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High God Hanjiang
Fourth Prince of the Celestial Realm
Headmaster of Daiyan Palace
Muru Dragon Clan

Fae Sheng
Second Lord of Kaiwen Forest
Scripture Disciple of Daiyan Palace
Muyun Cat Tribe

Hanjiang refused to let go of the black-haired cat in his hold, especially since the animal started softly purring awhile ago. He had no idea how the cat came to be in his Daiyan Palace, but the creature was a welcome addition to the already festive atmosphere. The fourth prince was curious about Wu Wan, his scripture master, who had an interesting look on his face every time he petted the sprawled out cat, who seemed to be right at home in his lap, as the dinner feast began. Hanjiang happily watched his guests eat and converse to their hearts’ content as the evening wore on before his attention was needed elsewhere as he caught Xiao’er, his personal attendant’s seeking gaze. Standing up, Hanjiang made his way out of the hall as quickly as he could, making sure his companion was nestled comfortably in his arms.
“What is it, Xiao’er?”
“The First Lord of Kaiwen Forest is requesting an audience, Your Highness.”
“At this hour?”
Hanjiang hummed in thought as he made his way to the greeting alcove. Sure enough, his good friend was there, looking quite tense much to his surprise.
“Well met, Muyun Xi.”
The other high immortal swung around, hurriedly bowing. “Well met, Your Highness. I apologize for my untoward presence at this hour.”
Hanjiang chuckled as he reached out and squeezed his shoulder in comfort. “Please rise, my friend. Your presence is always welcome.”
He rose and was about to say something, but when he glanced down and saw his purring companion, he froze, dark golden eyes wide in shock.
“Ah yes. This little beast was found in my Daiyan Palace today. Is he one of yours that lost his way to Kaiwen Forest?” Hanjiang explained as he gently turned the cat over to caress his soft belly. As he glanced down, Hanjiang didn’t see Muyun Xi’s expression turn to embarrassed mortification at his actions. He did, however, glance back up when the other high immortal pointedly cleared his throat.
“Y-Yes, Your Highness, this cat is of the Muyun Tribe. I greatly apologize if he has caused you any annoyance and I will bring him back at once.”
Hanjiang grinned. “Of course not! He has been wonderful. He may stay with me, if you have no objections.”
He watched as Muyun Xi cleared his throat once more. “Well...Your Highness, it turnes out *he* is why I came to Daiyan Palace.”
Hanjiang raised an eyebrow in surprise. “Oh?”
Before either of then could say anything more, Wu Wan burst through the door, with a strained grin on his face.
Hanjiang stared at the shy fae immortal before him who was dressed in the pale blue clothes of the scripture department of his Daiyan Palace. He glanced at Wu Wan, who had an apologetic expression, and Muyun Xi, who had an exasperated expression and decided to tease this little fae who had caused all this trouble.
“What is your name, kitten?” he inquired, the nickname rolling off his tongue as easy as breathing. The responding flush to the fae immortal’s cheeks made Hanjiang hide a pleased grin.
“Muyun Sheng of Kaiwen Forest, Your Highness. On behalf of my master and my brother, I apologize for disruptive behavior.”
The fourth prince’s curiosity grew exponentially at the cat’s identity. “Brother? You are Muyun Xi’s little sibling?”
“Yes, Your Highness.”
Hanjiang met his friend’s gaze and nodded to him, conveying his understanding and was relieved when the other high immortal visibly relaxed. He noticed that the little fae had not risen yet, much to his surprise.
“Rise, kitten. You are not in trouble.”
He did, however, smiled when the little fae immortal nearly collapsed on the floor. “Thank you, Your Highness! I will never forget your...your grace!”
Hanjiang couldn’t hold in his laughter anymore as he stood up and moved closer to the fae, who immediately nearly cowered in front of him, which made Hanjiang frown.
“Muyun Xi. What have you been telling your little brother about me?” he hissed, irritated.
Ignoring his friend’s defensive outrage, Hanjiang pushed Muyun Sheng’s chin up with his hand. “Look at me, kitten. *Directly* at me.”
He was glad that the fae immortal obeyed with no hestitation and that familiar golden brown gaze stared up at him.
“You will learn, Muyun Sheng, that my Daiyan Palace is a good place. You will also learn that I, Muru Hanjiang, am fair. Never cower before me again. Hm?”
Hanjiang rarely uses his “royal” tone of voice, but when he does, it means something. However, he could sense he had overwhelmed the his little cat so he purposely shifted back out of his personal space, but only after he caressed the soft skin of his neck.
“I understand, Your Highness...” came the soft but steady reply as he sat back down. “Wu Wan.”
“Present, Your Highness.”
“Looking by how our wayward kitten is dressed, he is your new disciple?”
“Your are correct, Your Highness. I had been meaning to greet Muyun Sheng, but it seemed he lost his way through Daiyan Palace to get to the Scripture Department.”
