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Tables set up in the lounge? Check. Kids ready and waiting? Check. Your boss, Caroline, in the office, ready to greet the group when they arrive? Check. Now you just need to get to the office too, before the guys show up…

Your phone rings as you’re leaving the dormitory, where you were checking in with the kids housed at Chicago’s Clary Foundation. Today, in less than 30 minutes, they get to meet the world-famous Korean musical group, Bangtan Sonyeondan, or BTS. The group has agreed to do a fan meet and fundraising concert for the Clary Foundation, which provides housing and other services for homeless teenagers and pre-teens. As the foundation’s Events Director, you’ve been planning and preparing for this concert for months, and now you’ve finally reached the big day. BTS is coming to meet the kids this afternoon, and the actual concert is scheduled for tomorrow evening. Tickets sold out as soon as they were made available, months ago. You’re expecting a packed house tomorrow, and with luck, floods of donations from the concert-goers.

You’re almost as excited as the kids you just left. Like them, you’re a fan of BTS, though you’ve kept quiet about it in recent months. You don’t want Caroline, your boss, thinking you won’t be able to handle the pressure of meeting some of your favorite musical artists. So you’ve tamped down your enthusiasm, handling the arrangements with the same cool professionalism you’ve displayed during every event since you were hired three years ago.

Your phone rings, and you whip it out of your pocket as you hurry up the path from the dorm to the Clary offices. And then you sigh as you see your friend Hannah’s name on the screen. This is the fifth time she’s called since lunch.

“Hannah,” you greet her. “Why do you keep calling me?”

“Are they there yet?” she asks, completely ignoring your question. Hannah loves BTS even more than you do. In fact, she’s the one who introduced you to their music a couple years ago. As a Korean-American, Hannah has always been well-informed about South Korean groups, and she’s followed BTS practically since they debuted.

“They’ll be here soon,” you tell her. “Which means I can’t really talk. I’m on my way up to the office right now.”

“I still can’t believe you couldn’t get me a volunteer spot at the concert tomorrow,” Hannah moans, and you immediately start to feel guilty.

“I tried,” you promise, “but we already had so many volunteers from among our regular connections, I couldn’t take them all. It wouldn’t look good if I accepted you over some of the donors.”

“You could have hired me as your assistant. Just temporary for the event. You wouldn’t even need to pay me.”

“But I don’t need an assistant,” you begin, and Hannah heaves a sigh.

“I know, you’re Superwoman. You can take care of everything on your own. Just as long as you know you’ve destroyed my one chance for Hoseok to fall for me.”

You cringe. Jung Hoseok, or J-Hope, has been Hannah’s bias for as long as she’s known about BTS. Knowing what a huge fan she is, not just of Hoseok but of the whole group, you really did try to find an opening for her at the concert. But so many people called in favors with Caroline that you’re already overstaffed for the event.

“Oh my god, what if one of them falls for you?” Hannah asks suddenly, her voice rising in excitement. “You’re going to be talking to them a lot. You could go out with someone from BTS!”

“That won’t happen,” you scoff. “First, you know they don’t date. You’re the who told me none of them have ever gone out with anyone since they debuted.”

“Yeah, but I bet they have some fun. What’s to stop you from having fun, too?”

“My job,” you say sternly. “I need this concert to be a success, and it’s not going to happen if I lose focus. Anyway, they’re never even going to look at me. Not like that, at least.”

“Yeah right,” she interrupts. “You’re pretty gorgeous, you know.”

“I’m not gorgeous,” you sigh. “And I’m too old for them.”

“You definitely aren’t too old,” she disagrees. “They’re all in their twenties.”

“And I’m almost thirty,” you remind her.

“Ok, maybe you’re too old for Jungkook,” she concedes. “He’s only twenty-one. But the others are fair game. You should go for it! Seriously. Just not with Hoseok,” she finishes, and you roll your eyes.

“I’m not ‘going for it’ with any of them. I’m going to have more than enough on my hands just keeping everyone happy and on track for the next thirty hours. I definitely won’t have time to flirt.”

