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Fallout: Pentagram City

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Greed, in the end, fails even the greedy - Cathryn Louis

At the end of the 21st century, a Great War laid siege upon the world. Soldiers fought, not in the name of freedom as the masses claimed, but rather, in the name of selfishness and greed. Allegiances were formed and severed, neutral countries took up arms against their neighbors, and everywhere, countless souls cried out in prayer, hoping one day they might wake from this nightmare.


A decade passed. Uranium and petroleum, once precious resources, became as great a necessity to everyday life as oxygen. This greed, as humanity would discover a decade after, proved to be their downfall. 


In the year 2104, the war ended, along with our very world. Ash and nuclear fire rained down from the heavens. Radiation spread across land and sea like a plague. But it was not, as some had predicted, the end of the world. Instead, the apocalypse was simply the prologue to another bloody chapter of human history.


Those fortunate enough to cheat death found solace and security in underground Vaults. There, they would stay, uncertain of what became of their world and whether they might ever return. For those in Vault 666, there is nothing of worth beyond that sealed door. Everything you could possibly need is right here. You have no reason to leave. In fact, you can never, ever leave.