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When Shouto’s parents get a divorce, no one is surprised. It’s common knowledge that Endeavor and his wife have been separated for years now. Shouto and his siblings celebrate the divorce at an iHop outside of Tokyo.

However, there is mass speculation on why they only now got a divorce, many years after they were first separated. Rumors about Endeavor having a lover on the side run rampant, but Shouto knows the truth. It’s simpler than everyone thinks: Shouto’s mother is out of the hospital now, independent from Endeavor, living with Shouto’s siblings in the house that Endeavor built for them. A divorce was just logical.

The timing was right. When Shouto and his siblings asked their parents why they decided to finally file for divorce, that was their answer.

The rumors about Endeavor getting a divorce because of another woman is ridiculous to Shouto. One, he’s pretty sure that his father still sees sex as a way to make babies with powerful quirks—nothing more than that. Two, even though he was not always a good man (he’s trying to be better now, Shouto acknowledges that), he’s always been a man of his word—that’s one of the only things that Shouto has always respected about him. Endeavor finds value in the sanctity of marriage vows; thus, Shouto can’t really see him dating someone while he’s still married.

Three, and this one is the most important one, there is no “other woman” that Endeavor has been seeing.

The only person Shouto ever sees his father talking to outside of hero work is Hawks, and Hawks is just a coworker. If Endeavor had a lover, Shouto would know.

Shouto tramples on fallen cherry blossoms as he walks along the cobbled path leading into the Todoroki estate.

He doesn’t really want to be here, but the 2-A dorms are currently uninhabitable because of a stupid prank war that escalated so much that even Yaoyorozu, Iida, and Kouda got involved. Shouto was sleeping when the incident occurred; he still has no idea how his classmates somehow managed to turn Heights Alliance into a mini Atlantis. He swears that there must be some sort of freaky blood pact between everyone who was involved in the pranks. Even the administration has no idea how it happened. Although, Shouto thinks he might have heard Ashido say something about seventeen dildos being flushed down Kaminari’s toilet.

Regardless of how it happened, the dorms are cleared out for the week even though classes are still being held. Shouto’s mother’s new house is too far away from campus for him to commute daily, and although he’s sure that neither Bakugou nor Midoriya would say no if he were to ask to stay with them for a couple days, he doesn’t want to make a big deal out of this.

It’s just for a week. And after everything that happened last winter, Shouto’s starting to get along with his father. Sort of. They’re getting there.

Shouto just hates it when his father hugs him, and his father tries to hug him whenever he sees him. He hates being hugged in general, except when it’s Bakugou doing the hugging. Which is rare. Very rare, but he treasures those moments.

He told his father he would arrive around six or seven, but he gets there earlier than expected. He doesn’t think it’s a big deal. It’s not like his father ever has anyone over, so he doesn’t bother to text that he’s there early.

However, his father is nowhere to be found. Usually, he’s training in the dojo, meditating in the garden, or reading a book on the couch. And whenever Shouto visits or stays over, his father always is there to greet him. He’s clingy like that.

(Bakugou always calls Shouto a “clingy bastard” whenever they cuddle. Maybe he gets it from his father.)

After Shouto lugs his duffle bag into his old bedroom, he goes looking for him. The shower isn’t running, and he doesn’t hear anything cooking in the kitchen (as if any of the male Todorokis know how to cook). Shouto deduces that his father must be sleeping or something (to everyone’s complete and utter surprise, Shouto gets his fiendish napping tendencies from his father) and heads in the direction of the master bedroom to wake him up. The grand doors to the master bedroom are wide open, however, Shouto isn’t able to even make it past the threshold of the corridor.

He hears it first, but he doesn’t trust his ears as much as his eyes, so he gets closer until the bedroom is in his eyesight.

What he sees, he did not expect. He did not expect this in a million years.

