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I Loved You First

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The doors of the Hospital Emergency Room burst open as Eijirou and Hanta rushed in a patient on a gurney. Immediately, nurses and a doctor came rushing out to assist. 

“Status?” A stoic face doctor with half red and half white hair jogged up beside Eijirou. 

“Male, mid-thirties, car accident. BP stable, broken femur, possible concussion,” as they brought the man further into the ER.

“Where’s Midoriya?” the doctor shouted out. 

Midoriya? Eijirou echoed in his mind, a familiar weight in the name. 

“Right here!”  

Eijirou looked up to the man running towards him. Both slowed to a stop as their eyes connected; green eyes widening in recognition. Time froze as the two held each other's gazes, the world fading to the background and becoming white noise.

Their intimate bubble burst as time resumed, pushing them forward at a break-neck speed. Eijirou found himself reeling at the sudden presence of Izuku, eyes rapidly blinking in an effort to regain composure. His body moved on muscle memory alone, hands finding the edges of the sheets, counting to the count of three as they transferred the patient from the gurney to the hospital bed. 

Eijirou was dazed watching Izuku rattle off instructions to the other nurses around him, stopping to talk to the peculiar doctor. As Izuku turned to disappear to follow the patient, they locked eyes again and Izuku gave a soft smile and a nod before he whipped around a corner. 

Seeing Izuku’s face again brought back buried feelings to Eijirou. Izuku had been at the back of his mind for the longest time. Eijirou had never sought him out or tracked him down due to their mutual understanding that summer. Yet, Eijirou kept tabs via Denki, soon letting his summer love fade to the background as life continued on.

Eijirou had since then focused on getting a college education before pursuing a career as a paramedic. 

Hanta and Eijirou headed back to their ambulance, loading up their gear and driving back to their station. With practiced ease, they restocked and disinfected their rig before heading back out to their designated check-point for another call. On their way, they stopped off for coffee and food to last them the last few hours of their shift. 

Eijirou’s mind was preoccupied with Izuku’s appearance. His vibrant green hair, bright green eyes, the light dusting of freckles that spread over his cheeks and across his nose. He had gotten more beautiful than the day he’d last seen him. One side of Eijirou’s lip quirked up at the bittersweet memory. 

“Yo, what’s going on there Ei. It’s not like you to be like this. Relax man, you know that guy’s gonna pull through! We’ve seen worse shit y’know?”

“Hmm? No, it’s,” Eijriou paused, “it’s nothing like that.”

“Then what is it? You’re never this somber.”

“Somber?” Eijirou huffs a laugh, “I’m surprised you know the word.” 

Hanta shrugs, “Hey man, English Lit was my fave when we were in college.”

“I thought you were in it for the girls.”

Hanta aims to punch his arm playfully, “Jerk. Yeah, that was a plus, but I really did enjoy literature.” 

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say, man.”  As he blocks Hanta’s hits.

“Seriously, my man. What’s going on?” 

“Ah, yeah,” he starts, “do you remember the head ER nurse that was delegating roles to everyone around him when we came in?” 

“Yeah, the cutie with the freckles. What about him?”

Eijirou felt a blush rise on his cheeks, even Hanta thinks he’s cute? “Well, uh, he and I know each other. I’m just—just surprised to see him. I haven’t seen him in years.” 

Hanta put the ambulance in park as they reached their standby point, unbuckling his seatbelt and taking out his burger to munch on. 

“Okay, spill. There’s got to be more to the story to make you this introspective and tightlipped about things.”

Eijirou sighed, resting his elbow on the armrest of the ambulance and leaned his chin on it, “It’s...well. I guess I’m making it more complicated than it should be. I just, I thought I could move past it, but seeing him again. Well, I don’t think my feelings have changed after all these years.” 

“Okay, you’re still kinda vague bro. You know you can trust me right? We’ve been buds since freshman year.”

“Yeah, I know it’s just—hey, what do you think of soulmarks?” 

Hanta barks a laugh, “Seriously? You’re asking me , of all people? I met my soulmate through you, dummy!” 

“Oh, right. Duh.” 

“Seriously man, what gives? You’re more of a space cadet than usual.” 

“Sorry, it's just, Izuku. Man, okay I’ll just tell you the story from the beginning okay?”

“Finally! I’ve been waiting for you to fess up.” 

Eijirou reached for his wallet in his back pocket, flipping it open and taking out a small photo hidden  behind his picture ID. The edges frayed from years of wear and tear. His fingers ghosted over the last photo they took together before Izuku had left. The last summer bonfire.

“It started the summer before college.” 

6 Years Ago

Eijirou wiped the sweat from his brow from hauling beach chairs and blankets from his jeep to their usual spot on the beach. He caught his breath as he looked at his handy work with hands on his hips, giving himself a quick nod of satisfaction. He then went about the beach looking for pieces of dry driftwood they could use for the bonfire that would be starting in about an hour. 

It was the first one of the summer, and Eijirou had been looking forward to it. Hanging out with friends around a fire with the smell of the sea surrounding them was one of his favorite summer pastimes. 

Soon people started to filter in, calling out to the fiery redhead from a distance with exaggerated waving hands. The dependable Yosetsu and Itsuka were the first to show up, and they usually provided snacks and refreshments. Later Mina joined up with them, amongst several other people from the local high school. Denki had said that he’d be by, and that he’d be bringing along his cousin. 

Everyone’s interests were piqued by the mention of this newcomer, girls had hoped for a new boy while the boys hoped it was a new girl. There was a collective mass of aw’s and yes’s when Denki showed up with a cute boy. 

“Hey, guys! I want y’all to meet my cousin, Izuku!” 

“H-hi everyone!” he had squeaked out. 

Izuku was shy and bashful; clearly not a fan of being the center of attention.

Izuku shook everyone’s hand one by one, coming to meet Eijirou last. Eijirou felt something akin to the gentle waves of a rolling tide coming up to meet him, slowly spreading warmth through his body and to his heart, the moment their hands met. He took in Izuku’s appearance, a curly mop of untamed green hair, wide glittery green eyes, rosy cheeks dusted with freckles, and a sweet smile that was infectious. He had a lean medium build; Eijirou knew the guy worked out, he could tell by his shoulders, arms, and his shapely legs accentuated by his tank and shorts. Ah, he was more than just cute. He was downright gorgeous. 

Izuku stuck around Eijirou for the rest of the night, the latter making sure to make Izuku feel included and one of them. It was easy to talk to Izuku, his heart flipped every time Izuku’s eyes would twinkle and he’d giggle or laugh at his lame jokes, ones that his own friends would usually roll their eyes at. 

Eijriou found out that Izuku was staying for the summer with Denki and would most likely be a fixture at their weekly gathering, to which the redhead said Izuku was more than welcome to come out and hang. He had found out that Izuku had lived in this town before, but their parents had a messy divorce prompting him to move out with his Dad to Tokyo. As the night drew to a close, and the fire died down to wisps of embers, Denki called out to Izuku saying they should get back home. Before Izuku could walk away Eijirou impulsively grasped Izuku’s wrist, not wanting him to go just yet.

“Wait!” he shouted, startling Izuku, “Sorry, can we exchange numbers? I had fun chatting with you.” 

Izuku laughed and said, “Sure.”

They quickly exchanged information and as Izuku turned to leave, “It was nice meeting you Ei-chan, thanks for having me!” 

That warmth spread through his chest again, as he grinned in return, “Yeah, it was nice meeting you too Izu-chan! I’ll see you soon!” 

Eijirou, alongside Mina, stuck around to help douse the bonfire completely and take down all the chairs and roll up the blankets. She wore a knowing smile every time they made eye contact. 

He rolled his eyes, “Out with it. Your smile is creeping me out, man.” 

“Oh, I don’t know. I think you should tell me ,” she singsonged and wiggled her eyebrow.


“‘Izu-chan’? You guys just met, and already you have cutesy nicknames for one another.” 

“Ah, well—,” he trailed off, “It just felt, right?” 

“Do you think he’s your soulmate?”

Eijirou laughed, “We’re too young to know who our soulmates are. We’ve still got two more years.” 

“But what if . What if he’s not and you fall in love with him?” 

“Mina, we just met!” 

“Yeah, but you two just hit it off so easily! You got him to warm up quickly.” 

“I was just being friendly!”

“I’m just saying Ei, you two clearly have a connection.” 

Their conversation died after that, having loaded everything into his jeep. He drove Mina home with her leaving, “Just think about it Ei. I think you should pursue him. It’s rare to find your soulmate before you get your mark.” 

He drove back home with her words echoing in the back of her mind. Just as he was finished unloading his jeep, his phone dinged.

Izuku: Hope you got home safe and clean-up wasn’t too bad!

Me: I just got home, thanks! Mina helped out so it went quick. :) 

From that day on Eijirou and Izuku were inseparable: always texting each other, with Eijirou often asking him if he wanted to hang out. Denki always seemed to decline but encouraged Izuku to go have fun without him. Eijirou taught Izuku how to surf and fish and showed him all the local spots. 

The two of them found themselves gravitating towards one another physically, Eijirou instinctively holding Izuku’s hand as they walked down to the beach to set up for the weekly bonfires. Izuku had smiled fondly and squeezed his hand in return. 

That night, Eijirou couldn’t contain himself anymore, the past two weeks had given him nothing but happiness.

“Izu, can we talk?”

“Sure, Ei-chan!” Izuku cocked his head questioningly, “what did you wanna talk about?”

“Ah, yeah,” Eijirou suddenly felt nervous, “can we talk in private?” 

“Oh, okay.” 

Izuku stood up from the sprawled out blanket, with Eijirou leading them down to the shoreline where the chatter of their friends was drowned out by the waves.

“So,” Izuku started a small smile on his lips.

“So,” Eijirou started, swallowing thickly as he said, “This has been the best summer I’ve had, but that all is thanks to you Izu. Ever since you came to town, it’s like, like you breathed life into summer. I’ve had a lot of fun getting to know you and hanging out with you and I—I just wanna say. I like you Izu, I really really like you. Like—a lot.”

When Eijirou finally looked at Izuku he was met with wide eyes and a dropped jaw. Izuku tried to pull himself together, but ended up laughing and crying simultaneously, alarming Eijirou. 

“I’m—sorry! I’m just, I’m really happy to hear that! I like you too Ei-chan!” Izuku launched himself at Eijirou, throwing him off balance till they landed in the sand, “Oops! Sorry!” Izuku scrambled to get up, but Eijirou held him in place. 

The two locked gazes with Eijrou wearing a lopsided grin, “You like me too?” 

“Ah, yes,” Izuku had blushed, looking away. Eijirou reached for Izuku’s cheeks, fingers lightly tracing the freckles before tucking a curl behind Izuku’s ear, before leaning into a kiss. 

It was soft and gentle to the touch, but it surged through his body like the sea crashing against a cliff. Their kiss grew deeper, and Eijirou felt himself sinking further and further into the whirlpool of affection he had for the boy above him.

When they broke apart, the tides inside him ebbed away and he felt calmer than he had ever had before. The beautiful boy in his arms pecked one more kiss on his lips before burying his face into his neck, “I really, really, like you.” 

Their relationship sprouted after their confessions, a layer of physicality added to their daily routine. Eijirou couldn’t get enough of Izuku, always seeking out his lips and touching his skin. He was falling hard for Izuku, yet there was a small voice in the back of his mind that questioned what if?

One night they set up a tent in Eijirou’s backyard for a sleepover in an effort to stargaze. They laid out on a blanket side by side staring up at the sky holding hands.

“Hey Izu,” he says looking up. 


“What do you think about soulmates?”

“They’re alright I guess,” Izuku shrugs. 

“Do you ever think about yours?” 

“No, not really. We don’t get our marks till we’re 20. Not really my priority.” 

“O-oh, I see.”

Izuku turns on his side to face Eijirou with a soft smile, “Do you, Ei-chan?” 

“Yeah, sometimes, but like you said we’ve got a few years before our marks tell us anything,” he rolls to match Izuku. 

Izuku shuffles closer, “Yeah, besides, I like living in the present. In the now, here with you.”

Kirishima shuffles closer to their noses touching, “Me too. You’re right, I don’t know why I brought it up.”

Izuku leans in to kiss Eijirou much more deeply before pulling away, “Do soulmates matter when I love you?” 

Eijirou’s lungs freeze, those emotions inside him rising fast like the tide. He stares into Izuku’s eyes, emotions laid bare for him to see, “You —”

“Me?” Izuku cheekily replies.

“You love me?”

Izuku places his hand over Eijirou’s heart, “Yes. I love you, Eijirou. I think I’ve been in love with you since day one.” 

He places his hand over Izuku’s, replying, “I love you too Izuku. I feel the exact same way.” 

Izuku closes the gap, kissing Eijirou again once more. Their tongues entangling with one another, deepening their kiss to emulate their confession.

“We should get inside the tent,” Izuku says breathlessly, hesitant to break from their kiss. 

“Ye-yeah,” Eijirou replies quickly, “let’s move.” 

They two scramble into the tent, with Izuku pulling Eijirou on top of him and pulling his shirt over his head. Eijirou helps Izuku with his shirt before continuing their messy make out session. Their hands fumble between them, undoing their belts and unbuckling their pants before breaking away to let one another strip. 

When they collide again, Eijirou starts to rut against Izuku, feeling the friction between their hardening cocks makes him moan into Izuku’s mouth. Izuku’s hands wrap around the back of his neck threading through his hair, also moaning into his mouth, before breaking quickly to say, “We’ll have to be careful, um, this is—this is my first time.”

Eijirou blinked before taking Izuku’s lips again, his hands sliding down Izuku’s hard body, “Me—me too Izu, it’s also my first time.” 

Izuku’s eyes sparkled with a smile, his hands cupping Eijirou’s face, kissing Eijirou sweetly whispering against his lips, “I love you. I want you. I want to make you feel good.” 

Eijirou inhaled deeply and gave a nod as Izuku trailed kisses over his face and down his neck, changing their positions so Izuku was atop him, continuing to trail more kisses down EIjirou’s chest and abs before reaching the waistband of his boxers. Tentative fingers pulled down the elastic exposing his cock to the cold air, Izuku’s hot breath ghosting over it as he leaned in close. 

Izuku licked a stripe from base to tip, heat engulfing him as Izuku wrapped his mouth around him and slid down, taking him as deep as he could without choking. He continued a steady rhythm of sucking Eijirou off. The latter pulled him off quickly when he realized he could easily blow his load.

“Wh—how, you’re way too good at that!”

Izuku laughed, “I’m a virgin, but doesn’t mean I haven’t watched porn or ‘practiced.’” he said with air quotes.

Eijirou pulled him in for a kiss, tasting the slight saltiness of his precome on Izuku’s tongue. He rolled them over so Izuku was on his back, pulling Izuku’s boxer briefs down and lined his cock against Izukus, spitting into his hand as he wrapped around both their cocks stroking them. 

Izuku let out a soft moan, and Eijirou fell in love with the debauched look on Izuku’s face: flushed cheeks, eyes half-lidded, mouth slightly parted, his tongue licking his lips as puffs of air and whines escaped his throat, “Ei, that feels good.” 

Eijirou kissed him, stroking a little faster, Izuku moaned a little louder into his mouth. They broke apart again with Izuku panting, “sorry.”

Eijirou shook his head, “it’s okay, I think we’re fine. Uh, but I don’t—”


“I don’t—”

“I do, it’s in my backpack, um, I just, wanted to be ready in case, if ever, you know?” He started to mutter. 

Eijirou laughed, pecking him on the lips, “at least one of us is prepared.” 

He reached for Izuku’s backpack, grabbing the lube buried inside of it. Izuku watched him as he settled back between his legs.

“Do you, um, know..” Izuku warily asked

“Not ...really,” Eijirou admitted

Izuku exhaled, “Okay, just, listen to me, okay? I’ll guide you.” 

Eijirou nodded, Izuku sat up taking the bottle from Eijirou and popping it open, holding Eijirou’s hand gently, dripping the lube down his thick fingers. Eijirou smears it along his fingertip with his thumb. Izuku props himself up with one elbow as his other hand reaches for Eijirou’s wrist guiding it to his hole. 

Eijirou watched Izuku’s Adam's apple bobbed, “O-okay, slowly smear the lube around.”

He followed Izuku’s instructions obediently, tracing Izuku’s puckered hole with lube, a gasp emitted from Izuku. Eijirou glanced at him and Izuku shook his head, “I'm fine, just—just a little cold. Okay now, slowly and gently press in.”

Eijirou slowly pressed in past the tight ring of muscle, Izuku cursing under his breath as he flopped back flat onto the sleeping bag. 

The insides of Izuku were tight and hot, Eijirou vaguely wondered if Izuku would be able to take him. Izuku let out a whimper and his legs trembled. Eijirou stopped, looking up at Izuku’s half lidded eyes.

“Don’t, Stop.” He panted with each word.

Eijirou slowly thrusted his finger in and out, feeling Izuku’s body relax slightly. Izuku then instructed him to add more lube and add another finger.

“Are you sure?” 

“Yes, Ei-chan. You need to st—stretch me properly if I’m to, uh—well.” 

Eijirou felt heat rise to his cheeks at the subtle hint to his size, “Okay,” he paused, “Okay, I’ll make sure you feel good Izu.” 

Eijirou focuses on his task, takes it slow, sliding his fingers in and out, Izuku grips the sleeping bag below him when Eijirou hits a spot when Izuku instructs him to curl his fingers. Izuku’s back arches off the bed, his chest heaving as he praises Eijirou, “Baby, that’s so good. Just like that.  You’re doing so good. Now, add more lube and add another finger.” 

Eijirou was more than a little nervous, but Izuku urged him to go on. He tenses as he starts to push three fingers in but Eijirou repeats his process and soon Izuku is panting and moaning, throwing more praises and curses and eventually grinding his hips down on his fingers. 

“Ei, I’m ready, please. I want you.” 

The storm inside Eijirou swells into a maelstrom as the words leave Izuku’s lips. He drips and smears lube over his shaft, stroking himself and lines himself up to his entrance, one hand on Izuku’s knee as his other hand steadies his shaft. He looks at Izuku who nods eagerly at him and he pushes in. The tip of his cock pops in and Eijirou bites the inside of his cheek at the tightness. He shifts his hips forward slowly, pushing deep into Izuku; his legs trembling, and tears slip from the corner of Izuku’s glassy green eyes. 

Eijirou stops midway when he sees the tears, “Are you okay? Does it hurt?”

Izuku shakes his head, still smiling as he wipes the tears from his eyes, “It’s okay, I just need some adjusting okay? You’re doing great. I’m just...emotional, sharing my first time with you.” 

His heart clenches, he wants to make Izuku feel good; to express that he loves him. Now's not a time to be timid, but to be confident in his moves. So he steadies his hands by hooking his hands under Izuku’s knees, fully sheathing himself till he’s buried to the hilt.

He leans down kissing Izuku gently as he adjusts to Eijirou’s girth. Soft kisses exchanged till their full of heated lust. 

Izuku whispers “move” with a shaky breath and he does as he’s told. He pulls out slowly, before slowly thrusting back in. He continues to study and observe Izuku’s body language, taking note of the things Izuku likes. He briefly thinks of how being around Izuku’s nerdy habits really comes in handy right now. 

Eijirou keeps a steady pace, thrusting slow and deep as he can. Izuku’s hips start to undulate against him and he moans into Izuku’s mouth. Izuku’s heat engulfs him, and it's mind-numbingly good. Eijrou’s lips latch onto Izuku’s neck and collarbone, littering small bruises against his skin. 

“Faster,” Izuku had gasped out at one point and he complied, picking up his pace and driving into Izuku’s sweet heat over and over. He felt Izuku’s fingers dig into his skin, the hot breath of his held back moans at his ear. He whispers how much he loves Eijirou and a hot coil in his stomach starts to tighten. 

Izuku’s knees squeeze at his hips, locking Eijirou deeper. “Ei, I’m close,” he says right into his ear, “You’re going to make me come. Keep doing that, yes! Right there!”

Eijirou snaps his hips, groaning ‘fuck’ when he feels Izuku’s teeth sink into his shoulder, hot liquid spurting between their bodies. Eijirou bites down hard on his own lip tasting copper when his vision goes white, the sound of waves crashing filling his ears like white noise as he follows after Izuku with his own orgasm.

He drops his head into Izuku’s shoulder as he catches his breath. Izuku stroked his back lovingly and pressed kisses across the place he bit. 

“I’m sorry,” Izuku whispers, “I was afraid I was going to scream, it felt so good Ei.” 

“Don’t be sorry,” Eijirou kisses him deeply, “I wanted you to feel good. Mark me however you please. I’m yours.” 

Izuku’s eyes glaze over and tears spill from his eyes, his hands cup Eijirou’s face and he kisses him back, “I’m yours.” 

They had cleaned up briefly after that, slipping into the sleeping bag together and drifting off to sleep in one another's arms. 

The days following, their relationship had grown deeper, emotionally, and physically. They had sex as often as possible; neither of them could keep their hands off each other, always chasing that high they got with being together. The sparks that ignited when their bodies touched. They were always cuddling with Izuku’s back against his chest after their trysts, or on the beach at the bonfires. It had become their favorite arrangement. 

Eijirou loved Izuku with his entire being. Everything that Izuku was and had to offer, he loved all of it: from the muttering to the cute snores he emitted while sleeping. He took everything Izuku had to offer and committed it to memory, He could feel it in his body and soul: Izuku was his soulmate.

He dreaded the day of their final bonfire, marking the end of summer; because that meant Izuku was leaving. 

The day Izuku left, Eijirou felt his world growing darker, a fog rolling in. They knew it was more or less a summer fling, but it was both their first love. 

No one ever told them how painful saying goodbye to your first love is. They both weren’t sure how long they’d last in long distance, so they spent one final night together, both whispering I love you’s and what if’s and maybe’s. 

But those what if’s and maybe’s never came to be.


“So yeah, in a nutshell. That nurse was my first love, first relationship. First everything. It’s both nostalgic and bittersweet to see him again.” 

“Wow, seems like you had a lifetime experience in that one summer.” 

“It really was, and the worst part? I still hold on to the idea that he IS my soulmate. I’ve never met anyone that made me feel the things he made me feel.”

“So? Are you gonna pursue him?”


“He’s back in your life, working at the hospital that we usually bring PT’s in, if that’s not fate telling you something, then my relationship has been a lie!” 

“Listen man, what if he’s not my soulmate, that my soulmate is someone else, somewhere else? He wasn’t set on soulmates and soulmates don’t always end up together.”

“But there's only one way to find out. Dude, I’m not telling you to plan some grand confession about being soulmates. But fate brought you two together tonight; things happen for a reason. Are you willing to let him go again? If he wasn’t your soulmate would you immediately stop loving and caring about him? You said it yourself, he doesn’t care about soulmates, so why would it matter? You have another chance to fall in love again. Take it slow, one step at a time, date him again. Reconnect with him. Make sure you’re not holding on to some ghost of a summer love and actually have the real deal in front of you.”

“Holy hell, I didn’t realize you’d be so deep Hanta.” 

“Hey man, English lit. I’m tellin’ ya, best class I ever took. So what do you say, are you gonna stop by the hospital after work?” 

“Yeah,” he breathed out with a smile, “Yeah. I think I will.”

Chapter Text

Izuku sighed and rolled his eyes as his co-worker slipped in what they believed were subtle innuendos. He was no stranger to the number of people that attempted to flirt with him, but he was just so tired of it. He easily noticed the flip in people’s attitudes once he’d grown out of his awkward teenage nerdy years. He’d filled out considerably, lean with broad shoulders, thick waist and strong legs, he’d gained a few more inches, lost the baby fat, and trimmed his unruly hair at the bottom with an undercut, leaving some of his curls atop his head. He looked more mature, which was what he aimed for.

What he didn’t want, was to be treated like a pretty face. Izuku had his fair share of dates and relationships, often falling apart because well, they didn’t really care to really get to know Izuku. They were more interested in him as eye candy and for the sex. Izuku was a reputable nurse, noted for his attention to detail, spotting minor things before they became major issues in a patient's health. He was most known for his work in programs that took him abroad: Doctors without Borders, Medical Missions. Back home, he was known for donating a lot of his time to free clinics, an advocate for free healthcare for all. 

He wouldn’t have been at this hospital if it wasn’t for Shouto. He had come back for a quick reprieve when his oldest friends had called him and asked him to please come to the hospital. They were in dire need of a good charge nurse for the ER; Shouto asked him to come on and whip his staff into shape. It had meant to be temporary. 

But, such is life. Izuku fell into a nice rhythm at Shouto’s hospital; finding a home to settle into on such short notice worked out perfectly. His childhood best friend Katsuki had an extra room and didn’t live too far from the hospital. He told Izuku he could move in no issue, and it’d be nice to have someone else around. Katsuki was a freelance photographer and writer for one of the big newspapers of Tokyo; working solely from home. 

Izuku plastered a fake smile on his face as he listened to his co-worker ramble on; nodding with his eyes closed every so often. Thankfully Shouto intervened.

“Midoriya,” his stern voice called out. 

Izuku’s co-worker promptly shut up, excused himself, and scampered away. Izuku’s shoulder sagged as he exhaled, “Thanks Shou-chan, you saved me. Yet again.” 

“That one’s been pretty persistent hasn’t he?” 

“God yeah, I can’t shake him.” 

“Why don’t you, you know ? Help him get it out of his system.”

Izuku rolled his eyes, “No thanks, I’d rather not deal with the nightmare that would come after sleeping with him.”

Shouto shrugged, “Just a thought. Isn’t Shindou visiting soon?” 

Izuku’s lip curled in a lazy smile, “Yeah. He’ll be here for the weekend.” 

“I’m sure Bakugou will be thrilled .”

“Oh, Kacchan decided he’d rather visit his parents than live with Yo-chan for the weekend.” 

“That’s not like Bakugou to run away from a challenge.” 

“I think you underestimate Kacchans’ tolerance for how unnerved he gets when Yo-chan is in town. It’s like he’s feral. I swear he growls and hisses whenever Yo-chan enters the room.” 

“I think Shindou and Bakugou were just born mortal enemies.” 

Izuku laughed outright, doubling over slightly, wiping a tear from his eye, “You might be right about that Shou-chan.” 

The doctor walked Izuku back to his station near the ER room as he went to tend to his patients.

Izuku was working on the station’s computer when the door opened and the telltale sign of a gurney rolled in. Izuku looked up, finding the same shocking red hair that he’d seen just a few days ago, a ghost from his past. But now was not the time to dwell on it. He looked around noticing none of the other nurses were near save for one other, “crap.” 

Izuku rushed out, “Status?” 

