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She dreams of being an incredible Pokémon trainer, maybe even Champion: strong and dependable. She hopes to inspire the next generation and beyond with a smile.

She dreams of travelling all over Yuuei, from the sprawling mountains to the deep oceans, the viridian forests to the bustling cities. She hopes to meet a Legendary too.

She hopes to make friends with people and Pokémon alike. To laugh with them, to cry with them, to support each other, and to share awesome adventures with.

She dreams of her Pokémon team, fearless and unyielding. Never afraid to back down from a challenge. She dreams of them conquering any and all obstacles with smiles as bright as her own.






Nana Shimura is six when her hopes and dreams are shattered.






"A Pokémon trainer? Wouldn't a Pokémon breeder be a better option for you?"

"Being a trainer is dangerous work. Girls can't handle it."

"Battling is a man's game, little lady!"

"A girl Champion? Hahaha! Yeah right!"

"Just give up, Nana."






Nana Shimura spits in society's face and smashes her way to the top with a blinding and victorious smile.






"Do you think...I can ever be a trainer like you?"

Nana looks at the frail-looking, blond preteen boy in front of her with an inquisitive eye.

"What makes you think you can't, kid?"

He fidgets under her gaze. "Because I'm not strong...a-and I get sick a lot. They say I wouldn't make to the first gym. Heck, they say I wouldn't make out my front door."

Nana purses her lips.

"B-But I love Pokémon!" he vehemently declares; there is a familiar gleam in his eyes. "I want to travel and make friends with them. I want to show people that no matter who you are, you too can be a trainer!

"I dream of battling and winning with a smile like you! You're my inspiration and I hope to be one too!"

The boy is panting lightly at the end but the fire in his eyes never wavered. An image of a young dark-haired girl stands behind him, chest defiantly puffed out and punching a tiny fist in the air as her ponytail sways in the wind.

The silence is thick around them until a wide, toothy smile spreads across Champion Nana's face. She booms out a hearty laugh.

"I like you, kid, what's your name?"

He stammers, "T-Toshinori...Toshinori Yagi."

Nana places a gentle hand on top of Toshinori's head, playfully ruffling his hair.

"From now on, you're my apprentice. Welcome to the world of Pokémon, Toshi!"

The smile he gives Nana is best thing she has ever seen, immediately topping the time she befriended Victini.