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A Dragon's Craving

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  There weren't many things that Ryuji wanted to do that he hadn't tried. He was a simple guy; if he wanted something, he'd do whatever he needed to get what he wanted. If he had a craving for Korean BBQ, he'd go get it. If he wanted to try a new sex toy, he'd order it and try it out. Simple.

  But, things with him and Daigo were still so new. Barely a couple months together past all their friends with benefits stuff, and he didn't want to push him away.

  He wanted to eat Daigo's ass. Badly. When he was giving Daigo head, he had to stop himself from venturing farther south. The one time it had happened, Daigo gave him a weird look and guided his mouth back to his balls.

  It wasn't like the two were vanilla, not by a long shot. Daigo had asked Ryuji to try out many things and he'd never batted an eye at his requests. Wanted to get tied up? Sure, no problem. Roleplay as strangers in a sleazy bar? He could do that. But apparently asking Daigo to sit on his face was the one thing he had apprehension on asking about.

  He wasn't the type of man to live without what he wanted, though. Especially when he was horny and staring at Daigo's pretty, winking hole as he started prepping him for a long night of fucking.

  "Y'know, preppin' ya might go quicker if ya let me open ya up with my mouth," Ryuji said, his mouth already watering at the simple prospect of Daigo sitting on his face.

  "Huh?" Daigo hadn't really been listening, too busy moaning into his arm to pay proper attention.

  Ryuji felt like a deer in the headlights as Daigo glanced back at him, his shirt riding up his chest and showing off his pale nipples.

  "Y'know, uh," Ryuji began saying, slowing the pace of his finger inside Daigo. "My tongue'd open ya up much faster."

  Daigo looked like he wasn't entirely sure what Ryuji was saying, his brows drawn together in confusion. "What are you talking about?"

  "Ain'tcha ever seen vids where they rim somebody to stretch 'em out for anal? Might, uh, be quicker when you're feelin' real desperate."

  Daigo blinked at him a few times, searching his face. "What, you want to eat my ass?"

  "Uh, well, only if you want me to," Ryuji said, suddenly self conscious. He pulled his finger from Daigo's ass, worried he'd ruined the mood by asking.

  Daigo rolled over onto his back and sat up, giving Ryuji a curious look. "I didn't think that was something you'd be interested in."

  "It could be nice to try," Ryuji said.

  Daigo gave him a small grin. "So you'd be fine just fucking me tonight then?"

  Ryuji grit his teeth. He'd been so dead set on asking tonight. He hadn't been able to stop watching ass eating videos while he waited for Daigo to come to town, hadn't stopped dreaming of feeling the reassuring weight of Daigo on top of him.

  "It's somethin' I'd really like to try," Ryuji said, glad when Daigo didn't give him a weird look or tell him to knock it off.

  "Well, I don't mind trying it," Daigo said, beginning to stand up. "I'm gonna clean up more since… I dunno, I don't wanna be self conscious of something happening, you know?"

  Ryuji nodded eagerly, perking up at how eager Daigo was already. "And then you'll sit on my face?"

  Daigo stopped in his tracks, halfway to the hotel bathroom. "Wh-what?"

  "Y'know… face sitting."

  Daigo gave him a flustered look. "I… I can't do that, I'd break your neck!"

  Ryuji laughed, standing in front of Daigo and holding his waist.

  "Daigo, you wouldn't break my neck."

  "I don't know…" Daigo said skeptically. "I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I hurt you."

  Ryuji pulled Daigo close, tilting his chin up to meet his gaze. "I promise you won't hurt me. Please, sit on my face."

  Daigo scoffed, red rising to his cheeks as he blushed at Ryuji's insistence. "You've… you've never asked for anything so earnestly before."

  "I need this, badly," Ryuji said, squeezing Daigo's hips.

  "You've wanted this for a while?" Daigo asked, almost shyly. He was glancing up at Ryuji through his eyelashes.

  Ryuji nodded immediately. "Dreamin' about it. My mouth fuckin' waters when I think about it. Been watchin' vids about it but it can't compare."

  Daigo took a deep breath. "Promise you'll tell me if you're suffocating?"

  As much as Ryuji would have loved to joke about being happy to die beneath his ass, he figured Daigo needed a serious answer right about now. "I'll tap ya over and over if you're too heavy, okay?"

  "Alright," Daigo said, letting out a shaky breath. "You've got me all nervous, now. What if you don't like it as much as you think you will?"

  "Oh, I will," Ryuji said eagerly. "It ain't even a question."

  Daigo laughed at Ryuji's earnestness and kissed his cheek. "Okay. I'll be right back. Ugh, I really hope you'll like it as much as you think you will."


  Ryuji sat up, startled as Daigo opened the bathroom door. He came out sheepishly, his hair wet, showing he'd spent the extra time to wash his hair.

  "Alright, let's go," Daigo said.

  "Wait," Ryuji said, getting off the bed to stop Daigo before he laid down. "Are ya sure you wanna do this? I'm… I'm sorry if I pressured ya, I shoulda brought it up a different time, I'm real sorry."

