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Just a fantasy

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Waking up blindfolded and tied up as a highly targeted hero-in-training was terrifying to say the least. The familiar power that surged through Izuku’s body whenever he activated One For All wasn’t present, no matter how much he squirmed and clenched his fists. Was he hit with a quirk erasing bullet? Izuku couldn’t remember the last thing he did, memories all too fuzzy. He should’ve been at school though.


Wherever he was, it wasn’t the dorms. He could feel grass on his cheek and the rustling of trees as the wind blew by. It’d be unlikely for a villain to keep him on campus, right? With his sight taken away, it was impossible to know for sure. There was nothing else but nature to hear.


Izuku’s body stilled momentarily as he heard something else, the sound of someone stomping over to him. Now a little desperate, Izuku struggled to sit up with his arms bound so strictly behind his back. If nothing else, he knew his legs could pack a nasty kick, quirk or not. 


The rope on his chest was roughly yanked on, getting Izuku to his knees, though he doubted it was because this stranger wanted to be helpful. A moment later, the blindfold was torn off.


“Who the fuck are you?”


Due to the sudden light, Izuku was left blinking and squinting as his eyes adjusted, but he’d recognize that voice anywhere.


“Kacchan?” Izuku said dumbly as his eyes focused on the blond’s face. Then he scowled. “What the hell are you doing? Untie me.” Was this a prank?


It was Katsuki’s turn to look surprised, but only for a second. “Who are you calling Kacchan?” he snarled, giving the rope another a yank. “You’re in no position to be giving me demands, damn peasant.”




The more Izuku took in, the more he got confused. In front of him was Katsuki. There was zero doubt that this man was his childhood friend, face and voice far too familiar for Izuku to ever be mistaken. However, his apparel was… baffling to say the least. He looked like he belonged in a DnD campaign or a fantasy comic. Izuku doubted there was anything in the world that could make Katsuki wear it.


A little too quickly, Izuku got distracted while looking over the blond’s appearance. Katsuki looked really good with pierced ears. Granted there was barely a day that went by where Izuku wasn’t rudely reminded of how attracted he was to Katsuki, but this was certainly a look.


“Eyes are up fucking here, pervert.” Katsuki stomped his foot in frustration.


Face slightly heating up, Izuku looked up from Katsuki’s bare chest to his eyes. “This isn’t funny, Kacchan,” he said, starting to get a little freaked out. Katsuki wasn’t one for pranks, and there was no way their classmates could force him to go along with something like this. They barely managed to get him to wear a matching t-shirt much less a whole fantasy style get-up.


Was this a dream? Maybe he got hit in the head or with quirk?


Glancing around their surroundings, Izuku quickly determined he had no idea where they were. The sparse forest around them wasn’t familiar and definitely wasn’t anywhere on the U.A campus. If this person was a villain and not actually Katsuki, why do all this? It didn’t make any sense.


“Where are we?”


“I asked you who you were,” Katsuki said coldly. “Give me too much trouble and I’ll feed you to the damn lizard when he gets back.”

The what?


“You know me!” Izuku said, but got the feeling that whoever this was really didn’t. “I’m Midoriya Izuku.”


Katsuki snorted. “I’d say I would remember you if I met you before, but,” he looked over Izuku, “there’s not much to remember.”


Izuku winced, “No need to be rude.” God, even this Katsuki was kind of a dick. Why did Izuku like him again? “We’ve known each other since we were kids,” he tried pleading. “Your parents are Mitsuki and Masaru Bakugou. You love spicy foods, and need to be the best in everything you do.”


A snarl wound its way back onto Katsuki’s face. “I don’t fucking know you! What are you, a stalker?” Invading Izuku’s face. “You appeared out of nowhere while I was sleeping, not a good look. Any good reason why I shouldn’t leave your dumb ass tied up out here for the wildlife to pick apart?”


Now slightly panicked, Izuku glanced down at himself. He was still wearing his school uniform. If this was a dream, why wasn’t he wearing something to match Katsuki? 


