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lazy day sunday (the night before)

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“But, Tine~ It’s our Anniversary! I don’t want to do chores! What better way to spend the remaining of the evening than in bed?” Sarawat pulls Tine’s lower body to his and Tine squeaks, “Pervert!

“I missed you the whole day, Tine!” Sarawat buries his face behind Tine’s ear, pressing little kisses and earning ticklish laughs from Tine. “We could’ve saved all the time by staying in the whole day and making pretty little Tine babies!” Tine abruptly pulls back and looks at him like he has grown a second head, “Excuse me?!

“Green suggested it.” Sarawat shrugs.

Sat!” Tine slaps Sarawa’s upper arm and the latter’s shoulder shakes in a soundless laugh. Tine shakes his head with a bashful laugh. Silence falls between them, and Tine looks back up to Sarawat with a thought in mind. “Well, it’s technically still our Anniversary today,” Tine starts as he looks at the clock on the wall displaying 08:15 in large numbers, “and tomorrow is Lazy Day Sunday.”

Both of them look back at each other with knowing grins and it was Sarawat who breaks out of their reverie, “Let’s finish up what’s left of Boss’s plastic bouquet!” He announces enthusiastically and drags Tine to the stairs, flipping the switches off in rapid speed, “Wha-”


Sarawat all but throws Tine to the bed and proceeds to discard his clothes on the floor as he runs around their room, producing the things they need from the bottommost drawer of their bedside table. Sarawat throws the bottle of lubricant and the half-plucked condom bouquet to Tine so quickly that Tine barely had time to catch the thrown objects and to register what Sarawat was in a hurry for.

“Oi!” Tine giggles when Sarawat launches on Tine’s neck and nips on it, his hands roaming underneath Tine’s shirt and pulling it up impatiently. “Wat!” Tine throws his arms up as Sarawat helps him get his football jersey off of him. Sarawat connects his lips to Tine’s chest as soon as he was exposed. Tine throws his head back and was momentarily lost when Sarawat’s hands started roaming down his jeans and undoing his button.

“Wat, stop!” Tine places a palm on Sarawat’s chest, abruptly stopping him; the press on his palm firm but gentle, “Can I say something? Don’t get mad.”

Sarawat blinks from where he loomed over, confused. Tine silently muses on the perfect chisel on Sarawat’s jaw and the defined pecs on his chest, illuminated by the warm light coming from the fairy lights strung on the walls of their room.

“I- I noticed lately... every time we... uhh...” Tine staggers from his speech, scratching the side of his cheek. “You’ve been impatient lately.” Tine says in one go.

Sarawat continues to blink, “Uhh... I do have needs, Tine. Don’t you feel it too?”

Tine looks at Sarawat squarely and then rolls his eyes, “That’s not what I mean, Wat. I get impatient with you too. Have you seen yourself? Wait, don’t answer that!” Sarawat closed his mouth with a mischievous smirk.

“My point is...” Tine pushes himself up to sit, pushing Sarawat back to sit as well. “I feel like... every time we make love... you... you’ve been impatient and you rush to get it done...” Tine looks up at him, assessing his reaction, “It’s like... you expect me to stop you halfway or something.

“Or is that just me?”

When Sarawat doesn’t say anything and just blankly looks at him, Tine feels like he’s getting somewhere in his deduction. Tine softly smiles and places a hand on Sarawat’s cheek softly, admiring how beautiful Sarawat looks with the dim light, “Will you be honest and tell me if something is bothering you? If not now... then maybe someday? When you’re ready?”

Sarawat lowers his gaze, avoiding Tine’s eyes, and pulls back slightly, sitting at the balls of his feet. He rubs the back of his neck, feeling embarrassed and exposed, “Did I make you uncomfortable?” Sarawat asks carefully, “Every time we did it?”

Tine shakes his head immediately, “No. Never. Every time has been wonderful with you.”

Their first time might have been a little rough and messy, both of them being inexperienced with sleeping with men and sex, in general. But, several times after that were more than fine and both mutually felt sated afterwards.

