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it's 11:00pm the night before richie tozier's seventeenth birthday. everyone's seventeenth birthday is special, they get their soulmates most frequently said words written on their wrist. richie has been waiting for this very moment all of his life and it's just a few hours away. the thing is, you cant check it until the morning, it only works once you wake up and richie was disappointed when he found that out because he was going to stay up until twelve to look at it. he was nervous but also excited. his friends bill and stan turned seventeen a few months before him and got eachother. the words on stan's were written like a stutter and bill's were "come on let's go birdwatching." stanley loves birdwatching so bill knew who it was immediately, and they started dating after that moment because they had liked eachother their whole life. on the other hand, mike, ben and bev are still sixteen and turn seventeen later in the year.

the losers were sitting in stan's basement trying to reassure richie, meanwhile eddie was at home getting ready to sleep.
"but guys what if I actually do get henry bowers?"

"you won't get him, or any of the gang, believe us"


"it's probably most likely gonna be someone you know or someone five thousand miles away all the way in london or australia"

"thank you bev, that helped my nerves SOOOO much" richie sarcastically replied while placing his forehead in his palm.

"do yu-you want to slee-sleep down he-here or you wan- wanna go back to yu-your house?"

"i'm gonna go home, if I stay here you losers are gonna keep me up all night"

"have fun pacing around your house all night!" stanley commented while turning the tv channel over.

"i'm gonna go now, you guys are making me even more nervous" he stood up and grabbed his jacket and headed to the door.

"alrighty good luck and happy early birthday richie"

"thanks haystack"

as richie walked down the street with his hands in his pockets, stanley came running out shouting at the top of his lungs.


richie turned around and waved, "WILL DO STANIEL!" he shouted back.

richie felt like his heart had been flipped upside down inside of his chest the whole way home, thinking about one specific small hypochondriac.

he entered the tozier household and was greeted by a warm hug from his mom, maggie.
"hi mom, hi dad" he said as he pulled away from the hug.

"hey honey, we were just finishing wrapping up some presents for tomorrow"

"can I peek at them?" richie replied while walking over to the presents.

wentworth grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back" NO, FOR TOMORROW ONLY RICHIE!"


"you should get to sleep richie, recharge your social battery for all of the relatives coming over tomorrow night"

richie groaned, "seriously? do they have to come over? they're all so annoying, racist and homophobic"

"its your seventeenth, it's a special occasion so yes richie they do have to"

"ugh fine, im going to bed bye mom, bye dad. goodnight"

"goodnight honey"

"don't let the bed bugs bite"

"I don't have bed bugs dad"

"you probably do, your room is a total mess"

"i do not! I never have any time to clean it up so shut up dad"

richie walked away and playfully hit his dad on the back while he made his way to his messy bedroom. he took his clothes off and belly flopped onto his bed, trying to suffocate himself with his pillow. but no of course it didn't work.

"wow god really hates me today" he mumbled to himself

his mind was racing at a thousand miles per second.
what if I get henry and his favourite word "faggot"
what if I get connor and his favourite word "fairy"
what if I get heather?! oh god i hate that bitch, she's so annoying
and greta! oh my god i cannot deal with this.

it was 1am and richie was still up thinking about all of the possible outcomes. the only thought that eased his nerves was the thought of maybe, just maybe getting his childhood friend..

eddie. eddie kaspbrak. i would not mind that at all.

richie continued to think of his friend that he's known since he was 7.

but what if i do get him and it just ruins our friendship? all of those years completely wasted.

richie tugged on his hair as he tossed and turned on his bed. he was too nervous to sleep so he got up, grabbed his glasses and put his clothes back on to make some warm milk praying that it would make him sleepy. he walked into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator and grabbed the milk. he grabbed a pot and poured the milk in. he set the oven to medium heat and boiled it.

"hey richie, what are you still doing up? didn't you go to sleep like thirty minutes ago?" maggie asked sleepily while walking towards Richie.

"well i was planning on it but I couldn't sleep, i was too nervous so i'm making some warm milk and praying that it'll do the job" he said while pointing towards the pot on the stove.

"i heard that kiwi's help too, there's some in the fridge"

richie walked over to it and opened it up, he grabbed the kiwi's his mom was talking about and set them on the counter and cut them in half.
"you're a life saver mom, thanks"

"no problem bud, i'm going back to sleep now"

"alrighty goodnight ma"

"night honey, oh and do not peek at the presents. we will find out if you do"

"i won't!" he exclaimed while stirring the milk with a wooden spoon.

"you better not"

maggie placed her empty mug on the table and walked back to her bedroom to go back to sleep, meanwhile richie was still nervous and wide awake stuffing kiwi's into his mouth like a maniac. his milk was finally done so he poured it into a cup burning himself a little in the process which made him quietly shriek and throw his finger in his mouth.

he didn't want to listen to his mom so he walked over to where his presents were neatly stacked and slightly opened one, it was the same size of a walkie talkie and felt like one so it was pretty obvious that it was what she had gotten him. he'd been wanting one for years to talk to eddie or stan since they were the onlu ones in the group that had one and they lived closer by so the signal would definitely reach them.

"awesome" richie mumbled under his breath.

he grabbed his milk and walked back to his room with a kiwi stuffed in his mouth and the milk in his right hand. he plopped the kiwi on his bedside table and sat on the edge of his bed to drink his milk, finishing it after four big gulps. he put the cup down on the table and swapped it with the kiwi. he ate the rest of it, put his pyjamas on and laid back in his bed, not using the duvet because he was way too hot and bothered for that.
he fell asleep after ten minutes of just constant staring at the ceiling above him.


richie suddenly jolted awake at 6am. he sat up and remembered that it was saturday the fourth of november. his birthday. he grabbed his big glasses and placed them on his chiseled face. he then nervously rolled his sleeve up and saw the words "shut up, don't call me that" written neatly on his wrist.

"EDDIE! IT'S EDDIE!" he shouted, waking his parents up.

but richie didn't know if he would be eddie's soulmate, so he started freaking out.

wentworth walked into richie's room and turned the light on.

"what is it? why did you shout eddies name?"

"i uh-- he's my soulmate"

"wait really? eddie? eddie kaspbrak?"


