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Ever since Todoroki had moved into Aizawa’s house, he found himself with much more freetime on his hands. He was used to spending all his freetime following his father’s rigorous workout routines, studying, or trying to sleep as much as possible. He never had much time for anything else. So now when he had hours of freetime, he had no idea what to do with that time. 

At first, he had just napped for hours. Then he would see what Midoriya was doing, maybe read some manga or books. But he quickly read all of Midoriya’s hero manga and books related to All Might. So he had gone to Shinso, but quickly decided that Shinso might just be a little too much for him at times. He still did not understand what a Moulin Rouge was, and Midoriya still had yet to fully explain it. 

So he found himself on his phone often. He downloaded some app Kaminari suggested called Twitter. He sat on his bed, holding his phone. He clicked the little box that said Sign Up like Kaminari told him to. It was asking for his name now, but he did not really want to put his real name. That last thing he wanted to deal with was a very angry phone call from his father. 

Kaminari said to name himself something he liked. 

Todoroki stared down at the screen for a moment. Kaminari did not explain it very well. He then opened a new tab and searched How to create a Twitter name. Surely, that would have something that could help him. He read ten articles, and once he felt like he had an idea on what to name himself. He went back to Twitter and typed in his new username. 


He felt that it explained him as a person well. It also mentioned soba, which was something he liked. So hopefully Kaminari would also approve of it. 

Todoroki put in the rest of his information and created his account. Now, he was not sure what exactly he was going to post on Twitter. He scrolled through the app for a while, trying to understand how it worked for a while. 

Todoroki stood up and walked to Midoriya’s room. He pushed the door open. 

“Do you have a Twitter?” He asked. 

Midoriya looked up from his notebook and looked at him blankly for a moment. “Uhh, yeah? Which one do you mean?”

Todoroki looked at him. Not exactly sure what he meant by that. “Either, I suppose?”

He swiveled in his chair. “Well, I have my normal account, but I don’t really use it very often. Then I have my All Might fanpage-”

Shinso slid past Todoroki into Midoriya’s room and flopped face first onto his bed. He was cackling. “Of course you have a fanpage.”
Midoriya crossed his arms. “So what? I made it when I was like thirteen. Don’t judge me.”

Shinso rolled onto his side. “I can judge. I have a Moulin Rouge fanpage and a Joy Division fanpage. I have the right to judge you if I want.”

Todoroki looked down at his phone. He googled the meaning of ‘fanpage.’ 

“Look. I have too many All Might theories to keep them to myself. The world has to know them!” 

Shinso furrowed his brows and gave him a disbelieving look. “He’s literally your teacher-”

“It is a little strange to have theories about your dad.” Todoroki said. 

“He’s not my dad! My dad is working abroad right now.”

Todoroki raised an eyebrow. “That seems awfully convenient, doesn’t it?”

“I literally look nothing like All Might!” Midoriya threw his hands up into the air. 

“I have seen your mother. You simply take after her only and barely inherited any traits from All Might.”

“Definitely didn’t get his height.” Shinso said, while grinning evilly at Midoriya. 

“First off, rude. Second, how could you? I thought you were over making all the short jokes?”

“Why would I ever stop doing that?”

Todoroki started typing on his phone. He glanced up at Midoriya once. “What’s the username of your normal Twitter?”

“MidoriIzuku.” Midoriya answered and then went back to arguing with Shinso about his height. 

IcyHot_SobaMan tweeted: This is my first tweet. I want everyone to know that @MidoriIzuku is All Might’s secret love child. 

He posted it. 

Shinso sat up and fell back into the pillows. “I thought you would have realized that I enjoy messing with you. That’s how friendships work.”

Todoroki looked at him. “I think we have different ideas of what friendship is. Midoriya told me it was spending quality time with people you like, who support and encourage you.”
Shinso made a face. “Nah. Real friendship is the ones where you annoy each other. The ones where you can burst into each other’s rooms at three am to show them a meme. And the other person doesn’t even question it.”
“No it’s not.” Midoriya said in protest. 

“But that’s the basis of our friendship.” Shinso said, “And I know for a fact you enjoyed those hero memes. Don’t even try and lie to me.”

IcyHot_SobaMan tweeted: I do not understand what friendship is. Midoriya and Shinso have very different definitions of it. What is friendship?

“You woke me up in the middle of the night to show we distorted images of Midnight with some random text! It was randomly chosen words! It wasn’t even funny!”

Shinso scoffed and waved a hand. “I guess you just didn’t understand my elite sense of humor. I guess I hoped you actually understood the deep layers of humor in those memes.”

Midoriya gave him a look. Todoroki was not sure what it meant exactly, but he seemed slightly exasperated. “There were no layers?”

Shinso looked away dramatically. “Nobody understands me.”

IcyHot_SobaMan tweeted: I hope we have soba for dinner. For the past week, we have had nothing but McDonald’s takeout burgers. I do not know how to make Shinso stop buying them. Not even Midoriya can stop him. 

IcyHot_SobaMan tweeted: It is now dinnertime. We are walking to McDonald’s. I cannot stop Shinso. He is ordering more burgers. @MidoriIzuku help make him stop. 

IcyHot_SobaMan tweeted: There are currently nine burgers in front of me. Shinso says he will eat four himself. I feel a strong sense of doubt. 

IcyHot_SobaMan tweeted: He ate five burgers. We are walking by a restaurant that sells soba. I think the universe is trying to mock me.