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Hell's Butler: Hazbin Hotel

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Syphren Eclaire is a demon of few words, he prefers that his actions speak. He has served the Magne Family ever since he got to Hell well over 400 years and he wasn't going to let any demon or angel get near the people he has served his whole life for and thought of as family. Especially Charlie, that girl is the sweetest demon he knows that makes him genuinely smile for, one of the few good things that he cherishes dearly in this place.

As usual, he had to clean and polish his scythe from the recent extermination from those Angels.Seriously after 4 centuries, they should learn that he has a Holy Weapon that could also kill them if they get near the Magne Mansion. 'Nobody ever learns these days, dumbasses.' Syphren said annoyingly, after wiping the blood off his Butler Uniform (AN:Think of Sebastian's Uniform from Black Butler) and putting away his scythe in his room.

He went to clean up the garden that unfortunately was littered with the dead bodies of many Angels. Thinking about what kind of flowers and plants that were destroyed so he could replace them as he cremated all the corpses to existence with his flames that he summoned. After that mess, he looked all over the Mansion to see if he left anything both trash and corpse behind, it was perfect like he liked it. Syphren checked the time, " 9:01 a.m, I'm a little behind schedule! I need to get started on breakfast immediately before both the master and mistress get out of bed!" He was about to go inside until he saw multiple Fireworks in the Sky, he smiled sadly knowing that Charlie is in that area, giving the citizens of Hell the Signal that the extermination is over.

After he made sure the dishes the cooks served weren't poisoned or in low quality, he ordered the servants to organize the table while he put all the dishes and drinks for both Lucifer and Lilith ready to be eaten. He looked at the time and sighed in relief, it was 10 a.m and just in time as both the Master and Mistress had sat at the table. "As always, you never fail to impress me, Syphren. I'm surprised that nobody in the staff is dead already by this time." Lucifer said, while helping himself with some english muffins in front of him. Lilith laughed while Syphren smirked at Lucifer on that statement. "I think my message about not killing both you and Mistress Lilith has finally gotten through all of them after I tortured and dismembered those traitors in front of staff. So far there hasn't been any incident and I tend to keep it that way." Syphren said while his eyes glared at a nearby servant, who fainted from fear.

"I forgot, Mistress Lilith forgive me but the garden has unfortunately been destroyed lvso I have to go out and replace the flowers and plants that have been destroyed from the extermination."
"Please do that, I love that garden very much. Also when you go out, can you go check on Charlie." It went silent for a moment, Lucifer wore a blank expression on his pale face and Syphren looked at Lilith with a sad expression. The last time he saw Charlie was a few years ago when both Master Lucifer and her got into a huge argument about redemption or something similar like that. She left and told him to never contact her unless she asked, as always he followed that order.

He smiled sadly,"I'll see what I can do, but Charlie hasn't spoken to me in over 7 years." After that he ordered a nearby servant to clean up the dishes and table after both Lucifer and Lilith finished eating. He teleported to a nearby garden shop and started looking on what he needed to get. While he was shopping, the news came in and he heard something that picked up his interest, he turned and saw Charlie. He smiled knowing that she was alright then he went back to his blank face when he heard her about creating a Hotel to help demons have redemption and get into heaven while doing a musical, which is very catchy. Everybody in the shop and throughout Hell were laughing at her about that idea. The people in the shop immediately shut up when Syphren glared viciously towards them.

He has to admit, a demon that wants redemption is a mere fantasy. The life you were given was the only chance they have with many choices yet, when being dead, your afterlife could either be your punishment or your reward. Syphren doesn't have the heart to tell Charlie this was impossible when she put her heart and soul into this project and is seen to be very passionate about it. Then she was talking about a Porn star being a participant and then a turf war was on with said Porn Star, after that a huge fight between Charlie and Catie Killjoy broke out, then the TV went blank with static.

He sighed and finished his shopping and went back to the mansion gardening a new garden and when he was done, went back inside to cook a quick meal for himself so he could get started at dinner. Syphren heard a voice, Charlie's voice, and she was summoning him. At that he vanished after texting Lucifer he will be home late.


AN: Syphren has gray skin and a long hair that he pulls into a long ponytail. It is colored a dark blue and he has narrowed eyes that are Red and Gold on both eyes, he is also 7'1 (213 cm) with a lean body. He has back wings that usually hide and a long black tail, same length as height, that is thick like a rope.

He has the ability to teleport and summon both his deadly fire, which are white flames, has a Holy Weapon that is a Scythe. He is not someone to be underestimated at any cost since he follows orders to the exact detail. Once you are the target, nothing will save you from his wrath and his execution. That guy is very fast as lightning.

Thanks for reading!