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Giorno had been waiting for these clients for at least fifteen minutes and he was starting to lose patience. For the seventh time, he checked his watch against the meeting time, and his irritation was reaffirmed. Finally, just as he pulled out his phone to call the office, a sleek black car pulled up to the house, tinted windows obscuring the driver from view. His phone was slipped back into his pocket and he put on his best ‘selling smile’.

“Sorry we’re late, man. My fault.” The driver got out of the car, an apologetic grin on his face, and he stepped forward to shake Giorno's hand. “Guido Mista. Thanks for waiting for us.”

The moment Giorno caught sight of this man all of his previous annoyance melted away into the deep, dark eyes that he found hard to look away from. Reluctantly he broke the grip Mista had on his hand.

“It’s fine. I’ve hardly been here long at all!” He smiled, tucking an invisible strand of hair back behind his ear and wondering when he got so pathetic.

“Hi. I spoke to you earlier on the phone. Bruno Bucciarati.” The other man that Giorno had barely even noticed came over and shook his hand too, but for all Giorno cared he was hardly there.

“So, should we go in?” Giorno smiled, still speaking more to the driver than the potential buyer.

His smile captivated Mista, and caught him so off guard leaving him feeling exposed and vulnerable. There was a graceful elegance in the way Giorno carried himself and Mista found himself wanting more. It was damn near impossible to keep his eyes off the open window at the front of this realtor’s suit, giving him an eyeful of a pair of sumptuously juicy tits. How the hell was he allowed to wear that to work? Did his boss know he was wearing it? How could Mista get a chance at a closer look?

He sidled up beside the guy, peeking down in an attempt to catch a glimpse of nipple, but no dice, the suit was form hugging and sleek, clinging to his chest tight enough to prevent any accidental nip slips. Intentional ones were still unaccounted for.

Giorno unlocked the house and stepped aside for his two customers to enter the large airy entrance hall, and for just a moment Mista's attention was diverted from the beautiful man to the beautiful house. He let out a low whistle.

“Nice. How many bedrooms is it?”


Bucciarati and Mista exchanged a knowing glance and a nod of agreement.

“Would you like to see the kitchen first?”

“That would be great.” Bucciarati followed Giorno’s lead into a spacious, cleanly laid out kitchen. The polished stone countertops gleamed.

“It’s just been fitted last week, everything is new, oven, fridge, lighting. If you like to cook, this kitchen would be perfect for you.”

“Well, I do love cooking.” Mista said, examining the stove. “It’s actually me that’s gonna be living here, Bruno is helping me out.”

“I can see you fitting right in with this place.” Giorno smiled. Before either of them could respond, Bucciarati’s phone started to ring.

“I’m sorry, I won’t be a moment.” He turned away to answer it, leaving Giorno alone with Mista for the first time, and Mista didn’t waste the opportunity.

“I have a question, and your answer will help inform me on whether or not I should buy this place.”

“Okay, what is your question?” Giorno asked, intrigued. Mista leaned forward on one hand and put on his most innocent expression.

“If you were a girl and I brought you back here would you be impressed?” Mista asked, keeping up with the story Bucciarati had instructed to stick to, he was simply looking for a place for himself. The realtor didn’t need to know that they were scoping out new safe houses for the gang. Secretly he’d been hoping to psych this guy out a little but Giorno didn’t miss a beat.

“To this house? Oh yeah. Absolutely.”

“Are you sure?”

“Why wouldn’t I be? Look at it, it’s beautiful. I could see you being really comfortable here, and it’s definitely going to attract ladies.”

“You think? See, I've been single for a while…”

“No way.”

“Yeah. I’m looking to find someone, but I’m not having much luck.”

“Really? A handsome guy like you?” Giorno’s interest was piqued immediately and he knew he’d have to approach this carefully to avoid spooking him. “What do you think of the countertop?” He asked, attempting to sound as alluring as possible while selling a house.

“Is it real stone or artificial?” Mista asked, running a hand along the smooth surface.

“I don’t really give a fuck.” Giorno smiled, leaning seductively on the counter and looking deeply into Mista's eyes. The man seemed slightly taken aback by Giorno's blunt answer, but laughed after a pause.