“I’m not a stalker!” Well, maybe other Katsuki would have an argument against that, “I-I think I’m from an alternate universe,” he blurted out. “That’s why I know you and you don’t know me.” It sounded a lot more stupid once he said it, but he didn’t know what else to think of the situation. If he assumed that this was real and not a dream or a villain’s quirk, then that was the only possible explanation.


“So, you’re crazy and a stalker. Fucking terrific.”


“Look at what I’m wearing!” Izuku wondered how the hell he was going to convince Katsuki. “I mean, you’re the only person I’ve seen so far, so I’m assuming my outfit is odd? If not, I’m kinda screwed because I don’t really have any other means of convincing you. If I continue talking about what I know about you, you’re probably gonna assume it’s because I’m a stalker, and information might not line up if this is a different universe and all—”


“Shut up!” Katsuki snapped before letting out an aggravated groan. “If I did know you in an alternate universe, I would have fucking killed you before now.” While he kept one hand tight on the rope, the other rubbed at his head, scowling down at Izuku as if he were the biggest inconvenience in the world. “Your outfit… is weird, and you did appear in a sudden burst of light. That doesn’t mean alternate reality, though.”


Sudden burst of light? Not much sense Izuku could make of that. If only he could get to his phone, he’d be able to tell if this was real or not, or at least see if he still had a signal.


Then it struck.


“My phone!” Izuku said, excitedly. “Well, you don’t know what a phone is, but uh, it should be in my back pocket.” Maybe this world was technologically advanced and phones were normal, but for his own sake, Izuku hoped not.


Katsuki gave Izuku a look. “With all that staring you were doing earlier, sounds like you just want me to touch your ass.”


“That’s not it!” Izuku’s voice raised slightly in pitch, cheeks going pink. “If it’s not in my pocket, it’ll be obvious.”


With another annoyed sigh, Katsuki went behind Izuku. “Swear to the fucking gods that if this turns out to be weapon or a trap, I’m taking you out with me,” Katsuki muttered. 


To Izuku’s absolute relief, he felt Katsuki pull something out of his pocket.


“The fuck is this?” he asked, walking back in front of Izuku.


Izuku let out a sigh of relief.“That’s my phone. It’s a communication device, but it probably won’t work.” He squirmed, tugging at the restraints. “If you untie me, I can show you how it works.”


“You’re not going anywhere.” Katsuki glanced up from the phone to glare at Izuku. “It’s a thin black box. Not exactly an astonishing feat from another world.”


“Press the button on the side.”


After a few minutes of fiddling around with Izuku’s phone and staring at it in fascination, Katsuki seemed to have finally relented in believing Izuku.


“So, you’re from another world. I’ll bite.” He crouched down in front of Izuku. “But that doesn’t mean you’re still not an enemy. What was our relationship?”


Izuku answered immediately, “We’re boyfriends.”


They were not.




“Um, partners,” Izuku amended, glancing away from Katsuki’s face. “Romantically,” he added on in a weak voice, cheeks starting to heat up. What harm would a little lie do? Besides, saying they were rivals wouldn’t be the best idea in case he took it the wrong way.


“Bullshit!” Katsuki said. “I would not be interested in some weakling peasant like you.”




“You’re always so mean!” Izuku complained. “None of our friends know why I like you,” he said with a huff. That part was true.


“Then why do you?” Katsuki asked, suddenly very interested.


“You’re… amazing. Stubborn and aggressive, but I’ve admired you ever since I was little.” Not wanting to get too sappy or personal, Izuku said, “Also you’re attractive, so it makes up for everything else.” He was mostly joking.


As expected, Katsuki didn’t take kindly to that, but he didn’t flinch.


“Hah, everything else? The fuck’s that supposed to mean?” He yanked on the rope again. “Still don’t know why the hell I’d like a weakling like you.”