“It’s just...” Tine starts and swallows the lump in his throat. Honesty. Honesty. He takes a deep breath and gathers all his courage when he says, “...I started noticing something has been off... after we got back together... making love with you has always been wonderful... but, I feel like you’re expecting me to go away again... th-that’s what I meant... about you being impatient... or something.

“And...” Tine reaches out to take Sarawat’s hand to his, “I’m not going away again, Wat. You have to trust me on this.”

Sarawat’s eyes widen a fraction and he looks contemplative for a bit. It’s like the gears inside his head are turning, for he looks back at Tine with a look of epiphany, “I didn’t realize I came off that way.” He tilts his head in confusion, “I guess... there was a sinking feeling I felt that I couldn’t explain... now that you mention it.”

“I’m sorry, it’s all my fault.” Tine nervously says and Sarawat shakes his head almost instantly, “No, no. It’s not something to apologize for. I guess it’s good that we’re talking about this... I mean, I wouldn’t want to do it with you if you’re feeling uneasy or anything.”

Tine frames Sarawat’s face in his hands and looks at him lovingly, “It’s never uneasy. Remember that.” Sarawat smiles and nods, “Okay.” He whispers and presses their foreheads together. Sarawat closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, “Do you get this feeling... of being afraid, sometimes... for us?”

Yes. Tine internally voices, but he doesn’t say it loud, waiting for Sarawat to clarify what he means.

“Afraid that everything has been... too good to be true?” Sarawat slowly opens his eyes, “That’s how I feel sometimes... that we are living in a dream... and that someday... something breaks us apart... and I wake up alone in my old apartment and I’m that Freshman again... the one that has not met you yet.

“It’s not that I don’t trust you, Tine, I do. I really do.” Sarawat says deeply, his eyes boring into Tine’s very soul, “I fully trust that you won’t leave me again... So,” Sarawat wipes the traitorous tear that escapes Tine’s eye without him even noticing, “Stop beating yourself up about that anymore, okay? Let’s establish that too. From now on, we won’t talk about that anymore. Let’s throw that thing somewhere, unable to bring that back again.” Tine’s lips quiver as he nods, not trusting his voice to speak.

“It’s just the thoughts that come into my mind sometimes... they don’t really linger long. They just... come and go...” Sarawat shrugs, “I didn’t expect that these thoughts had an effect on me... and now, on you too. I’m sorry.”

Their anniversary night had been full of apologies and Tine shakes his head rapidly, not having it anymore. Outside, the pitter and patter of raindrops slowly hit the building’s metal roof, the sound of rain gradually growing louder and louder.

“You’re perfectly allowed to feel that, Wat. Thank you for telling me.” Tine sniffs and swallows the huge lump in his throat, he composes himself and looks at Sarawat with renewed confidence, “I love you, Wat... more than anything in the world. And I know I’ve said this before, but, I will say it again and again... that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

Sarawat visibly melts, “I love you, too, my little albino buffalo.”

Tine chuckles as he places his hands on either side of Sarawat’s shoulders and pulls him in, locking their lips. “C’mon... I need you, Tine.” Sarawat whines against Tine’s lips and Tine laughs in between their lip-lock. “Patience, love.” Tine snakes a hand behind Sarawat’s head and he cards his fingers on his hair, scratching lightly on his scalp.

Sarawat groans and starts palming Tine by the bulge in between his legs. Tine feels the electricity coursing through his veins as his mouth hangs open in conditioned response. Tine breathes through his nose as he reaches for Sarawat’s aching hard-on too, unconsciously grinding on Sarawat’s hand. Sarawat deepens the kiss when Tine touches him and feels hot all over, the need to rip off the remainder of their clothes suddenly urgent. It was a unvoiced race against each other on who can take off the other’s clothes first, both stealing kisses when they weren’t busy.

The downfall from outside gets louder, but steady. From the window, they can only make out a sheen of white, enveloping the apartment like curtains. Both teens barely felt the cold, their bodies feeling hotter and hotter with every electrifying touch.

