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Be Patient With Me

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Best Friends Squad


Welcome to the club, Catra!

Who’s ready for a best friend’s squad double date???


I am!!

Oooo can we be the ‘Soulmate Best Friend Squad’ now?


oooooo can we delete me from this chat?


Don’t be a party pooper, this will be fun.


Adora we’re literally in the same room


I’m going to write us a theme song






Despite being a brat, Catra was actually pretty excited for their double date tonight, though she wouldn’t give Sparkles that satisfaction. The two of them had been on much better terms since Glimmer apologized but Catra really liked to push her buttons, it was just too cute. 

“Why did they add me to this?” Catra asked as she watched her phone ping again and again with messages from GlimBow. “They do know that you and I are basically always together, right?” She turned the chat on do not disturb . “Aren’t they always together too? Are you guys always this aggressive?”

Adora leaned over and gave her a quick kiss, which still had her giddy that she could finally just kiss her whenever she wanted. “They’re just excited, but yes they do text a lot.”

“I’m definitely leaving the chat then.”

Adora gave her an unimpressed look, knowing that Catra would in no way delete herself from the chat, she could see the small smile when Catra read the texts. 

“Come on, dork,” Adora said as she got off the couch. “Let’s make this lunch and get ready. They’re always early.”

They worked together easily on making a small little picnic for the four of them, well more like Catra made everything and Adora tried to steal little morsels. She would get her hand batted away but then a kiss on those soft lips, it was flawless teamwork, really. 

The simplicity of their new relationship astounded Catra sometimes. The fear that had a grip on her heart for so long melted away to be replaced by stormy blue eyes and a ridiculous hair poof. She thought that once she and Adora solidified their relationship things would change from what they had known the last few months, but nothing really did. They had their mornings on the balcony, grocery store trips, chores, food prepping; everything was still the same but somehow it wasn’t. Now they went on early morning breakfast dates before the sun came up because they hadn’t even gone to bed yet, opting to cuddle on the balcony and talk about the little things. Now they stole kisses and lingering touches between doing the dishes and wiping down counters. 

The only difference now was that they allowed themselves the freedom of each other: soulmates, two halves of a whole. They were caught in each other’s orbit, circling one another in a dance of gravitational pull, not seeing any need to escape. 

To them, their little normal that they found themselves in was as easy as breathing. It blew her mind to think about living a life before Adora was there with her stupid little smug smile and sweet laugh. She might not understand how soulmates work, but Catra thanked the cosmic powers that be for giving her such a gift. 

Mara had said that Adora was the heart and light of their life, Catra couldn’t help but think of how apt a description it was. 

Their picnic turned out to be really nice, in fact, and Catra was glad to spend more than just a few minutes with Adora’s best friends. Well, she guessed that they were supposed to be her best friends now too, and it didn’t seem so bad. Bow was adorable as ever and Glimmer really calmed down now that she wasn’t thinking Catra would kidnap and murder Adora at any given moment. 

She sat against a tree and Adora laid between her legs, it was a comfort like none she had ever known. They were in one of their favorite little parks, off from the general bustle of the main streets, and the cool fall breeze that blew through had the four of them huddling together for warmth. Laughter took flight in the wind and they decided to finish up their double date back at the apartment with movies and hot chocolate. 

Maybe being a part of the ‘Soulmate Best Friend Squad’ wasn’t so bad after all. 

“Catra!” Adora said brightly once they got back to the apartment, all of them sporting pink noses from the cold. “You should make that spiked hot chocolate and we can play a drinking game to a movie!”

“Umm, you kind of finished off the rum last week, Princess.” Catra smirked at the thought of drunk Adora trying to heat up her hot chocolate in the microwave, somehow setting it to cook for over an hour. Drunk Adora was...something else. “We do have some tequila though, but that’s not good with chocolate.”

“Yea, don’t put me down for drinking,” Glimmer added. “I’m driving.”

Adora squinted at her. “It’s 4pm...on a Saturday?”

“So about that movie!” Bow said in his usual jovial manner. Something was a little off about it but Catra and Adora just shrugged and got everything set up. 

Catra was basically groaning at how full her stomach was with hot chocolate by the middle of their movie. It was something lame and mushy so she nestled herself into Adora’s hair. She always smelled so good, like clean body wash and something altogether natural and just... Adora. Not wanting her drink to go to waste though she grabbed her mug and chugged the remaining liquid. 

“So when are you two going to get married?” Glimmer said out of the blue and Catra spit her hot chocolate over herself and Adora. That was going to be a bitch to clean. 