"and how do you know it's him for sure?" he said as he sat down on the edge of richie's bed.

richie shuffled closer to him and rolled his sleeve up again to reveal the words.


wentworth gazed at it, analyzing every word. he looked back up to face richie, "that doesn't answer my question"

"well, i always call him spaghetti or eds and he hates it. he says that all the time" he nervously babbled on.

"wow, okay then.. wait when is his birthday again?"

"a month on the 15th"

"guess you're gonna have to wait a month to see what's written on his wrist"

he shook his head, "i can't wait that long"

"i had to at your age so you'll be fine"

"what was your sentence?"

"i can't really remember since i'm old as hell, but your mom is my soulmate. i think it said something to do with watermelons"

he giggled, "watermelons?"

"she always talked about watermelons, your mother was a weird kid, trust me son"

"alrighty then, you can go back to sleep now if you want, sorry for waking you up"

"will do and it's fine., i'll talk to you later. happy birthday son"

"thank you dad"

as soon as wentworth left, richie stood up and hurriedly got dressed into a white button up with a black shirt along with some jeans and he then ran out of his room to the kitchen to write a note for his parents

Went to Stan's. Be back soon. - Richie

he sprinted down to the end of his street to stan's house.
he rang the doorbell an ungodly amount of times trying to get stan's attention.
stan slept in the basement so he had the disadvantage of opening the door first whenever someone knocked. stan sat up and rubbed his eyes, he checked the time and read 6:23am. bill slept over that night so it woke him up too.

"w-who the he-hell is th-that at the d-door?"

"probably richie freaking out about the wrist thing"

stan stood up from the couch and walked to the front door while richie was still ringing it like a maniac.

"richie?" he questioned before sighing. "yeah, i said to come to my house but not right now, its 6am"

"i need to talk to you and get something off my chest, like right now"

"bill's here by the way"

he sighed, "fuck.. it needs to be private"

"we can go to the quarry to talk if you want"

"good idea staniel"

"i'm gonna go brush my teeth and change then tell bill, give me a minute"

stan headed back down to the basements bathroom and hurriedly brushed his teeth, he slipped into some new clothes and walked back to bill.

"it's richie"

"i fi-figured"

"he wants to talk so we're going down the quarry for half an hour"

"alright, b-be c-careful"

"will do, babe"

stan pecked bill's lips and ran back to richie

"alright, let's go then richie"


richie and stan climbed to the top of the cliff, sat down on the rocks and started talking.

"so richie. what do you want to talk about?"

richie nervously fiddled with his hair, "the words on my wrist"

"obviously, show me em"

richie pulled up his sleeve and revealed the sentence that said "shut up, don't call me that" once again.

stan grabbed his wrist and looked at the words, "wait who could tha-- SPAGHETTI! EDDIE! HOLY SHIT!"

"yeah.. and about tha--"

"we told you, you wouldn't get henry or something but no you had to freak out and not listen to us"

"i freaked out at the thought of it okay! anyways, back to the main point. i-- i've had feelings for him since we were twelve actually, you know after the clown fight"

"who? henry?"


"i am, yeah"

"i'm talking about eddie you thick cunt"

"i know, i was joking around and i fucking knew you had feelings for little eddie kaspbrak, we all knew. are you gonna tell him anytime soon?"

"NO! HELL NO! he'll think i'm a weirdo.. what if he doesn't like me back? what if he isn't gay?"

"oh he does like you back, you're totally oblivious to the way he acts and speaks around you"

"wait wh--"

"he definitely likes you. tell him you pussy"

"i can't, i don't want to risk ten years of friendship"

"you are useless richie tozier" he reached over to richie and ruffled his long black locks.

richie pushed him away, "i'll take that as a compliment"

"his birthday is soon so i guess you could wait until then"

"mhm, i think i will, i don't know yet. i was so fucking nervous last night that i ate five kiwi's and drank warm milk to try and sleep"

"you drank milk? you don't even like milk and FIVE WHOLE KIWI'S?"

"yup. i was that desperate to fall asleep""

"jesus dude, i'm surprised you haven't turned into a kiwi, also do you wanna come back and hang at my house with me and bill for a bit?"

"don't you lovebirds wanna fuck or something? i'll give you some pri--"

"richie honey.. you need to learn how to shut up"

"i agree, come on i'm coming back with you, i'm starving anyways"

"using me for food I see"
"yeah maybe, i'll eat your whole cupboard out" richie said with a smirk forming on his face

"how nice of you"

they both got off the rocks and carefully walked down the cliff and walked back to the uris residence.

"richie if you don't tell him I will do it myself"

"wait what? no don't that isn't fair"

"i'm joking i'd never do that to my bestfriend.. or would I?"


stan started running away from richie and he chased after him.

"you can run but you cant hide, stan" he caught up in record speed, since he had super long legs, and grabbed him from behind with both arms.

stan struggled to get out of his grip, "i hate you and your long legs"

he let go, "ya love me really stan the man, and my sexy legs" he replied while pinching stan's cheeks.

"get your hands off me, i don't know where they've been and it probably wasn't pleasant at all"

"eddie's moms vagina"

"more like eddie's asshole"

"WHAT THE FUCK? i'm so killing you in your sleep"

"you can try"


richie chased stan the whole way back to his house. trying to strangle him for saying that stupid sentence. they arrived at his front door panting, trying to catch their breath. stan reached for his back pocket then realised he forgot his key.

he groaned, "ah shit, i forgot my key"

richie slapped his knees, "great, guess we're gonna have to interrupt billiam and his jerk off session"

"richie please shut up for once, that's disgusting"

"you are definitely secretly turned on"

stan turned towards richie and yelled which woke bill up.


"oh i am cool, coolest person in existence mr uris"

"i disa--" they were greeted by a tired face standing in the entrance of the house "oh hi bill, did we wake you up?"

"yes s-stan. yuh-you yelled. it w-was prob-probably loud en-enough to wake ev-everyone on this street"

"woops, sorry bill"

"does he moan that loudly too billy boy?"



"BILL?! god i am so done with both of you"

stan angrily stormed in the house, shoving richie and bill on the way in and stomped down the stairs into the basement. richie and bill followed after him. stan turned the tv on and flopped back onto the couch, bill sitting next to him. richie awkwardly sat on the floor with his long legs stretched out in front of him.