He did not expect to see Hawks, the number two hero, split open on his father’s cock. He has never, ever, ever had a desire to see his father’s cock inside of someone, or his father’s cock at all. Maybe there was a time where he had a teeny crush on Hawks, and, as a virginal (not for long, if Bakugou has anything to say about it) teenage boy, maybe he’s thought about Hawks in a sexual manner, once or twice. He’s practically the only pro-hero around Shouto’s age at the top of the charts, plus he’s openly gay; how could Shouto not have a wet dream or two about him?

But now those wet dreams will probably turn into night terrors from now on.

Shouto has seen enough. He has seen too much, yet for some reason, he can’t look away.

He doesn’t know if he can ever get this image out of his head. It burns into the back of his retinas, and it’s all he sees when he closes his eyes: Hawks’ ass and his fluttering wings, the arch of his back and the way he lolls his head back in pleasure, dick bouncing with the force of Endeavor’s thrusts. Shouto shudders at the thought.

Endeavor and Hawks haven’t even noticed him, standing frozen in the doorway like a goddamn idiot. They continue fucking like it’s their last day on earth.

Hawks looks fucking obscene, hands fisting the bed sheets behind him as he rolls his hips back and forth, riding Endeavor’s cock. He’s loud, and Endeavor is loud—pants, whines, moans, hiccupped cries. Hawks is facing away from the door, while Endeavor doesn’t seem like he registers anything but the man sitting on his cock.

Fuck, fuck,” Hawks whimpers, high-pitched and needy. “I can’t—”

Endeavor grips both his ass cheeks, spreads them open, and slips in his fingertips alongside his cock. He grunts, violently thrusting in, fucking him stupid.

“O-oh, daddy, fuck, I’m—”

As quietly as he can, Shouto hightails it the fuck out of there.


what’s up ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

have you ever seen something you weren’t supposed to see
and it makes you want to gouge your eyes out and throw them into a pile of vomit

um… that’s very graphic…
did something happen???

i think i just figured out why my parents got a divorce

Life is bad and totally not worth living, Shouto decides. Days have passed, and he still can’t look his father in the eye.

Training with his old man isn’t an option anymore, so Shouto spends most of his afternoons at Bakugou’s house or Midoriya’s apartment. His father keeps trying to talk to him, but Shouto ignores all his texts and avoids him at the house.

He doesn’t know what to do with the knowledge that his father actually enjoys sex—by the look of it, he enjoys it a lot—and doesn’t only see it as a way to make OP fire and ice babies. Unless he thinks that he can get Hawks pregnant, which Shouto is almost entirely certain is impossible. He hadn’t even known that his father was into men.

And then there’s the second grievance: Hawks is half of Endeavor’s age. Literally. Shouto googled it. Not to mention that Hawks is the same age as Touya. (Shouto has a conspiracy theory that his eldest brother is still alive. No, he will not explain.)

Hawks is young enough to be Shouto’s brother, but he’s fucking Shouto’s dad.

Then it occurs to Shouto that it might have been a one time thing, as gross as it was.

Maybe he was just extraordinarily unlucky to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. When he’s at the estate, he’s on his guard for feathers on the ground or any suspicious sounds coming from the master bedroom, but there’s nothing, even at night. Though, Shouto can’t be certain about that one. Nowadays, he usually sleeps around 10 PM, 11 PM if he’s stretching it. He blames Bakugou for his new sleeping habits; he always gets scolded if he stays up too late. And he’s a heavy sleeper, so it’s not like he’d know if they were having sex in the wee hours of the night.

The sheer plausibility of that being the case terrifies him, so he tries not to think about it too much.

Today, Shouto is moving back into Heights Alliance. (Principal Nezu sent out an email detailing the repairs that had to be done, including “the retraction of seventeen large, foreign objects found in the pipes.” Since no one is fessing up, they’re all in for some sort of punishment soon. The teachers still have to decide; Shouto is praying that one of the nicer, less sadistic teachers—not Aizawa, and not Midnight—is the one doling out the sentences.)