Tine doesn’t hold his voice in when Sarawat takes him in full, drowned out by the heavy downpour outside.The rain sounds oddly romantic mixed with Tine’s moans, Sarawat thinks. His hand tightens its hold on Tine as he devours Tine deeper. Tine’s fingers dig deep into Sarawat’s shoulders as he bottoms out at the back of Sarawat’s throat. Tine mewls when Sarawat pulls back out with a pop, the corner of his lips dripping with Tine’s pre-cum. Sarawat spits the substance to his hand and lets them coat his fingers, he reaches for the bottle of lubricant and generously squeezes an ample amount, mixing them both together.

Tine rests his arms on Sarawat’s shoulders and pulls him in for a kiss, their tongues dancing around each other. Tine navigates blindly as he crawls up from the bed and straddles Sarawat's lap. Sarawat snakes his hands around Tine’s back and proceeds down south. Tine bucks up when Sarawat settles on the either side of Tine’s ass, his palms massaging and kneading each globe, spreading the lubrication around. Tine’s hands travel to either side of Sarawat’s neck and they fight for dominance, both not giving in when they move their mouths against each other’s.

Tine breaks off from their kiss only to attack the crook of Sarawat’s neck and sucks on the supple skin, applying just the right amount of pressure to create a mark. “T-Tine...” Sarawat gasps and his voice quivers, coming apart at the contact. Tine makes a tiny triumphant smirk against Sarawat’s skin, but was short-lived when Sarawat’s finger teases his entrance from below. Tine jumps when Sarawat worms his way in. “Wat.” Tine’s breath is hot but dreamy upon Sarawat’s ears. Sarawat shivers in excitement.

Tine looms over him and Sarawat grins from below when he abruptly pulls Tine towards him, pressing skin to skin. Sarawat takes Tine's nipple into his mouth and starts sucking. Tine gasps and his grip on Sarawat's shoulder tighten. Sarawat changes his angle and makes love to the tiny nub, alternating between licking and biting. Tine's erection twitches and presses into Sarawat's belly, making the latter smirk in satisfaction.

"Stop." Tine pants and pulls Sarawat's face away from his chest, his face hot and flushed, "I might not last that long."

Sarawat chuckles under his breath as he circles his arms around Tine's lower back, "I don't mind… I'll just excite you again… we have all night."

"I mind." Tine playfully swats Sarawat by the shoulder and the guitarist laughs, "Then what do you suggest we should do, then?" He grins, his eyes smoldering with mischief.

Tine's eyes brighten with an idea as he reaches back and produces the condom bouquet and plucks out a packet.Tine rips a packet with his teeth, his eyes never leaving Sarawat. Sarawat drools at the sight. Sarawat reaches to touch him, but Tine swats his hand instantly, making Sarawat jump.

"Don't touch. Just look."

Sarawat twitches from below.

Tine scoots back from Sarawat's lap and positions himself in front of Sarawat's throbbing cock, studying it intently. He gently sets the rubber on Sarawat's tip and uses the lubrication to unfold the rubber around Wat. Sarawat slowly leans his head back at the sensation. Tine smiles to himself as he continues to wrap the rubber around Sarawat, pushing down and letting his fingers graze his boyfriend achingly slow.

Little Sarawat twitches again and Tine giggles. Tine admires his job and presses a kiss on the head.

"Don't move yet." Tine kisses Sarawat's chin and the latter groans in reply. Tine reaches for something else behind him and stretches backwards. Sarawat silently admires the sight of Tine open-legged and straddled on top of his lap. An idea pops into his head; if only he could reach for his phone to take a picture of this sight.

"Oi. Pervert."

Sarawat looks back up at him with his most innocent look plastered on, caught, "Hmm?"

"No touching."

"I'm not!"

Tine rolls his eyes and uncaps the lube. He turns the bottle over, and drizzles his fingers and Sarawat’s erection. Sarawat's mouth unconsciously hangs open when Tine almost finishes the whole bottle. Before Sarawat could say anything else, Tine interrupts him again, "Just. Look."

Tine's fingers start to travel to his penis as he touches himself. Sarawat gulps the lump in his throat as Tine's hands leave a layer of the lube on his manhood, making it gleam deliciously. He proceeds down south, reaching to the skin between his anus and balls. Sarawat's eyes obediently follow Tine's hands. Tine slowly slips in a finger inside his entrance and he makes a soft gasp. He pulls in and out, repeating the gesture with two fingers… and then three, hearing a seductive squelch that drove Sarawat insane.

