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The Story of Me and You

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Inko was wearing a light pink dress and was doing her makeup as her phone sat on the counter playing the news. It had been years since she had dressed up and gone out, the last time she could remember was a few months before Izuku was born. 

Not that she wanted to leave, but she really had no choice. One week and five days ago the mysterious villain who ended All Might's career had escaped Tartarus alongside many other high profile villains.

And three days ago her husband Hisashi had called her, asking to meet up with her at their once favorite restaurant to talk. He offered to pick her up but she declined, she paid for a taxi.

He asked her to bring her son along, she simply told him it was too dangerous for him to leave UA. It was true, but she also failed to tell her son about Hisashi's call and didn't want them to meet until she had the chance to talk with him.

Her phone dinged and a message popped up at the top of her screen. Setting down her lip gloss she wiped her hands on a nearby towel and opened the message.


I'm here, how long until you get here?



Inko pursed her lips and quickly sent back a text.



Fifteen to twenty minutes.




Seen you then love.


She closed the tabs on her phone and turned it off. She stared at her reflection and made sure everything was in order. She added a bit more blush and grabbed her purse. She wasn't as dolled up as she used to be, but she also wasn't really interested in Hisashi's little dinner date talk that he planned.

As she reached her door she double checked she had everything she needed in her bag, slipped on some shoes, and called the cab.

The ride was short as the restaurant wasn't far, an eight minute ride at most. She thanked the driver as she left the car and when they drove away her hands were sweaty. The place had changed over the years, they had a new paint job and many of the old plans had been replaced.

At least the face of the host was similar, aged, but still recognizable. "Hello," Inko greeted and she watched as they slowly remembered who she was, "my husband Hisashi Midoriya said that he would save us a table."

"Oh yes of course, let me fetch someone to take you to your table dear." They smiled like they used to, but didn't greet her like she hasn't been around in over a decade. They made sure to uphold the same professionalism they always had.

But It was a new face that brought her upstairs to the rooftop. As the door was opened Inko saw that the roof was left the same way she remembered it. Three tables had been placed in the corners, and unlike the indoors, the roof was filled with plants and a fence with tomato plants growing on it framed the edge.

It use to be Hisashi and her favorite place.

"Hello Inko." Hisashi stands up from his table and greets them halfway.

"Hisashi." She says, and the escort takes a step back.

Inko had aged so much over the years, having shrunk from both age and weight, along with wrinkles from stress, she didn't look like a twenty year old anymore.

But Hisashi didn't, he looked as young as the day he left. No wrinkles or gray hairs, no visible signs of aging.

It was like he had never left.

"I'll be back soon with the menus." The escort leaves and Hisashi smiles and offers her a hand. "You look lovely."

She decides to be polite even though they're alone and she has every right to be rude, "thank you" she takes his hand and he walks her the last few feet to their table, and they sit down together.

They came here to talk, but she doesn't know what to say, or where to start.

He asks her about her day.

She tells him with a bit of hesitation, but even then she doesn't tell him much. They chitter about a handful of topics and when the escort comes back and hands them their menus, they still make small talk.

It isn't until their food gets put on the table that Hisashi turns the conversation into something more serious.

"I want you to know that I'm sorry for being gone for so long."

She puts down her spoon and does her best to sit straight. Her anxiety had been buzzing in the back of her head for the past hour, but right now she needed to push it away.

"Sorry doesn't change twelve years of you being absent Hisashi." Her voice came out colder than she intended it too, but she didn't care enough to correct it.

"I know, but this was the soonest I was able to return. I would have been back sooner but there was… An accident." Hisashi touched his cheek with the tips of his fingers. "I was disfigured so badly I couldn't see, that's why I never wrote to you. It took me years to find the right quirk to heal me."

Inko stared.

"But the healing I went through reversed most of my body back to before I was hurt. That's why I look so young, my body is still about twenty-five but thankfully my mind is as old as ever."

It would explain why Hisashi looked so young. Even the most advanced skin routines, diets, and surgeries could only keep someone looking so young. When he left Hisahi was only eight years older than her, he was fifty, he should look fifty.

"Why did we never receive a report from your boss? Or the hospital? Why am I only learning about this now?" Her voice wasn't as icy, it was more neutral now.

Hisashi sighed. "Remember how I told you how my job is secret?"

"They didn't let you tell me."

He nodded.

She looked down at her soup and frowned. She wasn't sure if he believed him, but it made sense and Hisashi was never the one to lie.

"Why should I believe you?"

Hisashi didn't answer right away but he stood up and knelt besides her chair. "I remember when you were still pregnant, do you remember how excited I was?"

He carried her everywhere and made her so much food that their neighbors were eating a full day's worth of meals from their leftovers.

"Remember when I asked you to marry me?"

He brought her to this restaurant, proposed to her at this table.

"I love you so much more than I ever thought I could." He stands up and cups her cheeks in his palms.

"You left not even a month after Izuku was diagnosed quirkless. Didn't even tell him goodbye."

"My brother was quirkless." Hisashi lets go of her cheeks and Inko can see visible offence written all over his face. Like her words had struck him over the head like a sandal. "I told you there was a chance my son would be born quirkless, and that I would love him no matter what. I didn't leave because he was quirkless, I left because my job demanded such."

Her doubt leaves her as the traces of anger in his voice make her tense up and her anxiety skyrocket.

Hisashi then looks at her and his anger quickly leaves and Inko feels her shoulders relax.

"I would never leave my family for so long if I had the choice," he says a lot calmer, "you should know this Inko. You saw first hand how much I care about my family."

