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No Shame

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Izuku felt no shame. Nothing he did on his couch should be shameful. It was his home after all. His and his alpha husband, Katsuki Bakugou.

There was something pleasurable, even pronographic at bird's eye view, to rest on his couch with no clothes on to reveal his soft and curved body filled with valleys of muscles an omega like Izuku rarely portrayed.

But Izuku was no ordinary omega. His job was an occupational hazard, almost martyr-ish when it came to him, that his workout regime was a necessity rather than a choice for a healthy lifestyle. If he weren't a pro-hero he would have stuck with soft curves that were characterized as the standard omega appearance.

Izuku rested on his elbows, arms hugging the soft pillow in which his face perched on. His slim yet muscular back arched and his torso turned a bit to the right, enough for him to gaze up at his husband moving behind him.

It's beautiful, isn't it? All the house lights were turned off except for the lamplight on the end table. It made Katsuki look like a god. Shadows carved his muscles flexing here and there. His broad shoulders towered like a true prime alpha with beautiful pecs so enticing Izuku wanted to suck on them.

Izuku knew he looked as ripped but a bit less. Unlike Katsuki's sharp muscles, there remained a softness in Izuku. He didn't envy the difference. He loved it.

They were like two gods joined together under a warm light on a late Friday night.

Time was irrelevant. It ceased the moment his husband's pulsating length pushed through Izuku's slick walls and entered the warmth like finding a hidden lake inside a forest. A puddle of Izuku's slick stained the large two towels stretched under Izuku. He purred at his husband's vigor and hot cock. He's been gazing at Katsuki ever since then.

The week had been busy. Moreso on Katsuki. So, Izuku didn't mind being selfless. He granted Katsuki the power to be selfish and use him for Katsuki's release. Izuku wanted his husband to relax. He wanted Katsuki to know he was there for him. So, Katsuki complied with a soft kiss of grattitude and love before diving inside the pleasure.

Katsuki rested his right hand on Izuku's waist, thumb resting atop Izuku's dimple, and his left hand held onto the couch's armrest. His hips rolled on their own pace. Sometimes they were slow thrusts, too slow as if appreciating the feeling of Izuku's warmth blanket and squeeze around his cock. Sometimes the pace would slowly quicken or abruptly snap to a desperate and horny pace.

Whatever pace came, Izuku didn't shout, wail or moan at the top of his lungs. Izuku wasn't that omega. Izuku's moans were not for show, unless they planned to have exaggerated kinky sex or the sex was intense enough to bring up a natural response from Izuku. His moans served as feedback for his alpha.

Tonight was intense, emotionally and physically. Moreso emotionally. Izuku fought the urge to close his pretty green eyes as he relished the sensations of Katsuki's cock hitting the right way. But he powered through, watching Katsuki have the time of his life.

Katsuki panted. He damn panted. It came so loud to Izuku's ears and they feathered hotly against his flushed freckled cheeks. Katsuki's eyes were closed. His mouth parted. If he opened his eyes, the first thing he'll see would be green eyes staring in lust.

There will come times when Katsuki's mouth will open more and his blond eyebrows will furrow slightly while a moan escaped his lips. He groaned, pushing deep inside Izuku slowly, then went back to his original pace.

Izuku bit his lips in arousal when Katsuki leaned back and grabbed Izuku's hips. Katsuki's neck craned back, groans slipping without restraint as his thrusts pounded with a loud slap against Izuku's ass. The view of his husband was majestic. Izuku couldn't take being still. He ran his right hand over his husband's sweaty abs and flushed chest. His touch only made his husband lower his head and gaze back at him in lust.

The night brought in the sounds of owls and crickets. But it also brought the sound of two people enjoying their union, one more fervent than the other. Even the embarrassing noises that were brought upon by the mix of air and slick were erotic to their ears.

Katsuki never stopped. He leaned forward until their faces were but an inch away. Their eyes locked with one another. Then Katsuki groaned and Izuku purred, happy to know his alpha was enjoying this.

Katsuki dipped his head. Their tongues came in contact before their lips sealed into a single sloppy kiss. Esctasy was at its mightest. Izuku turned to face ahead, half of the pillow obscuring his vision while Katsuki's lips went to kiss his shoulders filled with soft freckles.