Sarawat frustratingly groans from underneath Tine. How he hasn't combusted yet to his boyfriend fingering himself on top of him… he doesn't know.

"Tine." Sarawat drawls.

Tine ignores his boyfriend and his mouth hangs open from his own pleasure. He shuts his eyes as he emits soft gasps and small mewls, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. Sarawat looks at his boyfriend coming apart above him and he unconsciously licks his lips.

When Tine starts calling his name, he breaks lose. Sarawat growls when he pulls Tine's fingers out of him and shoves Tine back to the bed. Tine makes a startled cry when he flops back down to the bed, looking up to a heaving Sarawat who was watching him like a predator who just caught his prey.

"Fuck, Tine." Sarawat mutters.

Sarawat presses their foreheads together as he slowly presses the tip on Tine’s entrance. Tine holds his breath, feeling the warm head press on his hole. Tine clenches in anticipation, but slowly opens up when he feels Sarawat enter him gently. Tine lets out a shudder when Sarawat’s heavily lubed manhood slides in. Tine feels warm and full, and feels the room spinning when he takes Sarawat all in.

Sarawat slowly opens his eyes, dilated and dark for the need for more. He looks straight into Tine’s eyes when he reaches a dead end, fully sheathed and bottomed out inside Tine.

Tine’s eyelids flicker, his mouth dropping with a struggled moan.

“You’re big.”

And this does it for Sarawat. He pulls out abruptly, but rams right back in.

Tine throws his head back as he gasps loudly, his legs wracking with spasms from beside Sarawat. Tine reaches for Sarawat’s belly when Sarawat rocks back and forth inside Tine, loud slaps of skin muffled by the sound of rain. Sarawat bats Tine’s hand away and he circles his hand around Tine’s cock, stopping Tine’s orgasm.

Tine makes a low whine, reaching for Sarawat’s hand to grant him release. Sarawat grins mischievously when he bats Tine’s hand away again, “No touching.” He whispers seductively, his other hand grabbing at Tine’s waist making him pound into him faster.

Tine makes a lewd cry when Sarawat hits the right spot. Sarawat loosens his grip on Tine’s cock, only to start pumping at his every thrust. Tine screams but was silenced right away when Sarawat connects their lips. Tine moans and pants through his nose when Sarawat rocks into him.

This is how it should be… just the right amount of needy, but, slow passion. Tine wraps his arms around Sarawat and rests one hand behind his head. He breaks off the kiss to press his lips on Sarawat’s ear, “You’re the only one for me, Sarawat.” Tine purposely drawls Sarawat’s name and blows softly into his earlobe. Sarawat makes a low grunt when he twitches from inside Tine.

Tine feels this a bit and makes a breathy laugh, “I’m made for you.” Tine bucks up and his legs lock around Sarawat’s lower back. “Come at me, love.”

Sarawat literally growls when he suddenly throws Tine's leg over his head and flips Tine over, feeling a little bit bold with his penis still inside Tine. Tine yelps when his face connects with the mattress below and his wrists pinned down on either side of his face. Sarawat abruptly lifts Tine's lower body and pulls him closer, and he rams with much force and speed. Tine cries, muffled by the sheets, but he direly welcomes the rapid intrusion.

Sarawat trails his hands on Tine's wide back, silently musing at the toned muscles between his blades coated with a sheen of sweat. Sarawat revels at the sight, how Tine's back looked like a painting glistening with a warm tone coming from the fairy lights. Sarawat feels light-headed thinking how this view looked like a masterpiece.

He rocks back and forth like waves and Tine cries at the burn around his ring, sending immense pleasure all throughout his body. Sarawat falls on top of Tine panting, pressing Tine down with his weight. Tine's entrance tightens around Sarawat with the new angle and Sarawat makes a low grunt when Tine’s butt cheeks tighten around him.

"What are you thinking, love?" Tine giggles from beneath him, angling his head to look at him.

Sarawat reaches a hand on Tine's forehead and cards his fingers on his hair, pulling his fringes back and away from Tine's face, "The fairy lights are a game changer."