"I know the you from all those years ago wouldn't," her voice is quiet and she struggles to sound more confident, "but I don't know you anymore. We have been away from each other for so long, I'm not the same woman I once was. You're not the same man you use to be either. We've grown up Hisashi, the people we used to be no longer exist."

He sits back down in his chair, and they fall into a short period of silence.

Inko sips on her wine and Hisashi does the same with his water.

"I suppose you're right." Hisashi breaks the silence and Inko keeps the rim of the glass pressed to her lips. "But that just means we need to get to know eachother again."

She set the glass down, "I suppose it does." She grabs the nicely folded napkin and dabs it at the corners or her lips, careful as to not smear her lip gloss. "But why should I give you a second chance? How do I know you won't leave me and Izuku alone for another twelve years?"

"Because I left the area of my job that required me to be gone for so long. The longest I would be requested to leave for is only a few months."

She held her hands together and clunked the heels of her shoes together. "Even if I give you a second chance, Izuku might not care to and I won't force him if he doesn't want to. My son comes before you do, and if our relationship starts to push him away I will leave you."

Hisashi looked almost pleased with her, "I understand, blood comes first and Izuku is just as much as your son as he is mine." Hisashi looked more relaxed, and Inko felt herself calm down as well. "As long as I get the chance to talk with him then it'll all be okay."

He rested his elbows on the table and his chin on his knuckles. "But for now, let's spend the rest of today getting to know eachother again. Tell me about what you and Izuku have been up to while I was gone."

She takes another drink of her wine, and she tells him the general of it. She leaves a lot out, such as the bruises and burns Izuku used to come home with and his lack of friends. She doesn't tell him about how far Izuku and her grew apart, she words it with enough vagueness that it sounds like they used to be a close little family. A son and his mother who did their best.

She only starts to go into detail is when she tells him about the months when Izuku has started training for the UA entrance exams.

How happy he got and how strong he grew, how he came home with a meal plan that was completely insane.

The sun eventually sets and a waiter came up, lit the candles on all three tables even though they were the only ones up here, and they refilled their drinks.

Her anxiety faded away as her husband listened happily while she talked and picked away at her food.

"I didn't know he had a quirk until the entrance exam," She said, "apparently he didn't either. It just showed up when he punched a robot and he broke his arms and legs." She held a hand to her heart and sighed, "It's a good quirk but it hurts him so much. It's nothing like ours, maybe that's why he didn't notice it when he was younger."

Hisashi finally opened his mouth, "oh? Can you tell me more about it? I have no doubt Izuku is my son, but it seems like such a destructive quirk."

Inko leaned back in her chair and emptied her glass with the upward tilt of her chin.

"Izuku told me that because the quirk is so strong that it didn't appear until his body could handle it." Inko ran her finger along the rim of the glass. "He's a good liar, and sometimes he lies so well I don't even know that he lied until I hear the truth from someone else."

Inko sighed again. "But he still has his tells, and I knew he was lying when he told me. He just… He had this look on his face and I knew that he lied to me. I know he didn't lie about getting the quirk only when he can handle it, but he lied about something. I just don't know what that "something" is."

Hisashi stared, and not wanting to fall into awkward silence Inko continued to speak. "He's gotten so much better at handling it though, it doesn't hurt him anymore." She touched her forearm very gently.

"But the damage is already done, one more broken bone and he could lose his arms. I'm so scared that he's going to get hurt again, that his quirk is going to take away his arms."

Hisashi reached across the table, took her hand, and rubbed his thumb over her knuckles. "If I must, I would take the same person who healed me and have them fix him." Hisashi smiled, "but I won't let it get to that point."

Inko raised a brow, "and how do you plan to do that?"

"Simple, I want Izuku out of UA." 

Inko pulled her hand away from him so fast her silverware fell on the floor with two small clinks. "No." Inko wouldn't say she was glaring, but the look she gave him was far from pleasant. "Izuku won't be leaving UA. He has so many friends there, he's happy, and I never seen him smile like he does now when he comes home every other weekend. I'm not going to take Izuku's happiness away from him."

Hisashi's warm smile never left, but the heat that reminded her of a warm blanket fresh from the dryer on a cold winter day felt smothered.

"Phones exist, he can easily stay in contact and plan dates with them." Hisashi met her almost glare with a casual wave of his hand. "But UA has failed him more times than I can forgive. There are safer hero schools that he can attend."

"No." Inko did her best to look strong. "UA is the only place that can give him the happiness he has now. I know there are safer schools, but I have to put his happiness first."

Hisashi's smile finally melted away into a disappointed stare.

"That is where we disagree then. Safety comes before everything Inko. I would rather have a son who is alive to dislike me then a son who's happy ashes are sitting in an urn."

"I don't want to repeat myself again Hisashi. Izuku isn't leaving UA." Inko stood from her chair and Hisashi shifted so that he could stand, but remained seated.

"Inko, I don't want to argue, but I'm not going to let our son stay in a school that let him break his bones multiple times."

Inko glared and stomped the two steps it took to be in front of him. "You," she shoved her pointer finger on his chest, "don't get a say in my son's life anymore. You lost all rights to him when you decided to leave us alone for twelve years with no letters or calls. Your job be damned."

She pulled her finger off his chest and grabbed her purse from the table. "Don't bother calling me again, and if I hear anything about you trying to take Izuku out of UA I will file for full custody. You left our lives years ago Hisashi, and we both moved on. You don't get to force your way back in." 

She had fished out her wallet as she talked, and had put more than enough money down to pay for her meal and drink. Hisashi stood and firmly grabbed her wrist, not enough to hurt but there was no pulling away from him.

