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On My Knees

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"how can you do this to us?!"

"we raised you to be perfect and you turn out like this?!"

"you just become more and more of a fucking disappointment, don't you?"

"I should've aborted you while i could...or better yet left you at an orphanage and get an alpha child who could replace anyone will remember you,"

a bump in the road woke the young omega from his slumber, his head softly hitting the window causing a small thud to be head.

"ow," taeyong yawned softly, hearing soft shuffling in the front.

"terribly sorry, mr. taeyong," the driver said, sounding apologetic.

"it's fine, taeil, please don't worry," taeyong waved off the beta who looked very worried.

taeyong was used to taeil's apologetic and over-protective behavior. since the beta was one of the few people who actually treated him like an actual human being while he grew up.

taeil was the trusted driver for him and his family, has been for fifteen years now. not many people can tolerate his parent's inferior attitude but taeil managed to stick around. and it was purely because of taeyong.

taeil always knew how to put a smile on the omega's face when he was younger.

secret trips to the candy shop, buying him his favorite strawberry milk--when taeyong was forbidden to drink it due to his clumsiness, and giving the boy his extra milk bread. 

taeyong was always thankful for taeil, with everything he's done to make him happy. and even with this.

taking his bratty ass to a stupid boarding school to "straighten" up.

"i'm sorry about making you take me," taeyong apologized this time, causing the beta's eyebrow to rise as he looked back at the omega through the mirror.

"don't be silly, i'm glad to take you," taeil smiled kindly until the corner of his lips started to drop, "and besides, this is the last time i'm going to see you until," taeil drifted off his sentence before taking a deep inhale, "whenever your parents want you back,"

taeyong's eyes broke contact with taeil's. he let them drift out the window, seeing the countryside of seoul open up.

"how long until we get there?" the young omega asked, staring out into the open fields of grass.

"roughly an half hour more," taeil took note from the car's gps, " it's almost two hours away from the city," the beta grumbled, "as if being in the countryside prays the gay away,"

taeyong bursted a loud chuckle that got suffocated into his palm.  taeil smiled softly as his eyes darted to his young master and back to the road, driving down the path.

the two slowly went into silence as taeil drove the two down the dirt road. taeil hummed once the car drove smoothly onto a perfect paved stone road, driving through a fenced area. the driver rose his eyebrow as he stopped before a iron gate, connected to a tall brink wall.

"hmm, i guess this is the school," the beta said as he rolled down the window to press the small button near the intercom of the gate.

"more like a fucking prison," taeyong whispered until his breath as the intercom buzzed, static coming through the speaker.

"may i ask who pressed the button?" an older woman voice spoke through the intercom, sounding bored.

"this is moon taeil, personal driver of the lee's. i am here to drop off their son, lee taeyong, for his first day here," taeil explained to the woman beyond the speaker.

"ah yes, mr. lee taeyong," the leader answered, "please come in, mr. moon, we will situate the young man," the iron gate started to open up, letting enough space for taeil to drive through, "thank you for driving out here," she noted before she turned the speaker off and let the two to drive inside the prestigious school grounds.

"jesus christ," taeil said in bewilderment, "ha, no shit," taeyong commented back as the two drove around the large jesus statue? fountain? the two were still confused why it was even there as the circled to the back of it.

taeil stopped the car and put it in park as they parked infront of the steps to the boarding school, seeing how grand and elegant the whole place was.

it was truly pushing on the extreme side. 

white marble steps with white brick walls and a grand dark oak front door that hardly anyone uses. the whole school looked like it was a million dollars.

"what the actual fuck," the beta said as he took off his seatbelt, "this school is worth a fortune," he said as he stepped out, walking around the car to open taeyong's door on the other side, "yeah, because all the rich kids go here," taeyong scoffed as he stepped out of the car, letting himself straighten up as taeil closed his door.

the large oak doors opened as two ladies came out. both in different attire. one was wearing a black dress, mid-length with a grey blazer covering her arms, black stockings and two inch black heels. the other woman wore a red two piece pantsuit, a white ruffled blouse underneath and white heels.

