out slowly and smiles at Evan.

“Yes Evan. I’m so ready.”

Slowly Evan starts pushing into Eddie’s body, groaning at the tight squeeze. He has to hold still for a moment as he sheaths himself fully. Closing his eyes Buck controls himself and starts to slowly thrust. However, after teasing Eddie for so long he knows neither of them are gonna last too long, and with that thought in mind Evan picks up speed. Putting Eddie’s legs down, Buck leans down and kisses Eddie, wrapping on of his hands around Eddie’s neck and squeezing gently. This angle makes Eddie moan louder, letting out little “ah, ah, ah!s" of pleasure as Evan hits his prostate on every thrust.

“Fuck baby, you make such sexy noises, I could hear you moan every hour of every fucking day, fuck!” Buck says, kissing all over Eddie’s face.

Buck feels Eddie start to shake, his legs wrapping around Evan’s waist, pulling him in closer while his hole clenches and unclenches rhythmically, making Buck groan and swear loudly. Thrusting wildly, Evan squeezes Eddie’s neck tighter, whispering “Come on baby, come for me.” Like a rubber band snapped Eddie’s whole body tenses up, his hole clenching tightly over Evan’s furiously pumping dick before he shoots out long ropes of cum all over both their stomachs, his body falling like a puppet with its strings cut.

After that Buck thrust his hips only a few times before emptying himself deep inside Eddie, who let’s out a weak moan at the feeling. Panting harshly Buck kisses Eddie all over his face and chest, catching his breath.


Evan lets Eddie out of his bindings, pulling off his blindfold and finally looking into the warm brown eyes that he loves so much.

“Hey there beautiful, you did so well baby. You were so good for me,” he says fondly.

Smiling at the look of complete and utter satisfaction on Eddie’s face Buck cleans them up with his discarded T-shirt and then starts to massage the soreness out of Eddie’s hands, slowly bringing him back to his senses. Evan smooches kisses on Eddie’s cheeks and cuddles him close, murmuring in his ear how good he did and how proud he is of Eddie for being such a good boy and how thankful he is that Eddie trusted him so much.

And that is exactly how they fall asleep, in each others arms and cuddling close, knowing that come tomorrow they will have to get back to the daily grind.