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Surprise Lunch

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Izuku had noticed that his new classmate didn’t eat properly. It had taken weeks to confirm that the boy even ate at all. It had been hard to spot him through the sea of people at the luncheon but he hadn’t given up. After the first two weeks of school, Izuku had found him sitting by himself at one of the far end tables of the lunch room. Purple hair stuck up, brown paper bag sitting in front of him. Izuku would lying if he said it wasn’t a sad sight. He knew right then and there, that he was going to become friends with this boy. It had taken some courage to actually go over but he managed. Hitoshi didn’t seem phased, keeping his expression neutral as they talked. Izuku had learned that the tall classmate was good at steeling his expressions and remaining, for the most part, emotionless. It had been easier once he caught sight of Shouto, who, without question, came over and sat down to eat. Izuku really had been grateful for that action alone. Soon enough, the others had come over too, he was a little worried about annoying Hitoshi but Shouto had put his worries to rest when he said he understood how Hitoshi felt. Not wanting people to get close and for the most part, not knowing how to deal with positive attention. Izuku had been able to laugh with Ochaco after that. Glancing at Hitoshi who at least didn’t look annoyed anymore. Rather, his eyes remained wide in surprise. Like he really didn’t understand how his classmates had gotten there. How they had seen him. The idea was sad, and it made Izuku’s chest ache. He wanted his new classmate to feel welcomed and to know that he could rely on them. He wasn’t alone.

Glancing down, Izuku locked eyes onto Hitoshi’s brown paper bag. He’d seen the other boy pull his lunch out from there and devour it. Izuku raised his eyes to Hitoshi, noting how tall he was compared to his appearance. He looked a little underweight. Looking at his own food, Izuku considered offering some to Hitoshi but panic rose as he considered that his classmate might be offended. He thought he caught his classmate looking his way but when he looked up, Hitoshi was distracted by Kaminari and Ashido talking about his Brainwashing quirk.

Iida had done most of the talking to Hitoshi during lunch. Explaining who everyone was, what they could do, and what they were like. It had been an odd experience for Izuku and he couldn’t even begin to imagine what Hitoshi was thinking. Watching his new classmate interact with others that he knew was heart-warming, but knowing that he didn’t eat enough was still nagging Izuku. The bell rang and everyone dispersed. Hitoshi was gone quickly before Izuku could say goodbye. Shouto walking in silence beside him. Iida talking about Hitoshi and how he thought he would fit well into their class in no time.


It was a Saturday and that first meeting with all of class 1A had been about a week ago. Izuku hadn’t really spent a whole lot of time with Hitoshi since then, much to his own disappointment. He looked forward to hanging out with his new classmate today but he needed to do something before that. Which lead to Izuku currently in the kitchen. He’d grabbed his own lunchbox and bought a new one for Hitoshi. Packing away the meals he had prepared inside them both before packing those away into his bag. Hitoshi wasn’t expecting him and Izuku honestly didn’t know if the other boy wanted company right now, but if Izuku knew one thing, it was that even if someone didn’t want him to meddle in their affairs, he still had to. He had to see Hitoshi. He had to let him know that he wasn’t alone, that no one was afraid of his quirk. Izuku had considered how creepy he was being. He had stalked the other boy’s schedule and knew where he would most likely be at the current time.

Training alone in the gyms. Hitoshi seemed to prefer training alone than with others, although Izuku had a sneaking suspicion that Aizawa-Sensei was training his newest classmate. Whether Aizawa-Sensei was there, Izuku didn’t know for sure, but he suspected not.

Arriving at UA, Izuku made his way through the buildings and hallways. Familiar with the route to get around to any room. It had taken some time to get used to it all, but by now, Izuku knew the place as well as he knew his own. Granted, UA was much bigger than the apartment he lived in.

Rounding the last corner, Izuku could hear quiet rumblings, grunts and murmurs from behind the last gym door. Hitoshi always took that room. The one farthest from everything. Izuku briefly wondered why before gently grabbing the nob of the door and turning it. Peeking inside, Izuku saw Hitoshi flinging about the room. Stone pillars rose out of the ground, most likely created by Cementos. But what got Izuku’s attention was the way Hitoshi was moving. It was much like Aizawa-Sensei. Even using what looked to be the same or at least a similar version of his capture weapon. Izuku watched as his classmate ducked and weaved. Flying up, almost hovering before a second later, he was plummeting. He had obviously been practicing to be this good already. Izuku understood the grunting from earlier as he watched Hitoshi swing but had misjudged one of the pillars and crashed into it. Hitoshi hung there for a moment. Swaying back and forth before lowering himself to the ground. Izuku couldn’t stop the excited squeal as he pushed the door open, letting it close behind him.

Hitoshi looked up, eyes wide in what Izuku guessed was fear. Izuku jogged over. The other taking an immediate step back but then freezing again.

“That was amazing Hitoshi!” Izuku nearly screamed. “Have you been practicing long? Is that Aizawa-Sensei’s capture weapon? Or is it a replica? Is he teaching you?”

Izuku continued to try and talk as Hitoshi covered his mouth with his hand. “Stop.” Hitoshi looked…confused.