“What the fuck, Sparkles?” Her nose burned and her eyes were watering, but that was nothing compared to the panic in her chest. Fuck, they only went on their first date two weeks ago!

“Jesus Christ, Glimmer.” Adora was gaping at her best friend like she had grown three heads suddenly. “Just....what the fuck?”

Glimmer like unperturbed and went back to watching the movie. “I was just thinking it would be cute to have our kid as your ring bearer or flower girl.”

Adora froze. “What?”

Bow’s face said everything that Catra needed to know and her throat felt tight, somehow tears were stinging her eyes. When the fuck did she become emotional like that?

“Really?” She almost croaked, tightening her hold on Adora’s stomach and she could feel heavy breathing on tight muscles. 

“Really!” Bow cried and Adora’s head was sweeping back and forth between her best friends. 

“You’re pregnant? I’m...I’m going to be an aunt?”

In reply Glimmer just stood up and grabbed Adora in for a hug, followed by Bow. Catra felt awkward just sitting on the couch, she was happy for them of course but she was sort of new to the best friend squad and didn’t know her place. 

But then Bow held out his hand for her and she was swept into the hug that was full of happy tears. 

“You really had to go and get pregnant before we could have a bunch of rowdy double dates?” Adora huffed out a wet laugh and pried herself out of the embrace. 

“It wasn’t exactly planned,” Glimmer said with a blush. “But it’s a new adventure! And we want the two of you to be their godmoms.”

“That’s a thing?” Adora asked but Catra was silently getting choked up at how easily Glimmer had said the both of them. They had been so hot to argue off the bat and now only a few weeks later Sparkles was fully accepting her and wanting her to have a special place in her kid’s life? She was having a moment.

“I don’t know,” Bow said with a shrug. “We’ve seen it in movies and it sounds cute, so it’s the thought that counts. Oh! We have a present that we were going to give you.” He left and got a small box out of Glimmer’s bag and handed it to Adora.

She threw her head back and laughed when she opened it. It was a little baby onesie that said ‘My aunts are better than yours.’ It was lame, but cute, and Catra got choked up again at being an aunt to people she hardly knew but were welcoming her into their lives like water on a hot day.

She wrapped them all in a hug again.


“I can’t believe they’re having a baby,” Adora said later after GlimBow left and they had to clean up Catra’s hot chocolate spit. With the movie easily forgotten the four of them had spent a few hours just talking baby stuff and while she was 100% out of her element, Catra couldn’t help but be happy for the soon-to-be parents. She could see it now, a small little dark-skinned thing with purple hair and a sparkly crop top, the perfect mix of their parents. “I feel like it was yesterday that we were worried about graduating middle school, and now this? We’re so young.”

Catra coughed a little awkwardly. “Umm, what is a good age do you think then? For marriage and, you know, babies.” She wheezed out that last part and itched with embarrassment. They’d have to talk about it eventually, right?

“I’m in no rush, Catra.” Adora was smiling at her knowingly and reached to grab her clammy hand. “I want you all to myself for as long as I can.”

She let out a shaky breath. “Oh thank god, I’m glad we’re on the same page.”

Adora tilted her head and gave her that incredible soft smile. “Aren’t we always?”

And of course they were. 



“Do you want to come to class today?” Catra rinsed out her coffee mug and hopped onto the counter, holding her hands out for Adora to join her. “We’re doing a few days of review of the whole class before finals start and I was thinking the kids would like if you were there for questions again.”

“I’d love to,” Adora said with a laugh and kissed up her jaw, loving the shiver it illicit. “I had a lot of fun last time. Should we do a dramatic entrance or...?”

“I thought about it but I think they would all be more pumped if you were already up front when they all walked in.” Catra ran her hands through Adora’s hair, she always loved how soft it was. “They’ve asked about you almost every class. It’s been hard to keep our little secret.”

“Do you want to keep it a secret?” They hadn’t really talked about what would happen once it got out that they were soulmates. For famous people it usually meant that their soulmate would have to deal with the new publicity and living a life somewhat in the limelight. Catra knew the risks, it was why she majored in communication in the first place to be able to be more in control of how the two of them would be represented, but there’s always more. 

They had been happy in their little bubble, and they both knew eventually people would find out, but they could still control when. Adora just wanted to protect Catra. She knew what life was like when everyone knew your name and for someone like the girl she currently had her arms wrapped around who avoided people a major part of the time, it would be a huge transition. To her, it was whatever Catra wanted. 

“My plans don’t usually work out,” Catra said with a laugh, “so I’m ok either way. I think if we don’t make a big deal out of it no one will care, you know? I mean, you already live somewhat under the radar already.”