Shouto had to wake up a little earlier today—he has to check back in at the dorms and drop off all his stuff before homeroom. However, he’s a bit of a late riser (that, Bakugou probably will never be able to fix), and he’s always been slow at cleaning himself up in the mornings, so he makes his way over to the kitchen with only a couple minutes to spare until he absolutely has to leave for class. There’s probably a couple protein bars left in the pantry, he thinks.

But he bumps into someone on the way there.

He’s half-asleep and his eyes are half-closed, but he can definitely tell that the person he just bumped into is not his father. The reason being, his forehead knocked into someone’s head, not their chest.

Shouto takes a step back, rubs his droopy eyes, and gets war flashbacks the moment he sees who it was.

“Good morning . . . Hawks-san,” Shouto mumbles, trying not to stare at the wine-colored hickies lining the hero’s neck.

“Shouto-kun!” Hawks greets, bright and happy, but Shouto knows that heroes like Hawks did not get where they are today by being bright and happy. “What a surprise to see you here!”

Shouto blinks. He’s about to respond with a flat, I live here, but then he remembers that he actually doesn’t anymore. “The 2-A dorms at UA had some, uh, problems this week. We had to evacuate, but I’m going back today.”

Hawks pats Shouto’s shoulder, and Shouto shudders at the touch. “Oh, I totally forgot about that! Your dad already left for work, by the way.”

“Did . . . you stay the night?” Shouto knows it’s a stupid question, but he finds himself asking it anyways. A part of him is just hoping that this is just some crazy misunderstanding. Bruises like that can come from sparring, right?

Deny, deny, deny.

The triangular moles under Hawks’ eyes are crusty with morning glory; he rubs it away. “Yup,” he answers easily, popping the P obnoxiously. He yawns then adds, “Have been, every night. But you always wake up after I leave in the mornings.”

As much and as desperately as he wants to, Shouto can no longer deny the truth: his father and Hawks are sleeping together. Have been sleeping together.

How can Hawks be so casual about this? He doesn’t seem embarrassed at all that the son of his . . . whatever Endeavor is to him just ran into him the morning after what looks like very rough sex.

Oh god, is he wearing one of my father’s shirts? Shouto realizes, his Adam’s apple bobbing in horror when he notices that Hawks isn’t even wearing pants. He prays to god that he’s at least wearing underwear, and, what the fuck—

Is that a hand-shaped burn mark on the inside of his thigh?

“Well, I have to go, or I’ll be late for class,” Shouto says, deciding that once again the best thing to do right now is get the fuck out of here and make a bee line to the front door, protein bars be damned. He avoids eye contact, right side going a little out of control, trying to offset the pink in his cheeks as he grabs his duffle bag and his regular school bag and almost makes it out.

Hawks lives up to his reputation. He’s fast, catching Shouto at the door, and—is that a mug of coffee in his hands?

“We should carpool!” Hawks flies in front of Shouto, preventing him from leaving. His wings flutter behind him, feet hovering above the ground, shirt completely falling off on shoulder. Endeavor wears XXL shirts; Hawks definitely does not.

Shouto pauses, blinking slowly, trying to digest what Hawks just suggested. “But I’m going to UA.”

Hawks grins. “Me too!”

Shouto does not like where this is going. “Are you visiting one of the teachers?” Please tell me you’re just visiting one of the teachers.

Hawks grins even brighter, eyes glimmering with mischief as his feet touch the ground again.

“Nope! I’m your substitute homeroom teacher for the week!”

Shouto drops both his bags, hands shaking as he once again tries to look anywhere but at the numerous hickies, bruises, and burn marks that litter Hawks’ half-naked body.

“Nezu asked me personally because he couldn’t find anyone else on such short notice, and who was I to deny such a pleasant fellow?”

“A-are you . . . going to be dressed . . . like that?”

“Nah,” Hawks responds, waving a dismissive hand before picking up both of Shouto’s bags with one hand. He gently places the straps in Shouto’s palms, smiles, then winks. “This sight is only for your dad.”

Horror creeps into Shouto’s bone marrow when he realizes that all the rumors about his father were right. Endeavor did have a secret lover this entire time. Or a secret friend with benefits. Both are equally horrifying.

