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Lingering Affair

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He was sitting at the bar, enjoying a tumbler of a 21 year old Glenlivet. He’d been pleasantly surprised to see the bottle sitting high up behind the young barman and decided he was here to celebrate after all. It may be expensive, but wasn’t that the point? Turning in his chair, Will glanced out over the small dance floor over his shoulder. The chocolate notes of his beverage rested on his tongue as his eyes caught sight of a head of golden hair. The owner was dancing to the slow tempo of the song with a grace he hadn’t seen or maybe rather taken notice of in years.

Rose swayed to the music, already happily warmed from her drinks. She was only one of a handful of people on the dance floor, and she was the only one dancing alone. Jake was at their table, and every time she glanced his way he was watching her. Rose smiled at him. He wasn’t watching her with the eyes of a man who had intentions. Instead, Jake was smiling at her fondly and yet managed to still look the part of the protective brother.

When she had first decided on a career change, whether temporary or not, he’d been the first to offer support. It wasn’t that her family, including Mickey, were actually against the idea. But none of them were convinced it was actually what she wanted. Shaking her head to the rhythm, Rose forced her thoughts to shift. She was supposed to be focusing on the now.

Spinning slowly she let her eyes glide over the room, darkened though it was and lost herself in the song. A pair of dark eyes across the floor, belonging to the man at the bar, made her stumble. Jake was immediately there, offering a hand that she gladly took, and led her to her seat.

Rose threw back the rest of her beverage and signaled to the waitress walking by for another.

“Are you sure you want another? I mean, I’m not gonna judge…” Jake’s look was both of amusement and concern and Rose simply nodded back at him. He shrugged and leaned back in his chair.

Her new drink arrived shortly thereafter and she took a few gulps before daring to peer around Jake toward the bar. The man was still there, but he was facing away. It had to have been a trick of her muddle brain and the low lights. Because those were eyes she had never expected to see again. She noted the lack of pinstripes, and the jacket slung over the chair next to him appeared shorter. She blinked a few times and took another long draught before meeting Jake’s now curious gaze.

“It’s nothing. Just my mind playing tricks.” She smiled at her friend encouragingly. “Care to join me for a song or two?”

He had switched to a cheaper, but still excellent selection of scotch, and the woman on the dance floor had found a partner. He found himself twisted in his seat even further so as to have a better view of the dancers. Even in the dim lights he could see that she was gorgeous, with a captivating smile. Her clothing choice was much more conservative than the other females on the floor, and yet it was still rather sexy. A simple pair of tight jeans with a flowing purple top.

Finishing yet another glass he started to think that maybe it was time to head home. The house was empty, no one waiting on him with Jamie at his grandmother’s for the week. That thought made him waver in his decision. But he had a big day coming up, and sleep would do him well. He slid the empty glass across the bar.

His eyes were still trained on the blonde hair when he realized the barman had replaced his empty glass with a full one. Will sighed and brought it to his lips, his eyes never leaving the woman.

“I really should head home soon. First day tomorrow and all.” Rose was resting her head on Jake’s shoulder, now letting him guide her across the dance floor in slow circles.

“It’s your party. You can leave whenever you choose.”

Her eyes shifted as they neared the bar and her breath left her lungs as her eyes met the man’s again. There was no mistaking the familiarity this time. As she stumbled against Jake, he caught her tightly about the waist.

“I think you may be right. Bed time is quickly approaching.”

Rose couldn’t pull her eyes away from the man, and he wasn’t looking anywhere else either. Their gazes locked, even as Jake moved them back toward their table. She accepted his help in putting on her jacket and took her small purse when he handed it to her.

“I’m gonna get a cab, do you want me to walk to your door first?”

She pulled her eyes away and looked at Jake, his words fluttering around in her head for a moment before she could make sense of them. “Oh, I’ll be fine. It’s literally next door after all.”

He nodded and they made their way across the pub to the door.

Will watched the couple leave and decided he really did need to get home now. After paying his tab he slipped on his jacket and made his way outside. He stood outside the entrance debating. Their home was only a few blocks away, and the walk would likely help sober him up and tire him out. But the air was a bit cooler than he preferred and a warm cab sounded awfully nice.

Just as he was about to flag down an approaching car, he heard a faint “shite” behind him. Turning toward the word he saw the woman kneeling in front of a doorway only a few feet down. Without a though he moved toward her, kneeling down as well to help her pick up the few items scattered across the pavement.

When she glanced up at him, presumably to thank him, she froze. Her lips were slightly parted, her eyes wide, and he wasn’t sure she was even breathing.

“Is everything all right?” He glanced around for the bloke that had been with her earlier, but didn’t see him. “Is you boyfriend…“

“I don’t have a boyfriend. I mean, I have a friend. And he’s a boy, but not like a proper boyfriend. He’s a Jake. Not “A” Jake. His name is Jake.”

Will smiled at her as she rambled, stumbling over her words, still clutching her things and her purse.

“Right. Well, then.” He stood up and offered a hand to help her. She quickly shoved her items into the small purse and took his hand. She stumbled on her heels and he caught her, hands around her waist. Her hair fell into her eyes and he started talking without thinking. “You are quite a wonderful dancer.”

She glanced up at him through her lashes, making no real effort to move out of his grip, and smiled up at him bashfully. “Thank you.”

She shifted her weight on her feet and he was about to let her go when she placed a hand on his shoulder and lifted up to kiss his cheek. As her lips lingered against his skin, he lost all thought, turning his head just enough to steal a kiss. When she still didn’t pull away, he pressed his lips against hers more firmly and she leaned into him. He slid his hands in opposite directions across her back until he was properly holding her to him his fingers wrapped around her sides. She sighed and he took advantage of the way her lips had parted slightly to run the tip of his tongue along her bottom one.