  "No! No, that's not it," Daigo said, holding the hand Ryuji was cradling his cheek with, turning his face into it. "It's just… embarrassing, okay? I've never done this with anyone before and… you're so eager. I don't want to disappoint you."

  "Daigo-chan," Ryuji said, making sure Daigo was holding his gaze as he spoke. "You really don't need to worry about that."

  Daigo smiled at him. "Well, let's go then. I've never had my ass eaten before, but I've wanted to try it. Just make sure I don't suffocate you, okay?"

  Ryuji nodded and laid on his back, gesturing for Daigo to come closer. It was awkward at first, simply because neither was used to maneuvering themselves into a good position for this.

  "Um, okay, I think this'll work," Daigo said, his ass hovering several inches away from Ryuji's face. He was kneeling with either knee on the sides of Ryuji's head.

  "Don't feel bad if ya don't like it," Ryuji said, gently rubbing Daigo's thighs as he spoke. "Just let me know if it's too weird."

  "And you let me know if you can't breathe," Daigo said.

  "Of course," Ryuji said. "Now, sit on my fuckin' face before I lose my mind." 

  Daigo chuckled before slowly lowering himself onto Ryuji's face.

  It hadn't even been five seconds and Ryuji already felt like he was in heaven. Daigo's muscular thighs were encasing him on either side, and he was comfortably under Daigo's soft ass. He slowly licked a stripe across Daigo's hole, pleased when Daigo shuddered and relaxed himself even further.

  Ryuji dug his fingers into Daigo's thighs as he started licking his tight hole open, savoring the soft sounds Daigo was already letting out. He wasn't able to see it, but he could feel Daigo's tight rim tremble as he licked wetly across him.

  "Oh my god," Daigo said, his voice slightly muffled. 

  Ryuji was about to pull away and ask if everything was okay, but Daigo shifted, making it much easier for Ryuji to swipe his tongue across his entrance.

  Ryuji moaned knowing that Daigo was enjoying himself that much. He used his grip on Daigo's thighs to spread his cheeks apart farther, tentatively dipping his tongue inside, testing the waters.

  When Daigo let out a choked moan and ground down on Ryuji's tongue, Ryuji got the message. He dug his fingers into Daigo's thighs even harder, his own cock throbbing as it twitched neglected, untouched against his abdomen.

  He slowly began licking Daigo open, swiping his tongue around the rim when he pulled out. Daigo was moaning wantonly above him, no doubt jerking off as Ryuji ate him out.

  Ryuji began tongue-fucking him, enjoying the new sensation of Daigo's tight rim around the thickest part of his tongue as he made his way deeper inside.

  Daigo was grinding onto his face wildly now, moving with total abandon. Ryuji steeled himself and let his mouth be used to make Daigo feel good, oozing thick streams of precum. He felt delirious with pleasure, knowing how good Daigo felt, how good it felt to be underneath him and using his tongue on him.

  Daigo cried out in that way Ryuji knew meant he was cumming, and his hole began twitching open and closed as his body went through the throes of orgasm. Ryuji moved to slowly rimming him, not wanting to overwhelm him as he came.

  Daigo slowly swung one leg across Ryuji's face, letting him breathe cool air once again. His pupils dilated at the sudden brightness, squinting as he looked at Daigo.

  "Well?" Ryuji asked, suddenly worried his tongue skills hadn't been up to snuff 

  "That was really good," Daigo said, flushing deeply.

  Ryuji grinned and grabbed Daigo's wrist, pulling it close so he could press kisses against it.

  "I can't believe you were actually getting off on that," Daigo said, almost dreamily. "I was watching your cock while you worked and… I could see how much you enjoyed yourself. You should've seen yourself jump when I was moaning, when I started grinding against you."

  "Told ya I've wanted to do this for a while," Ryuji said.

  "Uh, well, no offense to your tongue," Daigo began saying, making Ryuji's stomach swoop in dread of him saying this was a one time thing. "But I need something bigger inside me, right now."

  Ryuji chuckled, beginning to sit up so Daigo could take his place, but Daigo stopped him.

  "No, I'm gonna ride you tonight," Daigo said, a glint in his eyes.

  Ryuji grinned and laid back. "Well, I ain't gonna complain."

  Daigo dug through the nearby drawer until he found lube, pouring a healthy line into Ryuji's cock.

  Ryuji inhaled through his teeth. "Shit, that's cold."

  Daigo quirked a grin. "So you don't cum too early."

  Ryuji chuckled. "Well, well. So feisty tonight."

  Daigo wet his lips and shrugged, his pupils blown out as he crawled into Ryuji's abdomen, reaching behind himself as he lined Ryuji's cock up. Ryuji held his thigh reassuringly, entranced as he watched his thick cock disappear into Daigo.

  They both groaned loudly as Daigo slowly sunk onto him. Daigo was already fully hard again, jerking himself off slowly as he moved.