"hello, mr. lee taeyong," the woman in black said with a small smile, "i am ms. jung hyeri, the director and principal of the school," the older lady said.

her hand motioned to the lady in red to her right, "this is ms. kwon saeyoung, our vice-principal," the lady in red smiled softly and bowed to the young omega.


taeyong felt their strong presence instantly. they oozed power and authority, as if no one can go against them if they tried.

"our student body president of your school year will show you around, his name is kim junmyeon and will be in the main office." the principal said in a kind voice, " but first, we want you to fix yourself in your room. you will be sharing a room with our student named ten," she said as taeil handed taeyong his school backpack and his small trunk case.

"he shouldn't be in the room right now so you can fix yourself easily and quickly before the boy comes in and introduces himself,"

taeyong nodded as he heard taeil close the trunk of the car and stand beside taeyong once again, "we'll give you ten minutes to say goodbye to your driver and we'll meet you inside in the foyer,"

the two ladies smiled small again before turning their heels and walking back up the marble stairs and behind the oak doors as they shut them for the beta's and omega's privacy.

"be good," taeil said which caused taeyong to turn his head towards him, "i know you won't like it here but let's not cause a disturbance to these ladies and their staff," taeil turned his head to look taeyong in the eyes, "they didn't sent you here, your parents did--so let's not cause any trouble. they're just doing their job, okay?" taeil tries to reason with the young omega who sighed softly at the beta.

"yes, i get it," taeyong turned his attention back at the door, "i won't try and be an annoyance," 

taeil couldn't help but smile at his young omega, seeing how he really is trying his hardest to not be a brat right now when he knows the omega like the back of his hand.

"good," he said softly before he patted the boy's back, "i'll miss you, my boy," the beta said lovingly, smiling at the boy once more before taeyong turned his head back to him and smiled back.

"i'll miss you more, ilie," taeyong said the cute nickname he gave the driver when he was younger. he hasn't said that name in years but the moment seemed fitting. 

it made the beta smile wide, as he pulled the omega into a small hug, giving him a loving squeeze before he let his younger master go. 

taeyong smiled small as he gave a small squeeze back, letting the beta falling away from his arms and walk away from him. taeil walked around the car, opening the driver's door as he stepped inside. 

taeyong turned around and waved the beta goodbye, who waved back.

he sadly watched his dear friend drive away from him and out those iron gates as they closed behind the car, letting it go away into the countryside yet again. 

the omega sighed as he turned back around, letting his feet walk towards the marble stairs, going step by step. he pushed open the oak doors to see the two alpha ladies stood there chatting in the foyer like they said they'll be. they fell silent as taeyong closed the door, hearing it echo through the empty halls. he stared at the two ladies who just smiled nicely at him, encouraging him to come closer to them.

"come, taeyong," the vice principal said, "we'll show you your room and then the main office," 

the boy couldn't lie and say he wasn't zoning out. the two ladies talked amongst themselves as they led taeyong through the back door of the main building, letting them wall down the open halls as they led to the buildings for the boys' dorms. three different buildings that accommodate each type. 

"we separate everyone with their secondary sex," the principal explained as taeyong stared at the three buildings that were generously spaced apart, "we don't want an alpha to attack a poor omega when their in heat, and we don't want betas to convince alphas to have their ruts with them instead of omegas,"

taeyong just nodded at the ladies as they led him to the omega building. they opened the oak doors to the dorm, welcoming the three into the lounge area of the dorms. a large room that was accommodated with royal blue sofas and loveseats. bookcases backed against the walls, probably filled with omega literature and lore. it was warmed in orange tinted lights.

"this is the common room, every omega is welcomed to relax here before a class or after a class," the vice principal spoke, "but everyone must go into their rooms by ten o'clock." she said as the three of them made their way to the elevator.

"you'll be on the fifth floor, room eighteen," the principal said, she took a small key from her blazer pocket and handed it to the young omega, "please take care of your key, you will only be given one and will have to pay if you lose it,"

taeyong took the key and shoved it into his pocket. he was fighting the urge to roll his eyes, knowing these women only care about milking the money out of the rich parents of these students than actually teaching them properly.

"your room will be at the very end on your right," the elevator doors opened once it stopped on the fifth floor. 