On the other hand, Hawks is having the time of his life, traumatizing his boyfriend(?)’s son. He pats Shouto on the back as he walks back inside. “Give me five minutes,” he asks. “I’ll drive, and I can write you a pass or something if we’re late.”

Carpooling. They’re carpooling to school. He’s carpooling with the man who got his father to break his sacred marriage vows.

“Thanks . . . Hawks . . . san,” Shouto reluctantly gets out, voice weak and thin. He feels a little lightheaded. He can’t tell if it’s because he hasn’t eaten, or if it’s because his dad is fucking his new homeroom teacher.

“No need for the formalities, kid,” Hawks sings, taking another sip of his coffee. “You can call me dad.”

Shouto chokes on his spit, and his bags drop to the ground again. He doesn’t even call his own father dad.

“I’m just kidding, Shouto!” Hawks laughs, but the sadistic look in his eyes only darkens. “Call me sensei.

Shouto wants to crawl into a hole and never come out.

so were you ever going to tell me

number 2
…Did Keigo beat me to it?

who the fuck is keigo

“So, that’s why Aizawa will be out for the week,” Hawks finishes, sitting atop the podium at the front of the classroom, swinging his legs back and forth.

“Does he really need to take a whole week off for LASIK?” Ashido asks, playing with her nails.

“After the stunt you all pulled two weeks ago, I assume he’s using up all his sick days just to delay having to see you guys again.”

The classroom goes pindrop silent: from guilt, regret, embarrassment, or a combination of all three. Even Shouto and Bakugou, who can proudly say that they were the only ones in 2-A who had nothing to do with the prank war, burn with second hand embarrassment for everyone else.

“Hey, it was a good prank, and I sure as hell found it funny!” Hawks reassures. “Seventeen dildos? Where’d you guys even buy them?”

Yaoyorozu pales next to Shouto, squirming suspiciously in her seat.

Again, no one says anything, so Hawks shamelessly breaks the ice, “Well, I’m always looking for new dildo recommendations, and if they were thick enough to clog up the plumbing of your entire dorm building, I’m definitely interested. Although, I can never find any with a girth as thick as my current partner—”

Shouto stands up from his seat, metal screeching against tile, and promptly walks out the door.

bakugou ❤️
where the fuck did you go


bakugou ❤️

to puke my guts out

bakugou ❤️
are you not eating properly again
goddammit halfie
how many fucking times do i have to tell you: you can’t survive off of protein bars, soba, and fruit chips alone
there’s a thing called vegetables

no not because of that
because of hawks

bakugou ❤️
??? hawks was just joking you know
cmon you gotta admit the shit he said about dildos was really fucking funny like even iida was laughing

no. it wasnt.

bakugou ❤️
jeez halfie… i’d think you were homophobic if you didn’t suck my dick last night lmao

you better return the favor tonight
im having a rough day

bakugou ❤️
you’re that desperate for it, huh?

please dont try to sext me right now
my dick is the furthest thing from hard right now

bakugou ❤️
i wasn’t trying to
okay fine
i was
but halfie
is this really all b/c of hawks?
he’s literally the most badass active pro-hero rn
and that means shit coming from me
like it’s so fucking cool how he’s only a few years older than us

its really not that cool at all

“So, are you ever going to explain what you have against Hawks, Todoroki-kun?” Midoriya asks at lunch. “I know you don’t believe in authority figures, but walking out like that was a bit much.”

“You kinda caused a big scene when you stormed out of the classroom this morning,” Uraraka adds. “Tokoyami-kun was pissed.”

“Yeah, and I thought you were a big fan of him!” Midoriya asks, eyes bright green and curious. “Didn’t you say he was your first hero crush?”

Shouto drops his chopsticks. The memory of Hawks riding his father burns much too bright in his head. Crush? No, not anymore. Not ever again. Shouto is embarrassed to have even liked Hawks as a person at one point in his life. He was young and naive then.