"If you want to take this to court then I will be more than happy to." When they first met up, Inko thought she sounded cold as ice, but his tone was colder than frostbite. "But if I remember right, you haven't worked since we got married, you don't have the money for good lawyers. Not like the ones I can hire."

Inko gritted her teeth and tried to yank her wrist, Hisashi tightened his grip enough to sting.

"And I more than positive that I can have All Might himself back me up."

The second the words "All Might" left her mouth she was overcome with fear as something dark filled the air.

"Oh and how can you be so sure?" He purred. "Why would All Might help you out of everyone in the world?"

"H-He promised me he will do his best t-to… to take care of Izuku." Her lip trembled as her heart picked up speed. "I… I just have to t-tell him."

Hisashi let her go and Inko stayed frozen in place.

"As happy as it makes me to know you love our son enough to stand up to me," His hand hovered over her face, and Inko noticed a hole in the center of his palm.

Black and red sparks, she couldn't see.

"Since you want me out of your life, I'll stay away and you won't have to see me ever again." Fingers tangled themselves into her hair as his palm covered her eyes. "But you don't have any right to keep my son away from me."

Inko felt pain fill her body but before she could scream her throat closed up and she was dropped onto the ground.

She wasn't sure what, but something was missing. Something very personal was missing.

The last thing she saw before her was her husband taking her phone out her purse, typing something on it then disappearing in black slime.

The last thing she heard was footsteps hurrying up the stairs.

Blood trickled down her cheek from her nose, it was the last thing she felt before everything faded away.



Inko woke up nearly a day later only to find herself in a hospitable bed.

Yagi would later come over to see what had happened, and when he stepped into the room the first thing she asked him was, "Is my son at school?"

He shook his head and told her, "You sent him a text asking for him to come home for few hours before you were brought to the hospital."

Her hands were shaking as she broke into tears.

"He stole him! He stole my son!"

Yagi would try to calm her down, to ask a few questions of his own but Inko just kept crying.




Shigaraki didn't know what he expected, but this wasn't it. After three weeks of silence from his Sensei, he requested that they meet up in an old shabby motel.

Sensei stood in front of him. White curly hair and red eyes, freckles that had been torn away by scar tissue were splattered across unmarked skin. 

It was like All Might had never touched him.

"Sensei, you're…" His voice hitched up a bit, "You're healed." He almost couldn't believe it. One of the reasons that he despised the use-to-be number one hero was because of the pain he caused his Sensei. He remembers the nightmares he used to get when he first saw All For One bloodied and broken.

He used to fear that All Might would do the same to him, but unlike Sensei, he would die.

"Is this why you didn't visit sooner? You were fixing yourself?"

"Mostly, I had a few other things I needed to do." He sounded different, he sounded younger. "But now that everything's in place, I came to tell you I'll be leaving for America."

Shigaraki reached up to scratch his neck.

"But if you want, you can choose to come with me."

His finger rested on the skin, but he didn't feel the need to scratch anymore.

"Huh?" He tilts his head, "Why would you need to go back to America? All Might is a walking stick, you can K.O him with a signal hit."

Sensei hummed. "Remember when you were younger? When I told you about All Might stealing something from me?"

"... Yeah?"

"That something was someone and I finally got them back. But I knew they wouldn't let me keep them, so I took them to American and suppressed most of their memories."

Once again, Shigaraki didn't know what he expected but this certainly wasn't it.

"You found the person who was stolen from you, and you took them to America and erased their memories?" 

"I didn't erase anything. I simply suppressed most of their memories."

Confusion was the only thing keeping Shigaraki from scratching a hole into his neck. "What's the difference?"

Sensei tapped his head with a single finger, "Memories make us who we are, without them we aren't the same. I suppressed their memories so that they're still there, but not truly accessible. They'll still be the same person they have always been, but if I had erase those memories then the person who they are would be dead and someone else would take their place."

"Oh," Shigaraki says lamely, "that makes sense." Except it doesn't. He shoved his hands into his sweatshirt and shuffled his feet just a little bit. "But who's so important that you have to have the same person? Wouldn't it be easier to just start over with someone new?"

"That person is my son."

Shigaraki looked his Sensei in his eyes and stared. "You have a son!?"

He smiled, "Yes, and I finally have him back. I wanted to start over with them in Tokyo, but my wife and I had a little disagreement. I didn't quite agree with her choices, so I'm keeping my son with me."

That was a lot of new information that Shigaraki wasn't ready to process at the moment, so he did his best to push away the confusion and the questions bubbling in his chest.

But there was one that he just had to ask.

"If you're planning to start over with your son, then why bring me along?"

"Because I remember the years before my baby brother was born, I hated being a single child." Sensei placed a hand on his shoulder and Shigaraki's breath was caught in his throat.

Sensei had never really touched him, never this kindly.

"If my son is anything like me then he'll want a sibling too. Not only that, but I'll need someone to watch over him whenever I'll have to leave."

Shigaraki trembled with a mix of disbelief and excitement. 

"If… if I'm going to be his brother…" his hands found his face and his nails dugged into his jaw. "That… that would make me your son." 

Sensei, for the first time, pulled his hands away from his face and really smiled at him.

"I suppose it would, wouldn't it?"

"I'll do it." Shigaraki replied quickly, almost biting his tongue in the process. "I'll- I'll go to American and I'll be the best bi- big brother to them." His hands were twitching as Shigaraki tried to contain the overflowing joy and excitement pumping throughout his body.

"I'll wear gloves and be nice, I don't care who he is I'll act-" He choked on a few memories of before All For One, back when he still had his family. Just as quickly as the memories came to the forefront of his mind he shoved them back into hole he hid them in. "I'll be his Hana."

