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The Day Miya Atsumu Met Bokudad

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For Miya Atsumu, to finally be able to call Hinata Shouyou his boyfriend would mean to finally be living the dream.


To finally be able to hold the hands of the person he's been pining for over seven years and counting.

To finally be able to say, "I love ya, Shouyou-kun" and get an "I love you too, Atsumu-san!"

To finally be able to kiss the person he wanted to kiss ever since the first time he saw him fly when he was still in his second-year high school.

To finally be able to hold the person he wanted to hold.

To finally be able to love the person he loves and for that person to love him back.


Ahhhhh, this is bliss!


This is him living the dream.


But for Bokuto Koutarou… oh, for him it's another story. For him, this is a nightmare. For him, it's all fun and games 'till you start dating his son-slash-number-one-disciple!


Don’t misunderstand him though. He still thinks of Atsumu as a great volleyball player. He still thinks of Atsumu as a good person (an even better one compared to how he was during his high school days, or so he heard from Aran and Suna). He still thinks of Atsumu as a good friend. But no, this time is different. This is his teammate Miya Atsumu and his son dating we’re talking about! It doesn’t matter who or what you are. Once his self-proclaimed son, Hinata Shouyou, has been thrown into the equation, his overprotective father mode activates.


Only, Miya Atsumu was oblivious of this fact.


That was probably why he didn’t think much one night when he received a text message from their resident jester, Bokuto Koutarou.


Bokuto Koutarou: Hello, Atsumu.


Miya Atsumu: Ey, ya alright there Bokkun? Ya sound so serious.


Bokuto Koutarou: Ah, yes. I’m fine. Thank you for asking. 


Miya Atsumu: Oh, okay. Whatcha up to?


Bokuto Koutarou: I just want to ask if you’re maybe free tomorrow at lunchtime? Shall we have lunch or coffee?


Atsumu tilted his head, his brows furrowing in confusion. Huh? The first thing that came to his mind was to think if this is some kind of prank. He sounds so serious though? He read their conversation again, making sure that he read it right and it really was Bokuto he is talking to. He’s never found Bokuto this serious before, maybe during games? Nah, Bokuto was the type of person who makes sure he has fun doing whatever it is he is doing. Bokuto was the type of person who claps before he serves the ball, hyping everyone up, making sure they are having as much fun as he is having. Heck, Bokuto was the type of person who smiles even in his sleep! He was never the type of person to scare or try to intimidate anyone.


Or, is he? 


Miya Atsumu: Up to ya! Should I ask Shouyou-kun if he wants to come along? Ya can ask Omi-kun too.


Bokuto Koutarou: No, I’d like it if it’s just the two of us this time.


Atsumu doesn’t know why but fear suddenly crept up his spine. It took him a few seconds before he was able to type a response.


Miya Atsumu: Okay, sure! Just send me the time and address and I’ll just meet ya there.


Bokuto Koutarou: Will do. See you.



The next day, Atsumu woke up to the sound of a single beep coming from his phone. He is not usually very easy to wake up. No, in fact, he’s actually a very deep sleeper that it would sometimes take Hinata to push him off the bed just to wake him up. Hinata's technique is child's play compared to Osamu's though. Atsumu remembers how his ever-loving and gentle twin brother would splash cold water to his face just to wake him up during their high school days. 


But this time is different, nervousness and paranoia kept him up all night that by the time he actually got sleepy the birds outside had already finished singing their second song.


He shot a glance at the clock sitting on his bedside table and saw that it’s still 8 in the morning on a Saturday meaning he doesn’t have to force himself to wake up extra early for practice. 8 am is late, Atsumu-san! It’s not early! He can almost hear Hinata say. He smiled, remembering that Hinata is now his lover. He reached for his phone and typed a good morning message for Hinata since he knows the spiker is already awake.


He was just about to put his phone down and return to his sleep when he saw a message from Bokuto. He tapped on it and saw that Bokuto just sent the address to where they will be meeting for lunch. Atsumu doesn’t know why but being reminded that he will be meeting Bokuto later that day suddenly sent shivers down his spine, completely erasing any hint of sleepiness left on his body. It’s just, Bokkun. He reminded himself. It’ll be fine! He probably just wants to eat or drink something probably somewhere unsafe looking that’s why he didn’t want to invite Omi-kun. Also, he knows how strictly Shouyou-kun follows his diet regimen and will not dare risk getting sick in the middle of the season over some food. Yep, that’s just probably it. Atsumu repeatedly convinced himself, or tried, but failed. He eventually decided to get up and start his day.