“Just wait until you’re face to face with them. As soon as one of them smiles at you, you won’t be able to help yourself. Who’s your bias again?”

“I don’t have one,” you say patiently, and she laughs.

“You will after this. I bet it’ll be Jimin. I saw you drooling over him when we watched the Boy with Luv video this weekend.”

“I was not drooling,” you correct her, and she laughs merrily.

“Close enough. You totally think he’s cute. And Seokjin too. You’re always saying he’s the handsome one.”

You sigh. “They’re both cute, but that doesn’t mean I want to date them.”

“Well, how about Namjoon? He’s smart like you, and he writes a lot of their songs. And I know you like his voice.”

“I do, but I don’t know that I’d say he’s cute.”

“Wait until you meet him. And all of them. They’re like, the most beautiful, talented, interesting men in the world. There’s no way you won’t end up in love with probably the whole group. And I just bet one of them will be interested in you, too.”

You roll your eyes again. “We’ll see. Now I really have to go,” you tell her. “And please stop calling me every twenty minutes. They’ll be here soon.”

“I know. Why do you think I keep calling you? I’m hoping to hear their voices in the background.”

“If you call after they get here, I’m not answering the phone. I’ll tell you all about it later, I promise.”

“You have to tell me everything about Hoseok. What he’s wearing, how he looks at you, what he says, how he smells…”

“I’m not smelling him! He’ll think I’m creepy.”

“But you’ll probably shake his hand. You might catch a whiff of him. And you have to tell me if his hands are soft, or calloused. How big his feet are. Seriously, I need you to memorize every single detail about him. It’s the least you can do, as my friend.”

“Ok, you’re a little creepy. But I’ll do my best,” you give in. “Now I really have to get up to the office.”

“Fine, fine, I’ll let you go. Good luck. You know I’m rooting for this to be a big success, right?”

“I know,” you smile. “Thanks for that.”

“Yeah, yeah. I love you. Talk to you soon.”

You hang up the phone, shaking your head at your friend’s overactive imagination. You’re sure the members of BTS will be strictly professional. They won’t be looking for a flirtation any more than you will. But as you hurry up the path towards the office building, your mind lingers on memories of Jin’s handsome face, and how stunning Jimin was in their new video. And Hannah is right, you do love Namjoon’s voice. And Yoongi’s too, probably even more than Namjoon’s. His solo songs are some of your favorites…

And then you shake your head again. You can’t allow any thoughts like that to sneak in when you meet the group. You need to treat them with respect, not act like a fangirl. You glance at your phone, and pick up the pace when you see what time it is. They’ll be arriving any minute.

Then you round a clump of trees and notice the two huge black SUVs parked in front of the building. Well damn, they’re already here, which means you’re late. You cover the remaining distance to the office at a run, and swing yourself up the front stairway two steps at a time. Inside, you pause at the front desk to speak with Audrey, the Clary Foundation’s administrative assistant.

“They’re here?” you ask, and she tilts her head towards the main conference room. Through the glass wall you see Caroline and a crowd of people. “Quick, how do I look?”

“Straighten your hair,” Audrey mutters, shoving a hairbrush at you. You smooth things down as well as possible before handing the brush back. She gives you an approving nod, and you turn towards the conference room. This is it, then.

You stride briskly into the room, sparing only the briefest glance at the young men ranged on one side of the open space. They’re dressed casually, you note in relief, so they’ll fit in well when they meet the kids. Several of their staff members hover at the side, some holding video cameras and lights. You quickly tamp down the flutter of nerves in your belly and straighten your shoulders as you take your place next to Caroline.

You shoot her an apologetic look, but she only smiles reassuringly before turning to the group.

“May I introduce Y/N Y/L/N, who is directing this week’s events. She’ll tell you a little bit about what to expect today and tomorrow, and then we’ll head down to the dormitory.”