After that it was like a tidal wave broke over them. Lips and teeth and tongues in a dance as she moved her hands into his hair, her purse once again on the ground, forgotten. He ran a hand downward gripping the back of her thigh, trying to pull her body closer. She moaned against his lips. Moments passed and they were all that existed in the world.

And then a ringing broke the silence around them and she pulled away, her hands still holding tightly to him. She grinned at him, her lips swollen and he could only smile back as she moved down to pick up her purse. Pulling out a phone she rolled her eyes before answering it.

“I’m fine. Yes. Of course. I’d not lie to you.” She paused, her head turned to the side, and Will wanted to taste the skin of her neck. “Goodnight to you too.”

His eyes snapped to hers, unsure of what this was or where it was going. He tried to look neutral as he waited for her to say something, anything.

Rose licked her lips and let her mind work rapidly. It had been years since she’d been stuck in this universe. The glimmer of hope she’d had that they might get the canons working again had fallen through. There was no longer any possibility that she could ever get back to her Doctor. And now, she was standing on the street in the arms of a man who could be his clone, whom she had just thoroughly snogged. This could go one of two ways, and she decided quickly that she knew which path she wanted to travel down.

“My um, my place is just upstairs. Care for a night cap?” She chewed her lip as she waited for a reply.

He simply leaned down to kiss her softly again before nodding. She grinned brightly at him before taking his hand and leading the way.

Rose rolled over, bright sunlight streaming in through her window. She growled at it, pulling her comforter over her head. The beeping of her alarm sounded and she swung out a hand to smash the clock and stop the sound. Her head was ringing and she knew she had drank a lot, but really didn’t expect this bad of a hangover.

Moaning, she kicked back the covers and forced herself up. It just wouldn’t do to be late, or only half put together on her first day. It took everything she had, but she managed to get herself some paracetamol before climbing into the shower.

Feeling about sixty percent herself, Rose walked into the building of her new secretary position proud to have arrived ten minutes early. She introduced herself to the first person she saw.

"Oh, I'm Grace. I did your phone interview." The kind older woman smiled brightly at her, and nodded toward the back office. The door was closed, but Rose could clearly see the clean desk out front. The desk that must be hers. She smiled, already excited at doing something new.

“Mr. Burton is on the phone, but he’ll be out in just a mo. You can go ahead and put your stuff away at your desk while you wait.”

Rose moved to sit behind the desk, opening a bottom drawer to place her purse inside. After working as a Team Leader at Torchwood for so long, she was ready for a nice quiet desk job. She wasn't sure how long it would last, but she really wanted to give it a try. It was time to take a break and live a semi-normal life, no matter how temporary.

Behind the door over her shoulder, Rose could hear one side of a conversation. When the talking had stopped for a few minutes she stood, straightening her skirt and preparing to introduce herself to the boss. The door handle jiggled and she glanced down one last time to check over herself. As the door opened she reached out a hand, lifting her eyes as she spoke.

"Hi, I'm Ro-."

Her eyes landed on his face in time to see his eyes widen, his hand flying to his mouth as he choked on the drink he'd just taken. Rose's immediate reaction was to pat his back, asking if he was okay. He nodded and she took a step back, trying to not look around at the room of people who were likely staring at them.

He cleared his throat, testing his voice before extending his own hand. "Will, Will Burton."

As the scene calmed, Rose's cheeks burned with the memories of the night before. Lips between thighs, teeth scraping her hips, hands fisted in her hair. She blinked at him and unconsciously licked her lips before realizing he was still waiting for her to shake his hand. As she placed her hand in his she didn't miss how his eyes had moved to her mouth.

"Welcome to the team, Rose." He'd seemed to compose himself now, giving her a lopsided grin. "Let's get started right away, if you'll just follow me?"

She followed him into his office, and he paused to shut the door before gesturing to one of the chairs in front of his desk. He leaned back against the desk and folded his arms over his chest. Rose waited patiently for him to speak as he shook his head, rubbing a hand over his face.

"I'm not really sure how to start." Rose nodded encouragingly. "I don't normally do... that, that sort of thing."

"Me either." She watched emotions flow over his features and occasionally caught familiar ones that resembled her Doctor.

"Right. No, of course not." He cleared his throat again. "I hope you'll still stay, want to be a part of our team? Grace said you were over qualified, and she was quite impressed with you."

Rose just nodded.

"Good, that's good. Okay."

The room went silent as neither of them could think of anything to say. Finally Rose excused herself and headed back out to her desk, eager to be distracted by whatever work was waiting for her.

Will didn’t move, unable to stop his eyes from dropping down her backside as she exited his office. His mind stripping away the clothes she was currently wearing and remembering the smooth skin hiding underneath. He pushed away from the desk, pacing around the room, but was still unable to stop the stream of visions. Golden hair falling into her face as she leaned down to kiss his chest, their lower bodies connected in the most intimate of ways. The feel of her arse in his hands as he guided her movements.

Bloody hell, he’d become the boss who shagged his secretary! Will ran a hand through his hair, not caring if he was mussing it up, pulling at it as he screamed internally. What the hell had he done? This was a nightmare, a disaster, a…

He crossed his arms again, sitting heavily on the edge of his desk. He jumped back up again, having landed on his phone.

“Do you need me, Mr Burton?” Her voice rang out from the phone and he panicked, realizing he must have hit the call button.

“No, no. Sorry. I don’t need anything, Rose.” He rushed to add a “Thank you.”

Making sure that the connection was closed, he mentally patted himself on the back, “Well said, Will. You certainly do NOT need her.”

He sighed as his head fell back, his eyes landing on the ceiling, “Oh dear Lord, help me.”