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Kijima was stretching out his aching hand, finally done with this chapter, when he heard the door open and close. Glancing at his phone, 11:54 pm stared back at him, and there was really only one person who visited him at such crazy hours. Kijima was just wearing a loose sleep shirt and he tried to not feel self conscious as Kido walked into his eyesight. The older man never failed to make his heart race and cock stiffen but he tried to not let his embarrassing reaction show just yet. Kido’s intense gaze met his as Kijima criss crossed his long legs in the chair, ignoring how his unruly cock bounced with the shift in position. The lack of underwear wasn’t helping him save face but Kijima resigned himself to always lose face with this damned man around.
“Why are you here?” he murmured, still stretching out his hand to have something to do with his restless hands.
“I missed you.”
Kido’s blunt, deep voice washed over him like a drug and Kijima swallowed.
“Have you been drinking?”
“Not enough to get drunk. Are you done writing?”
“For now. Boss.”
Kijima impishly grinned when Kido grunted in annoyance at the title as he moved closer until he was hovering in his personal space behind him. The older man’s natural scent clung to him and Kijima’s cock gave a hard jerk as the younger man breathed in a little harder than usual.
“Kijima,” Kido growled in his ear.
“What am I going to do with you?”
“Wha-? AAH!”
Kijima’s choked off cry echoed in the living room as Kido abruptly bit him just below his ear. He was panting by the time the older man was licking the pain away.
“You are so sexy, Kijima, dressed like *this*, looking like *this*. I know you’ll be entirely naked if I take off this shirt. You slut.”
Kijima breathlessly laughed at Kido’s ridiculously possessive tone. “*You* know I like to sleep naked, *Boss*. I wasn’t expecting a visitor this late at night.”
Kijima stifled a moan as Kido sucked his way down his neck and started to lick underneath the worn shirt’s collar. The younger man let his wandering hands push his legs apart and hook the back of his thighs on the arms of the chair. The hem of the shirt rode up entirely so his bulge proudly hanged between his legs.
“Oh? I’ve barely touched you and you’re this excited?” Kido rumbled, no doubt eyeing his exposed, traitorous cock.
“Shut up.”
“Kijima...I want to *ruin* you. It has been too long since I’ve taken your tight ass or played with your pretty cock. It looks like you need it.”
Before the younger man could respond, Kido shoved his arms up and pulled the shirt off. Roughened hands immediately came up and massaged his sensitive chest before going up to his still exposed armpits and thumbing at the soft hair there until Kijima was wiggling away from the maddening sensation.
“Everything about you is sexy, Kijima. I can’t stand it sometimes.”
“Y-You too...” the younger man gasped out as Kido swiveled the chair around and finally kissed him, hard and dominating, on his chapped lips. As Kijima moaned into it, his mouth opened, and immediately he felt Kido’s questing tongue lick inside. He pulled back, panting for air, as the older man wasted no time to scoop him up from the chair and carry him to his bedroom. As Kijima got dropped on his bed, he tore his sleep shirt off as Kido watched with burning desire raging in his dark gaze.
“So pretty, Kijima. I want to lick you everywhere.”
Kijima just stared at him heatedly as he fondled his aching cock, barely stopping himself from rubbing the head on the sheets. “Why are you over there, then?” he purred. “Can’t you see I need you.”
“Shut up before I really do ruin you,” Kido hissed as he all but stalked to him.