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Five Times Venom Tried to Touch Eddie and the One Time He Wanted Them To

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Venom knew they had it good with Eddie. It wasn’t just about the genetic match - which was of course perfect, but on a planet as densely populated at this, hardly likely to be rare. No, Venom knew they had it good because of how Eddie treated them. Once he was over the shock, and people stopped trying to kill them every 5 minutes, he was a very amiable human. He called them ‘we’, rejoiced at their return after the rocket explosion, and seemingly had no problem with letting them live inside his body.

But more than being a consenting, wearable shell, Eddie actually cared. He nurtured them back to health when they were weak, made sure they got the right foods even if it wasn’t palatable to him, and talked and joked with them all day long. He taught them about life on Earth, took them places to see new things, let them try out new experiences, and was generally more indulgent to their curiosities than he probably should be. In short, Eddie tried to make Venom happy, and no one, no host or even other being of their own kind, had ever done that for them before. It made them feel a strange sort of warmness that they wanted to share.

There was one bad thing though. Out of all this wonderfulness, Eddie didn’t like it when Venom touched him. He seemed repulsed by it, always shuddering or slinking away when Venom attempted contact. It was frustrating as Eddie apparently had no qualms about grabbing them when he was angry or annoyed. But if Venom poked him with a tentacle, or ran a bit of themselves over his skin without warning, Eddie’s reaction was almost violent in his obvious dislike. 

“Don’t do that, please.”

Do what? Venom asked, completely oblivious to what he was objecting to. They had been sitting on the sofa watching a movie for at least half an hour, and besides Eddie’s occasional swig of beer, neither of them had moved.

“This,” Eddie said, prying away a tendril that woven itself around his left hand, pinching it between his fingers like an icky bug, a look of disdain on his face.

Sorry, Venom grumbled, withdrawing the tendril completely, and utterly annoyed with his hypocrisy.

Because when Eddie was asleep he had no problem with being touched. Venom felt they had every right to fully explore and understand the body they were in, and boy did they love exploring. Eddie’s skin was a cacophony of different textures that they spent endless nights studying. Some were sensitive, and full of nerve endings. Some were thick and calloused, designed to be tough and resistant. Some were surprisingly supple and smooth, others full of powerful muscle. Some weren’t even skin at all, just cartilage that human evolution created to serve one specific function. And the hair! So many different kinds of hair in different places, from gently curled eyelashes, to wiry sparse strands on his legs, and downy soft fuzz on the back of his neck.

They would glide over his skin testing out reactions from the tips of his toes (not very responsive), to the top of his head (surprisingly reactive) and everything in between. They never bothered with the soft squidgy bits below his navel though. Mostly because they weren’t very interesting, but also because of the one rule Eddie was adamant to enforce. 

No Venom in the bathroom.

It was the only thing Eddie insisted on. When he was in the bathroom he didn’t want to see, hear, or especially feel any part of Venom. It seemed to be more about embarrassment where Eddie was concerned. But having witnessed what did go on in that room, Venom was more than happy to leave him to it. It was all boring stuff they had no interest in, and considering how well they treated him elsewhere, wasn’t much of a big deal.

What was a big deal was how Eddie reacted to them in his sleep. Sometimes, if they caught it just right in his REM cycle, Venom could elicit some fascinating responses from Eddie with just a simple touch. The caress of a tentacle across his collarbone made him whimper, sliding their mass between his fingers made him grab at them greedily, but the most curious effects were always to do with his face. 

Ah, that face. Venom would happily admit to scrutinising it’s minutest detail. So many muscle groups and delicate nerves. The subtle range of emotions it could convey had been a joy to learn, and they knew there was still more to know. But they were pretty sure they had this one figured out.

When the timing was right, when Eddie sighed and groaned at the barest contact, they would place their hand against his face. It was a very human style hand, about the size of Eddie’s head and never without their claws, but it always got the best reaction. He would turn his face into that hand, nuzzle into it, and whine with furrowed eyebrows. Removing it for even a second caused far more distress than Venom could fathom, but it made them feel such joy to see Eddie, even in his unconscious state, searching for them. His unconscious mind sought out that hand, sought to feel more of it, and Venom could sense his desire for that touch. 

But it never went any further than that. Already Eddie was too close to waking up, and to push it any more would likely lead to harsh words that Venom didn’t want to hear. They cherished those moments when Eddie accepted their form. It made them feel wanted in a way that was never quite there when Eddie was awake. Because it wasn’t just skin on skin contact Eddie seemed to object to.

One late night, or more accurately, one very early morning, Eddie slouched back into the apartment in an exhausted daze. The fight they'd ended up in wasn’t worth talking about, but it had been a long one with very little sleep before. They had won in the end, but it hadn’t been easy, and even Venom’s feast afterwards hadn’t been enough to restore their energy.

Eddie stood in the middle of the room, caught in a state of trying to summon the energy to move. 

Should go to bed, Eddie.

“Yeah, I know. I will.” But he still just stood there.

Venom felt a bit bad for Eddie. His human had worked very hard over the past few days and suffered a fair amount in a situation that was mostly their fault. They manifested a little head and flopped onto his shoulder in sympathy. 

A shiver instantly rolled up Eddie’s neck, and he tried to hold back a grimace. Eddie rolled his shoulder, somewhat peeved.

“Come on, dude. Get off.”


“Well go back inside then.”


“Because you’re heavy, that’s why.”

He shrugged his shoulder again, leaning his head away, like using his hands would disgust him further. 

Venom narrowed their eyes, knowing it wasn’t true, but they really were too tired to argue. They still simmered with annoyance though.

Fine. But go to bed.

“I am.”

Venom slunk back under Eddie’s skin, and he shivered again, but at least he was with it enough now to actually start moving. 

Once he was settled under the covers, Eddie rolled onto his side and placed a hand where Venom had been. Almost a placating gesture for his earlier rudeness.

“We did good today, Venom,” Eddie said, mostly into the pillow. They hummed non-committedly in response. “No, we did. Lot of people got helped because of us. Because of you. It was worth it.”

There was a flicker of emotion from Venom’s side. A smile, maybe. It was enough to temper their irritation, and that would be enough for them both to get some rest. Eddie always found it hard to sleep when they were in a mood with him. Somehow their frustration would creep into the background and no matter how tired he was, it became a huge distraction that stopped him drifting off. 

And it happened more than he would like because he knew why they were annoyed. He knew why they simmered and stewed, and grumbled away with no obvious cause. He’d known the reason for ages, but couldn’t quite bring himself to fix the problem.

You see, the issue wasn’t that he actually hated being touched by Venom. It wasn’t why he pantomimed his disgust, why he pulled away from their affection.

The issue, was that he liked it far too much.