“Male’s, 60’s. Heart Attack.” 


“Barely holding on.” 

“Hey! Call for Todoroki-sensei,” he shouted back to the one other person there. 

Eijirou and his partner helped Izuku transfer the patient to a hospital bed, and rolled him to the back, “Start compressions while I set up a line for the IV.” 

Izuku looked at Eijirou, those big red eyes had the same awestruck look in them before he switched back into paramedic mode. Izuku felt heat rise in his cheeks, they moved swiftly and efficiently as Shouto showed up, instructing everyone to get ready to head to the operating room. 

“Thanks Ei-chan, you were a big help,” he said with a smile. 

Izuku felt his heart flip when Eijirou gave him his signature lopsided smile as he disappeared into the gowning room with Shouto. 

A few hours later after they stabilized the patient, Izuku stretched out his neck and rubbed it with his hand with a sigh. Shouto followed behind him.

“Who is Ei-chan?” He said with a quirked eyebrow, eyes glinting with a hint of mischief. “I didn’t realize you knew paramedics.” 

Izuku rolled his eyes, “Of course we know paramedics, we work in a hospital.”

“True, but you don’t know them enough to give them cute nicknames.”

Izuku sighed, running his hand through his hair. 

“He’s cute,” Shouto added. 

Izuku’s cheeks burned. 

“Oh, there’s a story with that one is there?” 

“You’re nosy.” 

“Of course I am, I’m your best friend. I know everything. It’s my duty!” he says with an evil laugh.

“Just someone from another life,” Izuku replied. 

“Oh? Oh , your summer love?”

Izuku whirled on him, “You actually remember?” 

“Um, yeah? That was an epic love story and one hell of a summer fling, so that’s the one th—”

Izuku slapped his hand over Shouto’s mouth, “I dare you to finish that.” 

Shouto nodded slowly and Izuku released him, “Sure, Ei-chan was my first...everything. Just because he’s shown up again twice this week, doesn’t mean anything. It’s pure coincidence!”

“Yeah, or it’s fate telling you something.”


“Maybe he’s your soulmate.” 

Izuku’s eyebrow twitched in irritation as he continued to walk back to his station, “You know I don’t believe in soulmates. You know how much I despise the concept. Why would you say that?”

“Just because it didn’t work for your pa—”

Izuku whirled on him, jabbing a finger into his chest, “Don’t simplify what happened to my parents to ‘just because it didn’t work’. Soulmates destroyed my family.”

“Doesn’t mean it’ll happen to you. You can’t keep putting people at arm’s length.” 

“We’re not having this discussion right now,” Izuku said firmly, “especially here, at work.” 

“You never want to have this talk.” 

“With good reason. Now drop it.” 

Shouto shrugs it off, “Well when you are ready, you know I’m here for you. Take it easy and get home safe. Text me when you get home.” 

Izuku sighs, “Sorry, you know how I get. Yeah, have a good evening Shou-chan. I’ll text you later,” he half smiles. 

The two share a quick hug with Shouto patting him on the back, “Don’t worry. Friends fight all the time right? Just look at you and Bakugou.” 

“I hardly think Kacchan’s a good barometer for normal,” Izuku laughs.

Shouto laughs, “You’re right, what was I thinking. Bakugou is far from normal.” 

“He’d kill you if he heard that.”

“I’d like to see him try,” Shouto smiles, “I’m a doctor, I could easily—”

“Plotting an untraceable death is unbecoming Shou-chan.” 

“It’s Bakugou ,” he laughs, “he brings the worst out of everyone, except you. You have the patience of a saint when it comes to him,” he finishes as he continues to walk away.

Izuku waves at him before he turns down the hall back to his station to finish up some charts before he heads to the locker room to grab his bag and bundles up for the cold: buttoning up his coat, wrapping his scarf around his neck and pulls a beanie on.  

As he walks through the hospital, he waves at everyone bidding them good night on the way out, only to stop dead in his tracks once he steps outside into the cold winter night. A flash of vivid red, picturesque against the snow covered bushes flickered at the fringe of his vision. Turning his head, crimson eyes engaged Izuku; the snow slowly drifted in calm silence in the space between. 

Eijirou flashes another lopsided smile at Izuku and walks towards him, cup in hand. 

“Hi,” he smiles, “I finally caught you.” 

Izuku blinks several times before it registers. Cocking his head, “Finally?” 

Eijirou’s cheeks are red, from the cold, Izuku’s not sure. 

He rubs the back of his neck, one of his nervous ticks, “Ah, well. I tried to come by after my shift the other night and you had gone already.” He looks up to meet Izuku’s eyes again, ”So, I tried again today. I got lucky.” 

He flashes a more confident smile and Izuku’s heart feels warm, still unable to compute that this is happening. 

“Here,” he hands Izuku a cup, “I figured, maybe you’d want something warm.” 

Izuku tentatively reaches for the cup, a small smile lifting at the corner of his lips, “You didn’t have to. What if you hadn’t caught me again?”

Eijirou says, “I would’ve drank it myself and tried again.”

“You never were one to give up were you,” Izuku tries to fight the smile that wants to spread across his face, feeling something in his chest stirring. He takes a sip from the cup in an effort to hide his face. 

When the hot liquid spills into his mouth, Izuku’s eyes widen. 

“You—” he said looking at Eijirou and the cup.

“Ah, sorry, I kind of just,” he starts to rub the back of his neck again,” I assumed—maybe. Sorry if it’s—”

“You still remember?” Izuku asked softly in awe.

“Huh? Of course I do! Unless it’s not your favorite anymore? I mean it has been like—”

“Six years,” Izuku answered as he sipped on the earthy oolong tea laced with orange-blossom honey with a sigh. The warmth seeped into his body like a sapling taking root deep into the earth. He felt the warmth spread to his bones, “Six years, and you still remember how I take my tea.” 

An inhuman noise emitted from Eijriou’s throat and Izuku giggled behind a hand, “I mean— when you say it like that—”

“I’m just teasing Ei-chan!” He jokes, “Really this was really sweet of you.” 

“Yeah, no problem. But, like,” Eijirou starts to fidget, Izuku tilts his head, at Eijirou’s nervousness, “C-can we, um, hang out sometime? It’s, uh, it’s really nice to see you again.” 

Izuku blushes at Eijirou’s demeanor in asking him out. When was the last time Izuku felt so flattered? Izuku pauses, staring at him. 

“I mean, uh, wow. This is so bad. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to intrude or any—”

Izuku laughs, he’d forgotten how cute and earnest Eijirou was, “Ei-chan, relax. It’s just me! But yeah,” Izuku took out his cellphone, “I’d love to hang out. Like the good old days.” 

The smile on Eijirou’s face grew wider, infecting Izuku to do the same. They exchanged numbers, and then pocketed their phones.

“Um, can I, um, walk you to...wherever it is your going?”

Izuku huffed a laugh, “I’m heading to the train station. You don’t have to go out of—”

“No!” Eijirou looked horrified as he yelled, “No, it’s not a problem at all. If you’d let me, I’d like to walk you to the station.” 

Another wave of warmth rushed through his body, a soft smile gracing his lips, “Ever the gentleman Ei-chan. I’ll take you up on your offer.” Izuku bowed slightly, “I’m in your care.” 

Eijirou’s blush deepened at the phrase, “No sweat. You can count on me Izu.” 

The two walked side by side, with Eijirou keeping a safe distance between them. They easily slipped into conversation as if no gap of time ever existed between them. 

He walked Izuku all the way to his platform, even waited by his side waiting for his train to arrive. The wind tousled their hair as the train pulled up. They shielded their faces from the sudden gust of air when Izuku caught a whiff of it: Eijirou’s cologne. A deep woodsy scent; sandalwood with underlying moss tones. Izuku loved that scent; it was calming, grounding. It was everything that represented Eijirou. Back then, he couldn’t get enough of it; he let that scent surround him, cling to his skin and let it burrow itself deep in his olfactory sense. The very hint of sandalwood always triggered memories of Eijirou and that summer.

Izuku felt a stab at his heart with the very thought of that. How painful it had been to say goodbye. How hard it was to walk away from the perfect summer and the boy that had stolen his heart; unable to capture the same feeling for anyone thereafter. In his quick glances of Eijirou throughout their walk, he seemed in good spirits. No, not just good spirits but happy . Eijirou always had that kind of sunny personality, he exudes happiness and positivity. Izuku smirked bitterly at that, his happiness had always been far and few between.

He smiled half-heartedly when the doors to the train opened and he walked on. Izuku stood at the threshold, facing outside and Eijirou stepped up as close as the platform let him.

The tension between them was there, Eijirou looked hesitant to let Izuku leave. Izuku could tell that Eijirou wanted to walk him all the way home, the way he had that summer. Izuku shook his head out of that memory, “Thank you for walking me tonight Ei-chan. Let’s hang out again soon.” 

Eijirou always wore his emotions so plainly on his face, perking up at the reminder that they’d see each other again.

“Yeah Izu. I’m really happy we ran into each other again. Get home safe okay?” 

The train’s doors slid closed between them, Eijirou waiting on the platform as Izuku’s train departed, Izuku didn’t see it, but he knew; He waited till the train completely left the station before he left himself. 

“I’m home!” Izuku had called out to his apartment, chuckling lightly when he heard a grunt come from the living room. He shrugged off his coat hanging it by the door, shaking off the remaining snow as he hung his hat and scarf.

“Well hello to you too, Kacchan!” 

“Christ, you just got off a 16-hour shift, how the hell are you so cheery?”

Izuku attempted to plop onto the sofa when Katsuki blocked him, “The fuck? You think you can sit on our couch in your scrubs? Are you insane?” 

“But I’m tiredddd, I’ll disinfect later.” 

“You really are a dumb ass nerd. Go shower; you’ll feel better after it, and you’ll be clean.

“Fineeee,” Izuku whined, sulking as he cleaned up and changed into his favorite sweats.

When he sat back down, a cup of tea sat on the coffee table. Izuku froze at the sight, thinking about the tea he had just finished on his way home. 

“I figured you’d want your tea, so I went ahead and made some for you, so you can leave me alone faster.” 

“Aw, Kacchan you care!” 

“As if Deku, just drink the damn tea!”

Izuku laughed, grabbing his cup of tea, letting it warm his hands before he took a sip. Izuku was slightly disappointed.

“Green tea,” he announced quietly. 

“Hah? You complaining?” 

“Not at all! Thank you Kacchan!” 

He sat with Katsuki watching whatever was on TV and chatting over commercial breaks. Tea was tea, but this tea didn't warm him up the way that Eijirou’s tea had. 

“Oi, what’s up with you?”

Izuku blinked, “Huh?” 

“You’re quiet.” 

“First I’m too cheery, and now I’m too quiet? What do you want from me Kacchan!” 

Katsuki hit him in the face with a pillow, “Asshole.” 

Izuku laughed at his best friend's antics, “I’m fine. Really.”

“Someone die at work?”

“That’s insensitive Kacchan.”

Katsuki shrugged, “That's the only time you get like this. Somethin’ happen at work?” 

“Ah, kinda. Sorta. Not really.”

Katsuki shot him a glare, “That’s not a yes, or a no. That’s just wishy washy bullshit.”

Izuku sighed, he wasn’t up to this topic, not right after getting into it with Shouto, “I’m fine Kacchan. You know I’d tell you if it was really bothering me.” 

Katsuki grunted, seemingly satisfied with his answer. He stood up, snagging Izuku’s empty cup from his hands and leaving it in the sink, “I’m going to bed nerd. You should too.”

Izuku smiled as he got up and followed Katsuki into the hallway. Katsuki raised a hand without looking back, “Night Deku.”

“Good Night Kacchan! Sweet dreams!”

Katsuki scoffed and shut his door. 

Izuku crawled into his bed, sinking into its softness and snuggling into his fluffy heavy blanket. He sighed, he loved his bed. It made working long hours worth it. He pulled out his phone to text Shouto, when he noticed he had a message already waiting. 


Ei-chan: Hope you got home safe.

Me: I did! In bed now. Thank you again, for the tea and the company. :)

Izuku closed the message box and pulled up Shouto’s:


Me: I’m home and Kacchan made me tea and expressed concern. Do you have something to do with this? 

Izuku set an alarm before putting his phone down. 

It buzzed immediately with two messages.


Shou-chan: You think I, Shouto Todoroki, would fraternize with the enemy? I am appalled, young man. 

Izuku laughed, okay, he’s right. Hell would have to freeze over for Shouto to have to resort to Katsuki for back-up. Though both were his best friends, Shouto knew slightly more details about Izuku that Katsuki just didn’t care for. Shouto and Izuku were always able to talk things out, even their disagreements, so yeah. He felt slightly bad for assuming he reached out to Katsuki. 

He opened his other message. 


Ei-chan: Anytime! Sweet dreams Izu.

Just as he closed it, another message dinged.


Shou-chan: Bakugou probably picked up on something. He’s got some weird 6th sense about you. Did something happen on your way home? Or, are you still upset about our ‘talk’?

Izuku laughed, shaking his head.


Me: Must you always antagonize Kacchan? And, let’s talk tomorrow, Tired. Need sleep. ZzZz

Shou-chan: Night Izuku.  

 Izuku closed the message and pulled up Eijirou’s messages again. 


Me: Sweet dreams Ei-chan :)

He clicked his phone off and put it on his bedside table and snuggled into the softness of his pillows, his eyes sliding shut.

Soon Izuku found himself dreaming of deep lush forests, light filtering through the tops of the trees highlighting the dark path he trudged along, chasing the warmth of the sun.

Chapter Text

Eijirou’s eyes slowly opened, squinting at the light filtering into his room. He stretched out in his bed, before reaching over to his phone to shut off the alarm. He sat up, yawning and rubbing at his eyes before swinging his legs out of bed. His feet dug into the plush rug by his bed before padding his way to the bathroom, yawning and scratching at his stomach, before tying up his hair in a low ponytail. 

Turning on the faucet he washed his face, patting it clean with his towel. Opening his medicine cabinet he reached for his toothbrush, shutting the mirrored door. He ran his toothbrush under the sink before starting to brush, as his eyes finally looked back at his reflection. His movements slow to a stop as his soulmark catches his gaze.

He traced the pattern sitting right over his heart. A landscape of tall trees over a slope drawn with multiple lines of delicate line work, framed within a triangle.  The treetops broke through the top of the frame, adding dimension to it. 

He rinsed his mouth, huffing a laugh, recalling the memory of when his soulmark appeared. It was neither mind blowingly epic, nor was it something out of a romance novel. 

4 Years Ago

“Shots! Shots! Shots! Sh-shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Sh-shots! Shots! Errbody!!”

“We gonna get you fuuuucked up birthday boy!” 

Eijirou laughed as his two best friends slammed drinks onto their small table. 

“C’mon guys, let’s not get too carried away.” 

“Nah, tonight. Is the night. Drop the good boy act and get fuckin’ trashed!” Hanta had yelled over the loud music. 

“Yeah Kiri, let loose for once man. You only turn twenty once! And c’mon you’re the last one to turn twenty, we can all fuckin’ drink till we black out,” reasoned Denki.

“Well, I guess, one night wouldn’t hurt,” he scratched his cheek bashfully.

“Lap dances for the birthday boy! Wooo!” whooped the blond.

“Ah, no that’s okay, you do—”

“—Well aren’t y’all just a bunch of cuties! Are we celebratin’ somethin’?” A very curvaceous blonde showed up popping gum, licking her plush lips.

“Yeah! Our friend here is turning twenty and he’s so straightlaced, we need him to let loose and go wild!” 

The leggy blonde made her way towards Eijirou who started blushing and bouncing his leg nervously.

“Wanna take some shots big boy?” She asked, “Might take the edge off.” 

Denki and Hanta stood behind her with big grins on their faces, both of them sporting a double thumbs up. 

She reached for a shot glass on the table as she straddled his lap and Eijirou tensed up. 

“What’s your name?” she asked as she placed the shot glass against his lips.

“Ei-Eijirou,” he stuttered as she tipped the contents into his mouth. It burned his throat, he coughed and gagged and she laughed.

“I’m Camie. Don’t worry Ei, I’ll take goood care of you tonight.” 

Eijirou gulped as the blonde started to roll her body and grind against his. If she wasn’t feeding him shots, either Denki or Hanta were, hiding their giggles behind their hands. 

Soon his vision swam, speech slurring. He barely remembers touching Camie’s hair and saying, “Purty.” 

He vaguely remembers his hands drifting over her body, and her going topless? And a few other girls joining? 

He does remember her whispering, “Happy Birthday Big Boy,” before pressing her sticky lipgloss against his cheek before he completely blacked out.

Eijirou had shot up from where he was sleeping

The Floor? He thought.

He glanced around, recognizing his living room before resting his face in his hands, groaning. His head was pounding and the room spun. He felt something moving up through his system. 

“Oh, fu-fuck.” 

He sprung up dashing to the bathroom, slamming the door open and sticking his face into the toilet bowl, retching up all the alcohol from last night. He kneeled, pleading to the porcelain gods for mercy and that this was the last time he’d ever get this fucked up. He retched a few more times, groaning as he took a moment to rest his head on his forearm; he stared at the tiled floor contemplating his life choices. 

Finally gathering the strength to get up, he flushed the toilet, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. He leaned over the sink for support when he teetered back and forth. He stared at the sink, flipping the faucet on and leaning down to rinse his mouth out. His body didn’t feel like his own anymore. It was uncoordinated, messy.

He looked into the mirror, dark bags under his eyes, but something else caught his eye. 

“What the fuck…”

His fingers reached for his pec as he squinted and stared harder into the mirror, eyes widening.

“What the fuck!?!?” He screamed, grabbing the mirror.

“What the fuck??” He yelled again looking down at his skin, his fingers clawing at the mark over his chest. 


There was a breadth of silence before a quiet, “Uh….noooo?” 


Hanta showed up at the door, “Wha—oh.” 

His raven-haired friend broke out in a wide smile, “You got your soulmark bro! Congrats!” 

He clapped a hand on Eijirou’s shoulder and shook him a little bit.

“Ey Denks! He got his soulmark!” 

Footsteps thundered down the hall as he yelled back, “I wanna see!!!” 

He slid past the door before popping in and was like “Oh shit! That’s really nice!” 

Denki suddenly turned contemplative, eyebrows furrowing as he put his finger and thumb to his chin, “A forest. That means, your soulmate thinks of you as a...solid foundation?”

“Don’t think too hard babe,” teased Hanta. 

“I am not! This shit is fascinating! I mean look at ours!” Denki lifted Hanta’s arm pulling their soulmarks side by side.  

Denki had thunder striking the ground and breaking through the frame of his inverted triangle. Hanta, on the other hand, had gusts of wind escaping the frame of his triangle. Placed side by side they mirrored each other, the top of Denki’s triangle lined up to the bottom of Hanta’s;  together it looked like a simplified diamond. 

Eijirou looked back in the mirror, studying his soulmark, an image of Izuku flashing in his mind. 

When he was done rinsing out his mouth he looked back in the mirror, fingers tracing his soulmark gently again, as he thought about what Denki had said about his soulmark that night: solid foundation. He wondered, is that how Izuku saw him? Or felt Eijirou exuded? 

It’s said that soulmarks feel a natural element that pulls them to their soulmate. It was something he had witnessed first hand between his two best friends. 

Eijirou had been stunned when Denki and Hanta turned out to be soulmates. Denki had come to visit Eijirou one weekend and met his roommate Hanta. The two hit it off so well that Denki became a frequent visitor. They had become fast friends and smoking buddies, since Eijirou wasn’t a fan of weed.

Denki had spent his twentieth birthday with them, nonplussed by the soulmark that appeared the morning after. But, when Hanta’s twentieth came and went. The three of them took a pause, Eijirou had gone wide eyed, looking from one to the other, he was in a tennis match.

The two had jumped out of their chair’s pointing at each other, both yelling, “You!”

Denki’s hands came to his head, pulling at his hair, “Oh fuck, I thought, I thought I was feeling high as a kite because of the weed we were smoking! Not because you were my soulmate!”

Hanta’s reaction was similar, “Holy shit. I mean, I thought things were charged between us, but because we’re so fucking high half the time doing stupid shit to create static and light lightbulbs. Not because of the—the sexual tension!”



“Dude,” Denki’s eyes lit up, glassy with tears, “you’re the wind beneath my wings.” 

Eijirou rolled his eyes.

“You’re the Pikachu to my Ash.”

“And this is why drugs aren’t good for you kids,” Eijirou sighed, getting up to leave the two soulmates to hype one another up with more shitty analogies, “Congratulations though. I’m really happy for you guys.”  

Eijirou felt the element of water, the ocean, pulling him towards Izuku. It was that feeling that pulled at his gut telling him that Izuku was ‘the one’.  He vaguely wondered what Izuku’s soulmark had been. He had asked Denki shortly after his soulmark had appeared, only to be met with a sympathetic smile and a, “Sorry man, Izu has never said anything about his.” 

He had been a little downtrodden, nodding his head with a half-hearted smile. Denki had quickly changed the topic to get his mind off of his first love. 

Eijirou had tried several times to get into contact with Izuku again after asking Denki for his information; especially when he moved to Tokyo. But there was always an obstacle in his way. He’d call, getting an “You have reached...” or a “mailbox is full”, and eventually the number was no longer in service.

Eijirou couldn’t imagine just texting him, that was impersonal, and not the ideal way to break the ice after three years. Denki also gave him Izuku’s social media accounts; he quickly learned that Izuku wasn’t even in the country, an important fact his idiotic cousin had said, “oops, my bad,” to. Even then, Eijirou couldn’t hit the follow button, resorting to looking up his page from time to time, hoping to catch a glimpse of his soulmark. Izuku was elusive, barely ever posting photos of himself and focused on what was around him.

Eventually, he gave up, realizing it was hopeless to chase after someone unreachable. It was a pipe dream, thinking Izuku was his soulmate, even though he felt like he knew. He couldn’t just sit around waiting for something that might never come, so he started dating other people. 

Eijirou met Tetsutetsu his last year of college. They had been taking a Human Anatomy class, both Health Science majors; it was both something they were passionate about pursuing, and in studying together, they ended up dating because of that connection. There was a steady comfort in Tetsutetsu that Eijirou found: both equally supportive, pushing each other to finish their studies, they’d grown to love and fall in love with one another. 

Ultimately, their long term goals did not align, with Tetsutetsu going towards being a physician’s assistant, while Eijirou leaned more towards nursing. The two amicably split after graduation, as they both headed to their new respective programs. 

Eijirou found that nursing didn’t quite fit him. While he debated what he wanted to do next, Hanta had recently gotten into an EMT program and suggested that he try getting certified and work while he decided if he wanted to pursue another degree in something else.

He found great satisfaction in this spur of the moment decision. Realizing his personality was well suited for this type of work: getting a rush from being a first responder on scene, to calming patients down, stabilizing them and transferring them safely to their hospital. He excelled in his work and found great pride in what he did. 

Finding out that Izuku ended up down the nursing path too, on that fateful night at the hospital, had dug up old memories that compelled his soulmate theory.

After his failed attempt at catching Izuku after work the first time they reunited, Eijirou called Denki. 

“Dude, you never told me he was a nurse!”


“Izuku?! Your cousin? Your flesh and blood?” 

“Oh, is he? Honestly man, Izuku and I aren’t super close ya know? Social media’s like, the most interaction we have outside of family events. But even then he’s a no show. So whatever I see is what I know, and he never posted much about anything. So, sorry man? I know you really loved him, but I know just as much as you do.”

“Sorry, I’m just. I was dead ass floored seein’ him in that hospital.” 

“Yeah, Hanta told me what happened right when he got home. You gonna see him again?”

“Maybe, I don’t know, chasing ghosts seems…”


“Ow man, way to simplify it.” 

“Well, I don’t know. Maybe don’t chase then. Fate brought you together that night. Maybe fate will give you another sign. I say, if you run into him again, then yes, take that as a sign to pursue it. But if it was just a one time coincidence? Maybe let it go.” 

“Yeah, you’re right.”

Eijirou had been to Izuku’s hospital again a few times after that initial night, but he’d not seen him on those days. Right when he was about to give up hope, Izuku was the sole nurse on the floor last night. He stared at Izuku in awe as he instructed Eijirou, thanking fate for bringing Izuku back. That night he came back with Izuku’s favorite tea, which ironically, had become one of his favorites too. 

Walking beside Izuku to the train station, they had spoken like they had just seen each other yesterday. Izuku had gotten even more beautiful as he matured; no longer baby-faced, cute, but heartbreakingly handsome.

Eijirou left his bathroom, grabbing his cellphone from his nightstand and moved to the kitchen to make breakfast. As his omelette fried, he opened up his text messages.

Me: Good Morning, I hope you slept well :)

Izu: Good Morning! I did! Thank you! Did you?

Me: I did, thanks! Plans today? 

Eijirou put his phone back down, the rising tide of being in contact with Izuku again, filling him with a happiness he hadn’t felt in a long time. He heard his phone vibrate.

Izu: Work, as usual. LOL, you? 

Me: Same, but not till evening. 

Eijirou paused after sending it, wondering if it would be too soon to ask Izuku out to something simple like coffee. Deciding not to overthink it, he went ahead and asked. 

Me: We should get coffee or something, sometime. Let me know when you’re available?

Eijirou felt nervous after he sent it, placing his phone at the opposite of the counter, willing himself not to check Izuku’s response, in order to spare himself from being let down. Even though Izuku said he’d love to, he could have just said it to be polite. Eijirou shook his head, Izuku wouldn’t do something like that, he was always straightforward about what he liked and didn’t like.

After he plated his breakfast he grabbed his phone seeing Izuku’s response.

Izu: I’d like that. Can you meet tomorrow morning? 

Eijirou’s smile grew impossibly wide as he replied:

Me: That’s actually perfect! 

They continued to text out times and meeting places as Eijriou ate his breakfast. 

Me: Great! Can’t wait for tomorrow. Have a great day Izu!

Izu: Me too :) See you soon Ei-chan.

Eijirou sighed happily, he thought things would be awkward seeing each other again. But really, it felt like they were picking right where they left off.

Chapter Text

“Is that Shindou?”

Izuku’s eyebrows furrowed at that, “What?” he replied incredulously. 

“Is that Shindou you’re texting?” 

“No,” Izuku scoffed, “why would you think that? “

“Because you’re wearing this goofy smile, I can only assume it’s Shindou sexting you.”

Izuku slammed his locker, shooting Shouto a glare, “No, it’s not Yo-chan, and for the record we don’t sext!” 

“He sends you shirtless selfies, that’s basically sexting, even if you don’t send any back.”

