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Bea huffed for the tenth time that day, debbie her daughter she shared with allie her ex-wife had been going off at her about her decision to split with allie a year ago



'mum are you listening to me?



'i am deb, im right here in front of you



'yea, where mama should be, i cant believe you split with mama because of them



'but deb



'no mum, its not fair, you broke up our family because of 2 people that dont even live in this country..... bea rubbed her temples she could feel a headache



'deb you have to understand that your grandparents are






'deb!!!..... bea yelled  'dont you speak like that



'alright fine i wont but what you did was wrong, just because your parents dont agree with sam-sex marriage it doesnt mean you have to abide by there rules, your not a child mum, i cant even believe that you and mama were married for 5 years and you never even told them, you kept mama secret like a dirty little secret



'it wasnt like that deb, you dont know what there really like



'maybe not but your letting them dictate your life, mama is the love of your life, we were the perfect family, finally after everything that happened to you and mama our lives got so much better but you messed it up...... debbie said frustrated, she had been with her mama allie all day and where they were made debbie angry because allie had no support, alright yes she hadnt told anyone but debbie but that was only because she had no choice, debbie had followed her one day 4 months ago and found out her big secret, she didnt want to tell bea or any of the friends because she didnt want anyone's pity.



'you know what deb i have had it from everyone and especially from you, you need to deal with it, your mama and i are divorced



'ugh!!!!.... debbie said and walked off going down the hall she entered her room and slammed the door shut making bea jump, bea shook her head, debbie sure had her temper, everyone thinks that splitting up with allie was so easy to do, it was hands down the hardest thing bea had ever done in her life, no one but her understood that if she told her parents about her and allie's relationship they would bash the shit out of her, literally, bea may be 38 but it doesnt matter, her parents are very strict church goers



just over a year ago they announced to bea that they would be moving to australia to be closer to her and debbie, in that same conversation her mum bought up the gay and lesbian mardi gra that was to happen that same weekend, her mum went on and on about how it was an abomination and they should drop a bomb right in the middle of the parade and kill them all. bea was worried and after thinking how she would deal with this decided to not let allie be ridiculed and absolutely hated by her parents, she split with allie a few days later and allie moved out into her own apartment, it did not end well by any means, there was so much screaming and arguing that debbie was sent to stay with aunty franky and aunt bridget, by the time she got home her mum explained that they split because of her parents and to say debbie was angry is an understatement, she flew off the handle and it ended up with another argument, debbie ended up staying with allie for 3 weeks before allie finally managed to get through to debbie and she moved back with her mum, since than though they argue a lot about this very problem



bea's parents moved closer to them 9 months ago and have absolutely no idea about allie apart from her being a friend. debbie has threatened plenty of times to tell them but she hasnt yet. bea hates it just as much as debbie does and everytime she sees allie her heart breaks more and more, she has been suffering nightmares, panic attacks and anxiety attacks because of it



she has had it out with everyone in there group with franky being the worst one, they had gone back and forth for a couple months just bickering until it came to blows and they had one hell of a fight, they didnt talk for a month but allie got into franky's ear and told her to make up with the redhead, she could tell by seeing bea that she was struggling and needed her best friend, so that night bea came home to franky sitting on the couch with chinese and beer, nothing needed to be said but the relief on bea's face to see the fiery brunette said it all



Today though debbie started again after coming back from allie's place, she knows allie wouldnt bad mouth her so debbie just must be frustrated with the whole situation and her mama being alone, bea was unaware of allie's situation



A few days before bea decided to call it quits with bea she found a lump on her breast, he hadnt told bea as yet but was in the process of doing tests to check what it was, 3 weeks later she found out she had breast cancer  and was to start chemo asap, she did so but hadnt told anyone, she was very sick and had hired a nurse to help her at home when needed, she also has a cleaner that comes twice a week because she is so tired from the chemo and too sick to do anything, 2 months after she started chemo she had another session but she had to drop debbie off at the shops, debbie felt something was off with her mama so got into a taxi and followed her, she ended up in the hospital and all the way to the chemo ward, she peaked through and saw her mama being hooked up to the drip, her heart dropped but she knows its much harder for her mama, she walked in and allie looked up, tears rolled down there faces and debbie was quick to hold her hand and say one thing



'im here no matter what..... allie squeezed her hand as a thank you and since than debbie has been spending more and more time with allie, doing her shopping, going to chemo and driving here wherever she needed to go, allie made her promise she wouldnt tell anyone about this just yet, debbie has kept her promise but can see her mama has lost a lot of weight, her eyes were sunk in, her skin pale and she was very lethargic, the only good thing is money wise allie had no issues, she had invented a computer programme that is being used all over the world and bridget has been head manager for a long time and has it all in hand, allie doesnt need to work at all and her bank account has as many zero's as beyonce's as debbie would put it



bea stood up after her daughter stormed off and began making dinner, her parents were coming over so it had to be a very good home cooked meal, its true that bea is scared if them, when she was younger her and her brother had been been daily from both of there parents and they have continued there angry mentality till today, her brother lives down the rd with his son and they will also be coming for dinner, he knows about allie and although he is angry about what bea did, he is more upset because if bea did in fact tell them allie is her wife there would be hell to pay, its a sad reality and he sees the toll it has taken on his sister, he knows about her panic attacks and anxiety and has done his best to help her. he sees how hard everyone is on her and he hates that everything just cant be out in the open for his sisters sake, she deserves to be happy after what her parents put her through. there parents that set up bea and harry together when she was just 17, by 18 she was forced to marry him and had debbie 9 months later, harry was abusive and when bea told her parents there response was 'you need to do as your told'... her brother will was disgusted and eventually stepped in when bea allowed him back in her life, harry made bea get rid of will from her life but when harry decided to take off with debbie in the car one night drink while bea was gasping for air on the floor after harry had 'dealt' with her, that was it for bea, harry ended up in a car accident and debbie had a broken arm and leg, will told the police everything about harry and he was arrested and sent to jail for 18 years with no parole



Bea sniffled and wiped her tears



'i have to get through this.... she said to herself as she started dinner, not sure what the night would bring





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Bea sat there listening to her parents go on about the same typical crap



'that harry was a good man, i still cant believe what you did to him, the poor man should be here with his family



'thats right, the man knew how to run his home like a real man should.... her dad mike said



'yes my darling, that man was good for you beatrice



'mum please stop, leave bea alone..... will said seeing the toll this was taking on his sister



'nah harry was mean..... will's son said as he took another fork food into his mouth



'oh andrew darling, dont be talking like that about a good man like harry



'grandma he was a jerk



'buddy dont talk like that, your 15 not 25



'well dad its true. he was mean to me, to aunty bea, to debbie and everyone, i hate him.... debbie smirked, she really loved her cousin danny, he was just so honest and they needed some of that around here



'danny enough of that, harry didnt deserve any of what happened to him!!!...... the grandfather raised his voice



'you will not under any circumstances raise your voice at my son, in fact do not raise your voice at anyone here especially since he is telling the truth, now lets move on.... his dad shook his head at will and the table was quiet till bea's mother spoke up



'beatrice your chicken is very dry, the mash needs seasoning and your greens are over cooked.... debbie slammed her fork on the table making everyone jumped



'enough, dont talk to mum like that



'i beg your pardon young lady



'you heard me, mum slaved for 5 hours in the kitchen to put this meal together for you 2, you know tonight is normally pizza night for me, mum, uncle will and danny, mum worked hard for you and your so ungreatful, mums meal is amazing and she is a great cook..... the whole table went quiet for the next 10 minutes, debbie sent a soft smile to her mum who looked so sad the whole time, the silence was broken when the doorbell rang



'i will get it.... bea got up and went to the front door swinging it open coming face to face with the love of her life






'umm hi bea, sorry to drop by but i called debbie and she didnt answer



'her phone must be upstairs



'well debbie left her laptop at my place... she said waving the laptop around



'oh umm, come in



'are you sure? i dont want to interrupt you guys, i know your parents are here



'yes of course, come on.... allie followed bea inside not sure if she should really be here, debbie's eyes lit up when she saw her 



'hi guys, sorry to interrupt but deb you left your laptop at my place



'debbie.... bea's mum corrected



'excuse me?



'her name is debbie not deb, like some street kid.... debbie groaned loudly



'allie can call me whatever she wants, far out...... she stood up and went over to allie  'mum we are just going to the lounge room for a few moments



'no worries deb.... bea said and allie smirked when she said deb knowing her parents hated it, they walked to the lounge room and out of sight from everyone, well everyone but bea who was getting some water from the fridge, bea's heart hurt when she saw debbie wrap her arms around the blonde woman and hold her tight, allie of course reciprocated and bea loved the sight, allie turned her head to see bea watching them and they just held eye contact for a while before debbie pulled back and kissed her mama's cheek, they came to the kitchen 



'mum im going to finish dinner



'go on deb i will be in there in a moment



'okay.... debbie walked off leaving bea and allie together



'how have you been? 



'i have been okay bea, just working from home mostly



'business doing well?



'doing great, cant complain, how are you going? hows your shop?



'yea good, the cafe is always busy



'thats good, um i better go so you can finish dinner



'do you want to join us? you must be hungry



'i dont want to impose



'allie you could never be an imposition, please come and join us, i just have to warn you my parents are complete assholes.... allie smiled



'i remember... they walked back to the table and bea had another chair, plate and cutlery



'allie is joining us for dinner



'yay... danny said, he absolutely loved his aunty, he knows what happened even at 15 and knows to not say anything, he leaned over and hugged the blonde



'hi allie



'hey little man, your getting taller everytime i see you



'its cause i eat my broccoli, thats what dad says.... he rolled his eyes and allie giggled, bea's heart melted at the sound



'well lets eat..... during the rest of dinner bea's parents kept on going on about stupid things as usual and everyone did there best to be on there best behavior, that was until her mum decided to speak directly to allie



'so allie i know you have a very successful business, have you found a man to share your life with?.... bea's eyes went wide and looked at allie who looked cool calm and collected



'actually i am not looking for a man



'oh you should darling, it will make you fell fulfilled in your life, woman were born to support there men



'well i am though looking for a wife, there hands are softer.... bea hid her smile and debbie giggled



'oh, your one of.. those



'if by lesbians, than yes i am



'so your a man hater?



'not at all helen, i have no issues with real men



'what does that mean?



'it means that as long as a man does not under any circumstances put his hands on a woman to hurt them, speaks badly to a woman or anyone in general than i have no problem with them, i think men that put there hands on woman especially there wife are putrid disgusting assholes... the room went quiet for the 3rd time that night 



'plus as i said, woman have soft hands, you should try it some time helen.... allie shrugged like what she said was normal



'your an abomination!!!.... bea's mum said and bea stood up and slammed her hand on the table



'dont you dare speak to her like that



'beatrice you watch your mouth towards your mother



'i will not, this is my damn house and i wont have you 2 disrespecting allie like that, like seriously because she likes woman she is a bad person, grow up... the rest of the dinner finished in silence, they took dessert and bea smiled when she saw debbie and allie fighting over a piece of cake, allie ended up giving it to deb after one bite, it was a bit unusual because allei does not share food or give up so easily, she also realized at dinner allie didnt eat much, she looked thinner and a little pale, maybe she was just very over worked. she was bought out of her thoughts when will nudged her hip



'you still love her sis



'that was never the issue, i will always love her



'i still cont comprehend you splitting up because of them



'you know what there like will, i mean dinner was a disaster and look how they treated allie



'i know but allie isnt soft, she can take them on if needed



'i know but its not fair on her, she shouldnt have to fight with them everytime she sees them



'the problem is bea is that you didnt give her a choice






'exactly that, you didnt say anything to her, you just said its not working out, she still doesnt know why you split up, she thinks you dont love her anymore



'how do you know that?



'she told me, she comes over for visits and danny of course has to go and hang out with her, he loves her



'i know, what am i supposed to do will? fuck being away from her hurts so much



'i know it does, i can see it on your face. as for what to do i think you know



'i cant put her through it



'the first thing you need to do is be honest with her, you have gone the last 15 months without telling her exactly why you split up, go from there



'i have to think about this



'you do that..... there parents walked up to them a couple minutes later



'we are leaving, thank you for a interesting night



'bye mum, bye dad.... they said there goodbyes and bea walked them out to the car



'oh and beatrice, the next time we come over for dinner dont invite that woman.... bea didnt even have a chance to say anything when her dad drove off



'fucking assholes.... bea walked back inside and began cleaning the kitchen, allie joined her and quietly helped her, they worked around each other like they always had, allie started to feel a little sick because she had chemo early so she stopped and bea looked over



'allie? hey are you alright?



'hmm yea, just dont really fell very well..... allie ran to the bathroom and threw up, debbie ran after her as did bea



'mum its alright, i got it



'are you sure?



'yes.... debbie closed the door and locked herself and allie in the bathroom, she held allie's hair back and rubbed her back, when allie finished she sat on the floor



'how do you feel?



'better now its out, its been brewing for a few hours, i guess i needed something to throw up



'yea.... a knock at the door made them jump



'its just me, umm, i bought you a toothbrush and some water... allie nodded for debbie to open the door and bea walked in



'hey are you okay?



'yea, just an upset tummy



'here is some water and a spare toothbrush



'thank you



'do you want to shower? maybe that will help you feel better



'i dont have clothes with me



'thats okay, you can borrow some of mine..... bea said shyly



'that would be great



'well come to my bathroom... they got allie up and they went to bea's room which had a ensuite



'im just gonna get in the shower



'i will find you some clothes...... bea looked through her draws and pulled out tracksuit pants, a t-shirt and clean undies putting them on the bed, she sat down and waited for allie finish, the blonde walked out 15 minutes later with a towel wrapped around her



'umm i got these out for you, unless there is something else you want?



'no thats fine, thank you.... bea stood up and allie dropped her towel and started to get dressed, bea's eyes went wide and turned around 



'im gonna give you some privacy..... bea started walking and walked straight into the wall  'oh shit



'fuck bea, are you alright?..... allie said after pulling the undies on and went over to the redhead holding her head



'ugh that hurt, i think im okay, just a bump



'come sit down let me have a look.... bea sat on the bed and allie quickly threw the t-shirt on so she was standing there half naked, her long legs looked beautiful, all of allie is beautiful



'looks like just a cut, let me clean it up for you.... allie got the first aid kit and cleaned up the cut and put a bandaid on it. bea felt the blondes lips on her head  lingering, bea's hands  went to allie's thighs rubbing the soft milky skin, she laid her forhead on allie's stomach



'i have missed you allie.... allie sighed and run her fingers through red curls



'i miss you too, but you broke us bea.... allie said softly and bea pulled back looking into the bluest eyes she loved so much



'i know, im sorry but you dont understand



'because you never said why, explain it to me



'if i explained it to you, you would hate me



'i could never hate you bea, i have never stopped loving you



'me neither






'of course allie, my love for you was never in doubt, its something else



'did i do something wrong?



'no you didnt, i wish you did because it would be easier to blame you, but no you did nothing wrong, your perfect..... bea whispered 



'than tell me..... bea went to open her mouth but there was a knock and the door flew open



'hey mum are you.... debbie stopped in her tracks when she saw her parents pull apart  'umm i just came to check on mama



'im okay deb, just really tired.... allie said pulling on the trackies



'are you sure your okay?



'im okay sweatheart, thank you for the help, both of you but i should get going



'your not going anywhere allie, your staying here tonight



'no bea i cant



'yes you can, in fact debbie go hide her car keys



'on it.... debbie ran out and allie turned to face bea



'bea i cant stay here



'yes you can, you will stay in my room



'no if i stay it will be in the spare room



'okay fine, here i will wash your clothes for the morning



'thank you and when your ready i think we need to talk



'i know we do but im not sure when i will be ready allie



'in your own time..... allie leaned down and kissed bea on the lips and than walked out of the room and went to the spare room to lay down, bea herself touched her lips, they were tingling since allie kissed her, oh how she missed those sweet kisses, she went downstairs and saw off will and danny before going to the kitchen 



'hey mum do you want a hot chocolate?



'no thanks deb. im sorry about tonight, the dinner was a mess



'it really was, but i laughed when allie said that stuff about men and that woman have soft hands



'me too actually.... bea and debbie laughed



'how do you feel with mama here?



'i fucking miss her deb, so damn much.... debbie ran to her mum and hugged her when she saw her mum crying



'oh mum, it will be okay



'it wont be, i messed it all up for 2 hateful people



'you can fix it



'i dont even know how deb, i fucked it all up



'there has to be away to fix this, you both still love each other, listen mum you need to be honest about everything



'i know, i just dont know how to do it, you know me deb, its hard for me to talk 



'i know mum but you can do it, you can either leave it as it is and not ever be happy again, or you can talk to her and start some proper communication between the 2 of you.... bea nodded



'i know... i know



'are you going to be alright?