"Good. It makes me very happy to hear that you're willing to be good to my son no matter his identity."

Shigaraki took in a deep breath, "Who… Who is your son?"

Sensei smiled.

"Midoriya Izuku."

He wasn't sure who he expected, and Midoriya certainty wasn't them, but that didn't matter. He just wanted to win his Sensei's praise, and if being the perfect big brother to the green haired brat was the way to get it... 

Then that was a sacrifice he was willing to make.

"Now, before we leave, there's a few things I have to say, and a couple of rules you'll have to follow."

Shigaraki listened to it all with a smile.



He woke up in a soft bed with an even softer blanket draped over him. His head hurt a little and when he opened his eyes he was met by the soft rays of the afternoon sun.

After some squinting and blinking his eyes adjusted to the light and looked around the room. It was homey, decorated with posters of bands and nicknacks, and a television sat on a dresser nearby. What looked like a dozen or so video games were scattered around the dresser, and a handful of toys were placed on a shelf.

The room was nice, but something in his gut told him this wasn't his room.

He looked around for anything familiar but noticed a thick bracelet was resting on his wrist, it was too small to take off.

He touched it, nothing happened.

He looked over at the window and saw some trees and a grassy field, but no houses.

In the corner of his eye he noticed something small and orange sitting on the nightstand. It was a pill bottle, and it looked full. He grabbed it and tried to read the label, but it was in a language he couldn't understand. 

A few words seemed familiar, and he understood a handful of them, but he was left confused until he saw a name written on the bottom in a language who could read.

"Izuku." He whispered. "Midoriya Izuku."

Something twisted in his stomach, and he realized that the name was his. "Midoriya Izuku." He repeated once again, and yes, this was his name, it had to be.

Izuku dropped the bottle in fright as the knob of the bedroom door squeaked.

The door opened and a tall man with curly white hair and red eyes smiled at him. "Oh, you're awake." He sounded happy with this discovery. "I bet you're starving. Let me fetch your brother and I'll bring you some cereal."

"Um-" is all that Izuku manages to say before the door is closed and he's alone again.

The man is just like the room, completely unfamiliar and confusing.

"Brother?" He asks himself, he doesn't remember having a brother. Then again, he doesn't really remember anything.

He fiddled with his thumbs as he contemplated getting up, but not knowing where he would go keeps him sitting up on the bed. 

After a few minutes the white haired man returns holding a bowl and spoon, and trailing behind him a scrawnier man wearing jammies and gloves that for some reason only cover his middle finger.

Something about the strange glove man feels familiar in a way that makes his stomach ill.

Didn't the white haired man call him his brother?

Would that make the white haired man his father?

"Here, eat up." He takes the bowl as it held just a few inches from his face, and both of the men take a seat on the end of his bed.

"I…" Izuku stares at them. "I'm sorry but who are you? Where am I? Do I know either of you and why did you call him my brother?"

The white haired man frowns and looks sad, the man with the weird gloves looks down at the blanket.

"The doctors said that this could happen." The white haired man murmured. "But I didn't think you would forget so much." The white haired man looks at him and speaks at the proper volume, "Is there anything that you remember?"


"I…" He tried but the most he got were feeling he couldn't place and… "I was little." He speaks slowly. "And…"

A man with white hair and red eyes kneels down as a little version of himself crashes into arms, "Pappy!"

"You picked me... and… and…"

A green haired woman leans into the man with white hair and kisses both of their cheeks.

"My mom kissed me on the cheek. I think I was three or four." 

All the other memories follow the same format. A white haired man, a green haired woman, and a toddler version of himself interacts with them.

"I don't really remember anything else."

The man puts a hand on his head and pushes his hair behind his ear. This is his dad, Izuku think, this is the same man that was in the few memories that he still had. But it doesn't feel right, calling him dad that is.

"Are you sure?" He asks gently, as if Izuku was a fragile sheet of glass.

"Yes." His stomach grumbles, and the hand on his head falls down to push the bowl of cereal just a little closer. Izuku grabs it and takes a bite.

Before he knows it he's shoving his mouth full of food like he hasn't eaten in a week.

This time, the man with the weird gloves pipes up. "So you don't remember what happened then?"

He put his spoon in his bowl and shook his head, his mouth too full to answer vocally. 

The man with the weird gloves looks over at the white haired man and raises a brow.

The white haired man then scoots a bit closer, and reaches behind Izuku to grab a photo frame Izuku hadn't noticed, too distracted by the pills.

"This was your mother." He points at the green haired woman Izuku saw in his few memories. Standing next to her is the white haired man and they're holding him.

But then he sees the man with the weird gloves standing at the edge next to the white haired man, and the photo feels… off. Not quite wrong or right, just weird and different.

"Where is she?" Izuku askes after he swallows the last spoonful of cereal. The white haired man hands Izuku the photo, and silence fills the room.

Then the man with the weird gloves speaks again, "There was a car crash about a week ago." He looks out the window as he speaks. "Inko and you were going to pick up some food when some drunks crashed into you guys."

His fingers clenched the picture frame, and he thinks he knows where this is going.

"She… She didn't make it. The car crashed into the driver's side and just like that she was gone."

He knew that this is where the story was going, but that doesn't mean he likes it.

"You were lucky, you just hit your head pretty hard and I guess it caused you to lose some memories."

He looks down at the picture, not sure what he's feeling. He doesn't remember his mother enough to grieve, but sadness still fills his chest.

He hands the photograph back to the white haired man and grabs the blanket resting on his lap. Disbelief also lingers in the back of his head, but he chalks it up to the amnesia.

just like he blames the feeling of wrongness on his memory loss.