“I just think that he’s a terrible hero,” he blurts out loudly, inadvertently attracting the attention of everyone in the cafeteria. Well, while everyone is listening, he might as well air out all his grievances. Go hard or go home. “And he has no sense of boundaries. And he’s too young. Twenty years too young. Not to mention that he’s a bit of a homewrecker, and probably a gold digger too. I don’t see why anyone could be attracted to him.”

No one says anything. Shouto just continues playing with his soggy cold soba. He isn’t hungry. He doesn’t know if he can keep the food down.

Around dinnertime, Endeavor shows up at the newly repaired 2-A dorms.

Shouto tries to hide under the couch. He doesn’t fit.

He and his father go out in the courtyard. All his classmates are watching from the glass windows in the common room. He’s glad that Jirou and Shouji are the only ones with the ability to listen in from this distance because, unlike the rest of their classmates, neither of them are nosy enough to do so.

Everyone thinks he’s going through a rebellious phase. He probably is.

“So,” Endeavor says first, “he told you.”

Shouto stares at a tree in the distance. He doesn’t want to explain that a) he walked in on them having sex last week, or b) he bumped into Hawks wearing nothing but one of his XXL shirts this morning, two crude holes torn in the back for his wings, covered in hickies and small burns. Hawks never said it outright, but Shouto isn’t exactly stupid.


“I was planning on telling you, but you avoided me the whole week.”

“Gee, I wonder why,” Shouto mumbles under his breath. He’s heard that shock therapy can lead to memory loss. Maybe he should try it some time. Kaminari would totally be up for it.

Endeavor furrows his fiery brows. “What?”

“Never mind.” Shouto keeps staring at that tree. The leaves are a pretty color. Nature really is a wonderful thing.

“Are you mad at me?”

“Have been for the past seventeen years, but you know that already.”

Endeavor clicks his tongue. He looks just as uncomfortable as Shouto feels. “We might go public about it soon,” he reveals. “I know that I don’t really have the right to ask you this, but it would be great if you could be supportive. The media might go a little crazy—”

“Wait,” Shouto interrupts, gawking at his father, no longer staring at the tree. “You and Hawks are serious. Like, it’s not just sex?”

Endeavor’s flames wobble for a moment. “Did . . . did Hawks not give you that impression?”

Shouto thinks back to every interaction he’s had with Hawks today. The only thing he learned about Hawks today is that he apparently has a size kink that his father fulfills. And, from the music he picked for the car ride to UA, he really likes K-Pop.

“No, he did not.”

Endeavor doesn’t look surprised. “Yeah, I should’ve expected that,” he admits, letting out a sigh. But by far, the worst part about it is that he actually looks a little endeared under all those flames.

“Does mom know? Do Natsuo and Fuyumi—”  

“Of course your mom knows. I told her when we were filing for the divorce together. But I haven’t told your siblings yet. I wanted you to be the first, since you’re training to be a hero, and you’ll probably be seeing a lot of Hawks in the future.”

Shouto grimaces. Not only is he the son of the number one hero, but he’s now the son of the number two hero’s boyfriend. It can’t get any worse than this.

A light breeze blows through the courtyard, and Shouto once again finds himself staring at that same tree. He thinks he sees a bird sitting on one of the branches. Riveting.

“The divorce,” he says after some time. “Was it because of him?”

His father actually looks a bit bashful, avoiding eye contact. Shouto momentarily considers emancipation. “It was my idea, but, yes, it was because of him. The timing was right too, but he was the catalyst.”

Oh god. They really are serious, aren’t they?

And then it occurs to Shouto that they hadn’t even touched upon one very important topic:

“So . . . “ he starts off, “you’re into men?”

An awkward cough. “Yeah.”

He doesn’t go into detail. Shouto appreciates that. However, Shouto is still a bit angry that this entire situation was dropped on him out of nowhere (he wonders if things would have been better if he hadn’t accidentally committed voyeurism), so he says, “Well, me too. Except I like guys my age.”

