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A week later allie was at home, she went back to her own place today after chemo not wanting to become a burden to the redhead and her daughter, nurse rose was with her which made it easier. allie had stopped throwing up an hour ago and was sitting on the couch watching some tv



'allie here drink this tea, it has ginger in it and it will help soothe your stomach



'thanks rose, i appreciate you taking time off work to help me



'oh please you pay more than the hospital... they both laughed, someone knocked on the door at that moment 'are you expecting anyone allie?



'not till tonight, franky was going to visit, can you just help me up i will get it..... allie got up and walked to the door pulling it open. she couldnt help but smile at the sight in front of her. debbie was standing there dressed in her sleeping trackies and a hoody, her favorite pillow tucked under her arm and the red blanket under the other, bea was right behind her her hands full of a casserole dish and a red rose sitting on top



'what are you 2 doing here?



'well you wouldnt come to our house so we came to you, hope thats okay?



'of course it is, come in.... they walked inside and allie followed bea to the kitchen



'i bought you chicken noodle soup






'oh and this is for you.... bea said turning around and handing the rose to the blonde



'thank you.... allie said and kissed bea on the cheek



'you hungry? i can put you a bowl



'just a little bit please



'okay, you go sit with sooky over there..... bea nodded at debbie who was sitting on the couch watching tv pouting



'why is she sooky?



'on the way here she wanted donuts but the shop was closed.... bea rolled her eyes and allie giggled, there daughter was such a drama queen



'poor baby, i think i can fix that, there is a place in this area that does amazing donuts



'she would love that, why dont you go sit down and i will bring you over some soup?



'okay.....   allie sat down beside debbie and kissed her on top of her head when the young girl laid her head on her mama's shoulder



'stop pouting deb



'im not pouting



'yes you are



'well mum promised me donuts



'your a sook... she giggled and wrapped her arm around her shoulders



'lets fix that ay






'pass my phone please.... debbie passed allie her phone and opened up the uber app and scrolled down to the shop



'here you go, choose which ones you want, get the 24 pack and mix them up and place the order



'your the best mama..... debbie happily scrolled through her phone




'hey bea how are you?.....nurse rose said coming out from the bathroom



'im good, where were you?



'cleaning the bathroom, allie had been pretty sick but the first time made a mess



'oh sorry rose, you should have let me clean it



'oh please bea, im here to help her, the only thing she needs from you guys is support, its amazing how much comfort patients need, the medication they take makes them feel down at times



'i know, i have been doing a lot of research online which is why when she said she was coming back here after chemo we were coming over, not that she knew that



'its good bea



'well im going to put some soup for her



'thats a good idea but not too much. also she is very tired so she will fall asleep soon, dont let her fight it



'i wont



'okay well im going to run some errands for her since you and debbie are here. do you need anything?



'no thanks rose



'alright i will be back later on



'take your time rose.... rose left the apartment and bea walked into the lounge room and handed allie a bowl of soup



'thank you, are you going to eat?



'we ate before we left home



'okay good



'deb what are you doing on mama's phone?



'picking donuts, mama showed me this shop and im choosing, which ones do you want?



'get whatever you want deb



'you sure mum?



'definitely.... debbie chose her donuts and sat back happy to wait for them, allie had eaten half the bowl and was now dosing off, she was trying so hard to stay awake but bea could tell she was struggling



'allie, sweetheart lets get you to bed



'hmmm im okay, i want to eat the soup, its really good, your a good cook



'thank you but your exhausted, come on.... debbei took the bowl from her hands and bea helped her to her feet, they walked together to allie's bedroom and laid her down in bed and pulled the blanket over her



'you go to sleep, you need rest



'thank you for coming over, i really appreciate it..... allie was asleep in a couple minutes and bea left her in bed going out to debbie, the young girl had just bought in the delivery from the donut shop



'there here mum and there yum



'im glad your happy now.... debbie smiled and took a big bite of her sweet. bea sat beside her and they watched tv for a while, an hour later bea had realized that debbie was lost in her thoughts. she touched her arm and debbie turned to her mum



'you alright deb?



