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Lingering Affair

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The phone on Rose’s desk beeped and she grinned as she picked up the receiver. "Yes, Mr Burton, how may I assist you?"

"It seems I've confused myself with this new diary program and can't figure out what I have on my plate today. Would you mind terribly coming to my aid?"

"Yes, right away, Sir." Rose hung up her phone, pressing her lips together in an attempt to hide her smile.

Behind her, Will's blinds had been closed all morning and his door was shut. She knocked gently on the door's frame before opening it and slipping through, making sure the door was securely closed behind her. Will was sitting in his chair, but had rolled it back and to the side giving her room to access his computer.

She made her way across the room, her gaze focused on the computer, feeling his eyes on her. Rose may have swayed her hips just a touch more than normal, maybe. At the computer she leaned forward, to better see the screen, and could see him lean back just a little out of the corner of her eye.

Will didn't really try to be discreet about stretching his neck back a bit to get a better view of her backside. In fact, he hoped she noticed. She was talking, something about where to click for different views of his calendar, but he was too busy mentally visualizing what he wanted to do to her.

"Do you want me to set it to show you the whole week on startup?" Her voice was steady, but a few octaves lower than normal.

Will pushed himself up out of his chair and positioned his body behind Rose so that he could see what she was talking about, obviously. If he just happened to be close enough for their clothing to brush, it was completely accidental. He reached out to point at the screen, his arm over her shoulder and only inches from her face. He placed his other hand on his desk, around her other side, effectively trapping her.

"This is where I toggle between views?"

Rose could feel the heat off of his body, even though he wasn't actually touching her. His warm breaths were caressing her ear, but she kept her eyes - and as much of her mind as possible - focused on the screen.

"That's the one."

He lowered his hand down onto the desk next to hers, his chest centimeters from her back. She inhaled as slowly as she could, staring now at the keyboard between their two sets of hands.

He leaned forward, letting his nose press into her hair as he breathed her in. Rose was motionless as Will raised a hand to slowly move her hair to the side, revealing the smooth skin of her neck. He could hear her exhale and moved his mouth lower, letting his lips just barely graze the skin between her hairline and the collar of her blouse. He glanced down to see her fingertips pressing into the wood of his desk. Smirking, he parted his lips and continued the same movement. Moving from her neck up to the sensitive spot behind her ear, he wondered if she had pulled that full bottom lip of hers between her teeth yet.

Rose wanted to react - to speed things up - but at the same time she wanted this to last forever. Will had wrapped a hand around her waist and was pulling her back toward him, their bodies flush against one another, allowing her to feel his appreciation. She fought against the urge to wiggle back into him. His other hand laid over her own before his fingers started to trail gently, slowly up her arm. She could feel her skin prickle at his touch and bit into her lip to keep from moaning at the sensations.

Will pulled her earlobe between his lips, pressing his teeth into the flesh before soothing it with his tongue. He thought he felt her almost lose her balance and he released her from his mouth grinning at the accomplishment. His hand had reached her shoulder and ran slowly down her back, past the waist of her skirt, and over her round arse. He paused to give it a slight squeeze before continuing to travel south to the skirt's hem. He let his fingers dance along the line of her skirt, reaching the slit, and he ran a single finger up her inner thigh until he was hindered by the material. Her legs were pressed together, so he continued his path on the opposite leg back down.

With one hand still gripping her waist, he flattened his other along her outer thigh and slowly moved it up, taking the cotton of her skirt with it. He lowered his mouth to the juncture of her neck and shoulder, pressing kisses there. Her breathing was starting to speed up and he smiled as his hand found the top of her thighhighs. She stretched her neck to the side for him and pressed back against his touch as his hand cupped her bum.

Rose was always amazed at his talented mouth, whether it was on her own or much lower, or even somewhere in between. As his lips, tongue, and teeth worked gently at the skin of her neck and the little bit of exposed shoulder, she was not disappointed. She felt one of his feet sliding in between hers, pressing against her instep and encouraging her to widen her stance. She didn't hesitate to comply.

The rasp of a zipper was loud in the otherwise silent room and Rose momentarily missed the feel of his warm hand against her. It was back on her a second later, now spread across the center of her back and applying pressure. She gave in, leaning further forward over the desk, face almost touching his computer monitor. She felt a tremble go through her as Will's hand slid down her back and over her bum to the edge of her knickers. She moved her hands to the edge of the desk, wrapping her fingers around it.