Tine laughs and his head falls face-first to the bed, "Oh my God!"

Sarawat smirks and presses his mouth near Tine's ear, "You look beautiful writhing from underneath me, Love." His tongue dances around the caves on Tine's ear, "Coming apart." He nips on the lobe, "Smelling so sweet and delicious." Tine's ears turn a shade darker and Sarawat smiles triumphantly.

"Stoooopp." Tine whines, his voice muffled by the mattress.

"Tine~" Sarawat chuckles as he peppers Tine's cheeks with kisses, trying to pry his face to look at him. But, Tine bashfully hides away and avoids Sarawat's gaze. "Tine~" Sarawat chases after Tine but Tine buries his face deeper into the sheets. "Come on, come out from there!" Sarawat moves his lower body and humps on Tine, earning him a mewl from Tine.

Tine finally comes out of hiding, but he reaches back and slaps Sarawat's butt for it, "You are so unfair!"

"Still so shy for me… my Tua Woon Wai." Sarawat grins as he gets up and pulls Tine's shoulder to face him. He slowly pulls out of Tine and turns him over again, letting the latter rest on his back.

"Can we go again?"


Sarawat playfully pouts and leans down, nuzzling his nose on the side of Tine's face like a puppy begging for treats, "Anniversary… Lazy Day Sunday... Tomorrow..." Sarawat pleaded, as if these disconnected words made any sense to his reasons right now. "I love yoooouu..."

Tine giggles when Sarawat's hands snake to his chest, thumbing his nipples. "Waaat, stop it," Tine half-whines, so this only makes Sarawat do the opposite and he grinds his now-revived manhood on Tine's, prodding him in the most irresistible places. "Na, na, na!"

"Okay, oka- Oi!"

Before Tine could say more, Sarawat hoists Tine's lower body up and he immediately impales him again. "Aah!" Tine cries and gasps, taken off guard. "Oi, Saraleo! That was dangerous!" Tine scolds, smacking Sarawat by the upper arm, but the latter simply laughs, "Sorry, love." He says, pressing a long kiss on Tine's cheek and taking Tine's arms to let them rest on his shoulders.

"You…" Tine shakes his head and locks his hands behind Sarawat's neck. He looks up at Sarawat and pushes a stray hair away from his eyes, "Slowly, please… the night is young." Sarawat lights up and engulfs Tine in a hungry kiss, attacking with fervent desire and prodding Tine's mouth for better access.

Sarawat slowly pulls back from the kiss, only to walk two fingers inside Tine's mouth. Tine responds by sucking on Sarawat's fingers and the other man sits up. Sarawat raises Tine's legs and hook them to his shoulders and presses kisses to his inner thighs. Tine shudders when he reaches for Sarawat and the latter holds Tine's hands.

Sarawat curls his fingers and lightly scratches Tine's chest down to skin above his aching manhood, making sure to tease the boy by his pubic hair.

"Oiii..." Tine whines, shaking his head and Sarawat smirks from above, "Tell me what you want, love."

Tine tightens around him and Sarawat buckles a bit. Tine wipes the sweat from his forehead and smiles, "Touch me." Sarawat's fingers walk towards Tine's tip, leaking with pre-cum. A finger teases the tip and Tine bucks his hips. A string of white follows Sarawat's finger as he pokes on the seedy head.

"Come for me?" Sarawat asks.

"Together?" Tine looks up at him fondly with arms reaching out to him. Sarawat's heart beats loudly and he hears it in his head. As he is looking at Tine, filled with immense love and happiness, it came to him all at once that nothing else in this world could ever top the most beautiful sight than Tine looking up at him with so much love and trust.

All at once, he feels content and complete.

Sarawat slowly descends into Tine's arms and Tine closes his eyes with an adorable smile when they made contact, "Love you." He says on Sarawat's ears. Sarawat feels the heat in his eyes as he closes them softly with a wide, stupid grin on his face, "I love you, Tine Teepakorn."

Sarawat rocks into Tine slowly but firmly, making sure each push reaches the very edge of Tine's soul. Tine pants through his nose and mouth, their breaths labored and hot. Sarawat's arm snakes around the back of Tine's neck, supporting him from there. Tine doesn't realize it until then, that his neck was starting to hurt from craning because of this position. He smiles from their kiss as he allows himself to fall back and rest on Sarawat's arm.