Caroline steps back, and you finally face BTS, not flinching even as seven pairs of eyes settle on you expectantly. You give a warm smile, but you can’t quite make eye contact with any of them as you launch into your welcome speech. You note a few murmurs of surprise when you speak in Korean, and a couple of the guys even grin a little. God, you hope you’re not saying anything idiotic. But they continue to smile and nod in encouragement, so you figure you can’t be messing up too badly. You even allow your eyes to meet Kim Namjoon’s as you finish, happy to see his pleased expression. He usually takes the lead in the group, and now he steps forward and responds with a brief Korean phrase of thanks, before repeating his words in English.

Caroline takes that as a cue to move towards him for a more personal greeting. You’d spoken with her beforehand about offering a bow instead of a handshake, and she follows your instructions carefully. Namjoon bows in return, but also holds out his hand. Caroline holds it with both of hers for a few seconds as she welcomes him, before continuing to the next person in line.

Namjoon turns to you and smiles, and the first thing you notice is that he’s got dimples the size of the Grand Canyon creasing each cheek. You can’t stop an answering smile from sliding over your face as you take the hand he offers.

You can’t believe you just told Hannah this man wasn’t cute. He’s adorable.

“Miss Y/L/N, I can’t tell you how much we appreciate the work your foundation has done to prepare for this show,” he begins, clasping your hand earnestly instead of shaking it. “You’ve made things very easy for us.”

“Please, call me Y/N,” you urge. “And we’re the ones who appreciate the time you’re giving to our foundation. The kids are so excited to meet you all, and to see your concert. Which, thanks to your participation, is already projected to be the most successful fundraiser we’ve ever had.”

Namjoon ducks his head modestly. “Well, we’re happy to help out,” he tells you. “We intend our music to be for everyone, but to some extent our message is one of hope and positivity for teenagers and young people. It’s nice to feel like we’re doing something specifically for that audience.”

“Yes,” you agree. “And these particular teenagers can really use that hope, considering some of the things that have happened in their lives.”

“We’ll do our best, then,” Namjoon assures you. “Especially this one,” he adds, clapping the shoulder of the man standing close beside him. “He’s not far from being a teenager himself. He’ll work hard for the kids.”

You turn to see the second man ducking his head in embarrassment at Namjoon’s comments. But he quickly holds out his hand, bowing slightly.

“Jeon Jungkook,” he murmurs, and you realize it’s the maknae of the group, the one Hannah said was only 21. “It’s nice to meet you, Miss Y/L/N.”

You start to tell him to call you by your first name, as you did with Namjoon, but you realize from his demeanor that he may not feel comfortable with that. Instead, you bow in return and shake his hand firmly as you smile in welcome.

“It’s so nice to meet you too. I’m sure Namjoon is right, that you’ll all do a wonderful job for our event.”

Jungkook flushes slightly, the color on his cheeks and his wide brown eyes making you want nothing more than to give him a comforting hug. Hannah was right; they’re both so cute, you think to yourself, as you move on to the third man in line.

It’s Kim Taehyung, and he only further confirms Hannah’s assessment as he peers at you with deep, lovely eyes. His eyelashes sweep the perfect curves of his cheeks as he looks down after only briefly meeting your gaze. He doesn’t smile, which is probably good for your sensibilities since he’s already as beautiful as a portrait. He shakes your hand with care, but releases it again without saying anything. You aren’t sure if it’s because he isn’t interested, or if he just isn’t given a chance, since the next member of the group is already crowding him out of the way, smiling angelically at you.

With an internal shrug, you give this one your attention, realizing with a quick jump of your heart that it’s Park Jimin. He’s gazing at you like you’re the most interesting person he’s ever met, and your breath catches in your throat as you study his warm eyes and plush, curving lips. His hair is an orangey-pink, reminding you of Boy with Luv. You remember how sexy he was in that video, and you have to fight to keep your smile professional as you greet him.

“Thank you for coming,” you tell him, and his impish smile deepens.