Atsumu is not the most punctual person in the world. Heck, he himself knows for a fact that he really is not at all punctual. The only reason he arrives in time for practices was because 1) He’d get to see and set for Hinata (waking up at the butt-crack of dawn is and will always be worth it especially if he’ll be able to see Hinata’s smiles for him) and 2) He loves volleyball. That’s it. Which was why even Atsumu himself was weirded out when he found himself sitting inside the café Bokuto and himself will be meeting in, an hour before the agreed time. Relax, ‘Tsumu, relax. It’s just, Bokkun. You’re not meeting Shouyou-kun’s fathe-, he cut his own thought, eyes slowly widening, as he remembers all the times he heard Bokuto call Hinata his son (to which Hinata would almost always answer with a laugh and a “you’re so funny, Bokuto-senpai!”). He remembers all the times he would laugh whenever Bokuto would jokingly tell him “You’re a really good friend of mine Tsum-tsum but you being Hinata’s boyfriend is a completely different matter so try and we’ll need to have a talk.” Oh. Oh, that’s what he meant when he said try.


Oh, how foolish he was. Who’s laughing now, ‘Tsumu? He can almost hear his twin brother, Osamu’s voice. How, when, why did his conscience’s voice become his brother’s, he’ll never want to know.



Half an hour and a cup of black coffee later, Bokuto finally arrives.


“Hello, Atsumu.” Bokuto greeted, his usually smiling face gone, replaced by an aura of seriousness and intimidation.


Atsumu stood up and offered a slight bow. “Good afternoon, Bokuto-san.”


Atsumu is not the smartest person in the world. He himself knows that the only field he’s smart at is in volleyball. He knows that. He’s sure of that. But even he knows that this is not the time to be clowning. “I took the leisure of ordering coffee for ya.” Bokuto nodded and took the seat in front of him


“Thank you. Didn’t expect you to be early.”


“Ah, yes. I woke up earlier than usual today, so I thought, uh, why not, uh, be early for everything today? Start being punctual?” Of course, he can’t tell the man, the very subject of his nightmare the last night that the reason he woke up earlier than usual was because he was too busy overthinking what Bokuto might tell or do to him during their meeting.


Atsumu chewed the inside of his cheeks hoping Bokuto would make sense of the nonsense coming from his mouth because even he wasn’t sure what the heck he meant with whatever he said.


Bokuto just nodded. Oh, thank God!


“So, let’s get down to business, shall we?” Bokuto announced after taking a sip of his coffee. “I know you’ve been seeing my son.”


Atsumu straightened in his seat. “Ah, ye-yes sir.” Did I just stutter? “I am, sir.” If I am in one of those Korean dramas ‘Samu has been watching lately, Atsumu thought to himself, the next scene would be getting splashed with cold water, his eyes wandered to the cup of hot coffee Bokuto was holding and cursed himself remembering that it was he who ordered that, but not before being offered a buttload of money so I would ‘go and leave my son.’ His train of thought continued each thought even darker and more graphic than the last.


“Atsumu?” His mind snapped back to reality. How he was able to space out in front of the literal subject of his nightmare the previous night, the reason for his headache and lack of sleep, he’ll never know. You’re stupidness never ceases to amaze me, he can almost hear his demon’s, also known as Osamu, voice in his head. “Ah, yes? I’m listening, yes sir.” 


“I was asking if you’re okay. You don’t look fine.” Bokuto asked.


“No, no, I’m fine. Ya were saying?” He waved his hands signaling for Bokuto to continue.


“I’ll just get straight to the point.” Bokuto sighed, he pinched the bridge of his nose, and then looked directly at Atsumu's eyes. “Hurt Hinata. Make him cry even once. And I assure you, you would regret the day you were born.” Whoever said that of the MSBY quartet, Sakusa Kiyoomi is the scariest was wrong. Whoever said that of the MSBY Black Jackals, Meian Shugo is the scariest was wrong. Whoever said that of everyone Atsumu knows, Kita Shinsuke is the scariest was wro- okay, maybe he and Bokuto are now tied to being the two scariest people he knows.


“Yes, sir,” Atsumu tried his best to stop his right hand from giving a salute. 