“Right on.” He turned and walked through into the lounge and Giorno quickly took the opportunity to adjust his suit, making sure his tits were as perky as possible in the reflection of the oven. Maybe if he pulled it down to show a bit of nipple…

Mista was looking up at the 60-inch flat screen mounted on the wall when Giorno caught up to him. Immediately his eyes zeroed in on the now visible hint of nipple peeking out from Giorno's suit, and his theory was confirmed. Intentional nip slips were definitely possible, and if this was intentional, then that definitely meant the flirtatious comments were. Mista took the firm decision to double down on his efforts here.

“Is this included with the house?” He asked, gesturing to the TV.

“I’ll include anything you want with the house.”

Mista smirked and asked a question that nearly knocked Giorno off his feet.

“Are you included with the house?”

He didn’t even have a moment to respond before Bucciarati reappeared, thoroughly spoiling the mood. His eyes were still down at the screen of his phone, so the pair had a moment to wipe the guilty looks off of their faces.

“Mista, that was Abbacchio, something’s gone down and he needs me. Are you alright to finish viewing the houses?”

“Yeah, Boss, of course.” Mista grinned, thinking of all the opportunities he would have to flirt with the beautiful blonde in front of him.

“Thank you.” He turned to Giorno. “I apologise, it was nice to meet you.”

“And you.” Giorno gave Bucciarati his most professional smile as he turned to leave. Finally he was alone with the other man, who he had firmly decided to out-flirt, that last little comment hadn’t gone unnoticed and now Giorno knew he had his attention it was time to pull back a little and play hard to get.

“I’ll continue showing you around then.” He smiled over his shoulder at Mista as he walked through into the next room, and was pleased to note that the man followed him like a puppy dog.

“You look very young for an estate agent. Have you been doing this long?”

“Well, actually I just got my license last month. This is my first showing.”

“Ah, well I hope I can help you out with your first sale.”

"I hope so too. So as I said before, this villa has five bedrooms, as well as four bathrooms, an indoor swimming-"

“No. I want to see the next one.” Mista interrupted him suddenly.

“What? We’ve only just started, what’s wrong with this one.”

"It has four bathrooms."

"It checks off everything Mr Bucciarati has on his list-"

"We're done here. Next." Mista cut the conversation off there and headed outside leaving a stunned, frustrated Giorno.

The drive to the next house was filled with a terse silence as Giorno began to realise what a pain in the ass this man was. If he weren’t so hot, Giorno would have fobbed him off to another realtor faster than he could blink, but he had to make this sale. By any means necessary.

At the next house, Giorno led Mista through the open plan layout towards the back.

“The garden is my favourite part of this place.” He said, smiling at Mista as he opened the doors, and it wasn’t very hard to see why. A huge, sprawling lagoon shaped pool filled up most of the space. For the first time Mista was kind of disappointed he wasn’t actually shopping for himself, maybe Bucciarati would let him scoop this place up instead…

“It has a hot tub as well as the pool.”

Giorno leaned down to flip the switch on the built in ground level hot tub, arching his back just enough to ensure Mista got a great view of his ass. But with the clipboard in hand and the efforts to look sexy, Giorno overbalanced a little, and wobbled, nearly tripping and falling into the pool.

Mista’s hand shot out to grab him, pulling him flush against his chest. His heart was racing from the adrenaline of nearly tumbling face first into a swimming pool on his first job, but part of him knew that wasn’t the only reason. Mista’s chest was firm and solid against his back, his hands soft against Giorno's tummy. He was beginning to feel lightheaded from the contact.

“I got you, don’t worry.” Mista breathed in his ear, and for a moment Giorno was lost in the sensation, remaining in his arms until his senses came rushing back to him. He pulled away from the stranger’s hold.

“Let me show you the kitchen!”

Giorno marched back into the house, flustered and embarrassed, not even looking back to see if Mista was following him, but the voice that piped up behind him as soon as they were in confirmed it.

“I don’t like the light fittings.”

“You can have the light fittings changed.”