Izuku rolled his eyes as he sipped on his coffee, “For the record, Yo-chan and I are friends with benefits. Emphasis on friends, Shou-chan.”

“But, the benefits are better, I’m sure.”

Izuku chokes on his coffee, “Be nice! I mean, yeah okay—don’t give me that look. So the benefits are great, but so is the friendship! He understands me!” 

“Understands your body,” Shouto says under his breath, “Anyways, if it wasn’t Shindou, then who was texting you?” 

“A friend.” 

Shouto raises an eyebrow, “A friend?” 

“Yes,” Izuku starts to fluster. 

“Your only other friends are me and Bakugou, if it’s not me texting you and it’s not Bakugou…spill it Izuku.”

Izuku sighs exasperatedly, “Fine, I’ll tell you everything. Just….just wait till our next break okay.”

Shouto smiles, “Sounds great. I want all the details.” 

Izuku rolls his eyes as he steps into his station, he double checks with his co-worker on the current status of the ER room. Then settles into the usual routine for the evening. Luckily, no critical patients came in and it was a relatively quiet evening in the ER. 

Shouto was quick to snag him when it was time for their ‘lunch break’ despite it being some time past midnight. They sat at the cafeteria, with their trays and started to eat before Shouto was like, “So.” 

“So, okay Shou-chan, It’s Ei-chan.” 

“Oh?” His eyes widened, “the paramedic?” 

“Yes, um, he came to see me after work the other night. He said he had come the night we first met, but I was gone already, so he tried again.”

“Wait, he waited for your shift to end? Outside? In the cold?”

“Right? But, get this. He shows up with a hot drink, saying ‘I figure you might want something warm. And,” Izuku sighs, “He shows up with roasted oolong tea with orange blossom honey.” 

“That’s...oddly specific.”

“Shouchan, you say you’re my best friend, and you don’t even know my favorite drink?”


Izuku rolled his eyes, “On top of that he walks me to the station. It was nice seeing him again, you know? Nostalgic and comforting. Anyways, we’ve been texting okay? And, I’m seeing him after my shift ends for coffee.”

“So, your first love, summer fling, is back, in the same line of work and you don’t think, maybe it’s—”

“Oh no, no. We are not having this conversation. Can’t we talk about dating without it resorting to soulmates?”

“Okay, fine. Have it your way Izuku. But seriously, I hope things work out with ‘Ei-chan’, he seems like a good guy.”

“He is,” Izuku said with a smirk. 

“Well, then that’s all that matters. Have fun, I can’t wait to hear allll about it.” 

Izuku couldn’t help checking the clock often the rest of the evening, and the fact it was a relatively slow one as time crawled by. By the time his shift was over it was 9 o’ clock in the morning, and he was already out the door and heading to their designated meeting spot. 

The bell hanging above the door jingled as he walked in, the warmth of the coffee shop instantly easing his weariness. He looked around, catching Eijirou’s bright smile and enthusiastic wave. Izuku found himself smiling as he made his way over to him, unwinding his scarf and shrugging off his coat. 

“Morning Ei-chan,” Izuku greeted. 

“Morning Izu,” Eijirou got up as Izuku approached the table.

They both sat back down, and the waitress immediately came over and took Izuku’s order, and the two shared another shy smile. 

“Did you just get off work?” Eijirou asked.

“Yeah. It was a long shift. Night’s are never easy.” 

“Right? But, I love what I do, and I could only imagine it’s the same for you.” 

After Izuku received his drink, the two quickly fell into conversation. Izuku had asked what Eijirou did the last six years, and Eijirou was more than happy to tell him his story. 

When Eijirou asked Izuku what he had been up to, Izuku felt his face burn at the rapt attention that the redhead gave him. He hung onto every word that Izuku had said, asking questions that only made Izuku explain further about his experiences. Eijirou took a real interest in what Izuku did, and it was refreshing. 

He felt something in his heart unfurl, like the leaves of a plant opening up to the sunlight.

It was so easy to get caught up in Eijirou’s infectious smiles, his lame jokes that made him laugh so hard tears leaked from the corners of his eyes. It was so easy to get lost in everything with him. It was grounding, something Izuku hadn’t felt in years. Eijirou was someone reliable, steady, dependable. Izuku smiled fondly as he listened to Eijirou talk, his cheek pillowed on his hand. He’d missed this kind of easy going conversation that didn’t have any pretenses to it. 

Eijirou looked at his watch, then scratched the back of his head, “Sorry Izu, I’d love to stay and chat more but um, I gotta get back home and change out for work.”

Izuku looked at his watch and blushed, “Oh, oh my god. I’m so sorry Ei-chan! We’ve been talking for over six hours! Ahh, I’m sorry. I got carried away!” 

“No! No, please don’t apologize! I had a lot of fun. It’s been awhile, and I really enjoyed this. I needed this. Thanks for saying yes Izu, it really means a lot.” 

The red head smiled broadly at Izuku, making his chest feel warm all over again. The heat rose to his cheeks, as he stuttered out, “Ah, n-not a problem Ei-chan. This, this was really nice! Thank you for asking me to join you.” 

As they both stood up to leave, Izuku had stepped back out into the bitter cold when they both took a pause, standing in front of each other, a hesitant silence enveloped them.

“Um,” Eijirou had started, his cheeks turning pink again, “I had a lot of fun today. Would you be interested in doing it again?” 

Izuku felt his lips curl in a big smile, warmth rooting into his system once more, “Yeah Ei-chan, I’d love that. I really would.” 

The way Eijirou lit up with his big toothy smile made Izuku’s heart flip.

“Great! Um, I’ll text you later! Get home safe Izu,” Eijirou said with fondness. 

Izuku’s body moved before he could even register what he was doing, wrapping his arms around Eijirou for a hug, the scent of sandalwood winding through his senses like vines.

The look on Eijirou’s face, when Izuku stepped back made him giggle. He looked completely taken aback with a full blush on his cheeks. 

“Take care Ei-chan. Be safe at work tonight! I’ll message you later.” 

They both laughed awkwardly as they turned away, heading to their destinations. Izuku looked over his shoulder to find Eijirou doing the same thing back. With another wave and a smile, Eijirou turned the corner. 

Izuku couldn’t stop smiling as he commuted back to his apartment. He replayed the bits of conversation in his head, especially noting Eijirou’s expressiveness when telling stories. Izuku giggled into his glove as he climbed the stairs, pulling out his keys, he couldn't believe how much time had passed with them just talking and hanging out.  

Just as he was about to slip his key into his lock, the door swung open and Izuku’s jaw dropped.

Greeting him was Yo Shindou, stripped down to his underwear.

“Yo-chan!” He shouted as the latter grabbed him by the scarf and pulled him in, moving quickly as he unbundled Izuku’s winter layers. 

Izuku laughed at Yo’s eagerness in stripping his clothes off and kissing him breathless. Shindou’s hot lips trailed down Izuku’s craned neck as he dragged Izuku through the apartment. 

“Where’s Kacchan?” He said between huffs of air. 

“Mm, booked it the moment I rang the doorbell. Stomped off mumbling something about ‘stupid fuck buddies’.”

Izuku laughed, his hands running through Yo’s raven hair pulling him off his neck with a pop and kissing him deeply, pulling back he cheekily said, “Hi.” 

“Hi,” Yo replied with a dreamy smirk, pecking him on the lips again, “missed you.” 

“Oh? Did you? I couldn’t tell.”  

“Smart ass.” 

“Takes one to know one Yo-chan.”

“Yeah, but there’s plenty of other things I’d love to do to that ass right now.” 

“Show me,” Izuku flashes him a dangerous smirk. 

Izuku yelps before laughing as Yo grabs his ass to lift him up. Izuku wraps his legs around his waist as Yo takes them down to Izuku’s bedroom. He’s practically thrown on the bed with a slight bounce, Izuku bites on his lower lip as he shifts higher up his bed as Yo slinks up the bed after his prey. 

Yo was on top of him once more, their lips connecting hot and searing. Izuku rutted against him, his hands greedily running up and down his body, moaning wantonly into his mouth. He pulled Yo’s hardened cock out of his boxer-briefs, stroking it firmly with a twisting motion. 

“Fuck, that’s good, keep doing that,” groaned Yo against Izuku’s lips. Yo’s hands reached for Izuku’s cock and palmed and stroked him too. 

“Off. Take it off,” Izuku panted as they both scrambled out of their underwear. Shindou laved Izuku’s body with his tongue and wet kisses, sucking his skin and leaving marks.

 “Fuck,” whispered Izuku as he reached for the bedside drawer that held his lube. 

Finally reaching the bottle, he’s pinned down by Yo who devours his mouth grabbing the bottle and popping it open. Izuku undulates his bare cock against Yo’s who groans into his mouth.

“Impatient much?”

“Fuck me, now,” breathed out Izuku. 

Yo squeezed lube into the palm of his hand, wrapping both their cock, stroking them firmly. Izuku drags his tongue across his lower lip as he watches Yo pumping them, Izuku thrusting into his hand. 

He lets go of their cocks and Izuku flops onto the bed, grunting in frustration. Yo chuckles, “Calm down Izu, we’ve got allllll weekend.” 

“Still! You’re such a tease.”

“You know I’m good for it.” 

Izuku rolls his eyes, “Don’t I know it.” 

Lifting his legs up, Izuku wraps an arm around his knees pulling his legs towards him and off to the side, presenting his ass to Yo, using a free hand to spread his cheeks apart. 

“Damn, Izu, you look so good bent in half.”

“Pretty sure I look good stuffed with your cock,” he raised a challenging eyebrow. 

“You want me to prep you or not?” 


Yo laughs, “Okay okay.” 

He inches closer to Izuku, helping him by pushing his legs further back, while using his other hand to pop the lube bottle open again and drizzle more of it down Izuku’s taint. Izuku clenches as the cold liquid hits his skin, quickly relaxing when Yo’s thick fingers spread the liquid around, and sliding one finger in. 

Izuku’s mouth drops open, not breaking eye-contact with Yo, as his fingers slide in and out.

“Yessss, more Yo-chan, more!” 

Yo slides another finger in, and Izuku bites down on his lower lip moaning as he tilts his head back, eyes closed. 

His thick fingers stretch and drag along his wall, crooking to graze his prostate every so often.

“I can’t—God. Just gimme that dick.” 

Yo laughs withdrawing his fingers, “Fuck, I love it when you get like this. A little horny fucking bunny,” he lines his cock up with Izukus hole and thrusts in rough and Izuku cries out before moaning when he’s completely filled. 

“Oh we’ll fuck like rabbits, if you’d shut up already!”

Yo laughs, as he leans in, Izuku’s legs pressing against his chest. Izuku’s chest constricts with the pressure of being bent, “Fuck, fuck, it feels so fucking good.”

Izuku’s legs are pried open wide, Yo’s hands pressing his thighs flat against the bed as he drives into him hard and deep. Izuku wraps his arms around Yo’s back, pulling him down for sloppy kiss, his blunt fingernails dragging down the expanse of Yo’s back, knowing full well that Yo will fuck him even harder into the mattress with that simple move. 

Sweat drips off of Yo’s body, mixing with the sheen of sweat on Izuku’s skin from the friction of their bodies rutting against one another.

Yo pulls off, “On your knees Izu-chan,” he commands as Izuku watches him stroke himself. 

He makes a show out of getting on his knees, grabbing a pillow to place his face on as he lowers his chest to the bed, widening his legs and popping his lower back, presenting himself again to Yo.

Yo grips Izuku’s hips hard, shoving himself back in as he pulls Izuku flush against him. Izuku moans into the pillow as Shindou’s fingers dig deeper into his hips, undoubtedly leaving bruises on his pale skin. His hips slam over and over into Izuku’s ass, a hand presses down on his head, shoving him deeper into his plush bed, leaving him immobilized. He relentlessly hammers into Izuku’s prostate, hiking his hips higher at an awkward angle. 

Izuku muffles his screams into the pillow as he feels his oncoming orgasm coiling tighter and tighter, he can barely catch his breath as Yo chases both their climaxes. A hooded eye looks back at Yo’s sweat dripping down his body as he wrecks Izuku. 

Izuku twists his torso, grabbing at Yo’s wrist, willing his voice to speak.

“C-coming,” he croaks out, voice wrecked. 

“Me too,” Yo grunts, burying himself deep inside Izuku, as he pulls Izuku off the bed and flush against his chest. 

Izuku moans, “Fuck, fuck, ah!” 

Yo brings a hand to Izuku’s throat craning his head to look up at him; Izuku’s vision unfocused as he looks at Yo, his palm closing around Izuku’s throat as he cranes him further, so he can plunder Izuku’s mouth, sucking whatever air is left in Izuku’s lungs. 

Mind hazy, a silent moan, his hand scratching at Yo’s forearm; all is left is the sensation of pleasure flooding his system.

His body jolts as Yo’s other hand starts to pump his cock. His body starts to shake at the overstimulation. 

One more deep thrust against his prostate sends him over the edge, eyes rolling into the back of his head, vision going white. His cum shoots into the bedsheets and over Yo’s hands. His throat is released, air filling and rushing into him as he collapses onto his forearms as Yo’s hips start to stutter, his hips slamming one more time with a groan; warmth filling and spreading inside Izuku.

Yo wraps his arms around Izuku’s middle burying his face into the space between his shoulder blades. He litters his back with gentle kisses and nuzzles his neck as he shallowly continues to thrust into Izuku as he comes down from his high. 

He hauls them down into the bed with Izuku as the little spoon, pulling his dick out of him slowly,  both groaning at the movement. He drags Izuku against his chest, sighing into Izuku’s neck and continues his lazy affectionate kisses. Izuku hums in satisfaction at the doting, wearing a lazy smile as he looks over his shoulder, meeting those warm brown eyes. They share another kiss, more gentle, softer. 

“Told ya I missed ya,” Yo’s gruff voice murmurs against Izuku’s ear. 

Izuku laughs in response, “Hmm, is that so?” 

Yo pinches Izuku’s hip, who yelps.

“I’ve got all weekend to make up for lost time,” Yo says, with half lidded eyes and a dangerous smirk.

Izuku laughs as he turns around In Yo’s embrace and kisses him earnestly, combing his fingers through his hair, “Better make the most of it then.” Izuku says playfully. 

Yo growls before he takes Izuku’s mouth again, already raring to go for round two.

Izuku groans when he wakes up, slipping from under Yo’s heavy frame he creeps out of bed, he hisses as he tries to stand upright, rubbing his lower back in the process. He limps to the empty hallway naked, walking into the bathroom and flicking the light on. 

He’s met with a reflection of himself, neck and chest full of small bite marks and hickies. He follows the trail down his body to see that Yo had indeed left bruising marks on his hips. Izuku huffed a laugh and it was only the first night.

He hopped into the shower cleaning himself out, the hot water soothes the ache in his back. Wrapping the towel around his waist he ventures into the kitchen. He opens the fridge, the light makes him squint. Izuku cocks his head at the full fridge as he grabs water for both he and Yo. As he chugs his bottle, he glanced at the red numbers on the wall that say it's 12:30 AM. Izuku had gotten home around 5 o’ clock, he laughed incredulously; that means he and Yo had been fucking for a good five to six hours before passing out. 

Izuku heads to where it started, the doorway. Picking up his bag first, he picks up the strewn about clothes that lead a trail through the living room all the way to his bed room. He puts his clothes in the hamper, and his bag on the bench below his window. He places the water bottle on the bedside table before reaching for his phone in his bag. 

He hisses as he bends to grab his phone from the pocket of his messenger bag. He really hopes he’s in better shape by the end of the weekend. He can’t imagine trying to work with a limp.

Standing by the window, Izuku smiles fondly at the calming radiance of the moonlight filtering in. Looking away from the blue light of the moon, he glances at the glowing blue screen of his device, lit up with several notifications. 

Kacchan: I stocked the fridge for you. Don’t let your asshole fuck buddy eat everything. Stay hydrated nerd. 

Izuku snorted, that was actually really thoughtful of Katsuki. He was about to reply but opted against it, Katsuki would immediately jump on his case about being up late, or he’d reply back, “don’t fucking text me while your on sex-cation.” 

Izuku closed Katsuki’s message, seeing that Shouto had also messaged him.

Shou-chan: You’re probably having your brains fucked out right now. But, I need to know, how was your coffee date? 

Izuku’s cheeks burned in embarrassment, but not because Shouto knew his proclivities, but because of the last half of the message.

His mind drifted back to the morning. Bright red hair paired with an even brighter smile; Yo had quickly overtaken the giddiness he felt afterward by surprising Izuku by coming a day earlier than he had planned. Izuku had quickly gotten caught up in Yo’s pace went he went straight into fucking Izuku so hard he couldn’t think about anything else. 

But it was just coffee. It’s not like Eijirou and he were dating, it was just catching up, as friends. 

A light snore jolted Izuku from his wandering thoughts, glancing over he watched as Yo rolled onto his back starfishing in Izuku’s bed. Izuku snorted a laugh going back to Shouto’s message.

Me: Boy, do I have shit to tell you. Sunday night? Ice cream at your place?

Shouto’s response was immediate.

Shou-chan: Oh good, you’re alive! I was afraid Shindou may have killed you with his dick. Sure, I’ll grab a couple pints. Do you think you’ll wanna stay over? 

Me: Yes please. Kacchan might not be in a good mood when he comes back. I’ll wanna let him have his space back for a bit. 

Shou-chan: Better make sure you air out the apartment before then ;)

Izuku rolled his eyes.

Me: Remind me why you’re my best friend? I hate you. 

Shou-chan: Didn’t your mother tell you? Lying is bad. You love me Izuku.

Izuku snorted.

Me: Good night Shou-chan. See you in a day. 

Shou-chan: Say hello to Shindou for me, and not the little one. Be safe kiddo, get some rest.

Izuku closed his messages, and squinted at the red notification, indicating he still had one more unread message.

Re-opening his messages he saw one unread message, glaring at him with bold font.

“Ei-chan,” Izuku whispered, opening the message box.

Ei-chan: It’s crazy how time flew while talking over coffee! I had a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see you again. I hope you get the rest you deserve this weekend! 

Izuku’s heart clenched as he read the message. He clutched the phone against his heart, feeling Eijirou’s warmth in his kind words. He checked the timestamp, Eijirou hadn’t texted him too long ago, so he decided to respond back. 

Me: Ei-chan! I also had a blast. It’s been awhile since i had that much fun over a conversation. Don’t work too hard and get some rest this weekend too! 

Izuku walked back to bed, placing his phone on the bedside table as he slid into bed with Yo. 

Yo moved, making Izuku take pause. The sheet draped over Yo’s waist sliding down exposing his hip. Izuku shifted closer to Yo, resting his head on his chest, his eyes drifting to Yo’s pelvic bone, his fingers unconsciously tracing the inverted triangle filled with water that broke out of it’s frame.

Yo and Izuku weren’t soulmates; neither caring much for the concept. Who needed soulmates and relationships when you could have great sex with no strings attached? 

Izuku and Yo had become fast friends and lovers, meeting on medical missions that kept them together for months at a time. Yo had become something of a confidant to Izuku; someone he could rely on and understand him in ways others couldn’t. Izuku had great respect and affection for Yo in that regard. 

Yo stirred awake with Izuku’s idle fingers, yawning as he spoke, “Mmm,” he started as he wrapped his arms around Izuku’s shoulders and hugged him, “you’re awake?”

“Mmm hmm,” Izuku nodded, “had to clean up.” 

“Shoulda woke me, I would’ve helped you.” 

Izuku laughed, “No, I needed you to sleep. Don’t forget. You have All-Week-end,” he pointedly pronounced.  

Yo’s laugh rumbled in his chest, “Yeah, yeah.”

A blanket of silence covered them, Izuku’s fingers still tracing Yo’s soulmark. 

“Thinkin’ ‘bout somethin’?” Yo inquired, “You usually trace that when you got somethin’ on your mind.”

“Nah,” Izuku propped his head on Yo’s chest as he smiled lazily up at his lover, “I trace it ‘cuz it’s fun to trace.”

“I bet it’d be more fun if you traced it with your tongue,” Yo wiggled an eyebrow at Izuku.


“Takes one to know one,” Yo loosened his arms,”So, what do you say?” 

Izuku laughed, pressing a trail of kisses down Yo’s hard body, ripping off the sheet, sliding between his legs. His tongue licking and sucking at the deep lines of Yo’s adonis belt.

“You’re on.” Izuku said defiantly as his tongue started to trace the soulmark.

The following morning, Izuku was greeted with the smell of breakfast wafting through the air. He groaned as he stretched, feeling the ache in his lower back as he got up from bed and hobbled into the kitchen. 

Yo handed him his favorite mug, and Izuku eyes still half closed, yawned and smiled sleepily as he took it, “Thank you.” 

“No sweat, I even brewed some coffee. Though it’s close to noon, I figured you could use the extra dose of caffeine,” he shot a saucy smirk his way with a wriggle of his eyebrow. 

Izuku scoffed as he poured piping hot coffee into his mug, “I shouldn’t have taunted you the way I did. I’m going to be paying for it dearly the next few days.” 

“Aww, spoilsport. Do you want me to take it easy on you?”

“Hell, no,” Izuku said, “You said, you would make up for lost time.” 

Yo laughed, “I did, I did.” 

“Besides, you’re only here for a few days right? How long will you be gone this time?”

“Mm,” Yo hummed thoughtfully as he flipped the fish in the pan, “Much much longer than usual, up to a year.” 

“Oh, wow. That’s a long time,” Izuku said as he sipped his coffee, his lower back leaning against the counter as he stood next to Yo. 

Yo turned to look at him, “Y’know, I could stay.”

Izuku looked at him with a confused look on his face, “You? Stay? In Japan? That’s unlike you Yo-chan. You live for traveling and the work you do. Why would you leave that all behind?”

“You did it, didn’t you?” 

“True. It had meant to be temporary, and well, I ended up loving it here more than I thought I would. I guess...I guess things change.” 

“Right. Things change,” Yo echoed, turning to look at Izuku straight on, “Which is why, I could stay,” he repeated.

Izuku drank his coffee again, sighing as the warm liquid warmed his throat. He tilted his head at Yo before saying, “What would be your reasoning for staying?”

An unfamiliar emotion flickered through Yo’s brown eyes before he blinked and a smirk reappeared on his face, “I’m still looking for one.” 

“Hmm,” Izuku hummed as he continued to drink his coffee, missing the glances that Yo would steal from time to time.  

Yo finished up cooking and set up the table for them to eat. He had put together a traditional japanese breakfast of fresh rice, miso soup and a small fillet of salmon. It was a nostalgic meal for Izuku, reminding him of all the medical missions they’d been on, him whining about missing Japanese food, only for Yo to whip something up the following morning. The older man would shrug and say, “I only cook traditional anyways.”

“Thank you for the meal!” Izuku exclaimed with his hands put together in prayer and thankfulness before he dug in. 

Izuku asked questions about where Yo had been as of late. While the two were intimate physically, they rarely texted, called or exchanged emails. It was an unspoken agreement to keep minimal contact. They were more casual about their friendship catching up sporadically. Yo especially would only inform Izuku of when he would be around Tokyo, to which Izuku would make sure that he had time off for his friend.  

After breakfast Yo snagged the dishes and banished Izuku to the living room. He pouted but did as he was told, curling up with his favorite throw and switched the TV on. Yo joined him afterwards plopping onto the couch and slung his arm across Izuku’s shoulders, pulling him flush to his side. 

They ended up watching half of a movie before Izuku started to feel his arousal return. His desire to be physically close to Yo. It started with drifting hands over Yo’s body, sliding into his shorts, and then begging to be fucked.

Yo fulfilled every single one of Izuku’s requests the rest of the afternoon, all while fulfilling his promise to make-up for lost time. Yo often pampered Izuku in between their sessions, whether it be cuddling with him, his hands drifting over Izuku’s bare skin, getting him water and making sure he was physically okay and rubbing sore muscles. 

In the evening after Yo ordered take-out to be delivered, they bathed together. Yo gently scrubbing his scalp with shampoo and his body gently with a hand towel. All the while chatting and talking about  their lives, the people they had seen and the people they had hooked up with, trading horror stories of their dating scene. 

Izuku always felt at ease around Yo. He was one of his closest friends beside Katsuki and Shouto, because Yo understood his aversion to soulmates, to being fated to someone. They both liked to keep people at arms length, never really allowed themselves to be vulnerable. There was a camaraderie in Yo that Izuku found solace in, an openness to expressing his thoughts without backlash, because Yo felt the same. 

Yo reminded him that he wasn’t alone, and that the way he lived his life wasn’t wrong. 

The duo didn’t sleep yet again that night. Izuku found himself tracing Yo’s soulmark again in the melancholy hours of twilight. Yo’s fingers running up and down his spine as they laid in silence, neither wanting to break the calm, nor acknowledging the end of their time together. But, it would happen one way or another. 

“Something on your mind?” Yo broke their silence.

Izuku shook his head as he rolled away from the soulmark to face Yo, “Mm, nothing, just wanna spend as much time with you before you have to leave for God knows how long.” 

Yo smiled at him, hand carding through green curls, “I told you, I could stay.” 

Izuku laughed, “You could, but why would you stay?”

“Because you wanted me to.”

“Pfft, that’s silly! Why would I make you stay.” 

“Izu-chan, you know I like you right.”

“Well duh? I like you too? I mean, we’re friends after all. Friends like each other.”

Yo’s hand stills in Izuku’s hair, Izuku watches Yo’s smirk falter for a second before his trademark smirk is back and his hand continues it’s affectionate touch.


“...right. Friends,” he repeats before he changes the subject, “We’ve got a couple more hours to kill. I’m pretty sure I made up for lost time buuuut,” he teases, “what do you say we continue to make up for future lost time? You up for more?” 

Yo’s already moving to sit up and Izuku follows suit, closing the distance and kissing Izuku breathless. 

Izuku pulls away for air, head swimming and dizzy with lust as he licks his lips. The burning desire ripping through his body is reflected in Yo’s eyes. Their lips crash and their bodies intertwine once more before the sun rises and Yo disappears.

Yeah, who needs relationships? Who needs love? 

Who needs a soulmate when sex was this fucking good? 

Izuku lays out across his bed looking up at Yo as he packs up his suitcase and his backpack. Saying goodbye to Yo is always bittersweet. 

“I’m sorry I took up all your time Yo-chan! I’m sure there were other people you wanted to see!”

“Nah, don’t worry about it Izu-chan. If that was the case I would’ve told you sooner right?” He shoots a smile at Izuku, who smiles warmly in return. 