Sarawat wraps a hand around Tine and starts pumping. Tine groans from in between kisses, Sarawat's calloused musician fingers doing unbearable things to him. He reaches for his manhood and joins in on touching himself too, wrapping his hand around Sarawat's. Tine shakes, his legs wracking in spasms as he shoots an initial release. He feels the stickiness pressed between their hands and lower abdomens as Sarawat’s tongue trails down his neck, licking every bead of sweat and sucking gently on his Adam’s apple.

Sarawat suddenly turns feral when his pace quickens and Tine could tell he was at his limit. "Tine!" Sarawat gasps, biting his lower lip in anticipation. Tine throws his head back when his insides feel like they were being ripped apart. A surge of warmth pools at the bottom of his abdomen getting fuller and fuller, until they both still.

A burst of energy releases from within and they both release almost at the same time. There is a tingle in the sensation, but the warmth that follows it was electrifying. Cries of pleasure get drowned out from the noise of the rain and they don't know who it belongs to. They see stars; they see white. Their voices mix and the sheets get sullied.

Both boys fall to the bed covered in sweat, cum and love. Outside, the rain continues to fall. Heavy breaths and pants echo within their hearing, the steady sound of the rain completely forgotten.

Sarawat chuckles from on top of Tine and he leans his face above Tine's heart, "G-give me… a sec… I," He huffs and heaves, "Let me… catch my breath." Tine hums in reply as he, too, tries to regain his breath. "Sorry, Tine, I think… I ripped… the condom." Tine tries to look down, but he feels too weak to move. "I think I spilled some inside of you."

Sarawat grunts as he pushes himself up and slowly pulls out of Tine. Tine winces when the stickiness didn't go away after Sarawat pulled out and warm, sticky fluid continued to trickle out of Tine. Tine simply shrugs, too lazy and sated to get up. "You... are crazy." Tine chuckles.

Sarawat simply shrugs, no remorse whatsoever, "For you, I am." He wiggles his eyebrows and Tine bursts out laughing, instantly regretting when he started hurting all over, "You better not leave me if I get pregnant with your child!" He jokes and Sarawat joins him in laughter.

"Hmm… beautiful Tine babies." Sarawat hums.

Sarawat lies beside Tine and they fall into comfortable silence, lulled by the sound of rain gradually fading away. It was Tine who moves first and he rolls over to his side to look at Sarawat, smiling softly at him. Sarawat follows and turns his body to Tine, looking straight at Tine’s drowsy eyes. Tine frames Sarawat’s face in his hands and stares longingly at his brown eyes, overwhelmed by the love and happiness he was feeling all at once. Tine pushes the fringe away from Sarawat’s face, using the balls on his palm to wipe away the sweat from Sarawat’s forehead. “Beautiful.” Tine softly says and smiles, his eyes slowly turning hot. He chokes a wet laugh when tears stream down his face and he covers his quivering mouth with the back of his hand.

“Sorry.” Tine’s voice squeaks and Sarawat feels a lump in his throat. Sarawat smiles brightly, realizing that Tine felt it too... that he wasn't the only one who felt the sudden surge of emotions. He peels Tine’s hand away from his face and presses a kiss between the hollow of Tine’s eye and nose. Sarawat tastes his salty tears and peppers his face with kisses. “You’re beautiful.”

"I love you, Saraleo." Tine says, burying his face on the nape of Sarawat's neck.

"And I love you, Tua Woon Wai." Sarawat beams, hooking his chin on top of Tine’s head as he wraps his arms tightly around his boyfriend.

“Good night.” Tine mumbles with a yawn, his voice heavy with sleep and exhaustion.

“Good night.” Sarawat replies as he reaches for the blanket and covers them both haphazardly. He snuggles closer to Tine who was already out like a light and he shakes his head with a light laugh, he places a light kiss on Tine’s forehead before his head falls back into the pillow and he closes his eyes.

From the bedside table, the clock glares 01:19 AM.

Happy Lazy Day Sunday.