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They don’t know about us..... until they do.

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I had been listening to Hotch brief the team on this week’s case for the past half hour, and I was honestly bored. I knew it was bad because this is my job and I’m the one who signed up for it but being woken up at four in the morning isn’t the most exciting thing in the world.

“Reid, you’ve been awfully quite.”

I looked up to see the entire team looking at me, “ Sorry, Hotch... just a little tired.”

“Ok well, I think we can finish the briefing on the plane, Wheels up in 30.” Hotch followed by the rest of the team filed out of the room. Only Morgan and I stayed back. As I started to get up but I felt large arms wrap around my torso from behind me.

“Ok pretty boy, what’s up with you.”

“Derek this is highly unprofessional, you know that right”
I say as I try to wiggle out of his grasp, even though I intend on going no where.

I feel light kisses on my neck as Derek starts speaking again. “No, this is unprofessional” Derek turns me around so I’m facing him. Once I’m facing him he kisses me hard and I can’t help the moan that comes out. He starts kissing down my neck, I grab onto his wide shoulders and just as he’s about to come back to my lips his phone rings.

“Morgan..... yup...... on our way”

I wait and he sighs and pecks my lips. “It’s Hotch we need to go”

I look down and pout without even realizing it. “Fine” as I go to walk out of the room Morgan places his hands on my hips firmly and brings his lips to my ear. “ Baby, if you keep pouting like that we are not going to make it to that jet. Now we’ll finish this later don’t worry” His words sent shivers down my spine, all I could do is shake my head. He let’s go and motions for me to head outside.Once we arrive to the jet everyone is looking at us. Hotch looking a little angry.

“Where were you guys”

Before I could speak Morgan was already coming up with some lie. “I locked my keys inside my car and it had both mine and Reid’s go bags in them. I gave him a ride this morning “

“Ok well sit down so we can go we’re already late” I look over at Derek and We take a seat across from JJ and Emily.

I see Emily staring intensely at me but I can’t figure it out. She whispers something to JJ and they both start giggling. After about 2 minutes I’ve had enough. “Emily what’s so funny” They both look at me with wide eyes and Morgan just laughs.

“Well since you asked I was telling JJ how I didn’t notice that bruise on your neck this morning at the briefing. What is it a bug bite, a scratch, wait no I think it’s a hickey”

At this point Rossi and Hotch have both looked over and are no longer focused on there conversation with Garcia who was on video call back at Quantico.

I look over to Derek to see the biggest grin on his face. I glare. “Whatever is on my neck is none of your business and it is not a hickey that would be highly unprofessional to have a hickey at work don’t you think” Mostly directing my anger at Derek.

“I don’t know I think this is funny pretty boy” I try not to blush at the nickname while everyone else laughs. Thank god for Hotch who ends the conversation, I think he was more uncomfortable then I was. “ok well We have more important things then whatever is on Reid’s neck right now. When we land I want Reid and Morgan to go to the medical examiners, JJ and Emily to go talk to the victims families and Dave and I will go to the police station. These are also who you are rooming with at the hotel and before I forget someone call Garcia and aske her to run a couple license plate numbers for me”