He decides to trust them, because the story explains why the woman isn't here and why he can't remember anything.

"Can I have your names?" He asked.

The man with the weird gloves tells him that his name is Shigaraki Tomura, and the white haired man tells him that his name is Midorya Hisashi.

Izuku reaches for the pill bottle he dropped on the dresser and asks them why it's written in a different language.

"We moved to New York a few months ago to start a new life." Hisashi tells him. "The pills are for your arms, you got your arm crushed under some metal a few years back and it has hurt ever since."

He asked them about the bracelet. 

"It keeps track of your pulse, we're not sure about how much your brain got messed up in the accident, so we're keeping it on until we know you'll be fine."

He asked a few more questions, they gave him the answers, and after a while they left to let him sleep.



"So you're going to replace his memories?" Shigaraki asked as they settled into their home.

"More like I'm going to rewrite them. I don't want to change him, but I don't want him to remember either. Until I can rewrite them, I have to make sure he doesn't remember anything."

"How are you going to do that?"

Sensei ("Call me Hisashi") reached into his pocket and pulled out a pill bottle.

"These were treated with a quirk, these will keep his memories suppressed until I can rewrite them."



"Isn't that a quirk suppressant?"

"Yes, but he won't know that. He'll think it's a heart monitor."

"It won't last forever."

"I know, and when it does wear off, I'll give him his mother's quirk and say he inherited it from her."



The house was bigger than he expected, but small enough to still feel like a home. Shigaraki is odd, and he still makes his stomach do somersaults, but he seems like an okay-ish person. He offered to play some multiplayer games with him, but Izuku declined and spent most of the time just watching instead. 

Shigaraki sometimes looks like he wants to break something he gets so mad, but storms off before he has the chance to lash out and returns with dust on his hands. Hisashi says that Shigaraki has always had anger management issues, but after they moved to New York he has been doing his best to calm down.

Hisashi seems like a very pleasant person. He seems kind and he makes him laugh every now and then, and his cooking is scarily good. "I have two hundred years of practice under my belt." He would say everytime Izuku said the food was great, then he would wink.

Something always felt out of place however, his room was only starting to feel like it was his, and he knew something was missing, but life was good so far. Sure, it was odd and confusing, but otherwise good.

He still didn't feel comfortable calling Hisashi dad, or Shigaraki his brother, but they played their roles and they acted like a little family.

"I'm going to start going to work again on Monday." Hisashi announced one day over lunch, "I'll have the weekends off."

Izuku would set his sandwich back on his plate, "Oh? Where do you work?"

"I'm a history professor in a nearby Collage." Hisashi answered, "So I'll also have the summer off as well." He'd look over at Shigaraki, "Make sure your brother takes his medicine while I'm gone."

"Of course."

A few days later Izuku would be enrolled online into the eleventh grade as a junior.



As the months went by, the feeling of wrongness in his gut would trickle away.

He would eventually call Hisashi dad without much thought.

Shigaraki would be called Tomura.

The past would stop being so important as he learned to live in the present with his family.



One Tuesday, Shigaraki had forgotten to set an alarm and didn't wake up until three in the evening.

Izuku had been distracted with some poorly translated english assignment and with no one to remind him, he forgot to take his medicine.

When his father came home and asked him if he remembered to take his pills, Izuku smiled at him and lied.

"Of course!"



About a week later the quirk suppressants would wear off, and Izuku would find out he had his mother's quirk.

He would then ask what their quirks were.

"I have fire breath." Hisashi would say, "And Tomura was born quirkless."

The feeling of wrongness would return, but Izuku would quickly stomp it out.



Shigaraki isn't sure when it happened, or how it happened, but he found himself genuinely caring for the kid. Maybe it was because he was no longer a little hero, maybe it was because he laughed at even his lamest of jokes.

Maybe it was because the more he saw the kid, the more he saw just how similar him and Hisashi were. Physically, they were the same, from their curly hair and freckles, the shape of their hands and eyes, the only difference was that Izuku was coloured green. Personality wise, they weren't identical but they overlapped quite a bit.

Both of them talked about quirks the same way, breaking them down to the tiniest bits. Eventually they started a shared quirk analyst journal where they wrote down their thoughts and theories, and only after a month it was nearly full with sticky notes falling out of it.

They were closer then Hisashi and Shigaraki have ever been. At first he thought he was jealous of the kid, but after staying up several long nights helping the kid with schoolwork, and days spent playing games togethers, he realized that that wasn't the case.

He was jealous of Hisashi.

He wanted to laugh because it was so ridiculous. Jealous? Of a kid being closer to Hisashi than him? But it was true no matter how much he wanted it to be false. No matter how he shifted his perspective around so it could make sense it never did, and after a week of trying he gave up and accepted this new truth.

He also decided to try and get closer to the kid, to really be the big brother and not just pretend to be one.

So on a sunday morning while their father was having a meeting, he opened up a new world on Minecraft and handed the kid a controller. "Play with me."

Izuku would try to be polite and say he would rather watch, but after some encouragement he would take the controller.

They would end up playing until Hisashi told them it was time for bed.

Izuku and him would spend the following weeks working on their new world, and Izuku would finally grow closer to him and they would start to act more like brothers.

After a while, Izuku would call him Nii-san as a joke, but Shigaraki would still take the honorific with the utmost satisfaction.



They didn't play together all the time, and despite Shigaraki's instances Izuku never wanted to play any different games with him. But Izuku still liked to watch him whenever he played.

Infact wherever Izuku was doing school work he would venture out to wherever Shigaraki was and do his work next to him. Part of the reason why he did this was because he often needed help translating a word here and there, and he liked to have some background noise that worked.