“It’s a lot of effort though. I was hoping to move straight in.” Mista shrugged, and Giorno took a deep breath, counting to ten slowly in his head. False smile plastered back on his face, he turned around.

“I’m sure we can put you in touch with some contractors who-”

“Also the wallpaper is disgusting.”

“Again, you can change the wallpaper.” Giorno’s smile was starting to waver.

“Would you have it changed before I moved in?”

“We don’t usually offer that kind of service-”

“But you can make an exception? Okay, cool.” It was hard to hide the grin Mista had on his face from winding Giorno up, but he turned away, hoping that it hadn’t been spotted, and started to make his way towards the dining room, deciding to get one extra dig in. “By the way, these countertops need to go, like, yesterday.”

Giorno had had enough, the quiet irritation that had been bubbling under his skin for the last thirty minutes was coming to an explosive head, and the more Mista talked, the more he complained, the harder he found it to hold himself back.

“Shut up!” He snapped. Mista was stunned into silence, staring at the estate agent, whose fists were trembling at his sides.


“I said shut up! I’ve had enough. Enough of the whining and complaining, do you want the fucking house or not?”

“…I don’t like your tone.” Mista said, pushing Giorno one final time. He knew exactly what he was doing, and the other man tackled him, his clipboard went flying as he threw Mista against the countertop and silenced him with his own mouth.

Lips burned, teeth clacked as they furiously kissed, Giorno venting all of the frustration this man had put him through, his hands fisted tightly in the front of his sweater and pulled himself closer than he even thought possible. One of his knees forced its way between Mista's thighs and grinded up sloppily against his groin, pushing his own against the thick muscle Giorno found himself straddling. They rutted between each other’s legs, drawing themselves to full hardness.

Mista's cock was painfully trapped within the hard leather of his pants, but he couldn’t find a moment to care, this firecracker of a man was in his arms, using his leg like he was grinding on his own pillow, and the gunman was not about to start complaining.

His steady teasing had worked, pushing this guy further and further towards the brink and allowing him to snap, it was a tried and true method that Mista employed only with the most uptight of his conquests. There was a while there where he wasn’t sure it was working, but the proof was standing in front of him, humping his leg like a dog.

Giorno ripped the hat off of Mista's head and tossed it somewhere to the side, using the opportunity to run his hands through the thick curls that had been hidden, fisting his fingers in them and pulling Mista even tighter against him. An angry, desperate noise left Giorno's lips as he shoved Mista downwards to the aching bulge within his pants.

Not one to pass up an opportunity when it was staring him right in the face, Mista unbuckled Giorno's pants, shoving them down just enough to release his cock. It sprung free, pink and flushed, and it looked so damn tasty that Mista couldn’t stop himself from taking it in deeply, relishing the feeling of it, heavy on his tongue and threatening to touch the back of his mouth. Giorno sighed out, his breath blowing through Mista's hair as he pulled back to tongue at the leaking slit.

“You look good like that.” Giorno hissed through the haze of pleasure. “Nice to have you shut up for once.”

Mista grinned around him, and sank back down, wanting to show him that his mouth wasn’t only good for talking shit. The head of Giorno's cock dragged slowly along the roof of his mouth, leaving a trail of precum that made Mista salivate, he didn’t know how someone could taste so good but he didn’t want to waste time wondering. His tongue lay flat against him as he swallowed, pulling more precum out of the tip and driving Giorno wild.

“Fuck yeah.” He hissed, sinking deeper into the wet heat consuming him. It had been a while since Mista had done this but the muscle memory was all there, it was like riding a bike. Slowly he relaxed his throat, pushing down on Giorno’s hot, hard erection until it was breaching the tight ring of muscle at the back of his mouth. Eyes flicking upwards he could see the surprise register on Giorno's face and it encouraged him to sink even deeper, loving the raw feeling of his throat being filled.

Eventually Mista halted, his nose buried deep into the neatly groomed patch of hair, and swallowed again as best he could. The sensation of spit pooling in his mouth was hard to ignore, as was the lack of air from his pharynx being stuffed with cock, but he held firm, taking one of Giorno's hands from his hair he guided it down to his neck, encouraging the other man to feel just how full he was.