“I’m stronger than I look!” Izuku protested. “I just look like I don’t have any muscle.”


Katsuki didn’t look like he believed Izuku. Reaching down, Katsuki yanked Izuku’s shirt up to untuck it from his pants.


“Kacchan!” Izuku yelped, face going red.


“What, aren’t we lovers, ” Katsuki sneered. The rope that was bound around Izuku’s chest didn’t really allow for the shirt to be raised much, so instead his warm hand ran over Izuku’s stomach, feeling over the muscle. “Huh. You’re not lying.”


His touch left Izuku shuddering. Okay, maybe it was wrong to lie and say they were boyfriends, but it wasn’t like Izuku was making Katsuki do this. 


“Got a tolerable personality somewhere in there, or does your body make up for everything else?” Katsuki asked, partially echoing what Izuku said earlier. The smile that was playing on Katsuki’s lips was down right devilish and was doing things to Izuku. They were too close.


“I-it’s not like that,” he stammered out, starting to feel very warm all over.


“Not like what?” he snickered. “You spent a good minute eyeing up my body earlier. You can’t tell me you don’t want it bad. Alternate me isn’t enough for you?”


The lowered tone of his voice sent a shiver through Izuku. “I said it’s not like that,” he tried saying, but his voice fell into a mumble. If Katsuki kept this up, he was going to end up very hard, arousal already stirring inside him.


Katsuki grinned. “Bet I’ve had a lot of fun playing around with you. So demanding and bold a minute ago, but now look at you.” He grabbed Izuku by his chin to force him to meet his eyes. “So not like what?” Katsuki demanded again. “Am I more gentle with you?” his voice softened, hand sliding back to run through Izuku’s hair.


The gesture had Izuku’s heart fluttering, entranced and leaning into the touch without thinking.


Then Katsuki suddenly tugged on Izuku’s hair, making him let out a startled whine. “Or am I more rough?”


“D-depends on your mood,” Izuku stammered out, definitely getting more than a little hard. He’s fantasized about sex with Katsuki a million times. Sometimes he thought about Katsuki beating his ass black and blue before bouncing him roughly on his cock. Other times, he imagined Katsuki treating him gently, praise falling from his lips and taking pleasure in taking Izuku slowly apart.


Katsuki looked delighted. “So that’s how it is.” He let go of Izuku’s hair to push him, making Izuku topple backwards. “You want me to do whatever I want to do to you, huh? Nasty little pervert. That’s why I like you, huh? Because you’ll let me do whatever I want?”


“There’s a little more to it than that.” At least, Izuku wanted it to be more than that.


“You’re not saying no.” 


Katsuki's hands went to Izuku’s belt, and he panicked a little. Izuku was still very much a virgin. No sexual fantasy would change that. Hell, he’s never even kissed someone. “W-wait! Isn’t this sudden? You were ready to kill me a minute ago.”


Katsuki looked mostly unbothered as he worked Izuku’s pants down. “Maybe.” He stopped for a moment to lean over Izuku. “It’s Izuku, right?” he asked. “It’s been a long fucking week and I’d love to have a little stress relief. I could be picky, but you’re here, and you’ll take it like a good boy if I ask you to, won’t you, Izuku?”


Izuku squeezed his eyes shut and nodded. “You’re so… unfair.”


“You’re probably used to it.” Katsuki kissed Izuku briefly before trying to get Izuku’s pants off again.


“Aren’t you gonna untie me now?” Izuku asked, squirming a little.


Katsuki frowned at Izuku’s underwear before tugging that off too, leaving Izuku suddenly very exposed. “Nah. You can stay like that.”


Instinctively, Izuku wanted to shield his body from Katsuki’s gaze, but was left squirming in vain. Maybe he should tell Katsuki to stop. This wasn’t his Katsuki. It’d be like giving his first time up to a stranger. At the same time, how could he possibly pass up this chance? If Katsuki, his Katsuki, never ended up loving him back, then this was as close as he was going to get to knowing what it’d be like.


