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Electric Love

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The camera beeps, the small circle flashing red, showing it's recording. Third nervously shuffles back in his seat. Today he's going to try the TikTok challenge wherein he will kiss his bestfriend. Is it dumb? Yes. Will he do it? Also yes. And like most tiktoks, this one will change his life, not as something as superficial as instant fame and recognition, but as something that he holds dear: his friendship with Khai. 


Khai's voice interrupted Third's inner turmoils. He laughed at what his other friend, Bone, said, doing that weird and complex handshake with him through the car window while taking a swig out of a beer bottle. Third stared at him with hesitation. Will he really ruin their three year friendship over his own boredom? The sun is starting to set now, faint orange light shining on Khai, emphasizing his high cheekbones and chocolate brown eyes. Is it really by boredom itself? Third asked himself. Khai could fool anyone into thinking that he's a Calvin Klein model. In fact, Third thought he was, until they got close and he discovered Khai is nothing like one, with his loud mouth and shameless antics. Third shook his head. Why did he even entertain such silly thought?


The song began playing and Third smiled at the camera before bobbing his head along to the beat. He is suddenly aware of the beating of his heart, which became louder and louder as the chorus is coming up. 


Baby you're like lightning in a bottle.
I can't let you go now that I got it.


It's now or never. Third thought. He grabbed Khai's face with one hand, squishing his cheeks. Meanwhile, Khai still continues his conversation with Bone, not fazed in any way. Third is always like this to him. Always touchy and affectionate. The first time he did that, he almost punched him, but it grew in him overtime. He thinks the latter is bored and is bothering him now that he has nothing else to mess with.


Third flicked his hand, making Khai look at him. Khai looked at him in the eye and can see a flash of mischief, fear, and… something he can't decipher on it. It startled him for a millisecond before remembering this is Third they're talking about. The guy is basically an actor, what with the award winning lies and pranks he pulled on everyone, especially Khai. He sighed.


"Third, what the hell? I was talking to-"


And then Third pressed his lips against Khai's, his lips moving to its own accord, heartbeat tripling he can feel it jumping out of his chest. Khai just sat there, frozen in shock, his eyes as round as the moon. It's like he just broke out of an imaginary bubble and he can now feel everything at once: Third's nose gently poking at his cheek, Third's hot and rugged breath, damp and wet lips against his, he can feel nothing but Third on him. 


Khai felt like something was missing as soon as Third pulled back, even if Third's fingers are still on his face. Third didn't realize the weight of what he did until he looked at the latter's red and shell shocked face. He immediately retracted his hand before glaring at the ground. There you go, Third. You're no longer bored. But at what price? He thought. He wanted to apologize or say that it was just for something as mundane as a TikTok challenge, but he can't even bring himself to look at Khai. 


It took a few seconds for Khai's mind to function once more, and the first thought that popped was "why did he stop?" followed by a "what the hell was that?". His heart is beating furiously while his mind is screaming profanities in different ways. Both igniting a fire within him. It isn't until his eyes landed on Third that he noticed something is different, like somebody slapped an Instagram filter over him, bathing everything in a dreamy glow. Suddenly his eyes aren't just brown. They're golden. His lips aren't like two tomatoes squished together, as what he teased before. It is what it is: lips. Lips that he wanted to feel once more.


It finally settled in: his friendship with Khai is officially over. He's not a fortune teller but Third could see what's going to happen next: Khai is going to come back to his senses, freak out, maybe even having a speech about how he is a weirdo before storming out. The scene played over and over in his head it almost surprised him how it hadn't happened yet. He sighed, seeming to accept his fate as that guy who lost his best friend- ex best friend - 'cause he kissed him for no damn reason. 


Third was about to tap on the red square on his phone screen when he could feel somebody grab his wrist. Before he can see who it is, he was pulled back in. Khai's chapped lips and haste movements gave him away, but that didn't stop the electricity coursing through their veins as they gradually become in sync with each other. Khai's crackle of flames that were buried deep down turned into a blazing fire of longing and want. On the other hand, Third could swear he could hear colors and see sounds as the singer belted his line. He felt himself slowly melting into Khai's arms as it found its way around his waist, neither of them showing any signs of stopping. 


The world seemed to fade away for the two, as if there is no electric guitar blasting on the background, nor are their other friends' cackling and booing Bone as he did another skateboard trick, and nor is there a blinking red light, recording this very precious moment that marked the beginning of everything.




And all I need is to be struck by your electric love.