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Cody's Secret

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Cody had many secrets. One of which took place during the awake-a-thon.

Owen, Bridgette, Noah, Izzy, DJ, Lindsey, and Beth had all fallen asleep before the fifty-one hour mark.

Cody had been miserably eavesdropping on Gwen and Trent's relationship bonding. Quickly deciding to find another place to keep himself awake since he couldn't handle anymore of it. After Justin was disqualified, Cody began nodding off before the eighty-hour mark. During his state of sleep deprivation; Cody went to find the individual he had been growing closer to throughout the challenges, Noah.

Groggily wobbling towards Noah, Cody crouched down beside him. Poking his available cheek to make sure he wasn't going to disturb the other. He half-smirked when Noah only twitched slightly, otherwise unresponsive. Cody then laid on the ground next to Noah and nestled next to the other, smiling fondly as he immediately passed out.

The next thing Cody knew, he was waking up feeling an oddly nice sensation leave his right ear. Looking behind him, smirking, as Noah began screaming; which caused Cody to scream in surprise too. Not from the realization that Noah was kissing his ear, no it was Noah's reaction that caused him to scream.

They both agreed not to bring it up anytime soon while they were still on reality TV. Though, Noah had no clue Cody sort of intentionally fell asleep beside him. Cody was willing to keep that, plus the fact he was bisexual and had developed a crush on Noah, a secret for now.