Izuku flinched in surprise as Katsuki’s hand suddenly wrapped around his dick and gave it a tug.


“What’s with all that mumbling?” Katsuki frowned. “Nervous?”


“A little. I know you’re not my Kacchan,” Izuku said honestly. There was really no reason for him to treat Izuku nicely. What if it hurt? What would happen if it hurt, and this Katsuki didn’t care? “I-I don’t want to stop, though.”


For a second, Katsuki was silent. Then he grinned. “What? Think I can’t fuck you as good the other one?” His hand squeezed around Izuku’s dick before starting to stroke him. “Not gonna want to go back to him once I’m done with you.”


Of course he’d make this a challenge.


Izuku’s masturbated before, but it felt different when someone else's hand was on him. Really different. After letting out a small whine, he bit his lip to prevent any more noises from slipping out. He wanted to touch Katsuki back and kiss him.


“Kiss me?” Izuku pleaded, unable to really move with his arms bound behind him.


Katsuki, thankfully, indulged him. He was rough and kept nipping at Izuku’s lips, but he absolutely loved it. The way Katsuki was jerking him off was rougher and faster than he usually touched himself, but it was easy to pretend that this was his Katsuki doing this to him. It felt amazing.


Izuku tried to warn Katsuki to slow down, heat coiling tightly in his abdomen, but his pleads came out muffled against Katsuki’s lips. If anything, Katsuki’s hand moved faster. When Katsuki finally let him breathe, it was too late. Izuku’s words turned into cries and moans. All too quickly, he came, eyes squeezing shut.


His toes curled and he whimpered as Katsuki continued stroking his cock until it was spent, a satisfied grin on his face.


“That was quick.”


“Shut up,” Izuku mumbled as he looked away, embarrassed. That was really quick.


“You’re a bad kisser too,” Katsuki added, catching Izuku’s foot as he made a half-assed attempt to kick him. He still had that smug look on his face as he bent Izuku’s leg back, exposing the boy further. “Guess you're lucky I’m doing all the work.” His free hand ran over Izuku’s inner thigh, thumb pressing down near Izuku’s entrance.


Izuku feebly glared. “Not like I have much choice.”


“Hah? Think you could top me?”


“I could!” Izuku said, cheeks flushing.


Katsuki snorted. “As if. It’d just be me holding you down and riding you, wouldn’t it?” He let go of Izuku’s leg and stood up. “Give me a sec.” Walking over to a log a couple feet away, he grabbed a bag Izuku wasn’t able to see. After rummaging through it, he pulled out a small bottle, blue and mostly clear.


“What’s that?” Izuku asked, a little nervous.


“Well, unless you’ve got a slick asshole, you’re gonna need some help.” Katsuki plopped down in front of Izuku before grabbing his leg and bending it back again.


Same as the handjob, getting fingered by someone else was different than doing it to himself. Katsuki’s fingers felt so warm as they pushed inside Izuku and spread him open. Izuku didn’t want a repeat of before, to come so quickly, but it felt like a losing battle the second the blond’s fingers pressed down on his prostate.


“Are you always this much of a quick fuse, or am I just good?” Katsuki asked, looking rather smug. “I get the feeling it’s both.”


“If you would— hah— stop teasing me so much—” Izuku moaned at the little hot pulses of pleasure. Katsuki’s fingers felt bigger than his own. If being stretched around two fingers left him feeling overwhelmed, he wondered how long he’d last on Katsuki’s dick.


Katsuki slipped his fingers out, allowing Izuku a moment to catch his breath. “Stand up,” he said, grabbing the rope and tugging Izuku to his feet. Although confused, Izuku obeyed. He wasn’t quite sure what the blond was doing until the rope was tossed over a tree branch. The rope tugged at Izuku’s restrained arms, forcing him to bend over a little.


The position left Izuku’s cheeks burning. “Seriously, Kacchan?” he complained, voice nothing more than a mumble. 