  "Fuuuck," Daigo breathed out, his head lolling to the side, his eyes shut tightly. "So fucking big. F-fuck."

  Ryuji grunted, unable to form sentences as Daigo's tight hole engulfed him, slowly hilting him fully. Though he'd spent plenty of time opening him up with his tongue, Daigo's hole wasn't nearly as opened as it usually was, leading to a vice-like grip around the base of his cock.

  "Should we… slow down?" Ryuji grunted out.

  Daigo shook his head frantically. "Feels too good. Oh my god."

  Ryuji groaned as Daigo ground his hips on him, the small amount of friction nearly driving him wild. 

  Daigo was whining, touching his abdomen as if trying to feel Ryuji inside him. He shifted his hips and gasped.

  "Look…" Daigo said reverently. "You're so fuckin' big you can see your cock through me."

  Ryuji reached his hand out and groaned as he touched his cock, separated through layers of muscles and flesh, but definitely big enough to make itself known.

  "Damn, that's hot," Ryuji said, mesmerized as he watched an outline of himself splitting Daigo apart.

  Daigo kept his fingers pressed against his abs as he started riding Ryuji, his ass slapping against Ryuji as he moved.

  Daigo suddenly leaned forward, breathing humidly against Ryuji's neck as he continued slamming himself down onto Ryuji's cock. He was moaning loudly, mouthing at the sensitive skin of Ryuji's neck.

  Ryuji couldn't take it anymore and grabbed Daigo's hips and started pistoning into him, loudly fucking into his tight hole. They moaned in unison, sweat rolling down Ryuji's temple as he fucked as hard as he could.

  Daigo's hole was gripping tightly around him as he fucked him, not wanting to let go. It drove Ryuji mad, making him fuck faster and harder.

  "F-fuck," Daigo moaned against his ear. "C-cum in me, baby. Fill me up, pl-please!"

  Ryuji groaned, unable to deny such a tantalizing request. He thrust deeply one last time, his head thrown back, the tendons in his neck working as his cock pulsed deep in Daigo's guts, painting his insides white.

  Daigo whined as he was filled up, working his hips weakly as he jerked himself off, cumming across Ryuji's abs when Ryuji's cock pulled out of him suddenly, leading to a gush of cum leaking from him.

  "Fuck," Ryuji breathed out, wiping his forehead.

  They sat in silence, breathing heavily as they came down from their orgasms.

  "Can I clean you out?" Ryuji asked impulsively.

  Daigo groaned, shuffling quickly to position his ass in front of Ryuji's face for the second time that night.

  "You're gonna be the death of me," Daigo said breathlessly, his fingers digging into the sheets as Ryuji began lapping at him.

  His hole was much softer after getting fucked. He could barely close all the way, he was gaped from Ryuji's thick cock. That image got Ryuji going and he was lapping at Daigo eagerly, wet sounds filling the room as he cleaned his own spend. He didn't taste all that great (he wondered if Daigo was exaggerating when he talked about how good his cum tasted), but it wasn't all that bad, either. The worst part was the chemical taste of the lube, but he could brush his teeth later. Any negatives were quickly drowned out by how reactive Daigo was, even after cumming twice.

  His hole was much redder than before, nice and used. His rim was trembling wildly as Ryuji cleaned him up, and Daigo was moaning louder than he had all night.

  "Can I… can I cum in your mouth?" Daigo's voice was muffled, but Ryuji eagerly nodded.

  Daigo spun around as best he could, sitting on Ryuji's collarbone as he unceremoniously shoved himself into Ryuji's mouth. Ryuji didn't mind--he couldn't explain how hot it was to see Daigo so unhinged. Daigo was thrusting wildly, his pace shaky and almost random. He was moaning loudly, his eyes shut as Ryuji worked his tongue against the underside of his cock.

  His hips stuttered one last time and he came in Ryuji's mouth, his cock pulsing against his tongue.

  Ryuji let the cum pool on his tongue, swirling it around before opening wide and letting Daigo watch as he swallowed. He showed off his empty mouth, grinning smugly when Daigo's pupils dilated and his breathing quickened.

  "So," Ryuji said after a long silence.

  "So," Daigo repeated, collapsing onto the mattress, his chest heaving. "That was incredible. Do you need to cum again?"

  "Later, maybe," Ryuji said, chuckling at how sleepy Daigo was already. "I'll grab ya a towel then I'm gonna shower. Ya cravin' somethin' specific?"

  "Huh?" Daigo's eyes were already drifting closed, making Ryuji chuckle.

  He gently toweled Daigo clean, affection blooming in his chest at the grumpy noises Daigo made as he pulled his leg up. He tossed the dirty towel into the laundry bin the room had provided and stepped into the bathroom, looking for a toothbrush.

  He'd pick up Smile Burger when he was done cleaning up. Daigo always craved a greasy burger after cumming more than once, so he'd be ecstatic to see Ryuji with burgers and fries when he woke up from his orgasm induced coma.