Even if that background noise was Shigaraki cursing people out online and maniacal laughter every time he killed off another player.

Today was word problems, and why Izuku was pretty decent at math, the broken Japanese made it nearly impossible to do. Eventually he stopped translating his papers and instead made his brother do it for him. While Shigaraki wasn't that good of a translator as he was still learning English, he was much better than Google.

"Hey Tomura-nii, can you read this to me?" He asked, and before Shigaraki could open his mouth the speaker spoke up.

Izuku didn't understand what the other player said, but judging from the anger in his brother's face and the death grip he had on the controller isn't wasn't anything good.

"Listen here," Shigaraki hissed into the speaker as Izuku stared at him, confused. "If you call my brother that again I'm going to take a pipe, shove it up your ass, then send boiling hot coffee up your intestines so fucking fast it comes out your mouth like you're a broken fire hydrant."

Laugher and "ooh's" came out from the speakers, and while Izuku didn't understand what Shigaraki said, he figured that he verbally smacked someone upside the head.

But something about the tone of his voice felt familiar.

Shigaraki then looked at Izuku and ruffled his hair. "Let me kill this bitch then I'll help you okay?"

"Okay." Izuku said, but he was still staring as he heard muffled explosions go off in his head.

Shigaraki narrowed his eyes, "Why are you looking at me like that?"

Izuku blinked and looked away, "I thought I remembered something."

"You haven't taken your medicine today have you?" Izuku opened his mouth to lie and say that yes, he has taken his medicine, but Shigaraki doesn't give him the chance. "Go grab your pills and bring him here."

Izuku is hesitant, but he eventually gets up to fetch them.

He doesn't see the faint bit of guilt on Shigaraki's face.

Shigaraki doesn't notice Izuku spitting pills into his hands after he pretended to swallow them.



Spring break came and went, and during the week off the family of three started to go out more. Izuku had a grip on some English, but Hisashi and Shigaraki were already far ahead. From trips to the beach and picnics at the park, they were growing closer.

Izuku and Shigaraki eventually killed the Ender Dragon and Shigaraki convinced Izuku to start playing Terraria with him.

Then Hisashi announced that Izuku's seventeenth birthday was coming up, along with the end of school.

Izuku seemed excited, but Shigaraki was riddled with anxiety. What would he get Izuku? What would be a good gift? What would Izuku like? Maybe he could get him some comic books or a new notebook?

The eve of Izuku's birthday came, and Izuku would stay home as they left to go buy him some gifts.

"So what are you thinking about getting him?" Hisashi asked and Shigaraki grumbled. 

"Don't know. I was thinking about a notebook or some art supplies but that just seems lame."

"Well, if you can't think of anything else then those would still be good gifts." Hisashi handed him a little plastic card, "Go look around and see if you find anything. Don't worry about the prices."

They would part ways and Shigaraki would wander aimlessly until he heard a little bark.

In a small pin a little chocolate lab puppy would whine at him.

He would remember his old dog, and how much he adored them.

Despite the memories rolling around in his skull, he would pick the dog up and smile. 

"I think Izuku will like you."



They had a neighbor keep the puppy overnight, and when the morning of Izuku's birthday rolled around Shigaraki took him to the park so Hisashi could set everything up.

When they came back and Izuku saw the puppy, he broke down into a puddle of happy tears and named the dog Milkyway.



School ended and Izuku's medicine was almost gone, and according to Hisashi most of the memories should be rewritten.

Guilty filled Shigaraki's belly.

For the first time, he spends the night looking back into his past and he thought long and hard on everything Hisashi has ever done, and in the morning he feels sick.



Izuku visits him one night, messy hair and dried tears. "Can we watch a movie on your phone?" He would ask, and Shigaraki would grab his phone and sit up in his bed. He wasn't sure what he clicked on but Izuku didn't mind, he seemed happy to just have a distraction.

It isn't until the movie is over half way over that Shigaraki pauses the movie and asks, "You had a nightmare, didn't you?"

Izuku would nod his head.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

Izuku would stay quiet for a solid minute before whispering, "Promise you won't tell dad?"

"Of course-"

"Promise me." Izuku says more firmly this time. "Promise me you won't tell him."

"I promise I won't tell Hisashi anything."

Izuku wraps the earbud cord around his pinkie and bit his lip. "I don't remember much, but there were a lot of trees and blue fire." 

Shigaraki knows what he is talking about, but he doesn't know how Izuku remembered that.

"I was scared, and I think I lost something." Izuku's fingers twitch, "No... I lost someone, but I can't remember who."

Izuku sighs, and when he whispers again Shigaraki just barely hears what the kid says.

"I wish I could remember."

Shigaraki decides that night after the movie is done and Izuku had returned to his room, that Hisashi has to go because his little brother doesn't deserve this.

No one deserves this.



Hisashi had taken up a summer job, neither Izuku or Shigaraki knew what it was, but Shigaraki had a pretty good idea.

The little bit of blood on his collar that Izuku thankfully didn't notice gave him away.

Shigaraki was thankful for his absence, it made his planning easier since he didn't have to worry about him walking into his room while he wrote down escape routes and hid a local map behind a quirkboard. 

He still had Izuku to worry about however, and trying to figure out how to not only break the truth to him, but also how to convince him to leave was still impossible. Izuku loved his dad, and with the rewritten memories, (only eight pills were left in the bottle, he didn't have too much longer left) he had no reason to even believe Shigaraki if he told him the truth.

So he kept planning while doing his best to act normal around Izuku.

He grabbed two controllers and made his way to Izuku's room to play some Terraria with him.