“You’re very pretty,” he says, his tone a little shy, but with nothing timid in the way he still looks at you. Suddenly, the member at his right smacks him in the back of the head.

“Jin-hyung!” Jimin protests, turning on him, transforming from angel to demon in an instant. He lets out an aggrieved stream of Korean that doesn’t affect the older man one bit. Kim Seokjin simply rolls right over his words.

“You can’t go around saying things like that to women you just met,” he lectures.

“It’s ok,” you assure them both, laughing. “It was sweet.”

Seokjin smiles, his own eyes as warm as Jimin’s, dark and comforting as a mug of cocoa. Your heart jumps again as his lips curve deliciously, and you feel justified for always thinking he was the handsome one. “In that case,” he says, “Let me say that I agree with Jimin.”

He takes your hand, but instead of shaking it, he raises it to those gorgeous lips and places a soft kiss against your wrist. You feel a flush of embarrassment rising on your neck, especially when Jimin starts berating Seokjin again. You’d laughed off Hannah’s predictions that a BTS member would fall for you, and you certainly never expected two of them to act flirty like this. Especially the two best-looking members, at least in your opinion. To make it worse, you realize Caroline has already finished saying hello to everyone and is watching in amusement.

Struggling to regain your composure, you quickly move to the next member of the group, Jung Hoseok. You give him your warmest smile as you bow. You think you hear a slight intake of breath from the man standing next to him at the end of the line, but you’re too intent on meeting Hoseok to spare a glance for anyone else. Remembering Hannah’s admonitions, you focus intently on the man in front of you as you greet him.

“Thank you for coming. We really appreciate your time. It means so much to the kids here.”

“When do we get to meet them?” Hoseok asks, grabbing your hand and pumping it up and down as he offers a dazzling smile. You grin back at him because his energy is infectious. His puppy-dog enthusiasm provides a dizzying contrast to the stunning planes and angles of his face. As you look at him, you have no problem understanding why Hannah is so infatuated with this man. And thinking of her, you groan internally, because she’s still right. Every member of BTS truly is gorgeous.

“We’re going right now to meet the ones who live here,” you tell Hoseok. “You’ll get a chance to talk with them for a little bit, answer questions. The foster kids will join us for the fan-meet before the concert tomorrow.”

“We’re looking forward to it. Suga-hyung, hurry up and say hello, so we can get going.” Hoseok nudges the final member of the group, who holds out his hand politely. You finally turn to face him, part of your mind still tucking away the conversation with Hoseok.

And you freeze, gazing into the eyes of the most beautiful man you’ve ever seen.

Better than pink-haired, seductive Jimin. Better even than the handsome, wrist-kissing Jin. You wonder how you ever could have thought either of them was the best-looking, when surely this man was always standing alongside them in the pictures, dancing with them in the videos.

It’s Min Yoongi, of course, you recognize that much. He’s one of your favorite artists of the group. You love the songs he writes, and his voice when he’s rapping them. Yet somehow, his visuals have never really caught your attention on screen.

But in person…. holy shit.

There’s no one outstanding feature, like Hoseok’s giant smile or Namjoon’s dimples. His face is just a perfect arrangement of deep brown eyes, round nose, full, slightly pouty lips, and softly curving chin. His deep silver hair contrasts with his flawless skin as it waves softly over his eyes.

And maybe it is his eyes that grab your attention. Your breath catches in your throat as they lock onto your own. Sexy, sharp-cornered eyes, glimmering with an intoxicating mixture of humor and intensity.

You realize you’re staring at him. He was smiling as he held out his hand, and now one corner of his mouth tugs upward even more as he waits for some reaction from you. Mentally smacking yourself, you quickly take his hand and force a smile back into place.

“Thank you for coming,” you murmur, ignoring the thrill that runs down your spine at the feel of his long fingers gently but firmly wrapping around your own. As attractive as they all are, none of the others caused this kind of reaction in you. Nervous that your eyes might be giving you away, you glance back at Hoseok. “Are you all ready to go? Caroline and I will take you to the kids.”

