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Not In the Same Way

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“Hey, can we talk to everyone real quick?”

“Do I have to stop eating?”

“...No, Taehyun, you can keep eating. It’ll be quick anyway.”

“Ok, go ahead hyungs.” Soobin barely processes Kai’s response filtering in from somewhere next to him at the table through his tired fog. Taehyun’s was a lot more clear. It was about food.

“Ok. Uhh, so. And this isn’t like something we were keeping from you, it just happened. Well it’s not like it was a new occurrence in general, I guess it was happening all along but it just like happened happened-” Soobin still isn’t getting a lot of this but he hears Yeonjun gasp for breath somewhere in the background while he takes another spoonful of his cereal.

“-Last night. Um, anyway. Ok, well that makes it sound- But yea. Alright, so. It’s not. But well, I guess a little.” What sounds like someone getting whacked on the arm.

“‘Quick,’” Taehyun says, echoing Yeonjun’s earlier words.

“OK SO, MY POINT IS. We talked about keeping it a secret, but we figured we at least owe it to you guys to tell you the truth, even if we’re keeping it from everyone else. Well, and Beomgyu pointed out that I’m a bad liar. Which. ...Fair. So.”

He hears what sounds like a growl from Taehyun’s direction.


Soobin continues looking down at his cereal, trying to fish around for the last few soggy bits, and eventually becomes vaguely aware that the silence has stretched on a suspiciously long amount of time (especially compared to a moment ago.)

“A couple of what?” He asks, finally contributing to the conversation. He pushes the last piece of cereal around with his spoon, trying his best to pick it up, before he feels Kai jab him in the arm.

He rubs his arm and turns to pout at him but as soon as they make eye contact he notices a strange expression on Kai’s face. He points toward the end of the table where Beomgyu and Yeonjun are standing. 

Standing... holding hands.

He starts to make a comment about how they’re getting along nicely for a change but then his tired brain slowly starts to process what they had said. They had something to tell them that they were going to keep a secret... something that had happened last night... when Beomgyu went to Yeonjun’s room...

A couple.

Suddenly, everything clicks. And he just... stares.

Beomgyu is staring back, as if he’s a total idiot. But his attitude quickly changes when Kai starts clapping excitedly, of all things. Then comes the screams.

“AHHH, cute, cute!!”

He gets up to shake Beomgyu’s shoulders and momentarily rub Yeonjun’s belly, before quickly getting shooed away. All the while, repeating “cute, cute, cute, cute, cute.”

Beomgyu takes a moment to grin and rub the back of his head as if he’s being praised for something, before stopping and turning to Yeonjun to ask “Do I still have to call you Hyung?”

Yeonjun sighs exasperatedly and answers “Did you ever to begin with?”

“Mm. No. Ok, so Yeonjunie and I are in a relationship.”

Beomgyu lets go of his hand and chooses to cling onto his entire arm instead. “Yeonjunie,” who is clearly still embarrassed by all this, covers his face with his other hand, but eventually moves his arm behind Beomgyu’s back and around his waist instead, while Beomgyu hugs onto his side.

Hueningkai is still buzzing behind them. In any other situation, Soobin would take the time to think it was cute.

He turns to Taehyun, who hasn’t said anything yet, and he’s smirking up at them as if he’s not even surprised by all this at all.

“Congratulations, hyungs.”

He doesn’t understand.

Hueningkai is still flailing his arms about wildly as he moves on to asking them a million questions that begin to sound like nothing but background noise.

He doesn’t understand how they can be so unsurprised by all this.

He hears Taehyun join in slowly, seemingly with more ribbing than actual questions. Like it’s all so normal. But it’s...


He looks at Beomgyu’s arms wrapped around Yeonjun. Yeonjun’s hand patting Beomgyu’s waist. The sort of thing any of them would do all the time, but it’s different. Or at least now it’s different.

It’s all so weird.

“Ooh, Soobinie, if Beomgyu moves into Yeonjun’s room we could be roommates!”

And his first thought is “no.”