"s-so wh-what did yo-you guys ta-talk about?"

"it doesn't matter, aren't you gonna wish me a happy birthday?"

"oh yeah, h-happy birthday do-doofus"

"oh that's nice of you. anyways bill, about stan and his moa--"

stan interrupted, "say one more word and i will strangle you right here"

"n-no do it somewhere el-else, i do-don't want m-my house to be-become a murder scene"

"does he sound like a bird when he moans?"

"RICHIE! wait- why would i sound like a bird?"

"you're obsessed with them more than you are with billy boy, wouldn't be surprised if you did sound like one"

"well to an-answer y-your qe-question. yes he s-sounds li-like a b-bird"

"great, you're both being idiots now. you're lucky i haven't kicked you out already"


"no r-richie, he duh-does not. you are so g-gullible"

"i need to hear it now, i don't know what to believe"

"well you never will be able to hear it bitch"

"sad life. FOOD. I NEED FOOD"

"go help yourself richie" stan sighed

richie ran up to the kitchen and took everything he saw from the cupboards. he then walked back down to the basement carrying it all in his arms, dropping it on the floor as he sat back down.

"richie you aren't gonna eat all of that by yourself are you?"

"yes i am.. and what about it?"

"y-you're go-gonna ex-explode"

"at least i won't have to deal with my feelings for e--" he stopped talking before he exposed himself. "shit" he mumbled under his breath.

"f-feelings for w-who? eh-eddie?"

"no! that's disgusting"

stan smirked and nodded, "right..."

"stan, shut up!"

"its o-okay, i n-know yu-you l-like him. its o-obvious"


"stop lying richie, we all know it"

richie sighed and started stuffing his face full with food to make sure he didn't say anything he would regret later on.


richie had been at bill's house for four hours so he decided that it was time to go back home.

"guys I better get going now, my parents have some presents for me"

"did you peek at them?"

"yeah, only one though. they got me a walkie talkie"

"HECK YEAHH! you can now talk to me and eddie without running to our houses with your pointless conversations"

richie adjusted his glasses, "are you saying that this whole thing was pointless?"

"no, stop putting words into my mouth"

"bill can put his dick in your mouth while i'm gone, okay bye lovebirds"

"richie. stop"

"okay sorry"

richie walked to the front door and slipped his jacket on.

"oh w-wait ri-richie, i for-forgot to men-mention. the rest of the lo-losers are g-going to the clubhouse later this afternoon at three, we would l-love it if you joined"

"i'll be there" he replied while nodding his head

richie walked out of the house and made sure to not slam the door too hard.
he walked back home and unlocked the door with his key, as soon as he walked in he was greeted with a warm hug from both of his parents, along with a happy birthday from his mom.

"happy birthday baby.. aren't you gonna say happy birthday to your son went?"

"already have but I can say it again, happy birthday son"

"thank you dinguses"

"aren't you gonna open your presents?"

"oh i almost forgot!"

richie ran over to the corner of the room where his presents were and picked one up. while his parents both sat down on the couch.

"oh I wonder what this could be!" he sarcastically commented.

richie ripped it open and revealed a big black walkie talkie.

"knew it, thank you guys! i've wanted one of these for ages"

"we know, since you were what.. ten?" his mom replied

"yup, to talk to eddie without going to his house everytime"

"speaking of eddie, your dad told me about your wrist"


"are you happy that you got him?"

"i mean yeah, i guess... i'll be back in a sec"

richie picked up his walkie talkie and walked to his room. he shut the door behind him and sat on his bed, leaning against the headboard. he turned the walkie talkie on and switched to the channel eddie was normally on, 7.191.

"eddie? it's me richie"

he didn't pick up so he tried again.

"eddie? it's me richie"

eddie was sitting on his bed when he heard his walkie talkie pick up a connection. he rushed over to pick it up but tripped on a shirt in the meantime.

"stupid shirt" he mumbled to himself
he picked it up from the floor and started talking.

"richie? is that you?"

"heyy eds, yeah it's me"

"happy birthday rich. have a good day and also did you get a walkie talkie or are you using stan's?"

"i got one, we can now talk dirty to eachother while at our own houses"

eddie wasn't there with him but he could see the smug expression richie had on his face.

"stop it! you're so weird"

"oh you love it eds"

"i do not, wait what did you get on your wrist? it's your seventeenth!"

" oh uh.." richie couldn't tell him about it, not yet at least. so he came up with a fake sentence or... word.

"all it says is "watermelon" he knew that was a stupid thing to say but his mind was cloudy at that moment so he couldn't think of anything better. all he could think about was him maybe not being eddie's soulmate in a month or so.

"seriously? watermelon? who talks about watermelon so frequently? that's so stupid"

"y-yeah, i g-guess"

richie get it together he's gonna know that you're lying if you stutter so much

"anyways, spaghetti. you coming to the clubhouse this afternoon?"

"what kind of friend would i be if i ditched you all? yeah i have a stupid mom but i have a window"

"eddie is rebelling? that's unheard of. i'm gonna go open the rest of my presents. i'll talk to you in a bit"

"TELL ME IF YOU GET THAT NEW X-MEN COMIC! i've always wanted to read one"

"course i will, see ya spaghetti"

"don't call me that! bye rich, and happy birthday again"

richie didn't want to stop talking to him but he had to, he didn't want to seem too desperate.


richie stood up, walked to his door and opened it up. as he walked out he bumped into his mom, listening in on the two boys' conversation.

"MOM! you can't even respect your own son's privacy"

"why did you lie to him about the sentence? it sounds like you really like eddie too"

"he's my bestfriend so.. obviously" richie sighed and shoved past maggie.

he went over to the corner again and picked up something, it was bendy and it felt like paper. he ripped it open and to his surprise he saw an x-men comic, the one that eddie had always wanted to read. he opened it up and flipped through it.

maybe I could give it to eddie later? no, he will still think that i'm desperate for his love. i'm not worthy of his love.

richie threw it on the floor and continued opening his presents.

"son, come out the front"


"just come on"

richie stood up and wentworth wrapped a blindfold around his eyes.

"why am I getting blindfolded? you aren't secretly selling me are you?"