When his suitcase is zipped up and placed on the ground, Izuku follows Yo to the door. He watches Yo tie his shoes at the genkan, while leaning against the wall. Izuku tries not to feel sad to see his friend go, but duty calls. 

Yo turns and offers a big smile and open arms. Izuku rushes into them and hugs him while hiding a sniffle.

“Aww, Izu-chan. Don’t cry. You’re gonna make it harder for me to go.”

“Sorry,” Izuku said muffled into his shirt, “You know how I get.” 

Yo pulls away, “Yeah, I know kiddo. You’re a big cry baby that cries at just about anything and everything. Even happy things.” 

Izuku playfully punches him, “Hey, don’t be mean.”

“I’m not,” Yo laughs, and then takes off his backpack, “Here, I have something for you.”

“Oh? What is it?”

Unzipping his backpack, he takes out a nicely wrapped box, and hands it to Izuku, “Just a small token. I know how much you love this stuff.” 

Izuku smiles warmly at Yo, “Thanks Yo-chan. You didn’t have to. You visiting was more than enough!” 

Yo ruffles Izuku’s hair, “I didn’t have to. But I wanted to. I like doing things for you Izu-chan. Don’t forget that. I better get going, don’t wanna miss my flight.” 

Izuku hugs Yo again and whispers thank you into his ear and pecks a kiss on his cheek, “Work hard Yo-chan! And be safe!” 

“Thanks and likewise Izu-chan. Don’t go breaking any hearts now!” He says as he walks down the hallway.

“Pfft, I could say the same about you! Seriously, take care. I worry about you, you know!” Izuku shouts as he waves one more time. 

Yo laughs and gives Izuku one more devastatingly handsome smile as he waves one final time as he disappears onto the elevator, “It’s nice to know you worry about me, kiddo.” 

As the doors shut, Izuku slips back into his apartment, locking the door and places the box on his counter. He goes to his room and grabs his phone that hasn’t been touched since Friday night, before returning to the counter. 

Izuku immediately dials Shouto as he takes a seat, balancing his phone between his ear and his shoulder.

“Well, well well,” a voice on the other end says, “I see you’ve survived.” 

Izuku laughs, “Well, Good Morning Shou-chan!”

“Did Shindou leave already?”

“Yeah, he had a morning flight to catch.”

Izuku’s fingers undo the ribbon wrapped around the box carefully.

“Did you have fun?”

“Of course I did, this is Yo-chan we’re talking about.”

“...You guys just fucked all weekend didn’t you.”

Izuku carefully peels the taped edges of the box, and unwraps it. 

“Yeah, well. That’s just how we are.” 

“Mm hmm.” 

Izuku opens the box and pulls out the contents, his eyes widen a fraction of a second and he gasps.

“What? What was that.” 

“Yo-chan left me a gift.” 

“ it sex related?” 

“No! Is that your default answer when it comes to Yo-chan?” 

“Um, yes? That’s basically the basis of your relationship?” 

“We are friends too.”

“Right. Anyways, what is it?” 

Izuku places a jar on the table and smiles, “He got me honey.” 


“Seriously, what kind of best friend are you. I just told you a few days ago my favorite kind of honey.” 


“That was really sweet of Yo-chan. He was able to grab a bottle of this for me. Especially this brand. It was my favorite when we were stationed in Paris!”

“Hmm,” Shouto hummed thoughtfully.


“Nothing. So, what time are you coming over?”

“Ah, maybe later this afternoon? I wanna fix up the apartment before Kacchan gets home.”

“You mean air it out.”

“Would you—God, you’re infuriating. I’ll call you when I head over.” 

“Yep, I’ve got all the ice cream we need for this session.” 

Izuku snorts, “Yeah, Okay. Bye Shou-chan.”


Izuku’s fingers trace the sticker on the bottle of orange-blossom honey as he picks it up and places it in the cupboard next to his favorite mug. 

He decides to text Yo as he starts to clean his apartment.

Me: Yo-chan! Thank you for the honey! You really didn’t have to!

Yo-chan: I told you, I wanted to. It’s your favorite right? 

Me: Yes, but still!

Yo-chan: No buts. Just enjoy it. See ya later Izu <3 

Me: Have a safe flight! <3

He collapses onto his couch after he finishes cleaning, and all the windows in their apartment are wide open. He sees the unread text messages he hadn’t noticed as he rushed to send a thank you to Yo. The first from Katsuki: 

Kacchan: Is that bastard still there? I remember you sayin’ he had an early flight. But just to be safe, I’ll be there around 3pm. 

Second he had a message from Eijirou:

Ei-chan: Hey! I hope you’re all rested for the work week. I was thinking, are you free next weekend? I found a neat looking cafe that just opened up, wanna go check it out? 

Izuku responds to Eijirou first.

Me: Hi! I hope you had a good weekend too! Yeah, I should be available. Let’s iron out the details at the end of the week! 

And then shoots one off to Katsuki:

Me: Yo-chan is gone! You can come home whenever! I’m going to head to Shou-chan’s for a bit, so I’ll be home late.

He pockets his phone and starts to get ready to head over to Shouto’s for the evening.

Just as he gets off the subway to Shouto’s, his phone dings.

Ei-chan: Great! It’s a date! :) 

Date. Izuku repeats, he’s going on a date. He should feel nervous about the term with all things considered. But, he’s torn. On one hand, this is Eijirou, someone he’s familiar with, has history with. Friends go on dates . But on the other hand, what if this is something more? Is Izuku ready to let his guard down again? 

Izuku finds himself magically at Shouto’s door and knocking on it.

The moment heterochromatic eyes look at him when the door opens he blurts, “I need help.” 

Shouto’s eyebrows raised, “What the hell happened in the span of two hours?” 

He ushers Izuku in, closes the door and lets the latter follow him to the couch. Tubs of ice cream are waiting on his coffee table, and Shouto just shoves a tub of ‘cookies n’ cream’ at him complete with a spoon.

“What’s the tea?”

Izuku stares at his friend blankly, “What is with you and slang?” 

Shouto shrugs, “Trying to shake things up?” 

Izuku shakes his head, “Ei-chan wants to go on a date this coming weekend.” 

“Oh? Wow okay, first things first. Shindou.” 

“Ah, what about him? Yo-chan was...Yo-chan. What else is there to say? It was a visit from my friend —don’t look at me like that! Okay, fine, my friend with benefits . It's the same old thing, nothing new there to report really.”

“Huh, really? Seems like—well, whatever you say. Okay so Kirishima wants a date. But you had one on Friday with him, why are you freaking out now?” 

“It wasn’t like an official date.”

“Midoriya. I know you’re smarter than that. He asked you to coffee, the intent to see you for coffee to talk, is the epitome of a date.” 

Huffing, he digs a spoon into his ice cream and eats it, “Okay, fine. I’m just...I don’t know. Am I ready to do this? To date? To love? Be in a relationship??”

Shouto is digging into his own carton of neapolitan, “Aren’t you jumping the gun here? I think you’re missing a step. If you’re that worried, do what you always do then.” 

“I can’t just sleep with him!”

His friend rolls his eyes at him and sighs, “No, Midoriya, the other thing you do when you start dating.” 

“Oh, um, take it one day at a time?” 

“Bingo. Just take it one day at a time, don’t feel pressured or obligated to be in a relationship. Just get to know him again, date him.”

Izuku sighs, “You’re right. You’re absolutely right. Just take it day by day, don’t worry about the future, just live in the moment.” 

“Take it slow. Set the pace if you need to. If Kirishima is worth it, he’ll be patient. He’ll understand.” 

Izuku nods and Shouto takes that as a cue to change the topic. Izuku, on the other hand, can’t help but still be caught on the term “date”.

One date leads to many dates, which leads to relationships. He had just spent the weekend thinking about how great it was to not be in a relationship, to not be caught up in the mess called ‘love’.

Yet, there was just something about Eijirou. Eijirou’s kind heart, his easy smile. Seeing him again had shaken up what should have been Izuku’s defense mechanism: saying no to dates, to being walked home. But there was something about Eijirou, and he couldn’t explain it; he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. One word floats to the forefront of his mind, as he starts to piece together that Eijirou makes Izuku feel something he hadn’t in a long time: hope.

A new resolve started to sprout in Izuku’s heart, he could at least give Eijirou the benefit of the doubt. He could at the very least try.

Chapter Text

Eijirou struggled to keep his smile under wraps as Izuku snuggled closer, his head resting on his stomach as they shared a blanket watching a movie on his couch.  

It had been three months since their coffee date.

It had been a slow start with their schedules not aligning. But when they managed to figure it out, they slipped into a comfortable pace where they started hanging out several times a week. At first, it had been Eijirou inviting Izuku out to do things, but soon Izuku took initiative and started inviting him out and started planning dates too. 

At the one month mark, Eijirou kissed Izuku.  It had been a quick chaste peck on the lips at the end of one of their dates. Eijirou will never forget the shy blush that bloomed on Izuku’s face; his inability to meet Eijirou’s eyes afterwards. It was cute how Izuku acted; like it was his first kiss all over again.

Eijirou took his time, not wanting to rush into anything like they had that summer. Taking cues from Izuku’s apprehensiveness to certain things, like fancy dinners. He watched Izuku’s mood swings, the flicker of emotions in his eyes that ranged from anxiety to hesitancy and happiness.

After that first milestone, they’d shared a million more kisses and held hands, fingers intertwining and weaving together. A kiss hello, a kiss goodbye. A peck on the lips just because Izuku was too cute that he couldn’t help himself. A quick kiss because Izuku wanted Eijirou to stop making him laugh so hard over everything.

By month two their kisses were less innocent. Eijirou couldn't get enough of Izuku’s lips. 

When they were pressed against his, Eijirou drowned in Izuku’s touch. 

Their makeout sessions were long, and drawn out. Soft, sensual, explorative and deep. Their tongues intertwined, their hands running through one another’s hair and over the planes of each other’s body.

Izuku’s body molded so well against his, their hips undulating against one another languidly. Eijirou had never experienced so much in just kissing. Make-out sessions ended breathless and panting, and sharing even more quick kisses before snuggling up again. 

It was unbelievable how sexy it was to just enjoy one another’s touch. No rush to rip each other’s clothes off and fuck. They were re-exploring one another’s body. 

Around month three and leading up to their present situation, was a no holds barred situation. 

Eijirou was pulled from his thoughts when Izuku’s hand drifted lower. His fingers tentatively gliding across his crotch. The air froze in his lungs as Izuku’s fingers confidently stroked his now hardening cock when Eijirou made no move to stop him. 

Izuku had hummed in satisfaction, turning his face into Eijirou’s stomach, nudging the hem of his tight tank up with his nose, his lips showering his skin with light kisses and nips. He felt Izuku’s tongue slide against his lower abdomen, and he groaned in response. 

Green eyes peered up at him with a devilish glint in his eyes. Those eyes froze Eijirou in his place, unable to respond or react as Izuku did as he pleased.

His hand slid under the elastic of his sweat pants and boxers, Izuku’s hand warm against his skin, lithe fingers wrapping around his shaft, and slowly jerking him off as his mouth continued its descent. 

Izuku pulled Eijirou’s stiff cock out of its confines, his hot breath ghosting over it. Green eyes looked at him once more as he licked the tip. Eijirou bit his tongue, as he watched Izuku slide to the floor in between Eijirou’s legs. His spit slowly dribbled from his tongue and onto his cock. Izuku looked up at him with half-lidded eyes and Eijirou’s dick twitched at how fucking hot he looked. 

Holding Eijirou’s shaft in his hand he licked a long stripe up from the base to the tip. Eijirou’s head dropped back as he moaned, taking a breath to re-compose himself as he looked down at Izuku once more. Izuku’s tongue swirled around the head slowly, tracing the ridge of the crown and then kissing the tip. His hand continued to stroke him as Izuku smirked up at Eijirou demurely.

He leaned up craning his neck towards Eijirou who met him halfway. They kissed, Izuku’s plush lips slippery with spit and pre-come as his tongue dove into Eijirou’s. Their tongues slid against one another as they kissed deeper. 

Izuku pulled away, readjusting himself between Eijirou’s legs as he licked and mouthed at his shaft. His eyes glanced at Eijirou’s face every so often. His mouth wrapped around the head, tonguing the slit and rubbing the underside of the head. 

Eijirou’s body tensed and he let out a choked moan. It was such a small move but it was enough to bring him to the edge. 

Izuku’s mouth slid down his length, taking him inch by inch till his lips hit the base. Izuku stayed in that position, he swallowed, the muscle contracting around Eijirou, who let out a whispered, “Fuck. Fuckkkk, that’s—holy hell.”

Izuku’s eyes crinkled in humor as he hummed. Eijirou’s hands shot into green hair, “Baby don’t tease or I’ll blow my load too soon.” 

Izuku hummed again as he slowly worked his way up and down Eijirou’s dick. His tongue working magic as he sucked him off. Eijirou’s eyes closed, his head hitting the back of the couch, body melting with pleasure. He moaned, brows furrowing as he focused on Izuku’s mouth. 

Izuku added his hand to the mix, massaging his balls, before breaking away with a loud pop. Izuku used his hand to stroke him, and Eijirou watched as Izuku rubbed his cheek against his shaft, his deep green eyes ready to devour him. Holding his dick in his palm, Izuku licked another long stripe up his shaft, and rubbed his cheek against it. 

As he stroked Eijirou, he licked his balls before taking them into his mouth, sucking on either one earnestly as he stroked him firmer, faster. 

Eijirou felt his stomach tightening up as Izuku upped the pressure. 

“Oh fuck, Izu, I’m—”

Izuku’s hot mouth engulfed his dick again, deep-throating him. Eijirou jolted at the sudden heat, thrusting his hips into Izuku’s face. 

“So-sor—” Eijirou had started but Izuku had grabbed Eijirou’s hands and placed it on his head, making eye contact Izuku winked at him. Eijirou could only take that to mean one thing. 

He slid down the couch further, tightening his grip on green tresses before his hips started to rock into Izuku’s mouth. He felt Izuku’s jaw lax, his hands resting on his inner thighs. Izuku tapped him and nodded, sending him another signal. 

Eijirou thrusted into him hard and slowly, hearing Izuku’s choked gagging. He was about to pause till Izuku shot him a look, and Eijirou didn’t dare back down. 

Closing his eyes again, he started to fuck into Izuku’s mouth. That knot in his stomach grew tighter and tighter. Izuku moaned when Eijirou’s hips started to stutter against him. Tears spilled out of the corner of Izuku’s eyes. Eijirou was so close. 

The coil snapped as he shoved his cock deep into Izuku’s mouth, his come spurting down Izuku’s throat. Thinking it was too much he tried to pull Izuku off, but Izuku would not allow him. 

Eijirou panted, sweat dripping down his temple as he watched Izuku continue to suck him off, lapping at his shaft, not missing a spot of come mixed with spit. Izuku only backed off when Eijirou shuddered at overstimulation.

Izuku climbed into his lap, straddling him and draped his arms over his shoulder. He hunched over to be eye to eye with Eijirou, a lazy smile growing on his face as he leaned into Eijirou.

Eijirou pulled Izuku closer to him kissing him deeply, his hands running up and down Izuku’s back. 

Izuku stopped him when his hand tried to venture under his shirt and up his back. Izuku smiled sweetly pulling the offending hand off and placed it on his dick.

“I’d rather you touch me here.” 

Eijirou nodded as Izuku captured his lips again. He palmed at Izuku’s erection, before pulling his pants down to pull Izuku’s cock out. Izuku moaned into EIjirou’s mouth, his hands sliding up his neck and into his red hair. He rocked his hips into Eijirou’s hands.

Izuku’s kisses switched from sensual and slow to hungry and greedy. His breathing was erratic as he fucked into Eijiou’s hand. Izuku pulled back leaving them both gasping for air.

“Fuck me, Ei-chan,” he had asked breathlessly, “Please, fuck me.” 

Eijriou nodded dumbly at the request, “Ye-yeah, okay.” 

They collided in a heated kiss, both of them shuffling out of their pants without breaking apart. Eijirou stood up from the couch, a firm grip on Izuku’s thighs as he carried him to his bedroom. Izuku’s legs wrap around his waist, thrusting his hips against his abs. 

Eijirou bumped them into a wall with a thud, head dropping into Izuku’s shoulder for a quick breather, “Sorry, I—you’re driving me crazy right now.” 

His fingers rubbed into Eijirou’s scalp.

“I could say the same about you.”

Izuku grabbed Eijirou’s face, kissing him yet again. Undulating his body against Eijirou who pressed him harder into the wall as his cock slid between Izuku’s asscheeks. 

“Fuck,” Eijirou said as he broke their kiss. 

Izuku giggled, pressing kisses into his jaw and neck, as Eijirou brought them to his bedroom. 

They collapsed on the bed, shifting higher and higher. He reached for his nightstand grabbing his bottle of lube.

Eijirou shut the drawer, sitting back on the balls of his feet, Izuku readily spread his legs for him, his shirt riding up, exposing the slight definition of his abs. 

He popped the cap open, pouring lube onto his fingers, reaching below Izuku. With one hand steady on Izuku’s knee, he spread the lube around Izuku’s hole before sliding a finger in. Izuku tensed for a second, but quickly recovered, asking Eijirou to add more fingers.

Izuku’s hips started to rise and fall on Eijirou’s hand, moaning loudly, “Ei-chan.”

Eijirou shifted closer to Izuku, lining his cock up and pressing in. Tight hot heat sucked Eijirou in. He let out a groan, Izuku felt so fucking perfect.

Hooking his Izuku’s legs into the crook of his arms he pulled Izuku flush against him. 

Slow steady thrusts in and out of Izuku had Eijirou mesmerized as he watched the former take him in so well. Izuku hands fisted the sheets above his head as he moaned, his head lolling side to side in pleasure. 

Eijirou lengthened his body atop Izuku, pushing him deeper into the bed, Izuku’s legs spread wider. He thrust hard, deep, shoving Izuku higher and higher up the bed.

“Fuck, Ei-chan.” Izuku had cried out, his arms wrapping around Eijirou’s broad back

Izuku started muttering a litany of praises, “So good. Ei-chan, so good. Yes, more, there. Oh, fuck. Yes! So big. God, yes!”

Fingers dragged down Eijirou’s back, as his lips latched onto whatever they could, leaving marks across his chest and neck, before kisses were littered across his jaw to his lips. Izuku cupped Eijirou’s face as they kissed, foreheads touching when they broke apart. Green eyes looked so full of adoration as Eijirou made love to him. 

“Eijirou,” he moaned seductively.

Eijirou’s throat went dry, hips slamming hard into Izuku at the sudden sound of his name. 

“Izuku,” his voice wrecked. 

Izuku’s legs had tightened around his waist.

Lips connecting once more, deeper, messier. Eijirou felt himself drowning in Izuku, his hips driving faster into him. 

Breathing faster, they both climbed to orgasm. Izuku’s nails clawing down Eijirou’s back as his back arched off the bed, head thrown back as Izuku reached his pinnacle first. 

Eijirou kissed and sucked at Izuku’s exposed neck as he chased his second orgasm. Hips stuttering as he came. Eijirou held Izuku in his arms, the latter’s arms wrapped around his neck. Their foreheads rested against one another, sharing small kisses as their breathing slowed. Izuku’s hips continued a slow grind against Eijirou till the redhead tapped him with a groan.

Izuku craned his neck, looking up at Eijirou with a dreamy smile. He felt his heart squeeze at the sheer happiness and the afterglow of sex etched into his freckled face and rosy cheeks. He leaned up kissing Eijirou again, pouring his emotions into that kiss. 

Eijirou’s heart fluttered at the gesture as he kissed him back with equal passion as he disentangled himself from Izuku, who cutely pouted at him, but promised to be right back. He came back into the room with a washcloth and helped Izuku clean up. 

Climbing into bed again, Izuku immediately curled up to him, resting his cheek on his chest with a happy sigh and a hand on his chest. 

Eijirou combed through Izuku’s soft curls with his fingers, massaging his scalp every so often.

As a comfortable silence draped over them, Eijirou’s thoughts drifted to just how incredible that was. That held more than just, it conveyed an emotional connection, it just felt more than anything he’d felt with anyone else. Eijirou had always thought, sex with Izuku had been special. He had tried to convince himself that it was merely because they were each other’s first. But, after tonight, ‘ soulmate’ echoed in his mind.

Eijirou knew he was falling for Izuku all over again. He knew it was a reality, the moment he laid eyes on him the second he walked into the cafe. He also knew that his feelings were a lot stronger than when they were eighteen; that there was no one out there who could make him feel the things he felt when he was with Izuku. 

Izuku had to be his soulmate. He had to be. 

Eijirou woke up to an empty bed and the smell of bacon rising in the air. He yawned as he got out of bed, walking into the kitchen and rubbing at his eyes. 

“Good morning Ei-chan!” Izuku’s cheery smile and lilted voice greeted him

Eijirou smiled as he’s greeted by Izuku in boxers and a tee looking over his shoulder. He came up behind Izuku, wrapped his arms around his waist, and buried his nose in his neck, pressing a kiss into his nape as he said, “Good morning,” against Izuku’s ear. 

The smaller man shuddered, leaning back into his chest. 

“Sleep well?” Izuku had asked.

“Mm, for the most part,” he replied, continuing to kiss Izuku’s neck.

“Oh? What was missing?” 

“Waking up with you in my arms.” 

Izuku froze for a second, placing his spatula down, he turned in his embrace, threading his fingers through long red hair, kissing him chastely, eyes gleaming, “You’re such a romantic.” 

Eijirou pecked him quickly, “I try. Now, let’s finish cooking breakfast before you burn the bacon!” 

He released Izuku from his hold, and as Izuku finished off the bacon, Eijirou went and made the toast, handing a few eggs for Izuku to fry next. They sat on the couch, legs entangled as they watched some random variety show on the TV. Ditching their plates on the coffee table, Izuku quickly latched onto Eijirou for late morning cuddles. 

They spent the rest of the weekend lazing around wrapped up in each other, cooped up in Eijirou’s apartment. To Eijirou it was a slice of heaven, being able to monopolize Izuku like this on the weekend. Luckily every other weekend allowed for this indulgence. 

Some weekends were spent at Izuku’s place. There, he met Izuku’s roommate, an explosive blond named Katsuki, who turned out to be his childhood friend. Someone he remembered Izuku had talked about often the summer they met.

The blond had been less than polite when he first came over to pick Izuku up for a date. He’ll never forget the way those crimson eyes scanned him up and down sizing him up, clearly unimpressed with him, and quickly saying, “You have shitty hair.”

Eijirou was taken aback by the insult, laughing awkwardly. His fingers reflexively going to touch his spikes, before Izuku came out with a huff and reprimanded his roommate, “Kacchan! Be nice. This is why you don’t have friends! Sorry Ei-chan, don’t mind Kacchan. He gives everyone a lame nickname.” 

Eijirou had asked, “Even you?” 

To which both Izuku and Katsuki said simultaneously not missing a beat, “Especially me—” “Especially Him—” 

Soon, the blond was more welcoming, not racing for his room whenever Eijirou showed up. He had learned to coexist with Eijirou’s presence which, to Izuku, was “an impressive feat.” 

Eijirou had been respectful of Katsuki’s boundaries, staying out of his way, even going as far as helping out in the kitchen, cleaning up after himself and Izuku. Katsuki still gave him a once over when he opened the door before giving a nod of approval, as soon as he saw Eijirou armed with pizza and beer. It was the toll he paid to gain entrance to see Izuku. 

At first, he didn’t understand the guy’s prickly personality, the way he was dismissive of Eijirou. But, it became evident that he truly was looking out for Izuku’s best interests.

Eijirou could tell that Katsuki was very protective of Izuku, he could tell based on their interactions. Whenever he was over, he noticed that Katsuki would put on the coffee before he left for the day. And when he came home, he was always armed with a pint of Izuku’s favorite ice cream, claiming he happened to stop by the store on the way home.

But the same could be said about Izuku. Initially, Eijirou had been slightly worried, and a tiny bit jealous.

Izuku doted on Katsuki when the three of them were home together, which had been alarming, with ‘Kacchan this,’ or ‘Kacchan that,’ in a nagging but loving tone. But his worries disappeared when he realized those two were moving like clockwork. It was their routine, built on years of being around one another. It was clear their relationship was nothing more than brotherly love, something that wouldn't be interrupted just because someone new was there. 

While they did enjoy time at Izuku’s place; they often chose to spend their time together at Eijirou’s one bedroom apartment. He didn’t have a roommate they needed to worry about. They could be loud, walk around half-naked and have sex anywhere. It also gave Katsuki his space back, not forcing him out just because the two were there; he was probably silently thankful for the choice. 

Eijirou was more than halfway in love with Izuku; more so this time around. He wanted to be with him all the time, wanted to wake-up to him every day; to his messy bed-head and droopy eyes when he struggled to stay awake; to the way his back curved, disappearing into his sheets when he slept on his stomach hugging a pillow to his face. Saying goodbye at the end of the weekend was hard, saved only by the small chances they got to see one another during the week. 

Eijirou made it a point to bring Izuku tea and some homemade meals the nights he had to work double shifts. There he met another important person in Izuku’s life. The ER Doctor Shouto Todoroki. His interaction with him was a cakewalk after meeting Katsuki. 

Shouto had been friendly, nice, and fully ecstatic to finally meet Eijiro, “Oh, so you’re THE Ei-chan I’ve been hearing allll about! It’s finally nice to put a face to a name.” 

Izuku had blushed and glared at Shouto retorting back, “You’ve seen him around plenty of times! He brings us PT’s!”

“Apologies, I mean. It’s nice to officially meet you Kirishima. Still, I’ve heard lots about you. Thanks for putting up with him. I know he can be a handful,” Shouto had said teasingly.

“Shou-chan!” Izuku had shouted exasperatedly, blushing deeply, “Seriously, how are you my best friend? Don’t listen to him Ei-chan. He talks a lot of nonsense.”

Eijirou laughed and slung an arm around Izuku, “No need to worry Todoroki! I promise to take good care of him.” 

Shouto had smiled warmly at that, “Good. He deserves it.” 

He felt good, being let into Izuku’s life, meeting his friends, especially the ones that Izuku had held such high regard for. 

There were only a few things that were nagging the back of Eijirou’s mind. One, Izuku still had some walls put up, topics that he avoided, or flat out wouldn’t talk about. Two, the fact that Izuku refused to remove his shirts or tank tops when they had sex.

The past wasn’t too important to Eijirou. What mattered was the present and the future. But sometimes, he wished Izuku could share more of what he’d been through in the past. It was clear at the beginning that Izuku was apprehensive to the idea of dating and relationships, but sex was a non-issues. In fact Izuku wasn’t shy about sex, took the lead half the time.

