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Bea huffed for the tenth time that day, debbie her daughter she shared with allie her ex-wife had been going off at her about her decision to split with allie a year ago



'mum are you listening to me?



'i am deb, im right here in front of you



'yea, where mama should be, i cant believe you split with mama because of them



'but deb



'no mum, its not fair, you broke up our family because of 2 people that dont even live in this country..... bea rubbed her temples she could feel a headache



'deb you have to understand that your grandparents are






'deb!!!..... bea yelled  'dont you speak like that



'alright fine i wont but what you did was wrong, just because your parents dont agree with sam-sex marriage it doesnt mean you have to abide by there rules, your not a child mum, i cant even believe that you and mama were married for 5 years and you never even told them, you kept mama secret like a dirty little secret



'it wasnt like that deb, you dont know what there really like



'maybe not but your letting them dictate your life, mama is the love of your life, we were the perfect family, finally after everything that happened to you and mama our lives got so much better but you messed it up...... debbie said frustrated, she had been with her mama allie all day and where they were made debbie angry because allie had no support, alright yes she hadnt told anyone but debbie but that was only because she had no choice, debbie had followed her one day 4 months ago and found out her big secret, she didnt want to tell bea or any of the friends because she didnt want anyone's pity.



'you know what deb i have had it from everyone and especially from you, you need to deal with it, your mama and i are divorced



'ugh!!!!.... debbie said and walked off going down the hall she entered her room and slammed the door shut making bea jump, bea shook her head, debbie sure had her temper, everyone thinks that splitting up with allie was so easy to do, it was hands down the hardest thing bea had ever done in her life, no one but her understood that if she told her parents about her and allie's relationship they would bash the shit out of her, literally, bea may be 38 but it doesnt matter, her parents are very strict church goers



just over a year ago they announced to bea that they would be moving to australia to be closer to her and debbie, in that same conversation her mum bought up the gay and lesbian mardi gra that was to happen that same weekend, her mum went on and on about how it was an abomination and they should drop a bomb right in the middle of the parade and kill them all. bea was worried and after thinking how she would deal with this decided to not let allie be ridiculed and absolutely hated by her parents, she split with allie a few days later and allie moved out into her own apartment, it did not end well by any means, there was so much screaming and arguing that debbie was sent to stay with aunty franky and aunt bridget, by the time she got home her mum explained that they split because of her parents and to say debbie was angry is an understatement, she flew off the handle and it ended up with another argument, debbie ended up staying with allie for 3 weeks before allie finally managed to get through to debbie and she moved back with her mum, since than though they argue a lot about this very problem



bea's parents moved closer to them 9 months ago and have absolutely no idea about allie apart from her being a friend. debbie has threatened plenty of times to tell them but she hasnt yet. bea hates it just as much as debbie does and everytime she sees allie her heart breaks more and more, she has been suffering nightmares, panic attacks and anxiety attacks because of it



she has had it out with everyone in there group with franky being the worst one, they had gone back and forth for a couple months just bickering until it came to blows and they had one hell of a fight, they didnt talk for a month but allie got into franky's ear and told her to make up with the redhead, she could tell by seeing bea that she was struggling and needed her best friend, so that night bea came home to franky sitting on the couch with chinese and beer, nothing needed to be said but the relief on bea's face to see the fiery brunette said it all



Today though debbie started again after coming back from allie's place, she knows allie wouldnt bad mouth her so debbie just must be frustrated with the whole situation and her mama being alone, bea was unaware of allie's situation



A few days before bea decided to call it quits with bea she found a lump on her breast, he hadnt told bea as yet but was in the process of doing tests to check what it was, 3 weeks later she found out she had breast cancer  and was to start chemo asap, she did so but hadnt told anyone, she was very sick and had hired a nurse to help her at home when needed, she also has a cleaner that comes twice a week because she is so tired from the chemo and too sick to do anything, 2 months after she started chemo she had another session but she had to drop debbie off at the shops, debbie felt something was off with her mama so got into a taxi and followed her, she ended up in the hospital and all the way to the chemo ward, she peaked through and saw her mama being hooked up to the drip, her heart dropped but she knows its much harder for her mama, she walked in and allie looked up, tears rolled down there faces and debbie was quick to hold her hand and say one thing



'im here no matter what..... allie squeezed her hand as a thank you and since than debbie has been spending more and more time with allie, doing her shopping, going to chemo and driving here wherever she needed to go, allie made her promise she wouldnt tell anyone about this just yet, debbie has kept her promise but can see her mama has lost a lot of weight, her eyes were sunk in, her skin pale and she was very lethargic, the only good thing is money wise allie had no issues, she had invented a computer programme that is being used all over the world and bridget has been head manager for a long time and has it all in hand, allie doesnt need to work at all and her bank account has as many zero's as beyonce's as debbie would put it



bea stood up after her daughter stormed off and began making dinner, her parents were coming over so it had to be a very good home cooked meal, its true that bea is scared if them, when she was younger her and her brother had been been daily from both of there parents and they have continued there angry mentality till today, her brother lives down the rd with his son and they will also be coming for dinner, he knows about allie and although he is angry about what bea did, he is more upset because if bea did in fact tell them allie is her wife there would be hell to pay, its a sad reality and he sees the toll it has taken on his sister, he knows about her panic attacks and anxiety and has done his best to help her. he sees how hard everyone is on her and he hates that everything just cant be out in the open for his sisters sake, she deserves to be happy after what her parents put her through. there parents that set up bea and harry together when she was just 17, by 18 she was forced to marry him and had debbie 9 months later, harry was abusive and when bea told her parents there response was 'you need to do as your told'... her brother will was disgusted and eventually stepped in when bea allowed him back in her life, harry made bea get rid of will from her life but when harry decided to take off with debbie in the car one night drink while bea was gasping for air on the floor after harry had 'dealt' with her, that was it for bea, harry ended up in a car accident and debbie had a broken arm and leg, will told the police everything about harry and he was arrested and sent to jail for 18 years with no parole



Bea sniffled and wiped her tears



'i have to get through this.... she said to herself as she started dinner, not sure what the night would bring