"and why would we do that?" he said while laughing

"because im annoying and you both hate me"

"we do not"

"you didn't disagree on the annoying part"

"that is in fact true though"

"um rude"

wentworth guided richie out the front door and down to a small carpark near their house.

"are you ready son?"

"no! i'm scared what the fuck"

wentworth pulled the blindfold off to reveal a black ford.

"WAIT WHAT? no you can't be serious? a fucking car?"

"yep, you recently got your drivers license so me and your mom figured we should buy you a car"

"HOLY SHIT DAD!" richie ran to him and hugged him tightly "THANK YOU SO MUCH!" richie pulled away from the hug and started jumping up and down like a toddler that just got a new toy.
"i don't want to drive it just yet, my dumbass would freak out midway through driving and crash it"

"good idea, you can test drive it later"

"I can't believe this, richie tozier has a fucking car, the nerds at school need to get on my level"

"at least they have more brain cells than you"
"dad!" richie said and punched his shoulder softly.

"just saying facts!" he replied as he put his hands up in defence.

"you're mean, i'm going home"

"i'll see you back there in ten minutes, i have to go to the store real quick"

"alright" richie started walking back home with a smile on his face. the day was going his way. eddie is for sure (well he thinks so) his soulmate and he got a new car, what could get better?

he ran up into his room and shut the door. he picked up his walkie talkie and started talking.

"eddie, it's me again. are you there?"

"yeah i'm here, what's u-"


"YEAH! wanna fuck in the backseat?"

"beep beep richie"

eddie knew that richie was just joking around but richie used dirty humour to cover up the fact that he loved his bestfriend of 10 years.

"do you wanna go to the arcade and then KFC or something, eds?"

"right now?"

"yeah, i'll come pick you up in my brand new car"

"arcades are dirty as fuck but i'll bring wipes, it's fine"

"i'm paying for us both"

"what? no! it's your birthday, let me pay"

"not happening"

"i hate you sometimes"

"you love me really, spaghetti"

richie wasn't sure what he wanted to hear after saying that, maybe a "yeah, i always have" but no, with richies luck that didn't happen.

"i do not and shut up! don't call me that"

there it was again. the sentence that was written on his wrist.

"i'll pick you up in five minutes, eddie"

"will it just be me and you?"

"what were you hoping we could fuck?"

"no, shut up"

"i'm kidding. of course it'll be just me and you. the rest of them are definitely too busy for me"

"that's not true, I'm gonna go get ready. you know, pills and all"

"yeah, okay. i'll see you soon, eds"

"i'm excited, bye rich!"

"aww. you're excited to see me! how cute is that"

"if you don't shut up i'll kill you"

"okay sorry, go take your meds"


richie started panicking when he realised what he had just done.

did i just fucking invite the boy i'm in love with to go to the arcade with me? richie trashmouth tozier you are an absoloute idiot. i'm gonna be panicking the whole time, I just know it.

richie changed his clothes because he didn't want to smell bad when he was with eddie, he would freak out and spray deodorant or some sort of antibacterial all over him. the logical thing was to take a shower but he didn't want to, he was way too lazy for that. he walked out of his room and went into the living room trying to find his car keys.


"oh I forgot to give them to you, here you go" he said as he pulled keys out of his pocket and handed them to him.

"thanks, im going to the arcade and then KFC with eddie"

"are you going to tell him?"

"hell no, not yet. ill see you later"

"bye richie, don't crash the car. if you do me and maggie will kill you"

"I wont, sheesh how clumsy do you think I am?"

"super clumsy"

"alright trash the trashmouth I get it, i'll see you later" richie walked out of the house and down to the car park, unlocked it and got in.
"holy shit it's freezing in here" he whispered to himself.
he turned the car on and then the heater to warm himself up. he took the car off parking mode and off he went to eddie's house to pick him up.
he made sure to park around the block because sonia would get suspicious if she saw a random car in her driveway. he hopped out and walked around to eddie's window making sure to be as quiet as a mouse. he jumped up and grabbed hold of the balcony attached to his room and pulled himself up, climbed over the railings and saw eddie with his shirt off, changing. he nervously gulped and knocked on the door. since richie had startled him he threw his shirt up in the air and looked towards him, then walked to the balcony to unlock the door.

"hey spaghetti boy!"

"richie! I wasn't expecting you so soon, i'm getting changed!"

"it's fine, nothing I've never seen before"

"god, come in rich"

richie walked in and stood as still as a statue and made sure to not look at eddie, he would go bright red if he looked at him again.

"your room is kind of a mess for a hypochondriac like you, eds"

"kind of? it is a fucking mess, it looks like a god damn bear broke in here during the night and knocked everything over. I don't even know how this happened"

"been fucking someone in here? there is literally clothes everywhere"

"you're disgusting richie" he replied as he rolled his eyes.


"hey asshole, help me find my shirt. I lost it in this pile of filth-- are you just gonna stand there all day?"

and of course, richie kept looking eddie up and down like he was his favourite food. he was skinny but he also had abs coming in from biking to and from school everyday.

"oh-- sorry I got distracted thinking about fucking your mom"

"can you please stop with those fucking mom jokes? i don't even want to imagine my bestfriend fucking my own mother"

"ew you were imagining it? you dirty dog"

"just shut up and help me find my shirt, please"

"will do, what colour is it?"

"it's a red polo"

"oka-- it's literally right there you blind bitch" he saw it on top of a pile of clothes on his bed and pointed towards it.

"oh, thanks" he said as he snatched it from the pile and slipped it on.


richie put his finger on the boy's shirt but eddie pushed him away.

"stop, are we going or not?"

"I almost forgot about that, you got your fanny pack and wipes, eds?"

"yup" he said as he picked it up off of the floor and clipped it onto his small body.

"alrighty then, pip pip and tall-ho my good fellow!"

richie climbed off of the balcony first and helped eddie down by holding onto his waist. they walked to the car in an awkward silence.


richie unlocked the car and opened the door for eddie.

"ladies first"

"i'm not a lady"

"but you're a bottom"

"if you're gonna be like this the whole time i'm not coming" eddie scowled as he stared richie in the eyes and folded his arms.

"oh, i'm sorry. legends first"

eddie rolled his eyes and hopped in the car. richie walked round to the drivers side and got in.

richie faced towards the small boy, "ya like it spaghetti?"

