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You woke up in the early morning from your comfortable slumber, because your right side started getting cold. To the left you could still feel the warmth of the fireplace, the wood crackling quietly as it burned down slowly. The soft feeling around you was proof, that you were still wrapped in his dark cloak, the fur around the collar and shoulders almost like a pillow to you. Cautiously opening your eyes, you find the room bathed in gentle reds and oranges, as the sunrise broke free from the cover of the hills on the horizon.

You stretched your limbs, a pleasant ache in your legs and got up into a sitting position, the cloak slipping from your shoulders, your throat feeling slightly dry. You saw his figure standing against the dawn, leaving nothing but the silhouette of his backside turned towards you as he looked onto the landscape from his balcony. An almost ethereal sight to this old soul bathed in morning light. You couldn’t help but stare for a while, as the soft breeze softly played with his silvery hair.

“It is still early, lumina mea. Go back to sleep.” Vlad’s voice, low and kind, not giving a hint away of the storm brewing in his mind at every second. You wished to lessen his burden more than just keeping him company on lonely nights… However, if it would put his heart at ease, although just for a short amount of time, it would be enough for you. For now.

You looked around for a moment, noticing distantly that both of you fell asleep on the carpet in front of the fireplace last night. His white shirt was laying not far away from you. Since your own clothes were nowhere to be seen it would do for now. Not listening to his advice and going back to sleep, you slipped into the shirt, which was far too big for you. You rolled up the sleeves a little and closed three of the buttons in the middle. With sigh on your lips, throwing the heavy cloak over your arm, you made your way out to the balcony.

The morning air was cold but not unpleasant, though it did send a shiver down your spine. Upon stepping up next to Vlad, looking over the area surrounding his castle, you observe the scenery. Everytime you were able to see it this view just took your breath away.

His crimson eyes looked like fires were dancing in them, facing the rising sun. No matter how wonderful his smile, or gentle his gaze, Vlad’s expression always carried something melancholic and dark with it. You wanted nothing more than to chase away his troubles with your love for him.

You turned towards him and placed a hand on large the scar covering the area above his heart. “I would rather have you with me.”, you replied with a smile. He wrapped his fingers around your wrist, pressing his lips to the skin. A rush of desire flooded your veins in remembrance of the night before. Instead of guiding you back towards the fireplace, he reached for the cloak, took it from your hands and put it around your shoulders.

“Then stay a while… Unless you’re feeling hungry?” His warm eyes fell upon your lips for a short moment, but returned to the scenery soon enough. You shook your head lightly and leaned against his side. A sense of peace settling over your heart, where it shouldn’t. Sometimes you thought about your friends at Comte’s mansion and felt a pang of guilt, though it couldn’t outweigh what you felt in Vlad’s presence.

“I want to enjoy the view for a little longer.”, was all you said, causing him to chuckle quietly. An arm around your shoulder pulled you closer in towards the comforting warmth of his body. His blood red gaze fell again towards your wrist.

“Do not worry. You will be able to enjoy the wonders this world has to offer for a very long time, draga mea.”

As the glow of the rising sun fell upon both of you, changing the colours around you from a warm palette to the beauty of the day, one simple detail stood out from your bare forearms.

The skin on your left wrist was marred by a healing bite mark.