'hmm, just thinking



'anything i can help with?.... debbie shrugged  'hey deb you can talk to me about anything... debbie gave a slight nod, she was quiet for a couple minutes 



'do you think he thinks what he did was wrong?



'im really not sure deb, i would think he understands, any normal person would but franky had found quite a few girls that he has done something similar to



'which means he thinks he can do what he wants?



'most likely



'you know i did some research of him online 



'what did you find?



'there is 2 other pending cases against him, his mum is on the investigation list in regards to murder and his dad is basically in the mix



'fucking hell, crazy family baby, dont worry though you have an army behind you and we will get that slimy little fucker... debbie nodded



'did you see how mama punched him in the face?



'how did you see that?



'i looked over your shoulder when you picked me up, she kicked his ass.... bea and debbie giggled



'she sure did



'thank you mum, im great full to all 4 of you for finding me and saving me



'im just sorry we didnt turn up early



'its not your fault mum, i know i havent told anyone exactly what happened with him but i will



'you take your time, just know that franky is your lawyer so you will need to tell her so she can build her case for you



'i know and i will go in a couple days to talk to her



'do you want me and mama with you?



'i will let you know, by the way have you spoken to grandma and grandpa?



'no, not since that day at our house



'well if they dont accept everything than bad luck to them



'thank you baby, for supporting me through everything



'i mean we clashed a bit



'we sure did deb, but you rightfully fought for our family and i hope we can get that back one day



'me too mum, i love you ya know



'i love you to my beautiful daughter.... bea peppered debbie's face with kisses making her giggle, she pulled debbie gently into her arms and they laid there watching a movie together







allie had woken a few hours later and used the bathroom, she washed up and brushed her hair gasping when she saw a clump of hair fall into her hand, she knew this was a definite possibility but didnt expect it right now, she dragged her finger through her hair and more fell out, the tears started to fall down her cheeks and she sat on the floor of the bathroom 




bea heard allie moving around in her room so got up to heat up some food for her, it had been 10 minutes and she frowned



'why is mama taking so long? i thought i heard her



'i did too, let me go check on her.... bea walked to the bedroom and slowly opened the door



'allie?.... she heard sniffling coming from the ensuite, walking over to the door she knocked  'allie its me, are you okay?... she didnt hear a response so knocked again



'allie open the door.... still nothing and she was really worried now,   'allie im coming in.... not hearing allie again she opened the door and the sight in front of her made her heart break, allie was sitting on the floor against the bathtub, her hands were full of hair, allie looked up her eyes red from crying



'bea.... she croaked out 



'oh sweetheart... bea sat next to her and wrapped her arm around her shoulders pulling the distraught woman into her  'im so sorry.... allie let bea comfort her for some time



'i knew it could happen especially with the new medication but i didnt think it would be this fast and in clumps



'im sorry allie, i wish i could do something to help



'just you being here is enough.... just than there was a knock on the door



'mum, mama are you okay?...... bea looked at allie 



'what do you want to tell her?



'tell her to come in, we have talked about this part.... bea nodded



'come in deb.... the door opened and debbie's face turned from a slight smile to a grimace, she and her mama have talked about this at length and what to possibly expect, she crouched down in front of her mums and rubbed allie's leg



'is it time?



'yes it is.... bea frowned



'time for what?.... bea asked as debbie stood up and went to allie's room finding the box they bought a while ago, she came back in and bea saw it



'mum, mama and i talked about this a while ago and we went out and bought a shaver kit to shave her hair off once it starts falling out, it will fall out over time and mama doesnt want that, she told me once it starts falling out than she wants to shave it.... bea nodded as debbie went off coming back a few moments later with a chair, bea stood up and helped allie up



'are you sure about this allie?



'yes, its time, you dont have to be here if you dont want to



'i told you im here with you, for everything... she said rubbing allie's cheek and kissing her lips  'come and sit down.... allie sat down and debbie put a towel around her, debbie picked up the electric shaver and turned it on



'ready mama?



'im ready.... bea held allie's hand and debbie began. she had done a quarter so far when bea looked up to see debbie wiping away the tears, it was hard to see her mama having to go through this. 