'yes, you go to bed i wont be far off



'alright, night mum



'night deb..... bea finished off the kitchen and closed the house down for the night, she walked down the corridor and stopped at the spare room peaking inside, allie was fast asleep but the blanket had fallen off, she quietly walked in the room and put the blanket over the blonde woman and kissed her on the cheek than left the room, she went to her own room and had a quick shower before getting dressed and getting into bed and falling asleep




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Bea woke up in the middle of the night unable to sleep very well, she used the bathroom and went down to the kitchen to get a glass of water, she decided she was a little hungry so pulled out a piece of cake to snack on, she sat at the table her mind wondering to the blonde woman that will always hold her heart, it took her back to when allie had proposed to her



They had gonna out to dinner at bea's favorite restaurant and had the best time, they shared food, they laughed, allie flirted and bea giggled and blushed. they took a walk down to the beach and over to a yacht that allie had hired for the night, allie drove it herself because she learnt just for this occasion, allie had gone driven while bea wrapped her arms around her from behing, she remembers the smell of allie's hair and her perfume filled her nose, allie always smells good no matter what.  they stopped about 40 minutes out and anchored 



'babe why dont you go out to the deck, i will bring dessert out for us



'okay baby.... bea was sitting on the bench table when allie came out and put a platter on the table, it had different cakes and pastries as well as chocolate covered strawberries 


'wow there is so much here allie


'i know, you know how much i love sweets


'i do, here open your mouth..... they fed each other sweets and sipped on champagne. bea caught allie staring at her with a smile on her face


'what are you staring at?


'your so beautiful babe, i love you so much


'i love you too allie.... allie took a deep breath and grabbed the box from behind her on the table but hadnt bought it out yet


'listen i need to ask you something


'okay.... bea said unsure, never in a million years did she think allie would propose, her mind smiled at the moment 


'i always thought i wouldnt find anyone that i love. the day you ran into me at the cafe was the best day ever, even if you did drop a milkshake on me.... she smiled when allie giggled   'we have been together for 2 years and it has been amazing, you asked me 6 months ago where i see myself in 5 years and it really made me think, well i have an answer for you, i see myself married to you, us being together with debbie as a happy family, in saying that i think i have the start of my plan.... she pulled the box from behind her and opened the box


'bea smith will you marry me?..... bea was shocked for sure but she wasted no time in answering


'of course i will allie




'absolutely yea....... they celebrated long into the night and bea had never been happier than to have been married to allie, she was bought out og her thoughts when someone walked down the hallway and coughed, she turned to see allie walk into the kitchen


'sorry i just needed some water


'its fine, go for it..... allie got a glass of water and sat at the table with bea


'you couldnt sleep?


'no, its been the normal for a while now, i sleep for a couple hours than stay up for an hour or so


'why? are you okay?


'hmm, just a lot on my mind


'anything i can help with?.... bea sadly smiled


'how can you be so sweet to me after what i did to you?


'because i love you bea


'i dont deserve it..... she whispered and allie's hand covered her own, bea turned her hand over and linked there hands together, bea rubbed her thumb over allie's hand


'you deserve so much bea


'i dont.... allie could see it in bea and had seen it for the last few months that her mentality is going back to how she was when she first met her, scared, shy and very reserved


'i happen to think your an amazing woman bea, i was so lucky to have been married to you..... bea looked up and allie wiped her tears from her cheeks


'i dont know what to do allie


'talk to me


'i know i need to, i left everything up in the air for so long and its not fair to you


'not you either bea, its clearly effecting you


'you always effect me allie, i cant help it.... allie softly smiled, this woman in front of her looked so broken and she just wanted to kiss her so passionately and take her in her arms


'me to bea, me too


'i want to talk to you but im just not really, i need to organize my thoughts first


'okay, take your time bea, im not going anywhere.... bea nodded


'thank you


'well i better get back to sleep


'are you feeling better?


'i have a headache but i will be okay


'why dont you get in bed and i will bring you something for your headache?


'thanks bea..... allie walked back to the room and bea entered a few minutes later


'here take these tablets, they will help..... allie did so andput her glass of water on the side table  




'here lay down i will massage your head


'you dont need to do that


'i want to..... allie lay down and bea sat against the bedhead and rubbed allie's head gently


'that feels good.... bea smiled, they both ended up falling asleep together which is where debbie found them the next morning, laying face to face and there arms wrapped around each other, she left them to sleep and went to the kitchen to get a start on breakfast, she made pancakes and cut up fruit, she was going to make bacon and eggs but since her mama started chemo she cant handle the smell of eggs. looking at the time she saw it was 10.15


'i will let them sleep.... she said to herself and made her plate than sat down in front of the tv to watch her favorite show



Bea and allie woke at the same time and looked at each other


'i miss waking up with you


'me too allie, hows your head?


'mush better, thank you


'anytime.... bea put her hand on allie's face stroking her fingers across her cheek than lips  'your so beautiful


'you are... allie whispered back, she wanted more than anything to kiss the blonde woman but she couldnt, she was already confused, they both were, clearing her throat she sat up


'i better go make breakfast, you hungry?


'a little


'alright, well i will be in the kitchen, if you want to shower or need anything you knows where it is.... allie nodded, bea walked out and washed up in the bathroom before going to the kitchen 


'hey mum... debbie yelled from the lounge room so bea went to her


'morning deb, what are you eating?


'i made pancakes, there are a stack for you and mama in the oven and a bowl of fruit in the fridge


'thanks deb


'where is mama?


'i dont know, maybe still in bed..... bea acted innocent like she didnt know where allie was hoping debbie would accept it


'oh yea, so i didnt see you both asleep together... damn it, bea said


'dont make a big deal out of it deb


'you so love her


'of course i do, that was never the issue, i just fucking hate this so much, everytime i see her i feel like my heart is getting ripped out of my chest


'i know mum, its hard


'harder than i ever thought deb


'oh mum..... debbie stood up and hugged the redhead, unbeknown to them allie had heard most of there conversation and although she hates seeing bea's hurting it was good to know that allie wasnt alone in her feelings. letting out a cough so they knew she was coming they pulled apart and came into the kitchen, debbie bringing her plate over to eat with them, bea made 2 plates and sat down with allie


'here you go, eat up


'thanks bea, do you have... she stopped when bea put the nutella in front of her


'this?.... bea smirked


'yes nutella, thanks, you know me too well


'i sure do.... they smiled at each other and debbie smirked, they had breakfast and than allie had to leave


'thanks for having me over, i appreciate you both looking after me


'anytime, just because we arent together anymore it doesnt mean we arent here to help you


'thank you... she hugged her daughter and looked at bea


'i will walk you out..... bea walked allie out to her car 'when are you having debbie over again?


'im picking her up friday morning at 9.30


'okay, see you soon and look after yourself, i can see you have lost weight


'yea i know, just over worked thats all


'well you need to look after yourself


' will, thank you, i will see you soon bea


'bye allie... bea leaned forward and hugged the blonde, smelling her hair as she loved it, they pulled back and smiled at each other before allie got in her car and left, bea went back inside and sat at the table with debbie


'are you going to the cafe today mum?


'yes, i have to do the books and make the orders, do you want to come?


'do i get a milkshake and cake?.... bea laughed


'yes child you do


'hey i aint no child, im 20


'yes you are, alright go get ready we are leaving in half an hour


'got it mum.... debbie began walking away and turned back around to face her mum  'mum?




'im sorry about arguing with you, i just hate seeing you both hurt


'i know deb, its okay i understand, i have made it hard on everyone involved


'its alright, you know that and i hope you take steps to fix it


'i will do my best, your mama and i talked a little and once i get my thoughts straight we will talk and i will tell her everything


'thats a good idea mum, alright i will go shower...... bea took herself for a shower as well and they left half an hour later, parking at the cafe they walked into the cafe


'hey red you finally thought about doing some work?.... franky laughed


'i have to do the books and orders if thats okay with you


'i guess so, hey liz make red a coffee and mini red a caramel thickshake


'sure thing.... franky was a lawyer but because her office is a couple shops down she does a lot of work at bea's cafe, the cafe was opened a year after harry went to jail, she used the money from the sale of the house and there shared savings to get a new house and start her cafe which now belongs to bea and debbie... liz worked there with boomer.... maxine worked as franky's assistant so where franky was maxine was, they all met when bea was in hospital on the last night when harry went for bea, franky had been in a fight and they shared a room quickly becoming friends, bea cried a lot and franky comforted her, bea met the others through franky and now they were once big dysfunctional family


'hey liz i will take mine in the office, i got lots of stuff to do


'no worries love, you go on through


'thanks liz, and please bring debbie a slice of her cake, she is craving it


'got it.... bea went through to the back and debbie sat with franky and maxine


'so hows your mum today? how was dinner?


'it was a fucking mess franky


'do tell..... debbie told them all about the night and allie turning up


'was it awkward?


'not with mum and mama, more so with the granparents, they were so rude


'whats new..... franky rolled her eyed having her own 'discussions' with them about sexuality 


'mama put them in there spot real quick, she was calm and really nice to them, gran tried to say that mama was an abomination but mum went off, telling them to basically shut there mouths


'woah, i would have paid to be there


'you would have loved it franky, anyways they talked a little last night and when mum gets herself together she will talk to mama


'like really talk to her?


'yes, tell her everything


'about time


'who knows how it will go but mum needs to be honest with her


'most definitely, dont worry sweety your parents are meant for each other


'i know, its just really hard


'here you go love, you enjoy this and lets hope they get there act together


'thanks liz..... they sat around together talking and liz went inside to bea and knocked on the door


'just me love, i bought you a coffee and a canoli


'thank you liz, just put them down here... liz did so and sat down with bea


'how are you doing? debbie filled us in about last night


'thats exactly what i was talking about liz, allie was rediculed from the, last night


'i know love but allie is a grown woman, she can fight her own battles and you she wont give you up for anything she doesnt care what they think


'i dont want to hurt her


'bea, you hurt her yourself..... bea closed her eyes and sighed


'i didnt mean too


'i know love, its time to tell her everything


'i will, i just need a bit of time


'just dont leave it too long.... liz patted her leg and left the redhead to it, bea finished 2 hours later and came out to see debbie helping liz serve, they were busy for some reason


'whats going on? why are we so busy?


'they had a meeting across the road and they all came here for coffee and sandwich


'alright, deb you serve, liz you make coffees and i will make the sandwiches with matt....they had 30 people waiting and it took them just over an hour to clear them out and get there orders to them, once done bea threw the tea towel down  on the bench


'far out, does that happen often?


'once a week for the last 7 months


'well next time call me in its quicker


'will do love, alright off you go now, debbie is tired and bored


'alright, we need to do some shopping anyways, come on deb


'bye liz


'goodbye ladies..... they got in the car and got to the supermarket and grabbed a trolley


'deb get another trolley




'because your mama isnt looking after herself, so she clearly isnt eating properly, so we will get her some food and supplies


'okay..... debbie smiled, she loved how caring her mum is when it came to her mama, they did there shopping and debbie made sure to stay away from foods that made her sick due to chemo, debbie called her mama to make sure she was home and told her they were coming passed which allie was happy with


Allie had gotten home and cleaned up a little, she had some stuff to do on the laptop so sat down for a few hours doing so, her phone rang seeing it was debbie who said she was coming over with bea, she was happy as she always wanted bea around, in fact she always loved having both bea and debbie, the doorbell went a few minutes later and she opened the door seeing both girls standing there with there hands full of bags


'whats all this?


'mum said you needed food cause your too skinny, so here we are


'thanks guys, here let me get them... she went to take debbie's bags but deb knows how week she had become due to her chemo


'no, i got it mama. you just hold the door open


'okay, come in girls... bea smiled at allie on the way in and allie gave her a quick kiss on the cheek as she walked passed, they were in the kitchen packing stuff away


'what do you have for dinner allie?


'nothing yet, i was going to have toast 


'toast? omg thats not proper food, im going to cook for you, if thats alright?


'of course it is but you dont have to do that


'i want to, need to fatten you up.... allie looked at debbie than back at bea


'go for your life, hey deb why dont you come see this graph for work?


'sure... they went to allie's office and sat down


'mama you have to tell her about yourself


'i cant debbie, she wont be able to handle it


'mum can handle more than you think, listen you want her to be honest with you, well you have to be honest with her


'how do i tell her?


'tell her from the start, once we eat we can all sit down and tell her together


'okay, im scared


'i know mama, i know



Chapter Text







Allie was moving food around her plate, she had a little too eat but she had no appetite as it had been for the last 6 months, but tonight her stomach was churning because she was about to tell bea about her illness, debbie was right, in order for bea to be honest with her she needed to be honest with bea



'do you not like it?..... bea said unsure



'no bea its great, thank you for cooking, i just dont have much of an appetite 



'you still dont fell well?.... bea asked worried



'no im okay, just after we finish dinner we really need to talk, there is something i need to talk to you about



'okay.... they finished dinner and once cleaned up the 3 of them sat in the lounge room, allie and debbie  looked worried



'tell me whats going on  guys, your worrying me.... allie looked at debbie who nodded for allie to start, taking a big breath she looked at bea



'what im going to tell you is not easy



'okay, im listening



'4 days before we split i found a lump on my left breast, i went to the doctor and they told me to do blood tests, biopsy, x-ray, mamaogram and any other test that needed to be done over the next 3-4 weeks.... she could already see the tears spring to bea's eyes, she knew it, she knew what was coming but allie needed to tell her everything



'the doctor told me i had breast cancer, i started chemo straight away and have been on pretty strong doses 3 times a week since



'you knew?.... bea said looking at debbie, trying really hard to not break down



'i did, about 4 months ago mama dropped me off at the shops to meet some friends but i got in a taxi and followed her to the hospital, she went into the oncology ward and mama told me what had happened, since than i ahve been going to all her chemo appointments and driving her around if she needed



'i um.... bea said and stopped talking, allie held her hand and bea bought it to her lips and held it to her chest  'you cant be sick.... bea said and the dam broke, she broke down crying and allie wrapped bea up in her arms



'its okay bea, its okay.... this made bea cry more, allie pulled bea into her lap and they held each other for a long time, debbie watched on tears rolling down her cheeks as well, although she has known for a while and she had cried a little about the situation she hadnt given herself the chance to really feel it, to know that there was a chance that she could loose her mama. she moved closer to her parents and allie pulled her into them as well, all 3 of them crying together for a long time, it had been about 40 minutes and bea pulled back stroking the blondes cheek



'i need to know everything?



'okay, sit back with deb and i will tell you.... bea sat back but didnt loose contact with both woman



'okay go



'alright well i have chemo monday, wednesday and friday which debbie comes with me, i get quite sick and vomit at least 4-5 times after, thats why i have lost weight, i dont have much of an appetite but i dot try to have at least one full meal a day, i have now have a cleaner to look after my apartment twice a week






'i do the pays but apart from that bridget takes care of everything, umm what else? i dont know



'how are you? how are you feeling?



'tired, i feel sick at times but im doing okay considering.... bea rubbed her cheek



'im here for you allie, anything you need



'i need one thing from you bea



'what is it? anything?



'i need the truth from you about us...... bea's eyes widened and her eyes went to allie and than debbie



'its time mum, tell her everything



'she will hate me



'i could never hate you bea, talk to me.... allie said 



'okay.... bea nodded and took a big breath, debbie ducked off to her room to give them some privacy



'before my parents came down to live here i had a conversation with mum and you know she hates all gay people, lgbtqi people, its an abomination as you heard last night, she said something that scared



'what was it?.... allie asked pretty much knowing where all this fear in bea came from



'the mardi gras was that same weekend and she said if she could she would drop a bomb in the middle of the parade and kill all the disgusting things there, they dont deserve to be alive, i got scared because i know what there like, you saw them at dinner, the minute you said you were a lesbian they jumped down your throat and were so rude, i didnt want you to be ridiculed everytime they either called or saw you. its not right



'so you thought it would be easier to let me go?.... bea nodded



'i did, i never meant to hurt you.... bea whispered and looked down at there joined hands



'i know you didnt but it hurt me more to think you didnt want me anymore, it hurts to think you threw away what we had for them, i understand you were trying to protect me but it still hurts... bea went to speak but allie continued 



'wait let me finish bea.... bea nodded  'i am hurt, im not gonna lie, but i love you bea, so much and that has never changed, if anything its gotten stronger the fact that you just dropped me like that, i felt like i got smacked across the the face with a truck



'i understand allie, im so sorry



'i know you are, listen bea what do you want with this? us? 



'i want you but i dont know how to fix this, i want to



'i want that too bea, but you have a lot of making up to do



'whatever happens with us right now i need it to stay between us, my parents



'we will deal with them when we are ready bea, i promise im not going anywhere because they say so, i will fight for you no matter what






'yes bea, im here for you



'im here for you too, i want to come to your chemo sessions with you allie, i want to be there for everything



'i dont know bea, im not in a good way



'i dont care, im coming, i want your schedule, i want your doctors name and details, i want it all allie.... allie smiled sadly



'okay, i have a session tomorrow at 10am



'okay deb and i will pick you up at 9.30



'alright, thanks



'well deb and i better get going so you can get some sleep, but tomorrow morning we will be here



'okay bea... they shared a couple kisses and they smiled at each other



'deb lets go.... debbie came out a smile on her face, her parents were holding hands and had goofy smiles on there face, they all know that whats to come in following few months but they would all be there for each other



'sooooooooooo, what happened?



'were gonna see how it goes deb but its on the dl



'dl mum, your so cool.... she giggled and her parent laughed



'alright cheeky lets get going so your mama can rest..... allie walked them out to the door because bea wouldnt let her come outside as it was cold



'i will see you in the morning






'good night...... bea and debbie drove off and when they arrived home debbie went to bed, bea had a shower and fell into bed, she cried herself to sleep about allie, her beautiful girl is sick but bea will do everything in her power to get her better






The next day bea and debbie had picked up allie and she had just parked the car outside the hospital, they got out and bea followed allie and debbie who had obviously done this trip a lot, she had a back pack swung over her shoulder of what she saw as supplies, bea had woke up early and had searched the internet for what would help allie in the long run, bea looked up and saw oncology and they walked in



'allie its good to see you. how have you been since your last session?..... the nurse asked



'same old, vomit, feel sick and more vomiting



'i know sweetheart, who do we have with you today?