Hanjiang hummed. “Your words make sense. And I surmise you, Muyun Xi, was trying to find your little brother?”
“Your Highness is correct. Sheng’er had been missing for an entire day.”
Hanjiang clucked his tongue. “Kitten. Did you turn into your true form on accident?”
The responding flush had deepened into a scarlet shade as the fae immortal could hardly breathe, he was so embarrassed.
“It is alright, little fae. No need for embarrassment. I quite liked you as a cat and I know you will help Daiyan Palace well.”
The flush receded somewhat at the fourth prince’s encouraging words and he watched as the little cat bowed once more, his long black hair falling over his shoulders. “Thank you, Your Highness! I will not let you down!”
Hanjiang chuckled. “Rise now, kitten. Say goodbye to your brother before your new teacher takes you away.”
Weeks passed and Hanjiang was shocked with himself on how much he had been missing his little kitten. His fingers itched to caress either Muyun Sheng’s soft, black fur or silky, black hair or both. He knew these thoughts of his were unbecoming of one his status, but he cared not. Currently, he has been following the fae immortal around his Daiyan Palace all day. He made himself invisible so the his little cat had no idea he was there. He watched as Muyun Sheng practiced his calligraphy, swept the entirety of the Scripture Department without using his magic, and organized the small library’s collection by date. Hanjiang’s pride grew as his friend’s brother tirelessly worked the entire day...but greatly disliked as he kept skipping his meals. With his mind made up, he materialized right outside the library’s entrance and walked in as quietly as he could without startling him. Leaning over his shoulder, the high immortal watched as the younger immortal went through book after book. Only when Hanjiang purposely made noise did the fae notice his presence. He watched as Muyun Sheng turned his head and gasped, both at how close he was and who he was. In his haste to scramble out of his chair to greet him, he knocked his forehead into his own. Of course, it did not hurt Hanjiang at all, but he grew concerned when his little kitten doubled over with a pained gasp. Before he could think about anything else, Hanjiang pulled the little fae closer to him and started to massage both of Muyun Sheng’s temples. He smiled softly at the cat’s immediate response which was quiet groan and fully relaxing in his hold.
“I apologize for startling you, Sheng’er...” Hanjiang murmured in the younger immortal’s distracting hair, shamlessly nosing the cat’s hairline.
“I-It is alright, Your Highness. Are...are you alright?”
“Yes, kitten. It is *you* that needs attention. Relax and do not refuse my actions.”
As Sheng’er nodded his submission, Hanjiang magically nudged him even closer until the younger immortal was practically sitting in his lap. He also increased the pressure on his temples and he smirked triumphantly as Sheng’er all but collapsed against him.
“So good...Highness...” he could hear Sheng’er mumble into his chest.
“I am glad my training with the physicians did not go to waste. Kitten.”
“ not mind that I call you thusly?”
“No, Your Highness. I have gathered when you like someone, you give them a nickname?”
Hanjiang’s heart hotly beat at the fae immortal’s perfect deduction. “Very good, Sheng’er. Good little fae. I like that you have found some time to pay attention to me.”
“Teacher Wan...he reprimands me for not paying attention to him more...” Sheng’er confessed softly.
Hanjiang could hardly stand his kitten’s blunt honesty as his temple massage accidentally stopped. “That old phoenix. He is too old to be jealous,” Hanjiang chuckled. “You have been working hard, Sheng’er. I grant you one wish.”
“Can I stay with you for a time?” came the immediate request through a breathless, shy voice.
Hanjiang closed his eyes, willing his unruly self to behave. Apparently, his feelings of longing have been reciprocated. He gently pushed Sheng’er away enough to meet his eyes. He shamelessly reached out and started to play with a strand of his loose hair. “Of course. Your wish starts now.”
Hanjiang walked into his bedroom and grinned when he found Sheng’er sprawled out on his massive bed, still in human form, golden brown eyes nearly glowing in the setting sun’s light. His kitten had fore gone his outer blue robes and only wore his inner white clothing. His hair, always a tempting sight, was even more so with it all the way down and loose about his shoulders and falling into his pretty face. He even disregarded his boots as Hanjiang noticed his bare feet as well. Wu Wan was irritated, and rightfully so, that he had all but stolen his newest disciple and so Hanjiang reluctantly promised to give Sheng’er back to him in the next few days. But, the fourth prince made sure to have Wu Wan agree to letting Sheng’er visit whenever he wishes to.
“Has my teacher finally confronted you, Your Highness?” his little kitten whispered, staring at him through the hair that fell in his face.
“Hm, yes. But there is no rush to leave. With your lack of attire, I assume you want me to join you?”
“Please, Prince Hanjiang.”
The fourth prince felt his heart stutter as Sheng’er uttered his name. Wanting his little fae to become more bold and sure of himself especially when it was only the two of them, he clucked his tongue in reproach as he started to undress himself. Waving away the waiting servants out of the room, Hanjiang murmured, “What did you call me, kitten?”
