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Death's Throne is Frozen

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Long before time had a name, the first spinjitzu master created Ninjago. There were sixteen realms of creation, but little known was the 17th 18th and 19th realms. These three were not the realm of creation but realms of endings. The 17th was the realm of eternal suffering, where the darkest criminals and villains of the realm went when they perished, different than the departed realm which could be accessed by the realm crystal or travelers tea, this realm held the souls of the darkest beings to exist whose souls could not be redeemed through the realm of the departed, the torture realm was one of screams and black lava. It was here that the overlord was sentenced. The 19th realm was the Paradise realm, where heroes and those pure of heart went when their time came. Where souls would spend eternity being pampered, the first spinjitzu master ruled this realm with kindness and wisdom. The 18th realm was the realm between life and death. Literally frozen in space and time, where a soul could choose to wait until those they loved could come to join them before moving to the paradise realm. And it is in this realm that we focus our attention on a glittering palace lit by a star in a perpetual state of going nova. A lone figure sat upon his throne inside the palace of ice. His robes were of the purest ice and his crown was of the same and sat atop a head of windswept blonde hair, his icy blue eye radiated a warmth one would not expect from such a stoic expression. He looked like a king home from battle, a hero of his people. The city in the distance, visible from the balcony of the grand palace, was also made of ice. People going about their day or waiting for those they loved at the docks of the sea of cloud. To those who reside in this state of waiting, the realm was known simply as Winter’s Rest, beings from all the creation realms were there, well except those from the Cursed Realm. Zane had diligently ruled the realm after being the only elemental master to ever wish to wait for those they loved, his element was very fitting of the realm after all. He had come here immediately after destroying the overlord once and for all, and for his bravery had been given ruler status. He had met with the rulers of the other two realms, The First Spinjitzu Master and Hailey. Hailey was the embodiment of hatred and vengeance and rode an acid green and black dragon with purple eyes named Kryptonite. She and Zane didn’t exactly get along very well but were civil towards one another. She wore a dress made of fire and had black horns on her head. Her brown hair was made of rattlesnakes and her unshielded eyes could turn even an Oni to stone. She wore thick black sunglasses made of obsidian in order to shield others from her gaze, her clawed hands were covered by gloves of black silk. She had the black wings of a bat and lips red as blood.A dangerous-looking black, gold and red crown sat on her head She ruled the Realm of the Damned with an iron fist. Zane was snapped out of his thoughts by one of the guards entering the throne room.
“Your Majesty, the First Spinjitzu Master requests an audience with you,” said the guard
“Send him in,” said Zane
“Hello Zane, I come to give you the opportunity to go back to Ninjago, without ice the balance is at stake and your brothers miss you dearly, the team of ninjas is falling apart, I can send you home,” said the FSM
“And what of the looming threats of invasion by the Oni? I worry about the souls here who are not being given the same option as me,” said Zane
“I will personally take over the care of this realm until your return and I will give you the ability to travel the three realms of death and Ninjago,” said the FSM.
“Alright, I will return to Ninjago,” said Zane
“One more thing, you must keep your status as a ruler of a death realm a secret unless revealing it is unavoidable, you will be sent back to Ninjago at the time of your funeral, you must have your sister Pixal aid you in constructing a new body, I urge you to take the Calling crystal with you so that you can contact me or, if desperate, Hailey,” said the FSM
“I understand,” said Zane
“Oh and Zane, one more thing, if the need arises, my personal guard is at your disposal, the late family members of a few of your friends are in the guard, your father asked me to tell you that he misses you and that he loves you very much,” said The FSM, Zane smiled and nodded. The FSM made a portal and Zane walked through. He found himself in the digiverse in Borg tower. Pixal seemed to have been unable to bring herself to go to the funeral and was leaning against the window. Zane played a few memories to get her attention. She ran down to the assembly line.
“Hello little sister,” Zane said.