He expected Izuku to be watching his television or reading, not drawing one of his old classmates.

He dropped both of the controllers and the loud crash made Izuku jump.

Izuku stared at him with wide, horrified eyes.

"I can-... I can explain!" Izuku choked, but Shigaraki sat next to him and looked at the drawings scattered all around his brother.

His old teachers, his classmates, his mom…. Shigaraki with a hand on his face…

"You haven't been taking your medicine." Shigaraki kept looking through them, some of them seemed like little kids, maybe people from before UA?

"I… I..."

"I'm not mad," Shigaraki put the drawing down and put a hand on Izuku's knee. "I'm actually really happy you haven't been taking the pills. I just want to know how long it's been since you have taken them."

"... I haven't taken any since the fifteenth dose."

Months ago then.

"How have you been hiding them? The pills I mean?"

"I keep them under my tongue then put them through the garbage disposal."

Shigaraki gestured to the pile of drawings. "Can you tell me about these?"

Izuku grabbed the drawing he was working on most recently. "I… I feel like I have two sets of memories. Like I've liked two different lives that were so similar but so different, and then they became one." He grabbed another drawing. "Some of them are really clear, and I remember going to school and having a different quirk. But some of them are vague, like burrly images that feel right but you don't know what they are."

Izuku eyebrows scrunched up in frustration. "I'm so confused." He confessed. "I tried to bring it up to dad a few times but he would always tell me to take my medicine so I stopped."

Shigaraki decides that Izuku deserves the truth, even if that truth will make his little brother hate him.

"I need to tell you something," he can't bring himself to look Izuku in the eyes. "But you have to promise me that you won't ever tell Hisashi what I tell you."

Izuku nods. "I promise."

"Even if what I'm going you say will hurt? Even if it makes you hate me?"

"I'll never hate you."

Shigaraki lets out a dry laugh. "You might."

Izuku opened his mouth but was silenced by the story Shigaraki began to tell.



"I… I don't believe you." Izuku says, but his voice betrays him. "You're lying, dad would never do that to me." But the wrongness is gone and he feels deep in his gut that the story is true.

Shigaraki smiles sadly, and takes off his glove.

Within seconds the pencil turns to dust.

"I… I need some time to myself."

Izuku knew the truth deep down, but that doesn't mean he wanted to believe it.

To believe that their family was nothing more than a lie.



Weeks passed, the pills ran out, and Izuku had been careful to act as if nothing had changed.

But he doesn't play with or watch Shigaraki play video games anymore. He spends the rest of the summer vacation looking into new sights in Japan.

He found an old report on his mother's missing quirk and his kidnapping. On the sudden disappearance of the leader of the League of Villains.

How All Might retired from teaching to become a detective.

How his seat was replaced by a boy named Shinsou.

The villain Dabi killed by the hero Hawks, later identified to be Todoroki Toya who was believed to be dead.

How the villain Twice was captured and pleaded guilty, later sent to spend mental faculty.

Kurogiri was captured, but no new news ever surfaced.

Toga, Compress, and Spinner left with chemical burns during a failed robbery. Compress would later die of the wounds, Toga and Spinner would be sentenced to life to prison.

Mustard would be sent to a juvenile correction center.

Mineta would later drop out, and Tsuyu would be pulled out along with a few more classmates after Iida is attacked by a follower of Stain. He would be fine, but would never get back the leg that was severed.

His mothers suicide just a month after his birthday, a letter explaining her grieve and how the pain became to much to bare.

After many nights riddled with confusion from conflicting memories and tears, Izuku finally accepts the truth.

He slips into his brother's room while their father is gone, and simply says, "I believe you nii-san" as tears stream down his face.



Shigaraki takes Izuku to the park, and hidden behind some trees they test to see if Izuku still has one for all.

He still had the quirk, but die to the muscle lost could only wield a single drop of its power.

They also test for his father's quirk, and when Shigaraki reaches out to decay a leaf, nothing happens.

When Izuku reaches out to decay a stick, it turns to dust.

Izuku doesn't cry, but it's a close thing.



"We should run away." Izuku murmurs, "I love our dad, but… but this isn't right." 

Shigaraki pulled him into a hug. "We can start planning tomorrow."



They bounce ideas off of each other and they slowly come to realize that running away would be impossible while Hisashi still had Search in his arsenal of quirks.

And even without Search, neither of them doubt that Hisashi has followers litter throughout New York that could easily hunt them down for him.

So Shigaraki makes a suggestion.

"I can decay him while you take away his healing quirks." He wouldn't regret it, not after everything he has done to his brother and him. Infact, he would be rather happy to kill him slowly.

But Izuku trembles, because even after learning the truth he still loves his father, not as much as he did before, but enough for the idea of murdering Hisashi makes him squirm with discomfort and guilt.

But really, what other choice did they have?

"I…" He closes his eyes and tries to swallow the lump in his throat. "Okay."

They make a plan, then a back up plan just in case.

Two weeks later, a month into school, they start gathering clothes and money under their floorboards. 

Izuku smiles less and less as the months go by and the date of the escape is set.



Shigaraki agreed to let Izuku spend one last birthday with his father, so today he turns eighteen.

Milkway has officially been apart of the family for a year, and Shigaraki can't believe he's already twenty-two.

He gets Izuku a leatherbound notebook and new pencils.

Hisashi gives him a bike along with the newest games for them to play.

The guilt in Izuku's face haunts Shigaraki's dream, and for a moment he tries to think of a new plan that would make Izuku happy but nothing comes to mind.

He feels guilty about how much pain this will cause his little brother, but he tells himself it's for the best.