“Want me to stop?” Katsuki asked. It was said more like a challenge than any regard for Izuku’s comfort. Being met with silence, he grinned. “Didn’t think so.” He pressed a mocking kiss onto the side of Izuku’s head before unbuckling his pants with his free hand.


This was Izuku’s last chance to back out, but instead he said, “Can you start out gentle? It’s been awhile.” He stared straight forward, knowing his blush was probably reaching his ears. Despite fantasizing about Katsuki treating him roughly in the past, he didn’t want his first time to hurt.


Katsuki made a noise of acknowledgement, his hand squeezing before trailing down to Izuku’s ass. “Bend over a little more.”


If it weren’t for Katsuki’s grip on the rope, Izuku probably would’ve toppled over. It was as exciting as it was nerve wracking to let Katsuki have this much control over him. Izuku could feel his heart racing as he felt Katsuki’s dick press against his entrance. In one go, Katsuki pushed himself in, making Izuku gasp.


“Squeeze any tighter around my dick, and I won’t be able to move,” Katsuki grumbled, but there was a breathy note to his voice.


Katsuki was bigger than Izuku anticipated. Sure, he’s seen Katsuki’s dick maybe too many times for just being friends, but never while erect. Izuku’s legs trembled as he tried to relax. Part of him was still trying to wrap his mind around the situation he had gotten himself into. Katsuki was going to fuck him. Holy shit.


Grabbing Izuku’s hip, Katsuki started to move. He did actually start out reasonably slow and gentle, letting Izuku adjust to the feeling of his hole getting stretched and stuffed. Every thrust, Izuku let out even more embarrassing noises, whimpering and gasping.


“You sound pathetic,” Katsuki murmured into Izuku’s ear. “Are you the kind to scream and cry during sex?”


Izuku didn’t answer, mostly because he didn’t actually know.


The grip Katsuki had on Izuku’s hip tightened. “Gonna make me find out for myself? Fine then.” The slow and rhythmic way he was thrusting in suddenly changed. With a harsh snap of his hips, he forced a loud moan out of Izuku. “Lucky we’re alone, huh?”


Izuku bit down on his lip to try and quiet himself, his head spinning with every harsh thrust to his prostate. 


“Oh no you fucking don’t.” Katsuki let go of Izuku’s hip, fingers brushing at his lips until Izuku opened his mouth. Pushing his fingers into Izuku’s mouth, the blond forced him to keep his mouth open. “If you’re feeling good, I want to hear it loud and clear. Understand?”


Izuku could only moan in response as Katsuki’s fingers pressed down on his tongue.


Katsuki let out a groan of his own, head falling against the back of Izuku’s shoulder. “I should’ve made you suck me off earlier,” he lamented, sliding his fingers out of Izuku’s mouth and trailing his salvia down his neck. “Probably not good at that either, huh?”


“K-kacchan, I’m,” Izuku couldn’t stop himself clenching down around Katsuki, “I’m— hnn!” He could see the pre-cum flicking off the head of his cock with every thrust. He wasn’t going to last much longer.


“You’re what?” Katsuki asked mockingly, roughly grabbing Izuku’s hip. “Gonna cum all over yourself, completely untouched? Thought you’d last a little longer.”


Tears pricking at his eyes and head hanging in shame, Izuku came with a loud moan a moment later. If it weren’t for the rope tied around his torso, his trembling legs would’ve given out. Izuku was held in place, whimpering as Katsuki continued to fuck him.


Izuku didn’t realize he had started biting down on his lip to muffle himself until Katsuki slapped his ass.


“I told you I wanted to hear you,” Katsuki snapped, spanking Izuku again. “Do you understand, Izuku?”


The use of his first name left Izuku shuddering. It sounded so nice when Katsuki was breathy.  Izuku was quickly snapped from that train of thought as his ass was smacked again, making him yelp.


“I know your voice still works. Answer me.”