'well debbie of course, and this here is bea



'the bea... the nurse raised her eyebrows



'the one and only



'you finally told her ay?



'it was time, bea this is nurse vera, she will monitor me throughout treatment along with my doctors, miss vera from now on bea is to know everything so please let my doctor know



'okay, i will get your paperwork so its noted, please have a seat, maybe take the one by the window it has more room and some nice sun



'will do, come on girls..... they went to the chair by the window and allie sat on the recliner while bea and debbie took the seats beside her, the nurse came over with a clip board and a tray with a couple drip bags



'alright sign this to say your adding bea to the records and than we can get you started.... allie put bea's details and than signed the paperwork and than the nurse put 2 bags up and connected them through allie's iv



'alright sweetheart just relax, let me know when the nausea starts or if you need anything



'i will, thank you.... the nurse walked off and bea took allie's hand making her smile



'thank you for being here



'i will be anywhere you are..... the next couple hours went by and they just chatted a little but mostly just sat in silence, debbie was reading her book, bea tried but didnt want to take her eyes off allie so just continued to stare at the blonde, she could tell allie was tired and was feeling sick



'its time to tell the nurse your not feeling well.... allie nodded and bea looked over to the nurse  who was already coming over with an ice block and a bag of something 



'here we go, suck on this and i will give you something for the nausea



'thank you.... allie said greatfully, the nurse walked off when she was done, allie only had a little bit but couldnt really stomach it



'bea do you want this, i just cant



'no thanks, deb?



'sure....debbie took it and finished it off, half an hour later bea held the bucket while allie began to vomit, bea rubbed her back and she hated to see allie in so much pain



'let it out..... allie could only groan but in reality she was so thankful that the redhead was here, she loves debbie but being at chemo with her was really taking its toll on the young girl, she laid back on the recliner and bea pulled out her red blanket from home to put over her shaking body, she also took out a gatorade 



'here drink this, it will help



'thank you bea.... she drank half the bottle and put it on the table  'about half hour left



'im not in hurry, i cleared my whole day, in fact spoke to liz about doing paperwork from home for a while and she would take care of the cafe, she hired another girl ruby so with them 2 and matt there all good, i told you im here for anything you need



'thank you.... half an hour later  the medication had finished and allie was drinking some water



'alright allie, can you stand up?



'i think so miss vera..... allie stood up with the help of the nurse and blinked a few times 'im okay, just give me a minute.... bea stood beside the blonde and wrapped her arm around her waist



'i got her miss vera



'i know you do...... vera smiled at the beautiful redhead, she could tell how much they love each other and allie really needed the support



'im okay to walk now



'okay, come on your coming to our place



'no bea im okay at home



'no you are not, listen there isnt much i can do so just let me look after you... allie nodded



'thank you.... debbie grabbed her mums back pack and followed her parents out, they walked slow but eventually got to the car and got allie into the front seat, they arrived at bea's place not too long later and bea helped allie inside



'couch or bed?



'bed please, im so tired..... as they walked down the hallway allie bolted to the bathroom and began vomiting, she spent the next 20 minutes there and bea was by her side the whole time, when she slumped against the bathtub tired bea helped her to her feet



'shower and bed?



'yes please, can you help me?



'of course, i got you..... bea showered allie and than lifted her tired body and walked to her own room



'spare room.... allie said and bea shook her head



'no, this is your room as much as it is mine, the bed is more comfy and there is a tv.... bea said tucking the blonde in, she went to walk away but allie grabbed her hand



'stay please.... allie said so exhausted that any fight she had left was all gone



'im right here..... bea ran her fingers through allie's wet locks, the woman fell asleep pretty quickly but bea stayed for an hour just watching the yonuger woman sleep, eventually she let the blonde sleep and went out to check on debbie who was making lunch



'mama asleep?



'yea, far out, i heard about how people deal with chemo but seeing it happen to allie is



'fucked up..... debbie finished for her



'yea, is there anything i should knows to expect?



'she sleeps mostly, she will eat some toast or a sandwich, maybe rice, she has water or gatorade, mostly just lays in bed



'okay, she is in our bed, she fell asleep an hour ago



'well i just made pasta for lunch so have something to eat before you do anything else



'thanks deb.... she took the bowl from her daughter and sat down to eat and debbie joined her



'oh and mum, mama sometimes gets really emotional, she cries and gets really down



'is that part of the chemo?



'the nurse said its normal



'okay, i will make sure im there to comfort her and make sure she is okay



'i know you will mum, so tell me what will happen with the 2 of you now?



'we have a long way to go deb, i have to prove to her how much she means to me, i have to show her that i wont hurt her again



'mama loves you and i know you love her, but she did feel like she meant nothing to you because there was no reason for what you did, now that you have told her everything you can both open up the dialog to speak openly, just keep being honest mum



'i will do my best, what am i supposed to do about my parents?  allie is going to be spending a lot of time here and i dont want them to have a go at her everytime they see her



'i get that, listen mama doesnt care what they say, as long as she has you and your love than she will fight tooth and nail, mama will tell you if its too much for her 



'alright, thanks for lunch deb, im going to sit with mama, can you do me a favor?






'can you to payroll for the cafe please?



'sure mum, you go be with mama, i will be around if you need me, oh take a bottle of water and bucket with you just in case.... bea nodded and grabbed a bottle of water and a bucket and went to her room, the blonde was still sleeping so bea put the bucket beside the bed and the water on the side table, she sat with her back against the headboard and flicked the tv on low, she knows allie doesnt mind the tv being on, she felt allie stir and the blonde opened her eyes and looked up



'hey sweetheart, how are you feeling?



'my tummy hurts.... allie croaked out



'here lay down here.... bea helped allie to lay between her legs and she rubbed her head 



'your a little warm allie



'its normal, i will check my temp later on



'if its high what happens?



'i have to be in hospital so they can monitor me.... allie sighed  'this is a lot to take on bea, its not what you signed up for.... allie said looking up sadly, bea ran her fingers down allie face



'you listen to me and you listen to me good, you allie novak are the love of my life, i know what i did was stupid and i will spend every day for the rest of my life making it up to you, no matter what happens and how much you try to push me away im not going anywhere, i love you and that will never change.... allie had tears rolling down her cheeks



'i love you too.... she said and hugged bea around her waist as she cried, bea held her tight to herself and just rocked the blonde, she had cried herself to sleep and bea thought how bittersweet this was right now, she had allie in her arms again but allie was sick, very sick and she wasnt sure what the future holds and that was scary, being in the moment she kissed allie on the head and let sleep take over








Chapter Text






Allie ended up spending the night, it was a rough night for the blonde and bea hated seeing her like this, throwing up, tummy aches, headaches, tiredness, exhaustion and much more, allie was just waking up to an empty bed, the sheets where bea was now had pillows, in fact she was surrounded by pillows which made her smile, since they had first spent the night together bea had found out that allie always slept with pillows around her, it made her feel comfortable and not so alone, stretching her body she rubbed her head, it was sore but not as bad as yesterday, her mouth tasted like shit so she got out of the bed  and headed to the bathroom to freshen up, she had a shower and put on bea's robe because she didnt have any other clothes there, she brushed her teeth 3 times and used mouth wash before leaving the bathroom and walking down the hall to the kitchen, bea was sitting at the table with a coffee in hand and the laptop was in front of her




'morning, how are you feeling?



'headache still there but not as bad, feel crappy but okay considering



'you hungry?



'i could do with some toast



'coming right up, coffee or juice?



'juice please.... bea kissed allie on the head and than went to the bench to make allie's toast



'i hope you dont mind but im wearing your robe?



'course not, you can use whatever you want.... bea smiled over her shoulder, she returned to the table and placed toast and juice on the table



'here you go, do you need anything else?



'no thank you, sit down with me.... bea sat beside the blonde and allie took her hand while she ate slowly



'where is deb?



'she went to get some chicken for dinner, franky and bridget are coming over



'i will get out of your hair after i eat



'i um... bea said shyly  'i was hoping you would stay for dinner



'i dont want to intrude bea



'you could never intrude, i would rather have you than anyone else






'of course, i know i have a lot to make up to you but if you let me i will do my best, plus i want to look after you.... allie nodded and stroked bea's cheek



'okay, i will stay



'good, now is there anything you want to do today?



'i need to get some clothes from home and meds



'okay, will you stay here tonight? .... allie loved how shy bea had gotten saying that



'if you want me too



'i definitely do



'okay than



'good, i will have a quick shower than we can go to your place and you can get whatever you need..... allie smiled when bea kissed her cheek and skipped off to the bathroom, allie finished and put her plate and cup in the sink than sat on the couch to wait for bea. the redhead came out 20 minutes later and smiled at her



'you ready to go?



'do you mind if i go like this?.... allie said indicating to the robe she was wearing



'of course you can, i will text deb and tell her we are going to your place..... they got in the car but allie was definitely slow in walking due to not having much energy, bea was happy to be the support allie needed, they went inside to allie's apartment 



'sit down on the on the couch i will pack you a bag



'i will sit on the bed so i can tell you what i need



'okay, come on..... bea helped allie to the bed and she pulled out a bag from the cupboard



'alright what do you need?



'pj's first, top draw in the cupboard



'okay, which one do you want?



'the piglet ones.... bea smiled she knows allie loves these pj's



'okay, what else?



'umm, trackies in the 3rd draw, second draw a t-shirt.... bea packed 2 of everything incase she could entice allie to stay longer with her



'done, what else?



;undies, socks and my toiletries..... once bea packed her bag she bent down kissing the blonde



'do you need anything else?



'my laptop, i have to do payroll, and my medication bag is in the kitchen, thats it i think



'do you want your slippers? so your comfy



'oh yes please.... bea took everything to the car and came back to help allie, the blonde locked up and they headed back to bea's place to relax for a while, debbie was there so she made them a sandwich and told allie to relax and she would do the pays



'its all set up deb, just make sure the hours are right than hit send



'will do..... what debbie didnt know is she had opened up a bank account for debbie which she puts money in every week, debbie missed it when she did the pays but in due time will find out exactly how much her mama has put aside for her, she will be shocked, once done she snuggled with her parents on the couch as they watched tv






later that night they were sitting around the table having dinner, bridget and franky were over and have both seen that allie looks quite pale but didnt say anything



'hey red thanks for inviting us over, i love your cooking



'no worries franky, i actually invited bridget but i guess you come with her... bea smirked as franky faked being hurt



'you hurt my feelings red



'you will be right, hey deb can you get me a bowl from the kitchen please



'why?.... debbie said confused



'so i can make franky a bowl of cement and she can harden the fuck up..... everyone burst out laughing even franky as she hi-fived her best friend



'your a little shit and i will get ya back for that one



'i aint scared



'you should be...... they bickered for the next few minutes, the other 3 giggling at the pair



'mum is there more rice?



'yes deb there is plenty of rice and chicken, i just didnt want to put the pot on the table



'sweet, anyone else want?



'i will have some deb.... franky handed debbie the plate and she put them both more food, bea looked to allie's plate and she hadnt even put half of what she normally ate on it and there was still some sitting there



'your not hungry?......  bea whispered and allie shook her head



'i tried but i just couldnt finish it, its nice though



'do you want something else?



'no thanks, just some water.... bea got up and got a cold bottle of water and went back to the table and gave it to the greatful blonde



'thanks..... bea smiled and rubbed allie's leg before turning to talk to the couple



'so how is business franky? 



'busy but good, we actually have a new case i took on a month ago, its the one with the abusive wife that beat the shit out of her husband



'oh yea i saw that on the news, so she is your client?



'yes, she called me from jail, got my name from liz when she volunteers there on her day off, anyways she told me her story and i agreed to take her on



'thats a big case and very much in the media



'i know red, but this woman needs this, she needs to be free, she has a teenage son who is very much involved and he needs and deserves his mum back, i dont know how many times this woman had gone to police or tried to get an avo only to be rejected



'poor woman, i know how that feels... bea said sadly and she felt debbie take her hand



'but you got out of it mum, your strong and your free



'too right you are red.... franky said throwing a nod in bea's direction, bea doesnt normally mention what she went through or harry, in fact no one at all knows what has happened to her not wanting people to look down at her for letting someone abuse her for so long, at most will her brother knows the majority of it



'so anyways i hope you take it out franky, it will be good for your career 



'i hope so, so hows the cafe doing?



'the books look good, liz hired a new girl ruby and they have matt so they do the majority of the work, deb goes in a couple days a week to do stock take, so we all work together



'thats good, how about you allie? gidge tells me she is busy at work?



'yes she has a very busy job and i have basically left the company in bridgets hands, i just do payroll and check stats to make sure its on course, i trust bridget and she hasnt let me down



'and i wont, i appreciate you trusting me with your business allie, i know you were really hands on with everything



'i was but i did years of late nights and long hours 



'well i have managed to be out of the office by no later than 6 most nights



'thats great, bridget if you ever need to or want to work from hom please do so, i know the office is crazy with that many workers



'thanks, i will do that when i can, oh by the way i saw what you did with my pay, you didnt have to



'what did ya do blondie?



'it was nothing.... allie shrugged



'it wasnt nothing, she upped my pay by a fair amount which wasnt necessary.... bridget said looking at allie



'you deserve it, your basically running the company for me



'its quite fun actually, some day when there all slacking off i get on there asses



'oh thats my favorite gidge, so sexy when she is bossy and angry.... debbie giggled at franky



'anyways moving on, soooooooooooo, whats going on here?.... frnaky said pointing to bea and allie



'we are just getting along, we never hated each other



'i know but its weird, i havent see you 2 together in a long time



'we know, its time to just be.... bea said unsure what to say, allie and she agreed that they would keep whatever this is quiet as well as allie's illness a secret



'alright than, i still dont get why you split to start with, your both menat to be together



'franky stop



'what gidge? its true



'that may be but this is there lives and you need to respect that, just be happy they are hanging out 



'alright fine, well whats for dessert?



'yay dessert.... debbie said and fist pumped



;i have caramel cheesecake and ice cream, i will make the bowls



'i will help bea



'thanks bridget..... they went to the kitchen and began making the bowls 



'so bea i want to ask you something



'okay, go on



'you know i have a backround field of medicine, looking at allie she doesnt look well, is she okay?..... bea was worried about this very question from bridget, the woman was very smart and genuine that if she lied she would see through it, but she had to because she promised allie



'she is tired, has been doing a lot of stuff online for work the last few weeks and she is finally taking some time off 



'okay good, as long as she is taking it easy?



'she definitely is, i spoke to her and she agreed to just relax for a few days, i told her you have the company in hand and she only needs to do the pays which debbie can help with



'good, i just want to make sure she is ok



'thanks bridget, your a good friend..... they returned to the table a few minutes later and handed out a bowl before sitting down



'mm cheesecake, mum you gave me a small piece... debbie frowned



'calm down deb, there is plenty in the kitchen



'yay... allie smiled, her daughter was just too funny, the young girl was the light in both bea and allie's lives and she was adored by not only them but all there friends and family, debbie was so sweet and would be there to help anyone with anything



'well im stuffed, thanks for a good night red.... franky said a couple hours later  'but we gotta get going, its late and this one has been up since 5am



'no worries, thanks for coming, i will walk you out...... after there good byes bea walked the couple out to there car, franky hugged her best friend and whispered in her ear



'im happy to see allie around again, hopefully this is a step in the right direction



'maybe..... bea said and pulled back, franky and bridget got in the car and drove off, bea went inside and looked around



'mum i loaded the dishwasher and the table is cleaned off



'thanks deb, where is allie?



'watching tv on the couch, im heading to bed, see you in the morning



'alright, night deb..... bea went to the lounge room and started to speak but stopped in her tracks when she saw allie had fallen asleep, bea had to remember that allie got tired really easily and it was now midnight, the poor woman had been on the move most of the day, she moved closer to the blonde and moved her hair out of her face



'allie.... she whispered not wanting to scare her,  'allie wake up... allie groaned and opened her tired eyes






'yea its me, come on lets get you to bed, your sleeping on the couch..... allie nodded, bea helped her to her feet and wrapped an arm around her waist and they walked down the hall



'bea dont get offended but i would like to sleep in the spare room.... bea stopped and turned her head and frowned exactly like debbie does



'did i do something wrong?



'no you didnt, but we are basically back to the start of a relationship and although i understand why you did what you did im still very hurt, i dont want this to move fast



'i understand allie, will you be okay on your own?



'i should be okay, if i need you i know where you are



'okay... bea put allie into bed and surrounded her with pillows



'you remembered?... allie said and smiled



'of course i do, i know how much you dont like being alone in bed



'thank you



'do you need anything?



'no im good thanks, im just really tired



'okay, good night..... bea left a kiss on allie's cheek and left her to sleep, she went to her own room and gt ready for bed, sliding into the cool sheets she signed, she knows that allie needs to build up trust for her again but its not easy,



bea stuffed up in a big way and although she had told allie one of the main reason there was more to it, no one but will understands what her parents are like, what they have said, what they have done, if they ever found out about allie and her being together only god knows what would happen, although bea was sure she hated to think that at her age she could be so scared of them, her mum talks a lot of crap but its her dad that has the biggest impact on her. bea remembers a long time ago when they came to visit after harry was put away, bea had met franky, bridget, maxine, boomer, liz and allie, she and allie had just started to hang out and bea was having a bbq with everyone, her dad was talking to bea when he huffed at franky and bridget who had shared a loving kiss and bridget was sitting on franky's lap



'thats disgusting..... he snarled



'dad just leave them be, there not doing anything to anyone



'its disgusting and not right, they should be killed



'far out dad, why are you saying that?



