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The Love is out there...

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Scully’s apartment

Special Agent Dana Scully woke up early that Wednesday morning, a little after 6am. She turned off her alarm and checked her calendar that was on her bedside cabinet. She groaned when she saw the date. February 14th. Valentine’s Day. Sighing, Scully got up and washed and showered before getting changed.
She had never been a fan of Valentine’s. She thought it took up too much time trying to figure out who sent cards, and it’s too easy to ask her out that way. Since Mulder disappeared, Scully decided to keep to herself. She was too busy worrying about Mulder and finding him than go looking for a relationship with anyone.
As she got dressed into a dark blue suit, light blue blouse and dark blue blazer, she thought of important past relationships that she had- Agent Mulder, AD Skinner. Skinner has been a great source of comfort for her since Mulder was abducted, but she didn’t have strong feelings for him like she had done in the past.
She didn’t know where she stood with Agent Doggett though. Fingers crossed he won’t ask me out, Scully thought biting her lip as she gathered her things in her bag and left her apartment for work.

Agent Doggett sat in his car in the FBI parking garage early that morning at 7:30am. He was trying to muster up the courage to walk into the X Files office and ask Agent Scully out, but he was having trouble doing so, hence why he stayed seated in his car.
He didn’t get much sleep the previous night either, but then again, what’s new? Doggett thought with a wry grin.
With The X Files work was non stop, there was no time for sleep as far as The X Files were concerned. That was another reason why he wanted to take a little time out with Agent Scully, he reasoned, so they could relax together and enjoy each other’s company for a while as Doggett still thought Scully was an attractive and highly intelligent woman. Doggett wasn’t sure where Scully stood with relationships at that time either, as he was sure Scully was worrying about Mulder too much.
But then again she didn’t mention anyone else significant in her life either, Doggett reasoned with himself. He remembered hearing rumours of Mulder confiding in other women in the Bureau, and for one short time, a rumoured affair Scully had with AD Skinner. But he always took the rumours with a pinch of salt, and unless he heard otherwise straight from Scully, then they were just that, rumours.
Doggett bit his lip nervously. Scully was an extremely attractive and mature woman, he knew she must have admirers fighting each other to ask her out each Valentines Day. Will he stand a chance with her? He wondered. Well, he had to try, he thought in determination. He crossed his fingers before finally getting out of his car and locking it behind him before striding over across the garage to the elevator.
As he made his way towards the X Files office, Doggett remembered the first night he had spent with Scully. She had kissed him, a delicious warm, unforgettable heart stopping kiss that Doggett had never forgotten about. He had to admit, it drove him crazy when he looked at her, thinking about it again. Although Doggett felt over the moon after she’d kissed him, he forced himself to stop it. He didn’t want Agent Scully getting confused, and he didn’t want her to feel guilty as he knew she might be on the rebound and needed comfort after losing Mulder.
He also felt she was too good for him, and stopped them going any further than that kiss. He’d then left the apartment, the hurt and disappointed look in Agent Scully’s gorgeous blue green eyes tugged at his heart. He still felt bad for hurting her that way, and had debated himself over whether or not he aught to have comforted her more.
So Doggett and Scully hadn’t mentioned the kiss since then, and that was another reason why Doggett was too nervous to ask her out. What if she was still hurting from his rejection? He asked himself as he got off the elevator at the basement level.
Doggett shook his head. He did what he had to at the time, but he wished he had comforted her more. Well, there’s a way to make it up to her, Doggett decided as he straightened his tie. That was to talk to her, on a date. A proper date. He owed her, he thought, before opening the door to the X Files office and stepped in, smiling.