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He was insufferable.

"Johnny, for the love of-- stand still! It'll go faster if we don't have to redo each shot because you were moving around!" This was about the tenth time Johnny had heard this and he still didn't care. He was all for good publicity, he had adoring fans to please and all kinds of folks waiting to date him  (What could he say? Guys, gals, nonbinary pals... they were all over him, and he returned the favor.). This method of achieving good publicity? That was another story.

Peter Parker was absolutely insufferable.

Photoshoots were already really annoying. They took hours (if not all day), he was forced to wear outfits that were so not him, and Peter was the pickiest motherfucker in the world. The pose had to be exactly right, or else the shot wasn't good enough.

Wasn't this guy famous for his candid shots of Spider-Man? Why couldn't he just snap the photo while Johnny was in position? Maybe he was just too used to action shots. It would explain why he was damn cranky. 

"Johnny, please, take this at least a little seriously so we can all go home? My aunt is making casserole," Peter groaned, choosing his face in his hands.

"What would your aunt say to a visit from the famous Johnny Storm?" Johnny replied. Anything to get out of this photoshoot.

"My aunt thinks you're a whore."

Well then. "What do ya say we figure that out for ourselves?" Johnny joked. Peter's face went so red for a minute Johnny forgot who the Torch was. 

"No! Damn you, I... just this last photo? Please? I've gotta get photos of Spider-- other heroes to my boss by Wednesday," Peter explained in a hurry. Johnny just watched his face. It was funny, how easily he went from flustered to angry to pleading. Just chose an emotion! It wasn't hard.

Johnny sighed. "Fine, whatever, but just one more! This is interfering with my hero work," Johnny said, fully meaning it. Spidey'd been encouraging him to take to the streets of NYC more instead of just waiting for the latest Doom or alien invasion. It was a pretty enriching experience.

"Thank you. Now, I want you to..."

...Johnny drifted off, half-copying what little he heard of Peter's instructions. He was too busy looking at his cute face.

Because Peter was insufferable, but he was also Johnny's boyfriend, and he loved him so, so much.

Even if he was a bit of a dick to him at times.