"i love it, it's so pretty"

"just like you" he mumbled.

eddie quickly turned his head towards him.


"oh, nothing. must've been a ghost or something"

"like there would be ghosts in a brand new car, richie"

"you never know, alrighty let's go. where do you wanna go first?"

"hmm.. i guess.. wait, can we go to the mall real quick? i need to pick some things up for your birthday"

"did you forget to buy a gift for me?"

"yeah.. i'm so sorry i had no time because my mom needed me to do everything"

"it's okay eddie, i understand. the mall and then the arcade?"

"sure thing"

"okay, got it. onwards and upwards!"

they put their seatbelts on and drove away. 
richie pulled into the mall car park and parked up.

"alrighty here we are. the one and only starcourt mall, what are you planning on buying?"

"you'll see"

"keeping it as a surprise i see"

"yup, can you wait outside the store while i buy it?"


"richie seriously?"

"i'm kiddinggggg, i'll sit on the floor like a hobo"

"no you'll get germs all over you"



the boys got out of the car and walked to the first store. vans.

"wait out here richie"

"copy that sir"

eddie walked in and went to the slip on vans section. richies shoe size was seven, he didn't know how the hell he knew it but he did. he grabbed a pair of limited edition shoes. eddie looked at the price tag and saw "$63.61" which was fine since he had brought around $200 with him for richie's birthday. he made sure to pick up size seven shoes and took them to the cashier and set them neatly on the counter.

"that'll be 63.61 please"

eddie pulled out the money from his back pocket and pulled out a fifty dollar note, ten dollar note and then four one dollar notes. he handed it to the cashier and off he went with the shoes.

"i'm back, richie"

richie turned towards eddie and replied "oh hi"

"and what did i tell you about the floor?"

richie quickly stood up and brushed him self off.

"sorry, what store next spaghetti?"

"uhh, nike"

"jeez how much are you using on me?"

"two hundred"


"i wanna spoil you"

"okay.. fine i'll take it. nike store it is"

they walked to the opposite side of the mall and richie waited outside once again, standing this time. he didn't want to make eddie freak out about germs like he always did.
eddie walked to the hoodie section and picked up three soft hoodies, a red, a green one and a blue one. he then walked over to the shorts section and picked up a pair of gray shorts for the summer. he walked to the cashier and put them on the counter.

"70.81 dollars please"

he took his money out once again and counted exactly 71 dollars. he picked up his items and walked out.

"last clothes store is uhh.. forever 21"

"isn't that a girls store?"

"no you dumbass, it's a unisex store"

"oh okay"
richie sat down on the bench outside of the shop and waited for eddie to come back. eddie had picked up a pair of richie's favourite skinny jeans and a light blue button up shirt, richie's favourite type of shirt.

"any other stores spaghetti?"

"candy store"

richie jumped up, "MY FAVOURITE!"

"shut up you're gonna get us kicked out"


eddie picked up richie's favourite chocolate, reeses pieces and some twizzlers along with other random ones.

"okay i think i'm done, you can have it at the clubhouse"

"okay" richie said while pouting and crossing his arms.

"instead of going to the arcades do you wanna just go to the movies and then stop by at KFC? i don't really know how to play arcade games"

"sure edward spaghettward, we can do that , we can skip through scoops ahoy and go in for free since maya knows who we are"

"what if we get caught?"

"eddie chill your small dick, we won't"

they both ran to scoops ahoy, richie dinged the bell way too many times trying to get maya's attention.

"hey maya, your children are here"

maya opens the door and lets them through.

"seriously guys? again?"

"the fuck do you mean? it's only us two"

"okay come on" she said as she laughed, "if anyone hears about this then—"

"we're dead meat. we know!"

the boys snuck in through the back door and took the seats at the back, they didn't go to the very front because it would hurt richie's eyes as it was so close up.

"can we eat the candy now?"

"sure, we can eat it all now"

"yessss!! you are the best eddie kaspbrak"

eddie rummaged through the bag and pulled out a huge bag of reeses pieces.
"holy shit that's almost as big as my wang"

"i didn't need to know that richie"

"you did, for the future"

richie didn't know why he said that, it just blurted out of his mouth but luckily eddie took it as one of his silly jokes and rolled his eyes.

"hey look it's starting! wait richie this isn't a scary movie is it?"
"oh honey, it is. a super scary movie"

"oh god i did not sign up for this"

eddie would bury his face into the crook of richie's neck while covering his ears from time to time whenever a scary scene came on. richie knew that if he picked a scary movie, little pussy eddie kaspbrak would get scared and scoot up to him.
the movie ended and richie checked his watch and read the time. 2:54.

"wait, oh fuck we're gonna be late to the clubhouse, i guess we'll have to get KFC later, come on" richie exclaimed.


eddie picked up his bags, richie helping since he was small and could only carry a certain amount of stuff, they both hurried to the car. richie unlocked it and eddie got in the back with the bags. he put the car keys in and drove off to the woods. where the clubhouse was.
they arrived at 3:12 and jumped out of the car and ran to the clubhouse. they opened the latch and climbed down the ladder. eddie went first and then richie went after him, helping with the bags.

eddie turned towards the group who were looking up at him and said "sorry we're late guys, we were at the mall"

richie slipped off the ladder and fell on his ass which made a loud thud.

"shit richie are you okay?" eddie asked as he faced towards him

"i'm good, help me up will you eds"

"that's gonna leave a mark on the floor"

eddie grabbed his hand and pulled him up while everyone else just sat in silence watching the two boys.

"well you guys are a lot of help, why are you so quiet?"

"you were both late, and you came together" bev said while leaning against the wall with a cigarette between her lips.

"it's my bestfriends birthday, of course i would spend time with him"

"okay, richie we got you some gifts and a cake while you were gone"

"ooh cake, i love cake. speaking of gifts eddie, can i see what you got me?"

"oh yeah! one second" eddie picked up the bags and gave them to richie.

richie opened the vans one up and pulled out a big red box.

"hmm.. what is in here? a dildo i hope"

"richie what the fuck?"

"what did you just say richie?"

"t-that's dis-disgusting"

"okay says the one that's dating a boy and said that his moans sound like a bird"

the group bursted into laughter except stan who was bright red.