“I’ve seen Hinata get hurt before and in no way in hell will I ever let that happen again." Bokuto’s face may be stern but his eyes genuinely scream concern and love. Oh, That’s why. “So, make sure you take good care of him.”


He nodded.


That day Miya Atsumu discovered two things about his teammate, Bokuto Koutarou:


  • Bokuto Koutarou is a really scary person. He is a great, funny person, but he can also be a really really scary person when he needs to.
  • Bokuto Koutarou is Hinata Shouyou’s dad. He may not be Hinata’s real father, but he loves and cares for him as a real parent would to their child. He is a good dad. And, Atsumu is 100% sure he will be an even greater dad to his future children. I should tell Akaashi-san that he is so lucky.  


"Good, as long as you understand.” Bokuto stood up after taking a sip of his coffee, emptying his cup, his face slowly brightened. His usual bright smile painted his face once again. "Great chat, Tsum-tsum! See ya Monday during practice!" He patted Atsumu's back trice (a little too hard to still be considered a friendly pat on the back, Atsumu almost feared he’d accidentally spit his lungs out) before he went on his way.



As soon as Atsumu got home, he quickly removed his shirt and turned his back to the mirror. Yup, never will I say that Akaashi-san's the scary one in the relationship ever again, he thought, because on his back was Bokuto’s hand imprinted so clearly palm readers would be able to tell Bokuto’s future just by looking at it.


That night, as he was applying ointment on his swollen back, Atsumu cursed himself for letting a nationally ranked spiker, an ace representing Japan to the Olympics, a freaking volleyball player to hit (pat) him in the back and promised himself to never piss the man ever in his life. Especially if he doesn’t want to die by spitting his lungs out.



Come Monday morning Bokuto was back to his usual loud self, jumping around the gym, beaming “GOOD MORNING MY NUMBER ONE DISCIPLE!” as soon as he saw Hinata and Atsumu walk through the gym. He half-jumped, half-run to where the couple was, his arms waving in the air.


Atsumu froze.


“Good morning, Bokuto-san!” Hinata laughed, happily skipping to meet Bokuto, mirroring the actions of his mentor, not noticing the state Atsumu was in.


“Hello, Tsum-tsum.” He turned his gaze to where Atsumu was still standing. A grin placed on his lips, almost singing Atsumu’s name.


“Good morning, Bokuto-san.” He half bowed. His hands on his sides. His body a perfect 90º.


Everyone's jaw dropped to the floor.


“It’s too early to be weird!” They heard Sakusa yell in the background.


“Ya, Atsumu-kun, save the weirdness for later!” Shion chimed.


Everyone laughed. Well, everyone except Atsumu. Nope, he’s not gonna laugh. He has already learned his lesson.


Bokuto turned to Hinata, placing an arm over Hinata’s shoulder, turning their backs on a still-frozen Atsumu. “Did ya rest well, my number one disciple? Have you eaten already? Keiji packed us some bentos for breakfast and lunch!”


“Yup, and yup! Atsumu-san brought me some Onigiris to eat on the way here! Osamu-san’s onigiris really are the best! I think we should go there later; can you can ask Akaashi-san if he wants to eat with us?”


“Great idea! I’ll text Keiji later after practice!” Atsumu saw Bokuto look at him through his shoulder. His eyes blank. His smile gone.


Atsumu gulped. His mouth suddenly went dry, the hairs on the back of his neck stood up, and his body shook with fear. “It’s good to know that he is taking good care of you.” He heard Bokuto said, softly, almost whispering it.


“Yup! He really does!” Hinata answered.


Bokuto grinned.


Atsumu knows he’ll never see Bokuto the same way ever again.





“Hey, Atsumu-san?”




“You remember my old captain from Karasuno?”


“Uh, Daichi? The cop?”


“Yup! Great, you still remember him.” 


Oh no.


“What about him?”


Oh no... no...


“Well, he texted me saying Bokuto-san told him something. He didn’t say what exactly it is though? But, he said he wants to meet you for lunch... or coffee? That’s great! I didn’t know you two were close!”




“Also, Ennoshita-san, Yamaguchi-kun, and Aone-san asked to meet you too!”


The color drained from Atsumu’s face.


Whoever said that love is a battlefield is 100% correct.


But in this war, Atsumu assures he will come out as the victor.


“Also, Suga-san, and oh, I didn’t know you know most of the setters during our time?”


The victor!!!!!