“Good point.” She kissed those delicious lips for good measure. “Come on, lets not be late.”

Catra was right, once students started to come in for the media class they all took one look at Adora and basically screamed. The room was full of chatter by the time class started and they both were trying to get their bearings straight with all of the students talking at them. 

“You’re back! Yes!”

“Professor M, you’re a legend.”

“Adora, my hair is so shiny now, look!”

“Can I get your number?”

Catra whipped her head around to that one and stared daggers. “Can it, kid.” She raised up her hands to stop the barrage of questions finally and smiled at all of their enthusiasm. “As you can see, Adora has been so kind as to come back and be here for our review. While I’m sure you all have a lot of questions, let’s try and keep it geared towards topics we have discussed in class, ok?”

Catra acted as a mediator for a good portion of the beginning of class, but thankfully everyone stayed on topic. It was easy for this generation to understand the prevalence and intricacies that came along with various forms of media since they were raised with its creation. Although Adora hadn’t been in the class through the semester and didn’t know the names of theories, she fared well with being able to answer questions on implementation of media in her daily life. 

After a quick break Catra paced the front of the room and discussed some deeper topics so they could actually get a little work done so Adora leaned against the desk and enjoyed the view. Catra was wearing the suit she had worn for their first date and holy shit did she look hot. Adora always thought she looked hot, but something about that glowing tan skin in a suit, speaking so raspy and eloquently to her really had Adora mesmerized. She gawked like an idiot when Catra ran a hand through her messy hair and she nearly dropped the sandwich she had been eating at the sight. 

Maybe she shouldn’t have been sitting in the front so she could gawk shamelessly. Oh well. 

Adora resumed eating but choked a little since her throat was dry from Catra being so damn hot and she started coughing. 

Catra stopped talking and turned to see what was happening. “You ok over there, Princess?” She walked over to pat her on the back and get her water. 

“I’m alive, I swear,” Adora wheezed. 

“Well that’s good.” Catra gave her a soft smile and wiped off a few crumbs from the corner of her mouth before dropping a kiss where her thumb had just been. 

Adora’s eyes went wide and Catra looked at her confused for a split second before she realized what she had done. “Fuck,” she muttered softly and the room erupted. 





“So much for our little secret,” Adora said and only Catra could hear since everyone was going apeshit. 

Catra seemed to think for a moment before giving a soft shrug. “I guess it had to happen eventually.” She turned and raised her hands up once more to calm everyone down. 

“Ok, obviously I didn’t mean to do that,” she started and looked around the room a little lost. “I think it’s pretty safe to say that Adora and I would like it if you kept this under wraps. We like our privacy."

Almost everyone’s hands shot up to ask a question and the two of them looked at each other. “I got this,” Adora said and stood up. 

“I know this seems like big news to you all, but it’s pretty new to us for reasons we’re not going to say for the sake of our privacy.” Adora looked around and could see a few of their faces fall but look understanding. “From what you’ve learned in this course and others I think it’s safe to say that we all know the media is the devil and they spin stories in ways that don’t even make sense. I don’t want Catra caught up in any of that just because of who I am, so I’m asking you all to please be nice. Obviously this won’t stay a secret forever, but someday when it’s out in the open you can be happy knowing you were all the first to find out.”

“We’re the first?” Someone asked in awe. 

“Yep,” Catra said with a smile. “Adora’s moms, a few of our friends, and a car salesman we scarred for life are the only ones who know. So you guys are very special. You’re my favorite class.”

“Professor, we’re your only class.”

“Not true,” Catra said indignantly. “I have comm 101 and intro to engineering too.”

“No one likes public speaking and the engineers probably don’t even know who Adora is.”

“They have a point, you know,” Adora said with a nudge. 

“Oh whatever,” she conceded. “My point is that I actually like you guys and I’m not mad that you know. It’s a pretty big thing for me, you know?”

Adora felt safe to reach over and squeeze her hand. The whole class cooed. 

“You sure you’re ok?” They were driving back home and Catra had been a little more quiet than usual. 

She looked over and smiled. “Yea, just thinking about my plans never going to plan.” She laughed and shook her head. “Typical.”

“It didn’t go too bad at least, right?”

“Definitely,” she agreed. “I actually really like that class so I’m ok with it. It’s weird, I didn’t think I would get attached to them but being my first class who actually really wants to be there, they’ve kind of grown on me. I thought I would be more anxious when people found out, but I almost feel relieved?”

Adora pulled in to their spot and parked before leaning over and kissing her stupid like she had wanted to all day. “Good. Now come on, we have our first session with DT tonight. I'm sure they'll love to hear about what happened.”