Giorno's hands were trembling, his breath wobbly, he’d never felt so aroused in his life, and as Mista’s face started to turn a little red, Giorno pulled back, his dick leaving him with a little pop.

“What the fuck…”

His hands hadn’t left the soft expanse of Guido’s neck, feeling a tiny patch of stubble he’d missed while shaving that morning and rubbing his thumb affectionately across it. The man on his knees couldn’t help but look pleased with himself and the smugness of his expression brought Giorno’s passion and fury racing back. With one thumb he forced open Mista's mouth again and buried himself deep inside, pushing past the resistance of his oesophagus and blocking his airway once again.

This time Giorno didn’t pause or hold back, he fucked Mista's throat with a raw hunger, eating up every little noise he made whenever Giorno took pity and pulled back, allowing him just a gasp of air before cutting it off once more. Mista's hands clawed at his ass, trying to get a grip on him before settling on Giorno's belt, holding firm as his face was fucked ruthlessly. Never before had Giorno experienced the feeling of holding someone’s neck as it gave way under his hands, knowing his cock was inside, rubbing it raw, and the realisation that Mista's voice would probably be rough and ragged after this turned him on even more.

Giorno pulled back, he knew he would cum if he wasn’t careful, and he had bigger plans for this beautiful, irritating man kneeling in front of him.

“Lie down.”

Mista dragged a sleeve across his mouth, mopping up the drool that had escaped his lips and threw himself down on the floor, unbuckling his belt with a fervent haste.

He felt very exposed lying there, hard and waiting as Giorno climbed on top of him. It almost felt like he was prey, and Giorno was there to consume him whole. With a moment of lucidity he reached up into his hat and tossed Giorno the emergency bottle of lube he carried around everywhere he went.

When Mista was sufficiently slick, and with one hand flat on Mista's chest, Giorno sank down slowly, impaling himself on the fat cock in his hand. Both of them sighed out at the bone-deep satisfaction of connection.

God.” Giorno’s voice was strained, desperate, and he pulled up only an inch to slam back down onto Mista, finding new ways to satisfy himself with every push and pull, every drop downwards. It was mind-blowing, tension releasing from his tight muscles by the second. Every stupid comment, every intentionally irritating thing Mista had forced him to endure with a professional smile, it was all being forced back onto the infuriating man Giorno held beneath him.


“I thought I told you to shut up.” Giorno hissed, removing his tie and shoving it into Mista's open mouth, effectively removing his ability to answer back.

He rode Mista hard, fire of lust burning inside him, using him to extract as much pleasure for himself as possible. His knees hurt, his thighs ached but still he kept going until sensation was clouding his vision. Giorno began to slow, wearied from the overexertion but Mista wasn’t about to let that stop them; he planted both feet firmly on the tiled floor and thrust up vigorously into Giorno.

So close’, his mind screamed, ‘keep going’, and to the beautiful tune of Giorno's cries he came deep inside him, forcing an orgasm out of the other man with his hand tight around his cock.

“Oh God… Oh God…” Giorno breathed, coming down slowly from his high, sweaty and debauched on top of a complete stranger. As he climbed off of Mista and retrieved his spit-soaked tie from his mouth, he pulled himself back to his feet.

“We still have one more house to view.” Giorno gasped for breath, smoothing his hair back out of his eyes, and from the look on Mista's face he could tell they were both thinking the same thing.

The car ride was electric, their immediate thirst for each other had been quenched, leaving a low burn of wanting, a need for round two. Giorno kept his hands firmly on the wheel but Mista let his roam.

As they pulled up to the first traffic light he reached over to unbutton the top of Giorno's jacket, slipping one hand inside to seek out one of his nipples. It had been on his mind ever since the quick glimpse he had caught earlier, and now, rolling it slowly between his fingers was possibly more satisfying than having Giorno's cock in his mouth.

Touching it made it harder, and brought out a beautiful flush in Giorno's cheeks that had not been there before, Mista smiled and pulled his hand out only to lick his thumb and return it. Adding the slick glide of spit to the equation sent a shudder through Giorno’s body, but he was determined not to show it.