"okay yeah sorry" richie opened up the box and revealed a red pair of shoes, he turned them over and saw a colourful sole.
"is that a fucking gay flag?" he said as he looked up towards eddie "are you calling me gay?"

"no! i thought they were cute"

"what if he is gay, eddie?"

"i'm not stan, shut the fuck up" richie said in a serious tone.

"woah why'd you get so defensive richie?" bev asked

"i wouldn't have a problem with it if he were gay, what's the big deal?"

"bill and stan are already gay and he doesn't have a problem with it so-"

"exactly, mike" eddie replied

"okay shut up now guys" richie turned towards the bags and this time pulled out the three hoodies with the button up, shorts and jeans.
"sick! thanks eddie! i needed some new hoodies, and shorts even though it's winter. i needed some new jeans too, most of mine have holes in. i'm gonna put a hoodie on, one sec"
richie stood up and started to pull his shirt off. the losers looked away while eddie watched, he made sure to turn at an angle so that eddie couldn't see the writing on his wrist. he struggled to put the hoodie on for a moment but he finally got it over his glasses and then turned towards eddie.

"how do i look spaghettward?"

"um.. cool i guess?"

"cool? i-is that a-all you can s-say?"

"yes, there's no other words in my vocabulary"

"richie do you want your cake now? we'll give you the gifts when we leave"

"that's not fair, stan!"

"it is"

stan pulled the cake out of a big bag and placed it on a small brown table.

"richie come sit here" bev snickered as she pointed towards the chair near the table.

richie walked over to it and sat down. bill placed the candles on it and lit them.

"m-make a w-wish ri-richie"

"i bet i know what he's gonna wish for"

"shut up, staniel"

richie closed his eyes to make a wish and then blew out the candles.

i wish that eddie kaspbrak would love me back.


after richie blew the candles out stan pushed richies head down into the cake. they all bursted into laughter when he looked back up at them with cake all over his glasses and face.


"fret not my friend, eddie kaspbrak is to the rescue"

eddie pulled the wipes out of his fanny pack from earlier and wiped richies face for him. as eddie was wiping it off he looked richie in the eyes and softly smiled. richie felt himself blushing so he pushed eddie off.

"u-uh th-thanks eddie"

"why are you stuttering? you sound like bill"

"i'm not stuttering, i don't know what you mean eddie"


richie your ten minutes are up on the hammock"

"what do you mean?"

"ten minutes each was the rule"

richie looked around, "i don't see any sign around here, eds"

"seriously richie? why would there be a sign if it was a verbal agreement!"

eddie got on the hammock with him and slapped richie in the face with his foot. richie slapping him back on the thigh.

"i can see your vagina through the gap in your shorts, eddie" he said as he pointed towards eddies crotch

"i don't care"

"oh so you wouldn't care if i just stuck my finger up your shorts?"

"RICHIE YOU ARE SO DISGUSTING MY FUCKING GOD" eddie yelled as he gagged.

"s-since when was eh-eddie a girl?"

"since now, MOVE OUT OF THE WAY EDDIE YOU ARE SO ANNOYING!" richie said as he kicked eddie in the face.

"this is what you get for playing up"

"i fucked your mom, spaghetti"



richie held eddie's thigh as he read a comic that ben had brought down for them to read while they were down there.

oh how richie loved the feeling of eddie's warm skin on his hands.

"so richie. you didn't tell us about the writing on your wrist"

"uh- you don't need to know mike"

eddie smiled and leaned in towards richies ear and whispered, which gave richie shivers.

"i saw your wrist while you were getting changed, i think i'm your soulmate but why would you keep it from me?"

richie's eyes widened. "y-you saw it? i was gonna keep it a secret until your birthday. i didn't want to get humiliated, you know. just in case i'm not your soulmate and i didn't want to ruin our friendship" he whispered back.

"it wouldn't ruin it. i guess we'll have to wait and see" eddie smirked at him and continued reading the comic.

"i guess so..."

he put the comic down and whispered, "i wouldn't mind being your soulmate though, richie"

"me neither kaspbrak, you aren't so bad"


15th december

the boys had been closer than they ever have been within that month after the afternoon on Richie's birthday. they hung out almost everyday, going on late night walks or picnics, but Richie was still worried and he also freaked out every night, thinking about eddie's birthday. and eddies birthday came in a flash. eddie was excited to see what was on his wrist but richie? not so much. he was afraid that he would get some other boy like that kid will byers instead of him.

eddie had been debating whether he should tell richie about the words or not for most of the day. after hours of fighting with his mind he ran over to richie's house as fast as he could at 6pm to show and tell him the news. he rang the doorbell once and richie immediately answered.

"hey eddie, you okay? you look nervous"

"i-i think i got you richie.."

"what do you mean?"

"the words.."

"wait what? seriously?" richie's heart started beating outside of his chest.

"what does it say?"

eddie pulled up his sleeve and revealed the words "i fucked your mom, spaghetti"

"w- YOU'RE GONNA HAVE THAT ON YOUR WRIST FOR A YEAR!" richie started laughing but stopped when eddie gave him a serious look.
"yeah sorry, back to the main point"

"i mean i'm not surprised, we've been friends since we were what, eight?"

"seven actually, jeez you can't even remember how long you've been friends with your soulmate"

"yeah seven, and that's all i wanted to say. well one more thing. do you wanna come to stan's house tonight? for a sleepover?"

"hell yeah!"
"i gotta go now, mom said i had to be fast so um. it was nice seeing you"

"we literally saw eachother at school yesterday"

"yeah i know but still, it was nice seeing you"

"i'll see you tonight eddie- wait do you want me to meet you at your window?"

"that is so romantic, be there at 8:30"

"copy that chief, see you spaghetti"

"don't call me that" eddie replied while smiling.

eddie walked back home and richie went back inside to watch tv. he sat on the sofa and zoned out, he couldn't stop thinking about eddie, him and his smile had always given richie butterflies, for as long as he's known. and just eddie himself.

"son? you okay?" his dad asked while sitting down next to him making richie snap out of it.

"oh- yeah. i'm cool"

"you were pretty zoned out there, what were you thinking about?"