Yoongi releases your hand, looking slightly disappointed. Because you didn’t talk with him more? You realize you didn’t even give him a chance to say anything. Of course, that’s probably for the best. You already have a thing for his voice. Hearing it when he’s standing right in front of you, looking so completely gorgeous, might be too much to handle. You turn away from all of them, letting Caroline take over again as she ushers them out of the room and towards the front door. You’re glad to have some time to compose yourself after the onslaught to your senses caused by meeting seven lovely, sexy men. Especially the last one.

But you aren’t allowed to escape that easily. As Caroline leads the group down the drive to the dorms, you follow a few yards behind. The members of BTS walk in twos and threes, together or with their camera crew and staff. You’re surprised when one of them suddenly breaks out of the line, turning to wait for you.

It’s Yoongi. Though you’re immediately nervous again, you offer him your most professional smile as he falls into step with you.

“How can I help you?” you ask, and he tilts his head, not-so-subtly studying you as he walks by your side. You realize he’s a tiny bit shorter than you are, at least while you’re wearing high heels.

“You mentioned some foster kids are coming for the fan-meet tomorrow,” he begins, and your stomach swoops a couple times because, god, his voice is even better in person too. Lower than you expected, lightly accented, and with a rich timbre that somehow soothes your ears.

“Are these different kids from the ones we’re going to meet now?” Yoongi continues, and you struggle to focus on his words, not on him.

“Yes, the kids we’re meeting today all live here in the home. The foster kids lived here at one time, but now they’ve been placed with a family. They’re still under our jurisdiction to some extent, until they’re either officially adopted or have the opportunity to return to their own homes.”

“And how many foster kids are attending tomorrow?”

“About sixty,” you answer. “I think sixty-two, if everyone is able to make it.” You’re dismayed to see him frown a bit.

“And the kids who live here? How many are they?”

“Thirty-two.” Yoongi still looks worried, and you try to reassure him about whatever the problem might be.

“I know it’s a lot of kids, but I can assure you we’ve arranged plenty of time for you to see everyone before the concert. Big Hit was very specific about what’ll you’ll need for the event, and how to manage it.”

“It’s not that,” Yoongi hurries to explain. “It’s just that we prepared gifts for the kids, to hand out when we meet them, but we didn’t realize it would be more than the residents at the home. We don’t even have half of what we’ll need for tomorrow.”

You’re touched, but confused. “There was nothing in the agreement about gifts,” you say slowly. “You didn’t have to do anything like that; you’re already doing so much.”

Yoongi shrugs a little and grins, and your heart leaps in response. “Exchanging gifts is a fan-meet tradition,” he tells you.

“Exchanging?” you ask, stopping dead. You vaguely remember from your research that sometimes fans would bring gifts to the group during fan meetings, but it hadn’t been mentioned during the negotiations with Big Hit. “We don’t have anything prepared for the kids to give to you.”

Yoongi has stopped with you. “We’re not expecting anything from the kids.”

“And they aren’t expecting anything but to see you. You really don’t have to give gifts. I mean, if I’d known anything about this, I would have let you know they’re all just excited to meet you guys. It’s more than enough.”

“Please, don’t worry about the gifts. It’s just something we do. And no one from our staff let you know about it, so don’t beat yourself up thinking you missed something. You’ve really done a great job of organizing this whole thing. It was you, right? Not your director?”

You’re surprised by the look of admiration he gives you. He’s right, you have orchestrated the event, down to the smallest considerations, but you wonder how he knows it was you. And how he somehow understood immediately that you’re so concerned about missing anything, even one of those tiny details. But the warmth in his eyes is reassuring, so you allow your ruffled feathers to smooth down a bit as he continues speaking.

“We wanted to do something special for the kids, so we prepared the gifts. Like I said, we don’t have enough. But don’t worry about that, either. I’ll see what I can figure out.”