The date comes sooner rather than later, and now they just have to wait for Hisashi to fall asleep and they can start to move on.

Their passports are hidden with their clothes along with more than enough to leave the state and start a new life. Plenty of clothes are packed and they can easily grab some food from the house on their way out.

As the hours tick by, Izuku becomes twitchy and Shigarak flexes his fingers in anticipation.

Dinner comes and goes, and Hisashi retreats into his room after they spend the rest of the day watching television together.

They wait another two hours to make sure he's in a deep sleep, then Shigaraki takes a glove off of one hand, and singles for Izuku to follow.



With tears and a choked sob, Izuku placed his hand on his father's head and pulled.

Hisashi's eyes popped open but Shigaraki already had a hand squeezed around his neck.

The murder of Hisashi Midoriya, the greatest criminal in all of history, only took a handful of seconds.

Izuku fell to his knees and wept "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

Shigaraki held his brother in his arms as he cried.



They only spend two more days in New York, and Shigaraki excuses Izuku's silence to shock and grieve. They work around his sudden muteness by buying a little whiteboard. 

Shigaraki also decides to go by his birth name Shimura Tenko, as another way for both Izuku and him to further disconnect with Hisashi.

At first they thought about heading back to Japan, but neither of them felt comfortable with that idea. As Izuku wrote, "I'm not the same person that they knew, they already moved on from me, it would be selfish to go back."

The bounce ideas until they decided to move to Canada. There were no connections to them or their past, they spoke their own version of English that would be easier to learn than a whole new language, and well, it just seemed like the best place to start anew.

They buy their plane tickets and a dog carrier for Milkyway, and they're on their way.

It takes a few months of hotel surfing, but they eventually buy a bit of land out in the mountains and some tents. Over the next few months they make their own little home and fall into their new way of life.

Izuku never talks again, and when Tenko asks him about it, Izuku writes, "I don't think I remember how to."

They decide to make their own version of sign language to communicate, they also decide to write it down in a book.



Shimura learns to hunt as Izuku starts his own garden. As the years go by they stop making trips to the store and they grow more and more isolated.

Eventually they stop integrating with the world all together and live off the grid. Food comes from Izuku's garden and Tenko's weekly hunting trips, and Milkyway grows into a strong, playful dog who has to be kept inside at night so they don't go running off to join a wolf pack.

Izuku starts his own personal journal where he writes down his past and confusing memories, and Tenko does the same.



One night they forgot to fetch Milkyway and they never returned.

Izuku didn't cry, but he also didn't get out of his bed for a several months.



Izuku died at the age of forty-six after half of a year of being sick. Tenko did everything he could, but Izuku died with a smile and telling jokes with his hands.

And after Izuku died he was met with the faces of people who he hasn't seen since before Hisashi, along with seven new faces he didn't recognize but immediately knew.

But one stood out among the rest.

Green hair and eyes, a warm smile.

His mother didn't say a word, she just wrapped her arms around him and held him close.



Tenko tried to keep living after the death of his brother, but it was hard. He buried him under a nearby tree and craved his name into the bark. He visits Izuku's grave everyday, he keeps his old garden, and tries his best to act normal.

But it doesn't even take a month for him to break. The loneliness and grief overtakes him, and he stops writing in his journal, the garden dies, and he starves because he can't bring himself to hunt.

He dies at the age of fifty, frostbite having killed him after he spent the night on top of his brother's grave.

When he opens his eyes he sees his old team, Hisashi, and what he assumed to be Izuku's family before Hisashi's kidnapping.

He sees Hana standing next to Izuku.

No one smiles at him besides his brother, and they all look either unbothered or hateful.

Izuku grabs his hand and speaks in a voice Tomura hasn't heard since the day they killed Hisashi.

"Welcome home Nii-san."

Tenko falls to his knees and weeps with joy.



Eri didn't believe it.

For thirty years no one had known what happened to Midoriya Izuku. No lead have ever shown and the police were only met with a deadend after deadend.

Yet today, at thirty-eight years old, Eri watches the news on her phone.

An old home had been found in the mountains of Canada, and on the property two bodies have been found, identified through the journals they had kept when they were alive.

DNA testing confirmed their identities to be that of Midoriya Izuku and 

Shimura Tenko, better known as Shigaraki Tomura the letter of the League of Villains.

And the government had decided to publish their journal's, the originals being donated to a museum.

The release day on the books was two weeks from now, and Eri didn't waste any time pre-ordering them.

She, like most of Japan, was eager to learn the fate of her old hero and the once leader of a no-longer standing villain group.


The books came and her brother Shinsou and her decided to read them to her father, Aizawa Shouta, who was partly blind in his left eye and completely blind in the other.

Her brother had taken Shimura's old journals to read while Eri got Midoriya's.

Over the week it took them to read through the journals, Eri, Shinsou, and Aizawa learned a lot.

They learn about their past, Midoriya's only bullies, Shimura's abuse. How Hisashi Midoryia, the villain who escaped Tartarus, kidnapped his son and brought Shimura along to play the role of big brother. 

They learn about Izuku's suppressed memories that became muddled with false ones, Shimura's regret.

Their betrayal to Hisashi and his murder, how it render Midoriya mute.

They learn about how they started over in Canada, and the journals become filled with simple day to day tasks.

Until Midoriya's journal abruptly ends, and they learn about his death in the last bit of Shimura's journal.

But Shimura's also ends abruptly, and a quick search on the internet reveals the fact that Shimura had been found dead on his brother's grave, likely having died during a cold night.

When they finish reading, no one really feels satisfied with the ending.

But even if this isn't the ending anybody wanted, Eri is just happy to finally have some closure.