Another awkward cough. Shouto doesn’t even remember if he ever came out to his father. Now’s as good a time as ever, he supposes. Endeavor nods and doesn’t say anything. At least he’s not making excuses for himself.

At this point, Shouto has mostly resigned himself to his fate. Once Aizawa comes back, he won’t have to see Hawks regularly anymore, and he can move on with his life. A part of him is expecting Hawks to break up with his father once he realizes what a disaster of a human being he is, even if the sex happens to be good. Shouto can weather through this—he doubts their relationship will last long, no matter how serious they may think they are. He takes comfort in that thought.

And just when Shouto thinks that the conversation has died out and they’ve talked about everything, Endeavor clears his throat.

“One last thing,” he starts. “You know how I said we might go public with our relationship?”

Shouto doesn’t like where this is going. He’s getting déjà vu from this morning. “Yeah?”

Endeavor takes a deep breath. Shivers run down Shouto’s spine, but he reminds himself that the situation can’t possibly get any worse, right?

“That’s because I plan to propose at some point. I’m just waiting for the right moment.”

Shouto blacks out, and his mind goes empty.

He has no recollection of the events following that statement. Next thing he knows, he’s lying on the floor of his dorm room, staring at the ceiling, questioning the purpose of his existence.

Two Weeks Later

Juko News ✅ @jukonews • 12h
FLAME HERO: ENDEAVOR proposes to HAWKS after a near-death experience during a team-up in Okinawa? Read the full story feat. an exclusive interview with Endeavor's youngest son, SHOUTO, here:…

kaori || ENDHAWKS 💍 @heartmiruko • 12h
wtf the biggest plot twist of 20XX is endhawks getting married before mtwoods

jo 🌸🍙 @bluejeanist • 11h

💥 kags 🔞 @washingmachine • 5h
tag urself im: “At first, I was extremely traumatized. I never told them this, but I accidentally walked in on them having very passionate sex a week before they officially told me. My therapist is helping me get over it though.”

˗ˏˋ mightymight ˎˊ˗ @daddyendeavor • 2h
tbh why was that interview kinda cute… when shouto went, “I tried to break them up a couple days ago (Bakugou helped me), but I think I ended up just strengthening their relationship…” so cute??

soda | dynamite @yeecrazyhaw • 30m
umm i know that this was totally not the point of the interview but did shouto just reveal he has a boyfriend??? “My father keeps inviting me and my boyfriend out on a double date with Hawks, but I would rather be captured and tortured by the LOV”

mei 🌙 zukka brain rot @orcabukkake • 7m

Shouto stares at his phone buzzing violently on the lunch table. Midoriya, Uraraka, and Iida wince every time the table shakes.

“So, I probably shouldn’t have done that interview.”

He’s gained half a million Twitter followers since the interview was released. It hasn’t even been a full day yet.

Shouto’s new followers are going to be sorely disappointed when they see that all he does is retweet hero conspiracies. (And occasionally come up with a few himself. He still hasn’t given up on the Midoriya Izuku Is All Might’s Love Child Theory.)

Uraraka takes another bite of her burger. “You probably shouldn’t have gone into detail about every single time you walked in on them having sex. I can’t believe it happened that many times in just two weeks.”

“How was I supposed to know that they would be having sex in the teachers’ lounge? I just wanted to drop off my English paper.”

I can’t believe you’re handling this so well,” says Iida, blushing Ashido-pink.

“I’m really not,” Shouto replies, eyes glazed over as he stares out into the distance. He’s empty inside. He’s seen too much. He knows too much. “I was honestly hoping that interview would destroy both of their hero careers, but it looks like their public approval ratings have skyrocketed.”

Uraraka chokes on her cheeseburger.

“Well,” says Midoriya, “I’m surprised you didn’t openly slander either of them.”

“I did.” Shouto made sure to. “But they cut it all out.”

“Oh,” Midoriya murmurs, sheepish. He stuffs his face with katsudon to avoid having to say anything else.

Shouto’s phone continues to vibrate.

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.