He smiles at you again as he resumes walking, pulling a cell phone from his pocket as he goes. You hustle to keep up, eyeing him curiously as he makes a call. He has a brief conversation, in Korean, before hanging up and dialing another number. He glances at you as he waits for the connection, and you’re embarrassed to be caught watching him. Quickly, you walk ahead, catching up with the rest of the group as they come to a stop in front of the dorms.

Caroline gives another brief talk, describing what to expect when you go inside. A staff member approaches you with questions about where to place cameras in the meeting room, and you quickly become absorbed with making sure everyone knows what to do as you enter the building.

The kids are waiting in the lounge as you file in. You can tell how excited they are from their expressions, and the few muffled squeals that break the silence, but you’re proud of how well they behave. Though many of them are jittery, they stay in their seats around a handful of small tables. Caroline brings the members of BTS to the front of the room, and you notice Yoongi has rejoined the group. A few people squeal again to see the idols right in front of them, and you notice some of the younger kids bouncing in their seats in impatience. Slowly, unobtrusively, you move among them, laying a gentle hand on the occasional wiggly shoulder, smiling reassuringly, and generally trying to calm them down as Caroline presents BTS.

They focus when the artists introduce themselves, listening raptly as each provides a brief introductory statement. Then each member joins a table. You move slowly around the room, observing the interactions, keeping an eye out for an overexcited kid or any sign of trouble. But things seem to go smoothly as each member chats for a while with the kids at their table before getting up and moving on to the next group.

You pause at Taehyung’s table. Though he was silent when you met him, and didn’t say much in his introduction, he’s come alive now, talking with animation to the kids, asking them questions in his husky voice, teasing them into giggles. When it’s time for him to move on, he stands up and bows to each of them, formally offering his hand to shake.

You’re so charmed that you don’t realize someone is hovering right behind you, waiting to take Taehyung’s chair when he leaves. You only become aware when a low voice speaks in your ear.

“He’s good, isn’t he?” You turn, startled, and your heart jumps as you realize it’s Yoongi. You move out of his way, cursing your quickening pulse. But as he eases past you to reach the seat, you can’t help inhaling, ever so slightly, just enough to catch the scent of his hair. He smells divine, like something outdoorsy, but with a hint of citrus. You lean a bit closer, wanting more, but then he turns towards you, and you snap upright again.

God, now you’re being creepy.

“Tae is a tough act to follow,” Yoongi says in an aside, shooting you a wry grin that has your stomach swooping again. He sits down and immediately starts to talk with the kids. They don’t seem at all disappointed in him, even if he’s not Taehyung. After a moment, he looks up at you, winking when he sees you’re still watching. You turn away quickly, moving on to the next table and hoping nobody notices the flush on your cheeks.

You spend the rest of the event avoiding Yoongi. It’s not hard, because your body’s antennae have completely tuned in to him, tracking his every move. Even with your back turned, you’re almost painfully aware of where he is in the room every moment. It’s his voice that keeps finding its way through the crowd to your ears, his laugh that makes your knees weaken a little every time you hear it. At one point, you can’t help but turn your head in his direction, and surprisingly, you find him watching you too. Your cheeks grow hot once again, and you quickly look away from his amused expression. You don’t think you’ve reacted to a guy this way since you were still in school.

Jimin approaches you at the end of the event, offering another one of his shy smiles layered with flirtation.

“That was fun,” he tells you, somehow implying with his eyes that he can think of other fun things he’d like to do with you. It’s flattering, but you aren’t affected like you were when you first met him. Instead, your attention is completely diverted by Yoongi standing on the other side of the room, laughing at something Seokjin says. God, even his laugh is sexy. With an effort, you wrench your gaze back to Jimin.

“I’m glad you had a good time,” you answer. “You guys did a great job talking with the kids.”

“They’re so sweet!” he raves. “It seems like they’re really our fans.”

“Oh, they are,” you assure him. “Last year, we asked what musical artist they most wanted to meet, and BTS was the top choice.” Jimin smiles even more widely, looking embarrassed but pleased, and you can’t help grinning in return. He’s as sweet as the kids are.

