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Two crimson coloured eyes looked up at you, heated breaths coming ragged out of both of your mouths. You reached out and placed your bare hand over the large scar on his chest only to find his heart racing equally fast to yours. Despite the pure love and desire you felt just a few moments ago from him, his gaze was now filled with melancholy which told from an immortal, lonely life full of longing and melancholy.

You wanted to ease the burden on his shoulders, even if it was just a little bit and not entirely for selfless reasons. You had no intentions on returning, neither to your own home nor to Comte’s mansion. In thoughts you apologized to your friends and a brief sting of pain found your heart. The crackling of the fireplace to your right and both of your breathing was the only thing heard in Vlad’s chambers. And now, with eyes only focussed on one another, you felt like it was time to make a final decision, you had been avoiding to make for a long time.

You reach up to brush his bright hair away from his eyes, thumb stroking gently along his cheekbone, a soft smile on your lips. Vlad wrapped his fingers around both of your wrists and eased you off of him, down to the ground next to him onto the soft carpet, trapping you between his body, still radiating heat from the exertion, and the warmth of the fire behind you. It was you who now had to look up to him, the moonlight falling in from the balcony turning his silhouette into something ghostly beautiful, while his eyes reflected the flickering of the flames as they took in your bare form next to his.

Touching his lips carefully, mesmerized by his eternal beauty, your thumb accidentally brushed along one of his fangs, still prominent from the first for blood which came along with passion. A rush of excitement and fear simultaneously flooded your veins, but there was also the everlasting question. You felt him tense ever so slightly. He caught your hand and pulled it away slowly. “Lumina mea….” His voice was soft, spoken almost in a whisper as if he didn’t want to startle you. Your heart almost bursting with affection upon hearing the term of endearment. “Will you stay by my side and see this world become a better place?”

Your breath caught in your throat, fully understanding the meaning of the simple sounding question. Were you ready to give your humanity, your life away to stay here with him? The answer, for you, was an easy one. You looked him directly in the eyes, exhaling a slow breath along with a quiet ‘Yes’, spoken without hesitation.

Was it relief in his expression? The melancholy in his gaze seemed to have vanished, replaced by warmth and love. Vlad leaned forward and you half expected him to just bite you into your shoulder, or neck, but instead there was a soft kiss to your forehead. “Do not close your eyes.”, he instructed you gently. He pushed himself up with his free hand, half towering over you while his other one, still holding your wrist, turned your arm a little bit so the large vein wasn’t far away from his waiting lips. He pressed them to your racing pulse shortly, giving you a side glance, patiently waiting if you had any further objections.

Even with the realization settling into your mind what was about to happen, you pushed the fear away and only concentrated on the trust you had in him. A warm smile from you was enough confirmation for Vlad. He still held eye contact with you, even as his sharp fangs sank into the skin right below your wrist. An inevitable sting of pain made you flinch for a moment, though it was quickly replaced with a searing rush of pleasure spreading from the bite throughout your body in seconds. You gasped, overwhelmed by the feeling, limbs shaking slightly as he started to drink from your blood. Once your taste hit his tongue, Vlad couldn’t keep his eyes open. He let them flutter shut with a hum of satisfaction.

When your vision turned blurry and Vlad showed no signs of stopping, you gave into the waves of desire, letting them carry you into the dark. A quiet whimper escaped your lips and you inhaled a sharp breath. It would be the last for you to take as a human. And then there was nothing but black around you.