"we'll give you an hour to settle," the principal said as taeyong stepped out of the elevator, "please come to the main office when you're done," she smiled kindly as the elevator doors closed on the two ladies, leaving taeyong alone in the halls of the dorm.

"will fucking do," taeyong finally rolled his eyes as he walked down the hallway, passing each brown oak door until he reached the room with the black iron number '18' on it. he took the key out of his pocket and put it into the keyhole, unlocking the door and pushing it open.

the room revealed to be pretty plain.

it had cream colored walls with dark blue carpeted floors. there was one twin bed on the left side that was obviously taken. the sheets were messed up as the left side of the wall was covered in different stickers, polaroids, and posters.  it seemed like ten had a liking to indie-pop music and making a shit ton of friends since each polaroid was with different people.

taeyong walked towards the clean and untouched bed on the right. it was a simple twin sized bed with a blue tinted white sheets and a black comforter. taeyong placed his bags on the neat bed and sat down on the bed.

"i'm really stuck here.." taeyong whispered to himself.

everything hit at once. 

he was at a boarding school.

he wasn't going home. he was going to sleep here. eat here. learn here. he was going to have this whole routine based here. he was going to wake up with some random omega beside him.

taeyong groaned as his face found his palms--his head started to hurt at the thought of a new schedule for him to get familiar with.

"get over it, taeyong," he told himself, taking in a sharp inhale, "fake it till you make it," he assured himself, slapping his cheeks, "and try and get the fuck out by three fucking months,"

taeyong turned to face his bag, opening the trunk-like case to reveal some house clothes, important knick-knacks, and designer accessories. he begun to unpack everything and assorted them to a pleasant spot. 

he put his pajamas in the bottom drawer of his dresser, further putting his socks, underwear, and other shit into the other drawers. he opened the two top drawers to see his uniform for the school. simple white button ups with the school's logo embroidered into the right pec, with grey slacks, a cream color sweater and sweat vest with two red ties and black blazer.

"how boring," 


he walked down the halls again, opening up the door back into the main building. he took the stairs up to the second floor, seeing a room to his left to be very busy with chatter. 

he walked towards it and opened the door. the omega saw the school staff talking amongst themselves as they worked. with all the scents that were mixing, he could tell they were all strictly alphas. no beta or omega in sight.

"hello, are you taeyong?"

a younger man walked towards taeyong who stood still between the opened door and doorframe. his did a small nod and the younger man smiled friendly, "hi, nice to meet you, i'm junmyeon, the student body president, i'll be showing you around,"

taeyong took note of the young man and his handsome features.

he had porcelain skin, literally not a bump in sight. dark brown eyes that were probably the friendliest he has ever encounter. a nice smile with pretty pearly whites. and dark down hair that was slicked back into a nice look. he looked like a perfect student.

"nice to meet you," taeyong said softly, making the other male smile a bit softer.

"shall i show you around?" he asked, motioning at the door that was being blocked by the omega.

"o-oh yeah," taeyong nodded, stepping out of the office awkwardly, allowing junmyeon to walk through and closing the door, "sorry,"

junmyeon waved him off, "don't worry about it, now come on," he smiled again, this time it was wider, "let me show you the classrooms and where your classes will be,"


"i see your in chemistry honors, algebra II, korean government, art, advanced literature, and drama class," junmyeon said as he stared at taeyong's schedule--which the omega hid in his back pocket all folded nicely.

"yes," taeyong bluntly spoke.

"lucky for you, three of these classes are close to each other," junmyeon said, looking at the classroom numbers, "your chemistry, art, and drama class are roughly two classrooms apart,"

taeyong nodded, understanding, "your algebra II and korean government are downstairs however. one at the beginning of the hall and the other on the opposite side but at the end of the hall,"

taeyong slowly was understanding how the school worked and where all the classes were. thankfully, junmyeon was very straight-forward and informative. but he wasn't boring and actually made taeyong feel more at ease.

"okay, so that's pretty much your classes, i'll show you a little more around and take you back to the principal for one last talk," the boy smiled and nodded taeyong to follow him along.

taeyong followed the stuco president outside, as they walked along the open hallways, the president started to give him the remaining tour.