Katsuki's tongue ran up Izuku's neck, then licked his mating gland wanting to claim him again. The scent of pine trees and kiwi exploded and spread in anticipation. Izuku could feel Katsuki's knot inflate, thrusting harder inside him. The scent of spice oranges sparkled in the air, ready to consume.

Everything came crashing at once.

Izuku's eyes fluttered close, gasping and moaning when he felt his husband pierce his fangs through his mating gland for the third time since they married two years ago. Katsuki's scent invaded Izuku's senses and an orgasm took hold right after. Izuku's body jerked forward then convulsed, the same moment Katsuki's hips stuttered and orgasmed.

Katsuki groaned, his body twitching as he held onto Izuku's body convulsing from both the claim, orgasm and knot. It left Izuku purring in esctasy and a minute of twitching aftershocks. They were more pronounced around Izuku's ass, thighs and legs. Katsuki growled, holding Izuku in place. Even though he loved and felt pride for what he's done to his omega, he felt overally sensitive with his knot being overstimulated.

"Mmmm," Izuku moaned, resting his head on the pillow. The purring kept going. Izuku was immensely happy.

There's something intimate after making love. They were both sweaty. Katsuki's chest stuck on Izuku's back and his knot would not go down until half to an hour later. Sex was messy but so worth it.

Katsuki rested his head on the pillow, mouth hovering over Izuku's forehead. They remained there for many minutes. Taking in the comfortable silence.

Until Izuku moved the slightest bit.

Sharp teeth pressed lightly on Izuku's neck. Then Katsuki growled and thrusted his knot further inside. Izuku gasped and panted when he smelled the wave of dominating pheromones seeping out of Katsuki's pores.

"I'm not going anywhere, honey," Izuku whispered and pressed his ass up to meet Katsuki's cock.

Katsuki purred at the action, letting go of Izuku's neck and kissing up his jaw and up to take Izuku's lips onto his. Their tongues eagerly danced with one another forgetting everything else.

Izuku loved it went Katsuki's alpha took over for a bit. Everyone thought Katsuki was a foul mouth and agressive, but he was far from it anymore. Katsuki had grown and matured. He treated Izuku with so much care, he rarely used his alpha to dominate Izuku. Katsuki only used his alpha during rut or heat. Or in times like this where sex was quiet and intense, relying on pure instinct.

Their lips parted after some time and they remained stuck together to enjoy the silence again.

"I love it when you knot me," Izuku murmured, eyes staring at his husband. "It's so big and thick." Izuku whispered, "I feel your semen inside me. I love it."

Katsuki smiled softly. "Hard to miss. You were convulsing so much," Katsuki chortled, then pecked Izuku's forehead.

"Did you like my ass? Was I tight enough?"

"It was amazing. And now that I think about it..." Katsuki caressed Izuku's hair with his left hand. "I think I've found a new kink of mine."

"What will it be?"

"Didn't say I'll tell you." Katsuki remained calm. "This kink is too selfish."

"I'll take selfish anytime if its you." Izuku grinded up against Katsuki's knot.

"Fine." Katsuki feathered his lips beside Izuku's ear and whispered, "Let me fuck you whenever I want. Be my sex slave for an entire day."

"What about a week?" Izuku proposed.

Katsuki laughed and nustled Izuku's face. "Don't tease me."

"I'm not." Izuku purred, reciprocating his touch. "I'll be your cute obedient omega."

"I love you. So damn much."

"Then how about you show me." Izuku pecked Katsuki's lips.

"I'll come without warning."

"All the more exciting."

Katsuki rolled his hips in a circle. Izuku's eyes rolled up and his eye lids fluttered close as a sigh escaped his lips.

Izuku felt no shame. There was no need to be ashamed, even after his alpha fucked him throughout the entire week whenever Katsuki liked. Whether it be in the middle of the night. Be it before going to asleep. Before eating. The moment Katsuki walked through the door after work. In the shower, bed, floor, walls, dining table, or in the corner of their basement where no one will ever see them or hear them. Izuku was not ashamed. This was their home.

Katsuki was his alpha.

Izuku was his omega.

There was no need to feel ashamed.