“You’ve got a real cute poker face, you know that?” Mista teased. “I wanna see if I can make it crack.”

The click of his seatbelt unbuckling caught Giorno's attention, and he almost missed the light turning green as he watched Mista lean over into his lap, supporting himself with one elbow on either side of his knees. A car honked behind them, snapping Giorno out of his trance and he put his foot down, continuing on their journey to the next house.

Mista couldn’t help feeling satisfied at the effect he was having on the younger man, and was excited to see his reaction to the next part.

He pulled the front of Giorno's jacket open and clamped his lips down on the nipple he had become so familiar with. The tiniest little noise escaped Giorno and he would have considered it a victory had he not masked it with a cough. He could do better than that.

One of his hands came up to start work on the other nipple, squeezing it a little harder than he maybe intended, but he needed to draw a reaction out of him. Carefully he nibbled on Giorno's skin, alternating between sucking lightly and with bruising force until Giorno was a moaning mess in the drivers seat.

Again, he was hard, his cock pushing insistently against the inside of his pants, but Mista ignored it. There would be plenty of time for that later. For now he just wanted to tease, take control the way Giorno had done before.

He switched over to the other nipple, tugging the fabric out of the way, and relished in the taste of Giorno's skin. If he wasn’t so busy he could spend the rest of his life here, half in the lap of a beautiful man with a nipple in his mouth.

“We’re here.” Giorno said shakily, almost hesitant to let Mista stop, but it was necessary. With a parting kiss to his chest, Mista sat up and climbed out of the car, allowing Giorno a moment to adjust himself in his pants before following him up to the house.

This one was just as beautiful as the others, but in Mista's eyes they had all started to blur together into one, there was only one thing he was interested in anymore and at the moment he was leaning over the dining table, ensuring his butt stuck out just enough to catch Mista's attention.

“The main feature of this house is the dining room.” Giorno began. One of Mista’s hands trailed across his back towards the soft swell of his ass and stroked down between his cheeks, his middle finger swiping over Giorno's used hole and even through the layers of fabric it made Giorno shiver. He pretended nothing was happening.

“All of the furniture in here comes with the house,” he said, hiding the gasping, breathy note his voice had developed, “so you can keep it exactly the way it looks now if you like it that way.”

“It’s disgusting.” Mista breathed, rubbing Giorno in earnest now, hand gripping around his ass cheek, fingers pressing inwards to his perineum.

“Yeah. Yeah it is.” Giorno sighed out, letting his head fall and pushing his butt out even more. Mista hooked one thumb underneath his belt and boldly pulled Giorno's pants down, exposing the wet mess his underwear had been left in after their previous encounter. The sight made him rock hard, straining against his leather pants, and he didn’t hesitate in freeing himself, his residual cum provided adequate enough lube to allow for a slick re-entry, and they both sighed out at the now familiar connection.

“What do you think about the floor plan in here?” Giorno gasped.

“I hate it. The kitchen wall needs to be knocked through immediately.”

Giorno winced as Mista pulled him straight up against his body, fucking him in an upright position with a loose hand around his neck, he swallowed, throat working under the thick fingers.

“I can arrange for you to meet with some contractors… or you could go fuck yourself.” Giorno said, voice weak where it was being compressed.

“No, I think I’d rather fuck you.”

“So soon? We still have the downstairs bathroom to check out.”

Without hesitation, Mista released him, pulling out mercilessly and leaving Giorno bent over the dining table.

“You better show me then.”

The blonde gasped out as air flooded his lungs once again, and after a moment stood up to follow Mista into the hallway. Minutes later he found himself with his cheek pressed up against the mirror of the downstairs bathroom, one knee hooked up into the sink as Mista pounded brutally into him, the heavy smack of skin hitting skin echoing off the tiles.

“Do you like it?”

“Hm… Yeah, it’s alright.”

“That’s the first positive thing I've heard you say. I’m surprised”

“I’ll be honest I’m a little distracted, if I turn around am I gonna hate it?”

