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Bea woke up in the middle of the night unable to sleep very well, she used the bathroom and went down to the kitchen to get a glass of water, she decided she was a little hungry so pulled out a piece of cake to snack on, she sat at the table her mind wondering to the blonde woman that will always hold her heart, it took her back to when allie had proposed to her



They had gonna out to dinner at bea's favorite restaurant and had the best time, they shared food, they laughed, allie flirted and bea giggled and blushed. they took a walk down to the beach and over to a yacht that allie had hired for the night, allie drove it herself because she learnt just for this occasion, allie had gone driven while bea wrapped her arms around her from behing, she remembers the smell of allie's hair and her perfume filled her nose, allie always smells good no matter what.  they stopped about 40 minutes out and anchored 



'babe why dont you go out to the deck, i will bring dessert out for us



'okay baby.... bea was sitting on the bench table when allie came out and put a platter on the table, it had different cakes and pastries as well as chocolate covered strawberries 


'wow there is so much here allie


'i know, you know how much i love sweets


'i do, here open your mouth..... they fed each other sweets and sipped on champagne. bea caught allie staring at her with a smile on her face


'what are you staring at?


'your so beautiful babe, i love you so much


'i love you too allie.... allie took a deep breath and grabbed the box from behind her on the table but hadnt bought it out yet


'listen i need to ask you something


'okay.... bea said unsure, never in a million years did she think allie would propose, her mind smiled at the moment 


'i always thought i wouldnt find anyone that i love. the day you ran into me at the cafe was the best day ever, even if you did drop a milkshake on me.... she smiled when allie giggled   'we have been together for 2 years and it has been amazing, you asked me 6 months ago where i see myself in 5 years and it really made me think, well i have an answer for you, i see myself married to you, us being together with debbie as a happy family, in saying that i think i have the start of my plan.... she pulled the box from behind her and opened the box


'bea smith will you marry me?..... bea was shocked for sure but she wasted no time in answering


'of course i will allie




'absolutely yea....... they celebrated long into the night and bea had never been happier than to have been married to allie, she was bought out og her thoughts when someone walked down the hallway and coughed, she turned to see allie walk into the kitchen


'sorry i just needed some water


'its fine, go for it..... allie got a glass of water and sat at the table with bea


'you couldnt sleep?


'no, its been the normal for a while now, i sleep for a couple hours than stay up for an hour or so


'why? are you okay?


'hmm, just a lot on my mind


'anything i can help with?.... bea sadly smiled


'how can you be so sweet to me after what i did to you?


'because i love you bea


'i dont deserve it..... she whispered and allie's hand covered her own, bea turned her hand over and linked there hands together, bea rubbed her thumb over allie's hand


'you deserve so much bea


'i dont.... allie could see it in bea and had seen it for the last few months that her mentality is going back to how she was when she first met her, scared, shy and very reserved


'i happen to think your an amazing woman bea, i was so lucky to have been married to you..... bea looked up and allie wiped her tears from her cheeks


'i dont know what to do allie


'talk to me


'i know i need to, i left everything up in the air for so long and its not fair to you


'not you either bea, its clearly effecting you


'you always effect me allie, i cant help it.... allie softly smiled, this woman in front of her looked so broken and she just wanted to kiss her so passionately and take her in her arms


'me to bea, me too


'i want to talk to you but im just not really, i need to organize my thoughts first


'okay, take your time bea, im not going anywhere.... bea nodded


'thank you


'well i better get back to sleep


'are you feeling better?


'i have a headache but i will be okay


'why dont you get in bed and i will bring you something for your headache?


'thanks bea..... allie walked back to the room and bea entered a few minutes later


'here take these tablets, they will help..... allie did so andput her glass of water on the side table  




'here lay down i will massage your head


'you dont need to do that


'i want to..... allie lay down and bea sat against the bedhead and rubbed allie's head gently


'that feels good.... bea smiled, they both ended up falling asleep together which is where debbie found them the next morning, laying face to face and there arms wrapped around each other, she left them to sleep and went to the kitchen to get a start on breakfast, she made pancakes and cut up fruit, she was going to make bacon and eggs but since her mama started chemo she cant handle the smell of eggs. looking at the time she saw it was 10.15


'i will let them sleep.... she said to herself and made her plate than sat down in front of the tv to watch her favorite show



Bea and allie woke at the same time and looked at each other


'i miss waking up with you


'me too allie, hows your head?