Izuku managed to keep his teeth together so his questions would cease but his giggling refused to be held back. Izuku squeezed his eyes shut as he grinned up at Hitoshi who slowly lowered his hand. Izuku opened his eyes once again and couldn’t help but feel warmth spread through him as he recognised the feeling. Pride. He was proud of Hitoshi putting in all that effort just keep up with a class full of powerful quirks. Izuku could relate. He had trained hard for ten months before the entrance exam of UA. He had had to get a hold on his quirk before he considered it his own. To use it without injuring himself. It hadn’t been easy. It had been a lot of pain and hard work, but it sure had been worth it. Though, he was still getting the hang of it now.

Hitoshi rubbed the back of his neck and looked away. “Why are you here?”

Izuku blinked as he remembered. Feeling a little embarrassed that he had forgot. He had come here to give Hitoshi a meal as a way to welcome him into the class. It was meant to be just the two of them so Hitoshi didn’t feel awkward with so many people around like there had been at lunch. It was also a way for them to start heading on the track to becoming friends. Izuku glanced at the floor in his embarrassment at forgetting after seeing Hitoshi training, shrugging his bag off and opening it. The sound of him rummaging inside sounded louder than their breathing and Izuku had to stop himself from glancing up at his classmate.

Pulling out the new lunchbox, Izuku held it out to Hitoshi who looked at it, perplexed, before taking it. Izuku retrieved the bottle of water he’d packed as well, handing it to Hitoshi who grabbed it with his other hand. Izuku noticed the most unimpressed look aimed right at him. He thought it odd until it dawned on him that Hitoshi might be thinking Izuku was just making him hold his stuff.

“I noticed you don’t seem to eat much at lunch, and I thought I could make you something.” Izuku offered an explanation. Frowning at Hitoshi’s unchanging expression. “I made you a lunch. And the bottle and lunchbox itself is for you too so you don’t have to use a paper bag all the time.” It changed after that though. Eyes going wide as they looked down at the objects in his hands. He started to shake his head but Izuku was already sitting himself down, leaning against one of the pillars and patting the spot next to him. Hitoshi continued to stare at the lunchbox. His eyes being the only thing that moved as he then stared at Izuku who had settled himself down. Getting out his own food and munching on it.

Hitoshi gave an audible swallow before clutching the two objects close to his chest as he sat down beside Izuku. It seemed to take him a few moments to actually open the box and start eating but he managed. The second Izuku was finished, he launched into talking about what he thought of Hitoshi’s quirk. How amazing and unique it was. “-and just think of how it could work against Villains!” His cheerful attitude seemed to relax Hitoshi bit by bit. “I mean, really, who wouldn’t want to hire you?” Izuku began listing places. Even suggesting that he would make an excellent team member if he wasn’t looking for a solo career. Maybe even getting a sidekick.

Hitoshi had remained quiet even after finishing his food, only speaking once Izuku took a breath. Keeping his voice low. “I was thinking of follow in Aizawa-Sensei’s footsteps and becoming an Underground Hero.”

Izuku blinked owlishly at him before leaning forward in his excitement. “That would be perfect!” He leant away again as he thought. “Your quirk works really well for those who don’t know about it and they wouldn’t be able to use anything against it if they don’t know about it. And being an Underground Hero would mean less people would know about the specifics of your quirk, which you could use to your advantage.”

Hitoshi just stared.

Izuku didn’t know what he was thinking but he hoped he wasn’t making his fellow classmate uncomfortable. “And if you ever did go up against someone that knew your quirk, you could irk them? Get them to shout in anger as an answer? Or even so, your capture weapon would be perfect to restrain them and wait for backup if need be!” Looking at his classmate, Izuku slowed his talking. Before changing the subject entirely. “You’re being awfully quiet. Am I making you nervous?”

Hitoshi wet his lips as he looked to the side. “No.” Apparently that was all he wanted to say on the matter. However, this was Izuku he was conversing with.

“Am I keeping you from something important?” Izuku glanced at his wrist only to realise he hadn’t brought his watch. He fished his phone out but never checked the time when Hitoshi spoke again. Giving him his full attention instead.

“No one’s ever willingly talked to me is all.” He looked about the room. Izuku got the feeling he was avoiding eye contact. “People are afraid of me. If we talk, I can take control of you.”

“Only if I answer a question of yours.” Izuku chimed in. He had learned a little about Hitoshi since their first meeting at the sports festival. His peculiar quirk getting his interest and making Izuku consider what Villains could do with a quirk like that. Or if they ever possessed similar ones, how would he deal with them?

Hitoshi finally looked at him. Watching him, then the smallest of smirks appeared.

“I know people see you as a Villain sometimes.” Izuku watched the smirk fade but at least Hitoshi didn’t look away, choosing to keep his expression neutral so Izuku couldn’t read it. “I don’t know if that’s how it’s been all your life or if it’s something that’s happened recently, but,” Izuku had to get this out. Had to get it through to Hitoshi. “I think you would be an amazing Hero. I can’t wait to graduate with you and the rest of class 1A. What about you?” Izuku held his hand out gave a welcoming smile.

Hitoshi offered a lazy smile as if he had given up, but it changed as Hitoshi took Izuku’s hand. The defeated smile looking more like a challenge. It was intimidating to see but Izuku smiled back. His own smile becoming challenging.