“I’d like to hear more about them,” he suggests suddenly. “If you have time, I’d love to talk with you some more. Maybe when this is over?”

He’s still beaming at you, and you internally curse Hannah for being right with all her predictions. Somebody from BTS is looking at you with more than professional interest, after all. And had you known a couple of hours ago that it would be Jimin, you would have been pleasurably excited. But now, all you can think is that he’s not the one you want to get to know better. Your eyes drift back to Yoongi, and yet again, he’s watching you, though this time there’s no smile on his face.

You jump, startled, as Caroline suddenly claps her hands to get the kids’ attention. Jimin laughs beside you, and you glance at him, realizing you’re blushing again. Seriously, what is wrong with you? Jimin probably thinks it’s because of him. As least you don’t have to answer him, since the event is wrapping up. Namjoon is the last member still remaining at a table, and only because he seems to have gotten his leg stuck through the back of a chair, much to the amusement of the kids. You shoot Jimin what you hope looks like a regretful smile as you hurry to help Namjoon extricate himself.

Once he’s free, he and the others join Caroline at the front of the room as she gives a few more remarks. She offers effusive thanks for their time, and then the members leave amidst a flurry of waves and finger hearts to their audience. The camera crew and other staff file out after them. You hang back a moment to give the kids an approving thumbs-up, then you follow the rest of the group out to the driveway and fall in behind them as they start the trek back to the office.

You hone in on both Jimin and Yoongi, their pink and silver hair standing out amidst the crowd of dark heads. Both of them seem to be looking for someone, and you duck your head, afraid you might be their target. You don’t want Jimin to continue your interrupted conversation, because if he asks you again for your time, you’ll just have to say no. But you’re even more afraid to talk to Yoongi. If that man asks you for anything at all, you know you should say no, but you’ll be entirely too tempted to say yes.

To save yourself, you engage a BTS staff member in conversation, asking if she got some good photos. And somehow, Hoseok jumps in, teasing the photographer about how she must secretly hate him because she always takes pictures of him with his mouth hanging open. He has you both giggling madly with his impressions of what he claims all his pictures look like, eyes wide and mouth gaping like a fish. His antics slow your progress, making the three of you the last to arrive at the office.

When you get there, you see that most of BTS have huddled around Caroline, while their staff members are starting to load equipment into the SUVs. As you and Hoseok hurry to join them, you notice Yoongi isn’t with the others. You spot him standing by the cars, looking through a bag held by one of the staff. Though you’ve been trying not to talk to Yoongi again, you’re disappointed when he doesn’t come back to say good-bye with the others. And then you kick yourself for being upset. Do you really think because he spoke to you a couple times, and shared a few electric moments of eye contact, now he owes you something?

You recall your attention to the conversation as Namjoon offers his hand to Caroline, and then to you. Hoseok gives you an appreciative thanks, and Jimin graces you with one last smile, full of hints and compliments, and they take their leave.

The members head towards the SUVs, and you and Caroline walk up the steps to the office. You resist turning back for one last glimpse of Yoongi. Sure, he’s incredibly good-looking. But the reality is that after tomorrow, you’re never going to see him again.

“That went very smoothly.” As you enter the building, Caroline’s pleased comment breaks into your thoughts. “Y/N, you did a wonderful job organizing this. Do you still need anything for tomorrow?”

“Everything is covered,” you assure her. “I have a few phone calls to make before I leave tonight, just to confirm the food will be delivered on time. But the set-up is already complete. I was there this morning doing a walk-through, and the auditorium looks perfect.”

“I knew you’d have it under control. If you don’t need me, I’m going to slip out a little early. I have a salon appointment tonight. I’ve got to have my hair looking perfect, too!”

She gives your arm a quick squeeze before heading into her office to collect her things. You head over to the reception desk and ask Audrey for your messages. You say goodnight to her, since it’s already 4:30, and she’ll be leaving at 5:00 when the building closes. Then you return to your office to get back to work. You’ve got a long night ahead of you.