But Eijirou never pushed, Eijiroun ever questioned the way Izuku would shy away from intimacy but not sex. He never questioned why Izuku would redirect his attention and his hands from his back. He figured Izuku would tell him when he was ready; though he wondered if it was soulmark related. Wondered, if that was where his soulmark was. Of course, the soulmark wouldn’t be the be-all-end-all of their relationship. Not when he was head over heels in love with Izuku.

But he couldn't help but be curious. Why was Izuku so apprehensive about taking his shirt off? Why were parts of Izuku that were inaccessible? What was he hiding and why?

Chapter Text

Izuku’s eyelids fluttered open, his head rose and fell with every breath Eijirou took; a slight snore heard every so often. Izuku’s hand came to his mouth to stifle a giggle as he watched his boyfriend sleep. 

He watched him with a fond smile on his face. Izuku found the old adage ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ to hold true when it came to Eijirou; before he knew it, three months had passed in the blink of an eye.

Reconnecting with Eijirou after all these years, they had fallen into step quickly. Izuku had long forgotten what a real date was like enjoying one another’s company. Finding common ground to talk about, to laugh about, to debate about. To genuinely spend time with someone and enjoy it till he felt like he could burst. 

It was refreshing, having someone to talk to about everything and anything under the sun without any judgement. Izuku could be himself, and it was nice, that for once, someone wasn’t just looking to get laid at the end of the date.

Izuku was thankful Eijirou hadn’t changed much over the years, and they said chivalry was dead. Eijirou had always been a gentleman through and through.

He’d been surprised that it took them so long to be physical, but he gladly welcomed Eijirou’s pace, waiting for the right time and the right place. And wow, had it been worth the wait. It was unlike any experience he’d had. It was like the sun warming and melting ice on the first of spring. It was like Eijirou was breathing new life into Izuku with every slow kiss, every intimate touch. It awoke a passion in Izuku that he didn’t know he had. 

Sex with Eijirou had been more fulfilling and intimate. It was so full of care and adoration.

It was filled with love. 

Izuku was completely smitten with Eijirou, falling for him was easy, just like that summer. They just clicked and fit together. But, there was one cloud that still hung over their heads.

Izuku’s smile faltered, as he glanced at Eijriou’s soulmark on his chest. He found it ironically fitting that it would land there, it was fitting that it was over his heart. But Izuku wouldn’t dwell on it, didn’t even want to think about it. He just wanted to live in this moment with Eijirou. Izuku’s fingers absentmindedly traced the pattern on a hardened chest, not realizing he was rousing Eijirou from his sleep. 

Eijirou’s hand enveloped Izuku’s, stilling his idle fingers. 

“Tickles,” Eijirou had yawned before a sleepy smile spread across his face.

Izuku giggled as he shifted against his body, stealing a kiss from Eijriou, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up,” whispering against his lips he continued, “It’s still early, you can go back to sleep.” 

“Mm, only if you go to sleep too,” Eijirou murmured.

“Only if we can cuddle.”

Eijirou cracked an eye open, “You say it like it’s something we don’t do often.” 

He wrapped his arm around Izuku, dragging him up his body and showering his face with kisses, “You know that’s a given. I’ll cuddle you as much as you want.” 

Izuku smiled, the back of his fingers brushing Eijirou’s face, “You’re too good to me.” 

Eijirou tilted his head, a hand brushing through his curls, “Who wouldn’t treat you right? You’re perfect.” 

Izuku’s heart feels so full, he’s on the verge of crying, because no one’s ever given him this kind of love and attention. Before tears can slip down his face, he kisses Eijirou deeply, hoping the man can feel what he’s feeling without putting it into words.

Pulling back, he rolls them over on their sides for a better sleeping position. He tucks himself under Eijirou’s neck and snuggles even closer into his warmth. Eijirou holds him close, craning his neck to let Izuku under. 

Izuku presses his lips against warm skin, feeling Eijirou’s fingers caress his lower back, the patch of exposed skin above his shorts. Izuku sighs, content in being in his arms, and the fact that Eijirou has respected his boundaries; never questioning or pushing a conversation about why Izuku won’t go shirtless or won’t let him touch his back. 

With any other person, Izuku would not have cared. He knows the ugly mark on his back exists. Hasn’t cared that other lovers have seen it. When he had turned twenty, he didn’t care to look at it, not the least bit curious, so he treated it like any other day. In fact, Shindou was the one that even told him he had a soulmark, he just said, “Oh,” when Shindou said it was on his back and due to his lack of enthusiasm Shindou didn’t push the topic, instead distracting Izuku with other things .

But, with Eijirou, he can’t. He’d be too vulnerable, especially if—Izuku shook off the rest of the thought. He wouldn’t be ruled by a mark on his skin. He was glad really, that he couldn’t see it, but now he just had to practice the idiom “out of sight, out of mind.” 

Inhaling Eijirou’s deep woodsy scent, he sighed happily, his lids slipping close as the dreamt about hiking through one of the lushest forests he’d ever seen in his life. 

A couple hours later, Izuku woke up alone in Eijirou’s bed. Shifting closer to Eijirou’s side he nuzzled into his pillow, the scent of sandalwood imbuing his system. He smiled into the pillow, the scent was calming. Izuku’s eyes glanced at the sheets pooling around him. Eijirou’s bed was slightly better than his, a tiny bit softer, his plush comfortable that felt like a cloud was engulfing you. His bed was the type you didn’t want to leave, the kind of bed you wanted to cozy up in during the winter with a fire going. 

The door creaked open and footsteps padded in. The scent of food wafting through the room. Izuku poked his head out from under the comforter, catching sight of Eijirou carrying a breakfast tray. Izuku sat up, “Ei-chan…” 

“I didn’t wanna wake you. You were too cute snoozin’ away,” he replied as he rested the tray’s legs over his lap, “But I also didn’t want you to starve. I’d be a if I didn’t feed you.” 

“You didn’t have to! You should’ve just woke me up. I like eating with you!” 

Eijirou chuckled, “Well, I guess you’re in luck. I didn’t eat yet, but I left my food in the kitchen. I was gonna leave it in case you were still sleeping.” 

Izuku inches away enough to pull his legs from under the tray and swung them over the side. He grabbed the tray, “Well? Lead the way, let’s eat on the couch together.” 

A flash of white greeted Izuku, and he felt his cheeks get warm. He could never get used to Eijirou smiling at him like that without getting flustered. It was too handsome of a smile, it made him look way too good. And luckily, that smile was only directed at Izuku. 

Eijirou led the way to the living room, Izuku splitting off to head to the couch. They sat on the floor behind the coffee table, their knees touching.

“Ei-chan, you made Katsudon!” 

“You just noticed?” 

“Sorry, was still half asleep y’know?” 

“I’m just teasin’,” he shoulder bumps him, “it’s your favorite right?” 

Izuku bit into the deep fried pork, “Mm hmm!” he swallows, “This is delicious! You spoil me too much.” 

“Nah, could never spoil you enough.”

Izuku blushes hard, how can Eijirou say things like that so easily. He’s still thankful and blessed all the same. 

He grabs Eijirou’s dishes, running off, saying he’ll do it since he cooked. Eijirou playfully chases him into the kitchen saying that he shouldn't have to. Eijirou tickles Izuku’s sides to get him away from the sink. Izuku concedes when he can’t breathe anymore, arms looping loosely around Eijirou’s neck as they settle into a comfortable silence. 

Izuku leans up kissing plump lips that part open for him. They make-out in the kitchen, with Eijirou pulling away first, “We should do the dishes. Together.”

Izuku hums, stealing a quick kiss from Eijirou, “I wash, you dry.”

Eijirou salutes him, grabbing a clean dish towel as Izuku starts to wash. He dries the dishes and stacks them in their rightful place. Izuku’s arms wrap around his middle as he finishes drying up the last few dishes. 

Patting Izuku’s arm, he asks him, “What do you wanna do today?”

“Cuddle,” Izuku squishes his face between Eijirou’s shoulder blades, feeling his shoulders shake when he laughs.

“Anything else?”

“Hmmm,” his hands sliding down Eijirou’s stomach, “Dessert?” 

“Dessert? But it’s too early for—oh.” Eijirou freeze in mid-sentence when Izuku’s hand starts to drift lower, “Well, I guess it’s never too early for dessert .” 

Eijirou pulls Izuku’s hand off of him, turns to kiss him and crowds him into the counter. Izuku runs his fingers through his soft red hair. 

“Mmm,” Izuku hums with a smile, “I like it when you wear your hair down. It’s cute.” 

Eijirou continues to kiss his jaw and neck, “Just cute?” 

“MMkay. It’s hot. It’s hot. Especially since I can run my fingers through your hair like this, or pull on it when you’re blowing me really good.” 

The redhead laughs and pulls away from Izuku, “Oh no. I know where this is going. Alright, settle down cowboy. We gotta take it easy. You’ll be calling me tomorrow ‘Ei-chan, we really need to take it easy on Sunday’s! My back hurrrtss.’ As much as I love spending all day with you in bed, how about we go out for a bit and get some fresh air? I have a few errands we can run and we can get you that dessert you’re craving for.”

Izuku pouts at the impersonation, but it quickly dissolves into laughter when Eijirou starts peppering his face with kisses.

“Okay, okay! You’re right, as always ,”looping his arms around Eijirou’s neck he cocks his head to the side before smiling softly up at him, “I actually would really like that,” and kisses him back.

Eijirou smiles brightly, “Yeah? Okay, I know just the spot to take you.” 

Izuku perks up at that, “New place?” 

“Kinda! It’s new for you.”

“Well? What are we waiting for?” Izuku tugs Eijirou into the bedroom to dress quickly. 

It’s a beautiful sunny day as they walk through Eijirou’s neighborhood holding hands. Izuku has a spring in his step as the two talk animatedly and laugh as they get to the grocery store. He helps Eijirou pick out ingredients for his weekly meal prep.

There’s a warmth that spreads throughout Izuku’s body. His heart swells when he studies Eijirou next to him as they pick out the best looking produce. His heart skips a beat when Eijirou catches him and throws a smile his way, he internally swoons at his beautiful smile. 

It’s small moments like this, mundane domestic activities, going for walks, grocery shopping, hanging out that shake Izuku to his core. 

It was an ongoing internal battle for Izuku; trying not to succumb to old habits and vices. Izuku defaulted to physical relationships, they were so much easier than getting emotionally attached. One-night stands? Easy. Dating for a couple weeks? No sweat, those were mostly physically driven too. Anything past three months? Those were always harder, people always started off with, “You’re great Izuku, but the thing is. Seeing that we’re not a match…” or, “Hey, I hate to do this to you but, I met someone, and our soulmarks match.’  

Izuku would always laugh it off, feeling the walls around his heart thicken with bitter resentment, “No hard feelings, I get it. It was fun while it lasted! Take care, I hope you find happiness!”

They would always be surprised by how well Izuku took it, “Wow, you’re really mature about this.” 

Izuku would wear a fake smile and shrug, “Well, we were never really ‘together’ though were we? So I can’t really be mad, you were never mine to begin with. A match is a match, I can’t argue against fate.”  

Izuku’s smile would drop after the person left their seat at a cafe or a restaurant; after they hung up their phone calls. He’d be angry, cry ‘ Why am I never enough?’ . He allowed himself to go through his maelstrom of emotions for a few days, before tidying it all and packing it away to the recesses of his heart as a lesson learned; holding his head up high and moving on to the next.  

It was easy to keep it physical, to not have to talk about messy emotions and feelings, to not contemplate a future together. Like Shouto had said, Izuku liked to keep people at arms length. It became a point of contention on a date, ‘What exactly are you looking for?’ It was easy to nip it in the bud early, be upfront, set the terms, set boundaries. Less mess in the end, no one ever stuck around to really get to know Izuku past how his body felt. 

But then there was Eijirou, the only person that Izuku had ever really loved, had really gotten to know who Izuku was without the pretenses of soulmarks, soulmates, fate. 

It had been difficult for Izuku to step out of his comfort zone and not repeatedly drag Eijirou to bed the moment they stated the physical part of their relationship. It was hard to not fall into old patterns; not when Eijirou was so earnest about dating and the affection he held for Izuku. 

Eijirou slowly chipped away at the walls of Izuku’s heart, and he did it with time, patience and a steady hand. It reminded Izuku of the forests he’d been dreaming of, strong steady trees standing resolutely against the harshest of weather. 

Their relationship was slow and steady. Eijirou must’ve noticed things that made Izuku anxious as he always went with whatever Izuku was comfortable with. He was accommodating, not overbearing, not pushy. But accepting, reliable.

Before Izuku realized what was happening, Eijirou had been planting the seeds for what would be the steady foundation of their relationship, leaving Izuku both scared and exhilarated by it. 

It was an uphill battle, but for Eijirou, he would do it. He wanted to try.

He wanted to love and be loved. 

“—earth to Izuku,” a smooth voice called out to him, as a hand waved over his face. 

Izuku snapped to meet red eyes, “Ah, sorry Ei-chan! I zoned out!”

“I noticed. You’ve been staring pretty hard at those peaches, like they’d personally offended you.” 

Izuku blushed, “Ahhh! Why do you always do that!” he playfully punched his lover. 

“Hey, watch it! Do what?”

“Tease me!”

Eijirou laughed, “But it’s so much fun to see you get flustered! But, is there something on your mind? Wanna talk about it?” 

The tension in Izuku’s shoulders relaxed and offered a genuine smile, “No, I’m good. I was just thinking about that dessert place you said you were gonna take me to. The possibilities of what I could order are endless!” 

Shaking his head, Eijirou replied, “I shouldn’t be surprised. C’mon, I’m done picking out stuff, lets go pay and get that dessert before I lose you again.”

“Hey! I’m not that bad!”

Eijirou’s warm fingers thread and intertwine with Izuku’s like roots settling into warm earth, and pull him along with a smile, “C’mon, we’re wasting precious ice cream time.” 

“We’re getting ice cream?” Izuku lights up.

Izuku watches Eijirou snort, “Yep, it’s your favorite of all the desserts, one of my favorites spots isn’t too far from here. I’ve been wanting to take you.” 

After they check out, they walk a few blocks over to a small shop hidden in one of the streets off the main road. It’s intimate and homey, it fits Eijirou’s style. 

Izuku sees it as more of a traditional japanese tea house with desserts, but there are several sundaes for him to choose from, and just by looking at the photos on the menu, he’s already eyeing the green-tea matcha sundae. Eijirou orders a matcha mille-feuille cake with coffee. 

When they’re dishes arrive, Izuku dances a little in his seat at how delicious it looks. He takes a bite and moans, “Oh God, this is heavenly.” 

Eijirou smiles as he takes a bite of his cake, “Yeah? I told you this place was good.” 

“Yes, yes you did. We are definitely coming back here next time!” 

“Sure! We’ll come as often as you like!”

“Ugh, I’d wanna come here every weekend. I’m gonna gain weight.”

“Oh, there’s plenty of ways to burn that off.”

“Ei-chan,” Izuku gasps mockingly as he checks their surroundings.

“Get your mind outta the gutter, silly. What I meant to say was, we can go for morning runs and end with a treat here!”

Izuku laughed but replied suggestively with a wink, “Yeah we could do that too, butttt there’s always the other option.”

Eijirou laughs at that, “That would be the better option.”

Izuku takes another bite of his ice cream in triumph. They finish up their desserts and head back to Eijirou’s apartment, where they prep Eijirou’s meals for the week. 

They collapse onto Eijirou’s couch with Izuku laying atop of him, and cuddle for the remainder of their time together.

They spent the last few hours of their Sunday wrapped up in one another on his couch before Izuku got up and started to get ready to head back to his apartment.

Eijirou watched him from his bed as Izuku packed his overnight bag, “You can stay the night and go to work straight from here.” 

Izuku smiled, “I know, and you know I really would,” he leaned down stealing a quick kiss, “But you know how routine is. I don’t wanna mess with that. I feel off-kilter when Sunday nights are not at home.” 

“Yeah, I get it,” he pouts and Izuku pinches his cheek.

“You’re gonna see me in a couple days anyways!”

“I know! I know, believe me! I just—,” Eijirou pulls Izuku into bed with him “I just love being with you.” 

Izuku’s heart flips and he sighs, cuddling up to Eijirou, “Me too Ei-chan. One day at a time, let’s not rush anything okay?” 

Eijirou’s hands brush through his green curls, “You know I would never pressure you.” as he presses a kiss to Izuku’s forehead. 

He pulls him and Izuku off of the bed, “You should get going before it gets too late. Bakugou might start to worry if you don’t come home soon.” 

Izuku checks his watch, “Shoot, yeah, I should go!”

He quickly grabs his bag and makes for the door with Eijirou trailing behind and opening the door for Izuku while he puts his shoes one. 

“I’ll call you when I get home ‘kay?” Izuku leans his face up. 

Eijrou pulls him in for a hug and a kiss, “Yeah, get home safe.” 

Izuku kisses him back deeply and then he's rushing out the door, “Bye Ei-chan! I’ll see you soon!” 

Eijirou leans on the door frame watching Izuku leave till he’s out of sight. 

Izuku hops onto a train just as the doors close, and stands holding an overhand handle as he pulls his cellphone out with a smile, he sees a few messages from Shouto and opts to read them later and pulls Katsuki’s open when he sees it’s regarding dinner. He tells Katsuki he’s heading home and to save some for him, and then replies to Shouto about his weekend and that he’ll hear all about it tomorrow. 

After receiving confirmation texts he pockets his phone and places his headphones in to listen to music the rest of his commute. 

The air is crisp and the sky is clear. It’s a refreshing night and it's a quiet walk home. Izuku hasn’t been able to wipe the smile off of his face the entire way, and it doesn't become apparent till he gets home. 

“God, wipe that goofy smile off your face Deku.” 

“What smile?” 

Katsuki rolled his eyes as he sat down with their plates, “Nerd. You get this goofy ass look on your face after a weekend with shitty hair. Don’t think I haven’t noticed.”

Izuku tried to school his expression but ended up laughing, “I’m sorry Kacchan! I’m just—I’m really happy,” he said fondly.

Katsuki grunted, “Yeah. He’s a good guy; way better than that fucker Shindou. Don’t fuck it up Deku. You got a second chance with your summer fling,” 

Izuku smiled, “I would never! I’m lucky to have Ei-chan! And don’t think I missed that subtle jab at Yo-kun.” 

“Eh, I wasn’t trying to be subtle. Eat your dinner, take a bath and get ready for bed. You got an early day tomorrow.” 

“Yes, yes. I will. Thanks, Dad .” 

“Oi, oi. If I don’t take care of your ass who will?!”

He shovels the rest of his food into his mouth, and leaves Izuku alone at the table as he retreats into his room. Izuku giggles at Katsuki’s antics and finishes his dinner silently. After cleaning up he heads to his room, grabbing a towel for his bath. 

He smiles fondly as the bath is already drawn, and he yells into the hallway, “Thanks Kacchan!” 

As soon as he hears a grunt, he shuts the door and slips into the bath after undressing. He sighs as the heat permeates through his body as he sinks in. He grabs his phone, unlocking it to text Eijirou.


Me: Hey Babe. Home, and had dinner with Kacchan and he drew me a bath. So now I’m relaxing and texting ya cuz I was thinking about you 

The response was immediate.


Ei-chan <3: Awesome! You deserve a nice hot bath after this weekend.

Me: Miss you already. I’ll call you when I’m in bed. 

Eijirou replied “can’t wait” and Izuku sank deeper into his bath. Scrubbing his skin with a face towel and soaking in till the water turned lukewarm. Draining the tub he dries up and changes into pajamas and sliding into bed. 

He calls Eijirou once he’s nestled into his soft bed. 

“Hey Izu, you in bed? 

“Hi handsome, and yes I am.”

“Ah, your bed is seriously the softest bed ever.” 

“Don’t I know it.”

“That’s really why you went home isn’t it. Your bed?” 

Izuku laughs, “Not at all Ei-chan! Your bed’s just as nice! It has you in it after all!”

“Yeah, my bed’s also better with you in it.”

A smile playing on Izuku’s lips as they continue to chat even though they just saw each other.

“It’s getting late Ei-chan, I’ll call you tomorrow ‘kay?” 

“Yeah, sweet dreams Izu.” 

“Night!” The two hang up. And Izuku rolls, burrowing under his covers with his side phone in hand. He stares at his phone’s lock screen, a picture of Eijirou and Izuku on one of their dates; fingers tracing their faces, before the screen goes black.

He smiles and whispers, “Love you Ei-chan.”

Chapter Text

Izuku awoke to the buzzing of his cellphone. Messages from his Mom, his Dad, cousin Denki, Shouto and Katsuki lit up his screen. But the one that made him smile the most was the one from Eijirou.

Ei-chan <3: Happy Birthday Babe! I can’t believe today marks 6 months too! <3 Sorry I have to work today, but we’ll celebrate it soon! 

Me: Thank you Ei-chan! I know, I wish too we could be together too! It’s okay! I know you’ll make it up to me in many ways >;) 

Ei-chan <3: Behave Izu. Have a good day off, I’ll call you later!  

Izuku laughed as he rolled around in bed. 

Six months. They’d been together six months. Time is a funny thing; he’s the happiest he’s ever been in a long time. The smile on his face never faltered, and people at the hospital had backed off on hitting on him significantly due to Eijirou’s presence around the hospital when he drops off tea or snacks for Izuku. He was thoughtful, perfect, reliable, sturdy. He loved him. He loved Eijirou a lot.

But he hasn’t said it. 

Izuku whispered his love for Eijirou during texts, after hanging up their calls. He whispered it as he fell asleep alone in his bed that suddenly felt too large without Eijirou. He confessed it to the night sky and the moon that shone his path home brightly.

His dreams as of late always consisted of warm breezes and beautiful trees that stood tall, firm, and resolute. The sun at the end of his trail always eluded his grasp, but he was getting closer and closer every time.

Izuku got out of bed, made his way to the kitchen and found a special meal prepared by Katsuki and a note left behind. Katsuki was leaving for the weekend on another photo assignment documenting summer matsuri’s occurring throughout the southern region of Japan. 

Izuku texted him back a thank you for the meal and safe travels for the week. 

As he dug into the spicy curry, his phone rang. The hospital? He thought. 


“Hi Midoriya-san! I know it’s your day off but...we’re a bit short staffed right. Do you think you can come in for a short shift?”

Izuku looked at the empty apartment, remembering that Eijirou was working today before replying, “Yeah, I can do that. I’ll be there within the hour.”

“Thanks so much!”

Izuku quickly finished his meal, leaving things in the sink as he got ready and ran out the door. 

The hospital was bustling with activity when he arrived on scene. They really did need help, and Izuku was more than happy to be there. He was busy charting at his station when a cupcake was placed in front of him with a single candle placed on top.

Izuku blinked at it before looking up.

“Happy Birthday Midoriya,” Shouto greeted him, “Thanks for coming in on your day off and on your birthday of all days.” 

Izuku shrugged, “I was home alone and Ei-chan is working today. It would’ve been a boring day off/birthday. Besides, I get to see you, and you got me a cupcake!”  

“I wish we could do more, but as you can see, we are swamped today.” 

“It’s fine Shou-chan! It’s just another day! Really! Don’t need to make a big deal about it.” 

“You underestimate the importance of birthdays,” Shouto adds with a glare.

Izuku gulps, “Ok, got it. Sorry, I forget that birthdays are a thing for you.” 

“I was deprived of the joy of birthdays. I’m living vicariously through you.”

“Explains why your birthdays get more extravagant every year.”

“Damn straight. You will enjoy the fuck out of this cupcake,” Shouto adds while lighting the candle. 

“Yes sir!” 

Shouto rounds a few of the nurses to sing ‘happy birthday’ to Izuku. Closing his eyes he makes a silent wish to see Eijirou, and blows out the candle. Upon opening his eyes, Shouto promptly shoves the cupcake in Izuku’s face, smearing the frosting all over. Izuku gapes, taken completely by surprise.

“I can finally check that off my birthday checklist.”

“Shoving a cake in someone’s face?” Izuku asks while wiping off the frosting from his face. 

“Yeah, isn’t that a customary birthday tradition?” 

“Uh, kind of I guess?” 

“Here, you’re making it worse by using your fingers to wipe it off,” Shouto hands him a napkin. When Izuku removes the napkin from his face, there’s a new cupcake placed in front of him; Izuku’s brows furrow at it warily.

“I swear, I will not shove this one in your face. This one is really for eating.”

Izuku eyes Shouto warily as he takes the cupcake from his hands. Shouto smiles at him, “Happy Birthday! Your shift is almost done, isn’t it? Take care on your way home, I hope you get to have more fun.” 

“Yeah, I got another hour. Probably grab ice cream on the way home or something and watch my favorite All Might movie.”

“Sounds like a riveting evening.”

Izuku playfully shoves Shouto, “I did say that Ei-chan was working! I really was hoping to spend time with him! Yenno, we’ve been dating six months now, my birthday happens to coincide with our anniversary.” 

“Oh, my god. You’re that couple. Celebrating month anniversaries. Though, six months is quite a feat, especially for someone with a track record like yours. Congratulations.” 

“Seriously wonder how we’re BFF’s.”  

“You love me.”

“You love to antagonize me.” 

“It’s how I show my love.” 

“Oh, so that means you love Kacchan?” 

Shouto pretends to gag, “Oh god. Please, never put those two words together. I think I might be sick.” 

Izuku laughs and shakes his head.

“Seriously though Midoriya,” Shouto continues, “you and Kirishima have been together for quite some time. I mean, maybe I’m jumping the gun but, what’s the endgame here? Is this another one of your flings, until soulmates become an issue. Or is he someone you want to be with in the long run?”

Izuku sucks in a breath, he’s never told anyone how he really felt about Eijirou yet. But he figures right now is as good a time as any. 

“Shou-chan,” he says evenly. The heterochromatic man’s eyes light up at his tone, “I...I really love Ei-chan. Yes, I know! Don’t give me that look, I know how huge that is! And yes, it scares the hell out of me. I’ve seen his soulmark, yet he hasn’t brought it up or pushed me to talk about it. What if I’m not his soulmate, what if he’s not mine? I love him too much to lose him.”

“Have you told him?”

“No! I can’t yet. I just…”

“You should tell him, he clearly loves you very much.”

“But does he though?” 

Shouto shoots him a deadpan look, “The guy goes out of his way to bring you food on the nights you run double shifts. And, he makes you your favorite tea that he learned six years ago. You’d be blind to see that he doesn’t love you.” 

His friend sighs before continuing on, “I know you’re scared. Forget soulmates for a minute, don’t you think that this means more than just marks on our skin? You both love each other, and I think you’re at a point where this discussion needs to happen.”