Giorno laughed openly, exposing his throat as he threw his head back. “I have no doubt in my mind.”

“Oh fuck, lets get out of here then.” Again, Mista snatched back his cock without warning, and Giorno felt the emptiness throughout his whole body. “Show me something else.”

Giorno's legs were weak, he stumbled out of the bathroom after his client, desperate to be full again and willing to follow Mista's lead, anything to get him back inside. He decided to take him upstairs to the office, which was tastefully decorated in soft browns and rustic wood furniture, Giorno noted that it complimented Mista's dark skin tone nicely as he threw Giorno onto the polished desk.

“Seems like you could get a lot of work done in here.” His voice was sultry, teasing, Giorno was quickly coming to the end of his tether. The quiet need inside of him was clawing at his chest, silently begging Mista to get it over with and raw him until he came all over this expensive furniture. Seemingly Mista could read his mind, as he picked up both of Giorno's legs and threw them over his shoulders with ease, lining up his cock with Giorno's eager hole and sliding back in, punishingly slow.

“Ah!” Giorno cried out at the satisfaction of Mista filling him completely once again, and reached up to hold him close. As much fun as their game was, he needed to be fucked properly, he needed Mista to absolutely destroy him. Kissing him meant folding his own body completely in half, knees touching his shoulders, but it was worth it as Mista's warm lips slid over his own.

“Fuck me.” Giorno whispered. Mista flushed at the words, colour reaching the tips of his ears as he leaned back to oblige the younger man. His hips pulled back and slammed neatly back inside Giorno, drawing out a loud cry that he knew he wanted to hear again. Rougher this time, he pounded into him, keeping a steady pace that made Giorno's eyes roll back in his head. His knuckles turned white where he tried to gain purchase on the edge of the desk, trying to stop himself from being shoved back against the wall. But he needn’t have bothered, as Mista's hands came up to grip his shoulders tightly, pulling Giorno back down onto his cock with every thrust.

“Fuck, you feel so good.” Mista sighed out, lips pressed against the hollow of Giorno's neck and picked up the pace a little. “I can’t get enough of you.”

His voice was quiet, almost talking to himself more than Giorno, lost in his absolute reverence for the heavenly body beneath him, but due to the closeness of his lips Giorno heard every word. Kisses were laid upon Mista's cheeks, his neck, drawing him closer until he met Giorno's lips once again, movements slowing to slow, deep thrusts that hit the very core of Giorno's being.

“Oh fuck… oh fuck…” Mista gasped, relishing the gradual slide into the slick body he was becoming more and more enraptured with.

“Are you close?”

“Yeah.” He murmured through kisses.

“Wait. Don’t come yet, I can’t let you leave without viewing the bedroom.”

Giorno grinned up at him and Mista slid his cock free of Giorno's ass, admiring the pink gape of his hole and the way it contracted around thin air.

“Damn. You’re right.” He panted, wanting to draw this out even more. “Guess you’d better show me.”

There was no pretence this time, they made their way down the hallway with tongues in each others mouths, hands roaming, snatching at fabric that was threatening to tear with every rough pull. They burst into the bedroom, and Mista threw Giorno down onto someone else’s bed, paying no mind to the way the freshly changed sheets wrinkled under the weight of a stranger. He was drawn back into Giorno's body like an invisible force was pulling him.

Somewhere along the lines Giorno had lost his shoes, pants hanging on for dear life by one ankle as a man he had just met pounded into him. The slap of skin on skin was deafening in the empty house, tainting it, and claiming it as their own, what was once someone’s home was now their playground and neither man cared about how wrong it was to be doing this.

The duvet cover rucked and wrinkled beneath them, ruined by the unrestrained passion pouring out onto it. As Mista felt himself reaching his end, he clung to Giorno, possessing his mouth entirely and came inside him for the second time, fucking him in short little bursts through it, trying to coax another one out of him too.

It spilled between them, ruining Giorno's suit and Mista's sweater, but neither of them could find the energy to care. Mista collapsed on top of him, lowering Giorno's leg back down to the ground and kissing him anywhere he could reach.

“I’ll take it.”