'because its true, god says it must be man and woman, not woma and woman and not man and man. beatrice why are you hanging around people like this?



'there my friends dad, there good people and i need them



'beatrice you dont need them, harry should be the one here.... it was than that allie had come from inside and over to bea with a beer



'here you go sweetheart



'thanks allie, hey allie this is my dad mike, dad this is allie



'nice to meet you sir



'allie....he said putting his nose up at her, he saw how bea smiled at her, how allie called his daughter 'sweetheart'



'im just going to help boomer cook the meat



'okay..... allie kissed bea on the cheek and walked off



'beatrice... her dads stressed voice said



'yes dad



'that allie woman is who?



'a new friend



'is she one of them?



'one of what?.... bea knew but wanted him to say it



'a lesbian?



'yes she is



'how could you let that woman anywhere near you? she is disgusting



'no she isnt dad



'well she likes you, i can see it, she called you sweetheart, touched your back, kissed your cheek. let me tell you right now beatrice... he said turning to face the redhead   'if you ever and i mean EVER get close to that woman i will make sure she will be rid of this world, remember what happened to that other woman, i will cut her head off... he said and sneered 



'dad stop it, i wouldnt.....  bea said worried



'you better not, you have been warned, my daughter will have never ever be with another, i know people.... he said and than walked off, in reality bea should have put a stop to her and allie than but she just couldnt stop falling in love with the beautiful blonde, that night was so bittersweet, she remember it clearly, she and allie shared there first real kiss after everyone had left and than she cried herself to sleep thinking about the words that came from her father



Turning over in bed after checking on allie again, she signed, she hated how she let them get into her head, for so long bea has let so many people dictate her life and she was sick of it, she loved allie more than she had loved anyone bar her daughter and she would do anything to make it up to her








Chapter Text





bea smith



Bea smith's life had been so bad that she thought she had done something bad in her previous life so she deserved it, she had strict church going parents mike and helen, since bea was young she had gone to a christian school with her older brother will, they lived in new zealand and in school they would get a slap on the hand when naughty or if you were called upon from the teacher and gave the wrong answer. bea and will both werent the best at school so would often come home with marks on there arms and sometimes bea would get it on the back of her thighs, the teacher would always say 'your wearing a skirt for a reason'


bea hated it and threw out school it just got worse and worse, home life wasnt any better as both her parents were very heavy handed, bea and will would get whipped from belts, hit with a stick, a sandal or anything else her parents had around, most of the time though was a belt, there holidays were spent with people they barely knew and there presents if they got any were school stuff they required, one year both bea and will got a calculator. there xmas was never fun and nor was easter, they wouldnt get easter eggs as there parents would say they didnt deserve them. bea and allie got used to it so it just become another day of the year. money wasnt an issue as there parents owed 5 shops and they were well off but it didnt matter, they were not going to give bea and will anything more that what they needed. there birthdays were the same thing, they never celebrated them except with each other, bea and allie had a special thing they did, they would share 2 cupcakes together on each others birthdays. it was just the 2 of them and thats all they needed, they stuck together through so much and will took a few extra beatings to protect his much smaller sister, will was favored more but not by much, that was due to him being a male, he could work for them as he got older where as bea couldnt benefit them


one day when bea was 17 her dad came home with a young man introducing him to bea, he had told bea that they would marry and move to sydney australia to begin her life as harry's wife, bea of course didnt want that and got into a disagreement with her dad about that, once harry left that day make had dragged bea out to the garage and belted her all over her body for trying to defy him. he only stopped when will came home and jumped in front of bea, he and his father got into a fight only to be ended with the mother stepping in to stop mike, the parents had entered the house and will picked up his bleeding sister and took her to his room, he cleaned her up and nursed her back to health, he stayed by her side the whole time only leaving the room for food and to use the bathroom


bea was forced to marry harry a couple months later and moved a week later to sydney australia. bea told her parents she didnt want to be married to harry but they didnt care, his parents paid her father $50.000  for a wife and thats exactly what they were going to get, will followed her to australia but it didnt take long for harry to put his foot down and demand bea stay away from will. harry even said stupid crap about bea fucking her brother. will did stay away but he didnt expect to be cut out completely but bea asked him too because everytime she saw him harry would bash her. bea fell pregnant quickly and debbie was bought into the world happy and healthy, once debbie started teething was when the hatting happened, harry would take his anger out on bea almost daily. he would threaten to go after debbie but bea would always fight him on it causing him to move to the direction of bea laying into her, it wouldnt just be physical abuse it was sexual as well, harry would take what he wanted from bea especially when he was drunk. harry was an alcoholic and it made him extremely violent but bea took it, she took it for so long until one day things went to hell. it was bea's birthday and that was now the only time bea would see will, he called her over and over again and it went unanswered until the 6th time when harry picked it up, he was breathing heavily like he had a fight or something telling will to fuck off. will turned up at the house and looked through the window seeing bea bloodied on the floor, he broke down the door and ran over to her, bea told him harry was drink and took debbie with him driving fuck knows where, will got her to the hospital and within a couple hours of not hearing anything they had found out debbie and harry were bought in, her daughter had a broken arm and leg, that was it for bea. she got will to call the police and she laid it all out for them, telling them everything since the start of there marriage. harry was arrested and charged for what he had done to bea as well as drink driving, he got 22 years, bea sold the house and moved closer to will




Bea bought a house for her and debbie, she also bought a cafe that she scored at a good price because the owner needed to move asap, it was there she met franky, bridget, boomer, liz, matt and maxine. it was through maxine that she met the beautiful allie novak and thye began dating about 6 months later. since meeting all she had never been happier in her life. although when her parents said they were moving closer to bea she panicked remembering what they were like and the threat her dad made towards allie, she couldnt let allie suffer like she did so she called it quits, she regrets it now and will do anything to fix it





franky doyle



franky's father left when she was 5 years old, he gave no reason but her alcoholic mother told her it was franky's fault for being so naughty. franky didnt know any better so she believed it, in the following years she had to cook and clean, take beatings from her sorry excuse for a mother, her mum burnt her with cigarettes and made sure franky was so scared she would do anything she wanted. when franky was 15 packed a bag and ran away from home, she lived on the streets for a couple years, stealing to eat and living under the bridge in a tent where tent city was, it was the homeless area. she ended up getting caught steeling at 17 and charged her as an adult, she got 3 years in prison and ended up at the same prison that liz volunteers, she made good friends with the older lady and when she was out of prison liz took her in and got her on track. franky finished school and ended up going to law school. she graduated top of the class and had a job lined up at one of the top law firms in sydney. she met bridget when she was a client for a sexual harassment case, bridget was there with her niece who was touched inappropriately at work. franky wasnt on that case but she had asked bridget out and the older woman agreed, they have been together since. about a year ago franky started her own law firm and was really starting to take off





bridget westfall


she had a great upbringing, her parents were both professors at university's. they were successful and loved there darling daughter, bridget had gone to medical school and was very smart, she got top grades and when she finished medical school she went on to open her own practice to be a gp, she did it for a while till she met allie novak through franky. allie needed someone to work in management and bridget approached her telling her she needs a change of pace. she gave up her practice and began working with allie. she picked it all up pretty quickly and now she runs allie's multi million dollar company





maxine conway



maxine conway was born thomas conway. since maxine was younger she never felt right in a mans body, she had been wearing nail polish, dresses and grew out her hair to be the woman she has always wanted to be. it was hard especially when her parents disowned her because of it. she went through life relying on no one but herself, she had worked and worked till she had enough money to do the gender surgery. while she was in hospital she had met bea through franky, franky had told her about harry beating bea and was now recovering. basically franky, maxine, debbie  and bea were all in hospital at the same time recovering from different things. maxine and franky took in debbie while bea was still in hospital and since than had all been best of friends. maxine now works for franky and franky really takes her opinions serious which makes maxine feel good about herself. now that maxine is happy with her life she can live it the best she could have imagine, the only thing she was missing was someone to love which will hopefully come in due time





susan 'boomer' jenkins



she goes by her nickname boomer since franky had met her. boomer had a crappy childhood, her mum would pretend to want her around only to get her to steel from shops. she would take anything she could to make her mum happy, boomer craved the love her mum showed to her skinny sister trina and would do anything to make her happy but it never happened. her mother would treat her like shit, teasing her because boomer was a little heavier and much taller than them. boomer would take her anger out on everyone out of the house and would constantly get into a fight, at 18 she got into a fight with a police officers daughter after she pushed boomer over and over again, boomer snapped and knocked her clean out, she got 1 year in the same prison as franky. they met there and became friends quickly, boomer kept getting in trouble in prison so ended up doing a 5 years stretch, franky managed to get her out eventually and she also lived with liz, franky and liz were the only ones that had ever shower boomer there was more to life than hurting her. boomer finished school online with liz's help and had gotten into working in construction on the weekend and works at the bank during the week, she loved staying busy and it kept her out of trouble. when she met bea she become very protective of the redhead and her daughter, she would make sure they always were protected and when allie came into there lives she would hang around more so to make sure the young blonde was good for them. after allie told her she would die protecting bea and debbie making boomer happy to let her into there fold. boomer was happy for them and was even more happy to have all these beautiful people in her life




elizabeth birdsworth



liz grew up happy and was married at 20 years old, she had 2 kids artie and sofie, her husband died when the kids were 10 and 8. it was hard on them but they bound together and got through it, as the years went on they had both seen the work there mum does with helping kids. a few years later there mum told them all about franky and boomer. it was artie that suggested they take them in when they came out of jail, he wasnt worried about them being inside because his mum said they werent dangerous and he trusted her. when she took both woman on it was one at a time, franky was an angry woman but liz and her kids kept her calm and she learned to deal with her issues and get on with life. boomer was the same and she had helped her get her life together as well. when liz and her kids met bea and debbie there hearts broke, there story was on the news and even from what they found out it would have been hard for the smith girls. they worked with there mum to get the 2 new additions added to there family through a really tough time, liz was so very proud of her kids, artie becoming a nightclub promoter and sophie was working in the music industry, she loved producing and was working her way up in the company, liz herself felt like all these new people that have come into her life had become so important to her. she had a family she always wanted





debbie smith


debbie knew when she was younger that her father was a bad man, he had seen him hit her mom so many times that it hurt her, she would hear him screaming at her mum and had tried to stop him on numerous times. she was only little but whenever she would see or hear her mum hurting she would try to protect her, there had been a lot of times where debbie would have to travel to the hospital in the ambulance with her mum and her mum would alwasy tell her to not say anything  to the police or anyone at the hospital. this was how harry got away with everything for so long. it was when debbie was 10 that her dad made her get into the car after leaving bea bleeding on the floor, he drove off and the car swerved constantly. debbie remembers her dad running a red light and than everything went black. she woke up in a hospital bed confused and in pain. her leg and arm were broken. she was scared but franky came into view, that was the night franky and bea met and bea was worried about her little girl and because she couldnt walk franky offered to go check on her little girl. debbie remembers franky coming into view and telling her that her mum was in hospital here and she would be okay. franky spoke to the doctor and organized to have debbie int he same room as her mum to keep her calm. a few months later harry was put away, they moved house and were now closer to her uncle will who she had only met a few times because her dad wouldnt let him come over. his son danny, her cousin was cool and funny, they became instant best friends. a while later allie came into the picture and she had seen how happy her mum was, she was always smiling and giggling. when she found out her mum and allie were together she was happy, allie was good to her mum and thats all she ever wanted. they married and were together for 5 years. but when her mum broke it off she didnt understand why, her mum explained it to her but debbie would say to 'fight' for the blonde woman that became her mama. time had passed and now that her mama was sick, her mum had finally gotten over herself and told her what was really goign on, hopefully they can work it out but there is a lot of hurt on both sides. time will tell





allie novak



allie novak didnt have the best father, he was abusive and would always beat on him, her mother tried hard to protect her daughter but her dad would beat on her as well. allie hated growing up with her dad and wished he would just be killed or something, he was very successful and having a daughter that liked woman wasnt to his standards, so when she was 14 years old she was kicked out of home, her mother karen proctor who kept her maiden name didnt want allie to go but didnt have a choice. her mother had ran to her hiding spot and grabbed a wod of her savings and gave it to allie without her husband seeing, she remembers her mums word  'im sorry, i will always love you my darling girl'


allie left the house with a bag and the money checking into a cheap hotel for a few days till she figured out what to do next, her mother had give her 10 grand so went and paid for 2 weeks to start with, she was 14 and still had school, she had no family that would take her in so decided to just do life on her own. she had gone to school for the next couple weeks and word had spread through school about what happened with allie's father and her being kicked out. the snooty tooty kids at school picked on her, bullied her and bullied her badly, to the point where allie tried to commit suicide one day, she was at school and hung herself. a teacher found her and was able to resuscitate her, allie spent the next 6 months in a facility to get better, in that time she lost all her belongings, the motel emptied out her room when she didnt return for a while, took her money and threw away all her stuff. she came out of hospital and went into a teens shelter, she managed to finish school and than got a job at a bar when she turned 18, now that she was 18 though she was booted from the shelter, she could only stay at the adult shelter for a night at a time and if she was too late she lost out and spent the night on the street. the money she earned from working at the bar was enough to eat and dress herself, that was about it so she started doing something she never wanted to do, prostitution, she got into it seeing the money they made, she was treated like shit, she was hit, raped 5-6 times and got onto drugs because of the pain, she did this for the next 5 years and than one night ran straight into someone, it was her mum, she saw the state she was in and got her checked into a rehab without allie's dad finding out, allie got clean and her mum kaz wrote her a check for 100 thousand dollars to get her set up, allie used some to get her own place, she did a couple business and computer courses and in the next 6 months created a software that is now used all over the world


when she met bea through maxine and franky it was the best day of her life. she was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen and had fallen in love with her quickly. they had 7 beautiful years together until bea called it quits and she found out she was sick, now life was hard but with knowing the truth about the redheads decision they could try and work it out. as for her mum she would forever be thankful, she helped her get clean and made sure to set her up for a future, she doesnt blame  her mum for being kicked out as it was all her dad. she would never forgive him for that no matter what. as for her mum she talks to her a couple times a week and they were doing better and better each week. her mum doesnt know about her sickness but she was getting up the strength to tell her everything, she was sick, but bea was working with her now. there is a steep hill to climb but they will do it together




will jackson


will, bea's brother and savior, he hated growing up with there parents, they were mean, abusive and absolute assholes, when bea was married and will was cut out of her life he went on to marry marie winter, the woman he had a son with danny, they were happy for the first 7 years till will found out marie had been the madam of a brothel, selling sex, he was disgusted and divorced her quickly, he got full custody of danny and dobbed in marie to the police, her operation was closed down and marie was arrested sent to serve 25 years for human trafficking and drug trafficking which she had been doing as well. since than will had been living in sydney just him and danny, danny who was now 15 was cheeky and a smart ass like his dad. he didnt care much for his mum as even when she was around she kinda wasnt. 


when bea finally did leave harry and he was sent to jail, it was a long road to get the real bea back, she was hard and cold until allie came into her life, by that stage bea had friends and a close nit circle, allie broke down bea's walls and will loved to see his sister so in love with the blonde woman, they were happy for so long and was surprised when bea called it quits, that was until bea explained what had happened with her dad, will always knew what they were like but for there dad to say he would 'kill allie' or 'get rid of her' is disgusting, they were such bad parents but as they say, you can chose your friends but not your family and in this case it couldnt be more true.  will has seen for the last year how it has effected both woman, allie still comes to visit and danny goes to visit her as well, he hopes one day they can get back to where they were, happy and together







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as you all know this is a new story, i have been working on this story for quite some time so when i finished off 3 of my other stories i decided to finally start, i have had some interesting feedback on this story including a very colorful person that found me on facebook to go mental at me as they didnt agree with the content of it, i just want to know if people are actually enjoying/liking this story so far? is anyone reading it? is anyone offended by it? 


please let me know, if its not liked than i will delete it and be done with it, normally i dont let people effect me when it comes to my stories but the person that contacted me on facebook really got to me, please tell me what you think honestly





ps. the last 2 chapters where put out on the same day so you may not have read it

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A couple weeks later allie had just finished her chemo session, debbie was driving them back to allie's house, bea was in the back seat with allie rubbing her belly



'what do you need allie? 