Izuku’s shoulders slumped, “You’re right. I hate that you’re right.”

“You love him right, you’re happy?” 

“Unbelievably happy.” 

Shouto takes out his prescription pad and writes on it. 

“Here’s a prescription for one dose of courage. Go. Tell. Him.” 

Izuku snorts, “Thanks Shou-chan.”

“You’re welcome. And would you look at the time? It’s quittin’ time birthday boy! Get out of here.”

Izuku laughs, “Okay okay, fineeee. I’ll get going.”

Shouto opens his arms for a hug, and Izuku quickly embraces him.

“Happy Birthday kiddo, I’ll see you later.” 

Izuku grabs his belongings from his locker and heads out for the evening. Eating his cupcake as he leaves the hospital. He pulls out his phone and is surprised he doesn’t see any messages.

That’s weird, usually Ei-chan texts me. He shrugs, Guess it must be a busy night.

But he smiles as he looks at the home screen, just like his lock screen it’s a picture of him and Eijirou, but a more intimate one. It’s them napping together on the couch. Katsuki had taken the photo, said they had looked like they were smiling in their sleep, and that it had been ‘kinda cute’. Izuku didn’t react to Katsuki’s comment, in fear that he’d take it back and not give him the photo at all. 

Izuku stopped by a grocery store on his way home grabbing his pint of ice cream, pulling out his wallet along with his prescription note. 

Yeah, Izuku thought, I really should tell Ei-chan how I feel. 

Izuku felt empowered knowing how deeply he felt for Eijirou. Life just couldn’t get any better than this. He couldn’t wait to confess his love, and to move forward with Eijirou. 

Pulling out his key to unlock his door. The door swung open and Izuku’s mouth dropped.

“Happy Birthday Izu!”

Izuku was grabbed and pulled inside, shoved against his door as his neck was attacked by a pair of lips. 


Hands roaming over his body and taking off his coat. 

No. No!

Lips touched his own, and it felt wrong .

Izuku pushed them off of him just as their tongue traced his lip. 

“No! Stop!” 

“No? Stop? Oh, are you feeling a little kinky tonight Izu-chan?” They approached him again with the smirk of a devil. 

“No! Yo-kun. I—what are you even doing here?”

Yo cocked his head, “I came to surprise you! It is your birthday after all, and everybody should celebrate with a little birthday sex.” 

His hands reached to pull Izuku close, and he batted them away.

“How did you even get in?” 

“Did you forget? You and Bakugou always leave a spare key in one of those flower pots on the high window sill. You told me to use it whenever.” 

Izuku’s mind was racing, “You, you can’t be here Yo-kun. I can’t do this anymore. Not with you.” 

Yo laughed, “What are you talking about? What do you mean you ‘can’t do this anymore’?” 

“I’m seeing someone now.” 

Yo’s eyebrows shot up and he huffed a laugh, “Oh, I see. Does this have something to do with that red-head that came over?” 

This time it was Izuku’s eyebrows that shot up, “What did you say?” 

“The red-head. A red-head came by looking for you a couple hours ago.” 

Izuku felt his chest tighten, “He...he came by?” 

“Yeah, apparently he had the same idea as me. He wanted to surprise you. Buuut, I beat him to it. I thought it had been you at the door, but don’t worry I took care of him.”

“What, do you mean: you took care of him?” 

Yo shrugged, “He looked like a deer in headlights when he saw me. I told him neither you nor Bakugou were home. He was about to turn away but he turned back and asked me who I was.”

Izuku gulped, “And what. What exactly, did you say?” Izuku punctuated each word with a pause. 

“I said I was your boyfriend.”

Izuku’s blood ran ice cold. No.

“You said what!?” Izuku screeched, “Why! Why would you say that!?”

“Listen Izu, I know you. You have a hard time shaking off some of these losers because you’re too nice. So I helped you out.” 

“I never asked you for your help!”

“Wow, really? Yet, how many times have you called me crying about all these assholes that break your heart?”

“That’s different. I come to you! I cry, I complain, I whine! Not once have I ever asked you to help me get rid of someone.” Izuku threw his hands in the air, “This. This is actively meddling!” 

“Why does it matter, he looked like the overly sentimental bleeding heart types. The moment he realizes you’re not his soulmate he's going to leave you anyways, right?”

“Don’t you dare say that about him. You don’t know that.” 

Yo scoffed a laugh, “Oh, oh. That’s rich. You’re into that hopeless romantic loser aren’t you? Wow Izuku, I thought you learned your lesson. You’re just setting yourself up for failure, again .” 

“You don’t know anything about me and him! You can’t just assume!!”

“What the fuck happened to you in the time that I’ve been gone. You’ve completely changed, that lovey-dovey bullshit never mattered to you.”

“You’re wrong. Love does matter. It’s SOULMATES I never cared for! All those times I called you was because I needed a friend. All that time spent together because I thought we had a mutual understanding. We set boundaries! Friends with benefits.” Izuku scoffs as he takes a breath before continuing, “Hah, I guess I can count you in with the rest of ‘these assholes’ from now on then, huh?”

“Watch it Izu. We’ve been doing this for some time now. You know I’m not like the rest of them. I do know you, I do understand you! If you lump me with the rest of them we’re done.”

“You think I care?” 

Yo looks stunned before he replies, “Nice Izu. Real nice. You’re right. If you don’t care, then I shouldn’t either right?” 

Izuku walks to the door, “No. You shouldn’t. We started this for fun right? Well, it’s not fun anymore. I think you need to leave.” 

Izuku opens the door and uses himself to prop it open; making way for Yo to leave. He stares into the hallway refusing to look at Yo, jaw working overtime in a mix of anger and anxiety.

Yo doesn’t move for a few minutes before he hastily grabs his clothes off the couch and redresses himself. Izuku can’t believe that Yo just waltzed in here, stripped and greeted whomever was at the door like that. Granted, yeah, he’d done this before, but circumstances were different back then! Izuku suddenly feels nauseous, thinking about Eijirou’s face when he saw a half naked Yo greeting him and proclaiming he was Izuku’s boyfriend.

Izuku’s vision blurs as he thinks about how hurt Eijirou must’ve been; briefly wonders if that’s why he never got any more text messages from him throughout the day. 

He rubs at his eyes roughly just as Yo makes his way to the door, shoving his shoes on. 

“Later Izu. Don’t come crawling back to me when you realize I was right,” Yo postures as he walks out the door. 

Fury wells up in Izuku, “I would never dream of it, you cold-hearted bastard.” 

A flash of hurt passes over Yo’s features before he schools it back to his usual cocky smirk, “Hah. You think, someone cold-hearted would drop what they were doing, travel thousands of miles just to see you on your birthday? You think, someone that gifted you your favorite jar of honey from Paris doesn’t care ? I was willing to stay here for you . I would’ve moved home for you . I would’ve loved you; if you had just let me!”

Yo shakes his head, “There’s only one cold-hearted bastard here, and it ain’t me.”

Yo walks out with a wave and Izuku slams the door. Back sagging against it as he collapses, tears sliding down his face.

He crawls over to his bag a few feet away, shaking as his hands search for his cellphone. His heart clenches when he sees the lock screen, no missed calls, no text messages. Izuku’s hands are trembling when he unlocks it, pulling up Eijirou’s phone number and dials it.

Izuku prays, biting his lips, “Please pick up, please pick up.” 

But his prayers go unanswered.

We’re sorry, the person you’re trying to reach is unavailable at this time.” 

Izuku dials again and again, but always gets the same message. He texts him, and they always send, but there’s no telling if he’s really received them or if he’s reading them. Izuku drops his phone, curling his arms around his knees tightly resting his head on his knees as he sobs.

Maybe Yo was right. Maybe Izuku was that cold-hearted, that selfish.

Yo’s final words echo in his brain, If you had just let me.  

Everything had been perfect. So, so, perfect. He never thought his past would ever come back to bite him in the ass. Not like this. Not when he was ready to finally let someone in. How could this have happened, how could he have fucked up the one good thing he had. 

Izuku cried harder, whispering the words he longed to wish to tell the person who needed to hear it the most,”I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I love you, Ei-chan.”

Chapter Text

Eijirou is absolutely bummed when he can’t get the day off for Izuku’s birthday. And, to make matters worse, it’s also their six month anniversary. He sighed for the hundredth time that afternoon. 

“Bro, you know, I get that you’re bummed about missing loverboy’s birthday, but adulting. Put your big boy hat on please.”

“Sorry bro, it’s just. I feel bad yenno? I wanted to spend the day with him, his best friends working, his roommate is gonna be outta town and I’m working. He’s alone on his birthday and yenno, no one should be alone on their birthday!”

“I hear ya man. I’d be mad if I had to miss Denk’s b-day too. But we needed ya today.” 

“Yeah yeah, I know. Just uh, just deal with my mopey ass okay?” 

“Alright. I’ll give you a free pass.” 

Hanta and Eijirou are dispatched shortly after that conversation, Eijirou fully switching into paramedic mode. After bringing the patient into the hospital with a broken leg, the two went back to their station to restock the back and clean up their gurney. That’s when Eijirou was pulled aside by one of the other dispatchers.

“Hey man, I heard today was a special day for you, and yenno the boss and I think you can take off for the day, we have plenty of people here that can ride with Hanta for the rest of the day. So, I hope you can surprise your boyfriend with something nice.” 

“Seriously? I’m off?”

“Yeah man, you work hard, you never really ask for days off. We can afford to let you off early today. So off ya go young man. Have fun!”

Eijirou’s grin is so wide, his cheeks start to hurt. Grabbing his belongings from his locker, he rushes home to shower before heading over to his apartment.

He’s tempted to text Izuku but that would ruin the surprise. 

Skipping up the steps he makes his way to Izuku’s door, knocking on it.

A stranger opens the door, he blinks a few times, checking the number on the apartment door, vaguely wondering if he got the right apartment. 

“Uh,” Eijirou starts, “is Izuku home?” as he tries to peer behind the half naked man.

The man raises an eyebrow, his stance straightens up, arms crossing across his chest, as he assesses Eijirou from head to toe, “And you are?”

“Um, a friend.” 

The guy's eyebrow lifts in surprise, “A friend? I don’t recall Izu-chan having friends with red hair, aside from Shou.”

Something twists in Eijirou’s stomach at the sound of this guy calling Izuku something so familiar as well as Shouto’s name no less. 

“Is Bakugou here? Did he leave already?” He ignores the comment, hopefully Katsuki can help.

“You’re a friend of the brat too? No, he’s not here, and clearly Izu-chan isn’t either. So, is there anything else I can help you with?”

“No, unless you can tell me where Izu is.” 

“Called into work. Shouldn’t you have just texted? Yenno, I mean, you are friends right. That’s what friends do.”  

Eijirou can feel a rising tension as he observes the man blocking his way into Izuku’s apartment.  Who is this guy?

“I’m sorry, but who are you?” 

“I’m a friend. A good friend.” The man pauses tersely before saying, “ Boyfriend.” 

Eijirou feels suckerpunched in the gut, air escaping from his lungs. The term ‘boyfriend’ tightening around his neck and suffocating him. His brain tries to kick start several times, just as his eyes land on the marks littering the man’s neck. Love bites, small hickies and small scratches on his arm. 

Izuku was seeing other people? 

“You didn’t think that Izu-chan was the type to settle down with one person did you?”

Eijirou’s eyes snap to meet warm brown.

“You actually asked that question aloud you know.” The guy smirks at Eijirou’s plight. He leans on the door frame, cocksure of himself, “So what, you and Izu-chan were dating. Did he ever call you his boyfriend specifically?” 

“I—,” Eijirou falters, realizing. No, Izuku and I never talked about labels.

“That means he’s free to see whomever he wants and to fuck anyone he wants.” 

Eijirou chokes at the last statement, “Look man. I’m not—I’m not tryin’ to cause any drama. I just wanted to stop by and wish him...happy birthday.”

He can feel his heart breaking at the idea of this guy and Izuku being... intimate . He can feel the tears welling up in his eyes.

Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Don’t let him see you cry.

“Anyways, if he’s not home, I’ll just uh..I’ll call him or something.”

Eijirou turns quickly and briskly walks as fast as he can. Only stuttering an exhale when he hears the door shut as he rounds the corner. He keeps moving, afraid to let anyone see him running away on the verge of crying. 

He leans against the closest tree, hiding in the shade as he clutches at his chest. A sob escapes him as he tries to keep it together. 

Eijirou starts to think about his relationship with Izuku. He thought they had been a serious couple. But now, the more he thought about it the more he couldn’t be sure if they were even exclusive. Sure, he’d prevented his co-workers from hitting on him, something that Izuku had often complained about. But, he never mentioned seeing someone else and they never established boundaries. 

But, that still didn’t make this okay. Whomever that man was in his apartment seemed to have a very intimate relationship with Izuku. Eijirou feels nauseated when he thinks about the marks littering the man’s body. Was the real reason why Izuku didn’t want to just stay the night on weekdays? Was he why he was so eager to go home on Sundays? Was Eijirou the weekend fling? 

Was that also why Izuku refrained from removing his shirt? To prevent Eijirou from seeing anyone else’s marks that covered his body? Eijirou thinks about Izuku’s soulmark for a second and the other man. Eijirou shakes his head, no. There’s no way that that guy was Izuku’s soulmate. Eijirou knew it was himself. Right? It was a gut feeling, and those weren’t wrong, usually.

Till now. 

He had no reason to doubt it because he felt so strongly for Izuku. But, what if? What if he’s completely wrong? What if Izuku isn’t his soulmate? 

He had to get home, to cry it out, and then seriously think about what the hell have they been doing these last six months. He was so hurt, his heart ached thinking that Izuku had some double life he hadn’t picked up on. Was he that much of a fool in love? 

Giving himself a moment he wiped his tears before heading back to his apartment. He couldn’t fathom the idea of Izuku calling or talking to anyone else so he turned off his phone. He knew the guys at work were rooting him on, as well as his best friends. But how would he even face them after suffering such a devastating blow? 

Back at home, Eijirou just fell face forward into his bed and let sleep take him. He just needed this day to be over. 

He awoke the next day a groggy mess. Remembering yesterday’s events he groaned into his pillow, and fought the tears that threatened to fall. God, he was such a wreck. 

He reached for his phone, tempted to leave it off. But he knew his friends would worry if he didn’t reply. 

Sighing he reached for his phone on his nightstand, squeezing his eyes shut as he turned it on. 

He felt it buzzing constantly, alerting him of a multitude of notifications. He cracked an eye open and saw message after message after Izuku, missed calls, voicemails. 

But he couldn’t bring himself to listen to any of it or read any of it.

Everything was still fresh and raw. He still needed some time.

Seeing a few messages from Hanta and from Denki, he deemed them safe to open, though he knew Hanta would be asking about what happened yesterday. 

Hanta: Yo dude, hope you had a good evening! You didn’t miss much at work, so take it easy kay?

Eijirou smirked slightly at that, it wasn’t invasive, and Hanta didn’t expect to get a reply. He opened Denki’s message next.

Denks: Brooo, how’s it hanging? Anyways, I’m in town, ya think I can drop by your place for a visit? 

As much as Eijirou wasn’t emotionally ready to have someone over, it felt like it would be a good distraction, and Denki was his best friend, before he knew he was Izuku’s cousin. He could talk and cry to him about it. 

Me: Yeah, I’m home all weekend. Come on by. I could use the company. 

Denki’s response was quick. 

Denks: Sweet! I’ll swing by around lunch time. And you good bro? 

Me: We’ll talk when you get here. 

Denks: ‘Kay, I’ll bring some booze n snacks. 

Eijirou dragged himself out of bed and showered, making himself look halfway decent for company. The doorbell rang as laid out on the floor of his living room, moping.

“Come in,” he called. 

The door popped open and a rustling of bags was heard. Blond hair popped over the couch, eyebrows raised as he eyed Eijirou on the floor. 

“Um, you cool?” 

Eijirou saw Denki was carrying a few plastic bags and a gift-wrapped box. His eyebrows furrowed.

“What’s that?” 

“Oh,” Denki holds it up, “it’s for Izu. Mom wanted me to give him a b-day present since I was coming to town. I kinda thought I’d”  eyeing the empty apartment.

Eijirou’s face crumples at his name and starts crying. 

Denki places everything on the ground, rounding the couch to talk to him, “Bro, did something happen with him?”

Eijirou sat up, “Honestly, I—where do I even begin?” 

“Um, why not start with the beginning?”

Eijirou confesses the day in vivid little detail. Hoping to find some small detail he could have missed, but breaks down when he talks about the man claiming to be Izuku’s boyfriend.

“Wow, that’s—,” Denki, “man, you think you know a guy.” 

Eijirou sniffles, “I thought he was an honest person.”

“Yeah no kidding. But, you know, growing up with Izu, he’s honest to a fault. There must be something there, Izu can’t tell a lie to save his life.” 


“I’m assuming he’s called?”

“Left messages, texts. I just—I can’t Denks. I’m not ready to talk to him. The more I think about our relationship, the more unsure I am. We never talked about being boyfriends, or being exclusive. Hell, he never takes his shirt off around me! I don’t even know what his soulmark looks like! I know I’ve said that he has to be my soulmate because I can feel something when I’m with him. But, what if? What if he’s not?” 

“You won’t know till you talk to him.” 

“I’m not ready. I can’t. Not yet.”

“Well, I know you’re not ready but...hey, I can!”


“Remember, I have to visit him, so maybe I can put some feelers out and see what the sitch is ya know?”

“Denks I—I couldn’t ask that of you.” 

“Eh, I have to go there anyways. Besides he’s family, and you’re my fam too. Honestly, you guys were like the ultimate couple that summer. I’ve seen you in other relationships, and it’s not the same kind of happiness you had with Izuku. Somethin’ ain’t right here, and honestly I wanna know what’s going on with Izu, there’s no way he’s changed that much!” 

Eijirou groans, “What a mess.” 

Denki gets up, grabbing the bags off the ground and returning, “Good thing I brought booze; this a good time to watch a romcom? Or we after big explosion action films.”

“Yeah, we’re going with action films. I might cry over romcoms”

“You might ? You always do, tell me somethin’ new.” 

“Hey!” Eijirou shoulder checks him. 

“Finally, I got you to smile. Now, pick a movie, while I set up something with Izu.” 

Eijirou nods as he starts to scroll through the list of action movies on his Flix account, glancing at Denki every so often as he texts his cousin, until Denki’s phone rings.

“Hey cuz! Happy Birthday, what’s happening?” Denki answers; Eijirou can hear Izuku talking a mile a minute on the other line and Denki replies “uh huh” every so often. 

“Nah, I haven’t spoken to Eijirou, I’m actually at my fiance’s place.”

There’s more muffled talking before he continues, “Yeah! He’s my soulmate. Hey listen, Mom and I got ya something for your birthday. Is it cool if I dropped it off tomorrow?”

Denki glances at Eijirou with a smile and a thumbs up, “Yeah, that works. Great! Looking forward to seeing ya. We can chat more tomorrow ‘kay? Yeah, okay. Bye Izu. Happy Birthday!”

After hanging up Denki smiles half-heartedly, “Yeah, he didn’t sound so great. The first thing he did was ask if I’d heard from you about anything, etc. Then quickly apologized because that was rude of him for not asking how I was, etcetera. He didn’t hint as to why he was looking for you, but I’m sure we’ll talk about it tomorrow.”

Eijirou offers a weak smile in return, “Thanks Denks. You don’t have to be a middle-man yenno? This is our problem.”

“Don’t sweat it man. You’re both emotionally charged right now, one’s bound to say something the other doesn’t mean, so, yeah. Leave it to me! Now, oh, what’s this? ‘Die Hard’ huh?”


“Fuck ya, let’s watch ‘em all!” 

“You read my mind,” Eijirou says as he pops the tab of his beer. Denki follows suit as they clink their cans together.

“Here’s to bro-night!” 

During their move marathon, they run out of snacks and Denki orders take-out. Both of them are too comfortable to move around, much less cook a meal. 

During a movie and mid-bite out of his carton of food, Eijirou asks, “Surprised you didn’t drag Hanta with you.” 

“Nah, it’s been awhile since it was just you and I. And I really thought I’d see Izu here too, I wanted to just see the both of ya. Hanta and I will be moving in together soon, but right now we both like our space.” 

“Hmm,” Eijirou says as he continues to eat.

“I mean, if you really want to get silly I could invite him to come by.” 

Eijirou laughs, “Nah, I like this right now. I don’t need anyone else to know how shitty I feel. I know it’s Hanta and you’ll tell him eventually, but, like right now…”

“Say no more bro, I got ya. But we’re running outta beer, we should make a run for more booze at least.” 

Eijirou groans, “Ughh, I guess. I don’t wanna move though.”

Denki laughs, “I mean, you don’t really have to but, we could carry a lot more back if you did.” 

“Alright, alright. Let me just grab a hoodie or something.”

Grabbing a few cases of beer and more food they head back to the apartment. Eijirou is thankful for the quick walk outside, the air refreshing as he took a deep inhale. 

They spent the rest of the evening in a haze of alcohol and watching dumb action movies before passing out on the couch. 

Eijirou woke up with a groan, rubbing his neck from his awkward sleeping position on the couch. He snorted when he saw Denki passed out on the floor. Stretching as he got up he made his way to freshen up before making a decent meal. 

When Denki awoke, they ate together and spent the rest of the morning and afternoon binge watching more. 

“Oh man, I gotta get this over to Izu’s place. I’ll come back after, ‘kay?” 

“Yeah, sure,” Eijirou half-heartedly smiles. It was nice having someone around to keep him occupied. Knowing he was going to be alone with his thoughts made his stomach twist, and the added thought that Denki was going to see Izuku too made him feel even sicker. 

When Denki leaves, Eijirou heads back to his room, picking up his neglected phone. Again, more messages from Izuku, a mix of anger and sadness enveloped his system as he sat on his bed, running a hand through his hair as he read the messages.

Izu-chan: Ei-chan please talk to me.

Izu-chan: I can explain! 

Izu-chan: Please pick-up.

Izu-chan: I won’t give up. 

Izu-chan: I can’t lose you. 

Tears slipped down Eijirou’s cheeks as he read the last message. Izuku wasn’t the type to lie; knew Izuku better than that. But he was still reeling from the man at Izuku’s apartment. Why else would a random stranger be half naked at someone else’s apartment claiming to be a boyfriend. 

Eijirou placed his phone back on the charger and laid down staring at the ceiling. With a deep breath he got up, he couldn’t sit around any longer, he needed to keep moving. Slipping on a hoodie and running shoes, he exited his apartment and took off on a sprint, hoping to exhaust his body of his emotions.

Chapter Text

“Please Eijirou, Please! Pick up!” Izuku whispers into his phone. 

“Hi! You’ve reached Eijirou, sorry I can’t come to the phone—”

Izuku hung up.

He sighed, tears welling up in his eyes, lower lip trembling. At least Eijirou’s phone wasn’t shut off. That was a step up from where he was on Friday night. 

It had been a rough night and day. Katsuki’s words of “don’t fuck it up” echoing in his mind. How in the world did he manage to fuck it up this bad. He was angry at Yo for doing what he did. 

But, Izuku knew it was misplaced anger. Could he blame him? He and Yo barely communicate outside of their hook-ups, Yo couldn’t have known Izuku was actually serious about Eijirou. If only Izuku had the forethought to tell Yo that their arrangement was done. But no, Izuku was too caught up in how picture perfect things had been going with Eijirou; lost in how great things were he forgot about the loose ends and the biggest problem he had to face, his soulmark.

Izuku had called Eijirou dozens of times, and left him messages to no avail. 

He couldn’t bring himself to call Katsuki, not while he was hours away and busy with work. So, he decided to call another number, to help him from his spiraling descent into despair.


“Shou-chan,” Izuku feebly spoke into the phone.

“Izuku? What’s wrong?”

“I-I messed up. Shou-chan, I’m—I don’t know what to do,” he said between sobs. 

“...Okay, okay. I’ll be right there. I’ll find someone to cover for me okay?”

“I’m so-sorry.”

“Don’t be. What are friends for? Take a few deep breaths for me okay?” 

Izuku followed Shouto’s instructions, the tightness in his chest unraveling slightly.

He nodded, even though he couldn’t be seen, “Thank you, I feel,” Izuku hiccuped, “slightly better.” 

“Okay, I’ll be right over, don’t do anything reckless.” 

Izuku huffed, “I’ll try not to.”

They hung up, and while Izuku was feeling slightly better, he was starting to feel anxious again. He tried to pace in his room, but ended up pacing the entire length of the apartment.

He had perked up when his phone rang randomly, only to be surprised to see his cousin Denki calling him, greeting him happy birthday and asking if he could come by. He slipped and asked about Eijirou, but felt that it had been rude. Denki didn’t seem to know anything, so, maybe he hadn’t told him? Izuku wanted to ask about Eijirou but decided not to risk suspicion.

What was news to Izuku was the fact that Denki was engaged to his soulmate. Now, he and Denki weren’t close but it was still surprising. 

That had been a small pick me up. But soon, anxiety filled him again as he fidgeted, with random fits of crying. 

Izuku nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard a knock at the door, running and almost tripping to answer it. Shouto stood in his doorway heaving, holding a plastic bag out gasping for air as he said, “I brought snacks.”

Fresh new tears filled his eyes as he launched himself into Shouto’s arms and started sobbing. His best friend gently held him and stroked his back, “Shh, it’s okay. Let’s get inside okay? Tell me everything.” 

Izuku pulled away from him nodding, Shouto entered his home and tugged Izuku behind him to the couch. Once they were settled, Shouto grabbed a bottle of water from the bag, opening and handing it to him, “Drink slowly.” 

Izuku nodded and took sips of water. When the tears stopped falling, Shouto proceeded to ask, “What happened?”

Izuku tried not to cry as he recounted the sudden appearance of Yo, what the man had told him, the fight they had. And the crushing news that Yo had intervened in his relationship with Eijirou. 

Shouto listened, his face devoid of expression save for a few subtle eyebrow raises. He pulled Izuku against his side in a hug, “It’ll be okay.”

“I really fucked up. Even Kacchan said not to fuck it up! He knew I was going to do it! And I actually believed I wouldn’t.”

“Just because Bakugou said it doesn’t make him some kind of prophet. You made a mistake, so what? You’re human . You can’t be perfect, no one can be. And no one ever has a perfect relationship.” 

Izuku choked back a sob, nodding as Shouto continued. 