Will leaned forward to press a gentle kiss to the shell of her ear as he moved the fabric of her knickers to the side, allowing his fingers entrance, and he let out a soft moan at the feel of how ready she was. He used his now dampened fingers to prepare himself before sliding his erection between her legs to rub against her center.

Rose’s knees just about buckled beneath her when the head of his penis brushed over her clit. She tried to grind back against him, but he held her still, taking his time as he slid between her lips over and over. She’d given in to the feel of him by the time his fingers found her chin, pulling her face around so he could press his lips to hers. Their tongues met as they both opened up to the kiss and as it deepened she felt the pressure of him sliding into her.

He continued to kiss her as he moved inside her and Rose could feel her arms shaking, her grip on the desk tightening, with each of his slow thrusts. Will gripped her waist with both hands, straightening himself up behind her and Rose smiled at her reflection in his now blackened computer screen. With his fingers pressing into her hips, he sped up his rhythm. She finally pressed back into him then, meeting him again and again in quick succession.

Rose threw her head back, completely lost to the feel of Will slamming into her. Her mind was blank, every nerve in her body was singing. She heard him whisper a curse as his movements stuttered and she knew he was just as close as she was. One of his hands let go of her, sliding around her and dipping into the front of her knickers. The tips of his fingers set to work on her clit and Rose suddenly didn’t know whether to push back against his hips or forward against his hand.

Will was biting into his lip, concentrating on making Rose lose control and fighting to hold himself back. She let out a gasp as he felt her inner muscles tighten around him and spasm. He let go unable and unwilling to hold back any longer.

He fell forward, catching himself with his hands on his desk and pressing light kisses to the bit of skin still exposed on her neck. He heard her sigh and nuzzled his nose into her hair, wrapping his arms around her waist in a hug.

After they had cleaned up and arranged their clothing back into place, Will was reclined in his chair as Rose leaned back on his desk.

“That was amazing. We should work Saturdays more often.” She smiled at him, as she pushed away from the desk and leaned over him, her hands on the arms of his chair.

“I concur.” He leaned forward and kissed her lips, and then she was pulling back and walking away.

“However, I am now famished and could use some sustenance.” She looked back at him over her shoulder and he stood up to follow.

“Let me guess, you are in the mood for,” he paused, tapping his lips with a finger as he pretended to think. “Chips?”

Rose simply laughed and exited his office, Will right behind her.

Fourteen months had passed since the first time Will shagged Rose on his desk, ten months since they decided she should work for a different law office, and six months since his elaborate marriage proposal - she said yes, of course!

Jamie had been delighted to hear the news. He’d been there with Rose for every decision she had to make about the wedding. Together they had chosen the cake and the colors and the flowers and even her dress. Will hadn’t seen it, because Jamie wouldn’t stand for it. He wanted to see the look on his father’s face the first time he saw it as Rose was walking down the aisle. Rose had even let him help her pick out the bridesmaids dresses, and not one of her ladies had complained upon seeing them.

Will had been there for the big decisions, but once he and Rose realized how excited and involved his son was, they both sat back and let him lead the show. For Will, it wasn’t his first rodeo, and he couldn't care less about the details. He just wanted to make it official. And Rose, well she had never really imagined that she would be getting married, ever. So she didn’t have very strong opinions about much of anything, except that she wanted to keep it small.

The big day finally arrived and it was perfection. Jamie stood by Will's side as Rose was walked down the aisle by her father. Will’s reaction to seeing his bride did not disappoint. Jamie was delighted to see the tears of joy gathering in his father’s eyes upon seeing her. The two of them had been through so much, suffered such a tremendous loss. Jamie just wanted to see his father truly happy and content again, and thanks to Rose Tyler, he was seeing just that radiating from Will's expression.

Jamie let out a breath he didn’t know he’d been holding as his father looked at him, pride and thanks in his eyes. Jamie just smiled and nodded, both of them turning their attention back to Rose as Pete Tyler was raising her veil and kissing her cheek before placing her hand in Will's.

Will squeezed Rose's hand, partly in an effort to steady his own trembling hand, but more so to be sure that his beautiful bride was real and not just a fantasy. He hadn't realized the tears swelling in his eyes had begun to escape until he felt the fingers from Rose's other hand brushing the wet trails from his face.

"I love you," she whispered with eyes as misty as his own. "This is forever, yeah?"

Will raised her hand to his mouth and placed a lingering kiss to her knuckles before replying, "Oh yes!"