"it's eddies birthday. the words"

"did he tell you them?"

"yup it said "i fucked your mom, spaghetti"

"that is such a richie tozier line and richie you do know you can tell me and your mom anything right?"

"i um- i know"

"you can tell us why you like eddie so much, we won't judge"

"are you saying that you think i'm gay?"

"that's not what i'm saying"

richie turned towards his dad and said
"well i think you're right, i've liked eddie for so long. since we were 12. i don't know why it's just, he's so- he's so pretty and perfect"

"it's okay if you're gay, we support you no matter what honey" his mom loudly said while she listened in on their conversation from the kitchen.

"yeah, what your mom said. we aren't sonia kaspbrak or alvin marsh. we're actually nice parents and care about our kid"

"thanks gu- wait did you say that eddies mom is homophobic?"

"she obviously is, i feel bad for that poor boy having to live with her"

"she's a total bitch"

"I AGREE" maggie shouted while making dinner.

"is it okay if i go to stan's for a sleepover?"

"that's fine as long as you don't do drugs or anything"

"i'm a good boy, i would never!"

"you're a good boy but also bad boy, a mix of both"

"i don't know if i should take that as a compliment or an insult"


the hours flew by and it was time for richie to get ready for the sleepover. he grabbed two thick blankets, a pillow, a change of clothes just in case and a toothbrush for tomorrow morning, along with his backpack.

"mom! i'm going to stan's now!" he yelled as he put his shoes on.

"okay honey! have fun!" she shouted back from upstairs

richie walked out of the door and headed to eddie's house. he sneaked around the back and dropped his stuff on the floor, grabbed hold of the balcony and tried to pull himself up. eddie was all ready, sitting on his bed waiting for richie to arrive. his face lit up when he saw richies hands appear on the railing and he ran to the door and unlocked it.

"hi richie"

"help i'm slipping"

eddie pulled him up and they fell to the floor, richie fell on top of eddie. he went bright red and stood up.

"that wasn't my intention i'm sorry eddie"

"it's okay, you don't have to apologise. let's get to stan's house"

eddie grabbed his stuff and clipped his fanny pack on to him and richie climbed down first, eddie went next while richie held him by the waist like he always did.

they arrived at stan's house and knocked on the door.

"hey guys!"

"hi stan" both of the boys replied.

"come in, come down to the basement like usual"

stan's basement wasn't scary looking, it looked warm and had really a comfortable sofa well, five sofas to be exact. there was a chandelier on the ceiling and had fluffy rugs everywhere and a boxy tv against the wall. polaroids of the losers were stuck up around the room too.

"okay so, what do you guys wanna do?" stan asked

"eat. i wanna fucking eat"

"have you not had dinner richie?"

"yes i have eddie but you know me, i need food 24/7"

"t-that is tr-true"

"well lucky you my parents just went shopping so go get whatever you like"

richie jumped up and ran to get his favourite snacks.

"eddie what does your wrist say? you never told us" bev asked

"i fucked your mom spaghetti"

"you and richie were made for eachother" ben said

eddie furrowed his eyebrows, "i guess?"

"do you like him?" mike curiously asked

"i mean yeah? we all do"

"no, more than a friend you idiot"

"i don't know, i've always had some sort of feelings for him but i've never known what it is"

"you love him"

"i don't know if that's the right way to put it, bev. it's probably just platonic"

"husbands. literal husbands"

"what do you mean stan?!"


richie walked back in with his mouth full of twizzlers which made the whole group burst into laughter.

"what are you laughing at?" richie said as he spat it all out on the floor


"okay sorry staniel, i'll pick it up now"

richie picked it up and went to the kitchen to put it in the trash can.

"guys i'm gonna go to the bathroom, i'll be back"

"okay" they all replied.

as soon as eddie walked out of the door the rest of the group started talking, trying to come up with a plan. stan had told the losers about richie's sentence a week prior since richie wouldn't do it himself.

"we need to make them tell eachother about it"

"and how the fuck do we do that bill?"

"should we play seven minutes in heaven? i wanna see if richie and eddie would do it"

"GOOD IDEA BEN!" bev shouted

eddie came back in and they all just smiled at him as he sat down.

"what were you guys talking about?"

"oh nothing eddie"


"sup fuckers! i'm back from the trash can"

"you are the trash can, richie"

"eddie, you are so mean for a small person"


"hey guys, guess what?"

"oh no what is it bev? what happened?"

"nothing richie. we all decided that we're gonna play seven minutes in heaven"

"that's a stupid game, we aren't five"

"why would five year olds play this game? that's a bit weird, richie"

"maybe for.. fun?"


"i'm already in the closet" richie mumbled under his breath.

eddie leaned in and whispered , "i heard that one richie"


"probably, okay go on bev. pick your couple"

"hmm... richie anddd..." bev looked at eddie and smirked.

eddie groaned, "bev do not do this to me"

"well shit, guess we going in the closet together spaghetti"

"alright, GO ON LOVEBIRDS! GO IN THE CLOSET" stan yelled

richie and eddie stood up and walked to the closet in and awkward silence, they walked in and closed the door behind them.

"eddie, i cannot see shit in here"

"that makes it bet-"
suddenly they hear the lock click to the closet.

"STAN? BILL? BEV? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHY DID YOU LOCK US IN?" richie yelled while banging on the door.


"what the fuck is he talking about, god i hate them" eddie whispered.

"i um- i think i know, eddie"

"what? what is it? is it bad? are you dying? do you have cancer? do you have aids?"

"no" richie laughed "i love how you care about me so much"

"i- uhh- yeah i do i guess"

if they weren't in a pitch black closet eddie would've seen how red richie's face had gotten. okay maybe richie was kind of thankful for stan and this weird manoeuvre. 

"wait, i'm gonna see if there's a light in this place"

richie reached out and searched around looking for a switch, he found it so he turned it on but accidentally touched eddies chest too in the meantime, he panicked which made him fall. into eddie. again. eddie was pushed against the wall and richie was in front of him with his hands on the wall, facing towards him.

"that totally wasn't meant to happen, twice in a day. would ya look at that!"

"richie" eddie said in a serious tone while staring into richie's eyes.