“Okay, so maybe you should’ve had more of a clear-cut end to your Shindou relationship before you got serious with Kirishima, but that still didn’t give him the right to talk to him like that. I mean, who the hell does he think he is? Your knight in shining armor? Ha! Hardly—

“—Shou-chan,” Izuku said pointedly.

“Ah, well my point is,” Shouto said as he rubbed Izuku’s arm, “Shindou shouldn’t have involved himself in your personal affairs. He was free to see other people just as you were. So he was wrong there. But, I have to say I feel kinda bad for him. It looks like Shindou actually cared more than he let on.”

“This isn’t helping me.”

“Sorry Izuku, there’s no win-win to this. You lost one of your ...dare I say it, friends , and it's caused major problems with your new relationship too. I mean, I hate to say ‘I told you so.’ buuut, I told you so.”

“Really not helping!”

“I told you that you couldn’t keep people at arm’s length, just to protect yourself from getting hurt. This is what miscommunication does.”

Izuku pouts, he knew Shouto was right, “I know. I know, I realize that. As close as Eijirou and I have gotten, I know there are still things I still have to tell him.”

“It’s normal to be afraid. But you have to take risks if you want a fighting chance at happiness. Real happiness.”


“I’ve never seen you happier.  But, I know you don’t like the idea of soulmates, and that you don’t want to be ruled by your mark, but what if he is? Will you reject him because of your mark?”

“No! I—” Izuku stopped, the words sinking in, he never thought of the possibility. Always stuck on the idea that no one would ever be his soulmate. 

Shouto let the question marinate in the silence that hung between them as Izuku mulled it over. He was expecting Izuku to answer. 

“No. I wouldn’t. I’d love Ei-chan regardless, my feelings for him are more than the mark on my back.” 

“What if he realizes you’re not his soulmate, do you think he’ll leave you?”

“No,” Izuku answered confidently, “Ei-chan isn’t the type to flip flop so easily. He took a chance on me before we got our marks. He gambled a second time by dating me again, not knowing my soulmark. He hasn’t even pressed me on it. So no, I don’t think Ei-chan would abandon me.”

As Izuku said that he felt something burrow deep in his heart, a new seedling being planted, and sprouting.

“Then why are you afraid?” 

“Because I love him. I’m scared, Shou-chan. I’m scared I could lose him again. I can’t, I don’t want to. Losing him the first time was already hard.” 

Shouto nodded, “I know. But regardless of the outcome, you know you have me, and you have Bakugou. You won’t be alone.”

New tears formed in Izuku’s eyes, and not from sadness, “Thank you Shou-chan,” he hugged his friend tight, “You and Kacchan are the best friends I could ever ask for.” 

Shouto ruffled his hair, “I think it’ll work itself out. And this is regardless of soulmates; Kirishima is a good guy, he knows you. And I think he’s good for you .” 

Izuku nodded, “Yeah, he really is.”

“So what do you say? Lets finish your birthday strong and order bad take-out and watch a chick flick.” 

Izuku huffed a laugh, “Yes, let’s.” 

Shouto took care of ordering food and paying for it, while Izuku set-up a movie. They sat side by side eating their cartons of food laughing and crying at the romantic comedy. It helped alleviate some of the pain Izuku felt, but soon Shouto got a call from the hospital asking him to come back as soon as he could. 

“You’ll be okay won’t you? Bakugou should be home soon.” 

Offering a half-hearted smile he replied, “Yeah, I can survive, till Kacchan get’s back.”

“I’ll text you okay? And don’t hesitate to call or anything if you really feel like you’re spiraling.”

“Yes sir,” Izuku saluted him.

Shouto rolled his eyes, “You’ll be fine. Get some sleep okay?” 

“Yeah, I will. Thanks Sho-chan. I really owe you one for this.”

“Don’t worry about it. Like I said before, this is what friends are for. I’m your bestie, I come through clutch at the end.”

“Oh, oh my god,” Izuku snorted a laugh, “Please. No.”

“What? Clutch? All the cool kids are saying it.”

“We’re not cool kids, we never were.”

“Says you, nerd.” Shouto pauses, “I take that back. I threw up in my mouth a little, I sound like Bakugou.”

Izuku outright laughed, and Shouto smiled, “Ah, finally. I wanted to make you laugh at least once before I left. Like I said, clutch.”

“GO NOW PLEASE!” Izuku playfully shoves him out of the apartment, “Take care at the hospital. I’ll text you.”

“Yes, and seriously get some rest.”

Shouto waved as he turned the corner down the stairs, leaving Izuku in his deafeningly quiet apartment. Not knowing what to do with himself anymore, he opted to lay down, and tried to get a hold of Eijirou one more time. 

Izuku spent the rest of Saturday night holed up in his bedroom; wrapped up in his anxiety, calling Eijirou and leaving voicemails, and then calling Shouto when he thought he was going mad. Shouto did his best, but he could not come to Izuku’s side ‘Sorry Midoriya, there’s just a lot happening at the hospital. I’ll keep calling to check on you though.” 

Izuku tried to keep it together, keeping himself occupied, trying to rest. Instead he found himself drifting in and out of sleep, his mind too busy, too full of Eijirou, to get restful sleep. 

 A knock on his door had Izuku shooting up from bed. 

“Hey Deku,” a gruff voice called. 

“Kacchan!” Izuku shouted as he jumped off his bed, slipping on his rug as he sprinted for the door, throwing it open and crushing the blond with a hug that threw him off balance as they slammed into the wall behind him.

“What the fu—,” he stopped mid-sentence as Izuku hugged him tightly and sobbed into his chest. Izuku felt Katsuki’s arms wrap around him as he tried to comfort him, “You fucked up didn’t you.”

Izuku nodded, “I did.” 

Katsuki sighed, “I warned ya.”

“I know,” Izuku sniffled.

“Didja eat?”

“Not since takeout with Shou-chan.”

“What the fuck. Useless Deku, let’s get you some food.” Izuku unpeeled himself from Katsuki, following him into the kitchen as he grumbled looking for ingredients.


“No talking. Eating first, and then we talk. You’ll need the fuel for your waterworks.”

“Isn’t it better now then? Less tears?”

“No, cuz you’ll be incoherent and all over the place, more so than usual. So just sit there and be good.”

“I am good!”

“Clearly not, you fucked up.”

Izuku pouted, “Not fair Kacchan.” 

Katsuki cooked them a couple of packs of ramen, with whatever fresh veggies were left in the fridge, they ate in silence while Izuku regained his strength. The hot meal satiated him, but brought on another wave of emotions. Ducking his head he cried silently as he ate, Katsuki waited till he was done, making tea to give him time and some space. 

Moving to the couch they sat side by side. Katsuki wrapping an arm around Izuku’s shoulders and pulling him close, “Tell anyone I let you cuddle with me and you’re dead.” 

“My lips are sealed,” Izuku murmured as he burrowed closer to Katsuki. 

“So, what’s the deal? Why are you in a dark apartment on your birthday weekend? Granted, it’d still be dark knowing how active you are. But you’re alone . Where is shitty-hair?” 

Izuku clutched Katsuki’s shirt at the question.

“Kacchan,” his voice wavered, “he tried to surprise me and—” Izuku choked back a sob, “I’m an idiot.”

Katsuki clicked his tongue, his hand rubbing Izuku’s arm, “I already knew that dumbass. I take it you weren’t home when he dropped by. So...there’s only one idiot that knows how to get in here without either of us being home.” 

Izuku wailed, “Kacchannn.”

“I knew that asshole was gonna be a problem,” he sighed, “I’m also guessing Kirishima hasn’t taken any of your calls.”

“No,” he whined, “I’m just. I’m so sorry,” he said between hiccuped breaths.

“God, you’re getting snot all over me. Listen nerd, knowing you, you probably haven’t let up on trying to call and text him yeah?”

Izuku nodded against his chest.

“You need to stop. Give him some space. He probably just needs some time before he talks to you yeah? Collect his thoughts. The edge will be taken off, and your thoughts will be clearer to have an honest conversation. And Deku,”  he paused.

Izuku grunted in response.

“Whether he stays or leaves, you have to accept his decision.”

Izuku whimpered at the thought, “But I love him.”

“Yeah, I know, Deku. I know.” 

Izuku continued to tell him the details of what had happened when Yo opened that door and Katsuki flicked Izuku on the forehead.

“Dummy,” he said, “learn to fuckin’ communicate Deku. You talk my ear off and half-n-half’s, why can’t you just do that with everyone else?” 

“It’s not easy! You know how it is for me! No one accepts all of me like you two!”

Katsuki rolls his eyes, “You gotta let people in Deku.” 

“ sound like Shou-chan.” 

“Barf. Please don’t ever say I’m like that ice prince ever again.”

Izuku laughs, “You two, why can’t you just get along? I’m saying you guys at least agree on one thing, and that’s me needing to be more vulnerable.”

“One thing we can agree on is that you’re an idiot when it comes to relationships. I don’t blame you though. But ya gotta be better Deku.” 

“Yeah. I know. I promise, I will.”

“Yeah, whatever. Let’s watch a movie or somethin’. And don’t drool on me if ya fall asleep.”

Izuku laughed, “Okay. Thank you, Kacchan. For being here for me.”

Katsuki grunted a response as he hit play on the remote. A few hours had passed whenIzuku felt his phone buzz; a text message from Denki. 

“Ah, um, my cousin wants to drop by. Apparently he’s in town and wants to hand me a birthday gift. He should be here in an hour or so. 

“Alright, the movie’s almost done anyways.” 

“Yeah, I also need to...freshen up before he comes over. I must look like a mess.” 

“You always look like a mess.” 

Izuku shoved Katsuki playfully before settling back in to watch a movie. As soon as the credits started to roll, Izuku was shoved off by Katsuki.


“Movie’s over nerd; go get cleaned up. I’m gonna start dinner, I’ll cook a little extra for your cousin.” 

Izuku gave a small smile and said, “Thanks Kacchan.” 

Katsuki stood up, waving off Izuku as he stepped into the kitchen. Izuku lays out across the couch stretching his limbs, hearing each crack and creak in his joints, groaning he gets up when he hears Katsuki rummaging in the cupboards and grumbling about going to the grocery tomorrow. 

Grabbing a towel in his room he heads to their shared bathroom in the hallway. He runs the shower waiting for the water to warm up, doing light stretches as he strips; his body feeling stiff from the lack of movement over the weekend. 

The steam starts to warm up the small space fogging up the glass doors of the shower. Warm water cascading over him, easing the tension in his muscles He sighs in contentment as he starts to scrub his hair with shampoo, when the door slams open. 

Izuku yelps, turning towards the wall, hands covering his junk, he glances over his shoulder, closing an eye as suds get into his eyes. 

“Denki?! Wh—what are you doing!?” He shrieks

“Hey Izu! Oh, yeah, your roomie said you were showering so I just decided to pop in and say ‘Hi’.”

“Couldn’t you have waited?!”

“Ah, no biggie, we’ve seen each other naked plenty of times!”

“We were kids ! Denki, please! Let me finish showering, and we’ll have dinner!”


Denki walks out shutting the door, Izuku grumbles exasperatedly as he finishes his shower. 

With a heavy sigh he heads back into the kitchen and is greeted with an upbeat Denki and a scowling Katsuki. He can only guess that Katsuki has hit his maximum for socialization. They dine in silence with Katsuki leaving first.

Denki waves goodbye to the other blond, his forearm catching Izuku’s line of sight. Denki’s soulmark on display. 

Izuku studies it quickly before Denki’s arm comes down, and he can’t help but wonder, snapping out of his daze he recalls what Denki said on the phone yesterday. 

“So, you’re engaged?” 

“Yep!” Denki holds on his left hand, a platinum band encircles his ring finger, a pale yellow oval cut diamond sits in the center.

Izuku holds his cousin’s hand gently as he examines the ring. It’s pretty, and delicate, it suits him. But his eyes wander to the soulmark that’s barely visible in its current position. 

“Is he your soulmate?” 

“Yeah,” a goofy smile spreads across his face, “he’s my soulmate.”

“How did you know?” 

Denki shrugged, “It kind of just clicked. Although, we’d been best friends before our soulmarks appeared. Mine showed up months before his. We celebrated his birthday together, and when it appeared we both just knew.” 

Izuku had never spoken to anyone about soulmarks, Katsuki didn’t care much for his or for dating in general. Shouto was just too busy with the hospital to really think about settling down, but Izuku knew that the heterochromatic boy couldn’t wait for his soulmate to appear. But talking to Denki, seeing him happy and engaged, he couldn’t help but ask questions. 

“Soulmarks often reflect what you feel with that person, right? How did he make you feel?” 

Denki rested his arm on the table, palm facing up as he traced his mark and he started laughing, “to be honest, it’s really fucking stupid.”

“Oh?” Izuku’s head tilted curiously.

“I mean, you know Izu, I smoke, alot.”

Izuku chuckled, the first time in the last few days, “Yeah, I know.” 

“He was my smoking buddy. I always felt...light? Around him? Like I was floating on air. I thought we were just smoking some bomb ass weed, but when I saw his soulmark, I knew. He always knew how to lift my spirits, kept me happy, made me laugh. He was literally a breeze of fresh air, city boy, far different from the countryside I came from.”

“That’s...that’s really sweet Denki,” Izuku getting to see Denki’s vulnerable side is moving. Izuku’s touched, his heart swells in happiness knowing his cousin has found not only his soulmate but a true love, “I’m happy for you Denki. Some people aren’t so lucky,” Izuku trails off at the end. 

Denki reaches for his hand, patting it sympathetically, “Hey. You wanna talk about it? You don’t seem like yourself.” 

“Oh Denki,” Izuku says, his emotions switching to sadness as his cousin tries to be empathetic, “I messed up. I think I really messed up, and I wanna make it right. Have you spoken to him? To Ei-chan?” 

Izuku scrubs his eyes with the back of his hand. Denki gives him a moment to compose himself before he tells him, “I have, and he’s not doing any better.” 

Squeezing his eyes shut to prevent more tears from falling, he asks, “Why won’t he pick up? Why won’t he let me explain?”

Denki squeezes his hand, “He just needs some time. Ei won’t leave you hanging, but he’s hurt, just like you’re hurt. He just needs to get his thoughts collected that’s all. Just give him some time.”

“You must think I’m a horrible person too. I’m sure he told you what happened.”

“No judgment here. You’re my cousin and he’s my bestie. I know you could never lie or cheat; you’re too honest and loyal. We may not be the closest, but you’re a good person Izu. I doubt you’d ever lose sight of that over the years.” 

Izuku cries and Denki pulls him in for a hug and comforts him, “Just be patient okay Izu?” 

He reluctantly nods, but it really is the only thing he can do for the time being, he just has to distract himself. 

Denki offers to stay with him a little while longer, but Izuku hates to impede on his time. He forces a smile and says he’ll be okay, after all, Katsuki is there. He walks Denki out of the apartment complex to get some fresh air, and hugs his cousin goodbye. Katsuki is waiting on the couch when he returns, with Izuku’s favorite blanket, ready for another binge fest.

Shaking his head, he buries himself in his blanket, meekly thanking Katsuki, who just hits play on the next show they’re watching.

He forces himself to pay attention to the show, engage with Katsuki, anything, just anything and everything to get his mind off of Eijirou, to let enough time pass for them to talk. 

Izuku slips into sleep on the couch, falling against the armrest, his mind too tired to keep him preoccupied. He’s on the sunlit path that he’d been dreaming about for months, only for the sun to be weaker, the forest colder, leaving Izuku scared.

Chapter Text

Eijirou picks up his phone when it starts ringing, “Denki?” 

“Yoooo, okay so like. We need to talk. Like seriously. I’m heading back now. Okay? Do we need more snacks or food or drinks? ‘Cuz hooo boy—”

“Denks, you need to calm down. I haven’t heard you so hyped about something in awhile. What, happened,” Eijirou puts an emphasis on the last two words. 

“Bro, I just. I can’t! Not on the phone! In person! I’ll be there soon. In the meantime, did you eat? Izu and his roommate fed me, but if you didn’t—”

Eijirou’s heart sinks at the picture he sees in his head. He misses Izuku terribly. “I’m okay Denki, I ordered delivery, so just, hurry back okay.” 

“Okay! Okay, I’m hopping on the train. I’ll see you soon!” 

Denki hangs up before Eijirou can even reply, he sighs heavily as he puts his phone down. The anticipation of what Denki could possibly have to tell him stresses him out. He finds himself fidgeting, his leg bouncing as he sits on the couch. He ends up pacing as he waits for his delivery. 

Eijirou jogs to the door the moment he hears running down the hall, Denki slides to a stop, “Score!” 

He snorts a laugh, as the blond tries to catch his breath, removing his shoes and jacket and plopping on the couch. All the while, Eijirou trails behind him, anxious about what he has to say.

He sits on one of the couches across from Denki, who’s resting his head on the backrest, his head flops to the side, eyes looking down at his expression, “What? Why do you look like that? Who died?” 

Eijirou rolls his eyes, “You’re killing me Denks! First you call in a huff saying you have something to tell me. I’ve been a nervous wreck trying to figure out what it is you want to tell me. So? Please, just, tell me.” 

Denki rolls his head back, looking up to the ceiling. 

“Ei, tell me. When you’re with Izu, what do you feel.”


“What do you feel when you’re with Izuku? If you think he’s your soulmate, what do you feel?”

Eijriou exhales deeply, as he tries to verbally explain what he feels with Izuku.

“Sometimes, it feels like I’m drowning, and he’s the undertow pulling me in. Being around him, with him, it’s all encompassing. It’s overwhelming, and yet he gives me the air I need to breathe,” Eijirou says with a slight tremble in his voice, “But then the ocean isn’t always so scary you know? When we’re cuddled up, in the early morning, it’s like a gentle ebb and tide, gentle waves coming up to your feet. But then it can be fierce, powerful waves when we’re...close, intimate, it’s like waves crashing against a cliffside.”

Eijirou lets out a wet laugh, “I sound crazy.”

“No. Not crazy. That’s what you’re supposed to feel about your soulmate. It makes you feel crazy, forcing you to associate things in nature.” 

“But we don’t know Izuku’s soulmark.” 

“We do. I saw it. I know what it looks like.” 

Eijirou stares at Denki.

“Bro, I saw it. It was an accident but I saw it.’

“Denks please,” Eijriou pleads, “please tell me it’s good news.”

Denki shifts and moves to sit on the coffee table in front of Eijirou, placing a hand on his forearm, “It is. It’s a match. They’re ocean waves breaking through an inverted triangle.” 

Eijirou sobs, “How did you see it” 

“Uhh, yeah. About that.”

Eijirou sniffles, “....Denki?” 

“Okay, okay, don’t be mad, but like, his roomie was all ‘Deku’s in the shower’, and so I just walked into the bathroom and saw...him? It’s on his left shoulder blade an—”

“You saw Izuku naked!?” Eijirou raises his voice. 

“Hey chill, man, we’re cousins. We’ve seen each other naked plenty of times!”

“Denks, what—I can’t even with your line of thinking.”

“Minor detail. Listen Ei, doesn’t the placement of his soulmark make you think of anything?” 

“Aside from the reason he wouldn’t take his shirt off, no. I ca—” Eijirou pauses for a second. 

“Soulmark’s are supposed to line up, and stack together. Remember that summer, you guys were just, always so cuddly.”

“With his back against my chest.”

“Eyyy, you’re catching on. It’s a sign Ei, Izu’s your soulmate.” 

Eijirou’s heart swells, knowing he’d been right. But still there’s a lingering pain that stabs at him, who the hell was that stranger at his apartment.

“Did Izu talk to you about what happened?”

“Ah, he tried to, but...I made him stop. You don’t need a messenger. You need to talk. That’s between you guys.”

“Shouldn’t you have heard his side of the story?” 

Denki shakes his head, “No. I don’t. I’m a neutral party here. I love you both but this is something you two will talk about without anyone meddling. I know my cousin, there’s a reason for what happened. But I did tell him you needed time before you can sit down and talk.” 

“...I suppose you’re right.” 

“You think you’re gonna be okay? I should head over to Hanta’s.”

Eijirou smiles, “Yeah, I’ll be okay. You’re right, I just need some time, and I’ll talk to him. Hopefully this gets sorted soon.” 

“You love him right?” 

“I’ve always loved him. More than anything.”

“Gonna forgive him?”

“...yes,” Eijirou pauses before he answers, “I may be upset, I may be angry. But I don’t hate him. I never could. Once we talk, once we sort this out and I have a better understanding, we can fix things; we can both decide what happens next. We both have a lot of unsaid feelings that we’ve been keeping at bay out of fear.“

“Just one more question,” Denki asks.


If , and this is a big if. If you and Izuku didn’t match. Would you still be trying to work it out?” 

Eijirou is taken aback by the question, but confidently answers, “Yes. I think I would. I know I put a lot of weight on the meaning of soulmates and soulmarks, but then I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love him. I think when you love someone this strongly for this long, anything is possible. Knowing he’s my soulmate is a bonus.” 

Denki smiles, nodding in agreement and hugs him, “That’s a great answer for something hypothetical. Buuut, I believe in you guys. Without a doubt you’ll work it out. Knowing your persistence, and knowing how Izuku is. This will just make you guys stronger.”

“Thanks Denks. Seeing you made me feel alot better.”

“Cheer up, yeah? Call me with any updates.” 

“Yeah, of course. Thanks man, for coming by and cheering me up. You’ve given me a lot to think about.” 

Eijirou walks Denki out, giving him a hug goodbye. Sighing, he flops back on his couch and looks at his phone. He hadn’t bothered to look at Izuku’s messages or voicemails since he came home after the incident, too hurt to even look at his phone, as both lockscreen and homescreen had his face plastered all over it.

But Denki was right. They had to talk about it, there had to be a reason as to what had happened. Izuku wasn’t the type to cheat; and as angry and as hurt as he wanted to be; he still loved him. They could work this out. With the addition of knowing what his soulmark was, hope flared in his chest, his gut feeling was right, and he wasn’t about to let Izuku go a second time. 

He scrolled through his messages, reading through Izuku’s pleading and apologies that had stopped coming after that night. Eijirou feels a tull pang in his chest as he reads the messages from Izuku; the texts asking him to return his call, and hear him out. The texts never indicated anything about the stranger at Izuku’s place, just as he read the final text message, ‘I never meant to hurt you.’ 

With no indication of ‘The Incident’, Eijirou switched over to listen to the voicemails that were left next, to hear what Izuku had to say. 

His heart tore as he heard Izuku’s crying on the phone, “Ei-chan, please,” he’d whisper, “please talk to me. I can’t—just please hear me out, if anything just please let me explain.” 

The pain in Izuku’s voice was cutting, Eijirou had never seen Izuku sad or upset. He’d always been a ball of sunshine. His ball of sunshine. It pained him to see what this was also doing to Izuku; but they were both hurt from this incident. 

Eijirou teared up as he listened to the playlist of voicemails, Izuku trying to sound strong and brave, but he could hear the tremble in his voice, him trying to suppress the cries as he left messages asking him to call him back.

He broke down crying at Izuku’s last voicemail, “Ei-chan, I’m sorry. I really am from the bottom of my heart. Please give me a chance to talk to you and explain who Shindou-kun is, and what that was about. I miss you Ei-chan, and I hope you know I’d never do anything to hurt you. I lo—I just, I can’t bear to lose you. Please take care of yourself, and call me soon? Bye.”

Tears slid down his cheeks as he brought his hand to his mouth suppressing a sob. Maybe silence hadn’t been the best option but he needed to think, he needed time. No matter how you look at the situation, it looks bad. Really bad.

And what could he have expected Eijirou to do? He was hurt, felt like he’d been played a fool, and yet, his heart still ached and yearned for Izuku. Had he been too quick to judge the situation? The more he thought about it, the more he listened to that last voicemail, he knew Izuku was being earnest and sincere in his apology. Izuku opening up had been a struggle, and unfortunately this incident was going to force him to open up. Eijirou could feel it, he could hear it, Izuku was bound to say it right there and then, the dreaded ‘L’ word that they both seemed to have been toe-ing since they had started dating again. 

Placing his phone down on the table, he gets comfortable on the couch once more, staring at the ceiling, with thoughts of Izuku on his brain.

Several days pass in silent contemplation. Eijirou runs through the things he wants to say to him, to ask him. Organizes his thoughts in a way to get them to openly and honestly communicate with one another. He called Denki and Hanta to help him through it, and they provided him the support and feedback that he needed to hear.

Izuku had listened to Denki, having not received a single call or a text from him since Denki’s visit. The day Eijirou received the missing piece of the puzzle: Izuku’s soulmark. The more he thought about the mark and his feelings he was certain this had been his fate since day one.

He knew what he wanted, he knew what he felt. He was sure of his decision and open and ready to listen to Izuku. 

Knowing Izuku’s schedule by heart, he picked up his phone and dialed. Right now, Izuku should be home with Katsuki. He imagined Izuku would be shocked getting his call, letting it settle and possibly excusing himself from the living room to answer.

“Ei...chan?” Izuku’s wobbly voice came through. 

Eijriou, exhaled slowly, shutting his eyes I guess it’s now or never, he thought before answering, “Hey Izu.” 

“ are you?” Izuku asks. 

“I’m--I’m hanging in there,” he answers honestly, “Izu I—”

“Ei-chan, can we talk? I… I didn’t want to explain in text, or voicemail. I know Denki said you needed time, but...I—this is killing me.”

Eijirou is silent for a beat, but knows it’s a moot point to prolong the silence. He knew what he felt, and that seemed to outweigh everything else.

Yeah, Izu. Let’s talk. I’m ready. Are you free tomorrow? It’s your day off right?” 

“Yes!” Izuku blurted, “Yes, tomorrow is my day off. Where, um, where do you wanna meet?” 

“My apartment,” Eijirou said, “It’s probably the best option we have.”

“Okay, tomorrow your apartment. I can be there. What time?” 

“How about...after lunch?” 

“Okay...yeah,” Izuku answers quietly, “That sounds perfect. Thank you Ei-chan, I just—I need to see you and talk to you. I never meant for you to be hurt.”

Eijirou’s breath caught in his throat; trying not to get emotional at hearing Izuku’s voice waver, “We’ll talk when you get here. Okay? I’ll see you later.” 

“Oh, yeah. Right. Bye.”

He hung up not wanting to prolong the awkwardness of their phone conversation. He had tried to keep a neutral tone, not wanting to give away any hint of emotion.  But he wondered how much of a facade he’d be able to manage when he saw Izuku tomorrow; knowing full well, all he wanted to do was embrace Izuku and never let him go.