"this our backyard courtyard, we're allowed to be here during after class but we must go inside by 8 o'clock," the young man motioned at the pretty courtyard.

it had lush, bright green grass with stone benches and tables. a few wildflowers peaked from the grass, letting in a nice splash of color to the area, while big, shady trees provided cooler protection for the harsh weather. 

"obviously, you saw the different dorms and probably heard their purpose?" junmyeon asked the omega.

taeyong looked away from the courtyard and nodded at him, "yeah..they explained why," taeyong said as he saw the color pink creep onto junmyeon's cheeks.

"y-yeah, it's quite blunt," he chuckled softly into his hand, making taeyong smile small to himself, "as a beta, it's quite shocking to know other betas do that to alphas," he nodded to himself, not realizing a shocked taeyong was standing next to him.

beta? he seems and smells like an alpha?

"you're not an alpha?" taeyong asked, walking mindlessly with junmyeon.

junmyeon looked shocked at taeyong, chuckling again and shaking his head, "oh no, i'm a beta," junmyeon said in confirmation, "however, majority of my friends are alphas, so maybe their scent has rubbed off," 

the stuco president smelt himself which made taeyong laugh. the beta looked at the omega with a raised eyebrow, smiling sweetly at the sound of the omega's laugh. 

the two chatted for so long that they didn't realize they stumbled to a hidden spot around the courtyard. 

the smell of tobacco smoke filled the area and caused taeyong to cough. a scent he wasn't very used to if he was being honest. 

"smoke, it's from-" junmyeon stopped himself as his eyes searched and found the culprit, "them," junmyeon sighed.

taeyong looked past the beta and saw three men standing against the large tree, hiding inbetween the trunk and the corner of the hedges that outlined the pathways.

"johnny, jaehyun, and yuta," junmyeon addressed, looking at them with a very bored expression, "why are you out here and not in class?"

"oh cool it, jun," the tall one with slicked back hair spoke, putting the cigarette that played in his fingers back into his lips.

"we're just having a little break," the other tall one spoke, but this one had light brown hair, a bit grown out but styled back with black headband.

"yeah, don't kill the fun," the third one spoke, his hair longer, a bright platinum white. it shocked taeyong to even see a hair color like that in a catholic school.

"well, i have to kill it," the beta sighed, rubbing his face in his palm, " please go back to class before i report you, and you know i will," the president said, looking at the three in the eyes. taeyong was surprised at how strong-willed junmyeon was. just by their built and presence, taeyong knew these students had to be alphas. 

"ugh, fine," the one with black hair groaned, crushing the cigarette into the trunk of the tree, then sliding it into his blazer pocket, "learn to chill out, jun," the alpha lifted himself from the tree, letting himself straighten out. 

the alpha's eyes wavered from junmyeon's and landed on taeyong's--the omega who hid behind junmyeon because the last thing he fucking wanted on his first day was to be involved in some stupid shit with an alpha, and look where he is now. involved with some stupid shit with an alpha.

"maybe that pretty little omega can teach you how," the alpha smirked, letting his two friends snicker behind him. 

taeyong's mouth dropped in disgust. his eyes burned into the alpha's amused ones. those words flustered him and junmyeon, who stuttered his response, "j-johnny, don't be rude!"


that named burned into taeyong's memory, remembering the stupid face and name of the cocky alpha in front of him.

"i'm more than a cock-sleeve, asshole," taeyong spat, causing not only johnny to be surprised, but junmeyon and the alpha's friends as well, "if you think i'm going to take your crap, you really are just another dumb fucking alpha,"

johnny's eyes didn't waver from taeyong's. the omega even saw the brown start to shift darker. he took a deep breath and turned his head towards the beta.

"thank you for the tour, but i'm going to see the principal now," taeyong said, looking back at the alpha--who continued to stare at taeyong like a free meal, "see you later, junmyeon," taeyong said, smiling kindly at him.

junmyeon smiled small back. taeyong looked at the two alphas that hid behind the annoying johnny alpha, they still seemed shock at taeyong's words. then his eyes back to the alpha that irritated him--who was still staring at him.

"goodbye asshole #1," taeyong spat before he took off, walking across the courtyard behind he hit pavement of the open halls and towards the dark oak door, going back into the main building.