'mush better, thank you


'anytime.... bea put her hand on allie's face stroking her fingers across her cheek than lips  'your so beautiful


'you are... allie whispered back, she wanted more than anything to kiss the blonde woman but she couldnt, she was already confused, they both were, clearing her throat she sat up


'i better go make breakfast, you hungry?


'a little


'alright, well i will be in the kitchen, if you want to shower or need anything you knows where it is.... allie nodded, bea walked out and washed up in the bathroom before going to the kitchen 


'hey mum... debbie yelled from the lounge room so bea went to her


'morning deb, what are you eating?


'i made pancakes, there are a stack for you and mama in the oven and a bowl of fruit in the fridge


'thanks deb


'where is mama?


'i dont know, maybe still in bed..... bea acted innocent like she didnt know where allie was hoping debbie would accept it


'oh yea, so i didnt see you both asleep together... damn it, bea said


'dont make a big deal out of it deb


'you so love her


'of course i do, that was never the issue, i just fucking hate this so much, everytime i see her i feel like my heart is getting ripped out of my chest


'i know mum, its hard


'harder than i ever thought deb


'oh mum..... debbie stood up and hugged the redhead, unbeknown to them allie had heard most of there conversation and although she hates seeing bea's hurting it was good to know that allie wasnt alone in her feelings. letting out a cough so they knew she was coming they pulled apart and came into the kitchen, debbie bringing her plate over to eat with them, bea made 2 plates and sat down with allie


'here you go, eat up


'thanks bea, do you have... she stopped when bea put the nutella in front of her


'this?.... bea smirked


'yes nutella, thanks, you know me too well


'i sure do.... they smiled at each other and debbie smirked, they had breakfast and than allie had to leave


'thanks for having me over, i appreciate you both looking after me


'anytime, just because we arent together anymore it doesnt mean we arent here to help you


'thank you... she hugged her daughter and looked at bea


'i will walk you out..... bea walked allie out to her car 'when are you having debbie over again?


'im picking her up friday morning at 9.30


'okay, see you soon and look after yourself, i can see you have lost weight


'yea i know, just over worked thats all


'well you need to look after yourself


' will, thank you, i will see you soon bea


'bye allie... bea leaned forward and hugged the blonde, smelling her hair as she loved it, they pulled back and smiled at each other before allie got in her car and left, bea went back inside and sat at the table with debbie


'are you going to the cafe today mum?


'yes, i have to do the books and make the orders, do you want to come?


'do i get a milkshake and cake?.... bea laughed


'yes child you do


'hey i aint no child, im 20


'yes you are, alright go get ready we are leaving in half an hour


'got it mum.... debbie began walking away and turned back around to face her mum  'mum?




'im sorry about arguing with you, i just hate seeing you both hurt


'i know deb, its okay i understand, i have made it hard on everyone involved


'its alright, you know that and i hope you take steps to fix it


'i will do my best, your mama and i talked a little and once i get my thoughts straight we will talk and i will tell her everything


'thats a good idea mum, alright i will go shower...... bea took herself for a shower as well and they left half an hour later, parking at the cafe they walked into the cafe


'hey red you finally thought about doing some work?.... franky laughed


'i have to do the books and orders if thats okay with you


'i guess so, hey liz make red a coffee and mini red a caramel thickshake


'sure thing.... franky was a lawyer but because her office is a couple shops down she does a lot of work at bea's cafe, the cafe was opened a year after harry went to jail, she used the money from the sale of the house and there shared savings to get a new house and start her cafe which now belongs to bea and debbie... liz worked there with boomer.... maxine worked as franky's assistant so where franky was maxine was, they all met when bea was in hospital on the last night when harry went for bea, franky had been in a fight and they shared a room quickly becoming friends, bea cried a lot and franky comforted her, bea met the others through franky and now they were once big dysfunctional family


'hey liz i will take mine in the office, i got lots of stuff to do


'no worries love, you go on through


'thanks liz, and please bring debbie a slice of her cake, she is craving it


'got it.... bea went through to the back and debbie sat with franky and maxine


'so hows your mum today? how was dinner?