"yes eddie?"
"is there something  you have to tell me?"

richie sighed and let it all out.
"fine, since you know about the soulmate thing and i have nothing to lose, it's weird because your a boy and i'm a boy but i like you, no that's an understatement, i love you and i hate that i get turned on when i see you, you're supposed to be my friend, just look at me eds! i'm a total mess. and i'm so far down the "i love eddie" hole that i don't think i'll ever be able to climb back out. i have loved you ever since we killed that stupid child eating clown that one summer"

"you love me?"

"i do. yes"

richie never had thought that he would admit it and say it out loud one day

a wide smile formed on eddie's face, "well i love you too richie"

wow my birthday wish actually worked. who would've thought?

"wait what?"

"but i only just figured out that it was love that i felt for you all those years"

"i- i don't know what to say" richie was tongue tied, he couldn't talk to save his life.

"you are literally red as a tomato, richie"

"i know, well the guy i'm in love with is pushed up against the wall, you'd be red too if it were happening to you"

"it kind of is happening, he's the one pushing me against the wall"

richie pulled away but that just made eddie pull him in even closer towards him.

"no, stay. i like it"

"oh okay.. i guess i'll stay here"

"can i kiss you richie?"

richie choked on his words.
"wh- huh? what. what do you - what do you mean?"

"i mean what i said"

"sure- i gu—"
his sentence was cut off by eddie's lips softly pressing against his. eddie put one hand up richie's shirt and the other in his hair, tugging at it. they kept going at it for three whole minutes until eddie put his hand on richie's crotch which made him quietly whimper.
richie pulled away and looked at him.

"eddie,  wh-what are you doing?"

"i wanna touch you"

"you are tou-touching me, your hand is in my shirt"

"no i mean, more"

"oh you mean, touch my dick?"

"yeah, i guess"

"but the germs--"

"it doesn't matter"

"and despite all of the sex jokes i've never received one before. is that okay?"

"and i've never given one before, it's totally okay richie"

"okay sure yo— oh fuck"
richie let out a muffled moan when eddie started pulling on his hair again and his cold hands started fiddling with the waistband on his pants.  

"i haven't even touched you yet and you're already whimpering? how desperate are you for me, jeez"

"um... maybe like. super desperate?"

"i can see that, you are rock hard already" he said as he squeezed his erection.

"i've be-been waiting for this moment since i was twelve" both of the boys were now breathing heavily.

"damn twelve year old richie tozier was horny for me?"

"for sure, okay get on with it, i don't wanna get blue balls here"


"that was fucking awesome eddie, holy shit! who knew you could do that?!"

"i didn't even know that i could"

"wait how long have we been in here for?"

"ten minutes, i think. i'm not sure"
richie banged on the closet door, they didn't answer but he tried to open it and it was unlocked.

"what the fuck? how long has that been unlocked for?"

"probably at least thirty seconds"

richie opened the door and stepped out.

"IM GAY!" he yelled
stan came running to the closet and replied.

"did you just come out of the closet by actually coming out of a closet, richie?"

"i sure did"

eddie then stepped out and yelled.


"you too eddie?"

the three boys walked back into the basement and sat down.

"soo you guys.. what went down in there? god you two are so sweaty and red looking!"

richie and eddie nervously looked at eachother, "uhhh, nothing happened, bev"

"you can tell us, we heard it all anyway" mike blurted out

"shit was i really that loud?"



"well, i bet this was the best birthday ever right eddie?" ben commented

"i guess so? guys me and richie are going early, we are going right now"

"we are?"

"yes richie, come on, i need to talk."

"okay. oh well uh- bye guys i guess"

"bye richie, have fun fucking eddie"

"shut up haystack"
richie and eddie both grabbed their stuff and off they went back to eddie's house.
richie helped eddie get onto the balcony, eddie grabbed richie's hand and pulled him up. when they entered they threw their stuff on to the floor and richie immediately pushed eddie on to the bed.

"time for me to be the power top"

"power top? that is such a turn on"

richie smiled and hovered on top of eddie, then leaned in to kiss him again.

"can i uh- do what you did to me?"

"go ahead"

richie started kissing eddie's neck, occasionally biting it softly. he pulled eddie's shirt off and started kissing down his torso. he stopped at his stomach, looked up at him, making eye contact, and started playing with his waistband, teasing him. just like he did to him.

"stop teasing me richie"

"you did it to me, so i can do it back"

"you are so an- oh, oh fuck! i wasn't ready fo-for that!" richie's hand entered when eddie was distracted and started stroking him. eddie bit his lip and threw his head back in pleasure.

richie threw his hand onto eddie's mouth and whsipered into his ear, "be quiet, your mom might hear"

eddie nodded and richie continued touching him.


15 minutes later
"well, that was a fucking awesome experience." eddie breathlessy said as he stood up and slipped his shirt on.

richie laid on the bed leaning against the headbord with his shirt off,

"i can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not"

"i'm not richie, it was awesome, you have like... magic hands"

"wait eddie i forgot this last month, i brought you that x-men comic you've always wanted to read"

"wait really?!"

"yeah, it's in my bag, one sec"

richie got off the bed and looked through his bag and pulled out the comic.

"you can have it if you want"

"no, it was your birthday present, i can't do that"

"i insist, now take it, eddie spaghetti. think of it as another birthday gift from me" richie handed eddie the comic and eddie hesitated for a moment but then he finally took it.
"thank you so much!" eddie jumped onto richie and hugged him.
he then broke the hug and said, "don't call me that... wait richie, i have a question"

"sure what is it?"

"what are we calling this? like are we dating or fuck buddies or friends?"

"yeah we are dating, why would we fuck and be friends? that's weird"

"we didn't fuck first of all, richie"

"you're the one that said "fuck buddies"

"oh true, i did"

"well guess what spaghettward? we will, soon" richie winked at eddie and put his shirt back on


"okay, says the one who literally begged to touch me in the closet"

"SHUSH! oh god i'm cringing now, i hate you so much" he replied as he closed his eyes tightly while covering his face with a pillow.

"i love you too edward spaghettward"

eddie giggled, "dont get all soppy on me now tozier”

he grabbed eddie's face and caressed his rosy cheeks, "no i'm being serious, i love you eddie"

"richie's being serious for once? well i love you too idiot, maybe a lot more than I originally thought"