'nothing, im okay...... they arrived at allie's place and followed the tired woman up to her apartment



'come in girls im just gonna.... allie stopped talking and ran off to the bathroom throwing up in the toilet, bea followed her and held the blondes hair back as she continued to vomit, allie had stayed in that position for some time and than sat back against the wall



'i cant do this bea...... allie cried and bea was quick to pull her into her arms, bea held her for a long time, the next couple hours were spent in the bathroom going from the toilet to allie crying in bea's arms, allie was so thankful for the redhead being here with her, she didnt expect bea to be so involved because they are not together but she was definitely greatful



bea moved the sweat soaked hair out of allie's eyes and felt her forehead, allie's eyes were closed and she looked so exhausted as she slouched on bea



'allie..... she whispered and the blonde grunted  'allie sweetheart how about a shower and bed



'hmm bed..... allie whispered



'shower first



'tired..... allie said 



'i know but you have been sick and your sweating, i will help you 



'okay.... allie opened her tired eyes and kissed bea's shoulder, bea helped allie up and undressed them both, it has been a long time since they had both seen each other completely naked and bea had and always will think that allie was absolutely beautiful, she could see allie had lost weight but that was expected




'is this okay?.... she said and allie nodded



'yes..... bea got them into the shower and cleaned allie down the best she could, the blonde was exhausted and was slouching on bea, once finished bea wiped the blonde and reached for her robe on the back of the door and wrapped it around allie, she reached for the second one for herself, she than carried allie to her bedroom and laid her down in bed, debbie came in with a bottle of water and a wet clothe



'here mum its for mama



'thanks baby



'i will be in the study doing some stuff on my laptop



'okay deb.... debbie leaned down and kissed her mama on the cheek



'i love you mama, you got this...... allie couldnt even respond but she reached out her pinky to touch debbie's hand before the younger woman left the room, she knew her mum would be able to look after her mama so left them to it, bea put the wet clothe over allie's forehead



'how do you feel?.... allie conjured up all the strength she had to talk to bea



'tired and my stomach hurts



'do you have anything for it?



'yes, in my fridge on the door there is a syrup for my tummy



'i will be back..... bea returned and gave a spoon of the syrup to allie and some pain killers



'thank you, will you lay down with me?



'of course.... bea lay down and they faced each other, bea pulled the blanket over allie and put one hand  on her cheek and rubbed it so gently, the blondes tears fell down her cheeks and bea wiped them, no words needed to be said as bea just comforted the blonde woman,



'your so strong allie



'im not, bea sometimes..... she stopped not wanting to scare the redhead



'dont stop, tell me allie



'sometimes i think its just easier to end it all



'wait what? allie are thinking of



'wait no no bea, im not going to kill myself, im talking about stopping treatment



'but your doctor said you need it



'i know, i think it would be easier to just stop it all but than i think about you and debbie






'yes both of you, i need to fight because i dont want to leave you and debbie



'allie i cant even imagine what your going through, i see you in so much pain and all i want to do is take it all away from you, i wish it was me instead of you, i wish i could take the pain and not have you go through it all



'if it was between us both than i would rather it be me bea, the thought of you going through this would kill me.... allie yawned and her eyes started to close again



'go to sleep allie, rest up



'thank you for being here



'i wouldnt want to be anywhere else..... kissing allie's cheek she held the blonde as she fell asleep






Allie woke up to an empty bed, she was surrounded by pillows which she knows was bea, she groaned and stretched her tired body and than swung her legs off the bed getting up slowly to head to the bathroom, her mouth tasted like crap so she freshened up and brushed her teeth a couple times than used mouth wash, she trotted out of the room and into the kitchen seeing debbie sitting on the bench watching her mum cook



'hey mama.... bea spun around and smiled



'hey sweety



'how are you feeling?



'a little dizzy to be honest



'come sit down allie.... bea said and pulled the chair out 



'thanks, what are you cooking? it smells good



'i made roast chicken with rice and salad, do you want some?



'i can try, im not sure if i can eat.... allie said sadly and bea rubbed her cheek



'i will put you a little plate and you eat what you can



'okay..... bea made 3 plates and they sat down to eat, allie managed 5-6 fork fulls and than pushed her plate away



'im sorry bea i just cant



'its okay, you should try and have some fruit at least because your feeling dizzy..... allie nodded so bea took out watermelon and grapes for her



'thank you bea.... after they ate they settled on the couch to watch a movie together, allie paused the movie half way through and faced the girls



'listen you both dont have to stay here with me



'you want us to go?... allie saw the hurt in the redheads eyes 



'no bea not at all, but im sure you both have other things to do instead of looking after me



'no we dont allie, we both cleared our schedules till further notice



'what? why?



'for you, we both want to be here for you, apart from a few orders we need to sign for at the cafe and doing the pays we are both here for you..... allie bit her quivering lip to stop herself from crying, this past 16 months have been hell without bea in her life properly, having to deal with cancer and the divorce on her own has been shit, debbie is her savior and she is very thank full for her daughter's support but there is nothing better than to have the love of your life look after you, to have her arms around you, to have bea around so much has been amazing



'i dont want you to get sick of me, this going on right now is not easy to deal with, im sick bea, very sick and i have no idea what will happen, i have doctors appointments, chemo, radiation, i have no energy, i cant cook or clean for myself let alone anyone else, this is a lot to take on for you... bea grabbed her hand



'it is a lot allie, but not for me, for you it is, i know your sick and im not going anywhere, i was stupid for what i did to you and our family, we were happy and i ruined that, i want to be here, we both do and whatever you need we can do it for you, cook, clean, look after you, take you to appointments, whatever it is we are here for you






'absolutely allie



'thank you, although i have a cleaner 



'well anything else we are here.... allie snuggled into bea's side and debbie pressed play again, she didnt need to say anything, she needed her mum to step up, thats what allie needs, she needs bea to step up and her words had a big impact on the blonde. allie fell asleep again and the rest of the day was spent with allie sleeping on and off, she was sick a few more times but bea and debbie were there to help her through it. night time came and allie didnt want to be alone but was too scared to voice it, allie was fidgeting with her fingers and bea grabbed her hands



'hey is everything alright?



'hmm, yea im alright its just, umm i wanted to know if you would stay the night? i mean like, if your not busy, i dont know its up to you.... allie shrugged unsure of herself



'allie do you think i would say no to you?



'i dont know bea, i just dont want to be alone



'i get that, of course i will stay with you allie



'are you sure?






'thank you... she turned to debbie  'i know you have a birthday tonight deb



'oh i wont go, its fine



'no no of course you will, you need to go out and have fun



'but i wanna



'deb please, this is already taking over my life and now your mums, we need you to go out and be a kid



'are you sure?



'most definitely, go out and than come back here after your done, you have a key and your room is clean and set up for you



'okay mama, well i better go home and get ready, do you need anything before i go?



'no im good, i got your mum here with me



'okay, feel better mama, have a ginger tea



'i will, have a good night



'im just going to walk her to the car allie, i will be back 



'okay.... bea walked debbie out of the building and to there car



'are you going to drink tonight deb?



'i might have a couple



'can out please take an uber to the house and than back here after?



'yea okay



'good, just use my app, now you drive safe, do you need money?



'no thanks im good, although can i wear your black dress?



'sure deb, try to look after it



'i will, love you mum and look after mama



'i promise i will, if you need me just call, my phone is on loud



'i will, night..... bea waited till debbie was out of sight before going back up to allie's apartment, looking at the couch allie was asleep again, locking up the house she helped allie to her bedroom and got her tucked in bed



'im going to the spare room, if you need me just call out.... allie grabbed her hand



'stay in here with me please.... allie said 



'are you sure?..... allie nodded






'okay just let me get changed.... bea got changed and got into bed behind the blonde woman and wrapped her arms around her









'can you please rub my head? its hurting



'if course.... bea rubbed it till the allie fell asleep and sighed in relief, bea closed her eyes not long later






A couple days later they were at the hospital, the specialist had decided a month ago to start radiation so here allie was getting changed into her gown, bea was right outside the door waiting for her, she heard allie sigh 



'allie are you okay in there?



'im scared.... allie said and leaned against the wall  'the machine is scary, i hate it



'im sorry sweetheart



'i wish you could come in with me



'me too, it wont take too long though and i will be waiting for you 






'of course.... the door opened and allie sadly smiled



'thank you, alright lets get this done, where is debbie?



'there was an announcement that our car was parked in a parking zone so she went to move it, she wont be long.... bea walked her to the room and got her onto the bed when the nurse walked in



'alright allie are you ready?



'i guess so



'your not a big fan of this right?



'right, its scary, i wish bea could be with me



'im sorry allie, lets get this done quickly than we can get you out of here, now just remember if you feel sick, dizzy or anxious let me know, i will be at the speaker watching you



'okay.....bea kissed her cheek and than walked out with the nurse once allie was secured, about 45 minutes later allie was done and once dressed she just walked up to bea and threw her arms around her, bea held allie just as tightly to herself knowing how much she needed comfort right now



'your okay, i got you. are you feeling alright?



'my boobs hurt a little but im okay



'lets get some lunch and head back to my place



'okay..... debbie drove them back to bea's place stopping to get some chinese food on the way, arriving home they had lunch which allie didnt really eat much, since starting chemo her appetite was almost non existent at times which was to be expected. 



'im just going to have a lay down if thats alright bea?



'of course, let me help you.... taking allie to her own bedroom and tucking her into bed, she surrounded allie with lots of pillows like she liked



'do you need anything?



'no, im okay 



'well i will be in the kitchen if you need anything



'im just going to try and sleep for a bit, thank you bea, for everything



'anytime.... kissing allie's cheek she left the room and went to the kitchen



'hey deb what are your plans for the day?



'im going to the cafe to do the pays and orders, than im going to see a friend of mine, unless you need me here?



'no on thats fine deb, i appreciate you helping with the cafe, i will be here for allie for whatever she needs



'okay good, i will be home later tonight but if you need me earlier just call me



'we should be good, will you be here for dinner?



'not sure, if im not just save me some please



'okay, off you go..... debbie left the house and bea cleaned up the kitchen and than sat on the couch with her laptop to do a few things








debbie had arrived at the cafe and laughed when of course she could see franky and maxine sitting at one of the tables, she could hear franky telling matt to get her a coffee and stat



'wow franky try being nice



'hey deb i didnt see ya there, i was being nice but matt was being a smart ass.... debbie giggled and rolled her eyes



'sure he was



'so what you doing here deb? where is ya mum?



'i just came to do pays and orders, mums at home doing some stuff



'she alright? i text her yesterday twice but i didnt hear back



'yea she is, mama has been over so



'thats good than, at least there talking, hopefully things are looking up



'fingers crossed, anyways i will be out the back..... debbie went through to the office and sat down opening up the laptop to start work. liz came through and gave her a thickshake and slice of cake



'thanks liz



'no worries love, can you please up the bread order, we are almost out



'sure, anything else?



'i was thinking of a few more pastries, the customers are asking about cinnamon buns and caramel donuts



'okay i will put it on the list



'thanks love, i will just be out the front..... debbie was out back for a couple hours getting things done, when she finished he went back out to the front



'all done love?



'all done liz, the orders will be in tomorrow at 7am, are you alright to take them?



'of course no worries at all



'great thanks, i gotta go im seeing a friend, if you have any problems just call me or mum



'will do, have a good day.... debbie left saying bye to franky and maxine who were still there, she got into the car and drove to her friends place, parking up she got out and looked at the big house, in fact it was huge but she wasnt surprised, this guy was rich, filthy rich and he liked debbie. walking up the steps she hit the doorbell and it opened a few seconds later



'hey deb



'hi braydon..... debbie smiled



'come on in.... he held the door open and debbie walked inside ' follow me to the pool house, we can hang in there.... debbie followed him to the pool house and sat down



'do you want a beer or something?



'a soda please, im driving..... braydon sat next to her and handed her a can of coke and he had a beer, for the next hour they talked and laughed getting to know each other better, bea had met braydon at the cafe a while ago, he and debbie had been hanging out since than and debbie really liked him. braydon had a few beers by this stage and was getting more hands on with debbie, touching her leg and arm which debbie wasnt really comfortable with, they had spoken previously about taking things very slow, he put his hand high on her thigh and she pushed it off



'dont braydon



'some on deb, i like you, dont you like me?



'yes i do but i want to go slow, this is all new to me... she said shrugging him off again, braydon didnt like this at all, he wanted something from debbie and he was going to get it



'i want you deb and i always get what i want...... he pulled at her top and ripped it open, debbie could see the scary look in his eyes and got really scared




Chapter Text




Bea and allie were sitting at the table the next morning having some tea and toast



'thank you for looking after me bea, i really appreciate it



'im glad i can be here for you, how are you feeling today?



'tired but not too bad, i managed a piece of toast which is good



'it definitely is.... bea smiled



'is deb up yet?



'i havent heard her, let me go check..... bea got up and walked to debbie's room she had at allie's house, knocking



'deb?.... she said and opened the door slowly not wanting to scare her, frowning when she saw the bed made considering debbie doesnt make her bed often, she went back to kitchen



'she isnt there, in fact it looks like her bed hasnt been slept in



'what? did she tell you she wouldnt be home?



'no. where are our phones?



'in my bedroom.... bea went to allie's room and grabbed both there phones checking them



'fuck.... she said walking back to where allie was 'no messages and no calls



'call her...... bea tried calling debbie over and over again but it never even rang just going straight to message bank




'no answer?



'no, where is she?.... bea said with tears in her eyes, allie pulled bea into a hug



'bea stay calm, give me my phone.... bea handed her the phone and allie called franky



'hey blondie whats up?



'hey franky, have you heard from debbie?



'nah not since yesterday at the cafe, why?



'she didnt come home last night, her bed hasnt been slept in, her phone is off



'she never does that



'did she say where she was going yesterday?



'she was going to see her friend braydon



'that new guy she met a few months ago?



'yea allie. she likes this guy



'yes she told me. do you have his number or know where he lives?



'no i dont but i can try find out



'yes please and get back to me asap



'okay i will be in contact



'thanks franky..... hanging up she held bea tighter



'debbie told franky yesterday that she was going to braydons house, franky is going to try get his address or phone number



'what if something has happened to her? he better not have hurt her



'i know  bea, lets try her phone again..... the next couple hours were spent calling and texting debbie's phone, allie's phone rang seeing it was franky



'hey franky any news?



'yea.... franky jumped when she heard a big bang 'what the hell was that?



'it was bea, she threw a vase in anger and walked down the hallway, she is upset and worried



'i get that, i got his details, i will send them to you and i will meet you there



'okay franky, we are on our way.... hanging up allie's phone beeped with braydons details



'BEA.... she yelled out and the redhead came running out  'bea we have his phone number and address, come on franky is meeting us there



'i will go, you stay here allie



'im coming with you bea, dont argue with me she is my daughter as well



'i know she is, im not cutting you out but im worried about you as well



'i appreciate that bea but im coming, lets go...... allie took bea's hand and they went out of the house



'fuck debbie has my car



'mine is in the garage, here the keys... allie gave them to bea who went and got the car out, allie got in and put the address in the nav-man



'alright its ten minutes away, lets go..... bea drove like a maniac but finally got them there. 



'look bea your car..... allie said pointing to it



'i see it, here comes franky... franky pulled up behind them and got out with maxine



'hey guys thanks for coming



'no worries, your car is here but listen guys i found out this kid isnt just anyone



'what do you mean?



'you ever heard of the holts? there a drug dealing murdering family, there crazy and think they are above anything



'this is them, thats there son?



'it is allie.... before anyone said anything else allie marched straight up to the door banging, the others followed but no answer  'split up. franky and maxi go that way we will go this way.... they went around the house and found the side gate 



'fuck its locked



'i got it.... llie pulled a bobby pin from her hair and unlocked it, bea couldnt help but smirk



'a woman of many talents



'i hope so, come on we need to find our daughter..... they went out to the back where the pool was seeing franky and maxine come from the other side



'any luck?



'not yet.... just than they heard crying 



'where is that coming from?....... bea asked



'the pool house..... they ran over there and bea's blood ran cold. debbie was on the couch and braydon was hitting her



'what the fuck?????..... allie said running in and tackling him the the floor  'what the fuck are you doing you pig....... bea ran over to debbie to see her covered in bruises and blood



'baby, debbie look at me, its okay mum is here..... she held her face gently and the look in debbie's eyes was something she had felt herself, it was her broken, hurt and most of all ashamed



'red lets get her out of here..... bea and franky took off there jackets and put them over the young girl, bea gently lifted debbie into her arms



'ow ow ow.... debbie cried   'it hurts



'i know sweetheart, wrap your arms around me if you can.... debbie tried, she really did but she had no energy left



'its okay i will support her from here



'thanks, where is allie?



'bashing the shit out of him.... she nodded towards allie who was fighting with braydon, she winced when she saw a fist connect with allie's face



'maxi please get her



'i got her, take debbie to the hospital we will meet you there....., franky grabbed debbie's phone and stuff and followed bea,  maxine went over to allie and braydon and grabbed him and picked him up. allie got up and went right in his face



'you hurt my daughter, i dont take kindly to people who hurt my family.... she said punching him in the gut, he heaved and tried to bend over to cover himself but maxine held him tight with his arms behind his back



'this isnt over, i will finish you off for this. drop him... maxine did so and allie lifted her foot and crushed him right his his junk and than walked off with maxine



'your dead bitch..... he moaned out and allie turned back to him



'as long as your there with me..... she said and they left going outside and to the car 



'they took bea's car, where are your car keys allie?



'here can you drive?



'sure, they took debbie tot he hospital



'lets go...... on the way there allie called the police and they would meet her there. pulling up they jumped out went inside looking around



'lets go to the emergency allie



'good idea... they went there and to the reception



'im here to see debbie novak, where is she? is she okay?



'let me check for you.... the nurse did so and looked up



'im sorry miss but no one is allowed in right now, this is now a police matter



'i know, she is my daughter and i called the police



'your name?



'allie novak



'oh yes your here, sorry miss novak



'its okay, are the police here yet?



'not yet



'can we see her? she is here aunty?..... allie said nodding to maxine



'sure come on through and i will take you..... allie and maxine followed the nurse down the hallway and through to a section which said isolation rooms



'why is she in here?