'it was a fucking mess franky


'do tell..... debbie told them all about the night and allie turning up


'was it awkward?


'not with mum and mama, more so with the granparents, they were so rude


'whats new..... franky rolled her eyed having her own 'discussions' with them about sexuality 


'mama put them in there spot real quick, she was calm and really nice to them, gran tried to say that mama was an abomination but mum went off, telling them to basically shut there mouths


'woah, i would have paid to be there


'you would have loved it franky, anyways they talked a little last night and when mum gets herself together she will talk to mama


'like really talk to her?


'yes, tell her everything


'about time


'who knows how it will go but mum needs to be honest with her


'most definitely, dont worry sweety your parents are meant for each other


'i know, its just really hard


'here you go love, you enjoy this and lets hope they get there act together


'thanks liz..... they sat around together talking and liz went inside to bea and knocked on the door


'just me love, i bought you a coffee and a canoli


'thank you liz, just put them down here... liz did so and sat down with bea


'how are you doing? debbie filled us in about last night


'thats exactly what i was talking about liz, allie was rediculed from the, last night


'i know love but allie is a grown woman, she can fight her own battles and you she wont give you up for anything she doesnt care what they think


'i dont want to hurt her


'bea, you hurt her yourself..... bea closed her eyes and sighed


'i didnt mean too


'i know love, its time to tell her everything


'i will, i just need a bit of time


'just dont leave it too long.... liz patted her leg and left the redhead to it, bea finished 2 hours later and came out to see debbie helping liz serve, they were busy for some reason


'whats going on? why are we so busy?


'they had a meeting across the road and they all came here for coffee and sandwich


'alright, deb you serve, liz you make coffees and i will make the sandwiches with matt....they had 30 people waiting and it took them just over an hour to clear them out and get there orders to them, once done bea threw the tea towel down  on the bench


'far out, does that happen often?


'once a week for the last 7 months


'well next time call me in its quicker


'will do love, alright off you go now, debbie is tired and bored


'alright, we need to do some shopping anyways, come on deb


'bye liz


'goodbye ladies..... they got in the car and got to the supermarket and grabbed a trolley


'deb get another trolley




'because your mama isnt looking after herself, so she clearly isnt eating properly, so we will get her some food and supplies


'okay..... debbie smiled, she loved how caring her mum is when it came to her mama, they did there shopping and debbie made sure to stay away from foods that made her sick due to chemo, debbie called her mama to make sure she was home and told her they were coming passed which allie was happy with


Allie had gotten home and cleaned up a little, she had some stuff to do on the laptop so sat down for a few hours doing so, her phone rang seeing it was debbie who said she was coming over with bea, she was happy as she always wanted bea around, in fact she always loved having both bea and debbie, the doorbell went a few minutes later and she opened the door seeing both girls standing there with there hands full of bags


'whats all this?


'mum said you needed food cause your too skinny, so here we are


'thanks guys, here let me get them... she went to take debbie's bags but deb knows how week she had become due to her chemo


'no, i got it mama. you just hold the door open


'okay, come in girls... bea smiled at allie on the way in and allie gave her a quick kiss on the cheek as she walked passed, they were in the kitchen packing stuff away


'what do you have for dinner allie?


'nothing yet, i was going to have toast 


'toast? omg thats not proper food, im going to cook for you, if thats alright?


'of course it is but you dont have to do that


'i want to, need to fatten you up.... allie looked at debbie than back at bea


'go for your life, hey deb why dont you come see this graph for work?


'sure... they went to allie's office and sat down


'mama you have to tell her about yourself


'i cant debbie, she wont be able to handle it


'mum can handle more than you think, listen you want her to be honest with you, well you have to be honest with her


'how do i tell her?


'tell her from the start, once we eat we can all sit down and tell her together


'okay, im scared


'i know mama, i know