“I-I understand, Kacchan,” Izuku rushed out. Peeking over his shoulder, he wanted to know what Katsuki looked like. He hadn’t removed the red cape and his pants were pulled down only low enough to take his dick out. It’s not like Izuku’s never seen Katsuki sweaty, panting, and barely clothed before, but this was an entirely different experience.


Katsuki’s red eyes were focused lower on Izuku’s body, where his cock was plunging in and out of Izuku’s hole. He looked so entranced by it. Then he suddenly spanked Izuku again.


Ah- I wasn’t trying to be quiet,” Izuku protested, despite quickly realizing he enjoyed the feeling.


Glancing up, Katsuki met Izuku’s eyes. “I like the way it makes you squeeze around me.”


Embarrassed, Izuku looked forward, moaning and crying out with every hit. Tears started to spill over at the overstimulation, his cock red and hard again. It wouldn’t take much to make him come for a third time. Every thrust kept him right at the edge, needing just a little more to finally spill over. 


Katsuki stopped spanking him, warm hand sliding over Izuku’s crotch as he leaned in closer. “Are you close, Izuku?”


Izuku nodded before verbally answering, “Yes.”


“If you beg real pretty, I’ll touch you.”


Staring at Katsuki’s hand splayed across his abdomen, Izuku felt weak. “P-please touch me.”


Katsuki bit Izuku’s ear and tugged. “If you don’t sound like a bitch in need of breeding, I’m not touching you.”


Izuku moaned at the words, cock twitching and needy. “Katsuki, please touch me—” For a second he faltered and cried out as Katsuki thrusted in harder and slammed his cock against Izuku’s prostate, “I-I wanna come with you. I need- ah!” Begging proved hard, half formed pleads falling from his lips.


Whether or not Izuku was begging good enough or Katsuki took pity on him, he wasn’t sure. Katsuki’s warm hand wrapped around his dick. He stroked it slowly in comparison to the aggressive way he was fucking Izuku, thumb rubbing at it’s swollen head and spreading the little drops of pre-cum.


Izuku’s practically screamed as he came, mind hazy with pleasure as Katsuki yelled, “ Fuck!” and followed quickly behind him.


For a good minute, the both of them struggled to regain their breath. Almost all of Izuku’s weight was being held up by the rope, shaking legs useless. As Katsuki pulled out, a final twinge of pleasure pulsed through Izuku at the realization that Katsuki came inside of him, starting to feel threatening to drip out of his loosened hole.


When Katsuki let go of the rope, Izuku nearly fell flat on his face before Katsuki grabbed his bound arms and tugged him up right. Still, Izuku sank to the forest floor. Now that it was all over, he realized how grossly his sweat soaked shirt clung to his skin and how sore his bound arms were getting. Thankfully, he could feel Katsuki untying him.


Once his arms were free, Izuku slumped tiredly back into the blond’s chest, completely wiped out. He smiled as his head was tilted up and Katsuki kissed him. It was such a warm feeling despite knowing that he was nobody to this Katsuki.


“We’re not really lovers, are we?” Katsuki asked, making Izuku’s heart all but stop. “I believe all that alternate reality shit, but you’re a terrible liar.”


Izuku didn’t know how to respond. “I’m-”


“Your body reacted like no one’s touched you before too.” Katsuki didn’t really look angry. He was smug, if anything. “You’ve got it so bad for me, but I’m not interested, am I?”


Izuku shrugged and looked away, trying to ignore the sudden ache in his chest. “If you do like me, it’ll probably take you forever to realize it,” he admitted in a quiet voice.


“Might not realize it, huh?” Katsuki pressed a kiss against Izuku’s neck. “Well, you’re gonna be stuck with me until we figure out how the fuck you got here. I’ll give it to you whenever you want it until then. How does that sound, Izuku?”


Despite knowing he should stop this here, the ache in Izuku’s heart turned to a little bit of excitement. Might as well have fun with it, right?