'we wanted to give her privacy but we are really busy so we decided to bring her to a room down here away from noise



'okay..... a few seconds later they stopped outside a room



'here we go, please go in



'thank you nurse.... allie and maxine went in slowly and there were at least ten people in there, bea and franky were tot he side while the nurses and a couple doctors were tending to debbie



'allie... bea said when she saw her walk in, allie wrapped her arms around the crying bea  'how could he do this to her?



'i dont know bea but i will make sure he pays, why are there men in here?



'i told them to leave but they wont listen



'alright here go to franky and maxi.... bea turned and franky and maxine held her tight, allie faced everyone



'everyone stop now!!!.... she said harshly but not loud because she didnt want to scare debbie even more so  'if you are a male get the fuck away from my daughter



'miss please... one of the doctors tried to say but allie put her hand up



'my daughter was assaulted, get the fuck out now and get me a woman doctor, i wont say this again.... the 4 men in there left mumbling about allie being a bitch



'good now i ask for those here to do your work quietly and gentle, bea and i are her mothers and we will be close to her to keep debbie as calm as possible,, does everyone understand?...... they all nodded as allie moved closer to debbie



'hey sweetheart your in good hands now, mum and mama are here..... she stroked there daughters head and debbie nodded, she blinked with her one good eyes



'how about mum and i clean off this blood?.... she said as bea came to stand near them holding onto debbie's hand



'okay... she nodded, bea and allie were handed some things from the nurses and began cleaning her up



'ladies may we talk please?.... the doctor asked them after a while



'yes of course, deb franky and maxi are here for you, we will be talking to the doctor..... debbie nodded, they followed the female doctor out of the room 



'do you 2 know what happened?



'no we dont, she told out friend she was going to the guys house braydon for a bit but she never got home, we called her all morning but her phone was off so we called out friend who is a lawyer and she got us his address, we turned up there and saw him hitting her, this was how we found her



'im guessing there was a fight?



'there definitely was, between me and braydon



'i thought as much, judging by the look of your and the fact the braydon is now here



'you cant have him here, debbie is here



'i know and i will be transferring him to another hospital, debbie is our priority right now so we will be moving him very soon



'thank you doctor



'we just want to make this as easy as possible for her, not that any of this is easy. the police are here do you think she will be able to tell them what happened?



'they can try but only if its female officers?



'there are 4 of them, 3 female and one male, i will tell them the male officer can only interview you guys but not her



'thanks doctor



'now this is the sensitive part, do you know if anything happened sexually?..... bea looked at allie and didnt know what to say. allie held her hand 



'we arent sure doctor, we will ask her 



'if she has we will like to do a rape kit, o know this is not a subject you want to think about but in the long run it will help



'how so?



'if she has been than im sure she would want to press charges, a rape kit will hold evidence



'who will do it?



'i will be the doctor and 2 nurses



'okay, let us go and talk to her, what are her injuries?



'her right eye socket is very badly damaged and she may need surgery but we will keep an eye on it over the next couple hours, she has a sprained wrist, a broken rib and i can tell anything else yet, she hasnt really let me do a full examination, maybe you can help with that as well?



'okay, lets go in and talk to her, please ask the others to leave so we can have privacy



'sure allie was it?



'yes doctor and this is bea, we are her mums



'okay, lets go in..... they walked inside 'staff please leave we need some time with the patient.... they packed up and covered debbie with a blanket than left the room, allie and bea went over to debbie and allie rubbed her cheek



'hey sweetheart we need to talk about a couple things okay?






'the first one is really hard, we need to know if he raped you?..... debbie's tears fell down her cheeks and looked at bea, bea knew she had and it broke her heart



'im sorry.... debbie cried and bea tried the best she could to hug the young girl



'you have nothing to be sorry for deb, we got you baby



'i was so stupid to go to his house, i didnt know he would do anything like this



'why would you think that? he was a friend.... she wiped debbie's cheeks



'listen debbie i have spoke to your mums about this but i will talk to you as well, i want to do a rape kit. how do you feel about that?.... debbie looked at her mum and mama who both nodded



'can mum and mama be there with me?



'unfortunately no one can be there except staff members, they will be female only, it will take about an hour to make sure we document this right



'okay, but mums can you sit outside the room?



'absolutely sweety



'alright than



'okay good, now the police are here and there 3 female and one male officer, the male officer will have nothing to do with you directly but they need your statement, can you do it or do you want to do it tomorrow?



'i just want to get it over and done with



'alright debbie we can do the statement first, than the kit and than you can rest



'okay..... bea, allie, franky and maxine all gave there statements and the police told them they would investigate. now debbie was getting her rape kit done and the other 4 were sitting in the hallway, allie got up and walked down the hall a little, the anger, the rage, the frustration has all started to calm down and now the blonde feels sick, very sick. she leaned her back against the wall and sighs, she had held it on for the sake of her daughter but now she can feel it all, she knows what debbie is going through, allie like bea has been the other other end of fists and rape. sliding down the wall she began to cry, the sobs tore through her body for the hurt they tried so hard to protect debbie from, bea got up and went over to allie and sat beside her putting her around around her. they just held each other  for a while



'i cant believe it maxi, how the fuck fuck could this happen to debbie?



'i dont know franky but this family has been through hell and i honestly dont know how they will handle this



'me neither... franky said wiping her tears furiously 



'franky you should call bridget, she would be able to help them and she would want to know what happened



'yea your right maxi..... franky took her phone out and hit call on bridgets name



'hey baby how are you?.... she heard bridgets chirpy voice



'gidge.... franky said tearfully



'franky what wrong?



'i need you to come to the hospital



'are you okay? what happened franky?.... franky couldnt talk, the thought of debbie being so hurt caused her tears to not stop so maxine took the phone off her and walked down the hallway



'its me bridget



'maxine what is happening?



'we dont know the whole story yet but its debbie, she was raped and bashed..... just saying it made maxine want to vomit



'oh my god



'how is she doing?



'not good, there doing a rape kit now but no one is doing well, we really need you here



'im on my way maxine, you may need to call liz and boomer



'i will bridget, please come down and give them debbie's name, tell them your her aunty



'i wont be long maxine.... hanging up maxine took her own phone out and called liz telling her what happened, the older woman was shocked but would tell boomer and come down to the hospital together... she went back to the chairs and sat down



'bridget is on her way, here is your phone



'thanks maxi, i feel sick



'me too, that poor girl..... they sat in silence and watched as bea and allie comforted each other in this time of need. 






bea and allie went into the room once the examination was done, bridget found franky sitting on the chair outside the room



'baby?.... franky looked up with tears in her eyes



'she is so hurt gidge



'oh baby... bridget sat beside beside franky and pulled her into her side 'do we know what happened?



'yea. she met braydon a few months ago and they hang out sometimes, he invited her over to hang out and she went, he had a few beers and began to get touchy with her, she kept pushing his hand off but he wouldnt stop. he ripped her shirt open and began hitting her to control her, he raped her 4 times and bashed her. she has a broken rib. sprained wrist, her eye socket is damaged which she will most likely need surgery for. she has bruising and cuts all down her body especially on her stomach and legs, its horrendous gidge



'the poor girl, how did you find her?



'allie told me his full name and i thought it sounded familiar and it was, he is the son of the holts, the drug dealing murdering family. everyone knows they did it but they just cant get any proof, poor debbie had no idea, he told her his parents are lawyers 



'she wouldnt think anything different



'exactly. you should have seen the little punk, we knocked ont he front door but no answer so we went round the back, we heard crying and ran to the pool house. he had just raised his hand and slapped punched debbie int he face, allie went crazy and tackled him to the floor, she laid into him something severe



'good, what happened next?



'bea picked debbie up and she was in so much pain, she was a virgin gidge and he took that from her



'far out, what can i do to help?



'your trained in this situation, can you talk to her please?



'of course



'thanks gidge..... walking inside debbie was laying facing her mums, it was quiet and they were just stroking her to help her feel comfort



'hey deb auntie gidge is here...... debbie looked over her shoulder



'hey deb sweety, i was hoping i can sit with you for a while and if you want to talk im here for you






'allie, bea why dont we go get a coffee?



'no franky we want to stay



'mums its okay, aunty bridget is with me



'are you sure deb?



'yes but dont go far



'we will be in the hospital....kissing debbie on the head they left the room with franky, maxine had gone to take care of the cafe with liz's so they could close it for a while



'coffee?.... franky asked as they got a table in the cafe



'yes please..... bea and allie were quiet, allie reached up and rubbed her head



'are you okay?



'im fine bea just a headache



'allie you need to rest, your exhausted



'im fine, we have to worry about debbie now, she is important



'so are you



'im fine bea



'your not and you know it, i can see it on your face allie and your shattered...... allie didnt say anything she just sat there quietly, she was tired, very tired but debbie was her priority now



'i going to fucking kill him.... allie seethed and slammed the table causing bea to jump 



'allie.... bea reached over to grab her hand and rubbed it with her thumb  'take a breath



'im sorry bea, im sorry 



'its okay, im angry too, in fact that doesnt even begin to explain how i feel so i get it.... allie nodded and laid her head down on bea's hand just staying there for a while. franky returned with coffee seeing allie's head resting on bea's hand, bea could feel allie had fallen asleep



'she asleep?



'yea, she is exhausted



'i can imagine, is she hurt? physically?



'some grazed knuckles and bruised cheek thats about it



'well she got him good



'how do you know?



'i asked the nurse about him before he got transferred



'what are his injuries?



'3 broken ribs, broken cheek bone, 3 broken fingers, 2 broken toes, sprained ankle and some damage to his pindik






'yep, blondie gave it to him good



'good, i hope he is in pain, you think he will be arrested?



'yes but his parents are rich so they will have a good lawyer



'of course they will. i better find somewhere proper for allie to lay down, her back will hurt



'here let me help you..... they helped a tired allie up to her feet and together they went to the quiet room and put her down on the couch, allie groaned and tried to protest but bea pushed her back down



'debbie is with bridget and is safe right now, you need to rest allie



'are you sure?



'definitely, lay down..... franky bought over a blanket and pillow she took from god knows where and gave them to bea who got allie comfortable... im right here allie..... allie nodded and fell asleep again, franky and bea sat there watching tv for a while



franky's phone rang a few hours later, they were back in debbie's room and the young girl was asleep



'hello?.... she said and walked out of the room



'franky its me



'booms? where are you?






'what do you mean?



'well i got arrested






'i went after braydon



'how did you even find him?



'i saw him being taken to da other hospital, i went into his room and bashed him more, i picked him up and threw him across the room, he broke his leg



'oh my god boomer



'well he deserved it, he is lucky security came



'do you need bail?



'yep, 10 grand, i have it in my account but i dunno how to do it



'alright booms i have your details, i will be there soon



'thanks franks... hanging up she went into the room



'i need to go



'why baby?



'boomer got arrested



'what happened?.... she told them and bea nodded



'good, tell boomer i owe her a few drinks



'will do, well i will be going to get her and i will be back. do you need anything?



'actually can you go past my place and get some overnight stuff?



'sure red, i have a key so i will be back, allie do you need anything?



'yes i need clothes, here my keys. thanks franky



'no worries, i will be back, gidge do you want to come with me?



'sure baby.....they left the hospital and went to the police station first. they posted bail and boomer was released, they than went to bea's place packing a bag for bea and debbie than left and went to allie's apartment. going inside franky and bridget were packing a bag when they came across allie's medication



'whats this? why is there so much medication?..... franky asked showing bridget, bridget knew what they were for she was medically trained






'what is it gidge? what are they for?



'cancer patients take them





Chapter Text






debbie had woken up a few hours later and she was in a lot of pain but mostly her eye






'im here baby



'my eye



'are you in pain?






'alright mama will stay with you and i will get the doctor



'okay...... allie went to debbie and stroked her cheek, debbie held her mama's hand to her chest



'im here sweety, your so strong deb



'im not, i fucked up, i shouldnt have gone to his house..... debbie said sadly



'oh no sweet heart, you will not ware this, this is all him, how are you supposed to know he would have done that?  did you know he was capable of what he did? did you know he was a pig?  dont answer deb i already know the answer,  you went there with intentions on getting to know him better, maybe a few kisses but i guarantee you never thought he was like this. you have been out to dinner with him, hanging out for the last few months and you never thought he was a bad guy. my darling girl you have nothing to be sorry for, your not stupid, your not anything but a girl like any other girl looking for comfort, for love, your a sweet loving girl and your mum and i love you so much..... she wiped the tears rolling down debbie's cheeks



'i love you too mama..... the doctor walked in with bea



'hello debbie your mum tells me your eye is very sore, im going to have a look at it



'okay...... the doctor felt around the eye



'alright debbie we are going to have to take you into surgery



'is that really necessary?.... bea asked


'yes unfortunately, the blood has gathered around the eye, it needs to be relieved, thats why she cant see out of it,  i will book an OR and we will get your shortly debbie..... the doctor left and bea and allie held the young girls hands



'you alright deb?



'im scared



'i know baby but you will be okay, just take deep breaths, you will go in and be asleep very quick, when you wake up mama and i will be there






'absolutely baby..... deb was taken in 20 minutes later, bea and allie went to the quiet room and sat down



'how long did the doctor say it will take?



'about an hour.... allie nodded and her leg bounced, bea let it go for ten minutes than put her hand on allie's leg



'allie stop



'sorry, im sorry



'i get it your worried, i am too but we have to trust she is in good hands



'i know.... just than franky and bridget walked in and put the back packs down



'thanks for getting our stuff



'no worries red



'where is boomer?



'she went to the cafe to get us all some food, we wanted to talk to you both



'okay, what about?



'this.... franky pulled out one of allie's medication from the bag, bea looked at allie who physically paled



'ugh.. umm........ allie stuttered out not sure what to say, bea grabbed her hand and kissed her wrist



'take a breath allie.... allie took a couple deep breaths



'i didnt know how to tell people



'we are family, talk to us allie.... franky said softly and put her hand on allie's leg for comfort. allie with the help of bea went on to tell franky and bridget about her cancer diagnosis, her treatment, medications and the process of what they knew



'you went through this whole thing on your own?



'mostly yes, debbie found out 4 months after i found out. she made me tell her after she followed me to the hospital, i told bea about a month ago



'oh allie, you should have told us so we could support you.... bridget said



'i was scared, i didnt want you guys to think less of me



'we could never think that, in fact your so strong to have to go through this, we are here for you too. whatever you need we got you



'thanks girls.... she squeezed there hands in thanks, the doctor entered 45 minutes later



'hows debbie?



'she is doing well, i drained the blood around the eye and she resting



'will it damage her eyesight?



'no it wont, she will recover just fine



'good, can we see her?



'sure go on through to her room and she will be there in about 20 minutes



'thank you doctor..... they headed up to debbie's room and waited for the young girl to arrive, she did so not long later. bea and allie held her hand while she slept. boomer came up to the room with bags of food



'hey she alright? how did surgery go?



'it went well boomer, she will be okay physically



'thats good.... boomer softened and looked at debbie, she leaned down and kissed her on her head  'you be strong little one, i broke his leg for you..... they all smiled, you couldnt help but smile when it comes to the lovable woman.  boomer handed out the food to them all, allie pushed it away



'im not hungry



'ya gotta eat, deb be real upset if ya dont eat als



'im just not hungry boomer






'its alright booms leave it on the table, i got it..... boomer sat down with her own food 



'allie here eat.... bea held out half of her burger



'bea i just cant eat



'allie you have to eat something, you are taking medication so you need to eat, just half the burger, for me?.... bea raised an eye brow and allie sighed



'fine.... allie said taking the half burger and taking a bite



''thank you..... bea force fed her hot chips as well than the 2 of them had a shower, they both had blood on there clothes so needed to get cleaned up. once washed and dressed they were sitting beside the bed, allie saw debbie begin to wake up



'deb, hey deb we are here



'mama?... debbie breathed out



'im right here, so it mum



'hmmm..... debbie groaned out



'how are you feeling?



'sore, tired. how did it go?



'good, no damage, how does it feel?



'better, no more headache



'thats good, are you in pain?






'anywhere in particular?.... debbie pulled her mum closer to her to whisper in her ear



'between my legs



'i will get the doctor.... debbie nodded, bea stood back up and turned to face the others



'guys i need everyone but allie to leave for a bit please, debbie needs some privacy for a bit



'sure red, how about we head home and you call us if you need anything?



'that would be good, thanks for everything guys



'anytime.... they all kissed debbie and wished her well than left, bea went and got the doctor and explained the situation and she followed bea back into the room



'alright debbie, your mum says your quite sore between your legs?






'do you mind if i check it out?



'okay.... allie held debbie's hand, debbie was only a young girl and very embarrassed, debbie put her other hand over her eyes and began to cry, she was so upset and her mums could do nothing but console her



'i wont be too much longer debbie.... after a few minutes the doctor stood up



'alright so there is some bruising, we have a cream to help debbie, would you like me to put some on?



'mum can you do it please?..... debbie begged



'of course baby



'okay i will bring you the cream bea and you can apply it....... bea had applied the cream and was also given some pain killers. 20 minutes later she was asleep with very little pain.



'i fucking hate this for her, i would rather it be me



'i know what you mean allie, she is in so much pain and i cant take it away



'we just have to support her bea, its the best way to help her deal with it



'i know.... debbie was asleep for the night and they were happy to see her get some rest, they shared the single fold out couch which wasnt comfortable bit they didnt care, they needed to be there for there daughter







debbie was home 4 days later and sitting on the couch with her mama, allie had just had chemo and was feeling very sick but wanted to be there for debbie's home coming




'do you need anything deb?