'deb let me.... she said standing up beside her daughter



'im.. im okay..... the younger girl stuttered out



'you sit with mama. let me do it...... debbie nodded and sat on the toilet holding onto her mama's hand.  bea looked at allie in the mirror and smiled



'lets get this done yea?.... allie nodded. it took 20 minutes and it was done, allie was bold, it was something that needed to be done but it doesnt make it easy.  bea kissed the top of her head and stayed there for a moment, all 3 of them were crying at the situation. bea put the shaver on the counter while debbie hugged her mama. the whole situation was fucked up and bea wanted to do whatever it takes to support this beautiful woman, picking up the shaver again bea turned it on causing the other 2 to look at her



'bea what are you doing?



'im shaving my head



'what the fuck? no you cant



'i want to in support for you, i cant do anything to take all this away for you, i cant make it better but i can support you in any way..... bea said tears rolling down her cheeks, allie took the shaver and turned it off putting it on the bench, she face bea and pulled her into a hug, they wrapped there arms around each other 



'you being here is the support i need, you helping me, you cooking for me, cleaning for me, looking after me, coming to the hospital with me is the support i need, you have given me all that, i appreciate the thought but i love your red curls and im being selfish when i say i love running my fingers through them, i want you to keep your hair.... kissing bea's cheek she pulled back and smiled









'good, now deb if you can pack all this away for me i would like to shower?



'sure mama..... once debbie was done she went to the lounge room leaving her mums in the bathroom



'umm, could you help me please? im tired



'of course..... bea stripped them both of there clothes and they got into the shower enclosure



'i love your shower, its so big... allie giggled



'i know right, when i moved in here i got it redone, it was small



'well they did a good job..... bea washed them both and than allie wrapped her arms around her, she laid her head on bea's shoulder



'i know this isnt what you signed up for bea, i wont be offended if it was too much for you



'thats never gonna happen allie, im in this, im here and im not going anywhere, i know i fucked up big time letting you go but i want to make it right, i will make it up to you... allie moved in and kissed bea on the lips, it started off slow but become heated quickly, they only pulled back to breath, allie was wheezing slightly



'hey are you okay?,..... bea said worried



'im okay... she said taking deep breaths



'are you sure? do you need to go to the hospital?..... allie shook her head as her breathing got back to normal



'im okay bea, i just got really excited, im alright i promise, i really missed kissing you like that... bea smiled



'me too, should we get out and check what our daughter is up too?



'sure, hopefully she left us some donuts



'you should be so lucky.... they got out and dried off before getting dressed, they went out to the living room and sat with debbie



'you alright mama?



'im okay deb, it might take some getting used to but i will be okay



'good, mum can i ask you a favor please?






'i need you to go home and pick something up for me



'what is it?



'in my closet on the right there is a box, can you get it and bring it here?



'you dont want to go yourself? you can take my car..... debbie looked down playing her her fingers nervously



'i just cant drive right now, i dont want to be on my own since you know.... bea and allie did know



'sorry deb its okay i will go get it, you you need anything else?



'well we are staying here right? we cant leave mama on her own..... bea looked at allie who smiled and nodded



'yes we are



'than can you bring me some clothes?



'sure, alright i wont be too long, i will get something for dinner



'okay mum..... bea left the apartment



'oh by the way mama i called rose and told her we didnt need her for the rest of the day. mum and i are here and can help you with anything you need mama



'thanks deb.... bea returned an hour later and dropped the bags in the spare room than bought the box out



'here you go deb



'thanks mum



'so what is it?



'its for mama, i bought it a couple weeks after i found out about everything and we had the talk about losing your hair, here mama.... allie took the offered box and sat on the couch, pulling the lid off and smiled, her daughter really was so sweet



'wow deb.... the box had a couple wigs, a few scarfs, hats and beanie's, everything she would need to cover up knowing her mama could embarrass easy in front of people



'i thought a variety would help



'there perfect deb just like you, thank you sweetheart



'your welcome mama



'its great deb



'thanks mum.... they spent the rest of the day eating the kfc bea bought and messing around with all the wigs and head stuff debbie bought, it was a hard and emotional day but together they were doing there best