Right on cue, Sheng’er flushed pink. “I...I mean Hanjiang da ge.”
“*Much* better, Sheng’er.”
The high immortal took things further than his cat did by stripping himself down until only his underthong protected his honor. He watched Sheng’er blatantly stare at him, wide eyes greedily taking in his near naked form.
“Da ge.”
“Hm?” Hanjiang responded as he sat beside his little fae. It didn’t take long before Sheng’er moved to lean against his side. The heat coming off the younger immortal nearly hiss in pleasure as he felt the cat nuzzle into him.
“I will miss you.”
“I made the old phoenix promise to allow you to visit me as you wish. I long for you as well, little fae. Never forget that. If I had known you earlier, you would have been my personal confidante.”
“Of course. You cannot be fully mine yet, as it is frowned upon for the people in my care to switch to another department until a year has passed.”
“So next summer I can become your confidante?”
Hanjiang chuckled at the hopeful excitement in Sheng’er’s voice. “If *you* wish to, kitten.”
“I do, da ge! So very much!”
The fourth prince pulled the younger immortal into his lap to see him properly, ignoring his beautiful near nakedness by sheer will. Wide golden brown eyes gazed up at him in anticipation and Hanjiang felt his already softened heart melt.
“You *are* at least three thousand years old, yes? You do not need permission from your parents?”
He watched as Sheng’er shook his head. “I am at majority, Your Highness, or else my mother would not have let me come to Daiyan Palace. I am five thousand years old.”
Hanjiang relaxed and gave him a relieved grin as he leaned down and gave his kitten a kiss on the forehead before nuzzling down his face, giving him soft kisses to the soft skin as he did so, making the younger immortal softly laugh and shift as close to him as possible.
“You smell good, da ge.”
The older immortal flushes ever so slightly at Sheng’er’s blunt honesty. “You do as well.”
“You like my scent?”
“Very much so.”
“You must be an alpha then.”
Hanjiang blinked in surprise. He knew the Muyun Cat Tribe have a secondary gender, but this was the first time someone of that tribe openly talked about it to him. Even his best friend was a little skittish to talk about it and they have known each other for centuries.
“Oh? Do the alphas of Kaiwen Forest say the same?”
“Not...not as kindly as you do. You can ask me anything, Your Highness. I do not take offense often.”
“Kitten, what are you suppose to call me?” Hanjiang teased him lightly as he nosed his hairline.
He heard his kitten laugh into his chest. “Forgive me, Hanjiang da ge.”
“Always, Sheng’er. Now...are you a beta or an omega? The Muru Dragon Tribe do not have secondary genders like this, so I am very curious.”
“I am an omega. You may not be a true alpha, da ge, you *are* an alpha in your behavior and actions. My omega make me long for you all the time. It is not fair.”
Hanjiang chuckled, nudging Sheng’er’s head back to kiss down his throat. “You know the feeling is mutual, kitten. Your grievances are embellished. Is a cat behavior to not want to wear too much clothing?”
“Kaiwen Forest is warm all the time so we don’t wear as many layers of clothing. We also like to be in our true form, so we have grown used to not wearing much clothing. state of undress does not both-?”
Hanjiang cut him off with a gasp by biting where shoulder and neck meet.
“It pleases me when you are comfortable, my little kitten. Do whatever you wish in my presence, especially in my rooms.”
“Okay, da ge. Thank you.”
“You are welcome. I must relieve you and put you back in the care of that old phoenix, but never hesitate to come to me. Even when I am busy, do not wait. Now, since you are an omega, how can I help you?”
“Just as you are now. Do not worry, da ge. My brother checks up on me every few weeks and I always tell him I still want to be here.”
“Good. However, if get tired of me or my Daiyan Palace, you may go. I will not stop-“
Now it was his turn to get cut off by soft lips kissing his mouth. “Never, Your Highness...” the younger immortal whispered against his lips.
Hanjiang groaned as he reciprocated his kitten’s kiss, trailing his hands down his sides. “Do not tempt me, Muyun Sheng.”
“Why have you not *touched* me, Muru Hanjiang?”
The older immortal hissed like the dragon he was. “Do *not* tease me, kitten! Your father will have my manhood, celestial prince or not.”
“I am old enough!”
“That means nothing, you imperitent thing. I must court you first, not take your innocence like a perverted letcher. Being my confidante next year will be good for the courting process. Your family is of noble blood and they expect me to go about this the official way. Look at me.”
Disappointed, golden brown eyes reluctantly met his. “Trust me that I *want* you, little fae. But you are worth far more than being a pleasure servant. I must appoint you as my confidante, and then slowly court you properly, and then inform your parents and mine as well of my intentions. My goal is for you to be a first-ranked consort of mine, but I must go about this the right way.”