'im okay mama, how are you feeling?



'im fine



'your such a shit liar



'so are you deb.... debbie shrugged, allie put her arm around her daughter and they leaned back a little getting comfortable



'here we go girls.... bea came threw with bridget and put a tray down on the table  'juice for you both and some toast



'thank you bea



'thanks mum but im not hungry



'deb you have barely ate in the last few days



'i just dont feel like it..... bea nodded



'alright baby....... bridget was there to help bea with both girls while franky took on the court case for debbie against braydon. allie had also hired a nurse to help out, more so to monitor debbie's injuries, the nurse had just walked into the room with water and medication 



'debbie these are for you and allie these are for you, drink lots of water to help it dissolve and work faster



'thank you nurse rose



'oh please call me rose, is there anything else you 2 need?



'no thanks



'okay i will be in the kitchen sorting out your medications.... rose went back to the kitchen while bea and bridget joined allie and debbie, the young girl had her head resting on her mama's shoulder, since what happened debbie barely speak, only when she is in pain or wants a drink, bea and allie are both very worried about the fact that debbie hasnt been eating much at all 



'bridget can you help me with the washing please?



'sure bea



'if either of you need me just call out, here the tv control



'thanks bea...... they went to bea's bedroom and sat on the bed folding the washing



'can i ask you something bridget?






'since what happened to debbie she has barely eaten, only toast yesterday, a sandwich the day before. should i be worried?



'unfortunately its a normal reaction to shut down which is what she has done, im guessing she isnt talking much either?



'correct, only talks about her pain and if she wants a drink



'you just got to give her some times bea, she went through a horrible ordeal and she needs time to process it, right now she thinks its her fault



'how do you know that?



'i heard her talking to allie yesterday at the hospital, thats also normal, the victim feels like she or he put themselves in that situation and debbie feels that because she went to his house



'but its not her fault



'we know that but let me ask you something bea, im not trying to upset you or anything but when you were with harry and he did all those bad things to you did you blame yourself?.... bea pursed her lips and sighed



'i did, very much so



'and now that he is in jail, your whole life has changed and you think about that time in your life, do you feel its your fault?



'no, i may have been his wife but its my body and my life to do as i please with it



'exactly, this is very fresh in debbie's mind and being so young would have a big impact on her, he took something from her that we all cherrish as a young woman



'her virginity



'correct, she needs time to come to terms with that



'what can i do to help?



'let her have time, talk to her when needed but dont push her, i also suggest that you have no males in the house or around her for a while, i know will and his son want to come and see how she is doing but she is scared right now



'when do you think they could come over?



'you sit her down and tell her that no males will be coming over till she says its okay, she may ask just for will only, or his son only. whatever it is you have to let her go at her own pace






'now your parents



'fuck i havnt told them and they are supposed to come over tonight for dinner




'you have to call and tell them to cancel it, im sorry i know there your parents but your dad being around would scare her in general, but your mum is very full on and with everything going on i wouldnt want her around for a while either



'i know what you mean, i will go call them now and tell them what happened and cancel tonight. thanks bridget i really appreciate you and franky helping us out with everything



'we are to help, franky is doing everything she can to take that asshole down



'i know, do we know where he is now?



'still in hospital, they have police there with him 24/7



'good, thats good



'seems allie did some good damage to his penis



'he is lucky thats all he got



'agreed, if that was franky or you i dont think he would be alive, im glad he is though so he can suffer in jail



'me too



'you go call your parents and i will finish the washing



'thanks.... bea grabbed her phone and walked outside to the back yard and found her mums name hitting call



'hello bea how are you?



'im okay mum and yourself? and dad?



'we are good, just making a sandwich for lunch



'thats good, listen i need you to stop that for a moment and go to dad, put the phone on loud speaker



'is something wrong?



'i need to talk to you both



'okay give me a moment..... bea took a big breath and waited till her parents were ready, she heard some shuffling



'okay bea we are here



'dad you can hear?



'i can bea, whats going on?



'i need you to let me tell you everything before you say anything please



'okay we are listening....... bea went on to tell them everything that happened with debbie and braydon



'are you guys there?



'were here bea, we are shocked, how is poor debbie?



'she got home today and is resting on the couch 



'we want to come and see her



'im sorry but no, dad your a male and i cant have any males around her right now, it will be up to her when she is ready for that



'than i will come on my own..... bea didnt know how to say this without sounding like an asshole but she needed to for debbie



'no mum, your way too full on and loud, debbie needs quiet, she needs to rest and not have so many people around



'who is there bea?



'allie and bridget



'why are they there? they are not family..... her mother said irritated



'debbie wants allie here with her, they are very close and i asked bridget to come and help me because she is trained in the sexual assault department and she has been an amazing help to debbie and me



'well im coming, i need to see my grand daughter



'mum please dont, you will cause a scene



'im on my way.... the phone disconnected and bea groaned, why does this woman not listen, she went back inside and bridget was sitting with the girl, she looked at bea and bea shook her head, she sat down in front of debbie to prepare her



'how you doing baby?



'im okay mum, im glad mama is here too



'me too... bea smiled at allie   'listen i just got off the phone with your grand parents



'did you tell them?



'i did tell them, they wanted to come over but i told them not too.  my mother was very adament about coming and i hope she doesnt but who knows, i just want to tell you just incase she does, in saying that i have made the decision that no males under any circumstances will be coming here, i will leave it up to you to tell me when you want any of them here, uncle will and your cousin are very worried about you



'i know i have been messaging with them



'is that okay?



'thank you mum, i appreciate that, i really dont want to be around any men right now



'anything i can do to help i will do it



'me too deb



'and me.... bridget said



'me too.... franky said coming from around the corner



'where did you come from?



'the front door, i have my key remember and i dint want to ring the door bell incase these 2 were sleeping



'thanks, i thought you were at work?



'i went in because i hired another lawyer to work with me, she is taking on my other cases while i look after debbie's, its my main priority and i can do some from home but i wanted to check on you guys and bring lunch...... she said holding up bags of food which bea took



'thanks franky



'no sweat. so how are you 2 feeling?



'im fine its deb we have to worry about



'im okay mama, i will heal from my injuries but you have a way to go...... allie kissed debbie's cheek



'im okay right now, im doing my treatments and im okay



'i need you to be, i need my mama.... debbie jumped when there was banging on the door



'woah woah its okay deb, its just the door.... allie soothed the young girl and rubbed her cheek



'i will get it deb, its okay



'alright mum.... bea went to the door and swung it open her parents standing there



'didnt i tell you both not to come here?



'dont you speak to us like that beatrice , we want to see our grand daughter.... they said pushing past her



'its not about you its about debbie...... she said chasing after them but it was too late, they went blasting into the lounge room and over to her, the fear in debbie's eyes as they both pulled her from allie and into a hug



'thats enough.... bea said going over to them and pulling her daughter gently away from them taking a few steps back



'what are you doing beatrice?



'me? i told you on the phone do not come over, i told you you especially dad she doesnt want to have any male around. but you just dont listen, and you mum your too full on as you can tell, debbie is scared



'well you have these 3 here.... her mother said pointing at franky, bridget and allie 



'since its my house i shouldnt have to explain what there doing here but i will anyways, debbie wants allie here, i asked bridget to come here and help me and franky here is debbie's aunty and lawyer, everyone is here because i and debbie want them here



'well that one shouldnt be here or around yonug debbie, she doesnt need her crap rubbing off on her..... the mother said pointing at allie. bea had enough



'bridget do you mind helping debbie to her bedroom please?



'sure bea..... debbie looked on worried and her mum rubbed her cheek



'its okay baby, leave your door open if you want to hear, i just dont want to scare you.... debbe nodded and went with bridget. bea breathed deeply and than turned to face her parents



'i am so sick of this crap



'excuse me... her mother said



'you heard me, im sick of you 2 taking over my life, so much has happened that you ave no idea about and im not hiding it anymore



'bea are you sure?.... allie said and bea looked at her



'i am if you are?.... allie nodded



'go ahead



'good., firstly allie here is the most amazing person i have ever met in her life, 8 years ago we met and fell madly in love with each oth, we were married 2 years later and were so blissfully happy, but when i found out you 2 were moving here i did the biggest mistake of my life and divorced her, i lost the love of my life because you 2 are so against same sex couples/marriage, i lose allie and i will never forgive myself for that, she wont ever forgive me for that and i dont blame her, i broke her heart and mine in the process, i did it all for you 2, i didnt want to put allie and our family through all the crap you 2 both talk about same sex couples.... bea took a breath






'im not done mother, you guys forced me to marry harry the most abusive person i have ever come across in my life, do you know he raped me, almost every single day he did whatever he want to me, is that what you wanted for me? this is the man you thought was an 'amazing man'. he didnt just hit me, he bashed me, i had so many broken bones throughout our marriage that i lost count how many times i was in hospital trying to recover from my injuries, i spent my whole marriage in pain do you guys understand that?, you know what dont answer that im not done..... bea took a couple more breaths before continuing 



'allie is the best person and debbie's other mum, allie adopted her when we got married and that will never change no matter what, but this beautiful woman here has her own things going on.... bea said taking allie's hand, allie nodded for bea to tell them, it may as well all come out



'allie has breast cancer and is currently going through chemo and radiation, she is the strongest woman i know and so humble.... bea said kissing allie on the cheek than facing them again



'now as for debbie, i told you what happened because you deserved to know but she is our daughter and we requested no males firstly and you mum are just too much for her, you came in bounding over to her, she was so scared, she doesnt want to be touched by anyone, she needs to initiate it, you guys have no idea how she is feeling but i do, i will not have her frightened in her own home. so there it is, all of it..... bea sighed and sat down completely drained



'beatrice why didnt you tell us about all of this before?



'come on dad, do you not remember what you told me at that bbq about allie or anyone?.... she raised her eyebrow



'i do remember, we were in a bad place



'its not just than dad, all mine and will life you have been abusive to us but mostly me, how many times will had stepped in and taken a beating so i dont have to, thats not how you treat people let alone your own family.... her dad nodded and sat down



'i understand how i treated you both was wrong bea, i have anger issues and thats the reason we moved to australia, apart from being close to you and debbie your mother found an anger specialist for me here, nz had one only and he was an idiot so we moved here, i have been dealing with my anger for awhile now 



'what made you get help?



'one night i got so angry i took it out on your mother, it was the only time i ever touched her but it was enough for me to get help, im a very proud man but your mother said she would leave me if i didnt get help, i wanted to address everything with you and will but not just yet



'im glad your getting help dad



'me too, you allie is a whole different story, although i dont agree with you and llie im glad your not together anymore



'dont get it twisted dad, im doing everything in my power to show allie how much i love and miss her in my life, i want her back but its up to her in the long run and if she decides to be with me you and mum will either have to accept it and be in all our lives or none at all, i wont have you dictating my life anymore, i wont have anyone dictating my life but me..... bea saw out of the corner of her eyes debbie coming out, she went straight over to her mum and pulled her up before wrapping her arms around bea



'im so proud of you mum, so very proud... bea held onto debbie and inhaled her hair



'thank you, i know this all hurt you but i will do better, i promise



'i know you will mum, i love you so much



'i love you too deb



'well we are going to leave,  think your mother and i have some things to discuss and think about, franky please if there is anything you need help with for debbie's case let me know... he said handing over his card which franky took, he got hold of his wifes hand and left the house. the others left looked around at each other



'well fuck, that was interesting to say the least... franky always the big mouth



'i'll say, bea are you okay?



'i dont know what i am



'mum your shaking



'im okay, i think im just shocked i just did that, i was just so sick and tired of hiding everything, letting them dictate my life this whole time, im done



'you were very strong bea



'thanks bridget, umm allie do you want to come and have a talk with me?



'sure bea



'we got debbie dont worry



'thanks guys.... bea and allie went to bea's bedroom and sat down on the bed






Chapter Text




They sat with there backs to the headboard, allie remembers this headboard, it was there 4th year wedding anniversary and allie had come home from work to find bea had tied herself to the bed, she was dressed in the sexiest red lingerie, she had a tray sitting on the bed that had whipped cream, chocolate sauce and cherries, allie remembers they stayed up all night make love like never before, they connected on a whole new level.



bringing her attention to bea she saw bea's hand laid between them on the bed. she slid her hand over it and they linked them



'how do you feel after all that?



'i cant believe i did that



'me too, what made you tell them everything?



'honestly im so sick of anyone telling me what to do, harry, my parents im over all of it



'im very proud of you bea, i know how hard it was too hide all of this. how do you feel now its all out in the open?



'relieved to a point



'to a point?



'yea, in this whole process the person i hurt the most was you and i dont know how to fix this, i dont know if i deserve a chance to fix us, if there even is an us?.... bea said unsure



'bea i want nothing more than to be an us but i need to see it, i need to see you really want this



'i would jump through hoops for you allie, i would do anything to make you happy



''i dont need you to jump through hoops for me bea, i just need you to just be here



'im here allie, i want you and i will do anything to make you happy and make you trust me again...... allie grabbed bea's hand and pulled her closer so there lips could connect, they kissed for some time and allie leaned even closer, she got caught up, since they split up they have both craved each other so much, allie turned and crawled onto bea's lap and the redhead wrapped her arms around allie's body, the room was filled with moans, there tongue's glided against each other with so much want that allie couldnt help but rub herself against the redheads lap feeling herself getting turned on more and more. they pulled apart a few moments later



'mum, mama?



'yes deb, are you alright?



'i need umm.. you know....... she stuttered through the door and yes they did know, since the attack debbie had needed either of her parents to apply cream to her delicate area, allie climbed off bea and they straightened there clothes



'come in deb... the door opened and debbie went over to them, allie got up



'here sweety you lay down with mum and i will get the cream..... allie helped debbie to lay down on her mums bed, bea lay on her side and slid her hand on debbie's stomach lullying the young girl



'how you doing mum?



'im alright deb im more worried about you?



'im alright mum, i will heal from my injuries



'yea but



'i know mum, i know i have a long road ahead of me



'im sorry you have to go through all this..... they were quiet when allie came into the room and sat at the bottom of the bed to apply said cream



'mum can i ask you something?



'anything deb



'how did you get through it?.... she asked trying to take her mind off what allie was doing



'hmm thats a difficult question, i guess for me it started when i got away from him,  you know we had court and i think i was really able to breath once he was sent to jail.... debbie nodded



'where is he?



'who braydon?






'in hospital. your mama crushed his balls and he had surgery. of what i know he will be discharged in the next couple days



'we he be let out to society?



'im not sure deb, right now there is a police escort with him and he is handcuffed to the bed



'what if he gets off? what if he comes after me? what if he doesnt go to jail?.... debbie said worried and scared



'we wont let that happen, franky wont let that happen, she has already started building a case and has found his character to be very bad



'really? how?



'it seems that your not the first girl he has done something like this too. there have been more



'wow, i had no idea, he seemed so nice..... allie washed her hands and came back to the room sitting beside the young girl



'thats because you see the good in people deb, he was so nice to you through out your time together and you some what trusted him. he is a bad guy and will get whats deserved. i promise he will and i never break a promise



'no you dont, thanks mums.... they laid down in bed together allie moving back not wanting to squish debbie because of her injuries, but debbie grabbed allie's hand and pulled her closer to her back to spoon her which she did. bea was on her back and debbie laid her head on her mums chest. allie put her hand over debbie and connected her hand with bea and they smiled at each other



'i can still feel you...... allie mouthed at bea and the redhead smiled wider



'i love you.... bea mouthed back



'i have always loved you..... allie replied. ten minutes later bridget and franky came to check on them and saw them all fast asleep in that same position, franky snapped a quick photo to send to the others before helping bridget with pulling the blanket over them and drawing the blinds so they could rest than left the room



'thats a good sight gidge



'definitely baby, i hope now that everything is out they can work things out



'me too babe, so what now? i was thinking of going to do some food shopping so red doesnt have to worry about it?



'i think thats a great idea franky, i will come with you



'will red be alright on her own?



'nurse rose is here to help them when needed



'alright let me just let her know..... bridget and franky left a few minutes later. rose is a nurse/house keeper, she helps with the medication and helping the sick as well as cooking and some cleaning, allie met her at the hospital during treatment, she became a nurse after her partner died of cancer, she cared for him for 5 years before he lost his battle. she and allie bonded when rose was working and rose had said she was looking for some part time work so she could save for a new car. her partner died leaving her in debt of medical bills and once his life insurance paid it off it left rose with $5000 which she set up house somewhere new. she was definitely a big help for allie and has helped her deal with the aftermath of chemo






The next day allie woke up feeling very dizzy, she was staying at bea's house so she could be close to debbie and bea. she was currently making a sandwich for debbie when she had to stop. leaning on the bench she squinted her eyes together. bea chose that moment to walk into the kitchen 



'hey allie whats wrong?



'im okay just feeling a little dizzy, its the medication



'come on lets get you back to bed



'no no im okay bea, i need to make debbie lunch



'i will do it, lets go... allie was unsteady on her feet so bea wrapped an arm around her and walked her back to the spare room, pulling the blankets back allie got in and tucked her in



'but debbie..... allie tried again but bea pushed her down and kissed her lips stopping allie in her tracks, tearing there lips apart slowly they looked into each others eyes 



'now you stay here and rest, i dont want you out of bed till later on, are you hungry?