Chapter Text

Izuku double checks his appearance before he leaves to see Eijirou. It’s been a solid two weeks since they’d last seen each other, and the phone call had not made it any easier. Things were tense to say the least, but whose fault was that? Katsuki had done his best to give him a pep-talk, as best as Katsuki can anyways. Luckily Shouto showed up to give him the hug and gentle finesse Izuku really needed.

He promised his best friends that he would accept whatever decision Eijirou would come to. Katsuki reminded him that if things went south, he had him and Shouto to rely on. Izuku fought back happy tears, knowing that his best friends would always be there supporting him and cheering him on regardless of his stumbles. As much as Katsuki hated hugs, Izuku hugged him anyways thanking him as he walked out with Katsuki and Shouto wishing him luck. 

On his way over, he stopped by the convenience store, grabbing Eijirou’s favorite snacks as part of his peace offering. He felt like he was walking to his doom as he trekked up the stairs that led up to Eijirou’s apartment.

Taking a deep breath he quietly repeated to himself “You can do this, you can do this,” as he marched up to the door. He exhaled, the butterflies in his stomach fluttering slightly as he tried to calm down and knocked on his door. 

Within a few moments, Eijirou opened the door looking a little worse for wear. Izuku instantly paled in response to seeing Eijirou like that, his own shoulders drawing in as he curled in on himself. He had done that to Eijirou, took away his sunny personality and positive disposition. Izuku felt unworthy to be in his presence now, and while Izuku hadn’t meant it, he had inflicted this pain on him. 

“Hey Izu,” Eijirou said, “come on in.” 

“Thanks for having me,” he said meekly, unable to meet Eijirou’s gaze, shuffling in after Eijirou opened the door to let him in. 

Izuku was immediately enveloped by the scent he loved so much. The deep woodsy sandalwood swirled around him as he followed Eijirou into the living room and took a seat. Izuku paused reaching out his hand to offer the plastic bag, “Here. I um, picked up a few of your favorites,” he said with a small smile.

Eijirou offered up his own smile, “Thanks Izu,” as he took out the snacks, “Would you like some tea?”

“Ah, you don’t have to—”

“—I’d be a bad host if I didn’t serve you anything.”

Izuku’s shoulders lowered just a tad as he smiled awkwardly, “Then, yes please. Thank you.”

Eijirou excused himself to make the tea, allowing the both of them to acclimate to the new tension that was hanging between them. It allowed them to gather their thoughts a little bit more, and Izuku silently thanked Eijirou as he willed himself to regain composure. 

Eijirou came back with tea in hand, and the scent wafted into Izuku’s nose. He struggled to fight back his tears. Eijirou was so selfless, still serving Izuku his tea perfectly. He placed it on the coffee table and rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand. 

“So—sorry,” he coughed a wet laugh.

“Izu—,” Eijirou said empathetically.

“You’re too nice Ei-chan,” he sniffled, “I don’t deserve your kindness. Really.” 

“Of course you do,” Eijirou replied sighing as he continued, “but we need to talk about the elephant in the room.” 

Rubbing his eyes, Izuku’s tears continue to fall. He tries to straighten up, but the moment he locks eyes with Eijirou’s warm gaze he feels ashamed. 

“Shindou, Yo is his name,” he starts. The name tastes sour on his tongue as he thinks about their last conversation.

“Who is he?”

Izuku sucks in a breath before he continues, “Yo-kun, is a friend. More like, a friend with benefits.” He shuts his eyes as he says it, it feels weird to expose his past to someone he loves. It’s something he doesn’t talk about openly with anyone.

“He’s a nurse too,” he continued, “We met on a medical mission. We never exchanged contact info during those times. We just seemed to always run into each other abroad on every mission we signed up for. Then we’d spend months at a time together.” 

Now that he had opened the box, he couldn’t stop, “At first, it was meaningless flirtation. He was a pompous jerk that thought highly of himself. But, the more we ran into one another, the more I found we had so much in common. We came from similar backgrounds, similar circumstances. He became a good friend, someone that understood me really well. When I moved back, we just kept whatever we had. Whenever he came back after a mission we spent time together, and I’m sure what you saw of him made it clear what kind of time was spent.”

“Ei-chan,” he looked up, his voice cracking as he looked at Eijirou’s unreadable stoic expression, “I’m so sorry. I really am. I should’ve told you, I should’ve told him, made things clear. I didn’t realize that—,” Izuku choked back a sob.

“I was an idiot to leave things open-ended with him,” Izuku shut his eyes tight, “I never thought for a second that he would surprise me on my birthday. I never realized that he thought that there was more to me and him.”

“When was the last time you saw him before that?”

“Before you and I started dating.” 

“He never messaged you?”

“No. Our communication is limited to only when he’s coming to town. But, he didn't give me a heads up. He just showed up while I was at work. I got called in at the last minute, and since you were working and Kacchan was out, I figured since I wasn’t doing anything, I’d just go into work. I should’ve told you, I should’ve texted you like I always do, but that still would’ve left Yo-kun in the picture.” 

“What happened when you got back home?” 

“It was the same as always, he opened the door just as I was about to unlock it. He pulled me in, he—he started kissing me and trying to undress me.” Izuku’s voice started getting tight as he told Eijirou everything. He needed to hear it, he needed to know Izuku kicked him out.

“I pushed him off,” he whispered, “asked him what the hell he was doing there. He tried to touch me again and when I told him we couldn’t—I said I had a boyfriend and he didn’t like that. That’s when he said you’d come by. He said he was protecting me. Reminding me why he and I were seeing each other. But the thing is, I didn’t feel that way anymore.

“I don’t feel jaded when I’m with you, Ei-chan. The truth is I love you. I’m in love with you. And those feelings haven’t changed much since we were 18. Please, if you could find it in your heart to forgive me, then let me make it up to you. I’d do anything to make this right.” 

There was a tense silence filled with Izuku’s sobs, till Eijirou’s voice rang clear through the open space

“Show me your soulmark.” 

Izuku’s eyes snapped open, staring at the couch cushion below him. Ringing filled his ears, his heart shattering again. He looked up at Eijirou’s expression: blank. His heart thudded dully in his chest, feeling like it would cave in with that request. 

He looked up at Eijirou, tears slipping down his eyes as he pleaded, “Please Ei-chan, anything but that. Please.

It was the first time Izuku had ever seen frustration akin to anger flash through Eijirou’s face and he felt his armor crack even more. Eijirou hung his head, carding his hand through his hair.

“Izu, why can’t you just show it to me. Why are you so averse to showing me! It’s just a mark. I just need to see it.”

Izuku sobbed, “Ei-chan. You wouldn’t understand!”

“Then make me understand! Let me understand! Izuku, please. Why do soulmates bother you so much?”

“Soulmates tore my parents apart!” Izuku shouted, crying uncontrollably, “My parents married without ever meeting their soulmates. They were happy, they were in love. But then my Mom met hers. I was eight,” he brought it back down to a pained whisper, “I was eight when my Mom said she’d met her soulmate, that she’d fallen in love with them. She cried, she said she was sorry, but she just—

“She left me and Dad. She vanished, only coming around for divorce papers. She abandoned me, our family. For someone she hadn’t even known for very long! How could anyone just leave something they’d built and maintained for years, just because fate tells you so? I hated it. Every person I ever dated after you, used me. Just after me for my looks, and then toss me aside because our marks didn’t match! It was easier to build a wall to keep everyone out. It was easier to not care about the soulmarks. It’s why Yo-kun and I got along so well. He knew what it felt like, because he also was a product of a broken marriage because of soulmates.

Izuku continued to sob, “I didn’t care when others didn’t match me. I was used to it. But you. You, Ei-chan. I couldn’t let you see the mark on my back, branding me like a scarlet letter. Let it prove to me once again that someone I care about, someone I love is not my soulmate.  Everything will end. I couldn’t bear it Eijirou. I couldn’t. I don’t know what I’d do if we weren’t soulmates and you can’t accept it. I can’t lose you too!” 

Izuku shook like a leaf as he bared everything to Eijirou, wrapping his arms around himself as he cried.

“I still need to see it, Izuku. For my peace of mind,” Eijirou replies as his own tears slide down his face.

“It’s going to end isn’t it. You’re going to leave me. ”

“I promise, I won’t. But I need to see it.” 

Empty promises , Izuku thinks. But he nods in compliance as he turns around, straightening up, remembering the promise he made with Katsuki. If this ended over his soulmark, he’d be fine, he’d survive. He’d try to, he’d have to.

Swallowing thickly, and exhaling a shaky breath, he unwrapped his arms from his body, reaching for the hem of his shirt and pulled it off. His skin prickled with goosebumps, hair raised on end as Eijirou’s gaze raked over him. He hung his head as silence hung between them. 

It’s over. He shook his head, We’re done. There’s no fixing this now.  He trembled at the prolonged silence, feeling too exposed, too vulnerable. Bringing his hands to his face as he tried to muffle his sobs.

This is why he never let anyone close.

His eyes flew open, gasping when warmth draped over him. Eijirou’s arms encircled him, he could feel his bare skin on his, and he heard Eijirou cry, his tears landing on his shoulder. 

Izuku crumbles, we’re not soulmates. He’s crying because we don’t match.

Eijirou’s lips pressed into the nape of his neck. He whispered against Izuku’s skin, “I told you, I needed to see it for myself.” 

He whimpered in his embrace, waiting for the final blow.

“We’re a match Izuku.” His embrace tightening around him, as warmth spreads throughout his body. The scent of sandalwood and moss. The feeling of that serene forest he’d been dreaming about since reconnecting with Eijirou, “We’re soulmates.” 

Izuku’s eyes widen in disbelief as tears pour down his face over Eijirou’s revelation.

“What?” He chokes, “You knew?” 

“Denki told me about your soulmark. I already knew; I just needed confirmation.” 

“How long,” Izuku croaks out.


“How long have you known?” 

“Since the day we met.”

Izuku turns around in his embrace, “You knew? For that long? Why didn’t you say anything?” 

Eijirou’s lopsided smirk appeared as he said, wiping Izuku’s tears away with his thumb, “Your stance on soulmates was really strong when we met. We both said, we didn’t know what our futures held, that we would live in the present. I tried, I really tried. I dated, I loved. But at the end of the day, I had a gut feeling. It was always you.” 

Eijirou wiped away the tears from Izuku’s face with the pads of his fingers. “From the moment I saw you again in that ER room, I knew what I felt was real. You were my soulmate. But, just know, soulmates or not, I wouldn’t have left you. I loved you first, Izuku. I’ve never stopped. I just needed you to open up, I needed you to let me in. I needed you to let me understand.”

Izuku couldn’t believe his ears, “Do you mean that?”

Eijirou chuckled, tucking a stray hair behind Izuku’s ear, “Yeah. I never stopped thinking about you since you left that summer. I never felt the same way for anyone, the way I did for you.”

He embraced Izuku and squeezed him gently, inhaling deeply as he buried his nose into his neck, “Nothing compares to hugging you, to your scent.”

He pulled back, kissing Izuku on the lips, “Nothing compares to kissing you.”

His hands hold Izuku’s face, “Izuku, I love you.” 

Izuku’s hands wrapped around Eijirou’s wrists, “I love you Ei-chan,” he leaned up and kissed him on the lips, “I should’ve told you sooner, I’m so sorry. I was just so afraid.” 

Eijirou deepened their kiss, pulling Izuku close, and melting against his warm skin, “There’s no reason to be afraid. I’m here, I’m not going anywhere.”

“Promise?” Izuku asked.

He gave Izuku an eskimo kiss, “I promise. As long as you continue to love me, as long as we continue to talk and be open.No more secrets. No more hiding. I’ll always be here for you Izu.” 

He kissed him deeply as he pulled them down onto the couch, with Izuku in his lap.

They cuddled in their favorite position; Eijirou’s arms wrapped around Izuku’s middle, chest pressed against Izuku’s back with his chin resting on his shoulder. They sat comfortably in silence, their fingers tracing random patterns into each other’s skin. 

Izuku sighed, his head falling back to Eijirou’s shoulder, a smile spreading across his face. 

Eijirou hummed against his neck, as his lips caressed the nape of his neck, “What’s up? What’s got you smiling?” 

Izuku shook his head gently, “Nothing. Just,” he paused, “just happy. Really happy.”

He leaned in and kissed Eijirou, “To think, I loved you first, that I loved my soulmate before my soulmark appeared. How lucky I had been back then, and then to let you slip away only for you to come back?”

Izuku shook his head in disbelief, “For someone that didn’t believe in soulmates, for me to find mine twice. Someone so patient, so kind and so loving?”

His voice starts to shake as he cries, “I don’t know what I’ve done to be so blessed to find you again and again. I’ve done nothing to deserve you.”

Eijirou kisses him along his jawline, carding his fingers through Izuku’s hair, “Izu, we’re all bound to find our other half one way or another. Whether you reject it, refuse to accept it. I would’ve found you one way or another.”

“You hung on to the idea of me being your soulmate. You believed in it from the beginning.” fresh tears filled his eyes, “Thank you, for not giving up on me.” 

He gestures for Izuku to turn around and face him; cupping Izuku’s face in his hands, “I’ll never give up on you.” 

Leaning down he slots their lips together for a gentle, loving kiss, pulling apart slightly offering up his words, “I love you.” 

Izuku melts into another kiss, sighing as he replies with, “I love you.” 

They continue exchanging sweet kisses and pecks as they wrapped themselves up in one another in a blissful silence. 

He was with Eijirou. Eijirou and he loved each other.

Eijirou was his soulmate.

He found his soulmate, in the one person he had loved first all those summers ago. Being held in Eijirou’s arms made Izuku’s stomach flutter with a happiness he hadn’t felt in a very long time. He felt complete wrapped in his arms, like the missing piece of a puzzle slotting in to make him whole.

Chapter Text

“Mm,” Izuku hummed with a giggle as Eijirou smothered him with kisses on their couch.

Playfully he was shoved back with Izuku trying to catch his breath with a laugh, “Ei-chan, we’ll never finish unpacking at this rate!”

Eijirou took Izuku’s left hand from his chest, putting them palm to palm. The matching silver bands clinked slightly as he interlaced their fingers together. 

“Hmm,” he stole another kiss from Izuku, “but we have all the time in the world! C’mon babe, just a bit more.” 

Izuku crossed his arms in an ‘X’ in front of him as he sat up, “Nope. No more kisses or cuddles till we at least finish unpacking! We have a lot of boxes to get through.”

“Just one more?” 

Izuku shot him a quick glare, sighing, he uncrossed his arms and looped them around Eijirou’s neck, who wore a lopsided smile, “Just one more, Ei-chan,” pecking him one more time and getting up.

Eijirou face planted into the couch with a groan, “Fineeee~ But one hour of work and back on the couch?” 

Izuku rolled his eyes,  “Okay, deal.”

He grabbed Eijirou’s arm and pulled him off from the couch, “Ei-chan, can you get that box by the door first? Kacchan specifically wanted us to open it when we got back.”

“Oh? What is it?” He crossed the space to the slim cardboard box propped against the door.

“He didn’t say, but he said to open it when we moved into our new house,” he answered from a distance. 

He picked up the box, propping a long end against his stomach as he carted it to the living room. Placing one end on the coffee table, he cut the tape on top, popping open the flaps. He looked at the object inside curiously, padded at the corners with foam. 

Carefully he extracted the bubble-wrapped thing and placed it on the table. Eyes widened at what it could be, and before he did anything else with it he called Izuku, “Hey babe? Can you come here for a second?”

He listened as Izuku’s footsteps padded closer, “What’s up babe?” as he appeared beside him.

“I didn’t want to open this without you. I think I know what this is.” 

Izuku looked at it, his fingers running across the bubble wrap as a smile stretched across his face, “Oh! Yes, let’s open this one together!”

Together they unwrapped their gift from Katsuki, carefully removing the tape from the plastic and unfolded it. 

Izuku gasped, his hand coming to his mouth in shock and awe.

Eijirou’s grin widened at the sight, “Damn.”

Izuku wiped the corners of his eyes, “Yeah. Damn. Kacchan knows what he's doing.”

Eijirou picked up the width in his hands, lifting it up for a closer look. 

It was back in Eijirou’s hometown, the beach where Eijirou had met his first love, the love of his life. His soulmate. 

The sun was setting before them, highlighting their faces in splashes of red and oranges. Izuku and Eijirou wore matching white suits. Happiness radiated from them as Izuku's newly ringed hand rested on Eijirou’s chest, his own ringed hand holding onto his as they smiled at each other, mid-laugh. 

It was a beautiful photo taken from their first dance at their wedding reception on the beach. It encapsulated so much in a single frame. The first place they met in the summer they fell in love. Their friends and family behind them celebrate in their union with heartfelt support. 

Izuku rested his hand on Eijirou’s chest, over his heart, over his soulmark. Something Izuku had grown accustomed to doing the night they found out they were soulmates. Izuku always traced it with his fingers, fondness and love etched in his face as a smile played on his lips. 

When Eijirou had asked why, Izuku would always answer, “To remind myself that this isn’t a dream. That the person I loved the most in this world is my soulmate, my other half. The one that completes me. To remind myself that this is real and I’m the luckiest man alive.” 

Eijirou smiled at Izuku, “Where should we hang this?”

“Hmm,” Izuku thought as his eyes scanned the room, “I think it would look great right here,” he gestures to the wall separating the living room and the kitchen, “It’s a great spot for it along with all the rest of our framed photos! It’ll be the first of many on the wall.” 

Together they hung the photo after Eijirou fished out their tool box. They stepped back admiring their handywork, sighing as they gazed upon their photo. Their hands found one another, intertwining their fingers, before Eijirou pulled him into an embrace, wrapping his arms around his middle. 

“Still blows my mind,” he raised his left hand for them to look at, “We’re married. It still feels like I’m dreaming.” 

Izuku laughed, “Well you’re not dreaming. Though, I do think you’re still in honeymoon mode.”

“Hey! That was a very romantic getaway!”

Izuku smiled fondly, “Yeah, it was,” he craned his neck to kiss Eijirou’s lips. 

“Y’knowww,” Eijirou drawled, unwrapping his arms, “technically we’re still on our honeymoon.”

Izuku turned to face him, “Oh?” he smiled cheekily. 

Eijirou’s fingers slipped under the hem of Izuku’s shirt, playing with the waistband of shorts before sliding his fingers into a belt loop and pulling him flush against him, “Mm hmm.”

He pressed their hips together, his lips caressing Izuku’s jawline and neck when Izuku craned it, allowing him more access. 

Izuku hummed, rolling his hips against Eijirou, “Well, we do have several more days off.”

“We still have five days to settle in.”

“Mm, plenty of time to unpack. We deserve a quick break. That frame took a lot out of us, right?” 

“Oh definitely. I need a breather,” Izuku replied, as Eijirou pulled him into his lap as they flopped onto the couch.. 

They took their time, kissing each other languidly, pulling off one another’s shirts as they rutted against one another. Izuku groaned into Eijirou’s mouth, “Ei-chan, more. Please.”  

Eijirou flipped Izuku onto his back, removing both their shorts in record time, pressing their hardened cocks against each other. He trailed kisses down Izuku’s taut body, Izuku’s hands running through red hair, impatiently nudging his husband lower. 

The red-head chuckled darkly, “Impatient much? We could’ve been doing this earlier!” 

Izuku huffed in annoyance, “I just wanted to accomplish something.”

“Oh, we’ll definitely accomplish something today,” he said just as his mouth wrapped around Izuku’s cock. 

Izuku moaned out, “Fuck!” 

Eijirou hummed as his lips slid further down Izuku’s length, taking him all in till he hit the back of his throat. Izuku canted his hips up into his mouth, causing him to take him in deeper. 

“Ei-chan,” he cried, “So good, baby. Don’t stop.” 

Eijirou continued bobbing his head up and down, spit dribbling out of the corners of his mouth. He popped off of Izuku and sat back on his knees, pulling Izuku up and bending him in half, exposing his ass in the process.

His hand reached for Izuku’s cock and started to pump it as his tongue traced around his hole, teasing him before sliding his tongue and eating him out. He felt Izuku tighten around his tongue, he groaned as thrusted his tongue in and out. Izuku’s leg trembled, his moans turning into whines as he wordlessly asked for more.

Eijirou hummed, the vibrations make Izuku squeak. Pulling back with a grin, he wipes his face with the back of his hand. 

“I can’t get enough of you,” he said as he brings Izuku’s hips lower, “Fuck.” 

“Ei, please. Fuck me. Please.”

Pressing against Izuku’s entrance, he pushes in slowly, Izuku sighs, legs hooking around his lower back, and pulling him in closer. Eijirou moans as he sinks deeper into Izuku’s heat, he withdraws slowly, Izuku’s breath hitches as he starts to move slowly, deliberately, undulating his hips into Izuku. 

Izuku’s nails drag down his biceps and forearms as he whines. Eijirou drives deeper causing Izuku’s back to arch off the cushions. His pace quickens as he drives harder into Izuku whose head lolls side to side in ecstasy; legs wrapping around Eijirou’s waist again to keep him close. 

Eijirou’s lips seek out Izuku’s, clashing in wet heat, tongues sloppily intertwine as Izuku’s hands travel up and down Eijirou’s back. Izuku moans into his mouth; when they pull apart Izuku looks up through hooded eyes, gaze dripping in lust, “Eijirou, “ he pants, “Eijirou.”

Heat flares in his belly at the sound of his name being chanted in breathy moans. His hips stutter when Izuku starts to clench around him, “Fuck, you know I love it when you do that.”

Izuku holds Eijirou’s face pulling away, as he pants out, “I want you to cum. I want your cum.”

Eijirou dives in for a deeper kiss, his hips pistoning erratically into Izuku, the sinful words coming from his sweet husband’s mouth drive him crazy, the desire to give him what he wants. 

Izuku’s nails dig into his back, his back arching off the couch, “Ah! I’m—I’m co-coming!”

He shouts as he comes, dragging his nails down Eijirou’s back. He bites down on his lips at the sting he feels, still driving into Izuku bringing himself closer to his peak. Izuku’s come spurts across his stomach. Eijirou comes seconds later, emptying his seed inside Izuku. 

He slows down his pace, thrusting shallowly till they both groan from oversensitivity. 

Izuku pulls him down, their slick skin sticking upon contact. Sharing kisses before they both agree they need to clean up.

After taking a refreshing shower and dressed in clean clothes, Izuku plops back on the couch with a sigh, “Now I’m too lazy to do anything.”

Eijrou takes a seat, pulling Izuku against his chest for cuddles, “Me too.” 

Izuku’s fingers traced Eijirou’s soulmark through his shirt, a fond smile playing on his lips.

Eijirou’s eyelids are heavy with exhaustion as he inhales a deep breath when he buries his nose into Izuku’s freshly washed hair, “What’s that smile for?”

“Just thinking, how crazy our relationship has been. Yenno, you never told me how you knew we were soulmates.” 

Eijirou laughs, “It was easy to tell it was you. It was in the element I felt, it was water. You pulled me towards you, sometimes loving you felt like I was sinking in the ocean or floating on gentle waves. I talked about it with Denki, about yours. We both figured we knew why you couldn’t tell.”


“Well, what do you feel when you’re with me?” 

“Safe, warm, grounded, stable. The list could go on and on.” 

“Mm hmm, and when you think of Todoroki or Bakugou, wouldn’t you feel the same about them?”

“Yes, I suppose…,” Izuku tapped on his lip as he thought.

“Denki and I figured, when he told me about your mark, mark’s attributes were more subtle. It’s a forest. Trees with deep roots that are resolute and stand tall. You have friends that you hold in the same regard.” 

“Right, but there were moments—Now that I think about it. There were moments that made me think—maybe, just maybe. Sometimes when we were together, it felt like something was deep inside, moving, unfurling, blooming. It grew, it sprouted. I should’ve known that my dreams had something to do with it too.”


“Mmm, I dreamt about forests every night after we met. I was always being led along a path that grew brighter, felt warmer. They were hints, and I didn’t think much of them really. I kind of regret it.”

“Nah, we still found each other Izu, don’t think like that. We ended up right where we were supposed to. Together.”

A comfortable silence drifted over them, until Izuku’s stifled laughter broke it.

“Now, what’s so funny?”

Izuku giggled, “My husband and I just blessed our first piece of furniture together.”

He huffed a laugh, smiling into Izuku’s skin, “I like the sound of that.”

Hands trailed down his back, stroking his spine lovingly, “Hmm, which part?” His voice dropped lower, more intimate.

My husband ,” Eijirou popped his head up and quickly kissed Izuku on the lips, “My husband . You’re my husband. I’m your husband.”

“Yes, my husband. My soulmate, My love. My everything, I love you Eijirou ,” Izuku recites the last line of his vows again. 

He pulled Izuku into his lap and embraced him, holding him close against him, nuzzling his nose into the crook of his neck and deeply inhaled.

He felt so happy he could cry.

Izuku was here, Izuku was with him. 

Izuku was his soulmate. His husband.

Izuku was finally his. 

Eijirou smiles, taking Izuku’s left hand in his; interlacing their ringed fingers together, kissing their bands, and repeating his vows in response,“ My husband. My sun. My life. Without you, I wouldn’t be complete. I love you Izuku.

Sparkling green eyes looked up at him with a beaming expression and glowing freckled cheeks, as he too kissed their ringed fingers, a cunning smile etched into the curve of his lips. 

“Just don’t forget,” Izuku paused, “I loved you first.” 

Eijirou huffs a laugh as he thinks about their first night spent together under the stars in his backyard all those years ago; a time of unmarked skin and uncertainty.

He laughed, beaming back, pecking a kiss on Izuku’s lips, “How could I ever?” 

Izuku’s smile widened and glittered, kissing Eijirou back.

His heart was so full it could burst having Izuku here wrapped up in his arms, sprinkling kisses all over his face.  Knowing at the end of the day, the beautiful boy with vibrant green eyes that rivaled emeralds and a mess of green curls akin to seaweed in the ocean, had swept through his town like a crashing wave stealing his heart and soul. A boy who had taught him to love fearlessly and fiercely despite not knowing what the future held; now a man that had somehow still ended up in his arms, undeniably his soulmate. 

His eyes land on their newly hung wedding photo. His fingers trailing along Izuku’s spine, the contented purr that rumbles against him brings a smile to his face. Eijirou’s mind recounts the rest of his vows as he holds his husband in his arms:

When we met, I knew. Without the marks etched in our skin; without the universe telling me my fate, I already knew. I knew you were my entire world: I was the moon and you were the tide being pulled to me. That night, when our eyes connected across the flames of a bonfire. Deep down I already knew...

Eijirou squeezed Izuku in his embrace kissing the freckles adorning his face, making the smaller man giggle, before his lips grazed the outer shell of Izuku’s ear, whispering, “I loved you first.”