'no thanks



'alright go to sleep...... allie nodded and closed her eyes, bea left the bedroom quietly and went back to the kitchen finishing off the sandwich and grabbing a banana and water, taking it to debbie in the lounge room



'here you go baby



'thanks mum, where is mama?



'she isnt feeling well so i sent her back to bed, she needs to rest



'you really love her dont you?



'more than anything, i just hope i have a chance to make everything up to her



'i hope so too mum. come and sit with me..... debbie lifted the blanket and bea slid in next to her, debbie took a bite from her sandwich and snuggled into her mums side



'i like this






'you and mama in the same house, not arguing, not fighting, not hurting like before



'me too deb.... they spent the next couple hours on the couch till allie joined them, she laid on the couch and put her head in bea's lap the redhead running her fingers through her blonde locks. 



'how are you feeling?



'a little better thanks



'good, so what do you girls want for dinner?



'im okay mum



'deb please i need you to eat properly, both of you.... she said looking at debbie than at allie



'fine, pizza?



'thank you deb,  you?



'yes yes pizza is fine



'good.... bea ordered a couple pizzas with garlic bread and cheesy bites, they stayed there till the food arrived and than bea set up the food on the dining table, they sat down to eat. bea happy when both girls managed a couple pieces, a piece of garlic bread a some cheesy bites






'very much so allie, now let me clean up and you 2 can shower



'are you saying we stink mum? ..... bea giggled



'of course not but im sure you would want to freshen up



'thats definitely true but i need help, mama can you shower with me?



'of course sweety.....  allie helped debbie into the shower and got in with her, she washed her hair and body tearing up when she saw the bruising between the young girls legs. it broke her heart to know her daughter went through all that. poor debbie was covered in bruises and if braydon was in front of her she would go at him again and probably kill him this time



'mama..... debbie said tearfully and helped her mama back up, they looked at each other with tears running down there cheeks



'im sorry baby, i wish i could take this all away for you.... she said rubbing her cheek



'i know mama.....  they hugged and held each other for a few minutes



bea had finished cleaning up and had seen the girls were taking a while so she knocked on the bathroom door



'are you 2 okay?..... no answer  'im coming in..... she opened the door to see debbie and allie in that exact position  'are you girls okay?



'were okay mum, just you know



'its fine, i just wanted to make sure you were okay, here i bought in warm towels



'great.... bea held out a towel for debbie and wrapped it around her



'oh nice and warm



'i know how much you like them, here allie for you



'thank you.... bea wrapped her in the warm towel



'i took out pj's for you both, there in my room



'sweet, lets go..... they went to bea's bedroom and the heater was on thankfully



'oh its cold tonight



'i know baby so i bought your robe as well



'thanks mum.... once they were both dressed the 3 of them went back to the lounge room



'do you girls need anything?



'a hot chocolate?.... debbie said and bea smiled



'of course baby, allie?



'i would rather a tea if its not too much problem?



'absolutely, i wont be long..... the rest of the night was spent relaxing on the couch together






franky was in her office doing some paperwork when her phone speaker boomed to life and maxine spoke



'franky i have andrew thompson on line 1



'thanks maxi.... franky cleared her throat and pushed line 1



'this is franky doyle



'hi miss doyle i am andrew thompson, braydon holts lawyer



'what can i do for you mr thompson?



'i am calling about my client, my client would like to settle out of court



'what does that mean?



'he has instructed me to offer miss debbie novak a hundred thousand dollars, she will of course need to sign a quiet agreement and no charges will be laid against him..... franky rolled her eyes, of course mr dumbfuck braydon holt would try to buy himself out of this



'this is not about the money mr thompson, this is about getting justice for the vulgar things braydon did to her, he took advantage of a young girl 



'miss doyle you cant be serious, miss novak went to mr holts premises with intent to



'if you finish that mr thompson i guarantee you will be in a bed right beside your precious client



'is that a threat miss doyle?



'its a promise, now i will take this to my client and get back to you when i can



'thank you miss doyle..... hanging up she jumped on her laptop and searched the lawyers name, seems andrew thompson has been very busy protecting the holts, he is being kept very busy indeed. collecting her things she walked out of her office



'maxi i need to go talk to debbie and her mums



'okay love. how did it go with andrew?



'braydons lawyer. made an offer for hush money, wants debbie to sign some crap and be quiet



'bea and allie wont go for that, they will flip out



'i know but i have to take it to them, actually can you come to there place with me?



'sure love, give me a moment



'i will wait downstairs in the car...... they arrived at bea's house half an hour later after picking up drinks and donuts, bea had told franky that debbie hasnt been eating much so she thought turning up with debbie;s favorite thickshake and donuts would help. knocking on the door it opened a minute later



'franky, maxi come in. what are you 2 doing here?



'i need to talk to you guys about something red, i bought debbie's favorite



'she will love it, come on through..... walking into the lounge room they hugged the other 2



'got this for ya shorty



'thanks franky



'so what are you 2 doing here?



'i need to talk to you guys about something, hey red sit down



'okay whats going on?....... franky went on to explain what the lawyer had offered



'hold on a minute, they wasnt debbie to sign a no talk agreement so he can get away with it?



'thats correct...... bea stood up and walked around, she stood at the glass balcony door and looked outside as the rain fell down



'deb sweety what do you want to do? this is your decision.... allie asked



'i dont want the money, if i dont push forward he will keep doing this and get away with it 



'so your fighting?



'im definitely fighting



'good girl, i can only imagine how hard this is deb but your strong like your mums and we will all be there to support you



'thanks franky.... franky nodded to bea and allie went over to her, she rubbed her shoulders before wrapping her arms around her



'were gonna fight bea, together... bea turned around 







Chapter Text




A week later allie was at home, she went back to her own place today after chemo not wanting to become a burden to the redhead and her daughter, nurse rose was with her which made it easier. allie had stopped throwing up an hour ago and was sitting on the couch watching some tv



'allie here drink this tea, it has ginger in it and it will help soothe your stomach



'thanks rose, i appreciate you taking time off work to help me



'oh please you pay more than the hospital... they both laughed, someone knocked on the door at that moment 'are you expecting anyone allie?



'not till tonight, franky was going to visit, can you just help me up i will get it..... allie got up and walked to the door pulling it open. she couldnt help but smile at the sight in front of her. debbie was standing there dressed in her sleeping trackies and a hoody, her favorite pillow tucked under her arm and the red blanket under the other, bea was right behind her her hands full of a casserole dish and a red rose sitting on top



'what are you 2 doing here?



'well you wouldnt come to our house so we came to you, hope thats okay?



'of course it is, come in.... they walked inside and allie followed bea to the kitchen



'i bought you chicken noodle soup






'oh and this is for you.... bea said turning around and handing the rose to the blonde



'thank you.... allie said and kissed bea on the cheek



'you hungry? i can put you a bowl



'just a little bit please



'okay, you go sit with sooky over there..... bea nodded at debbie who was sitting on the couch watching tv pouting



'why is she sooky?



'on the way here she wanted donuts but the shop was closed.... bea rolled her eyes and allie giggled, there daughter was such a drama queen



'poor baby, i think i can fix that, there is a place in this area that does amazing donuts



'she would love that, why dont you go sit down and i will bring you over some soup?



'okay.....   allie sat down beside debbie and kissed her on top of her head when the young girl laid her head on her mama's shoulder



'stop pouting deb



'im not pouting



'yes you are



'well mum promised me donuts



'your a sook... she giggled and wrapped her arm around her shoulders



'lets fix that ay






'pass my phone please.... debbie passed allie her phone and opened up the uber app and scrolled down to the shop



'here you go, choose which ones you want, get the 24 pack and mix them up and place the order



'your the best mama..... debbie happily scrolled through her phone




'hey bea how are you?.....nurse rose said coming out from the bathroom



'im good, where were you?



'cleaning the bathroom, allie had been pretty sick but the first time made a mess



'oh sorry rose, you should have let me clean it



'oh please bea, im here to help her, the only thing she needs from you guys is support, its amazing how much comfort patients need, the medication they take makes them feel down at times



'i know, i have been doing a lot of research online which is why when she said she was coming back here after chemo we were coming over, not that she knew that



'its good bea



'well im going to put some soup for her



'thats a good idea but not too much. also she is very tired so she will fall asleep soon, dont let her fight it



'i wont



'okay well im going to run some errands for her since you and debbie are here. do you need anything?



'no thanks rose



'alright i will be back later on



'take your time rose.... rose left the apartment and bea walked into the lounge room and handed allie a bowl of soup



'thank you, are you going to eat?



'we ate before we left home



'okay good



'deb what are you doing on mama's phone?



'picking donuts, mama showed me this shop and im choosing, which ones do you want?



'get whatever you want deb



'you sure mum?



'definitely.... debbie chose her donuts and sat back happy to wait for them, allie had eaten half the bowl and was now dosing off, she was trying so hard to stay awake but bea could tell she was struggling



'allie, sweetheart lets get you to bed



'hmmm im okay, i want to eat the soup, its really good, your a good cook



'thank you but your exhausted, come on.... debbei took the bowl from her hands and bea helped her to her feet, they walked together to allie's bedroom and laid her down in bed and pulled the blanket over her



'you go to sleep, you need rest



'thank you for coming over, i really appreciate it..... allie was asleep in a couple minutes and bea left her in bed going out to debbie, the young girl had just bought in the delivery from the donut shop



'there here mum and there yum



'im glad your happy now.... debbie smiled and took a big bite of her sweet. bea sat beside her and they watched tv for a while, an hour later bea had realized that debbie was lost in her thoughts. she touched her arm and debbie turned to her mum



'you alright deb?



'hmm, just thinking



'anything i can help with?.... debbie shrugged  'hey deb you can talk to me about anything... debbie gave a slight nod, she was quiet for a couple minutes 



'do you think he thinks what he did was wrong?



'im really not sure deb, i would think he understands, any normal person would but franky had found quite a few girls that he has done something similar to



'which means he thinks he can do what he wants?



'most likely



'you know i did some research of him online 



'what did you find?



'there is 2 other pending cases against him, his mum is on the investigation list in regards to murder and his dad is basically in the mix



'fucking hell, crazy family baby, dont worry though you have an army behind you and we will get that slimy little fucker... debbie nodded



'did you see how mama punched him in the face?



'how did you see that?



'i looked over your shoulder when you picked me up, she kicked his ass.... bea and debbie giggled



'she sure did



'thank you mum, im great full to all 4 of you for finding me and saving me



'im just sorry we didnt turn up early



'its not your fault mum, i know i havent told anyone exactly what happened with him but i will



'you take your time, just know that franky is your lawyer so you will need to tell her so she can build her case for you



'i know and i will go in a couple days to talk to her



'do you want me and mama with you?



'i will let you know, by the way have you spoken to grandma and grandpa?



'no, not since that day at our house



'well if they dont accept everything than bad luck to them



'thank you baby, for supporting me through everything



'i mean we clashed a bit



'we sure did deb, but you rightfully fought for our family and i hope we can get that back one day



'me too mum, i love you ya know



'i love you to my beautiful daughter.... bea peppered debbie's face with kisses making her giggle, she pulled debbie gently into her arms and they laid there watching a movie together







allie had woken a few hours later and used the bathroom, she washed up and brushed her hair gasping when she saw a clump of hair fall into her hand, she knew this was a definite possibility but didnt expect it right now, she dragged her finger through her hair and more fell out, the tears started to fall down her cheeks and she sat on the floor of the bathroom 




bea heard allie moving around in her room so got up to heat up some food for her, it had been 10 minutes and she frowned



'why is mama taking so long? i thought i heard her



'i did too, let me go check on her.... bea walked to the bedroom and slowly opened the door



'allie?.... she heard sniffling coming from the ensuite, walking over to the door she knocked  'allie its me, are you okay?... she didnt hear a response so knocked again



'allie open the door.... still nothing and she was really worried now,   'allie im coming in.... not hearing allie again she opened the door and the sight in front of her made her heart break, allie was sitting on the floor against the bathtub, her hands were full of hair, allie looked up her eyes red from crying



'bea.... she croaked out 



'oh sweetheart... bea sat next to her and wrapped her arm around her shoulders pulling the distraught woman into her  'im so sorry.... allie let bea comfort her for some time



'i knew it could happen especially with the new medication but i didnt think it would be this fast and in clumps



'im sorry allie, i wish i could do something to help



'just you being here is enough.... just than there was a knock on the door



'mum, mama are you okay?...... bea looked at allie 



'what do you want to tell her?



'tell her to come in, we have talked about this part.... bea nodded



'come in deb.... the door opened and debbie's face turned from a slight smile to a grimace, she and her mama have talked about this at length and what to possibly expect, she crouched down in front of her mums and rubbed allie's leg



'is it time?



'yes it is.... bea frowned



'time for what?.... bea asked as debbie stood up and went to allie's room finding the box they bought a while ago, she came back in and bea saw it



'mum, mama and i talked about this a while ago and we went out and bought a shaver kit to shave her hair off once it starts falling out, it will fall out over time and mama doesnt want that, she told me once it starts falling out than she wants to shave it.... bea nodded as debbie went off coming back a few moments later with a chair, bea stood up and helped allie up



'are you sure about this allie?



'yes, its time, you dont have to be here if you dont want to



'i told you im here with you, for everything... she said rubbing allie's cheek and kissing her lips  'come and sit down.... allie sat down and debbie put a towel around her, debbie picked up the electric shaver and turned it on



'ready mama?



'im ready.... bea held allie's hand and debbie began. she had done a quarter so far when bea looked up to see debbie wiping away the tears, it was hard to see her mama having to go through this. 



'deb let me.... she said standing up beside her daughter



'im.. im okay..... the younger girl stuttered out



'you sit with mama. let me do it...... debbie nodded and sat on the toilet holding onto her mama's hand.  bea looked at allie in the mirror and smiled



'lets get this done yea?.... allie nodded. it took 20 minutes and it was done, allie was bold, it was something that needed to be done but it doesnt make it easy.  bea kissed the top of her head and stayed there for a moment, all 3 of them were crying at the situation. bea put the shaver on the counter while debbie hugged her mama. the whole situation was fucked up and bea wanted to do whatever it takes to support this beautiful woman, picking up the shaver again bea turned it on causing the other 2 to look at her



'bea what are you doing?



'im shaving my head



'what the fuck? no you cant



'i want to in support for you, i cant do anything to take all this away for you, i cant make it better but i can support you in any way..... bea said tears rolling down her cheeks, allie took the shaver and turned it off putting it on the bench, she face bea and pulled her into a hug, they wrapped there arms around each other 



'you being here is the support i need, you helping me, you cooking for me, cleaning for me, looking after me, coming to the hospital with me is the support i need, you have given me all that, i appreciate the thought but i love your red curls and im being selfish when i say i love running my fingers through them, i want you to keep your hair.... kissing bea's cheek she pulled back and smiled









'good, now deb if you can pack all this away for me i would like to shower?



'sure mama..... once debbie was done she went to the lounge room leaving her mums in the bathroom



'umm, could you help me please? im tired



'of course..... bea stripped them both of there clothes and they got into the shower enclosure



'i love your shower, its so big... allie giggled



'i know right, when i moved in here i got it redone, it was small



'well they did a good job..... bea washed them both and than allie wrapped her arms around her, she laid her head on bea's shoulder



'i know this isnt what you signed up for bea, i wont be offended if it was too much for you



'thats never gonna happen allie, im in this, im here and im not going anywhere, i know i fucked up big time letting you go but i want to make it right, i will make it up to you... allie moved in and kissed bea on the lips, it started off slow but become heated quickly, they only pulled back to breath, allie was wheezing slightly



'hey are you okay?,..... bea said worried



'im okay... she said taking deep breaths



'are you sure? do you need to go to the hospital?..... allie shook her head as her breathing got back to normal



'im okay bea, i just got really excited, im alright i promise, i really missed kissing you like that... bea smiled



'me too, should we get out and check what our daughter is up too?



'sure, hopefully she left us some donuts



'you should be so lucky.... they got out and dried off before getting dressed, they went out to the living room and sat with debbie



'you alright mama?



'im okay deb, it might take some getting used to but i will be okay



'good, mum can i ask you a favor please?






'i need you to go home and pick something up for me



'what is it?



'in my closet on the right there is a box, can you get it and bring it here?



'you dont want to go yourself? you can take my car..... debbie looked down playing her her fingers nervously



'i just cant drive right now, i dont want to be on my own since you know.... bea and allie did know



'sorry deb its okay i will go get it, you you need anything else?



'well we are staying here right? we cant leave mama on her own..... bea looked at allie who smiled and nodded



'yes we are



'than can you bring me some clothes?



'sure, alright i wont be too long, i will get something for dinner



'okay mum..... bea left the apartment



'oh by the way mama i called rose and told her we didnt need her for the rest of the day. mum and i are here and can help you with anything you need mama



'thanks deb.... bea returned an hour later and dropped the bags in the spare room than bought the box out



'here you go deb



'thanks mum



'so what is it?



'its for mama, i bought it a couple weeks after i found out about everything and we had the talk about losing your hair, here mama.... allie took the offered box and sat on the couch, pulling the lid off and smiled, her daughter really was so sweet



'wow deb.... the box had a couple wigs, a few scarfs, hats and beanie's, everything she would need to cover up knowing her mama could embarrass easy in front of people



'i thought a variety would help



'there perfect deb just like you, thank you sweetheart



'your welcome mama



'its great deb



'thanks mum.... they spent the rest of the day eating the kfc bea bought and messing around with all the wigs and head stuff debbie bought, it was a hard and emotional day but together they were doing there best